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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> ♪ >> reporter: one of the philadelphia's mess popular events, two day concert for music lovers, but philadelphia police are now looking into allegation that is a young festival goer was sexually assault add this is years made in america. >> while she was watching, on stage, an individual male walk up behind her and sexually assaulted her. >> reporter: police say it happened sunday night around 9:00 near 24th and ben franklin parkway. sources tell "eyewitness news" that the 16 year-old victim told police male pulled down her jean short just before the sexual a all the and then ran off. >> we're alerting other people in that area, transported over to the medical tent in the facility itself and from there she was transported over to chop to be examined. >> reporter: the event now in the fifth year uses both private security and philadelphia police officers. tuesday police spokesmen lieutenant john stanford says the event is considered safe but admitted allegations are disturbing. >> the president of this size is there always concern of any type of criminal activity that
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may take place at the event. we didn't have any incidents at this years event, but we have in the previous years but not many incident but one is one too many. >> reporter: at this point police have not made any arrests, they are talking about searching for video that may have been taken around that time. they admit there was tens of thousands oz have people out here this weekend, they have a tough challenge ahead of them. reporting from the ben franklin parkway remarks hell solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". comedian bill cosby goes back to a montgomery county courtroom today ahead of his upcoming felony sexual assault trial. prosecutors told the court, that they want 13 women who cosby allegedly assault todd testify. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos joins us from norristown with more, greg. >> reporter: ukee good afternoon. the montgomery county district attorney said that those 13 women are willing to testify against bill cosby when this goes to trial this have afternoon we now have a trial date, june 5th, 2017.
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some nine months from today. so both of today's pretrial hearing actually didn't focus on those 13 witnesses or exactly what will happen during that trial, but rather they focused on a decade old recorded phone call. this has become somewhat of a regular task for comedian bill cosby. arriving at a montgomery county courthouse in norristown as he fights aggravated sexual assault charges against him. charges his attorney says are false. >> time has come for somebody, somewhere to shine a spotlight on the tram manying of this man's civil rights and that time is now. >> reporter: tuesday during a hearing, judge steven o'neill heard one motion filed by the defense, that motion, to exclude a 2005 phone call from being put into evidence between cosby and his accuser andrea constand's mother. comedian's attorney argued that conversation should not be used, as evidence, since pennsylvania law requires both parties know that they are being recorded and cosby was
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not aware. that recording was played in court and when cosby asked whether a beeping sound is him being recorded, constand's mother says it ace parent. kevin steel argues that cosby knew he was being recorded and even if he didn't, constand's mother made the record nothing canada where only one party has to be aware. the judge and jury hearing this afternoon saying that he would make a decision in the coming days. >> it is all of the pieces we have in this case. if it wasn't important we wouldn't be seeking to introduce it. so, you know, we worked hard to meet with a lot of people here and hope that the court will see it our way. >> reporter: we have also learned about two important developments this afternoon, cosby's defense say they plan to file a motion arguing cosby's due process was violated due to their being a 12 year delay in his arrest for this alleged crime. that must be filed within 30 days. they also plan to file a
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motion to change the venue because of the pretrial publicity, and that must be filed within 60 days, once again, this trial is set for june 5th, 2017. we are live in montgomery county, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> greg, thank you. civil trial stemming from the deadly 2013 center city building collapse, is now underway. six people, were killed and 13 were injured when the building under demolition collapsed, and crushed a salvation army thrift store at 23rd and market streets. the both demolition contractor and his excavator face criminal charges. this trial was decide willing if any individuals or corporate entities are financially liable. detectives continue to investigate a shooting at the home of the off-duty police officer in northeast philadelphia this happened on the 2700 block of taunton street last night. police tell "eyewitness news" that it began as an altercation between that off-duty officer and a family member. that led to the officer's
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off-duty gun being fired, at least twice, striking the individual in the torso, and that person is now in stable condition. authorities are investigating what caused a driver to hit a tree, head on, in cinnaminson, burlington county early this morning. chopper three over the scene, on chadham court when police and medics arrived shortly thereafter the crash at 4:45 a.m. they found a smashed pickup truck. authorities say that the driver did not survive, they have not released that person's name. and chopper three was also over another deadly accident, this one in upper darby delaware county. it happened at township line road and bleighth avenue at 6:45 this morning there were no other reported injuries. the township line was closed between drexel and vermont roads for the investigation but it is, back opened, tonight. family in media got a rude, awakening when a dump truck slammed right into their home. it happened just before 8:00 this morning on the garfield and chew roads. police say no one inside but the driver was hurt.
