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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 7, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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will get to this coming up in a bit. >> thankfully the roads will stay dry. >> good. >> we do not have a water main break, we're still here waiting on the news here but regardless the heat becomes the big story. >> yep, it is on the way. >> would you believe we're still tracking remnants of what has been her mine that is now a system that continues to diminish. we don't have coastal impacts like we had and that is no longer a threat, but, it is still out there. it is like one of those house guests that is not getting the point, like get out of here, already we're done. regardless we are starting to see the skies clear out, but notice off to the west here beginnings of moisture. that is leading edge of what eventually will be the next frontal passage. that could trigger a shower by tonight in our western suburbs but generally we expect a dry day and just a hot day that turns steamy. temperatures stan in the mid to upper 60's across north and western most suburbs and wilmington and ac airport
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whether you have mid to low 70's from philadelphia, pine land, wildwood, dover check in at 71 degrees. couple shore towns nice and comfortable start to the day here in ocean city, barnegat the light both checking in at 70 degrees and that wind direction arrow from the northwest, it is a dryer air has for now. that will change with time. not only are we heating up but we will see steaminess return. as dew points begin to climb start to notice it feeling more humid outside, high flirts with 90 later today. meisha, over to you. thank you so much. good morning. happy wednesday. all right. construction out here 202 northbound at mall boulevard two left lanes still block you can see crews near king of prussia mall. for those in and around that area in the slowing you down, still dark and still really early but just a heads up. ben franklin bridge from new jersey into center city moving in the westbound direction. i would say this looks really nice now that everyone is back to work and school. we will see this heat up as well. but right now enjoy that open roadway because it is looking
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nice ben franklin bridge. ninety-five south, kind of a jumpy camera but give you a bird eye shot of what you are looking at moving in the the south and northbound side we are looking okay on i-95 for now. for now. those are keywords, right. down tree in villanova montgomery avenue is block at stone ridge lane. use an alternate old gulf road or county line road, your best bet for those just waking up with us. this is the water main break on oxford circle kare in street at somerdale avenue. make note road is closed. use castor avenue as your best bet. more than that coming up in a bit. jim, over to you. >> things can change in a blink of an eye. developing story in bucks county we have learned one local town has dropped its plan to out source its police force. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live at pendell boro building where citizens were fired up last night, good morning, justin. >> reporter: good morning. pen doll council meeting went late into monday night with overflow crowds standing outside here and listening in
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through opened windows just to see what was going on and many are relieved to hear that pendell pd is here to stay. looking at that full heating from last night council voted four-three to scrap its bid to cut the pendell police department and hire middletown township pd under contract. pen doll township said long term costs led them to that option saying pendell will see a six figure wind fall and larger seven figure one over ten years time. council says that money is now tight in the the boro more than 2,000 but still many residents demanded their own force, instead of sharing another. pendell's police chief says some costs are off set by state and federal funding and that officers are forgoing a raise next year to save money ape rove the same service. >> no one is questioning the quality that they have provided to us. people speak very highly of them in our towns. this is not a question of their services at all,
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strictly about the best benefit the for the boro. >> there is no way they can do better, then having your own police department responsible to your own boro. >> reporter: on social media the pendell pd has posted this, thank you, citizens and business owners of pendell, we have promised you, protect you and work hard for you for hopefully many years to come. we also understand the bucks county d.a. may look into the legality of talks between pendell and middletown that were private about sharing police services. we are live there pendell bucks county i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> interesting developments, thanks, justin. in other news itt tech has shut down campuses nationwide catching tens of thousands of students off guard. the for profit college chain closed over 139 campuses in 38 states, including several in
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the philadelphia area. this happened after the u.s. department of education banned it the from enrolling new students who used federal financial aid. in a statement itt educational services says it never had the chance to defend itself. itt shut down is forcing students to look for other schools. >> i mean i'm only 21 years old and just starting out in life. i'm trying to get my life together and i thought i hade the right decision and i feel like i made the wrong decision. >> itt employees will help students apply to other schools and also seeking agreements that will help students transfer class credits. pennsylvania solicitor general bruce castor is stepping down and resuming retirement at the end of the week. castor was appointed second in the command to former attorney yen kathleen kaine in march. new attorney general bruce beamer says friday will be castor's last day. as montgomery county d.a. a decade ago castor chose not to charge bill cosby, with
