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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  September 21, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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anger boils over in north carolina after a police officer shot and killed a man, whose family says he was just sitting in his car, reading. and good morning, i'm brooke thomas. aim jim donovan. protest in charlotte north caroline air part of what you need to necessity to start your day in the morning minute. after the fatal police shooting of a black man sparked violent protests overnight. relatives of the keith scott says he was shot by officers while reading a book. a 16 year-old student is facing charges in the fight at a philadelphia high school. police say this fight between a lincoln high school student and a teacher, stemmed there an argument in the classroom. two philadelphia police officers and a are suing
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lesean mccoy and a club because of a fight. you said, to oprah, that your husband, i want to if the this right, you call him swagadelicious. >> how is that achieved. >> it is a person that has a lot of swag. you don't know what swag is, you definitely don't have it. >> what do you think, you have to swag. >> i do. >> i agree, you have a little swag, jim donovan, that is first lady michelle obama on the late show last night. she touched on several issues including her initiative to educate girls worldwide. >> speaking of guys, with swag, justin. >> oh, yeah. >> i call it the justin strut, in the hallway, he has a certain walk that he has. >> there is such thing as a
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drabick strut, yes, my brother had that and when i came up to high school they are like do you have drabick strut and they watched me walk. >> yes, you have it. >> there is such a thing, i don't know, all right. lets talk about the weather now. second you step outside, for that morning strut, look at the skies you can see moon is a little bit of a halo around the moon, if you look closely that is a sign of high sirus clouds around and that pro ducis halo, same deal around the sunshine if you you cool shot this morning. little bit more comfortable. humidity dropping. sixty-two in allentown. sixty-nine in philadelphia. fifty-nine in the suburbs with quake are town at this hour. starting to feel comfortable. dryer air working its way from the north but we have cloud around especially in south jersey, it is thicker and in delaware. the don't expect a whole lot of sunshine there but we should stay dry today. there is that change compared to this time yesterday. no change in philadelphia, three or 4 degrees cooler in the lehigh valley. that indicates less humid air
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has moving in. school dau forecast, pretty quiet, clouds. 70 degrees. lunch recess another warm afternoon 82 on the way home. we have eyes up around 86 for philadelphia, 10 degrees above average, more clouds then sun, upper 70's in the poconos. the waiting for fall weather, wait a few more days it will get the here for second half of the weekend we will talk about below average temperatures in the seven day in just a few minutes. now back over to meisha for check of the latest traffic conditions, good morning. >> you're lucky you are on that sky deck or i would have you show thaws justin strut that you talk . this is video of the big construction project 95 southbound off ramp to aramingo avenue is closed starting at 8:00 p.m. let me back out of here 8:00 p.m. tonight, running you nine months until june 17th. you have to have a alternate bridge street, allegheny avenue exit are your best bet but that looks like quite the project, like i said whenever we have construction project
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that will last around nine months maybe longer, it is certainly something to make note of, and to take around that area. nine a south, and, we are looking really nice. i'm hoping to keep you here as long as i can because everybody is traveling, around 65 miles an hour, which is where i want to keep you. we have this accident, first one of the morning, our only one of the morning here in plymouth meeting, plymouth road closed near sandy hill road and down traffic signal around there 42, that has now been cleared, brooke, over to you. thanks, meisha. updating our top stories, protests broke out after police officer shot and killed a black man in charlotte north carolina. >> dozens took to the streets and police were injured in the clashes. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live from the sat center with the very latest on the situation in charlotte, jan. >> reporter: jim and brooke, good morning. the frustration has bowled over in charlotte north caroline, latest and some you can see behind me in the
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monitors this morning. demonstrators shut down part of the interstate i-95 in that area and some people apparently started looting trucks and setting items on fire. take a look at this now also new this morning our first look at the man who was shot and killed by police. he is four three-year old keith lemont scott shot and killed tuesday afternoon. police say he had a gun, they even recovered one on the scene. his family says he was unarmed and simply reading a book at the time. soon after the shooting hundreds of people in charlotte flooded streets to protest, law enforcement in riot gear stood bias demonstrators held signs, some people were then spotted destroying marked police cars and at one point police fired tear gas to break up the crowds. officials say 12 officers were hurt including one hit in the face with a rock. now keith lemont scott was shot and killed on tuesday afternoon, it was around 4:00 o'clock when charlotte police went to an apartment complex looking for a suspect
