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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 16, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> i'm rahel solomon in for brooke thomas. katie also off. lauren casey, meisha johnson, joining thus morning, very lappy friday to you all. >> yes, rahel, it is your monday, we won't talk about that any more. the roads are looking pretty good, guys, a lot of construction out there, i have to say, crews hard at work, hopefully a lot of this is coming out of our way coming up in the next 15 minute or so. >> weather extremely quiet. remember high temperatures yesterday, boom, gone, out of here, beautiful conditions. so much cooler. and feeling more fall-like, and there is a fall chill in the air this morning. specially, north and west of the city. up toward the lehigh valley, temperatures upper 40's, right now, getting close to 30's in the poconos, 41 degrees your current temperature in mount pocono. berks county, cool, as well, down to the low 50's, waking up to 06 degrees right now in philadelphia. the air, so much drier after hot and humid start to our work week. nice closing, ends, with this dry air in place, dew points
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down into the 40's, 50's, across the region. where they will remain throughout our day today. >> storm scan3, showing us, extremely quiet conditions, as well, high pressure in control, will yield another sunny day for us. so, beautiful one to cap off the work week. a lot of sunshine tacking us into midday. great for your lunch hour, 76 degrees, a lot of sunshine, low humidity, and beautiful by the 3:00 hour, 79 degrees our high temperature in the city. and yes, we are getting close to the start of fall. only 34 days until our average high temperature is 65 degrees. daylight saving time, comes to an end, in 51 days, election day in 53 days, and can you believe it, meisha, less than 70 days until turkey day! >> that's just weird, lauren, think about that, isn't it? sixty-nine days until thanksgiving? how are we talking about that? just last week talking about junior april or i don't know what it was, certainly wasn't thanksgiving. guys, new jersey, 42 freeway, thinking about things going fast, you're still going fast here, in new jersey, 42
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freeway actually looking really greatment looking actually pretty quiet. no troubles there what so far. if you are headed out there, go out there, looking great. vine update for you, you can see, the westbound side, looks like that is open. eastbound side, kind of waiting on that to follow, usually does, should be opening sometime very quickly. also some construction in jersey this morning, 2995 northbound, southbound, both directions between the commodore barry bridge, one, two lanes blocked, this should be lifting right about now, i'll let you know it does, more construction, admiral wilson boulevard eastbound that ramp federal street to campbell place closed until again 5:00 a.m. kind that far hot spot that we're waiting for, so right around now a lot should be clearing for us, in the worlds of mass transit, norristown high-speed line, take a look at this, new schedule starting monday, and also, lansdale-doylestown, bussing, sunday, between lansdale and doylestown, again, just reminder make sure to check the schedules on line. more coming up in about ten minutes, jan, over to you. >> new this morning, thief targets the wrong family, robbing the city's frankford section. >> police tell us a man tried to rob a passer and his family
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not far from their church when the pa cents tore's wife pulled out her own gun, jan carabeo live in frankford, where she spoke with the pastor about the scary moments, jan, good morning. >> rahel, jim, good morning, that's right, this is the pastor's church what you see right behind me here in frankford, whole family lives right next-door. policer say it was when they were returning home from a concert last night, when this man approaches them with a rifle and tries to rob the family. guess what, both the pastor and his wife are licensed to care. the wife had her weapon, she pulled out and shot in defense of her family. take a look at this video, all happened on the 1,000 block of pratt street in frankford. police say this 48 year old pastor, his 38 year old wife, their 12 year old son, all came home around 11:00 last night, and as they exited their car and were about to walk-in side their home, police say, they were approached by that man with the rifle who demanded money. now the pastor tells us he struggled with the suspect, and he had hands on that weapon, but then decided to back off, because he didn't want his son to be shot.
