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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  September 19, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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it exploded. >> this happened at the elizabeth train station, that's up in union county on the northeast corriveau door. >> the fbi is questioning five people in connection with the explosion that rocked a manhattan neighborhood this weekend. >> we're getting a look at the moment a police officer was shot during this weekend's deadly rampage in west philadelphia. >> nicholas glenn went on a shooting rampage, late friday night. >> hillary clinton will be in philadelphia, this afternoon, she will deliver a speech at temple university. both candidates chris coste in battleground states today. >> here we go. ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> two late night hoses come together at the emmy awards. >> that was jimmy kimmel singing along with james corden, for a carpool karaoke,
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katie, what will the weather be like when we go-go? >> oh, those windshield wipers go exactly like those guys were. oh, my gosh. if that song doesn't put a smile on your face, i don't know what does. i always start giggeling when i hear that song. i don't know what it is. regardless, this is one of those days that you really need something upbeat to get you out the door. a rainy day and a monday, like the carpenter as sang about. you will need an umbrella going with. first and for most, even though not using the umbrella, lightest of light raindrops beginning to fall on the skydeck, you are seeing a mess just off to the west of the city right now, to the south, where the heavy rain is starting to fall. even couple of embedded thunderstorms here, than is going to be with us, essentially, all day. now you are talking pockets of heavy rain. so it is notaphilies of necessarily going to be soaking rain all day long, but when the rain comes down, it will come down potentially heavy at times.
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here is the gist. periods every rain, thunderstorms possibly heavy downpours, rain amounts over an inch, we need the rain. just coming at a bad time, obviously now getting in toward the height of the typical morning rush, on monday morning, hard enough just to get out of the bed. but regardless, this is what we're facing today. so again, be ready with the extra patience, and the extra rain gear. seventy-six the temperature right now in ac, and philly, and man is it muggy outside. i'm hoping these hits don't last too long on the skydeck, it is not a good hair day. as the day progresses we top only upper 70s, virtually no sunlight to expect here today. again meisha casino every soggy for the better part of the day too. so rain gear required. we send it back into you. >> sure is. all right, katie, thank you so much. looking outside right now, you guys, actually looking all right. let's look, starting to heat up, 95 south before girard. what you are looking at here, you can see, actually holding steady right like this. but it is only 5:30 in the morning, we know it will really heat up. good indicator that you might
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want to give yourself couple every extra minutes, especially leading more into the 60:00 hour. accident roosevelt boulevard southbound outer drive at woodward street. make note of this. can certainly slow you down. schuylkill cleared. but the backups behind it were pretty substantial for being early -- early in the morning. explosion in jersey guys, take a look particulars amtrak northeast corridor is modified right now. this is near elizabeth, new jersey, also, new jersey transit, north jersey, coastline, and northeast corridor, we're zoom willing, tickets and passes cross hon orders by path, ferry, new jersey buses and private carrier buses. a lot going on. we continuously get update. i'll keep you updated. check your schedules on line. you will need to know this information. jim, over to you. >> thanks so much, meisha a more now on breaking news, explosion near a train station in new jersey. now the device exploded as a bomb squad was trying to disarm it with a robot.
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police say this was one of five suspicious devices found in a back pack in the trash can near a train station in elizabeth. as a precaution, authorities suspended some train service. new jersey transit and amtrak have shut down the rail in both directions. they have buses zero on hands to take anybody from here to linden to bypass it going south. >> right now police are reviewing surveillance video from nearby businesses. we'll have more on this breaking story in a live report from elizabeth at 6:00. meanwhile, new developments this morning, in new york, the fbi is questioning five people in connection with this weekend's explosion, in new york city. already questioned several people monday after car stop. anonymous source says they were in a vehicle of interest in the investigation on the verrazano bridge. no one at this point has been charged with a crime. >> in just a few hours, hillary clinton will return to philadelphia. >> she'll give us speech at temple university this afternoon, surely trying tone courage the younger generation to head to the polls. meanwhile, "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch live on
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campus now with a story. good morning, justin. >> reporter: jim, rahel, good morning, from temple's hall, clinton will take the podium today to make her case for the white house. this will be a key stop and a key message for clinton with new polling showing that her young voter support is slumping. let's take you now to some video here, battling back from pneumonia, she hopes to hit the reset button, reinvigorate her voters. clinton camp is double down in pennsylvania, spending more on ads and hauling out heavy hitters such as president obama and eakin's oval rally last week. now, for democrats, this is an all hands on deck effort against donald trump's campaign, now gaining in swing states including ohio, and florida. pennsylvania of course is a crucial state too. here, clinton keeps her edge, and hopes to raise it in part by showcasing her education agenda this afternoon. it does feature debt-free college program, and free
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community college for all americans. now, back out live here at temple, i can tell you those doors open at 10:30 this morning, the event is set for noon, and meantime donald trump is set for a rally in fort myers florida. this polls show clinton and trump are now in a near dead heat. across the country, live here in north philly at temple. i'm justin finch, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". jim, rahel, back into you. >> thank you so much, justin. the time now is just about 5:36. in business news this morning: >> money watch's jig wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, jill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jim, rahel. the markets reopen after volatile trading days on friday, the dow fell 88 points, the nasdaq lost five, overall, though, the markets finish hire for the week. investors are now waiting for the feds policy meeting it, starts tomorrow, on wednesday, fed chair janell yell lynn hold a press con for instance, that's when we will learn if the feds think the economy is strong enough for another interest rate hike this month.