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with an outstanding warrant. they saw scott inside of a car, however he was not person they are looking for, but police say he got out with the gun. then got back in and when police approached they say he exited the car again with the gun feeling an imminent threat one officer opened fire, he is identified as brently vincent accounts a black officer, who has been with the department for two years. he is an administrative leave which is standard procedure. the community wants answers and change. >> there was a terrorist new jersey, new york. he was taken alive. they said they wanted to question him. because you wanted to question him does that his life mean more than our black man across the nation? it doesn't make any sense. >> now police are conducting a full investigation in the meantime charlotte's marries asking for calm, tweet ago this this community deserves answers, of course, we will continue to follow this story but we are live from the sat center, jan carabao for cbs-3
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"eyewitness news", brooke and jim, back inside to you. 5:36. in business news, this morning, fedex is expecting, excuse me, this holiday season. >> your swag. >> i know. >> and, find out is what next for wells fargo. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, brooke and jim. decision day at the fed. futures are pointing to a higher opened to the markets. yesterday dow jones gained nine, nasdaq added six, fed wraps up policy meeting this afternoon, most economist think that the board will vote to keep interest rates as is, for now. law headachers are calling for wells fargo ceo john stumpf to step down. they created millions of fake bank accounts to meet sales goals and get bonus. some told senate banking commit thee the company will help customers affect. some learned that customer credit scores suffered because of it. fedex is raising prices by
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4 percent starting january 2nd, the shipping company is expecting a record holiday season fueled by more on line shopping. last year fedex faced backlash, because it didn't get all of the packages to its destination in time for the holiday. hopefully we will in the have a repeat performance, brooke and jim. >> price hike after the holiday, it makes things easier. thanks jill, we will check with you tomorrow. infection linked to hospital equipment has spread to philadelphia. officials at the penn presbyterian medical center say four heart patients got infection from his a specific machine that supports the heart and lungs, during major surgery. penn officials say equipment has been removed and risk to other patients is minimal. they say that they are contacting any other patient whose may have been affect. emotions ran high as 300 fishtown neighbors argued about the fate of the shuttered church.
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>> residents filled basement of holy name church to discuss future of saint laurentius church as it wants to preserve fisod and convert it to 23, one bedroom apartments. the residents argue it will put a strain on parking and sewer systems. supporters say the apartment is the only viable option to save the 135 year-old church. >> we're not interested in demolishing the building but only interested in saving the building to product its use. >> development is welcome but it is getting to be too much. it justice. so it is our beacon. it is our identity. >> reporter: in the end community voted 165 to 107 against rezoning the property for apartments, the city's zoning board will review the proposal on november 1st. some bad buzz for apple. >> users of the iphone seven don't even need headphones to hear this. >> that is awful.
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>> hissing. >> users say phone headaches that noise. >> it is latest disappointment for apple fans, iphone seven users complained about frozen screens and removal of the head phone jack. >> remember think apple is magic, people think that the products are hade, with uni corn tears. >> they have been on the cutting edge of all of the technological development, in phones and computers and they think that we expect when it the hits the street, it is to be relied on. >> so far the company has not said anything about the noise but to be fair jim, the head phone jackies not the that big of the deal and phones are not catching fire. >> i don't buy anything right off the bat. meanwhile on the samsung side as brooke just mentioned replacements of the galaxy note 7b come a veilable today. government recalled the phone last week after a reports that the note seven caught fire while charging. those fires were traced to a
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battery problem, note seven users here in the u.s. are told to pick up, free relays. from samsung their wireless carrier or the store where they bought the phone. still ahead when you shocked by brangelina. >> no. >> i was expecting it for years. >> yes. >> i see in the future. >> we will get into that. we will tell you some reaction on twitter. >> and wait until you see front page of the new york post. also this? >> a black woman who built a beauty empire gets a prominent spot in the new national museum featuring african-american history. i'm marley hall in washington with her story coming up
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is over for brad pitt and angelina jolie and thinks cover of the new york post. it is an old picture of jennifer aniston laughing. of course, she's brad pitt's x. this is not nice. jim's laughing. jolie cited irreconcilable differences. they just celebrated their second wedding anniversary last in but, of course, they have been together since 2004. jolie is asking for physical custody of their six children, and she wants support to grant pit visitation.