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it is unclear if the damage will prevent that family from staying there. nationally known college chain itt educational services, better known as, itt tech is shutting down. that decision comes days after the u.s. department of education issued sanctions on that company, and those sanctions included banning the enrollment of new students, who rely on federal financial aid. there are four campuses in our area and more than 130 campuses spread across 38 states. and, another taste of summer. meteorologist kate bilo is on our side, back after no time off. welcome back young lady. >> thanks very much. coming back to decent weather, ukee, outside in philadelphia right now. a few clouds and those courtesy of our friend hermine who is still just sitting and spinning off the new jersey coastline. the storm is weakening, but still producing clouds and even some showers for parts of the area this evening. once we get hermine out of here we will see temperatures
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begin to rise. the here's a quick look at storm scan three showing circulation of that low, as a post tropical low center off the new jersey shore. you can see close to the coast you can see showers impacting central new jersey and possibly the shore towns as we go through tonight. we will see any wet weather likely here in philadelphia but possibly a stray sprinkle here or there. in the meantime we will see cooler air focused where clouds and showers are. eighty-one in at atlantic city. eighty-nine in lancaster. we are at 89 degrees in wilmington. the wind are brisk. we have had a brisk breeze through tonight at ten to 15 miles an hour in the city, wind could gust over 20 to 25 miles an hour, down the shore. but once we get that storm and wind out, temperatures on the way up and i'll tell you by friday we have a chance at tying or breaking a record that has stood for 132 years. we will tell what you record is and how long we will be in the 90's. for now, back to you. now to campaign 2016, the november general election is just 62 days away, and to take
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we learned donald trump will be making another stop here in philadelphia he was just here last republican. he will speak at the union league tomorrow. meanwhile trump and democratic rival hillary clinton are focusing on southern battle ground states, today. >> donald trump made his pitch to be command inner chief at virginia beach, virginia. >> we are going to solve the isis problem but we have to get back and solve it big league and strongly and swiftly but we have to get back to rebuilding our country. >> virginia beach and surrounding communities host more than a dozen military facilities. the tuesday morning, the trump campaign rolled out a list of 88 retired generals and admirals who are endorsing the republican nominee. >> i think we're up to 89 but who is counting. >> reporter: hillary clinton says more military and intelligence officers trust her to be president, her campaign unveiled a new ad showing wounded veterans
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listening to trump's actual comments on the campaign trail. >> i have made a lot of sacrifices, built great structure i have had tremendous success. >> reporter: while trump campaigns in virginia and north carolina hillary clinton went to florida for a rally in tampa. all three are battle ground states being hotly contested. >> the latest cbs news battle will ground tracker shows hillary clinton is winning nearly every battle ground stay in play, only iowa is classified as a toss up but race is far from settled. >> you look at this big lead but it is fragile and it is fragile because we have a front runner hoist unpopular. >> reporter: president and first lady michelle obama will campaign for clinton in battle ground states next week. speaking of the president, he is currently in the country of laos, president obama is first setting president to visit the isolated southeast asia nation. the president cancelled a meeting with president dikerte of the philippines after a diplomatic dispute. he inserted the president
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while discussing his deadly crackdown on suspect drug deals with reporters and when asked to respond obama chose his words carefully. >> i have seen some of those colorful statements in the past and so clearly he is a colorful guy. >> president obama is helping south korea deal with north korea north korean fired off three ballistics missiles in the the sea of japan yesterday and white house called that a reckless move that threatens boats and planes in the area. u.s. capitol rotunda is no longer under wraps today it reopened to the public. it is now free of scaffolding and safety netting that prevented visitors from seeing a full view of its artwork. the 60 million-dollar restoration project is near clearing. steven ayers is architect of the project and he was on hand to greet tourist to take. coming up on "eyewitness news" a new spray is being used to fight sick, one banned in other countries.
