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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 19, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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19th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon in for brooke thomas. katie and meisha keeps an ion things this morning. meisha, busy morning for you out there? >> it started in the had hour, not eased up at all. we have three accidents out there, all of which i can tell you right now are going to slow you down this morning, plus a lot cough being -- coming up in mass transit. >> i should point out, international speak out like a pirate day. >> so batten down the hatches, mate is. that was more irish? >> i was going to say. the irish pirates are taking over. >> there is a storm everyone out there. yes, the grunt in there. take a look at the radar, guys. argh. >> there go. >> oh, i got to work on this one. all right, bear with me, for example, i know, it is monday, not the best news to start the morning off. we want to get you out the door with a smile, though. all of the tools that you need to have a day that's going to be fantastic. i would highly suggest one of the tools is a umbrella because it is soggy out there right now. very heavy rain currently
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falling. not everyone is getting hit, but we look at this just snapshot basically, of storm scan3, and some that far rain coming down very heavily across portions of chester county, montgomery, bucks, all point north and west, off to the south now, moving into kent county. again, there have been some thunderstorms embedded within this, might hear few rumble, tough to see, but look in the distance here, outside pleasant valley middle high school one car drives by in the for grounds there, you can tell there is a sheen on the parking lot. the rain certainly falling out here in broad hits ville, we go to berks county next, do actually have flood advisory still posted now including portions of the lehigh valley. so if you are sending the kids off to school, make sure to send them off with definitely some rain here. temperatures only rebounds so far from this point, meisha, a but the rain with us pretty much any time. >> okay, katie. good to know. pack those umbrellas, good morning, everyone, happy monday. well, right now, roadways still looking pretty dry. we do have problems out there at the vine, what you are looking at both moving in the westbound and eastbound side,
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it was not close he had overnight for that construction, make note it is looking little busy. we can expect that though. breaking into the 6:00 hour on monday. mondays tends to get busy, little quicker. ben franklin bridge moving into center city. gorgeous shot. see congestion levels holding steady and looking night right now. accident, one elkins park, south penn avenue near old york road. make note of this. for those of in you and around the area. also this one, causing some significant backups, as well, pa turnpike eastbound past morgantown right lane blocked there. again, we were looking at the censor map. looks like it is slow moving around that accident. also, roosevelt boulevard southbound at woodward street. all of the outer lanes right now are blocked. you certainly could use an alternate, welsh rd. probably your best bet if you want to zig-zag around that. but just because the outer lanes are block you can still get in on the inner drive, jim, over to you. >> thanks, meisha. following breaking news this morning, police and the fbi are at the scene of explosion
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near a train station in new jersey. >> as you can imagine it is impacting the morning commute. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live at the scene in elizabeth union county with the details and the latest on the investigation. jan, good morning. >> reporter: rahel, jim, good morning, some tense moments overnight here in elizabeth new jersey. police tell us that a man, two men actually, found back pack with five possibly suspicious devices inside. they called police. when the fbi responded a robot that was trying to disarm one of the devices, it actually unintentionally exploded. you can see here live on the scene this morning that this area still has a large police presence that station right there still taped off. because of this police activity, both amtrak and new jersey transit are warning riders about delays this morning. meisha has been talking about it all morning long, modified schedule for amtrak right now. take a look at this, this is the moment that device exploded overnight. it was all caught on camera.
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>> so, again, the fbi says that device unintentionally detonated. as officials were securing it, no injuries, and no damage. now, all of this started around 8:30 last night when the mayor says two men found a back pack and a trash can here, while they were going through it, they spotted what was described as pipes with wires. that is when they quickly left the backpack, got police, the fbi, hazmat, bomb technicians all called n police evacuated and secured around this line. here is the mayor talking about scary moments. >> the robots that were going in to disarm it cut a wire and it exploded. i don't know the technological aspect of that, i know there are other devices, i don't know what they're made up of, but they'll have to be removed. >> and we are expecting an update from the mayor possibly very soon. in the meantime, police are reviewing surveillance video from a nearby bar, as for the two men who found the
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backpack, they didn't see it drop the backpack, of course all comes after two explosions in this area over the weekends, of course one in seaside park, the other in chelsey. at this point no word if any of these are related. we'll continue to keep you updated. for now live in elizabeth, new jersey, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news" being back to you. >> very concerning weekend. >> exactly, meantime in new york authorities have questioned several people in connection with the explosion this weekend in the chelsey section of manhattan. >> sunday night f.b.i. agents stopped a vehicle of interest in the investigation on the verrazano bridge. sources say five people were being questioned. so far no charges, andrew cuomo, mir dill de blasio, and also looking into second device found just few blocks away, and authority say that second device appears similar in design to the first but de blasio saidel not jump to any conclusions. >> was it a political motivation, personal motivation? what was it? we do not know that yet.
