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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  September 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> new pole shows race tightening up, clinton, but dead heat when you add in third party candidates. good afternoon everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomasment pole comes out just as hill had i returns to the campaign trail after her bought with pneumonia. craig boswell with the latest from campaign 2016.
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>> hillary clinton returns to the campaign trail today with a rally in greensboro, north carolina. it is the democratic nominee ace first appearance after three day rest from pneumonia. >> i'm really glad i did finally follow my doctors orders, and take some days to rest. instead of just trying to keep powering through, which i think is a common experience for people, shows clinton with two-point lead over donald trump in a four-way race with third party candidates, still big advantage among women, 13 points, and a 83-point advantage among black voters. while trump leads by 11-point among men and white voters. trump talking about his own health today on saints kate dollars health talk show, his campaign made public one page summary. >> the paper offers some information about trump's physical condition, and what appears to be a swipe at clinton's pneumonia induced break the campaign says that the records show mr. trump is an excellent health, and has
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the stamina to endure uninterrupted rigors of punishing, and unprecedented campaign. in ohio the nominee questioned his rival's stand in a. >> in this beautiful room that's 122 degrees, do you think hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour and do this? >> trump speaks today in new york and new hampshire. craig boswell, cbs news the white house. here's a live picture, as republican presidential candidate donald trump addresses the economic club of new york right now. let's listen in for a moment. >> in 70, 07 years, had the economy grown under obama at the same rate as reagan, it would have meant 10 million more jobs. perhaps most shockingly one in six men age 18 to 34 are either in jail or out of work.
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meanwhile, another 2 million hispanic americans have been added to the ranks of those in poverty. on top of it all -- >> p's running make mike penned also scheduled to address the club. now just 53 days until voters cast their ballots on election day. stay with cbs-3 and for the latest coverage of campaign 2016. >> in other news today, jurors for the trial after man charged in the deadly ambush after pennsylvania state trooper in the poconos will come from our area. eric frein accused of killing corp. ran dixon. he led authorities on 48 day manhunt before eventually captured. officials say the jurors will be picked in march from chester county. his trial set for milford pike county next spring. >> pine hill police say responded to armed robbery at camden county gas station overnight. take a look at this surveillance video just before 10:30 last night. police say the suspect was
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armed with a handgun, and wearing a black mask. officers say he approached an attendant at the citco gas station and they say the two struggled a bit before the suspect fled the scene with about $800 in cash. if you recognize the suspect, call police. and philadelphia police are searching for the man who pulled a gun on another man at the wells fargo atm on the 3400 block of aramingo avenue sunday, september 4th. they say the suspect got away with $80. police say the suspect is the man dressed in black. if you recognize him, call police right away. also, call philly police if you recognize this suspect too. they say surveillance video cost a man taking a package from the front desk of residence 2500 block of monteros street back on the first of august. he put the package in a trash can and rolled the cane way. officers say the same suspect did the same thing again august 31. well, there is another
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incident to tell you about concerning the samsung galaxy note seven. >> there was a fiery scene in month st. lucie florida when a man said his samsung explode in the his car. take a look. >> this happened tuesday night. the man says he was charging the phone when it caught fire. he says he jumped out as the carrie rupp dollars in flames. >> well, turning now to weather. >> what a pretty day outside, beautiful day to start the day. puffy clouds, float nag blue sky, cool temperatures, low humidity, made jim van pretty happy today. >> i was thrilled. >> you love this kind of weather. this morning, "eyewitness news" was in collingswood, new jersey as people began what felt like an autumn day. katie, i hear you laughing out there. let's get first look at the forecast with meteorologist, katie fehlinger live on the cbs-3 skydeck, looks just about as happy as jim. >> oh, my gosh so comfortable outside guys. you have the very crisp fall like feel to the air. just again comfortable to be out here. i do wish i had my sunglasses ready, though, because it is
