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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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moving in, in association with hermine, right now, especially down the shore, seeing some of the high level clouds, streams i95 corridor and center city philadelphia, as hermine is at its closest position to our shore line as it has been throughout its lifetime. now 175 miles east of long island, see some showers working into parts of new england, the latest on hermine still a very potent system, winds at 70 miles per hour near hurricane strength, movement very slow off to the west-northwest at around only 7 miles per hour. it will jaunt off to the northwest and potentially pose big threat to long island, southeastern new england as we head into the next couple of days, but for us, we will see the impacts along the coast, wind gusts possibly to 30-mile per hour as we head into the day tomorrow. very rough and dangerous surf at nine to 12 feet in height. very dangerous, rip current, as well, ocean conditions, are unsafe. so you want to be sure to stay out of the water, stay on the san, as we head really into mid week, and the ends of the
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week, as women, as we deal with these impacts from hermine. we will talk more about that, plus, a taste of summer returning in your extended forecast, that coming up. >> laurence, thanks. certainly not as bad as it could have been, still seeing some after effect of hermine along the jersey shore. chopper three, spotted giant waves crashing against the sea wall in avalon. >> and eat an oh, live in ocean city with a look at the conditions there, and more on why officials say it is still too dangerous to get in the water, anita? >> well, jessica, that's exactly right, state officials say the big et cetera threats at this point seem to be the rip current and the possibility every minor flooding as a precaution, ocean city lifeguards have posted these signs saying the ocean is closed, urging everyone not to go into the water, not where un -- not everyone is taking heed. >> no matter how they appear,
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these wild waves can have hidden danger. >> there is a loft rip current, never really looks that bad until you get out in the ocean. >> threatened to bring coastal flooding, powerful winds, beach errosion. as a precaution, the ocean city beach patrol closed the ocean and urged where everyone to keep out of the water. >> i'm list disappointed. we have bait g suits, all of that kind of stuff. would have been nice to get in the water. >> instead many took to the board walk to enjoy the end of the holiday weekends. >> a lot of people were happen that i they stayed, and heed the warning. >> blue were those who tried the tides anyway. >> a lot of current out there. a lot of rip tide, you know, paddle out and next thing you know you are two beaches over. >> says an experience surfer, he knows where the current are, and how to handle them. >> when there is ways to beat surf you got to get on them. this is actually pretty fun, you know. no real fear factor. >> but he warns most everyone else should steer clear. >> if you're a swimmer, you
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know, don't even go near the water today. you'll get dragged out. no question about it. >> and taking a live look at this ocean, in ocean city, you can see the current are still pretty strong, and people are still trying to get in the water. in the past several minutes since we've been here we've seen ocean city beach patrol actually to tell people to get out of the water. again there is ocean is closed, and under no circumstances should anyone be even trying to get in. state officials tell me, though, at this point, no reported injuries or rescues or even major power outages. live in ocean sit, anita oh, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> and eat, a thank you. up the atlantic coast in new england most beach-goers being kept away, storm creating rough surf and rip currents, meanwhile, learned third death associated with hermine has been reported. authorities say 30 year old michael woodruff was trying to remove a tree that fell on highway in south carolina when he was hit by a car.
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two other deaths reported in florida, and north carolina. >> today the eagles made it official, after the team announced this weekends that they created starting quarterback sam bradford, eagles rookie, carson wentz, now named starting quarterback >> we go to leslie advance arsdale. >> eagles, exactly the plan, perfect wormed, carson wentz would have to wait until the ends of the season, but after trading sam bradford to minnesota, that option went out the window, so carson will start sunday against the browns. today cleared by the eagle medical staff after he broke couple of ribs, in a first pre-season game. he will be the first rookie in eagles history to start the season. so how did it get the news of this promotion? >> i was actually laying in the middle of a cornfield hunt when that happened. i got the call, and i was obviously very surprised but instantly just real excited. >> we drafted him to take on
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the rains, and, you know, it is something now, that we're prepared to do, and looking forward to cleveland. >> coming up sports, hear from the voice of the ming else, merrill reese, his take of the situation, he's seen it all but not seen this. >> no, this is a first. >> love it. >> middle of the cornfield. >> thanks, appreciate it. you can betting else fans have a lot to say about this. can rookie quarterback carry to success? eagles fans say they're ready to see what the first rounds draft pick, second pick overall can do. >> so get it over w get it started now. >> second pick of the first round, so he'll do good. i think he is our future. >> i think we should give him a chance. i think show what he has. >> his jersey has been among the top sellers in the league, today, it is the sixth best selling jersey on nfl shop.