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sexual assault. speaking of bill cosby his trial on sexual assault charges will begin no later than june 5th of next year. he was in the norristown courtroom where his attorneys say cosby's rights have been violated and they want a change of venue. also attorney gloriaal red who represents women accused of sexual assault said cosby appears desperate. the cosby spokesperson saysal red's representation of bill cosby's alleged victims is built own racial prejudice. road to the white house stops in philadelphia again for donald trump. this morning the republican nominee is speaking at the union league with 61 days until the election, trump and hillary clinton are pulling out all of the stops to win votes. yesterday candidates focused on southern battle ground states, trump held a rally in greenville north carolina this comes as a new cnn poll gives trump a two-point edge over the democratic nominee. trump told supporters it is
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critical that they vote in november. >> this is our chance to end years of injustice, corruption, betrayal, and we're going to bring back our jobs by the way. >> meanwhile a new cbs news poll shows clinton's state by state leads would give her the 270 electrical votes, used to win the presidency n tampa trump is too undisciplined to be command inner chief. >> he got in the twitter war with the president of mexico. it is temperamentally unfit and totally unqualified to be president of the you had. >> now both candidates are set to appear at a forum on national security in new york city tonight. well, reporters traveling with the clinton campaign took part in the long honored tradition, the reporters rolled oranges with questions written on them down the aisle to the front of the plane. if one makes it past the curtain clinton was expected
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to answer the question but her press secretary did it instead. well in, other news motorcycle crash leaves a driver dead in upper darby delaware county. chopper three over the scene on town sip behind road near state road at 8:30 last night. no word on what caused the motorcycle to crash, police continue to investigate. this man 50 year-old joel horton is charge in the murder of a woman in philadelphia's logan section. sunday night police say he repeatedly ran over five two-year old adrian lindsey with his car. authorities say he then got a shovel out of his truck and beat her. lindsey was rushed to einstein medical center where she later died. well, happening today a pennsylvania state representative says that he will offer solutions to philadelphia's epidemic of gun violence. state representative w curtis thomas says he wants to stem the tide of needless death, he will hold a news conference at 10:00 this morning in north philadelphia thomas said he started actively seeking
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solutions after several recent shootings including two incidents of six year-olds injured by stray gunfire. well, today's start of the school in philadelphia school district means the annual million father march in the city. for the night consecutive year philadelphia will be one of the 800 cities across the country participating in the march. it is an effort to involve fathers in the educational lives of their children. this year fathers will be encouraged to focus on the positive impact that they can make on our community. still ahead a popular resort town in mexico is being hit by a hurricane we will tell you why authorities say it could get worse today, plus this. like watching like a movie. >> cell phone video shows homes after a driver intentionally steered his car, into a canal. hear from rescuers who say water wasn't the only ding here. it is fashion week in new york, plenty of celebrities turnout last night for a big party. we are live in new york with
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the recap. grammy winner stevey knicks is hitting a road. the pretenders will be tagging along, they play philadelphia in 20th. tickets go on sale monday at 10:00. stay with us.
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dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. welcome back. with the fiery scene down the shore, chopper three over the old beasley's point bridge last night at 7:00 flames could be seen coming from the middle of the span. bridge used to connect somers point and atlantic count which upper township in cape may county. the bridge noise longer in use. crews battled the flames for about an hour. the causes as of yet unknown. driver is facing charges after allegedly driving off a ramp and in the cape cod canal. cell phone video shows driver's head pop up, after his car flew off the scenic overlook at a high rate of speed and dropped 35 to 40 feet in the canal. power lines went down on the
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service road and water and he did it intentionally. >> when he hit the lines and they exploded, you know, it looked like it was fire, you know, a big bang. driver suffered minor injuries and charged with operating to endanger malicious destruction of property and speeding. right now famous resorts in mexico are being battered by wind of hurricane new youton. it laid land fall in the baha peninsula yesterday. tourist were forced to huddle in the hotels and wait out high wind and heavy rain. newton is expect to stay over the mexican mainland today. never heard of hurricane newton, that is a new name, katie. >> a newton. >> sound smart. very smart hurricane. >> like sir isaac. >> yes, exactly. >> we have breaking news as it pertains to newton too just in from the hurricane sent their storm has downgraded from hurricane to tropical storm status. >> good.
