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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  September 12, 2016 12:05am-1:06am EDT

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crashing weddings? >> i have another wedding i actually have to make. >> and is this the most expensive ceremony ever? j.lo turns wedding singer, inside the reported billion-dollar i do. now in our 35th season, this is "entertainment tonight." >> thanks for joining us, everyone, as we present an "e.t." special, the i dos and i don'ts of 2016. let's face it, the phones of some divorce lawyers' offices were ringing a little bit louder than those wedding bells he. >> we're going to break down the couples who didn't work out in a little bit. first let's start with the stars getting set to take the plunge. >> i tried my dress last night if you must know. >> and? >> it looks good. >> you just knew mariah was the kind of bride to me who already has her wedding dress picked out even before she and james packer announce a date. >> they came and brought it. you know, i don't want to go into the whole thing.
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>> who were the people that came and brought it? >> i can't say the people. i can't say their names. a fabulous designer house that's amazing. >> there's nothing wrong with being in control according to the editor in chief of bride's magazine, who shared with us what she imagines star brides will wear down the aisle. we took a little liberty cooking up some possible star styles. >> mariah carey is getting married for the third time, this time to a billionaire. you know, a lot of people would say maybe she shouldn't wear white since it's her third time. but that rule has really been thrown out the window. brides are doing what they want to do. >> julianne hough and hockey player brooks laich have been engaged for more than a year. it seems like she's not in a rush to say i do. >> now, is your mom that mom, like is she on you about wedding planning? is she like julianne, the dress, what are we doing here? come on. >> not at all. my mom's not. my sisters aren't. they're kind of like, yeah, whatever. i don't even know what my style is because, like, i love so many
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different things. so i have no idea. >> but maybe she has been sneaking in a little shopping. >> for julianne, we've seen that she likes young dresses, nothing too stuffy. we've heard she shopped at monique lhuillier who definitely epitomizes the young, slash romantic wedding dress designer. there are a lot of options there for her. >> miley cyrus and liam hemsworth were officially engaged. then for a while things were broken up. now they've been spotted a lot together lately and the rumors indicate a wedding may be back on. our senior editor did her best to try to get liam to spill the deta details. >> if hypothetically there is a wedding -- >> everyone's happy. >> are we talking destination wedding, summer, winter? >> i don't know. >> i'm not getting it out of you. >> you're not going to get nothing. >> most important question, are you happy? >> i am.
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everyone's happy. i'm happy, yeah. >> we think miley is a risk taker, but she's also a southern girl. so who knows what she could possibly choose? >> she likes to wear the unexpected. she's not afraid to push the boundaries and really have fun with fashion. >> and blac chyna and rob kardashian are both expecting a baby and launching their new e! reality show. some think they will wait for the wedding until after she gives birth. but will they broadcast their wedding like rob's sisters did? >> we are thinking about having a wedding special, so stay tuned. >> where are you at with the wedding preparations? >> we're doing one thing at a time. >> i'm sure she wants to show off her curves with a form-fitting wedding dress. probably on the sexier side. >> televising weddings and selling the pictures to magazines helps defray some of the costs which for some celebrities can cost into the millions. these days, just the flower budget alone can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> when it comes to florals, we
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are seeing it's all about more is more in hollywood. sofia vergara had the most amazing over the top flowers, and they're really on trend for what all celebrities are looking to do right now. >> so now you know who is set to walk down the aisle. but let's break down who paved the way for them this year. >> how about one of the biggest stars in the comedy world? i'm talking about kevin hart now. initially he told us that he'd given his long time love a budget for their wedding. >> like that ever really works and it didn't in this case because we're thinking it was more like a blank check because no expense was spared last night. >> it was extravagant, super romantic, and we have every detail. >> can i ask you one question? what's your last name? >> hart, honey. h-a-r-t. ♪ >> from their wedding band to her custom gowns, kevin hart's wedding to his wife was elegant and picture perfect. the bride wore vera wang.