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most economists think they'll wait until after the november election. apple stock hit it best week in five years, big boost from strong iphone seven sales. apple shares jumped about 11% lifting the whole tech sector. those new iphone seven's are nearly sold out. but some early users are getting a earful. some have taken to social media to complain that the phone is creating a hissing sound, especially if it is subject today a heavy processor workload. iphone six is of course, looks like now we have his gaeton our hands, jim, rahel. >> jill you new it would happen. any time they come out with something new, always some kind of glitch. >> interesting. >> exactly. we'll check in with you tomorrow. thanks, jill. >> all right, close call for philadelphia police officers who were almost shot saturday night. officers say they in the dollars teenager smoking marijuana on south street. the teen ran allegedly firing several shots at the officers. now, police did not return fire. they were able to arrest a suspect and say they recovered
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a gun. >> a crash in philadelphia's juniata park section leaves one driver dead. police say the driver crashed into an utility pole, after a speeding car hit it. the driver was returned to the hospital was later pro mount dollars dead, other drivers did remain on the scene. police are now investigating but they say they don't think alcohol played a factor. >> happening today, opening arguments in the trial of two former allies of new jersey governor chris christie, charged with causing gridlock on the george washington bridge. bill and bridgette face fraud and civil ill rights charges, accused of intentionally reducing access lanes to the bridge in fort lee to punish the town's democratic mayor, for not endorsing christie. >> meanwhile opening argument are also set to begin today, in the civil trial of deadly 2,013 center city building collapse. six people were killed and 13 people were injured, when a building under demolition collapsed and crushed a salvation army thrift store at 23rd and market. both the demolition contractor, and the excavator
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face criminal charges, now serving prison sentences there is trial will decide if any individuals or corporate entities are financially liable. >> well we now know what caused the death of 33-foot hump back whale that washed ashore in sea isle city on friday. the report shows that the whale sustained an injury after becoming entangled in a fishing line, as result, the whale was not eating which officials believe led to it death. the whale was burried on the beach in the same spot where it washed ashore. >> well, the prime time emmy take place in los angeles. >> and we'll tell you two of the shows that were big winners being and highlight of the awards ceremony when we come back.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> i got to tell you, a popular game of thrown cleaned up big at last night's emmy awards, broke the record for the highest number of emmy awards won by any show, taking home 12 trophies, including best drama series. another hbo show also won their second straight best comedy series emmy, and julia
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dreufuss made history winning fifth consecutive emmy. people versus oj simpson, they took home five awards including best series. congrats to all of the winners >> this is how it is done. ♪ >> ♪ you put the boom boom into my heart ♪ >> makes you want to dance, flight before taking the stage at the 68th prime time emmy, jimmy hits a road with james courted end for a carpool karaoke, they sang wham, wake me up before you go-go. >> ♪ i'm inbetween jobs right now. you know you can make $12 an hour driving for ooher? >> take a look at that, he also hopped in uber, as you can see, got quite the surprise, as former republican presidential candidate drove off his campaign slogan bumper sticker let just on a little
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secret? 2016 was crossed out, but 2020 was written over it. wonder what that means? >> and for the second straight week, sully lands at the top spot at the bok office. >> this is the captain. brace for impact. >> tom hanks stars as captain chesley sullenberger. you may remember sully landed his plane on the hudson river in 2009 after a bird strikes destroys the plane's engine. all passengers survived the crash landing. sully brought on estimated $22 million. glare witch came in second with $9.7 million. and bridgette jones, who doesn't love bridget jones, baby debuted with three-point -- excuse me, 8.2 million. rounding out top five, snowden. >> i did see sully, i contributed to that amount. >> what did you think? >> it was very good movie. remember covering it during the day, on the set, but mostly focuses on the investigation after the landing. doesn't like to call it a
