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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  September 6, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EDT

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philadelphia police are investigating a shooting inside the home of an off-duty officer. what they say led to the gunfire. >> carson wentz the job. he will start sunday in the birds' season opener. where he was when he found out. >> but first, people down the shore were able to salvage their holiday weekend.
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the coast was spared the worst of hermine, but still the starm sbokted the area. >> i'm jessica dean. that doesn't mean the summer weather is leaving us. meteorologist lauren casey is in tonight. >> it's going to be making a big come back what's not going to be making a comeback is hermine. we do have this tropical storm warning in effect for new jersey and delaware until further notice because of those unsafe conditions and hermine is pretty close by trying to work a few sprinkles in to ocean county, mainly high level cloud cover but hermine is not too far away, only 120 miles east southeast of long island now. still a strong extra tropical storm movement off to the west
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northwest. you can see it hanging out off of long island new england coast line as we head into the day on wednesday so it is going to be problematic in these areas. but for us, as far as we're concerned with hermine still coastal impacts as far as the ocean is concerned, very rough surf, waves 9-12 feet you don't want to be getting into the water over the period of the next several days we'll talk about hermine and what to expect later in the week in your full forecast in just a few. >> we'll see you then. while hermine didn't pack a major punch for much of our area, some south jersey beaches are feeling the storm's effects. chopper 3 over north wildwood dangerous rip currents kept swimmers out of the ocean and back on the board back. eyewitness news reporter david spunt is live tonight in brigantine with a look at how
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things are wrapping up. >> reporter: i was in brigantine friday night, the vibe is very different tonight. a lot of people concerned over the weekend. now they are focused on getting back to work and enjoying their labor day holiday. in the end, most agreed that public safety was the important aspect here. hermine stayed far enough out to sea that it didn't cause any major problems here. >> i'm glad it didn't do any damage because we wouldn't know what to do. >> reporter: jill lives in brigantine left over the weekend kirnd about hermine. she expected to see major coastal flooding. >> we were scared. >> reporter: brigantine is an island and it took some of the worst hits from sandy in 2012. hermine was a different storm all
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>> i'm disappointed. it would have been nice to get in the water. >> the ocean city beach patrol closed the waters and many businesses took a with it because of the exodus. the manager of this water ice stand says his sales from this labor day weekend were cut in half compared to the normal holiday weekend. >> we'll never make it back. >> reporter: back in brigantine, families aren't worried about what happened or didn't happen this weekend. they just enjoyed their monday night. >> a lot of people didn't come down because of the weather and we basically had the whole beach to ourselves. >> we decided to just go and see what's going to happen and i'm glad we did. >> reporter: i'm on the seawall right now, the camera won't pick it up but the waves seem to be churning here and there. nothing like the past few days but governor chris christie on saturday issued a state of emergency for new jersey to make sure all these resources were available should these waves get
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out of control and flooding happen. of course that was not the case. david spunt, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> tonight it's official. after trading sam bradford, the eagles have named carson wentz in the season opener against cleveland. >> leslie joins us with more on what he had to say. >> you wanted to see him and here he is. the eagles mortgaged the future by moving up the draft and picking hip second overall. he will be the first rookie to start in center franchise history. the team doctor gave him the green light to play and he is excited for the opportunity. >> you know, i knew i was ready. i knew i was taking the mental reps being out in the last couple of weeks, going into the
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first preseason game, i felt very confident, felt like i've developed at a fast pace and now it's here. i'm confident in myself and confident in this team and i'm excited for it. >> everybody feels this kid is ready to go and we drafted him to take on the reins and, you know, it's something now that we're prepared to do and looking forward to cleveland. >> coming up in sports we'll hear from his teammates how they're rallying around him and how does chase daniel feel about being leap frogged by wentsz. can't feel good. >> appreciate it. with all changes you can be sure the fans have plenty to say. trang do was at lincoln financial field with reaction from eagles naltion. >> reporter: overwhelmingly positive about this move. lots of
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>> pretty >> i think he'll make rookie mistakes but there's no other way to learn than on the job. next year they'll be a good team. >> reporter: before winning any games he's already won a lot of
