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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  September 7, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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get ready for more humidity. plus katie said we could get near record warmth. i'm jim donovan. brooke is off. katie and meisha will be along in just a minute. here's what you need to necessity to start your day in our morning minute.
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tens of thousands of students at itt tech are scrambling to find a new school. for profit college chain is shutting town campuses nationwide. eleven local town has dropped its plan to out source its police force. >> many are relieved to hear pendell pd is here to stay. bill cosby's trial on sex assault charges will start on june 5th of next year. thirteen women agreed to testify against cosby. we're going to bring back our jobs. >> for second time in a week donald trump is making a campaign stop here in philadelphia. hillary clinton had a rough time campaigning this weekend. >> yet, another hillary clinton hacking scandal but she did have a nice recovery. >> every time i think about trump i get allergic. >> well, i will say, i have
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had coughing fit, i have tea, lozenge is here, worst feeling. >> especially when you are on. that is the worst. it has happened to me. there is in recovering from it. you do what you have to do. with that said as you walk out this morning we are here to get you prepared, as you walk out the door for work, school, whatever you might be heading off to do here today and even though it is not going to feel that way fall is just around the corner. we are in the middle of meteorological fall but just four days until that eagles home opener when tailgating becomes the activity of choice, 41 days until average high would hit 70 degrees in philadelphia and 60 short taste until that extra sweet hour of sleep as we turn clock back. meanwhile looking at storm scan we have us some quiet weather on dry land, yep, those band off shore are still what is left of hermine and even though it is not even a post tropical cyclone it is
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losing its strength in anyway, shape or form but still visible, currently in the mid 60's, 07's depending on your location or somewhere in between but mild start to the day and even though it is getting a little bit more mug a cross the region, it is not terribly uncomfortable just yet. high hits 89 degrees. this is, just the beginning. we are looking ahead todays that really start to heat up and we will do a flirtation with record. we will have more later in the broadcast. regardless a couple of storm chances to go with that and we will tell you whether toe expect that potential as the show goes on as well, meisha, now back over to you. >> thank you. looking outside right thousand, we are looking good. vine street was closed overnight the for morning construction between schuylkill and broad. it is a cool bird eye shot looking at the vine as it, connects with the schuylkill there. it is looking good. would i say heading out there anytime soon you're in good company for a busy wednesday
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morning considering back to work, school, lucky you. eastbound direction past king of prussia we are seeing brake lights fall off in the distance but nothing going on there. just a lot of crowding happening on the the schuylkill. delaware county looking busy as well i-95 north at the 452 take that to the airport. i can tell you typically at 5:30 in the morning delaware county this camera shot in particular does not look like that. good indication it will get busy. two things in this neck of the wood, cheltenham we have an accident at the parkway at old york road. water main break that happened early this morning at oxford circle. you will to have use an alternate knor street at summer tail avenue is closed right now, it is roped off. you will to have use an alternate. castor avenue is your best bet. crews roped it off but they will be back around eight or 8:30 for that clean up. jim, over to you. "eyewitness news" advertise developing a story this morning, bucks county community is holding on than to men and women in blue.