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how officials hope it will work and why some are afraid it might do more harm then good. it is latest trend in housing, called co living, what you get and wharf to give up, when we come back. pictures of space of the aurora around jupiter, coming up we will let you hear it, that is right, hear the aurora sound, on the other [ clock titime. ] you only have so much. that's why we wanna make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up.
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u.s. department of agriculture facility goes up in flames just days after being a subject of the threat investigation. it happened around ten this morning at government storage facility in maryland. officials say building housed vehicle and oil drums no one was hurt. belfield building was one of five that closed previously after someone sent e-mail threats. new trend in temporary housing offers affordable accommodation news return you might have to have sacrifice some privacy. in this three on your side report, jim donovan looks at
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pod sharing. >> this is your pod and you have your outlet. >> reporter: she's showing her new guest around this renovated loft, that she calls, the future of housing. >> we're in a shared economy, people are sharing their homes, cars, tasks are shared on line. >> reporter: she's found are of pod share membership based residents designed for people on vacation or staying in the area on a temporary basis. it is part of the movement toward co living, more buildings like this are popping up, that offer and residents can live, eat and exercise together. it is no frills version of the same concept, but stay here cost 40 to $50 a night. that price includes a bed, tv, and storage area. what is missing is privacy. every poddies wide open, to encourage interaction with other guests. >> give up privacy and get a whole lot of social built, or collision that we call here.
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>> reporter: those collisions come in common areas like shared kitchen, millennial sammy berkheart and emma greenspan became friend staying here. >> i like sharing everything. it is fun. it brings us closer. >> it is a lot more value to the experiences then having ownership over something. >> reporter: pod share is only in los angeles but beck hopes to stretch the model far beyond california. reporting for three on your side, aim he jim donovan. >> not going to be able to do it. >> tropical storm force wind, and powerful surf pound add way at new england coast today. one outlet was hurricane hermine churns in the atlantic. >> hermine hit part of the cape cod with gusts of 50 miles an hour. storm is expected to stall, making for a long period of damaging weather, for the new england coast. in rhode island the wind made fire fighting efforts, very difficult, trees knocked down power. katie joins us now, back here in philadelphia, i could feel the breeze out there
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today, i think that is probably a remnant but you know. >> that is exactly right. >> breeze is currency of hermine lane are day weekend guest that just won't go a iowa. >> impacts could have been worse we are still dealing with the effects of hermine and still feeling it tomorrow. wind and a couple of showers but worst of the impact of the shore that rough dangerous surf and rip currents and that can be expect to stick around right through the end of the week. even as it heat up hermine moves away and that sunshine back at the shore you still have to be very, very careful. do not ever swim down the shore this week unless at a beach where life guard are posted. it is just not worth the risk. the lets look outside right now, we will go as we mentioned down the shore. you can see surf coming in, beaches have been very small but surfers are out, surfers are definitely enjoying the waves out there this week. really last week as well, we had tropical storm, eight, i was down the shore last week, waves were largest i have ever seen even before hermine came and now they are enlarger.