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she changed into another vera wang creation for the reception. and at the screening of his film, what now, he spilled the de e.t. s. >> i noticed that bling on your finger. you're married now. >> yep. the chocolate is locked up, ladies. yeah, i'm a married man, but i'm with my family and i'm still drunk. >> you remember your wed something -- wedding? i remember the picture of you on the ground. >> i woke up in the morning with grass stains on my shirt. until this day, they say i passed out. some people said i jumped in the pool for no reason at all. it got bad. it was my wedding. don't judge me. >> the august 13th ceremony took place at this estate in montecito, california, kevin and his new bride shared the spotlight with his children from a prior marriage. his 8-year-old son was also the best man. >> hanging out with my best man. give it up, dude. >> hi. >> hey. my best friend. my best man.
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♪ >> alicia keys performed unbeknown unbeknownst to the bride beforehand. and after the ceremony, guests learned there was a carnival set up. >> kevin was the life of the party. >> we spoke to producer will packer, he's produced six of kevin's movies and attended the nuptials. kevin was candid about his last morning of single dom and his-wedding prep. >> had lunch, worked out. >> he was blissed out saturday morning, and who can blame him? >> i love y'all. love, love. >> he strolled with the bride to be. >> yes. >> hit the beach with his kids. and was so sweet and sentimental. >> this is my goal in life to one day have this. >> you're on your way, kev. the newlyweds landed in st. barts. >> honeymoon is on. the fun has just begun. the adventure of the harts.
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a beach front dinner, you know, on the sand. water coming up while you eat. i'm a romantic guy, man. >> so it was like a lover's holiday. >> it was lover's holiday. she's smitten. >> no matter what he's doing, no matter who he's with, there's always laughter. >> there sure is. and now there are always surprises with our next newlywed, eva longoria. now, a to die for destination wedding. they're snapchatting eva. she and bass ton tied the knot at the groom's home outside of mexico city. desperate housewives co-star vanessa williams serenaded e have. eva's mom beamed under the canopy of white flowers as the
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couple said i do in front of a giant white cross. the bride wore a floor length gown with a sweetheart neck line. eva changed into a spaghetti strap number as ricky martin rocked the reception. guests including melanie griffith and victoria's hubby, david beckham, all got pretty loca. hashtag, too much tequila, and hashtag, omg my feet hurt. things ended with a bang. fireworks to the tune of "what a wonderful world." >> what a perfect night, right? >> beautiful. >> and now that eva and pepe flew off to their honeymoon in a private jet. i love this part. they were wearing matching pajamas and slippers. >> when i get my private jet, i'm going to -- >> like all silked out? next, our i dos and i don'ts special continues with the couples who decided to make it official this year with a divorce filing. >> our exclusive withdrew barrymore on the record about
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and feel better about facing the world. you may qualify to get your first 30 days free. visit for details. welcome back to our "e.t." special, the i dos and i don'ts of 2016. we'll continue to talk about some big celeb weddings straight ahead but there were also a lot of splits this year. >> here are a few star couples who announced they were through in 2016. >> it's a tough time. it's a hard thing to go through. it's like you're being put on a cheese grater, you know, every second going, ah, this wasn't the plan. >> drew was married to will kopelman for almost four years. they had two daughters together. divorce attorney vicki ziegler says the split caught a lot of people by surprise. >> this divorce was a little strange because drew barrymore filed on july 15th of 2016, and will kopelman filed three days later, which isn't very normal. we're unsure why. maybe he didn't get served or had his own grounds.