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heart. his number 11 is currently the sixth best selling jersey in the league. >> good reasons coming from these guys. the moment he throw an interception and cost the game, we're going to hate him all over again. my team is going to the super bowl. you see it, eagles all day, baby. >> reporter: a very bold prediction there. we will all see soon how carson wentz does on sunday right here at home against the cleveland browns. jess and yukee i'll send it back to you in the studio. >> thanks, trang. you can see gang number one from lincoln financial field this sunday september 11th right here on cbs3. coverage starts at 11:30 a.m. the birds take on rg3 and the browns at 1:00 and the reminder to stay with us after the game
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for the post game show. as summer comes to an end on this labor day, the day marked a time to remember those who fought for the right of workers. the afl-cio held its labor day parade and family celebration right here in philadelphia. in commemoration of the holiday. one union member reflected on the important progress that is being made on behalf of all workers. >> i think that the labor unions sort of paved the way for change not only for people in labor unions, but beyond. and that many of the workers benefit from the hard work that our labor unions provide. >> today's celebration ended along penn's landing with plenty of food, fun and live music. >> today labor day is typically considered the beginning of the home stretch of the general election. we're now just about 63 days away from election day. both hillary clinton and donald
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trump spent labor day kourting voters in ohio. the candidates got pretty close to one another. you see clinton's plane and trump's jet on the runway at the same time. with two months to go, it is a sprint to the finish line for the candidates. >> we want to win ohio. >> reporter: hillary clinton promised a cleveland labor day crowd she'll fight for american workers. >> we're going to say yes to standing up for workers' rights and dignity. yes to good jobs and benefits! yes to the american dream! >> reporter: across town donald trump promised he's the candidate who can save our jobs from overseas. >> our country in terms of manufacturing, in terms of jobs is going to hel. >> reporter: trump was the big attraction at a county fair. >> we're going to bring jobs back to ohio. >> reporter: a new cbs battle ground tracker poll shows clinton holds a slim lead over
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trump in the 13 critical states. she brought out bill clinton, vice president joe biden in pittsburgh and bernie sanders rallied supporters in new hampshire. >> i'm so happy to have all of you with me. >> reporter: journalists flew on clinton's campaign plane for the first time on monday. trump also invited reporters aboard his private jet. he said he'll do so more often. today was clinton's first question and answer session with reporters since december. >> a shooting in the northeast has left one person in the hospital tonight. it happened just after 6:30. police say an off-duty weapon was discharged during an altercation at the officer's home hitting someone inside the house. that person is in stable condition tonight. the officer is being questioned by internal affairs. police are also investigated another shooting, this one in the mount airy section of philadelphia. around 9:30 tonight police say a
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29-year-old man was shot in the back of the head inside a home. the victim was rushed to einstein medical center in extremely critical condition. police say family members heard an argument in the basement before the shooting. bill cosby could learn the date of his sexual assault trial when he returns to court tomorrow in montgomery county. cosby is accused of drugging and assaulting a woman 12 years ago. will ask a judge to keep a deposition from the civil case out of the trial. eyewitness news will be in the courtroom tomorrow and bring you the very latest updates throughout the day. >> the search continues tonight for an oregon man police say went missing yesterday during the made in america concert. philadelphia place say nelson armstrong was separated from friends last night around 11:30. he's described as 5'10", 165
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pounds with brownish curly hair. crews were on the parkway before the sun came up and they worked into the night dismantling the stages from the festival. so what does this all mean for the morning rush tomorrow? officials say they expect to have the outer lanes of the parkway open by tomorrow morning. coldplay was one of this year's main acts at made in america, before the concert, frontman chris martin had very important business to take care of. >> still ahead tonight, the mom of the 14-year-old patient in these pictures tells you what her son and martin talked about. >> plus, could wine experts help lead to a breakthrough for alzheimer's disease. the link between a keen sense of smell and the brain. >> we're going to tell you the last time we've seen gas prices this low. be right back.
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>> tonight vectors are trying to figure out what led to a
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gruesome death of a woman. officers responded to reports of a woman hit by a car and beaten. when they arrived police found a man standing over that victim who was still pinned underneath the car. authorities are still sorting out the details in this case, but say there is one thing that is really helping them and that's the fact there were a lot of eyewitnesss. >> the driver run her over, four times. going back and forth. and at the last time he had the car on top of her body where she was stuck and started hitting her over the head. >> the driver of the car was taken in by police to be questioned. so far no charges have been filed. >> a lot of people spent time traveling this holiday weekend but filling up the tank did not cost as much gas prices.