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>> angry citizens pack the council prompting law make tours have a plan to out source police services to middletown township. it was a four-three vote. supporters said that the out sources police to middletown would save more than one held over ten years. opponents worried about the impact on the boro's safety ape response times. our justin finch is in pendell and will have the story at 6:00. well, two men charged in connection with the weekend shooting of an officer in atlantic city face attempted murder and other charges. authorities say two officers interrupted three men touring a robbery in atlantic city early saturday morning. nineteen year-old martell chisum and 28 year-old dimitri cross are being held on $750,000 bail. atlantic city officer josh leavedell was shot at the crime scene. his partner was not injured and returned fire killing a
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third suspect. well, folcroft police officer shot seven times in the line of tooth i returns to work this week. officer christopher dorman will report to his first shift friday night. back in june 24th he was shot while responding to a call about drug activity. he was hit in the face, leg and torso, the suspect three three-year old daunte island has been charged with attempted murder. time is 5:36. in business news what is new with the apple iphone and the star bucks menu. jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, jim. investors started the shortened trading week in the buying mood. dow jones rose 46, nasdaq rose 26 to a new record high. the biggest take over deal of the year is getting even bigger. bayer says it is upping its bid for monsanto to $65 billion cash. they reject bayer previous two
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offers. apple is suspect to announce its latest iphone at an event in san francisco, one big change, apple's likely donna way with the analog head phone jack and instead come with wireless headphones that connect digitally look for better cameras more storage and new colors like midnight blue. how about some french toast with that frappuccino, star bucks is getting in the brunch game with new menu items at stores in portland and seattle. test program will offer brunch from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on weekend only with items like french toast, waffles and kiesh made with cage free eggs, of course. >> i can go for that because star bucks food menu is very limited. i have to make a trip to pannera, have you seen their pastries at pannera, that is good stuff. >> i'm a big fan of the panera bread, correctly named panera
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bread. >> one of their bear claws will put new a pastry induced coma i'm just telling you. >> reporter: good to know. i will save that for the weekend. >> thanks so much. prince's estate paisley park in minnesota opens for public tours next month. it needs employees. management company called grace land holdings is sponsoring a job fair tomorrow and friday hoping to fill positions including general manager, tour operations, security sales and marketing. prince recorded most of his music at paisley park. prince died of paper killer overdose in april. well, congress is back in session but remains dead locked on funding to combat the zika virus. senate democrats blocked $1.1 billion funding package yesterday citing restrictions on planned parenthood. some republicans signal a compromise could come by end of the month. on the the cbs-3 healthwatch, sorry kids, you have to roll up your sleeves to get your flu shot this
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year. cdc says popular flu mist is sub par. that leaves pediatricians just one choice, the dreaded flu shot. recommendation to inoculate children against the flu remains intact. the a american a contacted hi of pediatric suggest everyone six months or older be vaccinated by october. well, walgreens has launched a new safe medication disposal program. the drugstore chain has installed kiosk at close to 300 pharmacies 21 states and washington d.c. walgreens calls it a safe, convenient way to difficulties suppose of unused or expired prescriptions at the no cost. it plans to expand the program to 500 locations, around the country. well to day is back to school for students in philadelphia, classes begin in just a few hours. "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen is live at hill freeman academy where new teachers are getting ready for the new school year, good morning,
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patrick. >> reporter: good morning, james, yes, it is a new school year. that means i have my new a tire, brand new shirt, pant, shoes just like when i was a kid. it is a big day, philadelphia students are back today and to tell us more about what goes on here at this school is the principal, anthony, hello there. >> good morning. >> reporter: so are you excited to be back. >> yeah, awesome can't wait to see kid faces as they walk through the door. >> reporter: you told me you were working all summer you didn't have a summer break. >> not this year, i didn't get a typical summer break because we were moving our middle school campus and high school campus into within location and that required lots of packing and tape, and tape and then packing. >> reporter: fun summer for you. >> yes. >> reporter: still warm in here. the it still feels like summer. >> it still feels like summer. >> remind me being in the philadelphia school, excited to be back. the student will be back later today. so, when they come in, you know, excitement level is high with you and the students, what are you looking forward to most. >> i'm looking forward to