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regardless of that fact, these two got divorced in speedy time. >> everyone has just been so cool and chill and nice about everything that it clouds my own fears and demons about how we have to go through things in life. >> we caught with the actress in april at an aspca event. she told us her pets helped her get through the tough times. >> there's a reason people cling to their pets. >> next up, johnny depp versus amber heard and this was nancy. >> hey, amber. why so late? >> amber, are you okay? >> the paps were all over amber before this deposition, and she made some serious claims, alleging she was the victim of domestic abuse, and johnny gave her this black eye. he denied it. amber filed for divorce in may. just a month earlier, this was their last appearance together, a psa. >> i'm truly sorry that pistol and boo were not declared. >> johnny and amber recorded this awkward apology, apparently part of a plea deal for allegedly smuggling their dogs
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into australia. >> declare everything when you enter australia. >> johnny and amber were married for 15 months. >> it's been reported that she's going to get about $7 million. >> i can't comment on any of that. >> amber's settlement was donated to charity. and finally another split. it's khloe and lamar. romance, regret, and reality tv. >> so i heard you actually filed today. >> yes. >> how do you feel? >> sucks. just sucks. definitely feel guilty. >> khloe said she's going to go forward with the divorce. are you okay with that? >> um, everything is under discussion. we talk about anything. i mean we've been through a lot, so -- >> yes, you have. >> it won't ever stop. >> khloe first filed for divorce in 2013, but it was called off after lamar was found unconscious at a nevada brothel. khloe wanted to support him during his recovery. >> how has it been dealing with
12:19 am
that situation? where does it currently stand with lamar? >> he's doing better every day for sure, which is a blessing. but it's going to be a long road. i think people are really confused, like how long of a process lamar needs to heal himself. and even if he was 100% better, he has a lot of other issues he has to deal with prior. >> once lamar odom's health got better, khloe kardashian refiled in may of 2016, the second time, to move fashd with the divorce. if lamar odom is not contesting the divorce and wants to resolve it out of court, the parties should be divorced in the next couple months. if they're any glitches or fights, this could go for a year or two plus. on the way, 2016 newest divorce. from gwyneth to gwen, to kaley cuoco, moving on with a new man. >> the couples who split but aren't yet divorce. is mariah's ex nick really delaying her wedding plans? >> there was so many rumors. >> and ben affleck and jennifer
12:20 am
garner, more than a year after they called it quits, are they back together? we go inside hollywood's most complicated marriage. >> he's my inspiration. >> but first -- ♪ >> kevin degras is back with she set the city on fire, the first single off his fifth album. >> there's a lot of ugly things happening. i want to make beautiful music. i think it's important to go somewhere a little bit prettier. >> gavin became a household name in 2003 with his hit, i don't want to be. when we sat down with him at bar 53 in west hollywood, he told us why his fame means so much to him today. >> they're definitely a reason for having the success, and the only reason is because your fans care. and without your fans,
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before. i've seen this guy somewhere before. i can't remember where. >> big stars. >> featuring moi. >> big exclusives. >> i'm the first one that's telling you? >> big set visits you can only see here. we're first behind the scenes as travolta transforms into mob boss john gotti, hitting the dance floor with his real-life wife, kelly preston. >> we started that way. we met on screen. >> plus a first look on the set of michael weatherly's new show, where anything can happen. >> we've been waiting for you. >> then michael strahan on his next chapter. a rare interview with justin timberlake. and is kevin hart putting his comedy career on hold to rap? >> get your best dish. >> don't miss it starting monday. >> on "e.t.." welcome back. as we continue our special, the i dos and i don'ts of 2016, we are reminded that in many states it does take a while to actually become legally divorced. >> it does.
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we have an update on which stars had it all finally signed off in 2016. you can call them hollywood's newest singles. ♪ >> you have to constantly let go, so you have to let go of all the ideas, all the resentments. >> two years after announcing they were consciously uncoupling, gwyneth paltrow and chris martin's divorce became final back in july. but according to celebrity divorce attorney vicki ziegler who stars on bravo's untying the knot, the long wait wasn't because the couple duked it out in court. >> they took a year to figure out the terms of their settlement, the property and child support and custody. it took another year to get resolved. and neither of them are going to go after each other for spousal support. >> gwyneth and chris kept most of the details of their settlement private, but after 12 years of marriage and two kids together, they remain close in spite of their split. >> if you once loved the person enough to have children with them, you have to focus on what you still love about them.