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>> the explosion captured on surveillance tape, 29 people hurt, all now released from the hospital. >> hena daniels joins us live from new york as the investigation continues. >> hena, what can you tell us about the people who were taken into custody overnight? >> reporter: good morning, jim and rahel. we do know that the five people taken into custody were stopped during the traffic stop near the verrazano bridge in brooke lidge overnight. the new york times is reporting those five people in the car may have been related, and headed to the airport. cbs is not independently confirmed that at this point. there is an ongoing police press end here in chelsey this morning, told the nypd is at heightened presence, they have led disclosure to the scene at this hour, they slowly open up the street a little more. part of the investigation this morning is the motive. whether it was personal, or political. >> well, hena, i understand intelligence experts are seeing some similarities between the chelsey blast and the boston marathon bombing of 2013. what can you tell us about
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that? >> reporter: the biggest similarity is in both attacks, pressure cookers were used as bombs. the only difference here is the bomb was detonated through a cell phone. and that's what is worrying a lot of investigators. they say that's a higher level of sophistication, compared to the bombing in boston in 2013. also, the attack here in chelsey saturday is very similar to the attack in new jersey on saturday. investigators are trying to find out whether a cell phone detonated that bomb in seaside heights. thanks so much, hena, for that update. i'm sure you will be following this throughout the day. >> this all happened as officials continue to investigate this weekend's pipe bomb explosion at the jersey shore, that we just heard jan talk about. the bomb blew up saturday in a trash can in seaside park shortly before charity 5k run. fortunately no one was hurt. officials say it doesn't appear to be connected to the blast in new york, though, at this time, they're not ruling anything out. rahel, in other news, getting a look at the moment that police officer was shot during a deadly rampage in
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west philadelphia. this video captured by a camera outside a barber shop shows the moment university of pennsylvania officer edward miller was shot. he was released from the hospital yesterday. investigators say the gunman, nicholas glenn, went on a shooting rampage late friday night killing a woman and injuring five others. people living nearby ducked for cover. >> it was ten, then four more. so i just laid in bed and got close to the wall, you know, shooting through the windows. >> philadelphia police sergeant sylvia young remains hospitalized after she was shot several times, glenn was killed in a police shoot-out. now, investigators say glenn was angry with his probation officer and police and wrote about it in a note found at the scene. >> well, before officer miller was released from the hospital, he got a visit from some of the eagles, zach ertz, jordan matthews, tray burton, jordan hicks all stopped by the eagles hopped on plane for chicago and their monday night showdown with the bears.
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very nice, and tonight before the eagles kick off some players tell us they're planning to protest during the national anthem. the latest team to demonstrate following the lead set by san francisco colin kaepernick, says the team isn't exactly sure what they'll do while the anthem is playing, whatever they do, he says, not meant to disrespect the flag or police. >> regardless of how you treat the demonstrators,, i think everybody is starting to understand that this is an agenda that needs to be to be pushed, and people are feeling they need to move, feeling that momentum. >> eagles head coach doug pederson said he supports the team's decision to protest, he just hopes it doesn't become a distraction. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, the focus is on the battleground states an in campaign 2016. we'll tell but hillary clinton's return to philadelphia today. as donald trump looks to keep the momentum down south. >> and in this morning's
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health watch, warnings about a popular painkiller in kids. the drug parents are being urged to keep away from their children. >> ♪ >> rahel, have i ever told you that i loved the car penners. >> no. >> yes, i've got their cd's and listen to them all the time. >> perfect for a monday morning. >> exactly. katie tracking rain, when it will clear out, how the rest of the week is look coming up. even meisha is singing right now. shout it out, meisha. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> terrorism, the topic on the campaign trail. >> hillary clinton will be in philadelphia this afternoon, speaking at temple university, then later, she will meet with world leaders at the united nations general assembly, including meeting egyptian president. trump will be campaigning in florida but said he's also trying to meet with him later today. >> now, just 49 days until election day. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage on air, and on line, turning to weather, katie, you're tracking some much needed rain?