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he says, then, the suspect struck him in the head with a butt of that rival. meantime, his wife comes out with a gun, that she is license today carry, and she shoots the suspect, in the leg. police say, he runs. ditches the rifle. under the park car. that suspect then tries to get away by jumping on to the driver side running board of a moving suv. police say that driver likely had nothing to do with the robbery, that they were just passing by at that moment. now, police say, the suspect was described as wearing orange shorts, with white stripe, so they decided to check out area frankford hospital, which is just about a mile away, because, remember, this suspect shot in the leg, guess what? they found a man wearing orange shirts, with shorts, with a white stripe, right outside. so, he's under arrest this morning, meantime the family is shaken up, but they're okay. this pastor fears that if they weren't armed, the story could have ended differently. take a listen. >> it was extremely crazy. like when we got our guns, we're like we got them, but we hope we never have to use them. but if it is there, you know,
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if it ever comes up, you're like, if it comes down to my family or him, it is him, i'm sorry. you know? i don't feel bad about that. >> now, this suspect is only described as a 66 year old man, who social security treated for that gunshot wounds to the leg. under arrest this morning, northeast detectives is investigating. meantime, this pastor tells us, this is not his first brush with danger. he says he actually had to protect his congregation here in frankford from knife wielding man. he said he also had a gun pull on him by a kid, at another ministry, over in lansdale there. so he is just thankful this morning his entire family is safe. reporting live in frankford this morning, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", rahel, jim, back into you. >> thanks so much, jan. meantime, investigators are trying to figure out what causes deadly head on crash in dover involving a delaware state trooper. it happened last night, on route one southbound near exit 98. police say a chevy driven by a 77 year old man was driving the wrong way when he slammed into the trooper's cruiser.
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the driver of the car who was not wearing a seatbelt was killed. the 22 year old trooper was air lifted from the scene with non-life threatening injuries. >> meanwhile, atlantic city police officer shot in the head leaves the hospital and is greeted by a cheering crowd. officer josh fidel gave a thumb up and waived as he was release from the atlantic cash regional medical center. the 29 year old will now spends time at rehab facility, shot september 3rd while responding to a robbery outside the ceasar's parking garage. >> in other news, new york city police detective is recovering this morning, after being attack with a meat clever. it happened during rush hour yesterday near penn station. investigators say the detective was helping officers subdue a suspect who was trying to remove a parking boot from his car. authorities tell us the suspect slashed the detective in the face during the struggle. officers fired nearly 20 shots shooting the suspect. >> when i come in, pushed
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back, right off the bat about the number of shots that were fired. shots were fired attacking my officers by the suspect. >> now, the suspect is in critical condition. another officer suffered a graze wound. >> while we are now just 52 days until election, hillary clinton and donald trump are in a virtual dead heat, as we heard from hena daniels earlier. meantime, all eyes this morning on donald trump, to see whether he publicly denounces his long held obama birth believes. >> statement last night saying trump believes president obama was born in the united states. but as hena daniels reports, hillary clinton's campaign, isn't buying it. >> trump's apparent flip flop on the birth issue came after rival hillary clinton blasted his refuse tool renounce the idea when he was interviewed by the washington post wednesday. >> he was asked one more time:
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where was president obama born? and he still wouldn't say hawaii. he still wouldn't say america. this man want to be our next president? >> hours later trump's campaign released this statement, pointing the finger at clinton, for raising the the issue in 2008 when she was running against then candidate obama. >> the campaign then credited trump for helping resolve the matter. adding: having successfully obtained president obama's birth certificate, when others could not, mr. trump believed that president obama was born in the united state. >> clinton returned to the campaign trail in north carolina yesterday. calling trump out for criticizing a pastor in flint shall michigan. stopped him from getting political inside her church. he called her a nervous mess. that's not only insult
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something, it is dead wrong. >> jobs, jobs, jobs. >> after delivering remarks on his economic plan in new york, the reason public can nominee traveled to new hampshire and took clinton to task, for calling his supporters deplorable last week. >> hillary clinton slanders you as deplorable and irredeemable. >> with less than two months to the election, a cbs news new york times pole has clinton and trump locked in a virtual tie. >> hena daniels, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> well, the big day is here. the official release of the new iphone, customers will be table get their hands on the new iphone seven today. "eyewitness news" outside the apple store in center city where some customers are already camped out. now if you expect to walk in, grab new device, you may be disappointed. apple says some of the colors sold out during the pre-order period. so what is it about the new iphone that drives people to campout all night?