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com. >> starting quarterback carson wentz this sunday september 11, right here on cbs-3. conference starts at 11:30 a.m. with toyota sunday kickoff. the nfl today follows at noon then the birds take on rgiii and the browns at 1:00. stay with us, after the game for the cure auto insurance cbs-3 postgame show. >> what went up must come down. on the ben franklin parkway crews dis handling massive stages there. the parkway remains close from the 21st street through the art museum circuit. street department says it hopes to have it open by the morning rush. >> meanwhile, the search continues for an organ man police say went missing yesterday during the made in america concert. philadelphia police say nel on armstrong was separate from the fend at the concert last night around 11:30, described as five-ten, 165 pounds, with brownish curly hair. police say nelson is not
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familiar with philadelphia, and anyone with information is asked to call police. >> well, tonight police are trying to figure out the events that led up to the gruesome death after woman in philadelphia's logan section last night. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon joins us from police headquarters with more on what eyewitnesses say they saw happen on the street. rahel, good evening. >> ukee, good evening, well, police put this driver in last night to be questioned, at this point no one has been charged but one thing helping police there were a lot of people home at the time, and so a lot of witnesses. >> i heard loud boom. my mom close to the window to see what's going on. i'm like mom, there is a car accident. >> investigators monday still trying to determine if this gruesome scene was, in fact, an accident, or if it was murder. >> sunday night around lowden and franklin streets, the city logan section, officers called out to reports of a woman hit by a car.
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this witness with witness philadelphia but asked not to be identified. >> then the car backed up, and i was like mom, there was a person, there is a person right there laying on the ground. >> and then i seen the driver just run her over. four times. going back and forth, back and forth. and then at the last time he had the car on top of her body, where she was stuck, went and then back his trunk, got a shovel and started hitting her over the head. >> the victim who police have not identified died a short time laterment the driver stayed at the scene. authorities say he was standing over the victim's body, still pinned under the nissan maxima when they arrived. another eyewitness who asked not to be shown tells "eyewitness news" the driver was nonchalant talking to police. >> he told police it was an accident. >> what do you think when you hear that? >> it wasn't no accident. i can tell you that, it wasn't no accident.
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>> at this point no one has been charged. we can tell you the homicide unit has been investigating, this evening, they've not said how the victim and that driver new one another. reporting at police headquarters, rahel solomon, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". rahel, thank you. one person is dead, and another in critical condition, after a double shooting last night in north philadelphia. it happened on the 2200 block of north chadwick street, just after midnight. police arrived to find two victims lying in the street. a woman shot once in the chest, and a man shot in the head. that man is listed in critical condition, at temple, the woman was pronounced dad short time later. one man is dead following a trailer park fire in bucks county today. officials in bensalem say a fire broke out around 6:30 this morning in the 3500 block of as tore avenue. firefighters quickly put out the flames before it could spread to other trailers. later found the 56 year old homeowner dead inside. they say the fire appears to have been the result of careless smoking, and they say, the homeowner was a
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hoarder which made the fire worse. >> bill cosby could learn the date every his sex assault trial when he returns to court tomorrow in montgomery county. cosby accused of drugging and raping andrea constand at his cheltenham home 12 years ago. tomorrow, the 79 year old actor will ask a judge to keep a deposition from constand's civil case out of the trial. >> we'll bring you the latest updates throughout the day. >> for many labor day weekend a time to celebrate summer's last hooray. >> but the true meaning of the holiday was on display today on the street of philadelphia. still ahead tonight at 6:00 why participant of the 29th annual tri-state labor day parade say this event is so important. >> plus, it is a busy labor day for the presidential candidate. with just two months now until election day, their campaigns are looking in the key battleground states of pennsylvania. lauren? >> and after high temperatures in the upper 70s, and low 80s throughout the weekends, we warm up little bit today. warming up big time as we head
