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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 9, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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brooke today. the philadelphia archdiocesan schools as well as camden schools will be dismissing early today. finds complete list of school closings on the website >> now, katie, meisha, are keeping an eye on things again for you today. morning. >> we sure are. >> delaware jinxed again? >> ninety-five, i know. it is crazy. you guys, if you are just waking up with us, yep, another accident, closing all lanes now looks one, two, switching up. we'll get to it in just a moment. no relief this week in the world of travel. >> not when it comes to the weather either. so, yes, you know, it will be one of those days, the kids are barely back, already getting dismissed early because of the weather. in september you see this, though, one of those months, rather, that tends to have some extremes with it, because it is a transitional month. trying it to get out of the throws of sum near little bit more of refreshing pattern, that will eventually come, but not going to happen until through the second half of the weekend.
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at this point, storm scan has been active, couple of showers here and there, dotting the area radar. no thunderstorms, all just very light rain, drizzle, i was flicking windshield wipers myself driving into the station this morning, but looks as though really any time today you could see that fire up even across west central pennsylvania still finding couple of showers currently. heat advisory though, this has since been extends today include most of today, still in effect for majority of the area. all of the state of delaware, all of southeastern pennsylvania, and good portion every west central new jersey included here. so basically urban corridors, find the worse of the heat and off to the south. currently temperatures low 80s up and down i-95. it is 82 in philly, and the sun is long from coming up yet. so off to very, very warm start. err go, no problem, guys, spiking to 93, here's my advice, tack 10 degrees onto that, that's how it will feel at the height of the day. pretty toasty stuff, meisha. >> specially the kids out at recess, thank you so much, katie. looking outside, guys, what we were talking about up at the desk when jim brought up this.
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ninety-five southbound before delaware state line, yikes, another accident here, what you have is an overturned vehicle and box truck, both of them, the good news is no serious injuries, but how is so this going to affect your commute? southbound side intermittent closures, all lanes blocked at one point, now looks like one lane now open. just moment ago two lanes were open. northbound side all lanes blocked there, as well. this is most certainly going to slow you down little bit. where you really have to take your chances, is you don't know whether you get to up this, if there is going to be more lane closures. i would just advise if you can't stay away from the area right now at least give yourself a couple of extra minute, again, though, the good news is no serious injuries here. vine, closed for the construction both moving in the westbound and eastbound side. all clear, all open, construction and 95 delaware sound bound between route 58 and delaware service areas, three lanes block until around 5:30 in the morning, guess what, fun stuff to talk about
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coming up in a little bit. jim, over to you. >> thanks so much, meisha. new this morning, three people are shot while riding their bikes in philadelphia's hunting park section. it happened near fifth and erie. police tell us, 17 year old boy was shot in the back. and 18 year old friend was shot in the leg. a 44 year old man was also shot in the back, all in stable condition. >> meanwhile, wild chase that began in kensington and ends with a police ramming ago stolen suv. >> and a female driver currently under arrest this morning. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo is live at police headquarters to tell us how this chase even started. jan? >> natasha, jim, we know it started with a stolen vehicle going one way down wrong way street. how it ended is with a woman who was lucky she didn't kill herself and other police officers last night during that chase. she was able to walk away from the scene, and into police custody with only an injured hand. but there were certainly some frightening months. take a listen. >> shot back. he tried to run my partner
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down. and he was going the wrong way on e street, southbound on e street. >> you can hear the concern over police radio last night, we know the woman was in her 30's, this started last night at kensington, e and clearfield streets. police were wrapping up a traffic stop, spot add woman in suv traveling the wrong way down clearfield, that's one way street. one of the officers got out of the car. police say the suv kept coming at police. so the officer fired once, shattering the windshield, but even that didn't stop this driver. we're told she kept going, now the wrong way on e street, another one way street. but after a 2-mile chase, police eventually caught up to the suspect in port richmond. this was the scene overnight at ann and richmond streets there. the suspect's suv on two wheels, and pinned by philly police cruiser. police say the woman was arrested and taken to temple for treatment of the injured hand. they say she was driving a vehicle reported stolen just