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so surfers loving it but for little kid in the surf it was a little dangerous last week. i saw one rescue happen in stone harbor. kid was stuck in the rip current. you don't want that to be your family or very experienced swimmer. stay on the beach unless is there a life guard around. here's a life guard waiting out the storm at beach patrol headquarters in margate on our neighborhood network. life guard stand is up. they have an umbrella couple showers here and there i don't see many others on the beach, maybe one camped out outside trying to make the best of what has been a bit of the rough week, down the shore. head to the west it is a completely different scenario, all depend, near reading it is 87 degrees, blue skies, looking boot the full right now. here's kind of the outer edge of circulation from hermine now a post tropical low. the showers rotating down through ocean county into atlantic county right the now and eventually clipping cape may county as we go through the rest of tonight. here's the track on hermine it almost looks like it is not moving and barely is. by thursday morning at 8:00 a.m. it is still off the coast of long island, off on the coast of southern new
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england. it will move away us from after looping around here tonight and tomorrow and then finally, exits stage right as we head toward the end of the week and into the weekend. future weather still shows the cloud, maybe a couple showers down the shore and then they clear out tomorrow and we have days of quieter wet's head. current liz wave heights down the shore still very high. we are looking at waves at 20710 feet, depending where you are, so the surf is still quite rough. the system moves out and temperatures start to increase, 80's tomorrow, dew points right now in the 60's, not too bad, but dew points are heading upward here. how will it feel by the end of the week? we're back to the oppressive range and we're heading toward fall burks summer is not the quite through with us just yet. overnight down to 70 degrees. the partly cloudy, breezy, tomorrow's high 89. clouds and sunshine. a warmer day, and you're witness weather three day forecast, we're right back to the 90's starting thursday at 93. friday, 94. that could tie at record and that record guys is from 1884, so it looks like we may tie a
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old record on friday. >> i remember it that day. >> yes, i had shorts on that day. >> thank you, kate. >> i appreciate it. well, for many families it base took schooltime. for one family in sicklerville it was back to school and on television. our pat gallen was live at riley house while mom, dad and three children got ready for the first day of school at st. mary's in williamstown. they pack lunches, backpacks together and got ready for another exciting year. have a great the year family. "eyewitness news" at george w elementary school in philadelphia's bell a vista neighborhood today. school officials there unpacked brand new children's books. they are part of the multi million-dollar effort called the right books campaign. the goal of that effort is to improve literacy among children from kind garden to third great. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a college football player who made headlines for having lunch with an autistic boy is keeping the progress. great football player and,
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awesome superstar. >> what happened last night that will keep these two ponded for life, don. ah, eagles have done it again, season starts on sunday and they have made yet another trade, and you make the call, ball, strike or other, a pitch you have to see to believe, sports up big oil polluters. they have a friend in pennsylvania. millionaire pat toomey. toomey voted to protect their special tax breaks. saving oil companies twenty-four billion dollars. and big oil polluters have given toomey seven hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions. tax breaks for them. campaign contributions for him. pat toomey. he's helping big oil polluters and millionaires. not the rest of us.
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don bellies back, bandies back together again. >> a few things have happened. >> i haven't seen you in a long time. >> yes. >> in hd. >> yes. >> we're good. >> thanks for watching. >> all right. lets talk sports. school's back in obsession i remember growing up we would trade food in the cafeteria, something tell me howie roseman did the same thing. today eagles gm pulled off another deal. bird cornerback eric rowe has been traded to the patriots offensive lineman for josh kline and a fourth round pick. rowe has struggled in the teams new defensive scheme. he was second round pick in
5:25 pm
2015. reports say that the bird may also deal, the newly acquired kline, for another pick. trading, trading, trading. >> lane johnson will apparently start the season opener. he been waiting for weeks to hear about a ten game suspension for failed ped test. the this word from the nfl means that he should be able to play. >> i mean, it is just a long dragged out process but that is the way it is. whatever happens, happens. but yes, i plan on going this week and playing good. >> on to baseball phillies are in miami for game two of the three game series, adam morgan is pitching. poor kid has in the won a game since july 4th. hopefully tonight they will get another one. there are wild pitches and then there is this from the japanese league. okay. i'm in the sure exactly what pitch he was trying to throw but the ball end up hitting the opposing dug out. >> wait, what. >> as bob euker would a just a
5:26 pm