12:25 am
i know that we've done it in kind of an unorthodox way, but it's working for us. >> i'm not ashamed of anything that happened. i fall in love really hard. >> do you? >> yeah, i do. and i love hard, and when it's over, it's over. >> kaley quo qcuoco was married ryan sweeting before she filed for divorce. the couple had a prenup which worked in kaley's favor. when the divorce was finalized, she kept her two homes and all her big bang earnings. >> kaley agreed to pay spousal support by november of this year. >> kaley has already got a new man in her life, e quest treen karl cook. his dad is the billionaire founder of intuit. >> everybody knows pretty much what happens to me. >> gwen stefani after she filed for divorce from gavin ross dale last year. their divorce was made official
12:26 am
in april. >> gwen and gavin cited irreconcilable differences in their divorce pleadings. however, we know there were rumors that gavin was unfaithful. they came out on top in this divorce. >> the couple didn't have a prenup, but gavin got less than half of what they made during their time together in their 13-year marriage. even though by cal law, he was entitled to it. they agreed to share custody of their three boys. neither party asked for child support. >> what you making, blaky? >> gwen has since famously moved on. she's dating blake shelton and spends a lot of time at his oklahoma ranch with hthe kids bt that's not always easy. >> one of the stipulations is neither party can take the children out of the state without written consent of the other. >> here we go. >> so we've learned that making a split official can be quite a process, and this next group knows that all too well. they are the stars who for various reasons still aren't divorced. we begin with halle berry and
12:27 am
her husband, as the court demands, make a decision already. >> olivier had been living in one of three homes with halle owns in los angeles. right now their main focus is on their children. they have an almost 3-year-old son together, and then of course there's 8-year-old nala who halle has with her ex. >> the court doc was filed september 1st. it gives halle and olivier three options. one, move forward with the divorce. two, file a dismissal. or, three, the court can dismiss based on default. >> one of the things that led to both of them filing for divorce last october was anger management issues. everyone remembers when olivier shoved that l.a.x. worker with the baby seat, and he also got into that thanksgiving brawl with gabriel that left the model knocked up pretty badly. but now we're hearing that olivier and halle are not fighting as much anymore. >> just last march, the pair vacationed together in mexico, and halle, who turned 50 last
12:28 am
month has been active on instagram, showing off her bikini body and flat out enjoying life. but will the couple reconcile? not so fast. a source tells us the divorce is, quote, definitely still happening. not sure about why paperwork is slow. so what's the holdup? well, for patrick dempsey and wife jillian, the holdup was a makeup. the couple, with their insanely beautiful family, showed up at the bridget jones' baby premiere this week. there was pda, hand-holding, and the wedding rings still on. but then there's nick and mariah. it's been nearly 21 months, and nada. >> there was so many rumors like i was holding something up. that's clearly not the case. who made that up? who put that out there? >> those rumors, that nick was not signing divorce papers, and that would keep mariah from tying the not with billionaire james packer. >> i wish it was that easy or you could just sign something and go, oh, done, but there's a lot of things that go with it beyond my control.
12:29 am
the only thing that's important to me is my children. i want what's best for them. you know, i believe my ex feels the exact same way. >> yeah, kids keep couples amicable, and sometimes they can bring a change of heart. brian austin green and megan fox filed for divorce on august 2015. however, eight months later, i think they had a breakup makeup session and she got pregnant. and then you have ben and jen's more complicated divorce. there was nanny gate. no papers were filed that we know of. now 14 months later, he lives in the same house just a separate area. >> they're seen all over hollywood going to church, going to events with their children. i think this is the new rules of hollywood breakups. the couples are staying together and co-parenting because they're making sure the children come first. >> we're doing our best and the kids are fabulous. >> that's the most important things. >> the kids are great and they'll be getting up and going to school soon, and ben is there, and he'll be taking them.
