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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  September 13, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EDT

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. right now at 11:00, for the first time hillary clinton reveals new information about the illness that sidelined her from the campaign trail. >> another setback for septa regional rail. what it means for the morning commute. plus, why drivers should also expect a slow-go on the roads. >> but first a local couple
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caught in the middle of a crime they did not commit. their wi-fi stolen and experts say what happened to them could happen to anyone. good evening everyone. i'm yukee washington. >> hi, everyone. i'm jessica dean. authorities say a new jersey man used his neighbor's wi-fi to download thousands of images and videos of child porn. >> trang do is outside the camden county prosecutor's office with more on how the couple got caught in the middle and kwl it's a good warning for everyone. trang? >> reporter: well, yukee, the couple hadn't even turned on their computer for months and had no idea that their wi-fi was not pass word protected until the police came knocking at their door. on september 1st at 5:30 in the morning, police jolted a couple out of bed seeking the person responsible for downloading and sharing tens of thousands of images of child pornography. a sweep of the couple's dpurt found nothing, but investigators soon discovered their wi-fi network was not pass word
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protected. what that means is anyone with a wi-fi enabled device near their home could access their connection and use it with bad intentions. >> unfortunately the older generation is certainly a target for hackers like this, because they may not be understanding what kind of technology they're putting in place. it sets you up to be extremely vulnerable. >> reporter: that's exactly what police say happened when a 55-year-old man used the wireless router to connect to his neighbor's unsecured wi-fi to download and distribute the more than 700 pornographic videos and 33,000 images found on his laptop. >> make sure the password is not something easily hackable. >> reporter: there are other ways besides password protection to secure your network and yourself. >> there are different softwares including free applications that will monitor the traffic on your network. so you can see who's accessing your wi-fi, who's attempting to access it, who's putting in passwords that don't work. there are ways to monitor this
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if you're especially concerned about it. >> reporter: and he's currently at the jail at $150,000 cash bail. for now we're live, i'm trang do, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> all right, trang. thank you. we have new information about what was thought to be a shooting this afternoon on or near valley forge military academy. an eastern university student living in an apartment near the military academy's campus called 911 reporting gun fire but it turns out there was no shooting. police say the sound was likely someone popping bubble wrap. >> a toddler is dead after getting shot at his grandparents' home. tonight authorities are not sure if the boy shot himself or if it was something else. the boy has been identified as two-year-old benjamin austin smith. >> extremely difficult, in fact the trooper on scene had a two-year-old and we all have children, so something like this is that much more difficult.
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>> the boy's father has been questioned by police. it's unclear if any charges will be filed. >> for the first time tonight hillary clinton is explaining why she did not reveal her illness sooner and says she hopes to be on the campaign trail again in a few days. during a phone interview she says she did not disclose her diagnosis of pneumonia because she didn't think it was going to be that big a deal. >> probably would have been better off if i just pulled down my schedule on friday. but like a lot of people i thought i could keep going forward and power through it and obviously that didn't work out so well. >> meanwhile, her husband, former president bill clinton sat down with charlie rose of cbs news. >> she's on a grueling campaign and she's older than you were when you ran. >> and she had two and a half hard days before the day when she got dizzy.
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>> that interview with president clinton was done before the clinton foundation's final clinton global initiative conference. you can see more on charlie rose's interview with bill clinton on cbs this morning that gets started at 7:00. >> tonight in ashville, donald trump defended his supporters as hard-working americans. clinton is taking heat as describing some of his supporters on a basket of deplorable. >> well my opponent slanders you as deplorable and ir redeemable. i call you hard-working american p patriots who love your country and want a better future for all your people. >> trump will be in delaware county tomorrow for a private event. we are now just about 56 days away from election day.
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stay with eyewitness news for continuing coverage of campaign 2016. traffic tie-ups are expected tomorrow as president obama comes to philadelphia to campaign for hillary clinton. the president will hold a rally in front of the art museum tomorrow afternoon. that means road closures well ahead of the event. starting at 6:00 a.m. lane restrictions will begin around the curb lanes of the oval, kelly drive will be detoured. also at 7:00, martin luther king drive and spring garden traffic will be detoured and at 9:00 a.m. the entire area surrounding and leading into will be closed. expect the area to be closed throughout the day. a setback for septa tonight. all septa's silver line of five cars are out of service again. some of them had been repaired. septa says the fix has a flaw. david spunt joins us now from the wayne train station to tell
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you more about it. >> reporter: septa riders don't like to hear this news. commuters in wayne and all over the septa map first learned about this setback today as they are heading home. they are learning that those cars that were fixed are now broken again. as rush hour hit in philadelphia, many septa riders found out that the fixed train cars needed to be fixed again. >> this creates a setback but it doesn't mess up the end game. >> reporter: septa general manager told eyewitness news that a newly discovered gouge in these bolts is to blame for the recent recall of the fixed trains. >> we're checking and double-checking what's going on. >> reporter: but septa commuters have had a tough summer. >> my trains now run about once every hour. >> reporter: tracy is one of thousands who have waited longer after septa officials discovered a defect under one of the silver liner 5 cars. they took all 120 out of service as a precaution to be fixed. many were fixed until officials announced the latest issue this
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week. >> i'll be a little patient with them. as long as i'm safe, that's the main thing. >> they want to make sure their riders are safe, so they have to do what they have to do. >> reporter: and that's the message they want to get across. he said this recent discovery sets things back just a few days, not weeks or months. >> i'm beyond frustrated, but in your frustration you still have to make solid decisions and you have to keep things moving at a pace that is right and safe. >> reporter: septa officials plan to be back to normal service by mid october. he also said today in that interview that he does not see rates going up. so that is good news for commuters. reporting live tonight in wayne, david spunt, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> all right, david thank you. water safety concerns are growing tonight after the discovery of lead in the water at rowan university.
