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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> and another legal defeat for bill cosby. the key piece of evidence that will be heard during the actor's criminal trial. >> also a controversy reignited. we begin tonight with the mystery surrounding a humpback whale down the shore. i'm yukee washington. >> and i'm nicole brewer. jessica dean has the night off. the 20 ton mammal washed up in sea isle city. beach goers couldn't believe what they were seeing. >> reporter: it was a grim task as workers removed the remains of a young humpback whale from the surf in sea isle. >> we don't know why. we hadn't seen any cause of
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death at this point, but we're going to look at that tomorrow morning when we turn the animal over. >> at 30 feet long and 20 feet long, the young humpback is only half the size of an adult. it's possible it was hit by a ship. >> it would have been with its mother. >> reporter: hundreds of people came to see the whale, curious, ama amaze and sad. >> it's a terrible thing to see. >> it's too bad if it's a young whale that it would wash up on a beach. >> reporter: officials said they plan to take some samples from the whale to try to determine the cause of death. most likely it will be saturday morning when the whale is removed. of course they want people to stay away from it. keep yourself safe and stay out of the way as people are working. in sea isle. >> philadelphia police responded to a bank robbery in center city
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tonight. investigators say he presented the teller with a demand note, took the money and ran off. about half an hour later officers arrested the suspect at 12th and vine. some of the stolen money was recovered. no one was injured. a camden woman is under arrest charged with hindering the investigation into the shooting death of a child in camden last month. she provided a false alibi for at person of interest in the death of gabrielle carter. police say the arrest is a warning to others. >> we're going to get every person that's responsible for this. not just those that pulled the trigger, but everything that led up to that event and every individual that is ab strukting our investigation. >> there is still a $76,000 reward for information leading authorities to carter's killer. >> a woman jumps into action when her husband is held up at gunpoint shooting the suspect.
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eyewitness news in north philly, pastor robert cook and his soon came face to face with a man armed with a rifle. the suspect hit the pastor with that rifle. enter cook's wife. she was just getting out of their car and has a license to carry. she shot the suspect in the leg. >> i heard my wife saying drop the gun and he turned towards her and i said shoot him, shoot him. and she shot him. >> the gunman fled the scene by clinging the back of a passing suv. police later found him on the highway suffering from a gun shot wound. police released surveillance video of a suspect wanted in a shooting in west philly last wednesday. video shows the suspect grabbing the woman's purse as she attempted to fight him off. the suspect shot the woman several times and ran from the scene. the victim survived the shooting.
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you are asked to call police if you can identify the suspect. >> in campaign 2016 we are now just 52 days away from election day and tonight republican presidential nominee donald trump dismissed claims he's a racist. this on the same day he abandoned his view that president obama was not born in the united states. >> welcome to all of you deplorables. >> donald trump accused democrats of playing the race cards hours after reversing his stance on the birther controversy. >> when they're in trouble they always pull out the racist word. and they are in very big trouble i have to tell you. >> reporter: earlier trump abandoned his contention that president obama was not born on u.s. soil. >> president barack obama was born in the united states. period. >> reporter: he also falsely accused hillary clinton of starting the controversy during her 2008 campaign, then took
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credit for ending it. >> i finished it. >> reporter: his comments set off a firestorm. >> he is feeding in to the worst impulses. >> reporter: angry members of the congressional black caucus labeled trump a disgusting fraud. >> donald trump is nothing more than a two-bit racial ars sonist. >> as for the president. >> i was pretty confident about where i was born. i think most people were as well. >> reporter: a new poll shows clinton has a 13 point lead among women but 53% of female voters don't think trump respects women very much. also tonight donald trump heavily criticized his rival over gun rights. he once again called for hillary clinton's secret service agents to be stripped of their weapons. >> take their guns away. let's see what happens to her. take their guns away, okay? it would be very dangerous. >> clinton has called tightening
