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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  September 10, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EDT

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right now at 11:00, turn off the phone. the government sends an urgent message to all owners of the samsung note 7. >> allen iverson inducted to the basketball hall of fame, his emotional speech and his message to the fans. >> but first an amazing comeback. officer christopher dorman was injured in the line of duty.
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he's once again ready to protect and serve. i'm yukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. back in june the police officer defied the odds when he survived being shot multiple times. >> greg argos was there when the officer returned to work tonight. greg? >> reporter: and yukee, jessica, good evening. it is an incredible story, just two and a half months ago christopher dorman was shot seven times. tonight he is back on the streets in his patrol vehicle doing exactly what he loves. 26-year-old police officer christopher dorman is doing what each of the 21 officers of the department do each and every day. gearing up, ready for work, and patrolling the streets of the town he cherishes. >> i had a great time growing up here and the cops when i was growing up always made sure i was safe and nothing happened. i want to give back and make sure nothing happens. >> reporter: what makes him different is what happened to him just two and a half months
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ago. june 24th responding to a routine call for possible drug activity, investigators say dante island ambushed the officer, shooting him seven times including once in the face. >> you never had a chance for the emotions to set in. from day one the horrible news and you're going away to the hospital and before that's sinking in, you find out he's going to be okay. then he's released. then it's 100% recovery. it's just hard to believe. and here we are two and a half months later he's going back to work. >> i'm not good sitting around. >> reporter: the officer says he's not worried one bit about getting back to the job he loves and back to his folcroft police family. >> no supportage of support here. they're my brothers and sisters. >> reporter: as you heard, officer dorman was shot seven times, three of those bullets hit his bullet-resistant vest likely saved his life.
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that vest is now being used as evidence so tonight officer dorman is wearing a temporary vest until a custom-fit one is made for him. i'm greg argos, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> a barricade situation in west philadelphia ends with a suspect shot. police were called around 4:30. a woman was shot in the arm, possibly in a domestic dispute. police say a suspect ended up barricading himself inside the home and fired at police who returned fire. that suspect was shot, but by who remains unclear. a neighbor witnessed some of the chaos. >> i've seen the aftermath. i seen the s.w.a.t. come down, i seen them take him out of the house, that was crazy, on the stretcher. put him in the ambulance. >> both the woman and the suspect are hospitalized tonight. it's believed their injuries are not life threatening. >> police in maple shade
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burlington county tonight are searching for suspects wanted in robberies. the robberies happened last month and this month. in all four, the suspect works his way into the house and then moves about quickly, often asking for a drink. three of the victims were over the age of 80. if you have any information, please contact maple shade police. an urgent warning tonight from the government. everyone who owns a galaxy note 7 phone should stop using it right away. >> nicole brewer joins us with more. >> so important. if you have a galaxy note 7 phone, don't use it, don't charge it, just turn it off. it could result in an explosion or a fire. >> it was very surprising to me how quick the dash caught on fire. >> reporter: nathan is one of 35 samsung customers to report
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their lithium ion batteries exploding. >> the last thought in my head is a brand new device, something as simple as a phone is going to burn down my car. >> reporter: his jup went up in flames after leaving his phone inside to charge, airlines are urging passengers to avoid charging their phones while on board. but the problem isn't just phones. lithium ion batteries have caused overheating and fires in everything from hoverboards to e-cigarettes and in 2014 boeing was forced to ground planes citing issues. a professor at carnegie mellon university. >> they're full of flammable organic solvent, if it gets hot enough, then we can have a fire. >> reporter: samsung estimates that one in 42,000 batteries
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will be affected. prompting the company to issue a voluntary recall for all 2.5 million devices as of last friday. a tech writer says the company will pay. >> samsung will ultimately recover, but i think it's obviously bad press. i think samsung is going to take a big hit with this one just because it doesn't look good. >> reporter: samsung released a statement saying they are cooperating with the recall and have stopped shipments with those devices. contact the retailer and exchange it for a different version. >> nothing to mess around with. >> today in geneva, secretary of state jen kerry and his russian counterpart have called for a syrian ceasefire to begin monday. once the ceasefire holds for seven days, the u.s. and russia will begin working on military