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>> that is better news. wind speeds not as strong. current wind speeds are at 07 miles an hour, and of course, when you have the kind of rainfall that you can typically expect from these systems, it will lead to problems regardless but at least it the is some good news it is losing its strength when it comes to the wind speed. regardless it looks like it is taking a northerly pass and across united states border into arizona and possibly new you mexico as well. we will keep a close watch on. that back here on the eastern seaboard, we're still tracking what is now thankfully no longer a tropical system but what is still left of what has been hermine continues to churn out to sea but worst of any hip current risk and coastal concerns in general going to go by way side as this loses steam. we are sitting between systems. we will see moisture bubbling up in the form of showers through western pennsylvania, and eventually that is going to trek east and it is all in advance of the next approaching cold front which is going to sort of just keep
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pattern changing for us. this is front that will be responsible for shoving what is left of hermine out of our hair, for good. health report, air quality is pretty good. we have enough breeze to keep that nice, pollen level moderate, uv is higher today. heat index now that the humidity is starting to climb is also moderate. how does this shake out? generally expect some sunshine, steamy, high have of 89 degrees with a northwest breeze modest at 10 miles an hour there may be a stray shower or thunderstorm west of the city. we will keep a close watch on the radar. this is as atmosphere moistens up in advance of the next frontal passage. we are not seeing any cool down anytime soon. we tied the record on friday at 94 degrees. meisha, a long standing record in the 1800's. >> i know, i got to say 94 in september that is hot. we have to dress on you kid for that recess, bus stop, put that spf on them for sure. boulevard headlights in the moving southbound direction
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approaching wissohickon both moving in the north ape southbound direction we are starting to build levels just a little bit now. we know it will be bus which everyone back to school and back to work for the most part. schuylkill tait lights moving in the eastbound direction. westbound side is heating up as we push westbound past girard. the schuylkill we know it does especially today, probably will so, even maybe before the 6:00 o'clock hour. the just a note about that and blue route headlights moving in the southbound direction, just at macdade boulevard pushing in the southbound direction. we are looking okay, would i say blue route is an area that then to heat up later then some of the other ones so overall we are looking okay there. then i-95 southbound at airport we are looking just as we should, this is only part of the interstate i-95 that is looking really good, actually i don't want to say quiet the but almost quiet, we will have more coming up in a bit, jim, over to you. thanks, meisha. now for newspaper headlines
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across our region. on the front page of the burlington county times, don't wait, call immediately. that is the advice from the cinnaminson fire department when a fire breaks out. chief william crammer junior points to several fires this summer that could have resulted in tragedy because of the delay in reporting them to 911. from the spirit of the delaware county the upper darby zoning hearing board has approved a group home in drexel hill despite numerous residents and officials voicing their concerns. you may have received a special exception to permit group leaving quarters for adults with developmental disabilities and two live in supervisors. bucks county courier time three remembrance ceremonies observing september 11th terrorist attacks will take place this weekend at the garden of reflection in lower makefeel. candle light vigil is set for 7:30 saturday night and remembrance ceremony is set for 8:30 on sunday morning. that is a look at the newspaper headlines from
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around the delaware valley. well, fall hasn't begun yet but already fashionistas is significant of spring. >> yes, they are, especially fashion week in new york city, and hena daniels is with us live with a look at last night's kick off party. hena tell us how it began, we're so excited. >> reporter: how exciting, good morning meisha and jim. beside being the biggest party in town this is when top designers showcase their clothing lines. these international fashion collections are shown to buyers, the rest and the general public and of course, countless celebrities who usually snag front row seats to these very exclusive fashion shows. fashion week is held in february and september and each year and one of the four major fashion weeks in the world. >> i used to be a big fan of project runway that is why i like this stuff. who are the celebrities that were there? >> reporter: no shock here, certainly the land of the
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beautiful people, on the fashion week. kendell jenner and christie brinkly and queen lah teave a they kick it off with a sing along event at tuesday night the a costume built piano lounge. on the keys, of course, david letter hand's paul schaefer, very proud cbs alumni. as we can goes on sightings and star power will only grow. >> hena, i love international fashions from my time living in sweden. i have to ask you any personal style tips. >> reporter: for me just keep it minimum and classic, always trying to keep it comfortable and growing up in new york i feel like just walking down the street is a national runway, international runway of all these beautiful women walking around looking wonderful. yesterday on the red carpet many models shared their diet tips and work out regimens but one person hoist on necessary how she looks her best was queen latifah and here's what she has to say.