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eight buildings have lead levels above federal standards. the university has told students and employees not to drink the water until further testing is completed. >> it's definitely affecting day-to-day life. >> it's annoying because it's college and we pay so much for tuition we shouldn't have to deal with that. >> san francisco 49er's quarterback colin kaepernick trickled down. >> a local twist to this national story. after a camden high school football coach inspired most of its staff and students to take a knee at saturday's season opener, something he says he'll do again at this week's game. ♪ and the rockets' red glare
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>> reporter: colin kaepernick's refusal is sparking a national debate. >> individuals have the right to do whatever they feel. >> reporter: on saturday all but two football players exercised that right after their coach told them he planned to kneel. >> we're not disrespecting the country. >> reporter: in an interview coach brown said the team which is predominantly african-american with several hispanic players is not bashing police or disrespecting service men and women. >> we're very much american as the next person but we do understand that because of our skin color that there are limitations. as people of color, we are hurt. and when you kneel in sports, that's the analogy, that's the connotation that we're trying to create. >> reporter: while some commend his efforts, others say it puts the students in a bad position. >> may not be old enough to
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really understand the effect of how they're acting. >> they're high school, so they are aware of what's going on. >> reporter: the camden school district released a statement saying in part the district supports standing for the flag, but this is a personal issue. and we strongly respect our students' experiences and they're exercising their first amendment rights. >> conversation in my opinion is always for the better, irrespective of whether there are negatives or positives. >> earlier this month the camden die sees issued a statement which was strikingly different from their public school counterpart. in response to kaepernick's demonstration, the organization said players and coaches who don't show respect during the national anthem will be suspended. so even our educational institutions have opposing views. >> the dialogue continues and that's what kaepernick was after.
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20 years later in the case of jonbenet ramsey continues to fascinate the world. >> still tonight at 11:00, what her brother remembers when he found out his sister was missing. >> also for the second time in as many weeks, a symbol of hate shows up in a local community. the clue investigators hope will lead them to the van dals. kate? >> well, it was a beautiful start to the week and tomorrow looks good as well, but the humidity is going to increase, albeit briefly. we'll tell you when it's going to head back up and back down in the 7-day forecast coming up. >> and forget self-driving cars. the major retailer looking to develop self-driving shopping carts when eyewitness news continues.
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20 years after the murder of jonbenet ramsey her brother is breaking his silence. her brother who was nine at the time of her murder sitting down for an exclusive interview with dr. phil. despite being cleared by dna evidence, many people still speculate that her parents or berk, the only ones in the home that night could be responsible for the little girl's death. >> somebody eventually told you jonbenet has been kidnapped, right? >> they didn't say kidnapped. they said she's missing. >> who told you that. >> i remember a detective or
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something coming in and interviewing me. he told me. >> were you squared for jonbenet yet? >> i think i was trying to be positive. >> do you remember them asking you if you knew what happened to the sister. >> i told the guy i was like, you know, she's probably hiding, did you check the whole house or maybe she's outside. >> tomorrow dr. phil will continue his interview with berk and showed never soon before tapes of berk being interviewed by a psychologist just 13 days after the murder of his sister. >> ryan lochte will not receive separate punishment for lying about being robbed at gun point during the rio olympic games. the they banned lochte from the sport for 10 months and required him to forfeit bonus. >> more fate hl graffiti is
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showing up in hafrtown. two swastikas were found in havertown. police are searching for the vandal or vandals. >> they should be punished for it. >> reporter: police confirmed their investigation into both incidents. that includes a swastika painted on a homeowner's trash can. that inspired them to paint over swastika with art. >> aramark said its world head quarters in a new building. the company has been head quartered in philadelphia for more than 50 years now. it employees more than 50,000 people in the city alone. they are expected to begin transitions 1,200 employees to that new location by next fall. from self-driving cars to
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self-driving carts? >> walmart is rolling out a system that allows carts to drive themselves. according to a patent request filed last week, carts will be equipped with etachable motors that have sensors and video cameras. customers can request a cart using a device, possibly a smart phone, and the roaming motors will bring a cart to a customer. the system will also return abandoned carts to a docking station. no word on when walmart will begin using the system. >> i already like almost run people over with the cart all the time. maybe they should take it away from me. >> believe it or not, i remember riding in the cart. that kind of takes all the fun away. >> the kid runs out in front of it. >> mow them down. right. to be continued. >> all right, kate how is the forecast looking? >> this forecast is looking fantastic. the only problem is we really need the rain.