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you may remember, you do not get the joke and you are seeing jennifer aniston pictured all over the internet, it is because angelina jolie and brad pitt met while he was still married to jennifer aniston filming mr. and mrs. smith. >> did you see that movie, jim. >> it was a fantastic movie. >> twitter has been on fire about this and other celebrities are talking too. it is funny to be most of the talk is how ridiculous it is that everybody is talking about this which just means more people are talking about it. christie teigen joke after the news broke how am i supposed to go to work today? philly's own quest love joke about all of the people that think they have a chance with angelina now. pierce morgan blames donald trump, that is very pierce morgan like. while many people are shocked, posting jennifer aniston meme, boy george voice of reason in all of this, it is really just
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none of our business. >> that is a good one. >> and we're still talking about summer weather. today is final day of summer for a to more days and then we will change it up. jim's all excited. >> cooler weather. >> yes. >> i like the fall. >> i'm with you. >> i like my four seasons. >> wait until you are working 24 hours a day, seven days a week. >> let's talk about it. >> no snow, but we have temperatures well above average. it is comfortable at 68. humidity will drop as we head in the afternoon so it does get better. we have sunshine, highs running a good 10 degrees above average. we will check with our weather watchers at this hour and pretty much similar numbers all across the region.
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we will find lower 60's and 50's in the cooler suburbs. we are lucky enough to get away from the city, up in perkasie right now 58 degrees with partly to mostly cloudy skies. we are still dealing with cloud cover right now, and also a few areas of fog are possible especially in central new jersey, burlington county, new jersey had some fog, reported. sixty-six, at mark's house in chats worth and delaware not much change in the numbers, jason he checks in at 68 degrees. clear right now. it just depend where you are, those clouds are thinning out. we have clear skies, currently here in philadelphia, and, we will see the moon, with a halo around that moon, with the high, thin sirus clouds. last day of summer, tool day and that is recap. we have five days of 90 or higher in the month of june. high 92. sixteen, 90-degree days, 97. august, 17, 90-degree days reaching 98 degrees at one point. and, 45, 90-degree days, most we have had since 2010 if you
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can remember that summer. hot summer. dew point, this is coming down, early this morning it was in the upper 60's. still feeling steamy new number drops later this afternoon in the next several days. even though it is warm, more comfortable, once you get outside. still showers left over to our south, stubborn low pressure system keeping cloud lingering around in the south jersey, delaware, not the best beach day to day because you are lacking sun. we should be rain free. tropics still active. karl has weakened to a depression expected to reform back to the tropical storm and hurricane over next five days and so still watching tropical storm lisa. again these two systems, out over opened waters of the atlantic. karl could impact bermuda later on in the weekend. high pressure over us, watch for the dry pattern. the other than clouds really in threat of any rain for next several days. the once again we could use welcomed rain, to the delaware valley but really in the happening. weekend we're talking about a fall cool down, cold front comes through saturday, here
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comes chilly high pressure system. we are talking about highs below average only near 70 on sunday but today it will be a warm afternoon at 86 degrees. what is the latest. >> all right, justin, we're looking good this morning. good morning, everyone happy wednesday, 42 freeway north bound at creek road. we are approaching 295, we are holding steady here looking great as we are creeping toward 6:00 o'clock. 422 taillights in the eastbound direction, were the pennsylvania turnpike. you can see both directions moving in the eastbound and west pound side, we're looking good. any where that we look this morning we are looking really nice, boulevard taillights moving in the southbound direction at fox street both moving in the southbound and north bound side of the boulevard, again, we're looking good this morning, you guys. we have an accident out there, plymouth meeting, plymouth road closed, just make note, we have traffic signal down too, not slowing you down too much, we have construction on 295 both directions between 42, and two left lanes are block. this is blocked until