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reconnecting with students and our past students and connecting with the new students that are coming in, our new sixth grade class and new ninth grade class. >> reporter: big ceremony today as well. >> we're fortunate enough to have traditional ringing of the bell to open up the school year for school district of philadelphia and it is an honor to have that here. >> reporter: first senior class is this year as well at this school. >> this will be the first year, for hill freed hand memorial academy, first graduating class, special year, it marks everything that you know we have been planning for years to have happen and it will happen this year. >> reporter: you have a speech prepared for kid today. >> it is a speech but it will come from the heart because i'm here because of them. i'm doing what i'm to go because of them. >> reporter: thanks for letting us in this morning. we will be back at 6:00 to talk to a couple of teachers, maybe some students will be filing earlier then 7:30 bell. right, 7:30 bell. >> 8:00 o'clock. >> really early, jim. we will go back to you in the
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studio. >> kids are sleeping in. >> thanks, patrick. >> "eyewitness news" has an on line resource with ideas to help little ones get back to school. just visit cbs still ahead katie is watching a warm up, she will tell you which day we could see near rorrer warmth. also a new jersey candidate drops out of the race all centered around social media post. see messages he is accused of sending and plus what happens which "eyewitness news" knocks on his door. they had a cute nickname and all but now taylor swift will have a blank space next to her, tea tails of the latest, break up, meisha just waiting to hear this one coming up
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i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit it looks like pop star taylor swift, is shaking off another break up. >> yes. >> people magazine says swift and her actor boyfriend tomorrow huddles son has called it quits they dated three months. split is reportly on good terms, u.s. weekly says public fascination, with them may have been part of the problem. i never even heard that before. before they dated swift had a very public fall out the with calvin harris. yes, in this case it is not quite a break up but oprah wants the world to know she's not harried. she tweeted this, saying people who know me well have
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called me congratulating me and were surprised they weren't invited to my wedding. it is not true she instead man graham are still very much in love. >> i had not received an invitation. >> you will say because that is what we talk about no, we don't want to get married. we have been together forever. i'm okay, if it is no the broke, don't fix it. >> they are happy i'm glad she said that. >> poor taylor, we will to have take her out to lunch. >> three month long relationship. >> they were an adorable couple. >> hoff it along here. >> yes, they are a durable. >> they were. they were. >> all right. let's go outside, weather is cooperating for now. we will see a chance of showers and thunderstorms moving along in the forecast. this is live neighborhood network shot at mid 07's,
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pretty mod is breeze, none at all at this particular observation site at palmyra cove nature park where the cloud are being reflect off of that light from the city sky line. that is not the light of the day. it is just a reflection from the city sky line. we will see that sun come up. it promises to be a nice sunrise. turning to the eyewitness weather watchers they are recording mild air. temperatures in the lower 07's in most locations, out liars in the 60's here. we will keep our focus aimed in toward the city of philadelphia where lynn is reporting a couple cloud in cherry hill at 37 degrees. the -- owe 73 degrees. her dew .65. that is pen much mark where it begins to steel steamy. we will go to 72 degrees in dave bradley reporting just a couple clouds in essington. and he says stickiness is starting to come back. you do notice it when you walk out the door. i wouldn't call it oppressive just yet, but it is definitely
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steamier. the lets get take a look at the maps and what is going on, yes, it is still out there. this is what is left of hermine thankfully no longer a post tropical cyclone losing its strength. but off to the west here we will see those bubbling up on the showers, across central and western pennsylvania, that is a sign of things to come. we are stuck in the holding pattern right now but there is a front that will be crossing through. here it is bringing in potential for severe wet's cross the united states and eventually it crosses our area and you really do not help to cool things off but brings about a pattern change. we will flirt with record territory in the next couple days. we expect to tie that record tomorrow, in fact, and this is a long standing record that goes back to 1884, so we will see how we do. i know, very long standing. i'm advising meisha. even by sat take we will do harmless flirtation with record. to see 90's this time of the year is not unheard of but rare for three day stretch. there will be chance for
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couple showers and thunderstorms, later tonight, early tomorrow and possibly even on try. something we have to keep an eye on here but very hot, steamy conditions and wye the time we hit weekend there is potential for showers and storms by night fall as next trent crosses through. that has got more cool air, that will knock us back down to the 80's where we should be for eagles game day and next week. >> i swear, katie that just shocks he about that record. >> what? >> 1800's, what a long time what toy know? what do i do know? water main break. we are looking at video of the water main break in oxford circumstance until northeast philadelphia, knor street at somerdale avenue. that road is closed. i will head back out here you have to use an alternate around this. you can see they have the water tapped, however, the roads are very, very wet. alternate is castor avenue. you can see it is roped off. crews are not actively out there they are coming back at eight or 8:30. so right new just maneuver around it as they have it