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well, ask them, coming up in a live report at 5:30. >> should be interesting. just as new apple phone comes out, bad news this morning for samsung. the us consumer product safety commission has issued a mandatory recall of the galaxy note seven smart phones. officials say the batteries in the phones pose a fire hazard. of course there have been dozens of reports of damage and injuries. so if you have a galaxy note seven look for the special code etched on the back, then contact samsung to see if you are eligible for the recall. >> well, still ahead on "eyewitness news": >> this teen can barely hold back her tears. why the sound every her mom's voice is making her so emotional coming up. >> why real life hero risk his own life to save a kitten from an oncoming car, the video you have to see to believe. stay with us. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> meisha is all upset about this kitten. don't worry, meisha, a i think
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it turned out all right. we have the green light for the weekends, she'll be back with traffic, lauren back with a beautiful forecast. stay with us, everyone. i'm hillary clinton and i fix the problems we face. e can well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what
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>> police are on the look-out for a thief stealing something unusual from houses in philadelphia. >> they call her the binary
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bandit. now, take a look at this surveillance video, shows a woman stealing a zero from the house number at a home on amber street. it is just one in a series of thefts, of zero's and one's, from house numbers in east kensington fishtown, hence the name, binary bandit. police are investigating. that is just plane weird. well, getting a look at dramatic rescue on highway in russia. meisha is please today hear this, saving the life after kitten. this kitten fell from suv and curls up on the road apparently paralyzed with fear, officials say, it stayed therefore more than three minutes. >> oh, my gosh. >> the security camera footage shows a driver slows down, gets out, and lift the little one to safety. vet say it is okay, so meisha, you can breathe, because i know you would be stopping, you would be crashing into cars to get that kitten. >> i mean, i think we wou have no choice. can you imagine if you were behind the wheel and saw a little -- oh, goodness. >> pretty good eyesight, as
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well. >> right. because you wouldn't know what it is, you could think it is a squirrel or something. fortunately the kit send okay, and the driver is okay, stopping on the highway. >> but look like it was good weather on the road, lauren? >> poor kitty. >> beautiful day today, to take all of your little animals for a walk. get the dogs out there, gorgeous conditions, in store, it is a little cool to start on our friday morning. temperatures around 60 degrees right now in philadelphia, might even need some long sleeves, northeasterly winds at around 6 miles per hour, nice dry air in place, temperatures down right cool as we look up toward the lehigh valley, 49 degrees right now in allentown, 41 degrees in mount pocono, down at 51 degrees in millville. mild start to the day in dover at 61 degrees, do have nice dry comfortable air in place and all throughout the day today it is going to feel awesome. will start to creep back up,
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headed into sunday, feeling almost steamy, again, and then on monday dew points drop down again, gradually specially throughout the afternoon on the back side after cold front. storm scan3 showing us dry conditions, no rain to see, but do have cold front still pretty far up winds position across portions of the upper midwest, generating showers, thunderstorms, than will bring us much needed chance of rain as we head into sunday but for this evening, beautiful conditions, if you are headed out to see the phils taking on miami, 17 degrees at first pitch at 7:05. seventy-one, a lot of sunshine, nice and comfortable. future weather, we start off tomorrow, we don't have much to look out for today. 8:00 a.m. in the morning. increasing clouds specially north and west of the city down the shore beautiful conditions, for our saturday, then we head into sunday, more clouds around, scattered showers and thunderstorms starts to develop, even in the morning hours specially north and west the city. and we see the activity scattered in nature throughout the afternoon, and even into the evening hours that rainfall chance continues,
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slow passage across the delaware valley. we could see lingering shower into monday, as well. followed by gradual clearing, high temperature at 83 degrees. back to sunshine, on tuesday, still warm, eight a degrees, above average, but less humidity, meisha, fall arrives as we head into next thursday. oh, all right, i got mixed feelings about that, lauren, but all right. well, i guess we'll take it. good morning, guys, happy friday. blue route taillights, ridge pike, you can see what you're working with here, looking pretty good both directions friday's tends to be one every our lighter travel days, that's certainly what we're seeing on the blue route, blue route actually looking pretty darn good. schuylkill, same story, taillights moving in the eastbound direction, this is as you head into center city eastbound, again, spring garden, you can see, both moving in the eastbound and westbound sides. looking good. can kind of holding steady here as well. overall anywhere we look so far, so good. ninety-five taillights moving in the southbound direction, this is look at the airport area, you can see, it is looking quiet. looking very, very quiet. if you are headed out to
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interstate 95 right now, good news for you, you're in great company. a loft your neighbors probably out there, pa construction westbound between valley forge, downingtown, left lane is block, heads up on that, and also, in mass transit. norristown high-speed line running new schedule starting monday lansdale doylestown bussing, sunday, between lansdale and doylestown, so again, just a reminder, make sure to check the schedules on line. jim, rahel, back to you. >> meisha, a thank you. and now for a look at newspaper headlines from across the our region. >> from the cover of the mercury second time in less than a week daniel boone area school district dealing with the fall out from kinder garth never being left on a bus, you may recall on september 6, the first day every school, a kinder garden student left on locked bus for four hours, while on september 12th another student was not dropped off at the correct location. and road a school bus for two hours. >> and, from the front page of the reading eagle, penndot officials were hit with a bit of sticker shock this week
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when reviewing contractor bids to reviewing the ben street bridge. lowest bid about $6 million over what's been budgeted and that budget had already been increased 50%, since planning began. >> in the burlington county times, burlington county board of fro holders is considering a double dipping ban, reviewing proposal to prohibit the county government from hiring anyone already collecting a public funded pension. >> and that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> a teenager just couldn't contain her emotions when she is able to hear her mother's voice for the very first time. can you hear my voice? >> yes. >> (laughing). >> how sweet is this? that's video, 14 year old brianna mendosa from houston, the day her cochlear implant was implant dollars. she's had profound hearing loss since the age of three. she said everything sounds normal except for her own voice. >> well, it was weird that i
5:20 am
heard my voice. >> what's it sounds like? >> it sounds like normal, but like sounds like a robot. >> you always hate hearing the sound of your own voice. sounds of laughter all a part of brianna's new worlds. she hopes to some day teach at the center that has given her so much. >> what a great story. >> i love those stories. up next, patrick is here with sports. >> are you guys trying to make me cry this morning with that store snip not a good night for the phillies. we'll have the ugly results. on the bright side, eagles football a few days away. we have some birds news coming up. rahel? >> and in our next half hour, an exclusive interview with union boss, donnie doc, the phillies playgrounds that made him tough. the fbi probe that might surprise you.