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>> indeed. judge. >> this is about the time you'll see not only the commuters get out on the road for the week ahead, also of course if you have to deal with this through the better part of the day. this is sluggish moving frontal boundary. will take the better part every actually close to 36 hours before it is totally clearing out. behind it thankfully nice clear picture on the radar and satellite. high pressure will eventually take it place, regardless stuck on this rainy monday with period of rain and some thunderstorms along the way off and on any time. so possibility of downpours, to really slow you down, i really suggest the umbrella, poor drainage flood ago concern, at least thankfully we pick up over an inch every rain it will help chip away at the nearly 5-inch deficit we faced since january 1. but, regardless, got to mess with the commuters.
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looking at the tropical satellite, not too much happening across the western atlantic, caribbean, at this point tracking tropical storm karl. also the next pocket of showers, thunderstorms, pretty good shot formation over the course of the next five days. here we sit in the height of can you cane season, the actions keep coming. meanwhile showers, thunderstorms, the story for us for now. some of which will be hitting the high of 79 degrees, drop it back down additional 60s, additional showers, possibly thunderstorm, showers linger tomorrow morning before they gradually start to clear out, skies dot same. temperatures actually rebound mid 80s the expectation right through the end of the week, thursday when fall officially begins with lower humidity, still a bit above average. >> look, outside at cottman, center city, see a loft brake lights going off, no longer traveling, monday monday,
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expect that. moving into the 6:00 hour. then the blue route, headlights moving in the northbound direction past route one, what you are looking at both northbound, southbound side i would say southbound side doesn't look much betterment both of those blue route both sides of the blue route starting to heat up now. do have this accident out on the boulevard, outer lanes block here, roosevelt boulevard southbound at woodward street. again, you can if you want to try to get around this use welsh rd. as your alternate. again the outer lanes block there. it is going to slow you down however, so give yourself couple of extra minutes, same story here, pa turnpike, right lane block, and yes, indeed, it is slowing you down, you certainly want to give yourself. more coming up in a little bit. first a quick break, stay right where you are. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will
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>> the father after man who allegedly stabbed nine people at a central minnesota mall has identified him as a 22 year old college student. says police told him that his son died at cross road center mall on saturday. now, the fbi are investigating the stabbing as a potential terrorist attack. they haven't identified the attacker yet, isis has claimed responsibility. meanwhile, authorities in north carolina are investigating a deadly bus crash, the charter bus caring football team from a junior college when the front tire blue, sending the bus careens into a guardrail. four people including a ten year old boy were killed.
6:20 am
>> warning about popular painkiller in children. urging parents and doctors to stop prescribing codeine at children's the american academy of pediatrics has found evidence linking the drug to deadly breathing reactions, doctors say, children metabolize it faster than adults, so may experience dangerous reactions. >> well, still ahead this morning, pat gallen is here talking about the eagles in the three things to see in tonight's game against the bears. plus, it is like taking a trip back in time. find out where in philadelphia, baseball is played like it was back in the 1800s. and why? coming up. pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer, overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street.