bit outside. >> just a bit outside. >> yeah. >> he may want to bring one. runner advanced from first to second, yes. >> those things happen, even to the pros. >> oh, well. >> it made video all around the world. >> thanks, buddy, appreciate it. coming up next, preventing zika, new spray being used in florida one banned in other countries. how officials hope it will work and why some are afraid it might do more harm then good. this is navy and she and her mom have been dealing with the checking out their favorite store. so they are asking target for a little help. she does have autism but coming up i'll explain how this assistance could help all parent. new tonight at 6:00, the miss america work out, miss new jersey hits the gym as she gets set to compete for coveted crown this week. health reporter stephanie stahl takes us along for a
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training session
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from the ground, and in the air, officials in florida are ram pink up their fight against zika as a new controversy grows over the most safe way to do it. "eyewitness news" continues 59:30. good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. miami is make using of an environmentally friendly pesticide in its ground game, correspondent dana begnot shows us how it works. >> reporter: earlier this morning buffalo turn on trucks were used to spray miami beach with bpi a bacteria that miami beach officials hope will kill off zika's carrier, the mosquito. >> it is very benign to humans. >> reporter: laura is with clark, company hired by miami
5:31 pm
dade county to spray. >> bti attacks the larvae of the mosquito, getting into their gut and making it so they cannot process food and they cannot develop. >> reporter: back in august, miami dade county began aerial spraying in wynnewood a zika zone north of downtown miami. alternating between bti and powerful nor owe toxin. >> it can really, kill essentially anything. >> reporter: this is a graduate research fellow at university of miami. >> when a droplet of the insecticide touches a mosquito it kills mosquito instantly. >> reporter: it is effective but it is also controversial. the insecticide was banned from the european union and tested in puerto rico one of the hardest hit zones in the world. officials there say now it is dangerous for pregnant with man and could result in their babies developing behavioral issues. the cdc and epa both inn side nalad is safe. governor scott says cdc is
5:32 pm
recommending miami beach use hell cooperate tours spray. >> they definitely don't want it here. >> reporter: michael greco says people in his community do not want that aerial spraying. >> the governor has a job to do but at the same time he is not boots on the ground here in miami beach. we are. we know what people of miami beach want. >> reporter: commissioner is calling my aim dade county to stop using it all together. the mayor of miami dade county says nalad has proven to be effective. cdc tells cbs news it is up to miami beach, if they don't want to use it, no one is forcing them to dana begnot for cbs news, miami dade county. gretchen carlson has settled her lawsuit begins her former boss roger ales for 20 million-dollar. carlson alleged that she was demoted and then fired from "fox news" after she refused alees sexual advances. ales has denied the claim but he ultimate liz step down as network's chairman and ceo after other woman came forward and fox's parent company launched an investigation.
5:33 pm
former stanford swimmer brook turn's arrived at sheriff's office in ohio to register as a sex offender. his sentence on sexual assault charges sparked controversy, he was sentenced to six months in jail after he was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman behind a trash bin. he is only served three months. the critics felt turner deserved a lengthy punishment. minnesota man confessed to kidnapping, molesting and killing an 11 year-old boy nearly 27 year-old. dan heinrich made the admission, as he pleaded guilty to child porn charges in a minneapolis courtroom. heinrich led authorities to the remains of the 11 year-old jacob wetterling. he abduct the boy near his central minute so a hoe in october of 1989. authorities in three states say they are investigating after a report of a man dressed up in a clown costume tried to lure children into the woods. police say that the most recent incident happened sunday night in north carolina
5:34 pm
they say two children were outside playing when they heard a noise coming from the woods. the kids say when they went to look, a man dressed in a clown costume offered him treats, if they came into the woods. >> there is a man in the woods saying come here. >> the way these kid were last night and way they were today, they were upstairs scared. >> so far there has been no reports of similar lurings in north caroline, south carolina and wisconsin. retail giant target is known for implementing policies to accommodate its customers, and now a local law men is asking for a special favor. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff has her story. >> hi. >> when i go shopping as a mom, i ideally would love not to bring my three kids but sometimes you need bananas and juice boxes and cute shirt to go to brunch in. >> reporter: that is right. so for kristin that means a quick trip to. >> target, i also bought this
5:35 pm
at target a few weeks ago. >> reporter: but trouble for her soon to be six year-old daughter, nady is found at check out aisle. >> she sees kind, she will start asking for candy. the it is a fight many parent have. >> reporter: in this case it is not a fight, it is a melt down. >> sometimes parents or other customers, or even employees at this point will make comments like just give her candy already. somebody said to me put a must will on that brat i kid. >> reporter: kristin is not able to buy it because she cannot handle sugar. buying it just once will create a concrete routine like one in 68 u.s. children, she has autism. so, through a petition with over a thousand signatures kristin is asking target and other large retailers for help in creating a sensory friendly check out the lane where that last minute candy would be replaced with other small toys. to make it known that family is going through a sensory friendly lane maybe there is an issue there. >> reporter: she adds this could benefit children with food allergies.