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access to guns. she has never called for doing away with the second amendment. meantime we now know only two candidates will take the stage in the first presidential debate. both third party nominees failed to hit the 15% polling threshold across several major polls needed to qualify for the debates. the first debate is set for monday september 26th. >> strong words from the philadelphia archbishop when it comes to the candidates rining for president and politics in general. in a speech he called donald trump a, quote, lij rent dom going. and he called clinton criminal liar uniquely rich in steal ideas and priorities. he also called out local leaders saying quote i come from a place where the state attorney general was just convicted of nine felonies. >> i think that there is no
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place for religion in politics. the pope, the archbishop, whomever, should stay out of the politics. politics are ugly enough. >> maybe it's not as place as a religious leader, but i guess he has the right to speak too. >> in response to the comments, the district attorney's office said thankfully we live in a country where everyone is afforded the opportunity to voice their opinions, receive due process and are afforded presumption of innocence. >> an off duty new york city police detective who was attacked by a man with a meat cleaver is now out of the hospital and resting at home. brian o'donnell was greeted by cheers as he left the hospital. police say the suspect attacked as officers tried to stop him from removing a boot from a vehicle he was apparently living in. the suspect remains in the hospital. a delaware state trooper
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involved in a serious head-on collision is out of the hospital tonight. chopper 3 was over the scene of that crash last night. it happened on route 1 southbound near exit 98. police say a chevrolet driven by a 77-year-old was driving northbound in the southbound lanes. that car collided head-on with the police cruiser. the driver of the car who was not wearing a seat belt was killed. >> a second young child has died following wednesday's crash on i-78. a five-year-old was also killed in the crash. police say the car they were in veered out of control and was struck by two other vehicles. the children and a woman were ejected. a legal defeat for bill cosby. a judge ruled that a recorded phone call between cosby and the mother of his accuser can be used as evidence. cosby's lawyers argued the phone
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call could not be submitted because it was recorded without his permission but the judge said the mother lives in can and the two-bacteria consent law does not apply. >> a couple of local olympians were recognized for their achievements in rio. wilson competed in the 800 meter event, ali brought home the silver medal in the 100 meter hurdle. >> in south philly tonight, the mummers hosted a fundraising dinner for suicide awareness. allowing students to attend roman catholic and mercy career and technical high school. to be considered for the scholarships, students had to submit essays on the topic of suicide awareness. a well-known company is looking to hire this holiday
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season. >> why they want to pay you to stay home. also ahead at 11:00, growing outrage surrounding one of the nation's biggest banks. how customers are taking action against the company. >> also they pulled a lionel ritchie all night long. the early reviews if. >> and it's a cool, clear, beautiful night, but this system is on its way toward us and it's going to bring the threat for some rain this weekend. i'll help you plan any outdoor activities you may have and tell you when the best chance for showers will be. that's coming up in the 7-day. >> and it is friday night so turn on the lights. it's the friday football frenzy. lesley has highlights when we come back with sports.
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more bad news for wells fargo. three customers in utah have filed a lawsuit against the bank today. this follows news that the bank collected fees on millions of unauthorized accounts. wells fargo has since fired 53 employees. agreed to pay fines and refunded 5 million more to customers. the u.s. has launched investigations into the bank's practices. >> it's a story we've been following. the samsung galaxy note 7 catching fire or even exploding while charging. about 1 million of the phones are under recall with officials calling that device a serious fire hazard. samsung was able to trace the problem to a small glitch in the phone's battery. 97% of the phones sold here in the u.s. have that battery. samsung's president is speaking out. >> we did not meet the standard of excellence that you expect and deserve. for that we apologize.
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>> so far 130,000 phones have been returned for a refund exchanged for a functional one. >> the iphone 7 is now on sail worldwide and some pulled all neithers to get it. there is no headphone jack, a move some are praising and others are condemning. we talked with a few folks who were first to get the new phone. >> i got the iphone 7 plus, and i i had a case and screen protector and new bluetooth headphones. >> today apple also released a new version of the apple watch. >> this upcoming holiday season could get a new job without leaving your home. amazon plans to hire customer service associates who can work from their home. the job is only being offered in certain states pennsylvania being one of them and it pays $10 an hour.