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>> from the trentonian, man gunned down sunday, 19 year old pronounced dead at the scene after found lying in the street around 2:50 yesterday afternoon. within cents report more than one shooter one of whom stomped on the victim's head after he dropped to the grounds. >> from the month page of the bucks county courier times, warminster became the latest town in our area to amend zoning ordinances in preparation for state licensing of medical marijuana dispensaries. limit the location of the dispensaries, limit the hours,
6:24 am
and set other requirement. there will be around 150 license suspensories throughout the state. >> from the burlington county times monthly awards are being given out to student and staff who have perfect attendance, and that's helping beverly, new jersey combat chronic absenteeism. one research and child advocacy group defines chronic absenteeism as when a student misses 10% or more of the 180 day school year. >> that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> well, it was a baseball game unlike most you see nowadays, it took place this weekend. take a look. this, what you are looking at, vintage baseball game that happened at the navy yard. they play by the rules of 1864, and to gave you a idea how different things were back then, the pitch was under hand, and players do not wear gloves. and there are also no sponsors. >> what's great about vintage baseball, is that it takes you back to the time when it was just about the game. >> unlike baseball today, we
6:25 am
play for the fun, camradery, the exercise. >> and there are 15 teams across the country. >> this vintage league, and they're all based on teams that actually existed in the 18 60s. >> what about those uniforms? >> little history. >> coming up until the next half hour every eyewitness new, updating, and explosion at new jersians station. jan? >> reporter: that's right, a back pack with us is pushes devices discovered here at this elizabeth new jersey tran station. coming up what happened after the explosion, and how this will impact your morning commute. justin? >> reporter: jan, good morning, hillary clinton is in pennsylvania, donald trump is in florida. coming up a look at why both are in swing states coming up, the white house race is a week away. >> justin, we know what you are doing right now, everybody counting down, so a sense of what you can expect this
6:26 am
upcoming weekend in our brand new weekend watch segment. we will be seeing frontal passage we think come this weekend, and it does appear as though one day will be warmer, the other a little cooler from saturday to sunday. it will also turn less humid. we do have to worry about the chance certainly for bit of wet weather along with the frontal passage. meantime, stay there, coming right back with much more on all of the rain that's headed our way fourteen americans killed in a san bernardino mass shooting... but after this tragedy - when pat toomey had the chance to ban
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suspected terrorists from buying guns - he voted against closing this loophole for terrorists - and with the gun lobby. katie: we have to do everything in our power to keep guns away from terrorists who threaten our way of life. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because we can't risk our families' safety on a loophole.
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>> stormy start to the work week, you can see the storms making their way through our area. >> katie will time it all out for us, will let us know when we will dry out eventually. good morning, i'm jim. >> i'm rahel solomon in for are brooke. it is 6:30, here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. so a lot of police activity at this train
6:30 am
station? elizabeth, new jersey this morning. >> amtrak northeast corridor is modified right now. >> the fbi questioning five people in connection with the explosion that rocked a manhattan neighborhood this weekend. >> what was it? we do not know that yet. >> we're getting a look at the moment the police officer was shot during this weekend's deadly woman page and in west philadelphia. >> nicholas glenn went on a shooting rampage late friday night. >> good morning, from temple's made encouraging hall. clinton will take the podium today. >> both candidates crisscross in battleground states today. >> ♪ wake me up ♪ before you go-go ♪ >> yes, you will be seeing the windshield wipers go exactly like those guys were. wham! >> ♪ wake me up before go go ♪ >> i love those. what a way to kick off last night's emmy awards, jimmy
6:31 am
kimmel, late late show james corden doing little singing. >> and a little dancing. katie, we saw you your best wham impression. >> again, like one of the times of songs you'll want to have pumped in the car on your drive today. because it is monday for one thing, we also head back to work and school, many of us do anyway, but also pretty soggy conditions. now, i managed to escape the need of the up were role thank goodness, but it is raining pretty heavily just off to the west where i am currently standing. we take another look at storm scan3, and yes, that rain pounding down right now through the lehigh valley, portions every tell co, chester county, bucks, montgomery, the list goes on. so if you haven't seen the raindrops yet, it is really just matter of time at this point, guys, and sort of biding our time until the moisture crosses through before we can expect any kind of relief when it comes to the humidity. that's one big weather feature that i really notice currently on the skydeck. it is a palpable humidity. very, very steamy out here. even despite the lack of any rain right now.