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>> unaudible. >> he helps put things together but he knows how to listen. you know it is important to have your own sort of inn noon. as great as he is, we have different styles sometimes and i may want to wear something funky or edgey and i will give him an idea and go headache it happen and bring it back to me with choices of what i want. >> reporter: i'm sure would you agree. that is good advice. be comfortable. don't always follow trend. economic impact of new york fashion week here in new york city is an estimated 887 million-dollar. >> wow. >> big bucks. >> yes. >> all i can say is meisha, katie and brooke always look like they just stepped off of the runway. >> reporter: i have no doubt, right off the runway. >> would i say katie and brooke do. >> thanks. >> it is hard at this hour. >> exact i. >> thanks, hena. fans of the singer rihanna
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can dress like her. the super star is opening up pop up shops in new york city and l.a. she will display her puma connection. she teamed up with retailer 602 to launch the clothe lining includes apparel, tooth wear and straws influence from japanese street culture. the stores will stay opened through the 25th. well, still ahead prince's paisley park estate is hiring what they are looking for and how you can apply. plus he has been cut from his nfl team and is in legal trouble so what is johnny manziel doing next? we will tell you ahead in
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the extra crispy colonel. my extra crispy, twenty dollar fill-up feeds a family of four. it's crunchy! juicy! and oh so tasty. kfc. it's extra crispy good. bird return to the novacare complex to start preparing foresees on opener sunday against the browns right here on cbs-3. now yesterday howie roseman continued to remove any remnants of chip kelly. he traded eric rowe to the the patriots for a fourth round pick, initially an offensive lineman was reportedly part of the deal, it hasn't been finalized so that could still change. that means they are only two players remaining from kelly's
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2015 draft class. on to baseball phillies go for the sweep, down in south beach, they take on miami and they are looking for their first set of back to back wins in three weeks. third inning we will go phillies up two to nothing tommy joseph hits a chopper right there, it is fair, odubel herrera is into score they have a three run lead. adam morgan on the bump for phils, went six innings allowing one run, gave up five hits, struck out five and he won a game for the first time since may tenth. phillies win four-three your final score. that is all for sports i'm don bell, have a great the day. your kid aren't only ones going back to school so is troubled ex-quarterback johnny manziel. former cleveland browns star is enrolled at texas a and m and manziel is a senior studying at the school's recreation parks and tourism science program. he won heisman trophy as a freshman back at the school in
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2012. coming up in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news" we are learning more about details about apple's big iphone announcement today we will have a live report from wall street. also ahead flu shots are a recommendation for children over six months old but now cdc says one of the most popular versions is inadequate, we will have details in this morning's healthwatch, katie. important information for sure. meanwhile jim, we are looking ahead to a pretty significant warming trend but standard of september, this is a big deal we will be challenging very long standing record we will tell you about it coming up. back to work, back to school back to the roads, from school zones to bus stops you won't want to miss meisha's update on the roads when we come right back, stay with big oil polluters. they have a friend in pennsylvania. millionaire pat toomey. toomey voted to protect their special tax breaks. saving oil companies twenty-four billion dollars.
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get ready for more humidity. plus katie said we could get near record warmth. i'm jim donovan. brooke is off. katie and meisha will be along in just a minute. here's what you need to necessity to start your day in our morning minute


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