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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  September 8, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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a network news anchor's alcoholic confessions. elizabeth vargas opens up about rehabs, blackouts, and the moment with her young child that will haunt her forever. >> i don't know if i will ever forgive myself. >> then, a fashion show disaster, models fainting, boots breaking, what was kanye thinking? plus, an et first look, is ben affleck's movie a must-see ? >> and then, we're inside marie mccormack's big event. and elizabeth vargas, one of
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the biggest names in tv news but it's her past struggle with alcohol that has made headlines now. >> indeed, she is opening up about her battle with the bottle that nearly cost her her marriage and her life. >> there are days you wake up where you feel so horrible that the only thing that will make you feel better is more alcohol. and that's when you're in the death spin. >> she has covered some of the biggest stories of our time. but off camera, elizabeth varggs had a kind of double life. the mother of two suffered from crippling anxiety and alcoholism. >> i remember anchoring the news, you will see me, i gripped the desk with my right hand, a and then in my left hand, i'm
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taking my engagement ring and digging into my thumb. >> elizabeth, who says she is sober for two years, opens up about it all in her new memoir. she's also sitting down with diane sawyer's "20/20." >> we really only have today. >> elizabeth suffered blackouts and went to rehab four times, but she says it was a moment during a vacation with her son that still haunts her. >> i was drinking and sleeping. and i do vividly remember, like, one afternoon sam standing by my head in the bed saying, mommy, when are you going to get up? and i remember i could smell the sunscreen and i could feel the heat from his little body. because he had just come in from the beach. and you know, i would die for my children, diane. but i couldn't stop drinking for my children. i don't know if i will ever forgive myself for hurting them
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with my drinking ever. >> that is so heartbreaking, and so is this, elizabeth says she hit rock bottom on the day of her son's 8th birthday. she got drunk and was taken away to a detox center. >> the great news is, her career is stronger. the same cannot be said for ryan lochte, he is hoping that a run on "dancing with the stars" will rehab his image because today he just took another hit. >> when did you hear the news? when you were on the plan, before? okay. >> that's ryan with his attendance partner arriving at l.a.x. last night after he learned that the two u.s. sanctioned bodies had banned him from swimming for ten months. >> do you think that is too hot? >> no comment. >> in addition, ryan forfeits $100,000 in bonus money from winning the gold medal, which is on top of the estimated 1 million he's already lost in sponsorships from the likes of speedo and ralph lauren.
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of course, danning with cheryl could soften the hit, and winning could win him $345,000. >> cheryl, you're tough competition right now. >> in case you're wondering, according to ryan lochte, they were trying to book him long before the incident at the rio gas station. >> they've been asking for me to be on the show like five months now. with training and the olympics, i cooldn't take that time off. now that i'm taking a mental break and everything, i can do the show. >> good luck on the show. >> now, as part of ryan's punishment, he also got 20 hours of community service and won't be allowed to go to the white house with team usa. rough day for ryan lochte, rough day for kanye west, who kicked off the fashion week in style, just not the style he hoped for. there you see kim, kendall, and
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kylie all glam and of course decked out in yeezy from head to toe. but while they were looking chill and taking selfies, this was a hot mess of a fashion show that was crumbling all around them. first let's talk about the fainting models, 83 degree heat, many stood around waiting for the show which started an hour and a half late. kanye watching from the sidelines was clearly not pleased. he even had to help this model himself. >> it was really, really hot. some of them had to be given water. >> then there's the shoes, as in some of the models couldn't walk in them. tyga's rumored ex stumbled and heels off in frustration, and this girl wobbled in her over-the-knee black boots when her five-inch heel broke. >> a man got up and helped her through. >> but here is the deal, kim may be kanye's best advertisement, she's worn the clear plastic boots before. expected cost, over a grand. >> kanye's shows, so hot.
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>> i always feel like they're super elevated and cool. it's always nice being his creative mind to come out. >> the fashion break continues that night as kendall and kylie celebrated the launch for their fall collection. >> this is one of my favorite pieces, hence, why i'm wearing it. it's a jump suit in the front and back. >> from first-time designers, they showed how it's done indoors with air-conditioning. >> kendal's champagne and cindy crawford. the show took place in the locked air conditioning, just steps from socialite frrendly, park avenue in manhattan, a-listers, including julianne moore and others. >> what is going to happen when she sees the fashion ford show? >> alicia keys watched as models
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strutted on the runway to songs like her hit "fallen." and this was iman's first public event since the death of her husband david bowie. it's hard to see, but her necklace says "david." for an added hollywood touch, ford enlisted the man known for directing the grammys and emmys to orchestrate a live event of the show. cameras panned to the famous faces in the crowd for reaction. we see you, uma thurman. this out, that is mya hawk, her daughter with evan hawk. >> she is a very chic, gorgeous girl. so you agree that every girl loves a little bad boy? >> to a point, yeah. >> okay, to a point, ben affleck is giving us serious swagger in his new movie.