6:32 am
but, that will all be changing, and as this frontal passage makes very sluggish path, it will end up bringing us again rounds of some soaking rain, so dew points nice and hi, but temperatures pretty mild. basically at 100% saturation at 76 degrees, with dew points very close to that, basically talking very, very moisture laden air mass, and that means it will rain steadily and heavily at times throughout the day. now, temperatures really don't rebounds all that much. flirt with 80 the best we can hope for. regardless rain off and on any time today. i hail will you suggest the umbrella on day like this. but at the same time, we will see the pros and cons for this, too. the pro is we desperately need the rain. pretty decent deficit since january 1. we will take what we can get. also promise very nice days down the road beyond think point, meisha? >> thank you so many for that, looking outside right now, and i can tell you right now in most case that is we've been looking this morning, it has been pretty darn busy starting little earlier, again, it is monday morning, so happy
6:33 am
monday to you. 4:22, valley forge, you can see, both directions, eastbound, westbound, on 422, looking really wet. still very dark out there, because we are getting some rain in certain areas now, i can tell you right now we are certainly going to slow down even more than we already were. boulevard southbound is very, very slow moving, also, as you head toward the schuylkill once you jump on the schuylkill, right around city avenue. you are slowing down moving in the westbound direction as well. overall, certainly want to give yourselves extra time, plus we have some accident out there. roosevelt boulevard southbound at woodward street, all of the outer lanes right now are blocked. yes. that will slow you down, also, pa turnpike westbound past valley forge we have an accident there. and another one on the pa turnpike eastbound past morgantown the right lane is blocked there. we are looking at the censor map, i can tell you it was looking pretty darn slow around there. so again, with these accident, give yourselves extra time, another one limerick twp. line wrote at tangle wood road.
6:34 am
lanes blocked, there as well, so a lot of accident out there, and the rain is not going to help your morning commute overall just leave your homes early. jim, over to you. >> busy morning, thanks, meisha a update on breaking news, authorities are on high alert after suspicious device explodes near a new jersey tran station. >> it happened while a bomb squad was trying to disarm it. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live at the scene in elizabeth union county with the latest, jan, good morning. >> reporter: rahel, jim, good morning. police have remained here on the scene all night, processing the scene, making sure the entire area was safe. you can see behind me in elizabeth new jersey this morning, all pretty much pack up and moved out. that will road reopened and i have seen couple of commuters walking to the strain station this morning. two men found a back pack with five to six devices inside, and the fbi says while a robot was trying to disarm one of those devices, that it actually unintentionally exploded dollars, because of the police activity then sued,
6:35 am
amtrak, new jersey transit, warning riders about delays this morning. meisha has been talking about the modified scheduled for amtrak and new jersey transit says it has resumed regular work day service, but do expect some delays. still back to the task at hands here, take a look at this, it is the moment that the device exploded overnight. it was ought caught on camera. (blast). >> reporter: again the fbi says that device unintentionally detonated. no injuries, no damage. this all started around 8: 30 last night when the mayor said two men found a back pack in a trash can at the station. and while they were going through they spotted when they describe as a type with, pipe with wires. that's when the police and bomb hazmat arrived, secured around this line. here is the mayor talking about the scary moment. >> extremely concerned for the resident throughout the community more important extremely concerning for everybody around the united saint and the country where
6:36 am
somebody can just go and drop a back pack into a garbage can that has multiple explosives in it, with no timers, then do you have wonder, how many people could have been hurt. >> reporter: now, we are expecting an update from the mayor at some point this morning. in the meantime, police are still investigating. they are reviewing surveillance video from a nearby bar. they're also going around checking other areas, as well. still no word yet if this is connected to either of the other bombings that happened in this area over the weekend, of course, from seaside park new jersey and in chills up. we'll continue to keep you updated. for now reporting live in elizabeth, new jersey, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". rahel, and jim, back into you. >> she said a lot of official stills there. >> indeed. developing this morning, f.b.i. agent question several people this morning in connection to this weekend's manhattan explosion. >> they say they found the people on the vair san owe bridge in quota vehicle of interest in the investigation.