12:30 am
and we will make it work. >> but maybe the weirdest split is arnold and maria. five years after filing for divorce, these two are still officially together. they had no prenup on their reported $400 million fortune. he has a girlfriend. she has a new boyfriend. >> they're so public that they probably don't want to disclose all of their assets and are living separately and seem to be very comfortable doing it. coming up, it's back to 2016's i do. is martha stewart going after mariah after her wedding plans? >> lavish, lavish, lavish. >> j.lo turns wedding singer in what's being called the most expensive i dos ever. a reported billion-dollar ceremony. >> superstar serenading the bride and groom. a ginormous cake, and details on the 25-pound dress. how much did it cost? >> plus justin timberlake, the wedding crasher. the lucky couple is only talking
12:31 am
to "e.t." about what happened when the star swung by. >> this is like the best day ever. >> closed captioning provided by --
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my mouth feels super clean! oral-b. know you're getting a superior clean. i'm never going back to a manual brush. yep, you're seeing it right. justin timberlake, wedding crasher. >> all of a sudden he's walking around the corner, and obviously being a big fan of his, i was pretty excited. ♪ i'm bringing sexy back >> chelsea and ryan got the surprise of their lives when mr. sexy back himself dropped in on their new hampshire wedding last month. this photo has gone viral. >> he was a complete gentleman. >> the newlyweds skyped with us from their honeymoon in cabo. the star drop in came about when the bride's dad met j.t., who was having lunch at the wedding venue. next thing you know, a moment they'll never forget. >> yeah, i mean it was kind of like this is the best day ever. and i was like also because i'm getting married, but mainly
12:35 am
because i met justin timberlake. ♪ >> the moment was quick. j.t. had to get into his own suit and tie to go to another i do ceremony. >> i have another wedding i actually have to make. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> they were upset they didn't get to meet jessica biel, though. >> come on, how cool is it to see j.t. just kind of crashing some random wedding? >> pretty awesome. >> i love that about him. as our "e.t." special, the i do's and i don'ts of 2016 rolls on, we got a few celebs who got paid to show up. one lucky bride and groom had jennifer lopez, enrique iglesias and sting as wedding singers. the price tag, rumored to be $1 billion. >> billion with a b. >> big bucks. this takes lifestyles of the rich and famous to a whole new level. >> it sure does. where is robin leech when you need him? you don't need him because we have what you don't know about this year's biggest star-studded over the top weddings.
12:36 am
♪ ♪ >> still, the question is if j.lo is your wedding singer and none of your 600 guests post video on instagram, how do you prove it even happened? ♪ well, we've got your proof right here. more than three outfit changes, a booty shake in the face, a hair flip, and old school performances like, waiting for tonight. that cut jennifer a reported $1 million paycheck for the private set that likely lasted under an hour. ♪ j.lo wasn't alone. sting was also there. he sang desert rose surrounded by dancing women. ♪ and enrique iglesias performed too, but not sure his t-shirt and trucker hat were proper wedding attire. ♪
12:37 am
so awesome entertainment, fireworks and a nine-tier cake that probably weighed more than the entire wedding party. but how does one wedding rake up a billion-dollar bill? let's talk about the dress. the 20-year-old russian bride wore ellie saab. the train was so long, she needed seven people to help carry it. and the cost, a reported million. compare that to celebrity wedding dresses and the only one to come close is princess kate's $400,000 alexander mcqueen. her tiara, that rings in at about $7 million, but i got to say she's out-crowned by celine dion's massive seven-pound wedding headpiece. then there's the flowers. oh, the flowers. you think you liked kimye's wall of roses or joe and sofia's cascading wonderland of white blossoms? well, this is the spectacle that one billion big ones will get you. >> i can't even imagine being at
12:38 am
that wedding. it seems like there were no limits. >> i wonder if martha stewart would approve. she certainly knows her stuff when it comes to i do's. her magazine has been around for more than 20 years. we got the expert's opinion on what a few upcoming star ceremonies should look like. >> first up we have mariah carey and james packer. >> oh, my gosh. >> what kind of a wedding do you think they should have? >> over the top, lavish, lavish, lavish. i'm sure it's going to be a spectacle. she's marrying one of the richest men in australia and one of the rifnest men in the world. >> they're not engaged yet but gwen stefani and blake shelton, it's a mixture of rock and roll and country. what kind of wedding do you think they could have? >> gwen stefani is so beautiful, and i think that whatever she chooses to do will be just so ama amazing. she's a great, great beauty and very talented woman, and i think they're going to have a fantastic wedding too. >> not everyone can have martha consult on their i do's, but she
