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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  September 6, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> bill cosby heads back to court today with a new defense team. we'll tell you the two pieces of evidence his lawyers went kept from trial and the big decision the judge could make today. >> shooting overnight in lawncrest sends one person to the hospital. we'll tell you what happened before the shots rang out, and what investigators hope will help them solve the crime. >> and, like a bad houseguest, hermine just won't leave. storm scan3 showing the system still sitting out over the sea, what effect we will still feel here, plus your important back to school forecast. today is tuesday, september 6, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> hey there, i'm brooke thomas, back to school for many of you around the region, getting your day started with a check of weather and traffic.
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>> good morning, jim, welcome back, my gosh, can you imagine the groans of the kids going back to school today. >> forget about them, i was groaning getting up this morning, like ughh. >> welcome back to all of you, as women, looking good this morning, roads are not terrible. >> hermine still out there, other than maybe a shower at the shore, things looking pretty quiet on dry land, stays dry, but little breezy, do still have issues when it comes to some rough surf and rip current issues as well. closer zoom for you on storm scan, right now lingering clouds around the region as a whole. you real i do have more than anything a clear sky. head further inland, temperatures as a result had a chance to drop off more readily. zoom it out one more time. outer bands of hermine still trying to clip the shore line. so, perhaps you see shower, and that sense, from the system, but overall, this is still more of an indirect impact as we'll still have rough seas, rip current, that kind of thing, overall things are beginning to go down or
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rather i should say uphill here in terms of what hermine still has up it sleeve. seventy-four the temperature at the airport, pretty mild, into the low 60s in mount pocono, 69 # millville, 71 dover, some of the outlying suburbs off to the north here flirting with or just above the 70 degrees mark in many locations, so it is a pretty comfortable beginning to the day. as the day progresses, we do expect it will be little warmer than it was yesterday. above average, at 87 in the city, again, could be shower at the shore, not enough to call anything a wash out by any stretch. really further inland you go, the more sun you'll see. overall looks pretty nice. >> looks like real nice day. thank you. looking outside, yes, looking really nice, already, as well, spring garden at parkway, now open, all the festivities over the weekend looking nice. we saw crews out there yesterday cleaning up, so today looking good. vine was open, not closed last night for the construction, between the schuylkill and broad. so looking good. you can see both moving in the westbound and eastbound side. and in new jersey 42 freeway
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northbound at creek road. i would say a lot of travelers out there already, coming back from the shore or possibly just getting jump start to the day a lot of people are headed badge to work today as well as a lot of school buses out on the road for the kids that have not yet started. construction in new jersey, 42, northbound and southbound between 42 and route 168. going to have some lane shift here, ill let you know when those clear up. jim, over to you. >> thanks so much, meisha. bill cosby heads back to court this morning, in his sex assault case. >> accused of drugging and assaulting andrea constand at his elkins park home 12 years ago. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch live outside the montgomery county courthouse where cosby could find out a trial date today. good morning, justin. >> reporter: brooke, jim, good morning, bill cosby jury begins in just matter of hours at the montgomery county courthouse, and by days end, cosby and his now revamped legal team could walk out of court with a new trial dathan
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strategy. today will partly center on potentially damaging evidence against cosby, his lawyers want his years old deposition thrown out. in it, cosby, discusses cost bands, getting her pills and alcohol what he calls concentual sexual encounter. there is -- also, 2,005 taped phonecall between cosby and con stands' mort in which she reportedly also recounts those same events. in 2004, constand then temple university staffer says cosby whom she thought of as a mentor, she says, drug and assaulted her. the prosecution is also fight to go keep the cosby evidence included. cosby and constand, un closed amount in a civil suit. dozens of accuse verse come forward against cosby who is now 79, with stories similar to constand's, now, back live, those accounts could build his
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case, and may also come up in court today, as well. now missing from cosby's team today lawyer monique presley made several media appearances on his behalf. brooke, jim, back into you. >> thanks, justin. >> new this morning, philadelphia police hope surveillance video can solve the mystery surrounding a shooting in lawncrest. >> investigator believe the shooting happened after an argument on the 500 block of rosa lee street. the victim is in stable condition with a gunshot wound to the leg. police are also investigating a fatal shooting in the mt. airy section of philadelphia. 9:30 last night, police say, 29 year old man was shot in the back of his head inside home 8300 block every williams avenue. officials say family heard an argument in the basement before those shots rang out. >> internal affairs investigating shooting at the home of an off-duty police officer in northeast philadelphia. it happened just after 6:30 lags night on the 2700 block of taunton street. police tell "eyewitness news" it began as an altercation,