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very bright, very sunny, and that's going to be the story the rest of the day. i love the way you describe that there, puffy clouds, just floating out there. it is so, so nice. and we've got high pressure now settling in place. that will means that storm scan still working over time, not showing us very much. even though we did have cold front pass through, somewhat moisture starved left couple of raindrops behind in couple of spots. overall the bigger story is this. temperature change, since the same time yesterday you dropped anywhere from say seven to nine to upward of 15 plus degrees, so definitely cooler by comparison. and that says a l because we did over achieve yesterday. we ended up hitting 92 officially at philadelphia international airport. here's where we currently stands at the airport, 73, and i'm going to give you another 5 degrees, that's about all we can muster up today. because cool air sort of doing the balancing act with the heating of the day, then the fact the cooler air is here, not going to climb much more than this, we start off in the 60s, not much rebounds to expect throughout the course of the day. that said, if you are going to the shore, expect nothing more than couple of clouds, tad
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breezy granted and i even feel the breeze on the skydeck, but refreshing breeze, it is not what i would call windy. there is a fine line there. but regardless, this can only last us so long. as weather patterns tends to change, what they do, eventually we not only start to heat back up again but tracking more wet weather. i'll tell when you to expect it coming later in the show, guys, back to you. >> thanks, katie. eagles play again this monday in prime time. but if you can't wait, you can get a prime time football fix tonight right here on cbs-3. >> it is the jets and the bills on thursday night football. kick off is at 8:25 on cbs-3, jamie yuccas has closer look at what we can expect. jets, jets, jets! >> the battle is on in buffalo. a city known for three things. football, cold, wings. >> at anchor bar, home of the original buffalo wing, they'll crank out all fans can eat during the first prime time game in four years.
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>> for a normal business day we usually sell about 2,000 wings a day. we're anticipating somewhere around 4,000 for tomorrow night's game. >> a win would be tasty. the bills have beat the jets six of the last seven games. annex jets head coach rex ryan and his brother rob, are now in charge in buffalo. but victory is hard to come by here. the bills have the longest play-off drought in pro sports. sixteen years. and they've never won a superbowl. >> this is something we've learned to except. we deal with. we keep moving on. you have to be a very resilient hardy person to be a buffalo bills fan. >> do you guys almost embrace the fact that you lose? >> something great. >> early 90s buffalo fans watched as their team lost unprecedented four straight superbowls. but even the most frustrating moments have bread new reasons to cheer. just look at the on line movement. hashtag bill's mafia. created by fans and embraced by the players. >> tongue and cheek joke, i wasn't looking to start a moment. >> but it became such a hit,
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co-founder del read went onto create 26 shirts. the first $8 of each t-shirt goes back to local charities. >> we always say we're the only t-shirt company not in the t-shirt business, in the helping people business. >> doing good even when the team is not. plus broadcaster phil simms puts the eternal optimist this way. >> when they do make it it will be a joy you days. >> long time in the making for fans who will not give up. jamie yuccas, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> there is always hope. today the flyers gave to wells fargo center new look in honor of their 50th anniversary season. newly designed team banners were raised into the rafters of the arlene, a new retired number banners for mark clark, bill barber, also part of the raising. all three men are slated to play in the much anticipated flyers alum game on january 14th. well, coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> despite this beautiful weather there is a health hazard in the air for thousands of children.