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into the upcoming week. i'll let you know high temperatures cruise to the low 90
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>> celebrated big way right here in philadelphia. >> hubs hundreds of union workers took part in the afl-cio parade, marched along columbus boulevard from washington avenue to up market street. they all came together in are remembrance every those who fought for the rights of workers. >> we are little more than 63 days from election day, and today labor day is typically considered the beginning of the home stretch of the general election campaign. pennsylvania is more important than ever in decide hog will win the white house greg argos explains how the candidate plan to make their case to pen and ands in just two months until election day. >> philadelphia is obviously a blue city it, doesn't
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necessarily mean they'll vote for hillary clinton, some experts say who they vote for this november could decide who makes it into the white house. >> though the latest cbs news poll puts clinton eight points ahead of trump in pennsylvania, a lot could still change before the november 8th general election. >> want -- what a beautiful crowd. >> so excited. >> one thing almost certain. you can expect to see more visits from both candidates, here in pennsylvania. how important is pennsylvania for the next presidential win? >> it could mean the president i we haven't won since 1988. i believe we win pennsylvania we win the presidency. >> philadelphia gop chairman joe difelice says he's expecting strong trump support from surrounding count ills, he says not to entirely write off philly either. >> i mean, been blue for a long time, but been chipping away at it, did excellent job here. >> his advice for trump is to continue making his message heard in unpopular areas. come here, make a statement, and i think you'll get respect
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from a lot of people, may actually change opinions. >> different from democrats like mayor jim kenney. >> happy labor day. >> we caught up with him at the annual labor day parade, he whales dollars no time expressing his true feelings, for the republican presidential nominee. >> the length of time i've been alive, to actually have major party candidate, it is that bad. >> democrat congressman, and clinton supporter bob brady i agreed. >> you know, a lot of people realize that something is not right there. >> saying he's not taking any anything for granted it election season, believes trump doesn't have a chance until philadelphia, for the state. >> philadelphia will win big. and we'll win big enough to be able to pick parts of the state. >> in philly, greg argos, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> lots of parades saying good weather for it. >> good weather for it, yes. absolutely all eyes as it moves away, get on out of
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here. >> right. >> get on out of here, but yes, still dealing with the implications as far as the ocean is concerned with the tropical storm warning in effect for coastal waters, until further notice. >> the large waves will continue for the next several days with angry ocean conditions as hermine lingers off shore, less than 200 miles away. >> creating heavy and dangerous surf, live look right now at margate, the beach is desolate right now, on this labor day, but good news, you'll want to see anyone in the water with that heavy surf and also very dangerous rip currents, and it is going to be unsafe to enter the water really for the next several days, hermine lingers off shore. seeing high clouds stream in across the area, especially down the shore, compliments of hermine, showers, not too far off shore, but they will stay off shore as we head through
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the next few hours. closest to our coastline, center about here, seeing shower activity working in from hermine across parts of southeastern new england, wind speeds little breezy down the shore, especially just off shore, but check out some of these winds speeds, as we pan up to nantucket. 32 miles per hour gusting above 50 miles per hour right now. and they are going to have to contend with the effect of hermine over the next several days, in these areas, in new england. wave heights are extremely elevated off shore on the order of eight to 14 feet, and that's why we're seeing the very dangerous and rough surf that is going to continue through the day tomorrow, so, shore conditions, clouds around, maybe even few showers generated by hermine, breezy conditions, 84 degrees. poconos, no problems on a tuesday, sunshine, beautiful, low humidity, with high temperature at 80. as far as our future rainfall amounts, we could see few showers in and angelo the coastline, as we head throughout the day tomorrow. again, compliment of hermine. check out some of the rainfall totals, less than tent of an inch, very light in intensity,