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between that off duty officer and a family member. that led to the officer's off duty gun being fired at least twice shooting the individual in the torso. that person is in stable condition. >> overnight, president obama became the first sitting us president to visit the nation of louse. tropical downpour along with dignitary and honor guard greeted the president for his visit to southeast maybe a. watts supposed to meet with the philippine president but the white house abruptly canceled after the leader publicly insulted the commander in chief on line. >> well, it is 63 days and counting until voters have the last word in campaign 2016. hillary clinton is holding a rally this afternoon, the university of south florida. while donald trump holds private campaign event in virginia beach. jobs were the main topic on labor day for both cash net, and running make mike pence campaigned in ohio. no republican has won the
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presidency without touring the buckeye state. >> there is a country, in terms of manufacturing, in terms of jobs, going to hell. >> anyone willing to work hard should have a job that can support them and their families. clinton appeared in ohio and illinois. she also debuted her new campaign plane. clinton road with supporters for the first time since launching her bid to the white house. conservative icon phyllis has died, became well known for helping block the equal rights amendment in the 19 70s. proposed constitutional amendment would have outlawed gender discrimination. she passed away from cancer at the age of 92. this morning, still no sign of an oregon man who police say went missing during the made in america concert. philadelphia police say nelson armstrong was separated from friends sunday around 11:30 p.m. described as five-ten, 165 pounds, brownish curly
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hair. anyone with any information is asked to call police. >> well, it is official, the carson weensier a begins this sunday afternoon right here on cbs-3. the eagles first round draft pick makes first career start this sunday at the linc against the cleveland browns. the birds pick winds in the pick in this year's drafter, the first rookie to start at quarterback in eagles season open nerve franchise history, rib injury limited his pre-season, but doctors are giving wentz the green light. >> rest being the last couple of weeks, even going into the first game, first pre-season game, i felt very confident. felt like i've developed at a fast pace, now it is here. now it is here and i'm really confident in myself and confident in this team and i'm excited for it. >> now this is a move fans have been looking forward to since draft day. we talked to fans very positive about the eagles chances at wentz at
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quarterback. >> this year they did okay. this year they'll do better. >> when i seen him in college he was okay, wasn't the best, but a good fit. >> i think he'll make rookie mistakes, no other way to learn than on the job. >> that kid is the cutest football expert ever. you can see it live from clinton financial field right here on cbs-3. coverage starts 11:30 a.m. with toyota sunday kick offer, f --nfl starts today starts at noon, game is at 1:00 p.m. postgame show at 4:00 p.m. still ahead with beach errosion to eroding sales, take a look at hermine's aftermath. >> also ahead, gas prices are the lowest they've been in 12 years. we'll tell you what you can expect to pay throughout our areament plus this. >> last week, i toll her, i go, hey, we need to do something, man, you're gaining weight. >> a brave husband there. hear more from the california couple who says they had no
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idea they were expecting. we'll be right back. stay with
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>> welcome back, unfortunately hermine ruined labor day weekend plans for many people down the jersey shore. >> some decided to press their luck and stick around, brigantine, dangerous rip current kept people out of the ocean but the nice weather kept those on the board, those who stayed were thankful hermine didn't cause any major problems. >> seems like a lot of people didn't come down due to the weather and we just had the whole beach to ourselves. >> we decided to just go and see what was going to happen. i'm glad we did. >> now despite the traffic on the board, business owners say sales from this labor day weaken were cut in half from a normal holiday weekend. >> while hermine did pacca major punch for much of our area, some south jersey beaches are feeling the storm's effect. chopper three here over north wildwood, errosion left behind cliffs on the beach several feet high in some spots.
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>> time 4:42, katie here with another check on your forecast. >> guys, you know, that beach errosion has certainly been a theme of a lot of the area shore points, not just the local area, but really from the carolinas, right up the coastline. now, portions of cape cod, and into connecticut getting hit by this storm system. but, we are really just looking at nothing more than lingering shower perhaps up the immediate coastline, hermine still obviously churning right now, just off shore from our area. meanwhile, nice wide zoom on storm scan. it is pretty quiet at least across the eastern, say, two thirds or so of the united state, save for what's going on in the open waters of the atlantic. do have new frontal boundery starting to get its act together, does eventually cross our area, doesn't really bring too much fanfare when it comes to moisture content. but we are going to see the pattern shift as a result of it approach. now meantime, keep it in mine, if you are lucky enough to maybe have some vacation time, going out to the shore, those seas will stay rough.