6:37 am
five were brought in for questioning, according to a source, and no charges have been filed against anyone as of now. first-hand look at the wreckage, authorities were examining a second device found just few blocks away from the explosion. the mayor of new york however cautions against jumping to conclusions. >> was it a political motivation, personal motivation? what was it? we do not know that yet. >> explosion was captured on surveillance tape. twenty-nine people were hurt. all of them have been released from the hospital. >> turning to other news this morning, hillary clinton returns to philadelphia, in just a few hours, she is speak to go young voters at temple university. >> meanwhile, her opponent donald trump will be speaking and stomping in florida "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch live at temple university with the latest and justin, both candidates crisscross in those ever important battleground states today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, to you both. heart, pennsylvania, taking center stage today as hillary clinton and donald trump seek to break out after race that appears to be tightening on
6:38 am
both sides. let's get you now to video here, from temple's mitten hall. clinton will court young voters, as her pole numbers show that her grip on millennials is slipping. this afternoon her speech will cover her higher education agenda, featuring debt-free and college programs, though trump is close, democrats have won keystone state over six straight elections. so far, clinton does hold an edge here. and her camp is double down on ad spending and appearance toss lock in p a on election day. moving now south, meantime, in florida, donald trump is set for 8,000 person rally, in the fort myers area, national polling showing trump rising in the sunshine state, and ohio. both are key link state and definite wraps to the white house. president obama took florida in 2008 and 2012. now, back live here, the clinton event starts today at noon, it will be her first public event here in pennsylvania, since being side lined by pneumonia.
6:39 am
trump will be here again this week, on thursday, where he will have an event in delaware county. so trump, clinton here today, both very much again here over the next several weeks. live from temple, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you. >> meanwhile president obama set to address world leaders today for the final time as commander in chief. the un general assembly is underway in new york city. that has got law enforcement on high alert of course. the president is expected to discuss the crisis in syria and the importance of building a global coalition to defeat isis. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, the big moments, big winners at prime time emmy awards. now this. >> thank you. >> hey, you're driving? >> yes, i'm inbetween jobs right now. >> jimmy couple has little fun with jeb burbon his way to host the emmies. see who else pick him up. pat? >> reporter: good morning, guys, with the world watching, how will carson wentz fair tonight in chicago?
6:40 am
we get you ready for monday night football with three things to look for in tonight's eagles-bears match up. that's ahead. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> fly like an e-a-g-l-e-s em, hopefully on their way to a victory tonight against the bears. >> the bears. everybody root for them. >> exactly. we'll be right back.
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>> opening argument begin today, new jersey governor governor chris christie, charged with gridlock on the bridge. face fraud and civil rights charges. they are accused of reducing access lanes to the bridge in fort lee. >> also, today, opening arguments in the civil trial of the deadly 2013 center city
6:44 am
billion dollars g collapse. six people were killed, 13 people were injured, and when a building under demolition collapsed and crushed salvation army thrift store at market. both contractor annex cafe or face criminal charges, now serving prison sentences. >> this trial will decide in any individuals, or corporate entities, are financially liable. >> rahel, we now know what caused the death of 33-foot whale that washed ashore in sea isle city friday. officials believe the hump back while died to human interaction, report shows the whale sustained an injury after becoming entangled in a fishing line as a result the whale was not eating which officials believe led to it death. the whale was burried on the beach in the same spot where it washed ashore. >> oh, that's upsetting. >> not a nice story. let's change it. >> turning to weather, stormy start to the work week. >> katie, little humid when i walked outside today at 2:30 in the morning, like whoosh. >> more than a little. >> and humid yesterday, really muggy yesterday after none.