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the summer of low gas prices has meant big savings for drivers almost $19 billion compared to last year. here's a look at the gas prices from around our area. in pennsylvania you'll pay around 2:31. new jersey the lowest at 1.96. >> on the wine developing our sense of smell might be key with growing our brains. coldplay thrilled tens of thousands of people. >> but first chris martin
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thrilled one on one at chop. he was miserable until martin walked through the doorway to his room. what exactly did they talk about? >> they talked about sports and luke's a big baseball fan so he knows nothing about baseball so he was asking do you have to hit the ball and we wrl like laughing because we're just so used to as americans everybody knows baseball. >> luke will be in the hospital for five weeks while his body heels and we all are sending him our well wishes. >> no doubt about that. lauren casey joining us now and hermine hopefully moving out of here. >> hermine slowly moving on. i am ready to get out of here, hermine. we are seeing some clouds move in along the coast and a couple of sprinkles courtesy of hermine but otherwise dealing with unsafe ocean conditions that will persist over the next
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several days. you can check now a little bit of moisture from hermine starting to work its way on shore but really some sprinkle and light shower activity working its way in along the coast. a couple of rain drops coming along right now in toms river and beach haven as well due to hermine which is not too far offshore. definitely a close call with a powerful position. right now bringing some shower activity up into new england and we're still seeing breezier conditions along the coast right now. point pleasant beach, rehobeth beach, wind speeds across the area, a little bit of a breeze 8 miles per hour but nothing in comparison. this is hermine. you see those streamlines wrapping around the center of the system. windspeeds right now 18 miles per hour but earlier this afternoon winds gusting to 56
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miles per hour in parts of southeastern massachusetts. and because of those strong wind speeds kicking up very large waves, off shower of our coast line waves at 8 feet and that is yielding rip currents and heavy surf so do keep that that in mind if you're going to be down the shore tomorrow. still a few showers in the forecast, far away from hermine, the poconos, beautiful sunshine, a great day for a hike, the high temperature at 80 degrees. future rainfall amounts showing us what's in store along the coast as we head into the day tomorrow. maybe even a shower sneaking its way into parts of south jersey otherwise rainfall amounts are going to be very light. maybe picking up about 0.1 inch in some areas at the jersey shore. temperatures pretty mild 78 degrees but we still have that nice north wind that we've had in place throughout much of the weekend so comfortable conditions but we are much more mild at this hour on the order
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of 9 degrees from this time yesterday, up 14 degrees in millville and those temperatures still elevated in the city but we've cooled off, 70 degrees right now in wilmington overnight tonight down to 67 degrees. still a nice night, great sleeping weather tomorrow not looking too bad. 87 degrees, under mostly sunny sky, breezy conditions as well. so we stay comfortable tomorrow, humidity starts to creep up wednesday and by thursday our dew points climb up to that oppressive category once again so we are getting steamy, summer is not done with us yet. up to 93 degrees on thursday, that will be about 12 degrees above our average. we keep around the low 90s into friday. best chance of storms will come with a cold front late day on saturday but that will clear us out just in time for the eagles home opener on sunday. sunshine, low humidity and 84. not bad for the birds. >> and a "w." let's get that win.
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>> you'll be down there? >> i sure well. great weather, carson wentz. so what do his teammates think of the move? are they on board? we'll hear from them in sports.
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is that what we're going to call it, the wentz wagon? >> i like sunday is wentzday. >> we'll find something. but, yes. the carson wentz era will start sunday against the browns. the move will come after sam bradford was traded to minnesota on saturday. the number two pick was on the field for only 39 plays in the first preseason game. he is a hard worker who won over his teammates who say yes he is ready to start. >> throughout the spring and summer he showed a lot of good things. guys are confident with them.
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i think the play book expands a little bit because he's more of an athlete than some of the quarterbacks we've had in the past so i think in the long run it's going to be a good thing. >> he didn't get selected number 2 for no reason. we're excited to see what he can do as well. >> the odd man out in the quarterback swees stakes, chase daniel. today chase played the role of the good soldier when asked about being passed over for that number one job. >> it's unfortunate for me personally, but that's not what it's about. it's not about one person, it's about the team. it's about what gives us the best shot to win moving forward and obviously some guys think that's car soun and that's fine and we're going to get behind that and role with it. >> meanwhile, sam bradford has work to do in minnesota. he practiced for the second time with his new team. the head coach says sam will
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split the team but wouldn't name him the starter. this will be sam's third team in three years. right now he's just trying to learn that playbook. >> i i've had to learn new offenses in the past, i don't know if i've ever had to lrn one quite this fast or in this much of a hurry. yesterday i got thrown into the fire, everything at once. >> now to baseball. the phillies starting a 7-game road trip this afternoon against the marlins. looking for offense scoring just 11 runs in their 6-game losing streak. that is a crushed shot right there. two-run homer to the upper deck tied the game. the phillies is over 6-2 the final. so change of scenery.
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labor day is traditionally a day most people have off from work, but this evening one organization in philadelphia was working very hard. >> yes, they were. eyewitness news in west philadelphia where the chosen 300 ministries were serving others. volunteers gave back by serving a special labor day dinner for the homeless. they provide thousands of meals a year across philadelphia. they also provide hunger relief worldwide.
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and coming up next is the late show followed by the late late show with james corden. our morning team is back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. from everyone here i'm yukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we are always on for you at cbs >> sleep well.
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