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we haven't gotten a lot of rain. that's good news for outdoor activities, but we really do need rain. a rainy day around here would be a really good thing. sunday does bring us a chance for at least some afternoon rain showers and possibly another chance next week as well. in the meantime we'll be enjoying some summer sunshine much like we saw today and outside tonight it's clear and comfy out there, temperatures dropping through the 60s. this is a far cry from last week when temps were in the 80s and we were dealing with that rough heat wave. now feeling great, maybe even a light jacket as you head out tomorrow morning or take the kids out to a bus stop. a whole different feel to this week. here is a quick look at the time lapse video today. 67 degrees. you can see that deep blue sky, just a few clouds on the horizon. but what a beauty of a day it was and the shadows lengthen. look at the temperature right now, 67 degrees. all this moisture, showers and storms located across the deep
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south, those are staying to the south. we've got our next front that's the shower and storm activity you see there across the great lakes, that's moving east and that will impact us later in the day and into the night time hours on wednesday. in the meantime, picture a big dome of high pressure sitting right overhead keeping us protected, keeping us comfy and relatively cool. we're down to 68 degrees here in philadelphia, 62 in millville, cool 63 in atlantic sfe many of our suburbs will be 50s tonight. we'll stay in the 60s here in the city but temperatures up and down a little bit this week we got to the low 80s today, that's about average. our average high right at 80 this time of the year. wednesday is when the heat peaks. we're back to around 90 degrees, the humidity rising as well. once that front comes through i just showed you wednesday night into thursday, that's when the humidity drops and the temperatures will drop as well. up and down temps the story for the week. high pressure starts to move
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east, tomorrow is a great day. wednesday out ahead of it with a southwest flow, it's hot and steamy with a high around 90. front comes through in the evening doesn't have much with it. we can't seem to get a good downpour around here, maybe a stray shower. thursday sunny and less humid highs in the 70s on thursday and that will feel awesome and the humidity will be in the awesome range as well. just a brief peak in the humidity on wednesday and we cut it right back down here thursday and friday. we do have a new tropical storm, this is ian. it's a fish storm and will not impact the united states. overnight mainly clear, comfy, 63 degrees your low. tomorrow a little warmer than today. still a beautiful day 84 degrees with some sun and get used to the sunshine. we've got it pretty much every day through the end of the week. tell you what thursday and friday are going to be fantastic. you'll wake up friday morning with temperatures in the 50s, even in the city.
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possibly some 40s in the suburbs in the far north and west spots. cool and comfy thursday and friday. that little taste of fall we've been looking for. the grass is dying for some rain. >> sunday is our next chance. >> do a little running in the 50s? >> yeah, where did that come from? >> it's like sudden. >> >> we're t
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all right. everybody kind of has their rituals before they do something that's going to wrack their nerves and make them nervous and we learned what carson wentz does. >> after this i want to know what your pre-show ritual how you get in the flow. right now we're going to talk about the quarterback. i don't get nervous.
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i listen to worship music to calm my nerves. the rookie has poise. we know what the final numbers are. from a strategic standpoint they make cleveland pay. >> for him to have that kind of poise in the pocket for his first start, you just can't teach that. the patience that he had. >> there's a lot of things that the defense did. they didn't hold back anything obviously. they were coming after us in some blitz in some situations with some exotic stuff and he didn't let epithat get to him. >> there is some bad news to report, the tightened suffered a displaced rib yesterday. the injury occurred in the first quarter but he played the entire game catching six passes for 58
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years. he is listed as week to week, not day to day, week to week. the steelers visiting washington. pick it up in the third quarter. it's pittsburgh, they're up by 11. what does he do afterwards? the 38-16. this division very much winnable as we've said many times before. the phillies is hosting the peters tonight since august 26th, they're batting .187 and scoring around 2.5 runs per game. so here's hoping they can finally get some runs on the
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board. 18th of the season. off the wall it the rookie had himself a ball game. first major league hit for quinn. >> i like to make the rounds, i talk to people in the news room, chat it up. >> a cup of hot tea. >> now you know. >> up next, how
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>> our morning team is back tomorrow. for kate, done, everyone here. i'm yukee. >> i'm jessica dean. >> thanks for watching. have a good night, family and sleep well. >> announcer: the following is a paid advertisement for armando montelongo live events. you are about to meet a man that can change your future now. he is america's top real-estate investing expert, he has been featured on the number-one real-estate hit reality show "flip this house," and is a best-selling author. he is the most sought-out real-estate expert in the world and has changed thousands of people's financial futures. you now have the opportunity to spend time learning armando's money-making real-estate strategies at his live event coming to your area. >> after attending one of armando's seminars, i started making offers, got into a property, made $35,000 net profit. >> after learning armando's techniques, me and a partner of mine did a deal together where we netted over $32,000.


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