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coordination in an effort to target al qaeda's affiliate in syria. north korea has tested a nuclear war head and the world has responded with anger and concern. a tremor was picked up in the same location as four other tests. north korea claims it could be mounted on ballistic rockets but south korean intelligence officials say it does not appear north korea has that capability yet. sanctions have not slowed the program. >> north korea was the topic on the campaign trail today. the winner of the election will have to deal with the country. hillary clinton met with a group of national security experts in new york city today. she plans to use sanctions to further isolate north korea and she will seek help from china. >> we're also going to support and equip our allies in the region with the missile defense systems that they require to protect themselves. that is not something that either the north koreans or the
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chinese or the russians in the region are particularly pleased about, but what is the alternative. >> donald trump rallied supporters in florida tonight. the republican nominee says north korea's nuclear program grew stronger while clinton was secretary of state. he also had a warning for iran tonight. >> by the way, with iran, when they circle our beautiful destroyers with their little boats, and they make gestures at our people that they shouldn't be allowed to make, they will be shot out of the water. [ cheers ] >> this week donald trump said 88 retired generals and admirals are endorsing him. the clinton camp says her list has grown to 110 names. we are just about 59 days away until election day. keep it here on eyewitness news for continuing coverage of campaign 2016. >> well, it is a big name for beloved former sixer allen
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iverson. >> he gets enshrined in the hall of fame. den bell is here with more. >> it's a great night. it's exactly what we thought it would be. earlier today we asked ourselves when is the last time we saw allen iverson wear a suit or tie. yukee joked maybe it was on draft night in '96. you may be right. we saw the answer rock a black suit. iverson went with the ultimate crossover oo a night that celebrated his rugged individualism and his skills on the court. he was enshrined into the basketball hall of fame and he thanked the philadelphia fans for their support. >> my relationship with the fans if philadelphia is like no other. [ cheers ] thank you, and thank you all for the support over the years. you all let me grow. you all let me make my mistakes.
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never jumped off the band wagon. continued to support me like true fans are supposed to. >> chuck looking sharp! >> did you see the smile on his face. >> so authentic, so sincere. later on in sports, we're kicking off the friday night football frenzy, it's going to be good. high school highlights by the boatloads. >> bring it on. >> as we continue, it's a photo that's gaining a lot of attention on social media. >> why police in one community released a picture and why they hope everyone sees it. also ahead tonight at 11:00, this video, well, that will take your breath away. a car dangling off a parking garage. we'll tell you how the driver managed to escape. kate? >> and today was one for the record books. we broke a very old record and more heat on the way tomorrow. i'll tell you whether tomorrow will break another record and when storms will role through
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that will eventually get the heat and humidity out here. coming up in weather when we come back. >> more than a dozen dogs traveled more than a thousand miles to our area. they're in need of a home. maybe yours? that and more when we come back.
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this is something you don't see every day. a car dangling from a parking garage in austin, texas. the driver who escaped unharmed told officials he tried to pull into a parking space and just couldn't stop. the car went over the edge, got caught up in some high tension wires. the driver also told authorities a bystander helped him out of
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the car and safely back into that garage. >> an ohio police department releases a photograph that they say drives home the danger of heroin. a warning, you may find it disturbing. a man and a woman are passed out in the front seat. a young boy is sitting in the back. the driver told the officer he was taking the woman to the hospital, but then immediately passed out himself. the boy is the woman's four-year-old son. narcan was administered. both adults gained consciousness and were arrested. >> for the first time the new york police department held a procession in lower manhattan to mark the observance of the 9/11 attacks. the nypd emerald society pipes and drums band played. organizers scheduled this procession for today to avoid any conflict with sunday's
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official memorial service which marks 15 years since the twin towers came down. members of congress walked the steps today. they called for americans to unite in honoring the memory of that day. >> countless bets are in need -- pets are in need after floods in louisiana. the camden county animal shelter in south jersey welcomed 18 shelter dogs from louisiana. the dogs were brought here to make room for displaced animals in areas hardest hit by the flooding. louisiana is the farrest the camden county shelter has ever rescued dogs. >> we're in a great position as far as helping out new jersey. when they get full, we'll go there, we'll evaluate dogs and bring them over here to be adopted from our facility. >> all the dogs up for adoption have been spayed, neutered and
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cleared by the vet. look at those eyes. bruce takes the stage for the second night in south philly. >> bruce springsteen played more of his hits at citizens bank park with thousands singing along. some fans who were there for his 4-hour show last night returned to hear him again tonight. and he played a set with one of his fans. that lucky guy was called up on the stage after he held up a sign asking to play along with the legend. >> how about that? >> i think he'll remember that for a while. >> yes, he will.