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>> and the return of beatles mania. new documentary takes a look at the untold story of the beatles. and part of that story includes former channel three anchor larry kane. hear what he says about being part of history. when we come back. for senate, a clear difference. katie mcginty: for background checks, for banning assault weapons, and banning high-capacity ammunition clips. and pat toomey? against an assault weapons ban and against banning high capacity ammo clips
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>> welcome back, one person is in the hospital after an s.u.v. flames over in cherry hill chopper three over route 38 westbound near hatted on field drive, where you can see the damaged vehicle on its
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roof. we're told the right lane is closed in that area right now, as police investigate the crash, no word on how serious the injuries are to the victims inside. on the cbs-3 health watch this noon, it is asthma peak week. >> doctors say it is a time when levels of germs and irritants are high for school age children and asthma sufferers. more than 6 million children and teens suffer with asthma in the united states, recent study shows increases in pediatric asthma attacks, and doctor visits, happen during september. experts say it is critical that kids use their inhalers at school when necessary. >> there is a new allergen in the air called ragweed pollen t triggers a lot of asthma attacks in children, and top of that there is also the viruses. >> doctors also say it is important that parent have an asthma action plan with the school so teachers know the signs and how to react and parent should also make sure your children's prescriptions are up-to-date. well, from their rise to
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fame to the toll it eventually took, the beatles are in the movie spotlight once again. >> "eyewitness news" anchor ukee washington report, new documentary set to be released and it includes a very familiar face to our area. >> ♪ >> the beatles are back. and now thanks to academy award film maker ron howard, whole new generation will get to experience what they were all about. >> i got chills. >> former channel three and veteran philadelphia news anchor larry kane is a major part of the project. >> the actual scenes of them forming on stage, proves once and for all that they were the greatest entertainment, live bands, ever. >> kane chosen by the group's manager to be there during touring years, reporter out of miami in 1964 and 65, but guess what? >> i didn't want to go. he said you know we have the war in vietnam. we have the racial revolution happening in america, the president had just been
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killed. the ford mustang was being introduced. >> but he ultimately changed his mind, larry introduced himself to john, paul, george and range owe, and this film takes you behind the scenes and so many amazing ways, including interviews with the fab four back in the day. and now from the two surviving band mates. larry interviewed the beatles not only about music but about the turbulent times that were the 19 60s. kane experienced few light moments, as well, especially while talking to john lennon. >> who by the way called me a fred from the 1950's. he said what planet are you from? >> the beatles took the planet by storm. and this documentary gives the viewer a great experience of how they did it and how it all came to an end. >> what this did was show why they were tired. they entertained everywhere they could. >> and it all caught up with them in various ways. film goers can expect fascinating new material annex tens i have research that reveals audio and video never
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seen or heard before. actually a project for everyone specially those who were not there, but larry kane had a ticket to ride despite a warning from his father. >> world war i tough guy, he said larry watch your guys, these guys are a mess and to society. and that's the way most of the adults felt. >> a feeling that quickly changed, and the rest, as they say, is musical history. and the beatles eight days a week the touring years opens tomorrow. i'll seal you tonight. i'm ukee washington, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> history indeed. still ahead on "eyewitness news", attack of the man balloon, x-rays yes, sir video, why this started rolling over everything in it path. >> it is interesting video. you definitely want to stay tuned for the reason why. in the meantime, we are looking ahead here to some beautiful weather to wrap up our week. but it does get cut short. we are going to be tracking wet weather eventually. i'll tell when you to expect it coming up.
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seven hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions. tax breaks for them. campaign contributions for him. pat toomey. he's helping big oil polluters and millionaires. not the rest of us. lcv victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> july gentleman now a tropical depression. >> more than 5 inches of rain fell in the charleston south carolina area n georgia massive trees fell on power lines, and julia brought out surfers during high tide on the island. >> meanwhile, a giant model moon got loose on the roads after chinese city just as a super typhoon blew past the province. now, this super typhoon you may recall has winds of up to 140 miles an hour, and it is believed to be the world's strongest storm this year. the moon was part of decorations for china's autumn festival. also known as the moon festival. hard to believe from looking at this that no one was hurt.