5:36 pm
kristin said her local store has been receptive to the idea but that any decision has to come from corporate and the spokesperson tells "eyewitness news" that while they cannot make any decisions just yet the idea had made it the in the right-hand. a small step for a family who knows, value of each one. people don't know what to say. >> in plymouth meeting, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good for her, great. >> still to come on "eyewitness news" it was a photo that warmed hearts all around the world, autistic student having run watch a star college football player, now the bond is growing. hear what the player did for the young boy last night. do you think it is too early for pumpkin lot toews? we will tell you about a hot new drink coming to star bucks today, although you may not want a hot drink in the hot weather, kate? if hermine finally begins to move away from the east coast this week, we will have to say hello to possibly some record temperatures, we are back to the 90's and i'll tell you when 13 two-year old record could fall, that is
5:37 pm
coming up next when we
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for senate, katie mcginty or pat toomey? mcginty supports clean energy jobs. pat toomey voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies. mcginty is pro-choice. toomey wants to overturn roe v. wade and criminalize abortion. mcginty will consistently stand up to the gun lobby. toomey's against an assault weapons ban and gets an a rating from the nra. this year, pennsylvanians have a clear choice. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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well, gun sales are at unprecedented levels if you look at the number of background checks being performed. fbi says background checks are at an all time high, industry experts say mass shootings in the last several years prompted more people to buy their own guns for protection, and, some fear if hillary clinton is elected, there will be more restrictive gun control laws. some grocery store staples are the cheapest they have been in a while. average price for a dozen of eggs has dropped a dollar from last year. gallon of milk and pound of ground beef are around 40 cents cheaper. the reason for these price breaks, food suppliers are growing in the u.s. but demand is down in overseas markets like china where a strong dollar has made american goods
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a texas family is reunited with their dog three years after he went missing, and take a look at booser, a jack russell terrier, three years ago his family let him out of
5:45 pm
the backyard in their fort worth, home and he have never came back. on thursday a would hand found him in her yard in the town 90 . she took him to the animal rescue and micro chip led booser back home. >> little bit overwhelming to kind of all of the memories and stuff like that come back, but to have him back in our arms, you know, it is awesome. >> right now it is unclear what booser was up to for three years when he got a clean bill of health from the vet. welcome home. >> where have you been, booser. new photo from nasa show a view of jupiter hardly visible from earth. we are looking at planet's southern aurora, because of jupiter's unique orbit this is first time they have seen southern point in such great detail. nasa's spacecraft took the photos to say how the sun and other sources influence auroras, radio plasma wave experiment instrument also recorded erie sound produced by these auroras. take a listen.
5:46 pm
>> interesting [natural sound] , right. launch from cape canaveral in 2011, june owe carried out first of the close-up fly byes of the gas giant last month. >> well, college football player who befriended a boy with autism thrills his number one fan once again. he took him to the the fsu/ole miss game and just maybe the little boy brought some good luck. florida statewide receiver travis rodolph continues his winning streak on, and off the field. >> a touchdown. >> reporter: with one of his biggest fans sixth grader beau passky cheering him on. >> he is a great football player and awesome superstar. >> reporter: star player made national headlines when this moment of kindness went viral, five florida state players were visiting beau's tallahassee middle school as part of the community service program. when rodolph saw beau sitting alone in the cafeteria. >> once i got two slices of
5:47 pm
pizza i seen him by himself. it was like a spotlight that clicked in my head and said let me ask to sit with him. >> reporter: beau is autistic and mess days no one sat next to him during lunch. his mother thanked rodolph for heart warming gesture on facebook. >> i don't know what made him pick beau, but i'm so grateful he did. >> reporter: while everyone want to sit with beau at school now. >> i'm a superstar. >> reporter: his streak is not over yet. on monday beau was invited to meet the entire team and watch the game. beau received big hugs, and even got his own personalized jersey. >> how about this florida state stages a biggest come back in school history to beat miss sip 45-34. they were down two points. bow woes was there. making it happen. >> that is awesome story. it is good reminder to look back at school if you see someone sitting alone, invite them over, sit with them, be like the football players. great, lesson for kids. >> exactly right.