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yesterday. >> we know the vehicle was stolen. so that's at least one reason that we know. don't know if she was in another status, but we know this vehicle was stolen, so we know for sure that that's at least one of the reasons why she he will leud dollars police. >> now, police say everyone that suspect, the police officer, even folks in the neighborhood, they're all lucky that no one was more seriously injured last night. meantime, police have not released too much information about the woman, the suspect, who was arrested. they only say they took her to temple university for treatment of that injured hand. right now unclear if that hand was hit by gunfire or injured in the accident. we are expecting more information from police, a little later this morning, reporting live, outside police headquarters, this morning, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> busy morning, thanks, jan. l- also, following breaking news this morning in north korea the white house is assessing whether north korea conducted it fifth and largest nuclear test. development comes just after the us gee logical survey
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recorded 5.3 mag ties seismic event near the north nuclear site this morning. president obama just finished his trip. warned of sanctions over its nuclear program. president obama will be campaigning for hillary clinton tuesday afternoon at eakin's oval. >> pennsylvania of course battleground state. latest quinnipiac university poll has leading donald trump 48% to 43%. clinton held her first formal press conference in 278 days yesterday. she criticized trump for his praise of russia's president. trump meanwhile is standing by his remarks, and calls clinton, quote, trigger happy, for voting to go to washing in eye -- to war in iran. >> what would you do you if were elected about an aleppo. >> and what is a leppo. >> you're kidding? >> no. >> meanwhile libertarian gary
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johnson said he blanked on that question yesterday morning, a leppo is battlegrounds city in the syrian civil war. johnson says running made, governor bill wells, came to his defense. >> i didn't think it was that bad, it look to me almost like a got you moment. are you kidding. as opposed to a leppo in syria. no, i think probably eight a % of the people in the country couldn't know what, put a leppo on a map. >> now 59 days from election 2016. >> and, health officials announce the first case of sexually transmitted zika virus in pennsylvania. the department of health says the patient had sex with their partner who had recently traveled to an area where zika transmission is occurring. officials are recommending residents who have traveled to zika affected areas to practice safe sex. zika is a mosquito born illness that has been linked
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to birth defect including microcephaly, which causes newborns to be born with smaller than normal heads. >> although happening today the final public tours of the brand new philadelphia mormon temple, the 19 story temple will soon be the home for our area's 40,000 mormon. it is on vine st. between 17th and 18th street. and it is open from 8:00 this morning until 8:00 tonight. after that only members of the church will be allowed inside. >> i took the to up, did you? >> i didn't get to, no. >> you have to get in there. >> well, still ahead a new jersey university tests the 52nd rule. plus how the eagles are getting fans ready for sunday's big games, right here, on cbs-3. >> also straight ahead, learning some preliminary details of the investigation into what went wrong on the world's largest water slide. it is an accident that left a young boy dead. >> and a little later, rescued from the rubble. what was found alive and in the rubble more than two weeks
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after italy's deadly earthquake. >> ♪ >> ♪ everybody's working for the weekend ♪ >> and there is a live look inside our cbs-3 control room where we're working for the weekend. hello laura, charlie, vince, mico. it is friday. stay with us. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> zip line course where a woman died in delaware three weeks ago will reopen today. the opening of the go april aerial rope adventure course at state park follows a state safety inspection. go april says the report found the course met industry standards, and all safety equipment is in good working order. fifty-nine year old tina werner every kent county was killed when she fell about 35 feet off a platform. >> now team of independent investigators are examining the world's largest water slide where a young boy died last month. preliminary report reveal a lack of government oversight and inspections on the ride may not have been up-to-date. ten year old kayla sidewalk died riding a raft on the wad err slight. reports reveal he died after neck injury. two women riding in the raft with caleb were also injured. >> nasa's bold mission to brink pieces of asteroid down to earth has taken flight.