12:39 am
says the next best thing is her book "martha stewart weddings, ideas and inspirations." >> i don't like to use the word bible, but it is the bible for brides. >> one of the key pieces of advice is to how couples navigate the planning of a happy wedding. >> you really want to have a day that you will remember fondly without glitches, without arguments, without bridezillas. so we advise if you can afford it, to have a wedding planner help you with lots of those details. >> martha says budget wisely. the most costly items, she says spend 40% for food, 10% to 15% for the reception venue and rentals and 10% for fashion, including that dress. the biggest bridal mistakes. >> rover reaching, spending too much money, going into debt. and getting too nervous and being angry and frustrated during the whole planning process. >> martha has helped so many
12:40 am
people have the most beautiful wedding of their dreams. she said if she were ever to get married herself again, she would a completely over the top wedding because she tied the knot back in '61 in a small ceremony in the chapel of columbia university, and stewart helped make her own dress. >> she is the lady behind the d.i.y. movement. >> there's proof. >> exactly. she started early. straight ahead, two "dancing with the stars" ceremonies. maksim's impending nuptials and pro kym johnson. was there wedding dress trouble before her i do's? >> it's a little toddlers and tiaras. >> then a star studded fairy tail castle wedding with a born again virgin bride. >> and a fresh prince child star turned pregnant bride. big oil polluters. they have a friend in pennsylvania.
12:41 am
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we're shopping in the comfort of our home, and we're saving money too. how do they do it? volume. >> welcome back to our weekend special, the i do's and i don'ts of 2016. now, fans of the fresh prince of bel-air should remember this new bride, tatiana ali. she played will smith's cousin and she was only 11 when the show started. >> way back in 1990. she's all grown up now and just got married. and tatiana told us all about her big day and how she met mr. right online. >> the bride's father walked her down the line to wed her very own prince. the 37-year-old actress best known for her role as ashley banks exchanged vows with stanford professor at the four seasons? beverly hills after meeting on e
12:43 am
harmony two years ago. >> i love celebrities are now going online to find love, and it's working. i think it's a sign of the times, you know. that's how people are meeting and talking to each other, and i got very lucky. >> back in march, "e.t." broke the news they're also expecting their first child. >> i wasn't expecting all of the love that we've received and all of the congratulations. it's been so beautiful. >> 120 guests attended the intimate daytime affair including her on screen siblings. >> the cast is really relaxed. really great. >> wearing raspberry colored dresses, tatiana's two sisters and a close friend stood by her side. the decor was inspired by her family's caribbean roots and included lots of bright yellow and blue flowers and tropical greens. the only thing the happy couple couldn't quite agree on was the cake. tatiana explained, quote, i love chocolate, and he loves vanilla. so we're having a tiered cake. i'm not into his cake and he's
12:44 am
not into mine, so we get to share. >> congratulations to the happy couple. now from a tv star to a singer who married a football star. >> that's right. sigh ar ciara and russell wilson. just like a fairy tale, this wedding took place at a castle. "e.t." was on the ground in england for the star-studded nuptials. >> they became mr. and mrs. wilson this past july, and here's the photo to prove it. so let's get down to some wedding details. first, the dress. the bride wore a lacy custom roberto cavalli gown. the guest list included kelly rowland and jennifer hudson, who posted these pics. >> we had about 100-plus people there at the wedding, and really, really close friends and family. you know, they understand that, you know, it's about love and about treating each other close and keeping it real tight knit. that was easy to do for the most
12:45 am