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may be little deceiving as the skies start to brighten up not just inland areas but at the shore point, high risk for rip current will continue through the mid week at minimum here until hermine is out of here. so do you have give it time here to, you know, wait this out, take it easy, don't go in the water at all. mostly sunny meantime back in the city high hits 87 degrees, warmer than yesterday, even despite northwest breeze. definitely going to be a very hot afternoon for the standards anyway, partly cloudy, low of 07 tonight. we look forward here, we're heating up. couple of straight days here into the low or even mid 90s, we flirt with record on friday, specifically, but it does cool down, much more comfortable levels for eagles game day sunday. meisha? >> thank you, good morning shall everybody, happy tuesday. lots going back to work, back to school, parkway now open, that was closed obviously for the weekend, that's now open. we do have truck fire out here, the fire is out. i'll back out so you can look at this from chalfont. stump road at limekiln pike,
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so you know, multiple lanes are closed here, if you are anywhere around the area, crews are out here. the fire is out. the crews are there. most of the lanes are block, will certainly slow you down, not quite yet, maybe more into the 5:00 hour, start to get more vehicles out on the roadway. heads up out there, those in the that area, and septa, new schedules, symptom will start today, new regional rail schedules starting today on these eight lines. make a note of. >> this i'll be tweeting these line as well. manayunk, norristown, paoli, thorn day, trenton, west trenton, warminster, wilmington, newark, and more bus service starting today as well on these five lines. make note of this, this is all going to impact us now, going back to work, kids going back to school, as womenment make note of. >> this i'll be tweeting this out all morning long, and we will be talking about this. >> thanks so much. good news still ahead.
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why it is getting cheaper to go grocery shopping. >> they may no longer be in danger but we'll tell you why there is a threat facing the panda population. we'll be right
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>> stay updated when katie's forecast on our sisters station "kyw news radio" 10606789 jury selection begins to the in the civil trial of the 2013 deadly center city building collapse. city council returns to session this week, one green host their agenda includes legalizing chicken keeping. and why fallen philadelphia is one of the best times to enjoy our city. check in two, three, four times a day, 1006 on your a.m. dial. >> if you drove this labor day weekends, chances are up notice the pleasant print at the gas pump, gas prices have hit an all time low. >> twenty sent cheaper than
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this time last year. the summer of low gas prices have meant big savings for drivers, almost $19 billion compared to last year. in our area, drivers in pennsylvania will pay about 2.31 a gallon, new jersey drivers pay the least, at 1.96. and delaware, comes in closest to the national average, around 2.13. new jersey drivers don't have to pump their own gas and they get the cheapest gas. >> why i get my gas in jersey. i'm not stupid. time is 4:49. time for check on business news. >> jill wagner joins us live this morning from the new york stock ex chance, jill, i know the markets are re-opening after the holiday. >> that's right, so now a waiting game until the feds next meeting at the end of the month, most investors think august somewhat disappointing jobs report makes it less likely the feds will raise interest rates this month. that's what everyone is watching here. brooke, jim. >> jill, i was grocery shopping yesterday. and is it my imagination or is my grocery bill going down?
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>> reporter: you are not dreaming. american shop remembers now enjoying what could be the longest streak of falling food prices in a half century. so everything from a dozen eggs, to gallon of milk, even pound every meat it, will cost about 40, 50-cent less than this time last year. and the reason for that is that the nation's food supplies have been growing, while demands has declined, and major overseas market like china, that's because of strong dollar has made american goods more expensive. whatever the reason, i'm sure we will take it, brooke, jim until. >> hey, every little bill. bit helps, that's for sure. thanks, we'll check in with you in the next hour. >> this story right here, just a follow along with us, okay? a california couple got the surprise of a lifetime, and everyone is talking about it this morning. >> so, jennifer woke up early yesterday with a stomach ache. then a baby popped out. yes, a baby. the 35 year old mom of 13 and a seven year old said she has never had morning sickness,
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didn't know she was pregnant. as for weight gain, her husband noticed and did the one thing that husbands are never supposed to do. he said something. >> i knew i was gaining weight, but there are other things that i'm worried about. >> you don't tell your wife she is gaining weight. their family of four is now a family of five. her facebook page has exploded with shocks, congratulations and questions like: wait, you guys didn't know were you pregnant? >> you know what? >> like one of those reality shows? >> i have nothing. just so -- you know? nothing. >> we're not judging. >> nope. >> coming up after the break, another check on weather and traffic. meisha is shaking her head. >> we're all blown away. stay with us, we'll be r i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a on right the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us.