6:45 am
>> very. that's all just leading up to what we eventually have to contend with, some of you already contending with it, that heavy rain currently falling, we will goat that in storm scan, but always good to check in with weather watchers, not everyone seeing the same thing. i want to show you one picture here from phil, owns shop in chest not hull. you can see starting to see that rain begin to fall here. if you look there you go at the windshield, starting again to see some of the rain falling there. so not everyone is getting hit by this. but we are already racking up some impressive rainfall totals actually over half inch already falling, where lou is, eagleville, and pick up half inch thus far already, in dover delaware, pretty heavy rain rolling through kent county right now. john jenkins, just shy of .2 of an inch, christopher saint david's talking cup em hundreds of an inch at this point. similar in hatboro for kyle and phil in philadelphia. so, the list goes on, light rain so far basically the
6:46 am
further east you go, the lighter the rainfall amounts, if any at all. again, not everyone is getting hit yet. you will. i suggest having the umbrella ready to goment look at the rainfall intensity, radar 101. brighter the color, the red, the orange, more intense rainfall coming down, but, you know, let's say the radar enjoying its team spirit. it is very green, will most likely than way throughout the day. thunderstorms embedded within this, courtesy of frontal passage. sluggish. that's why the rainfall totals could rack up easily, remember important to note this is model, not gospel, but along i95 we could easily over the course of the next say eight or 12 hours, maybe, ends up with over an inch worth of rain. that's going to lead to poor drainage flooding, ponding on the roads, so expect that you will get slowed down out there. seven day forecast actually warms up from here. turns nicer. fall made official finally come thursday. i said this earlier, meisha,
6:47 am
pumpkin spice latte's are finally allowed, fashionable. >> yes? >> so it looks good to kick start the new season. >> looks good and tastes good. i'll leave here right after work and go get one, been thing about it, in you have never tried one, go get one. guys, right now, go get them. all of these people. guys, 59 south at cottman, looking very busy right now, because of an accident that's blocking this left lane. that's really going to slow you down. coming around the s curve, pretty dark out there, come up, then maneuver to the right. make note of. that will going to have to give yourself couple of extra minute there, accident here route 100, pulled off to the shoulder, not going to slow you down nearly as much as what we were seeing on interstate nine # five. an explosion in jersey last night. amtrak northeast corridor running modified schedule, new jersey transit, north jersey coastline, northeast corridor here has resumed. cross honored by path, ferry service, new jersey transit buses and private carrier buses. this is a mouthful. a lot to remember. a lot to take in, as women.
6:48 am
i'll be tweeting this information for you out. accident roosevelt boulevard southward woodward street, all outer lanes block there. triple a truck also pa turnpike westbound past valley forge, left lane is blocked there. both of those, the boulevard and the pa turnpike westbound, accident, will slow you down, also another one here pa turnpike eastbound as morgantown right lane block. you can see how much red overall lots going on this morning, give yourself some extra time, you will need it. rahel, back to you. >> meisha, thank you. well, monday morning, maybe not what you look forward to, but eagles fans are you ready for monday night football? >> pat gallen is here. he's telling us what to look for for tonight, three things? >> they things. you will write them down. get your pens. okay, the eagles can begin the season two and zero, and in a lackluster nfc east, that is huge. what must happen for a win tonight in chicago? well, here is pat g's three to see.
6:49 am
>> let's start with carson wentz and the eagle offense, week one against the brown's, spectacular job dealing with pressure allowing the eagles to win the time of possession. against the blitz, wentz went eight for eight including a play that tooth out to doug pederson. >> of course the fourth and four play was a big time, big time throw. >> the birds held the ball for 39 minutes, and in week one, huge number. can they do it again? the good news is the bears defense was on the field for over 36 minutes, against the texans, in their week one match up. >> looking good, the end zone, he has hopkins. and he has a touchdown. >> the second thing to look for is that monster on the outside for chicago, al sean jeffrey caught four passes for 105 yards against houston. who will get that assignment? starting corner mckelvin is out. meaning seventh round rookie jaylen mills could see a lot of the pro bowl receiver. the eagles also gave up a few big place, to the lowly
6:50 am
browns, so the secondary is a must watch. and finally, it is monday night. early test awaits the rookie qb and coach. their first road game in a hostile environment against a team that has offense that can put up points. chicago is an unknown, certainly better than the browns. can the eagles start two and zero? we'll know tonight. pat g's three to see. >> one other thing did i not mention is the injury to zach ertz, the tight end out with a rib injury, so carson wentz will be without a key play maker already. also, every sunday you can see pat g's three to see on toyota sunday kickoff 11:30, cbs-3, as we get you ready for eagles action each week. so guys what do you think? >> i was paying attention, wrote them all down. >> i took mental note. >> i do. because otherwise i forget by the end of the show. >> i have very serious question. last week they won. all so excited. and the nay sayers said just one day, calm down, chill, but if they win tonight, actually
6:51 am