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roped off. 422 headlights moving in the eastbound direction this is past oaks, you can see just a string of vehicles cannot to mention our beautiful sky, it is just starting to light up a bit. gorgeous. ninety-five south at the cottman. coming around that s curve heating up, seeing brake lights but still good at 55 miles an hour. accident clear ben franklin parkway at old york road, good news for those in and around that area and also lets see if i can move this, help me out there, down tree in villanova montgomery avenue is block at stone ridge lane use an alternate old gel rose or county line road is your best bet as that down tree is still out there, jim, over to you. a tax on -- attacks on social media has a battle on local township committee seat making headlines this week. republican is accused on telling a national reporter he hopes she's rape. as jessica dean reports, now that the controversy has forced the west department for candidate to withdraw from the
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race. >> reporter: facebook post came from the account of the west deptford republican mike krawitz, responses to a story posted by the daily beast reporter olivia newscy, blank you, olivia, i hope somebody rapes you today read one. in another post, hope you get roped by a syrian refugee. when confronted about the post krawitz claimed his account was hack. by tuesday afternoon at urging of the the west deptford g.o.p. he dropped out of the race, via this handwritten note. in a statement, west deptford g.o.p. says it was originally led to believe krawitz account had been hack but after party leadership reviewed the facts the statement read we cannot find any reasonable reason to believe mr. krawitz act was hacked in anyway. party went on to call the comments completely unacceptable of anyone representing our party n a piece published in the daily beast tuesday, newscy says krawitz had been trolling her
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for years writing on my page since december of 2014, he diligently commented on the majority of the post was a curiously distinct gram tore convey increasingly angry sentiment, "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden stopped by krawitz home on tuesday. >> we are trying to get his side of the story, ham. >> he is not here and we have no comment. >> jessica dean, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". yesterday we told thaw giant pandas are off the endanger list. guess what we have another group off the list too we will tell you about it coming up
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5:55. more an has are being taken off endangered species list. this is good to hear. now nine kind of hump back whales are off the list. their numbers have grown since a global ban on commercial whaling began nearly 50 years ago. giant pandas were also taken off the endangered species list this week. federal officials say most hump back whales are at a point where they no longer need protection from the endangered species act. good to hear. happening today young giraffe will make her debut
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publicly at the zoo in knoxville tennessee. one year-old francis arrived this week from minnesota in a special, 4-foot tall trailer. meisha's ears just perked up there. made for hauling giraffes. i didn't know there was a special trailer for giraffe hauling. francis is 10 feet tall, ways 740-pound. once she gets older she's expect to mate with one of the male giraffes at the zoo. >> good luck to them. coming up in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news", top songs of the summer, can you guess which tunes made the list. we will tell you where in new jersey students are returning to school, with led in the water, plus this... hillary clinton and donald trump are gearing up for a veterans forum appearing back to back on the same stage while tackling a national security. i'm hena daniels in new york with the latest on campaign 2016 com katie: on crime, pat toomey's attacks on me are shameful. he's making it up. of course, anyone who commits a violent crime needs to be prosecuted -- and put behind bars.
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narrator: katie mcginty will keep us safe -- more police on the streets, better training and equipment, and take on the gun lobby for gun safety laws. katie: i'm the daughter of a police officer, and the mother of three. i'll stand with law enforcement to fight crime, and protect our families. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message.
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♪ ♪ well, developing right now, a community rally with toys save its police tenth. we are live with the decision hade overnight. itt technical institute abruptly announced it is shutting down all of the nationwide campuses making it one of the largest closures this u.s. history, find out how the college is now trying to help students they have
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left high and try. need more proof pennsylvania is a battle ground state? donald trump is back in philadelphia where he will be campaigning, and hillary clinton will be joining him elsewhere tonight. it is wednesday, september m jim donovan. brooke's off today but meisha is here looking at the roads. katie is here with the weather. katie, things are looking good on the roadway. they are heating up but overall for how many vehicles are out there already, we are looking okay. >> please don't jokes it. >> yes, we will knock on whatever we have in front of us. but weather is cooperating for now. generally we are looking at quiet weather today. there will be a series of frontal boundaries in the days ahead, heating up, it is starting to get hot in the next couple of days. lets turn our focus to the fact that, if you need any other proof the fact that the sunrise continues to get later and later and that the sun continues to set


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