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from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan.
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>> good morning, everyone, today will end up being overall a pretty nice day, certainly seen that lately even despite whether it is a
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tropical storm or post tropical cyclone, renmant of system still off shore. majority of the area experiencing nice weather lately, looks like that will continue, certainly up in bethlehem that will be the case, as well, off in the distance, see the mountain, over looking bethlehem, from high atop hotel bethlehem on main street there. moravian college in the distance, very severe beginning to the morning here, nice clear sky to go with it. it is pretty comfortable outside across most of the region including up near some of the mountain us terrain, lehigh valley, up in the poconos, nissan quiet on storm scan3, one spot where you will still have some problems, is the shore. and specifically, in the water. the waves are thankfully not as high as they were yesterday. were as high as eight to 15 feet in some spots. dangerous rip current, how much, do continue. again, that system is still churning up the surf. so we would rather you stay on dry land today, the ocean conditions frankly not safe. that will said, many of us are back to work and school today anyway. you can expect to see some sunshine, overall, probably don't even have to dress in
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layers, certainly warmer afternoon. but off to nice and comfortable start. meisha, over to you. >> definitely nice weather for recess with the kids, katie, tank you. good morning everyone. our floor director, guys, all right, in chalfont, fire, fire is out, but some multiple lanes are closed. actually looks like pulled off to the side, already have pulled it off to the side. so how many lanes were block, saws 15 minutes ago. heads up. see the flashing light. they are still out there. not going to slow you down right now. don't see a car drive bye, but we could in the next 5:00 and 6:00 a.m. hour. >> a lot of you coming back over the labor day weekends, welcome back by the way. in the world of mass transit here, you can see, new city and suburban schedules started sunday some starting today as well. the regional rail schedules also starting today on these eight lines, i may be tweeting
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that information out, as well. things are looking good. >> thanks, meisha a giant panda has reason to celebrate. i just want to stair. after international conservation group announced, they are taking the panda off the endangered species list. the group says china preservation units are working however it does warm climate change poses major threat for the panda's bamboo habitat. really just the coolest animal in the world. jim, i don't get your lack of excitementment. >> it is a cute bear. >> it is mezmerizing. >> no, nice panda. >> inspectors visit a connecticut, find -- >> owners won't say what's behind t you won't believe what was found when police were called to take a look. >> plus, people are caught on camera knocking over a rock, but it wasn't just any rock. why they may nice a fine for doing this, back at the top of the hour.
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>> live in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. well comedian bill cost boy is expect in the court today. what's expected to happen as the sex assault case against him moves forward. a shooting inside a philadelphia home becomes a murder. we'll tell you what family members and neighbors say they heard moments before the sounds every gunfire happened. >> and, vandals are in trouble for knocking over a rock. but this wasn't just any rock. the reason they could be fined, even banned for life, for doing it. well today is tuesday, september 6. good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> it is no longer monday, that's good news, i'm brooke thomas. that's reality for student as they return to class. katie and meisha are keeping an eye on the weather and the roads, back to school. we remember that. >> yep, back to school.
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i'm so glad i've almost forgotten. then right when i remember, ah, thank goodness, that's not me. but we are here, and we have truck fire out there in chalfont, another accident, cinnaminson, get to go all of that in a moment. >> i loved the first day of school. >> first day. >> exactly, the first day, so much excitement. >> ya? >> second day, then i remember summer ended. >> but weather is cooperating, also nice little taste of summer by weekend's ends, couple of 90 plus degree days, still talking about hermine, still, still out there, so churning up the surf and still leading to the potential. so, once more, still talking about this. but at this point, at least, any coastal flood advisories, watches, warnings, those are all out of effect, all expired at least for our coastline. but, off shore water, stip tropical storm warnings. if you are one of the


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