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still hit the board walk i think if you are lucky enough to be on vacation into tomorrow as well. live look at center city philadelphia, there are some clouds in the scene, 58 degrees, feeling though like 84 degrees, with that nice dry air in place. and temperatures, pretty consistent across the area where big cooler in wildwood right now 76 degrees, 79 in millville. but up and down the i95 corridor, temperatures in the middle 80s, so definitely warmer today than what we felt over the weekend, but that air, is still relatively dry, and dew points telling us that, they're down into the 50's, to near 06 degrees. still feeling comfortable, that will be the case tonight, and tomorrow, but we will change things up as we head into mid week. for tonight, few passing clouds down to 67 degrees, for our day tomorrow, nice and quiet, mostly sunny, breezy, high temperature at 87 degrees. but again, as we head into mid week, especially thursday, friday, and into saturday, dew points climb to up that 70 degrees mark. so we will be dealing with open. oppressive humidity, on top that far high temperature
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soaring up into the 90s, 93 degrees, our high temperature on thursday. maybe a pop up thunderstorm, 93 into friday, even into the 90's, into saturday. but cold front drops through, and clears us out just in time for the eagles, they think mother nature, she might be an eagles fan. >> yes? >> yes. >> cheering on carson wentz with the humidity? >> if people aren't already excited about the season, here you go. carson wentz will get the start on sunday down at the linc, so how good will the eagles be with wentz as a quarterback? we talked with the voice of the eagles, merrill reese, giving us his thoughts next in
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>> the fans wanted to see carson went this season and they got their wish, wentz will be the starter sunday against the browns, right here on cbs-3, bypass chase daniels and named wentz the starter. played just 39 staps in the pre-season but won over with work on the practice field, today we asked the eagles merrill reese how good the team will be this season, with the number two overall pick under center. >> realistically, you know it be quicker but long line of pink, a long line, at least seven, or eight of them, who have gone to the playoffs,
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with a rookie quarterback. >> sam bradford will be playing for third team in three years, starts the season opener for the vikings. got the top pick next season condition at fourth round nerve 2018. right now sam just starting to get used to the new situation. >> little bit of an adjustment, you know, trying to not only learn a new system, but adjust to, you know, the personnel, trying to figure out, you know, how to throw to different guys. you know, felt much better today than it did yesterday that's for sure. >> phillies on the road down in miami, so far, september has not been kind, the team looking to snap a six game skid, jared got it, giving up two runs, six hits, and struck out four, phillies down two-nothing in the fifth. >> showing little power there, crushing two run homer into the upper deck, and that's good enough to tie the game. later on in the inning, we have ceasar hernandez at the plate, with the grounder to short.
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miguel rojas cannot field it, so peter born he is scores on the error. phillies six game slide is over. six-two, sometimes just need a little change of scenery. >> much needed win. much needed. thanks, leslie, appreciate it. cbs evening news is just a few minutes away. >> elaine key hand owe in for scott pelle tonight. >> hi, ukee, jessica. tonight on the cbs evening news, the surge is on, hillary clinton and donald trump hit the campaign trail, in the friendly skies. making news before even tough down, key battlegrounds state. plus hermine blows by the northeast, could renmant of the storm still come in? climbing different ladder of success, just ahead on [ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason.
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>> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at six. we're back at 10:00 on the "cw philly" and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. >> up next the cs evening news, food prices hit a new low, what's behind the decline. scott pelle in is -- >> take care, family. see you tonight.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> quijano: the sprint to the finish. reaching out to african-americans. >> why wouldn't they vote for me. >> quijano: while clinton invites the press on to her new plane. >> i'm so happy to have all of you with me. i have been just waiting for this moment. >> quijano: also tonight hermine ruins labor day weekend for millions. >> no ocean for us. >> quijano: a young boy's murder may be solved, but why did it take 27 years. and going up, life without limits. >> what does it feel like when you got to the top? >> it felt really cool. just like i was flying or something. >> quijano: this is the cbs evening news with scott


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