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crash according to the movie, a landing. >> interesting. everyone on board survived, at least the way the movie depict it, they gave him hard time. >> can't tell you the ending but i highly suggest it. >> so there is some rain out there obviously. that's going to be messing with a lot of commuters. i know probably already is. so folks in the north and west most suburbs right now, we start things off by taking you towel live shot, "skycam 3", the tell tail sheen on the road surface main street bethlehem. this is a shot we take from hotel bethlehem. you can see off in the distance, face south, well, maybe still little tough to see. but moravian college off in the distance there, and certainly, it will be a sewing day for many of the students, going to classes at moravian here today. not to mention everyone he will. we will check on radar in a second. first looking at the eyewitness weather watcher network, seeing certainly some significant warmth out there. and high humidity to go along with it, start things off here across the central new jersey, 71 comes in this morning from mark, actually has completely
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clear sky in chads worth, 94% humidity. further inland, 72 degrees at this hour from fran, a lot of clouds, as every yet no raindrops on icon, 98% humidity. it is getting high when he it comes to the humidity. we go further off to the north here. 72 degrees. coming in from charles. also finding at the moment just some clouds. however, there is a lot of rain beginning to build in across that region. we'll get to that one more time in a second. quickly we start to countdown, the days of fall, just a few days away from the oilatum nail equinox, will officially sends us into the fall season, how much, average high of 65, about 31 days away, and the list goes on, 48 days until daylight saving time ends. and 50 days until election day. countdown continues. that said, looking at storm scan, a classic type of pattern that we see in the month of september. frontal passage brink withing it very heavy rain at this hour. and also, with it, couple of embedded thunderstorms,
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certainly eventually some drier air, sluggish system, so when you walk out the door you in the the palpable humidity that's currently out there. and we are going to be facing potentially over an inch worth of rain. just going over the course of the morning drive. there will likely be at least couple of heavy pockets like this that we have to dodge in the doors the -- course of the next couple of hours, looking forward early afternoon, still heavy rain out there. not seeing total wash out all day everywhere, but these pocket rather of scattered and potentially heavy downpours, that is going to continue into the evening rush, 7:00 p.m. time stamp zero that one, even into tomorrow morning, lingering showers remain before we finally start to clear with time. look at the seven day forecast, believe it or not behind the cold front actually warm up from here. but because there is virtually no sun to expected to, it is little cooler, as a result, mid 80s, then right into the early part of the fall season, with lower humidity, smidge above average, but the sun will shine. meisha, over to you. >> look at. that will all right, katie, thank you so much. good morning, everyone, happy monday.
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looking out the world of travel, new jersey, 42 freeway northbound at creek, looking approaching 29a i would say it looks pretty darn busy if you ask me. so give yourself couple of extra minute in the area, probably need it, before spring garden moving into center sit what i you are looking at here, looking good, both moving in the eastbound and westbound side. we are starting to see brake lights go off heading more toward center city overall still looking okay there. we do have accident here, roosevelt boulevard southbound at woodward street all of the outer lanes are blocked right now. if you want to use alternate, try to avoid it altogether, welsh rd. probably your best bet will get busy around, there good news outer lanes block. keep you updated on that, also some construction scening eastbound, right lane block, between nine a.m. and 3:00 p.m. that's going on today. and also, regional rails, take a look at this, new schedules for all every these lines, lansdale, doylestown, media elwyn, paoli thorndale, norristown high-speed line, check your schedules on line, running new schedules, talking about that basically all
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morning long, then also amtrak take a look at this, explosion in new jersey, northeast corridor modified schedule near elizabeth new jersey also new jersey, north jersey, tickets and passes cross honoring, i'll be talking about this coming up in about ten minute. rahel, jim, back to you. >> thank, meisha. runners philadelphia race for good cause. >> hung cents every people took part in the half marathon, course took them past familiar philly landmarks including city hall, boathouse row and the philadelphia museum of art. the race began and ended in eakin's oval, fans lined the parkway, to cheer the runners on. and, foodis came out, more than 50 food truck lined main street with some of the finest cuisines in the area. visitors got taste of all types of food from barbeque to sweet desserts, the food festival kicks off restaurant week in manayunk which start today. all right, for months, two, ten year old boys not