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osiris rec spacecraft lifted off from cape canaveral yesterday. will take 23 months to arrive at this asteroid, expected to lands on it and take some samples. >> moving at a glacial pace. >> exactly. >> let's check in with -- unfortunately, not glacial worthy. >> not at all. not even close. it will feel more like we're in the throws of summer here, the worse of it, with these temperatures into the mid 90s, today, but you'll have to go with feels like values, as we take you out to the live neighborhood network outside palmyra cove nature park, expecting these temperatures will start to spike pretty readily here throughout the course of the day. it is 80 degrees right now out in live neighborhood network. cloudy beginning to the day, had couple of showers moving through this area, as well, modest breeze out of the west southwest, with that southwest wind noll, starting to see the moisture and heat build up in
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the atmospherement it is unsettled. do have frontal boundery trying to cross through, really any time fair game to see shower perhaps rumble of thunder. very light rain showers over our area the last few hours, once this front gets through, high pressure is going to settle back in. we end up with some very, very nice weather. looking forward in the seven day. now, these are the values i want you to go by, giles. take the air temperature for what it is. definitely very hot. but you'll have to tack about 10 degrees on today, at any given point, for feels-like. it will feel as hot at 103. that's brutal stuff. specially with the kids going to schools that may not have air-conditioning, i get it, why a lot of these schools may be dismissing early here today. feeling as hot as 100 tomorrow. some know much relief there. but come sunday, 87 is going to be nice little breath of fresh air. now, as we take a look at the eyewitness weather seven day, in the 90s technically today, doing very very serious flirtation with a record in fact, high of 93, watch for shower, thunderstorm today, maybe tomorrow night, and then come sunday, again, starting
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to cool things back down to much more typical levels, here, the sun will shine, monday is my personal favorite. it looks awesome. lower humidity, starting sunday, it just feels so much better, meisha? >> look at that, hard to imagine that it will go all the way, 78 there, thanks so much, katie. okay, you guys. soap, what, if you are just waking up with us, what we are looking at is accident overturned box truck and vehicle, one person was trapped inside. the good news, about this accident, no serious injuries. but, it is 95 south before delaware state line, intermittent lane closures southbound side and on the northbound side. so northbound side looks like one maybe two lanes, now, will getting by. southbound side still looks like one lane. for awhile there, all lanes were blocked, both moving in the southbound side and on the northbound side. so you're kind of rolling the dice here, when you pull up to this, you will leave your homes now, and head this direction, i cannot promise you that the lanes will be open by the time you get there. like i said, we haven't seen intermittent lane closures both sides, no relief on
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interstate 95, this week, i swear, we've had something every single day starting on tuesday. schuylkill, tail light moving in the eastbound direction, this is past montgomery, looking good, there both moving in the eastbound and westbound sides looking good on the schuylkill. looking pretty typical. jim, natasha, over to you. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> speaking of four, five seconds, remember the 52nd rule? you know it, the one that says that you can eat food that fell on the floor as long as it has been less than five seconds. i'm very familiar with that. >> yes, i am, too, actually. but is that true, jim? new jersey university set out to get to the bottom of this finally, cbs news correspondent hena daniels live in new york with their findings. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natasha, good morning, jim. happy friday, guys. okay, i have some bad news for those of house have been adhering to this rule for most of our lives. according to rutgers
5:17 am
university, it is not a good idea to pick up and eat anything you have dropped on the floor. even if it is for, well, just five seconds. researchers at rutgers conduct add study in a very systematic way. first they coated four surfaces, stainless steel ceramic tile, wood, and carpet, with micro organisms. similar to salmonella. then they used four different types every foods with different consistencies. watermellon, bread, bread and butter, and gummy candy. okay, this is where it gets interesting. they dropped the food and left it lying on the floor for varying times, less than a second, five seconds, 30 seconds, and ultimately, 300 seconds, which is five minute. here's what they found. while bacteria contamination does increase over time, the transfer of bacteria from the floor through your food happened inch stand stain justly. they also found that some foods pick up bacteria faster than others. now there is surprised me,
5:18 am
guys. watermellon was contaminated the most while gummy candy had the least amount of contamination. also, carpet had very low transfer rate of contamination, compared to tile, and stainless steel. >> i'm going to still stick with my practices, but thank you, hena for that information. >> thank you. now for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> well on the front page of the mercury, some serious news, chester county authorities say they have a cause every death for woman whose body was found on memorial day. the d.a. says they couldn't disclose it for fears of jeopardizing their investigation. the body of 24 year old ryan steven benjamin was found tied to a cynder block, in a east coventry pond. and, in the trentonian, freeholders in mercer county approve raises despite ongoing corruption investigation. four freeholders of the seven member board voted thursday, to dole out 2% raises, to mercer county executive ryan hughes, and some of his