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>> ben in full boston accent plays the son of a cop gone to the dark side. >> i went away a soldier, i came home an outlaw. >> my father says there once was a good man in you. >> i want to be a gangster. i stopped kissing rings a long ago. >> he became a rum runner in florida. >> you don't think i'm strong enough? >> i don't know if you're cruel enough. >> making life more dangerous are the two women he is involvee with, zoe saldana and sienna miller. >> we do want to go where we want to go. >> sienna also happens to be the mistress of another gangster. >> you spend your life hoping somebody will punish you foo your sins. here i am. >> in this drama directed by affleck, his character seems caught up in a world he can't
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ccntrol. >> i realize to be free in this life, breaking the rules meant nothing. you had to be strong enough to make your own. >> that looks wwld. >> that looks like my kind of movie. >> ben also wrote the screen play for live by night. and if you remember he won his first oscar for co-writing good will hunting with matt damon. and oprah giving us her personal makeup tips, her secrets to looking flawless. >> very natural. plus, kerry washington baby talk. the hilarious way she's hiding her bump on the set of "scandal." >> are you having -- we're hoping for a human. >> and stephen colbert did a
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hello, mama, yeah, the baby rumors are true. a source tells us that natalie portman is expecting her second child. you can see she is blooming there. so cute. meanwhile, kerry washington is talking about her second baby, arriving very soon. >> you're dancing for two, aren't you? are you having -- >> a human. we hope for a human. >> well, boy or girl, it's going to be a beautiful human. kerry dropped in on "ellen" for a surprise visit and some baby talk. >> so what are their names? >> i can't tell you. >> no? can i guess? >> sure. >> ellen? >> a very pregnant kerry is hard at work on "scandal" but she has to hide her growing baby belling. >> how are you oing that? >> big coats, big bags, hiding behind different body parts of other actors. next up, oprah sharing her tips on getting glamorous. >> never use just one color lipstick, you're not going to
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get a lip that looks this full and rich with just one color. >> it's all on the issue of "o" magazine, contouring. >> you want your base color to be one color, and then your contour color to e a shade to a shade and a half, maybe two shades darker. >> and finally, it's good to be married to magic johnson. check out cookie johnson's newest bobble. a 30-carat diamond ring designed by magic himself and the people at 14-carat jewelers. the basketball hall of famer surprised his wife of 25 years with a whirlwind anniversary celebration, and we've ott exclusive details. first, he secretly flew 100 of their closest friends to monaco for one party and then over to st. tropez for another epic bash. an aerialist dropped down from the ceiling to deliver the ring. up next, cannes. magic footing the bill for it
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all and tells us cookie deserves it. >> we were all over social media having a great time. >> you know, i saw magic in a jewelry store not long ago, he was getting something for cookie, i don't know if it was a ring, but he was getting her a nice gift. that was nice, magic. still ahead, katy perry on the one thing she hates about dating orlando bloom. plus, taylor and tom step outtafter their split. we have tom's new message. >> inside brady bunch's star, maureen mccormick. >> close captioning provided by.