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>> that's great. >> who knew those signs actually work sometimes. >> that's amazing. >> it was a hot night, too? >> it's steamy out there, but a lot of sweaty people. in both concerts tonight. adele indoors, but springsteen outside. the good news is the 90s are over after tomorrow and hopefully maybe this will be the last time this year, we can hope. there's still a chance. let's look at what's going on outside. the roof cam looking just a little hazy, no problems out there tonight. everything is quiet. showers and storms have missed us off to the north and west, but we still have the chance for a few scattered showers and thunderstorms to creep in here as we go through the remainder of the night. a quick look at some current conditions across our live neighborhood network. at point pleasant beach it's 83
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degrees right now, atlantic city at 80, rehobeth at 81. it's a very warm and steamy night all across the region. this is the front we'll be dealing with tomorrow. you can see the vast majority of the storms are to the south but shower activity to the north that will try to move through here tomorrow night. in the meantime we've got a cluster of storms trying to push through the harris burg area. these are holding together pretty well. we could pick up a stray shower or thunderstorm mainly in our northwest suburbs overnight. in the meantime let's talk about this record breaker. 95 today. the previous record was 94 and that was set a long time ago, 132 years ago in 1884. now that record has fallen and today is the record holder. our heat advisory has been expanded including the entirety of the region and that goes until 7:00 tomorrow evening. big changes ahead tomorrow is
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hot and steamy and the day looks dry but there could be a thunderstorm overnight. sunday we'll start the day with clouds, there may be a stray sprinkle in the morning, it will start to turn less humid and it will end up being a beautiful afternoon and monday looks great as well, highs in the 80s and lots of sunshine. tonight a couple of scattered showers and storms off to the northwest, those move out, tomorrow afternoon is clear. as we head into sunday, sunday morning starts with some clouds, here's 11:00 a.m. still cloudy, maybe a stray shower here or there. but by 2:00 the clouds move out. by the end of the game, we're talking full sunshine. it will be a comfy day. sunday feeling like the 80s which is about where we should be. overnight warm and muggy with that spotty shower or thunderstorm around, 94 degrees the daytime high tomorrow with showers at night. your kickoff forecast looks much better, maybe some clouds at
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kickoff. those clouds will be clearing quickly. 85 degrees, monday looking beautiful, tuesday is nice as well. but the end of next week, if you're looking for cooler weather, mid 70s. far cry from the mid 90s this week. >> thanks kate. >> what's coming up next in sports? >> a lot to get to. an old nemesis returns to the lake, what the eagles are saying about rg3. plus, the frenzy is back. it's our first edition of the friday football frenzy. sports coming up next.
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welcome back. rg3, remember him? he's the second overall pick of the 2012 draft. he took the nfl by storm and won the rookie of the year award. he fell out of favor but has since resurfaced as a starting quarterback in cleveland. the birds defense is familiar with rg3 even though he didn't play a single snap in all of 2014. starting defensive end expects the best. >> i think he's going to be the player he used to be. i think he got a fresh start, he's excited to get out there and compete and show what he's been doing. and just like we are. we can't wait to go out there and get out and the best man is going to win. >> we can't wait for this. here is the schedule for game
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day. afterwards we'll wrap up all the action with live press conferences with analysis on the post-game show. phillies and nations in game 2 of their four-game series. nationals up 2-1. to the eighth now. the phillies tie it up at 4. are you kidding me? game winning home run, it is a walk-off for the
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>> special thanks to the cheerleaders for getting things started right for us here on the high school football frenzy and it's back and better than ever. let's start with a huge match-up between two power houses. danny guy. up the middle he pop john now
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valley answering back. quentin west for the score. sun valley wins it 32-22. over the bridge to jersey. i'm from jersey, i love me some jersey. camden at camden new egypt at maple brendan gill martin. the
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35-7. clayton. 34-3 clayton. cherry hill 41-0. you get to play at franklin field. how great is that? pulls it down and he's not going to catch him at all. and that is your 21-12. >> i have never done the frenzy before. that was fun. >> so much fun. >> more to come.
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seen here tonight on cbs3 the stand up to cancer fundraising event. >> to support the cause lit up in red, orange and yellow. several buildings took part. we'll be right back.
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time to get your friday lamp on. coming up next is the late show followed by the late late show. our morning team is back tomorrow from 5:00 to 7:00 a.m. i'm yukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we're always on for you at >> good night and sleep well
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