5:48 pm
>> it is back to will school and depending, it is completely different day to the west where it is sunny and beautiful. to the east it is looking ominous outside and all thanks to hermine. >> yes. >> so she does in the want to leave. but we will take a look at what hermine is producing this evening. we are seeing very dark clouds. looking west from center city philadelphia it is bright. looking east, this is what it looks like. it is looking very dark out there. completely different story. beautiful sunset looking west but looking east dark, dark cloud the on the horizon, thanks to hermine. it almost like it will storm any minute and we will pick up a stray shower here and there. mainly across new jersey but all of south jersey enveloped in clouds this afternoon thanks to that system just sitting and spinning off the coast and it just does not want to leave. these impacts could have been worse, mainly more of a nuisance then anything but drifting ever closer to our coastline, luckily weakening as it does so but you can see this picture from live
5:49 pm
neighborhood network cam at middletown ship high school in cape may county looking towards the ocean we will see rain shadows over opened water. dark clouds and that storm just sits and spins and brings in some showers as well, close to the area showers popping up here around ocean county right down through cape may, atlantic counties. center of the low not moving much, sitting right about here and it is not -- do a little loopy loop and head up toward new england as we go through next couple days but doesn't really exit until thursday or friday. we will tiehl with rough is your, if cloud, breezy conditions especially tonight and tomorrow, here are your coastal impact is still through tomorrow from hermine, rough surf, waves four to 5 feet plus, great for surfers but stay out of the the water if not surfer or experienced swimmer unless it is a garden beach. dangerous rip currents and very unsafe ocean conditions out there and that goes especially through to tomorrow. checking in with our weather watchers this afternoon again, depend where you are. we have some folks in the upper 80's heading west of the
5:50 pm
city, beautiful day at ed's house at theglenn, 85 degrees, not bad, awesome day and i love breeze, only impact ed has at his house from hermine. heading toward the shore we are looking different. the lets check in at 85 with margot with more clouds in buena vista township. nice daze, breaks of sunshine, wind are steady from the north. thanks to hermine. dew point at 65 degrees. here's some photos which depend where you are. the at chuck's house beautiful sunny day, golden and blooming. but head up toward barbara lane's house in willow grove and cloud rolling in further east we will go, more am minute news it looks this afternoon. we will look at is what happening through next couple days as we get hermine off the coast we will see temperatures begin to sky rocket. warmer pattern lies ahead, lets look at friday into saturday, jet stream lifting to the north, buckles sunday into monday, slightly more seasonal air comes in but we will be seeing temperatures really sky rocketing once we
5:51 pm
finally get hermine off the coast. the here's that storm sitting and spinning, subtropical low not a hurricane or tropical storm anymore but as you can see a few showers continuing through overnight hours through the shore points. that system just sits, spins through tomorrow as well, couple showers and storm tomorrow afternoon could fire off to the west of most part and that system finally starts to get out of here on thursday we have a approaching cold front. out ahead it the heat up and speeds up on thursday but this front will wash out. we will not feel any improvements thursday into friday from that front. it will get hotter. again we have talk about school starting tomorrow, a few cloud for your ride to will school 73. more sunshine in the afternoon. we are heading to the upper 80's by your ride home. overnight forecast tonight degrees, partly cloudy, cloud and sun. warmer day at 89. eagles kick off forecast looks good, maybe stray shower or thunderstorm in the morning on sunday but otherwise dropping humidity. heat is really on here
5:52 pm
thursday and saturday ate right back to the 90's but early next week we are back to seasonal temperatures and lots of sunshine. ukee and jessica, back to you. kids and mom's clean air force delivered a message to mayor kenney at dilworth park. >> they presented two studies calling for more environmental regulations in philadelphia. >> wonderful to see, more of our little folks taking a role in shaping government, shaping environment because you really will grow into adults that really care about these issues and hold politicians feet to the fire when it comes to cleaning up our environment. >> the study found stagnant air is on the rise, second study found a slight tightening of the the air pollution standard, would have a positive impact on the environment. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a comedian hits to rehab. bridgette jones is back on the big screen and whole new vibe, find out what she has got herself into right now when we come right
5:53 pm
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chevy chase has enter rehab related to a alcohol problem. >> he has publicly struggled in the past and his publicist confirmed, chase recently check in the rehab facility in minnesota for treatment. seven two-year old star is best men for his work on saturday night live and vacation movies. renee zellweger attended premiere of bridget jones baby last night in london. colin first is back for the third install the of the popular franchise. joining the cast is path the try dempsey this time around bridget gets pregnant but does in the know who the father is. fans have been looking forward to this, it opens up next friday, september 16th. attention beyonce fans: met life stadium in east rutherford, new jersey has postponed tomorrow's concert, officials say beyonce's vocal cord need a rest.