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now, dating woes from katy perry. seems like her man, orlando bloom, is geographically undesirable. when i asked what is the down side, she said quote, my boyfriend lives in malibu, and getting used to that drive it was like are you kidding me? what kind of life is this. definitely a los angeles problem, but hey, that sounds like a pretty good excuse to move in together. >> for everybody who doesn't live in los angeles, yeah, driving to malibu, that is far and that's love. while katy and orlando are going strong, katy's bad blood rival with tayyor swift is single
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again after splitting with tom hiddleston. two of the paparazzi questions, the mean, the jabs. >> that is right, hidelswift called it the split. >> the aftermath only just started. last night taylor tried to forget her trouble while out to dinner with louis aldrich, meanwhile, tom hung with his mates at a cafe on australia's gold coast, just as the breakup backlash boiled over. >> late night had a field day, with the attempted moment of silence. >> i'm going to give everybody a moment. >> to colbert unplugged, writing a new break-up song for her. ♪ my heart is on the floor i've got bad blood with amour ♪
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>> tom can probably laugh along with them. he just posted this, explaining how comedy has healed him in the past. >> i was a bit heavy of heart and i would listen to comedy shows on the radio. >> yeah, because sometimes you just have to laugh to keep from crying. if taalor does want closure with another breakup tune, her cup runneth over with two exes to choose from. remember, she called it quits with calvin arrest in june. >> i mean, hearing that song warms my heart, the house is just down the street from our studio, but these days maureen mccormick, who played marsha, has a new address, the ballroom of "dancing with the stars." maureen just turned 60 last month, she looks great. >> you look so youthful, you have a great glow. >> i have had weight issues in the past, struggled with food,
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done all the things that a lot of us women do. i'm gluten-free, and that like took off weight like immediately. >> maureen still looks a lot like the tv icon millions grew up with. >> i've got to call jennifer. >> when fans see you on the street, what is the one thing they usually say to you? >> marsha, marsha, marsha! >> i hear such sweet things. they feel like i'm part of the family, they grew up with me. >> pretty much everybody has a brady bunch memory, but maureen's 34-year-old partner, ardem, is from russia. >> i'm happy to -- i'm looking forward to because on week two we'll do something with the brady bunch. >> hey, you guys. >> wonder if that famous football gag will make it in. dancing in public is actually one of maureen's biggest fears but she got advice from her tv
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mom, florence henderson, who competed on the show when she was 76. >> she was like no, you have to do "dancing with the stars." i was like, florence, you were amazing, but i'm scared to death of dancing. iidon't think i could do it. she's like, yes, you can, you should do it, go for it. so here i am. >> it will be interesting to see if maureen gets the brady bunch bounce with the voters. all right. let's keep moving. there's going to be a lot of focus in the coming days on the murder of jon benet ramsey. we're going to focus on a series on cbs. it goes further than any other show to find answers. >> we want to get the truth out so that jon benet can rest in peace. >> explain to me what is going on, okay? >> there is -- our daughter is gone. >> let me address very directty i did not kill my daughter, jon benet. >> god knows who you are and he will find you.
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>> who killed jon benet? a new series examines the cold case in seveeal remarkable ways. first, the team built a full-scale replica of the ramsey house. >> we took a 70,000-square-foot warehouse in boulder, colorado. we got the original plans to the house, crime scene photos, vidography of the house, and we built it from scratch. >> because we built the place, we could test theories. >> also of interest, the alleged entry point into the house, a small window barely visible from the outside. z >> it's restricted. it won't open all the way, which gives you very little bit of room to get in through here. this is the location where the letter was found, the ransom letter. it's at the bottom of the stairs that lead right unto the outside of jon benet's room. it's six to ten times as long as the average ransom note. >> that ransom note is another focus of the investigation. the team actually timmd out how long it would take just to
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physically write the letter. >> 21 minutes. >> just mechanically, it took 21 and a half minutes. just to write this thing. if it were original text it would have taken so much longer. >> i think we can all agree this letter is clearly staged. >> all that analysis is part of the investigation with new experts. >> independent investigators all reached the same conclusion. they're pretty certain they know what happened that night and i think when viewers hear the evidence laid out from beginning to end they will agree there is really only one way it could have gone down. >> this is so fascinating. the case will air two hours a night for three niihts starting on the 18th. >> we'll be right back.
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pat toomey. he's helping big oil polluters and millionaires. not the rest of us. lcv victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising. movie. it's all at the countdown of on, the new seasoo of "entertainment tonight" launches next week. >> everybody's excited. we're going to show you why. >> take care. next week on "e.t." -- >> i seen you somewhere before. i've seen this guy somewhere before. i can't remember where. >> big stars, big exclusives. >> i'm the first one that's telling you? >> big set visits you can only see here. >> action! >> we're first behind the scenes as travolta transforms into mob
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boss john gotti, hitting the dance floor with his real life wife kelly preston. >> we started that way. >> plus, a look at the set of michael weatherly's new show, where anything can happen. >> we've been waiting for you. >> then michael strahan's life after kelly. a rare interview with justin timberlake. and is kevin hart putting his comedy career on hold to rap? ♪ don't miss it all next week -- >> on "e
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"the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> people, they don't have to agree with my opinions. and i just gave my opinion in new york. >> number one, kanye's fashion show faceoff with tom ford. >> kanye could have definitely had a better presentation.
7:30 pm
>> is this a case of glam versus sham? then, justin bieber shows off his l.a. lake home. >> first try. >> the six things we learned about the biebs. >> and number three, "vanity fair's" international best dressed ris goes -- list goes gaga. the shock, the snubs, and the dame proving that age is only a number. >> she's sexy, glamorous. >> plus our insider bonus, into the wild with bear grylls. >> here we go. >> all you know is you could possibly die. >> mel b opening up for the first time on her rocky relationship with eddie murphy. >> that must have been an interesting relationship. >> yeah, to say the least. >> now, hollywood from the inside out, it's "the insider" together with yahoo. hollywood's biggest


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