part. everybody kind of kept their mouth shut. >> they did. it was good. y'all did good. >> the groom looked relaxed as he was leaving the hotel, headed for the i do's, which he relived with me just days later. >> one of the pictures that i really like that she shared from behind the scenes was of you and her son. it was just very heart-warming. do you want more kids? >> we'll take one at a time. we're grateful for the opportunity and ultimately, you know, it's just about spending quality time with each other. >> we've been waiting for their i do's ever since the couple posted their sweet engagement announcement in march. >> she said yes. yes! making this thing happen. >> the couple started dating last year. russell was coming off a divorce, and ciara was engaged to rapper future, who she shares her 2-year-old son with. the singer and fashionista have come a long way since she dated rapper bow wow back in 2005. ciara and russell made their first appearance together
12:46 am
attending a state dinner at the white house last year. >> it was incredible. it was surreal, you know. i remember everything about the night. everything about it was just a dream. >> they've been gushing about each other ever since. >> she's a stunner. i always say she's a 15 out of 10 in every way. she's a really special girl. i'm glad she's my lady. >> you also have the girl's best accessory, a very lahandsome da tonight. >> yes. >> but their relationship made bigger headlines when the couple admitted they were remaining celibate until their wedding day. >> you and russell are doing a beautiful thing with the abstinence thing. >> hey, where is she going? there is nothing wrong with celebrating celibacy. meanwhile, another sports star, new york yankee derek jeter lost his bachelor card this year after being linked to jessica biel, jessica alba, mariah carey and others, jeter said i do to sports illustrated model hannah davis in napa.
12:47 am
very, very sweet. all right. still to come, the i do's of two dancing pros. from maksim's upcoming ceremony -- >> i just want her to have the wedding of her dreams. >> to kym johnson's marriage to her shark tank millionaire. >> what a bridezilla. >> then only our cameras are rolling as an empire star ties the knot. >> you are free to kiss the bride. >> the bride's two custom couture dresses, nearly ruined by rain. and all the reception fun with her co-stars. that's ahead. but first this weekend in the "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which empire star once at a job at the pentagon. is it terrence howard,
12:48 am
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toy at an amazing price? of course not. he's a dog. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. welcome back to "e.t." special, the i do's and i don'ts of 2016. now, fans of "empire" are gearing up for season 3, which is about a week and a half away. >> star kaitlin doubleday is still on a high from her real life walk down the aisle this past may. she gave "e.t." a special invite inside. >> from the romantic ceremony to the party on the dance floor, we followed the beautiful bride as she tied the knot with d.j. devon lus yen. >> best time of my life. >> more than expected for sure. >> the couple of nearly four years met from mutual friends. they got engaged in paris of in may of 2015 and this may exchanged vows at the ventana
12:51 am
inn and spa in big sur. even the rain couldn't dampen the mood. >> we handed out umbrellas. >> it was beautiful. it was great. >> for her special day, the bride wore not one, but two custom-made gowns. >> i needed classic and beautiful, and then i needed to wear something risque and fun. so i did both. >> made it from beginning to end, it was one of the most processes of this wedding. >> more than 1,000 candles at the reception, and instead of a sit-down dinner there was a taco bar. on the guest list, gab array sid abe, and show co-creator lee daniels who brought his boyfriend. >> i'm in love with kaitlyn. rhonda i call her. i'm not answering my phone or e-mails. >> even though he pulled himself away from work for the weekend with the new season looming, we had to ask lee about the series.
12:52 am
>> we're revamping "empire." rhonda is still out of control, but i'm so dying to tell you, but i can't even tell you. mark my words. you will not believe where she's going. >> but in her real life, the newlywed was ready to relax. the couple jetted off to greece for their honeymoon, packing plenty of memories from their special day to take with them. >> it's crazy to feel the love from the room and having people just tell you how they feel about you. >> only kind of happens once. this is the day that everyone tells us they love us. they'll go back to hating us tomorrow. >> hold on. let's be clear. they hate your character. they love you. and two of kaitlyn's co-stars also said i do to each other. chris deally married tray buyers. >> i think that's so fun when they fall in love on set, right? it happens more often than not, too, because here's another new bride and groom. no stranger to the cameras.