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wow, unbelievable. just unbelievable. that storm system as you mention, it is actually anticipated to be the strongest storm on the entire planet this year. >> wow. >> just unbelievable, the strength that this had, and the kind of rainfall it is bringing, it has actually since been downgraded at least to more of tropical storm status, still brinking in very heavy rainfall to that part of china. there may be another foot and a half worth of rain in some parts, yes, and talking over the course of 36 hours, potentially, and that amount of rain and that amount of time, so i mean devastating flooding. pretty much a certainty out of that. let's take a look at the storm, little more specific, when it comes to some of the statistical information. storm itself is named maranti. strongest storm of 2016. at its peak, on tuesday, it had wind speeds, talking sustained winds speeds, of 185 miles per hour. we talked about the flooding rain and they ended up with over 2 feet of rain in just the 24 hour window, you can
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imagine the kind of damage that was done here with flooding, but also, i mean, talking hundreds of thousands of people without power as well. so there will be a lot of clean to up do. now turning our focus again back to the tropics, zoom in with tropical now depression julia, thankfully primarily out to sea, did bring in pretty decent rainfall, tropical storm ian, meantime, no worries with this one, it is going to stay out to sea as it continues its trek north, eventually searing to the northeast, sustaining, again, out to sea. tropical depression number 12 now out there. at the height of hurricane season, folks, seeing a lot more activity even though thankfully we have been dealt granting blows as late when it comes to the tropics. turn the focus on our area, really at this point high pressure is the story. we did have cold front cross through, see the left over clouds with it, it kind of fizzled when it came to the moisture content through the course of the night yesterday. now we're just left with much more comfortable air. and barely a breeze out there, too. so it really was sort of lackluster front when it came to the indirect impact from it
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in the way of moisture, wind, but knocked the temperatures back to very comfortable levels, with the humidity doing the same, it is a nice afternoon. mid 70s to report across most of the board, we take you out to one of the area live network cameras, not single cloud out here. absolutely picturesque, 67 degrees at kutztown area middle school, i'm sure eventually we will see the kids out on the soccer field in the for grounds. that will said we have other sports going on around our area, that includes the phillies here at home tonight, mainly clear, very comfort affordable night, 07 degrees. that's perfect baseball weather. 70:51 pitch. meanwhile maybe temple grad or maybe penn state grad, in the area, you'll be taking a hike out to happy val think weekends, there could be a shower or thunderstorm late in the game on saturday afternoon. and the reason for that is the next frontal boundery, that eventually affect us. but it will hold off until sunday, so saturday looks good here in the delaware valley, we warm up to the mid 80s through the course of the weaken and beyond for that matter, sunday the day we see our next best chance for wet
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weather. timing less than ideal for outdoor plans, but we could use the rain, so talking some showers, maybe thunderstorm, although i think at earliest we would be talking late morning on sunday. so if you have outdoor plans, try to get them in a little early and you'll be just fine. >> we need the rain.
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>> coming up later today on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 stylists say it is not good to wash your hair every day, it can get dried out, so many women rely on dry
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shampoo. but experts are now warning misuse can be dangerous, and can cause hair lost. what you need to know to protect your hair and scalp that's coming up today at 5:00. >> new jersey police need your help catching a brazen bank robbery suspect caught on surveillance images. we'll show you where he is striking in our area. >> that's "eyewitness news" today at noon, i'm jim donovan on this beautiful day. >> it is a beautiful day. little chilly but that's okay. we will move right past that. my name is brooke thomas, as always, for all of us here thanks for watching. >> the only one that thinks it is cool outside in the whole entire area. i'm katie fehlinger. we are always on line for you at >> as always the young and the restless is next.
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[ doorbell rings ] >> paul: hey, nik. >> nikki: paul. what a surprise. >> paul: yeah. >> nikki: i thought our police surveillance was long over. >> paul: this is about our son. i'm here to pull dylan back from the ledge. >> victor: i know you're busy doodling on that blackboard. but playtime is over with. let's skip all the formalities. let's get to the point. this is what you want, right? to see me in cuffs? do it. >> dylan: there's nothing i'd like more than to throw you in that cell. >> victor: you don't have the guts? is that it?


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