5:57 pm
queen bay has a concert in philadelphia at lincoln financial field later this month and we are told that concert, is still on. well, time to end the long standing debate wearing white after labor day, yes or no? >> seriously. >> this is serious. insider's kelce night the night has the answer and joins us from l.a. with more, kelce. >> reporter: ukee and jessica, for me it is an overwhelming, yes, but don't just take my word for it, the stars are also on board. here are the do's and don't's in our insider star guide. of course wear white after labor day. >> i say yes, anything goes. >> reporter: white after labor day, yes or to. >> i'm a big lover of white, in fact, after i pop off this dress i will put on my white dress for america's got talent. >> reporter: hollywood has spoken and they are slamming that white oust tradition. >> you never heard of winter white. >> yes, yes, yes. >> reporter: this years oscars was white hot and stars like j
5:58 pm
lo and kate hudson rocked icy look all year wrong. >> especially if you are tan, darker skin toned white pops your skin. it gives that extra pop that you need sometimes. >> reporter: fashion insider, lindsey peoples on the right way to do white. >> they do think that find people with piece west a blazer, or white denim it still works and you can make it work for any piece. >> reporter: no white rule dates back to preworld war two high society who work resort wear only in the summer but even the queen has reformed to wear white in the fall. etiquette experts from the emily post institute say it is more about fabric choice today then color to to wear what ace pope eighth for weather, season or occasion. >> it business finding ways to incorporate it no matter what season are in. >> reporter: much more tonight the on the insider, ukee and jessica back to you in the studio. >> all right, well, you can get your hollywood news tonight and every week night the at 7:30.
5:59 pm
watch the insider right here on cbs-3. >> that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00. >> west deptford candidate for public office resigns, after writing he hoped a reporter would be raped. i'm joe holden, and continuing fall out and who is not talking. she's already won the state title and now she's it ising her sights on the miss america crown, more on this new jersey training for the title, kate. it is september, everyone is back to school but still feeling like summer, later this week we are heading to the 90's and we could challenge a record that has been in place for over 130 years. i'll tell you which day is the hottest and how long it will last coming up. also, a firehouse intruder , watch as two area firemen had to plan to chase a wayward possum back in the wild.
6:00 pm
insults hurled at a local race in campaign 2016, the attacks on social media puts battle for a local town hip committee seat in the national spotlight. it is forced candidate to withdraw from the contest. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica keen. that story is unfolding in west deptford gloucester county and that is where "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is live tonight with the details, joe. >> reporter: jessica and ukee, good evening. things have taken a turn for that committeeman, running in this race, a republican, and now, he had no support really left, and then his party backed away from him, he turned in a handwritten, note, late this afternoon, where we're told he hand deliver it to republican party leaders here in the township saying that he was withdrawing from the race. of course, lot at the center of this, the controversy of what she took to facebook over and we want to warn you, you may find some content in this story to be graphic. >> reporter: west deptford


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