good reason to be excite philadelphia they do win? >> it is. tough road game in chicago, tough place to play. all of the eyes are on carson went. they win tonight then you can gel a little bit more excited. >> katie says super snow. >> are we going there already? >> thank you, appreciate t the 68th annual prime time emmy awards honors the best in television last night. >> david daniels has a look at some of the most memorable months. >> there you go. >> very first thing emmy host jimmy kimmel did was hand trophy to transparent star jeffrey, less than hour later it was official. tam bore won his second straight emmy for playing transgender woman. >> please give transgender talent a chance. give them auditions. give them their story. i would not be unhappy were i the last transgender male to play a female transgender on
6:52 am
television. >> history was made as julia louise dreufuss won her fifth consecutive em ooh ' -- emmy, and after light hard dollars apology tore helping create the current political climate she ended her speech with a heavy hearted tribute. >> i would like to dedicate this to my father, william louise dreufuss, who passed away on friday. and i'm so glad that he liked me because his opinion was the one that really mattered. thank you. >> the people versus o.j. simpson. >> the night's big winner was the people, the o.j. simpson, taking best limited series and four other awards. including one for sarah paulson, who gave stirring defense of the real life character she played. >> the more i learned about the real marcia clark, not two dimensional cardboard cut out, but the giant hearted mother of two who woke up every day, put both feet on the flour and dedicated herself to writing a
6:53 am
un conditions shall roble, loss of two innocent's, ron goldman, nicole brown, the more i had to recognize i along the with rest of the worlds had been superficial and careless in my judgement, i am glad to be able to stand here today in front of everyone and tell you i am sorry. >> in hollywood, david daniels. >> what a shop. jimmy kimmel hosed emmy awards, the very beginning, kim ill had a bit of trouble getting to the ceremony. check out his uber driver. >> hey, you're driving? >> yes, i am inbetween jobs right now, you know you can make $12 an hour driving for uber? >> as he drove off, look being campaign bumper sticker may have let us in on little secret, 2016 was crossed off, you might have noticed 2020 was written over. >> ♪ stay in the car jimmy. this is how it is done. >> ♪ put your boom boom into my heart ♪
6:54 am
>> now, bush was in kimmel's only driver during the emmy opening skit last night. kimmel hitched ride with james corden for session of carpool karaoke, they sang wake me up before you go-go. and katie has been singing it every since. >> exactly. >> well, we will be right back with three things you need to know before you go. >> it is three to go. next.
6:56 am
fourteen americans killed in a san bernardino mass shooting... but after this tragedy - when pat toomey had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns - he voted against closing this loophole for terrorists - and with the gun lobby. katie: we have to do everything in our power to keep guns away from terrorists who threaten our way of life. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because we can't risk our families' safety on a loophole.
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6:58 am
>> three to go, suspicious device exploding in a train station in elizabeth, new jersey, fortunately no one injured, expect transit delays in the area. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is coming to town. she will be campaigning for millennial votes at temple university. >> the eagles take on bear tonight in chicago, several players expected to make some sort of statement during the nash and anthem at soldier field. that's three to go. last check on weather and traffic. >> the rain starting to come down depending where you are, been coming down for many hours now, and very sluggish system pushing through at the moment. so very dreary conditions outside kutztown area middle school. take an umbrella with you, sends the kids with one, as well. look at the radar. just lit up like a christmas tree. you have very strong rainfall intensity, the brighter the shade on storm scan3, the more intense the rain is falling, we do have little bit of lightning coming in, there as well, so some embedded
6:59 am
thunderstorms along the way, kind of off and on any time today. >> we've seen the lightning and the rain, in all of the camera shots. ninety-five south at cottman, do have accident, that's why it is looking so slow here pulled all the way off, blocking the left lane, woodward street, all of the outer lanes are block, significantly slowing you down this morning, a lot going on out there this morning. >> in brazil, meisha, dog owners and their dogs. >> participated in the first ever, dozen every dogs, all breeds, oh, how cute? all ages and sizes competed for medals yesterday at private dog club. organizers say the competition was to socialize humans and their pets while celebrating sport. event included at the same time at the end of the 2016 rio parra olympic games. how cute is that? >> next on cbs this morning first woman and first african-american lead the library of congress. >> join us bright and early each weekday early, starting
7:00 am
4:30, judge a great day captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, september 19th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a new explosion rocks new jersey overnight when police try to detonate bombs found near a train station. plus, the fbi detains five people near a major new york bridge overnight and questions them in connection to saturday's explosion in manhattan. surveillance video shows the moment the bomb went off. only on "cbs this morning," jeff pegues shadows cia director john brennan. he gets an up-close look at how the agency is dealing with isis and challenge to its own existence. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. investigators


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