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applicants need to be able to work full-time and have flexible schedules. but the company says seasonal employees will be given an opportunity for a long-term big. >> america's largest haunt house. this season there's a new attraction. >> don't be
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>> it is a beautiful night or a shot that could be beautiful or creepy. >> who knows, maybe the zombies over at eastern state are a little extra crazy this evening with that harvest moon. it rose this evening, it is beautiful. we're going to see those scattered showers possibly get
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in here even one or two tomorrow afternoon or evening but it's really late sunday into monday as the cold front crossing the region as we'll start to see steadier rain. temperatures in the 60s, we're at 63 here in philly, 59 in trenton, just 55 in atlantic city and 56 right now in mount pocono. you're going to wake up tomorrow morning with temperatures in the 50s. a little chilly start to your saturday morning. if you want to get out and maybe go for a run saturday morning, you want to do it early because we are going to steam up a bit in the afternoon as the system approaches. humidity will increase and temperatures are heading back to the 80s. sunshine giving way to increasing clouds, possibly a stray shower. sunday could be a different story. notice how clouds pop up. not a whole lot of rain here sunday, just scattered isolated showers. so i wouldn't cancel outdoor plans. just be aware you may need to
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move things inside if a shower comes through. then monday when we start to see this front setting up shop overhead. it's going to pull in some moisture from julia. notice it's still hanging around monday at 5:00 p.m. that's when the steadiest rain will be. most of tomorrow not seeing much of anything. most of sunday not much either from sunday night into monday. that's when some of us could end up with half inch to an inch of rainfall. tomorrow partly sunny, 81 degrees. sunday 84 the daytime high and some of that moisture from julia will continue to contribute some moisture pulling up the eastern seaboard. we now have another tropical storm. karl needs to be watched. it should stay a storm for the next several days, eventually strengthen into a hurricane and should stay out to sea, but it's
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still soon to tell just what that storm is going to do. the weekend not looking like a wash-out, but some of that much-needed rain sunday night into monday. then we clear it out again. the good thing about this rain is it's not coming in an hour or two, it's going to be a long duration of scattered showers. that's exactly what the grass needs. >> no question about it. >> thank you. >> well, some of the eagles are now planning to follow colin
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several players plan on protesting during the national anthem. this all started when 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick refused to stand for the national anthem sparking a debate. there will be some type of protest, the players haven't decided what they were going to do. malcolm explains why he'll be one of them. >> for me it has nothing to do with this country or the flag or the anthem in itself. it's really just in continue to push forward the conversation about social injustice. >> now to baseball, the phillies hosting the marlins. down 2-0 in the sixth and howard
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just crashes this pitch his 22nd of the year. to the 8th we go, the phillies up 3-2 until a pinch hitter crashes the ball and right now in the 12th, the phillies and marlins are 3-3. >> thanks, guys clm week 2 of the friday football frenzy. lots of games to get to but we're going to start with the afternoon games. lincoln at
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you can go all the the way in there for the school, the high school future will win this one, 35-20. martin luther king visiting george washington could be the play of the day right here. great run for the td. no score rortded on this game. delaware valley visiting northeast. the charter will win this one 12-0. to frant forth and
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to ridly, ma leak young, running this one around the end for the touchdown there. ridley wins 38-17. we head over to jersey for camden catholic. breaks a tackle and check him out, he is gone. camden catholic 42-15. saint joe's prep and archbishop wood. we have much more ahead and if you feel like jersey was underrepresented, not to worry. we head over to cherokee high school as th
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>> we had cherokee high school hosting the number 2 ranked team in south yersy timber creek. here is the coach pro game. >> every time we play it's us against the world. we've got to have each other's back. it ain't going to change tonight. >> check out the cherokee fans.
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a lot of orange out there. always a great turnout. cherokee leading early, but back comes timber a minute left on the clock here is your game-winning touchdown. timber creek with the comeback
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time to get your friday laugh on. coming up next is the late show followed by the late late show with james corden. our morning team is back tomorrow from 5:00 to 7:00. for everyone here, i'm yukee washington. >> and i'm nicole brewer remember we're always at >> good night, family and sleep well.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> we've got a great show tonight. harry connick jr. will be here. stick around. >> hey, big boy, put down that hoagie. introducing the late show celebrity chat line. where the hottest stars are ready to talk to you. >> well, most people know me from this thing. but i was also in another thing that you've seen. yes, that's right. i was in that thing, too. >> a third "sister act" movie. would you like that? >> whater


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