5:19 am
directors, retroactive to the start of this year. >> and on the cover of the delaware county times, had a a's marking its tenth anniversary zero in chester, the harrah's chester sign and racetrack opened its first racing season, harrah's hit a peak in 2011, when it was producing $13.8 million for the city in hoses and community feast. >> and that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from all around the delaware valley. >> stay with us, everyone, still ahead this morning, are you ready for the football? i am. >> patrick is here with sport. >> good morning, guys. last night the nfl season kick off with superbowl rematch, you can get past the broncos, and we'll get you ready for eagles-browns on sunday. that's next in
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>> good morning, i love the music. thank you so much for waking up with us here on "eyewitness news". >> well, patrick is here with sports, and football is back. >> not a moment too soon. right? is everyone ready? ready to rock the nfl season is a celebration, and the eagles kick off what they hope is a season long party, last night, with fans, at xfinity live in south philly. it was the annual countdown to kick offer. eagles cheerleaders, players, cheerleaders spent time with the birds fateful. while many see this as a season of rebuilding, under first year coach doug pederson, optimism is high, and excitementment renewed. with carson wentz making his first start on sunday. before the fun, there was more work to do as they readied for the season opener. offensively it will be all about carson went, and his
5:24 am
performance in game one of his eagles key car o de ends i havely they have to stop rgiii and cleveland team that according to vaguest has the longest shot at a superbowl at a 200 to one odds. >> look at this, meisha and tori hanging out, they, too, are getting ready for the eagles season, they'll be tailgating with the fans, tori, meisha, will be at the wip tailgate zone for every home game. so guys, girls, you can have your very own coffee date with our own meisha. >> oh, that's a problem. >> and it is almost here. right here on cbs-3. on sunday, 11:30 a.m. toyota sunday kickoff at noon, the ffl today at 1:00. the browns and the eagles, and then after the game it is the cure auto insurance postgame show. the nfl kick off it 2016 season with a rematch of last year's superbowl and it went
5:25 am
down to the wire. cam newton battered all night by the broncos d, although he did run and throw for a score. but it was payton manning successor, trevor, who held bring denver back from ten-point deficitment panthers with chance to win, the gram, misses field goal, with just 42nd left, the broncos win game one. one thing about allen iverson you can't deny, that's how real he has been and will always be. vintage ai showed to up his own hall of fame induction 90 minutes late. ai missed the press conference with other great like shack, because of travel problems. he did make it in time for a dinner later in the day. and true to form, broke down in tears, as he recalled his favorite memories, from parts of 12 seasons in philadelphia, he will officially enter the hall tomorrow night, and i tell you what, guys, i've got these socks right here, these are the ai socks. i don't know if you can see them there. working on my yoga, too.
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the ai socks right there, he made these himself. also got another sock out that's hall every fame sock. so they're pretty sweet. >> i like them. >> yes, i like them, too. >> i don't have to stretch for the rest of the day either. >> and that yoga pose. >> well, thank you, patrick. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", the faa has a warning for passengers about their cell phones. we'll have a live report from wall street. >> also, straight ahead for up, a surprising breach of security. customers at one of the nation's largest banks out of millions of dollars. we will have more on the controversy rolling around wells fargo bank. also, this. >> i'm kevin frazier, coming up: tom hanks stars in real life story of captain chestily sullenberger and the miracle on the hudson. >> guys, center city skyline actually lit up in green in anticipation of the eagles, parts of the area actually lit up in green as well on the radar. wet weather to track.
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we will de that and the blistering heat coming up. >> first, we've got to get to work. meisha is watching the roads for us, that and more, when we come back. stay with
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>> good morning, everyone, get ready. we're in for yet another day of highs in the 90's, and near record heat today. schools across the area are closing early, some are, and we are under a heat advisory at this point. >> so thank you so much for starting your day with us, i'm natasha brunn in for brooke today. >> i'm jim donovan. katie and meisha will be along. first, here's what you need to know to start your morning minute. >> police are investigating a triple shooting in philadelphia's hunting park section. three victims were riding their bikes near fifth and erie when the shot rang out. >> while police chase ends with a crash in philadelphia's port richmond section. >> police tell us this lady is lucky she didn't kill herself and other police officers last night. as she took them on a chase, a 2-mile chase, in a stolen car. >> overnight north korea says it conducted it fifth nuclear test, president obama says any provocative actions by north


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