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8:00 a.m. make net for those in and around that area. pennsylvania turnpike west pound has been since cleared. brooke and jim, back over to you. getting dressed in the morning something much of us do not give much thought too. >> for people with disabilities it can be difficult and that is where a company near cleveland comes in. downs designs, dreams focuses on making pull on pants. they are named after model who inspired them, people who have down syndrome. >> they are not built like you and i, they have a very short femur which makes the knee taper in the wrong place, they have low hull tone. >> company's own granddaughter has down syndrome and was motivated by limited options available to people with down syndrome. they are now expand to go headache pant for disabled veterans. really awesome. >> necessity is mother of invention. good for them. in just a few days new national museum of african hearn history and culture will open their doors. curator were tapped with collecting black history artifacts across the country. >> when they asked one woman
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from washington d.c. she gave them priceless family hair looms linked to one of the country's first african-american business moguls. mar lee hall has the story. >> reporter: she wants to share her great, great, grandmother's accomplishment, madam cj walker was first woman to be a self-made millionaire, before women had the right to vote. >> this is a story that needed to be called. >> reporter: madam cj walker was born shortly after emancipation proclamation, her parent had been slaves on the plantation in louisiana. with guidance from her brothers who were barbers she developed a hair care line for black people, it took off, and by 1910 she had started a beauty school and built a factory, employs as many as 3,000 people. bun also donated about a dozen family keepsakes to the new national museum of african hearn history and culture in washington d.c. including this sign.
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>> it was very hard, the greatest gift is that i will be able to see other people enjoy them and when i'm gone those items will still be there. >> reporter: museum chose to showcase madam walker because she did something nearly impossible, in the early 1900's. >> she was a pioneer in the beauty culture and industry. it was very difficult for african americans to have that kind of earning power during those times. >> reporter: museum has an area dedicated, and, telling her story. and will be finally showcased. marley hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> still ahead, forget flowers we will show you the pennsylvania bride who posed with pups. you don't want to miss these wedding portraits, coming up
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welcome back, wedding pictures from lancaster county are going viral. >> forget the flowers, this bridal party, parties with puppies. this is mart, abigail, dolly earrings list bet and louisea. i'm talking about the puppies in the bride made arms. it was all of the brides eye tea, she worked for two rescue organizations and litter showed up just days before her wedding.
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it was this. >> it was able to focus on loving puppies and interacting with them instead of being concerned about how do i pose, where do i stand, do i look okay. >> these are awesome pictures too they got in the act as well, you can see there, all of the puppies in the wedding pictures are rescue dogs. >> how many do you think went home with wedding guests. >> all of them. >> yes. it is estimated 15 million americans have food allergies and now researchers say there is something parents should give their children as babies, to cut their risk. we will explain, in the healthwatch. plus september is national recovery month and our own pat gallen speaks with the local man hoist pushing people to stay sober through fitness. i'm hillary clinton and is. approve this message. fix the problems we face. e can well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together.
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katie mcginty is working for us. a mother of three, and ninth of ten kids, mcginty knows what matters. she'll fight for equal pay, affordable college, and... she'll always protect social security. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. unrest in charlotte north carolina hundreds protested. >> breaking news out rage down south, protesters have been flooding the streets, all night long and we are learning more about the man killed and what his family says he was doing when police shot him. also, this morning, investigators say this is video of a student, teacher, fighting at a philadelphia school. one of them is facing charges
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this morning. with just 47 days left until election day we have results from a new poll this morning, find out which candidate is gaining support in a key battle ground state. today is wednesday, september 21st good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm brooke thomas. justin is meisha are here keeping an eye on things. justin, you are holding it down for katie. >> that is right. >> yes, we are looking good on the roadways. turf give to it our morning commuters. they are doing a good job, looking great out there everybody is still traveling at posted speeds. >> yes. >> all right. >> we cannot blame any weather because nice and quiet. >> final day, little bit, this is key summer right the here, team summer. meisha likes summer. >> i am lie winter too because we will go snowmobiling. >> yes. >> that will have to wait. >> all right. >> still summer temperatures next few days, second half of the weekend when we will bring in fall-like conditions. outside right now


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