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talking about the special bond they developed. >> one of them saved the life of other. reporter alex apple tells us how. >> at ten years old the things most kids might worry about are relatively light in nature. whether they win the football game at recess, batman beating super snap who is your superhero. >> about the man. >> my son lamb and agree a.m. ryan are no different. >> except for one thing. it is the reason they're two families linger with they get together. their bond deeper because of it, their hugs longer. >> ya. >> sorry, i get really choke up that far. >> you see, earlier this month the 25th graders walked into milton elementary school? sat together at lunch. >> like oh, my god, ya, he says oh, my god. >> liam started choking on a grape. >> i put it in the side of my cheek, took a zip of milk and
5:51 am
the milk carried it down. i didn't know what he knew. i didn't -- i was just really scared. >> i was tingley, i jumped over about two people, and i did the heimlich. >> liam was okay. mysean had dislodged the grape. no training, no practice, just inch sting that saved his friends' life. >> i feel grateful that my friend was still alive. >> when the phonecall came, liam's dad was overcome with emotion. >> i think i burst out in tears. >> milton rescue presented mysean a life saving award. surely enough to make any mom proud. >> the love that i give him, he's sharing. >> pretty proud of you guys. >> humble fifth grade is her now in praise from a family left trying to figure out how you could possibly thank someone enough for saving your son's life. >> thank you, thank you so much. >> yes. >> we have eternal respect and
5:52 am
gratitude for what he did. >> powerful words of thanks for a young boy, a hero, in their eyes. >> mysean, liam, i'm sure they'll befriend for life. look, i have grapes i eat every morning, so i need to you pay close attention. just in casey laugh, exactly. >> i would, i would. >> i don't know if my meisha or kate coy get over in time. then we have an empty seat. then the whole show fall apart. >> i don't know what we would do without you. >> i know, i know. >> big honor for local war hero. >> we'll take you to the battleship new jersey for very special cerimony that was complete surprise for a veteran. stay with us.
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really? mcenroe. see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh, absolutely. i like that. get fios with virtual tech support for $69.99 a month. >> welcome back everyone, huge birthday surprise for a local war hero. >> family and friend surprised 90 year old world war ii veteran, ralph gumbert, aboard the battleship new jersey. also hon orders on the ship with a gun salute. his family says he was not expecting the surprise. >> he thought he was coming on a tour, one of my cousins was
5:56 am
previously a tour guide here. so he thought that this was going to be him kind of seeing the whole ship and then when he came around we were all here, and surprise! he had no idea. >> now, during world war ii, gumbert served a boards the uss blue ridge, he now has a granddaughter, that proudly serves in the navy reserves. well, congratulates toss ralph. thank you so much for your service. >> happy birthday. anything i can do to make the men and women who serve our country happen. >> i wonderful good news indeed. >> coming up in the next half hour of cbs-3 update on breaking news, explosion at new jersey train station. >> plus time to play ball. just like they did in the 1800s. the league right here in our area that takes you back in time coming up.
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breaking news, device explodes at a train station in new jersey and it is impacting the morning commute. live with what the fbi is saying about the blast. and, another team of fb i am agent, in new york, investigating a weekend explosion in manhattan. we'll tell but five people being questioned in connection with the blast. >> take a look at storm scan3, you'll need your umbrella this morning, katie tracking storms and some heavy rain. today is monday, september the
6:00 am
19th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon in for brooke thomas. katie and meisha keeps an ion things this morning. meisha, busy morning for you out there? >> it started in the had hour, not eased up at all. we have three accidents out there, all of which i can tell you right now are going to slow you down this morning, plus a lot cough being -- coming up in mass transit. >> i should point out, international speak out like a pirate day. >> so batten down the hatches, mate is. that was more irish? >> i was going to say. the irish pirates are taking over. >> there is a storm everyone out there. yes, the grunt in there. take a look at the radar, guys. argh. >> there go. >> oh, i got to work on this one. all right, bear with me, for example, i know, it is monday, not the best news to start the morning off. we want to get you out the door with a smile, though. all of the tools that you need to have a day that's going to be fantastic. i would highly suggest one of the tools is a umbrella because it is soggy out there right now. very heavy


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