12:53 am
"dancing with the stars" pro kym johnson and her partner from season 20, shark tank's robert herz vic. she was stunning. we are taking you down there road to the alter. >> the key elements in a dress is elegant and timeless. >> that was kym. what capital doexactly does a p when marrying a millionaire? i feel like i'm going to something a bit more simple. >> bringing in your stylish friends is a must. carson kressley helped her work her way through the racks. >> i think it's a bit too sparkly. it's beautiful, but no. >> okay. >> oh, my god. what a bridezilla. >> we did get one major clue about where the wedding would be. >> it's not as formal as what i think your venue is, but it's
12:54 am
really pretty on you. >> carson didn't spill any more details, but as always, he was wearing honesty like only he can. >> she looks great in everything. there was one. >> and where exactly were the nuptials for kym and dance partner robert? they exchanged i do's in beverly hills on july 31st. the bride's an aussie, so pal olivia newton john performed at the reception, and derek hough posted the couple on the dance floor. ♪ for the honeymoon, they jested to tropical bora bora. >> it was the best. it was the best time ever. it was amazing. >> most likely kym won't be returning to the show anytime soon, and it's bye-bye maiden name. >> i'm changing my name. that's kind of a little bit of getting used to, but i like it. >> kimmy, i am so happy for you guys, seriously. she is justisuch a sweet one. >> and one of those two who shows up. she came to both of the baby showers for each of my daughters.
12:55 am
>> we can't wait for this pair to tie the knot. maks and pita a e.t. a are expe a baby. before maks hit the floor, he hit the road with his brother. >> i know the wedding is not until next year. do you guys see pretty much eye to eye on how it's all going to be? >> yeah. it's her eyes getting whatever she wants. >> the bros were out to debunk a few myths. >> we're trying to tell the story from zero to "dancing with the stars." some questions get answered like, what are these antics, is why is he speaking to strangely? is he really arrogant? this is an incredible celebration of dance, family, ambition, you know. it's kind of our version of the american dream. >> speaking of family, maks and p e.t. a's baby boy is due in january, but what about their nuptials? >> i just want her to have the wedding of her dreams and me to also have the wedding of my
12:56 am
dreams. >> but during dancing rehearsals with amber rose, maks told us it was almost all up to p e.t. a. >> i went in. i negotiated the spot. then i said, you guys, here you go. enjoy yourselves. she's having whatever -- >> i love that by the way. >> yeah? >> yeah. >> can you tell her so i can pick out some things? it's not that i don't care. i do. i just don't really -- it's not my process. >> as for that road trip, it might be a while before we see the bros together again. >> you know, this might be the last time we spend this much time together. >> this will be our farewell. >> he's been handed over to miss peta murgatroyd. >> two bros that really have a great relationship, don't they? i have to say this also. especially to hear a guy talk about the wedding of his dreams. >> absolutely. i definitely adore the chmerkovskiy brothers. pita, you are marrying into a good family. you're in good hands.
12:57 am
i just want to see their first narrator: terrorism here at home. fourteen americans killed in a san bernardino mass shooting... but after this tragedy - when pat toomey had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns - he voted against closing this loophole for terrorists - and with the gun lobby. katie: we have to do everything in our power to keep guns away from terrorists who threaten our way of life. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because we can't risk our families' safety on a loophole.
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travel considerations provided by -- look at all those stars with birthdays this weekend. ryan phillippe is 42. harry connick jr. is celebrating turning 49. colin firth, 56. now, take a final look at your choices. which empire star once had a job at the pentagon? that is taraji p. henson, who is celebrating turning 46 this weekend. >> monday we're first behind the scenes as travolta transforms into mob boss john gotti. plus on the set of michael weatherly's new show. >> we've been waiting for you. >> that's monday. >> we are almost out of time. but for all the late breaking hollywood news, go to our
12:59 am
website, >> since we're talking about i do's, check out the video from rachel platten for stand by you. >> the anthem is listed as one of the top 11 hottest wedding songs for 2016 on the >> enjoy it and the rest of your weekend, everyone. >> bye-bye. ♪
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