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>> women come back, thanks for waking up with "eyewitness news" this morning. >> and pat is here with us, and pat there is was a good week for the eagles but now looking ahead to next week. >> yes, weaver to look ahead to monday nightment pretty big test forecaster on wentz, the eagles will be missing key piece of their defense monday night in chicago, starting cornerback kelvin nursing bad ham spring, birds were counting on him to cover pro bowl wide receiver al sean jeffrey. just one of the many things to watch this week, in prime time, another is surprise carson wentz, we'll see how he does in a toughen vier onment, likely, without zach efforts, and before national tv audience, the always steady wentz is taking one thing at a time. >> goes back to how i approach this all the way back since
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the draft process really. just block out the noise, media, whatever it may be, the good, the bad, whatever it may be, just focus on ball, just focus on getting better every week. the good, bad, indifferent, doesn't matter. just focus, take it day-by-day. >> last night, thursday night football right here on cbs-3, the jets and the bills got after it. jets running back, matt forte, had 100 yards and three touchdowns, and former bills ryan fits bat trick 24 of 34 for 374 yards and a touchdown. the jets win 37-31. beating buffalo for the first time in the last six meetings, next thursday night, it is the texans, and patriots, on cbs-3. well, it wasn't a football game in south philly. one team put up couple of touchdowns last night as the phils played the pirates. chad cool got the start for pittsburgh. he went to the university of delaware. and there is his dad in the stands watching the game with 100 other friends and family.
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he would get cameron rough looking here, he went six innings, striking out five, and the last three innings, just brutal for the phillies, down three-two, in the seventh. then the pirates scored 12 runs. hit five homeruns in all, add two-point conversion for pittsburgh, the few rat win 15 to two, so ugly night for the phillies, but at least it is a football weekends, right, coming up on eagles monday night. >> something to cheer on. >> ugly. >> thanks, patrick. >> you got it. >> and coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", justin finch is live, where folks are lining up for the latest iphone. hi, justin. >> hey there, rahel. good morning, we are live from the corner of 16th and walnut, where apple fans are lining up for the new iphone seven. apple watch series two, and coming up why we will tell you has fans most excited this morning. >> i'm kevin frazier coming up rene sell wig err returns for bridgette jones baby. a man fought off as both hero
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and a a trade nerve snowden. >> and a chance of fall arrives, yesterday beautiful day in store, i'm lauren cases and rain chances coming into the upcoming week end. >> your forecast. >> the vine street expressway is open again after overnight construction. meisha is back with the latest detours and delays, when we come back.
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>> live from the broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> live in a row home, five minutes from where i grew up at. >> johnny doc the union boss involved in a huge flbi investigation gets deeply personal. reveals intimate details about his early life. >> and i miss my mother every day, i'm mommy's boy, but i love my father. everyone knows i take my dad everywhere with me, my dad lives with me. >> exclusive interview, the playground that makes him tough, his probe, hobby that may commas surprise. good morning, i'm rahel solomon. brooke thomas is off this morning. >> i'm jim donovan. exclusive interview with johnny doc in just a minute. here's what you need to start your day in a morning minute. >> i said shoot him, and she shot him. >> would be thief picked the wrong family to rob in


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