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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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in the meantime investigators had revealed bomb that did explode, in manhattan's chelsea neighborhood was made of materials purchased on e bay. a new federal complaint alleged suspect bomber ahmad kahn rahami bought citric acid, circuit the boards, electric igniters and ball bearings just this summer. he faces ten federal charges for bombings in chelsea and in seaside park, new jersey, including use of a weapon of mass destruction. >> in the near future it is our than tension to bring the defendant to federal district court in the seventh district of new york which has jurisdiction over manhattan neighborhood where more than 30 innocent people were wounded, and countless others were gravely endangered by his bombs. >> reporter: rahami remains in custody after a shoot-out with police in monday in linden, new jersey. city of charlotte, north carolina least mains on edge after a night of protest that left about a dozen pro lease officers injured. unrest, grew after faithing
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shooting of the man tuesday afternoon and now conflicting versions of what happened, are added to the tension. four three-year old keith scott died after being shot by police, in this charlotte, north carolina parking lot on tuesday, that is not the being disputed. but a witness casting doubt on the official police story about who shot him and why. police chief, says that officers looking for the subject, of a warrant noticed scott, with a weapon. >> mr. scott, as i said, exited his vehicle, armed with a handgun, as the officers continued to yell at him to drop it. he stepped out, posing a threat to the officers, and then officer brently benson subsequently fired his weapon. >> reporter: officer benson, an african-american, was placed on administrative leave >> to meisha williams said she witnessed the shooting and took this video moments after the gun shots but her story is very different from what
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police say happened, including the race of the police officer. >> white cop with the bald head pulled up behind that man... unaudible. >> told him to get out, get your hand up, he got out, walked behind him with his hand up and the man shot him four times. when he got out of the car, the book fell off his lap. >> reporter: police say no book was recovered from the scene but that a handgun was recover. the descrepancies are only adding to the tension. the last night protesters clashed with police, throwing rocks, and bottles and damaging patrol cars. today both sides are calling for calm. some african-american community leaders in charlotte are calling instead for a economic boycott of the city. meanwhile, family of the terence croucher killed by a oklahoma police overs is demanding justice be served. officer's attorney says she was afraid croucher was reaching for a weapon when she opened fire last friday but croucher's family says his
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window was rolled up making it unlikely he was reaching in the car. >> my son had his hands raised up, doing just what i taught him to to, just like i told him, a lot of the young african americans in our community because i work with them. how do you get, what do you do when get stopped by police. i say put your hand up so they can see them so they can know you don't have a gun. that is what he was doing. i said put your hand on the car. he was walking to the car. they shot him down like he was a dog. >> federal, state and local authorities are investigating the shooting. some frightening moments for a delaware county home own shore made a stunning, scary find, and a 8-foot snake that was sprawled out on the family driveway in springfield township. now there is questions about how it got there. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is live in springfield with more on this discovery, joe. >> reporter: jessica, details
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about all that is still unraveling about where this snake came from, who owns it, syringe field township police put out a tweet a half an hour ago that the sneaky snake had been reunited with its owner but the concerns, of course, were quite numerous out here this huge snake on the front lawn and take a look at number of kid behind me, some parents quite worried. >> that is a cobra. >> reporter: 8-foot long cobra actually, reptile was spotted by the sparks children from their front window. it was tuesday evening when the homework was finished and continuer was wrapping up. >> they started yelling. i'm in the kitchen, snake. so i'm thinking it is in the dining room. >> reporter: luckily creature that experts say is generally not phone to deliver a fatal bite was outside in front of the spring valley road property, in springfield township, delaware county. >> so i saw it in the driveway slittering, i said that is a big one. >> reporter: get this, beth sparks say bus full of high
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school students were passing by a student took a picture and sent it to her uncle who we're toll necessary how to handle snakes. he came over. >> he told us what to do. he got a trash cab, got his stick, got the snake in the trash can. it did kind of lung when he was trying to put it this is trash can. he did see the hood. he knew it was some form of a cobra. >> reporter: entire ordeal was quite spectacle. >> neighbors are stopping telling them there is a snake outside in the trash can. >> reporter: a snake's surprise, right on the front lawn an experience they will not soon forget. >> once we knew it was probably a pet or not native to here, that made me feel better. because now i know that i don't to have go outside and see a cobra too often. >> reporter: some unnerving moments here in springfield, of course, now coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are going to speak to the young ladies who were on that bus returning from soccer practice, so the ones who got
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in touch with her uncle and came out and blankled that snake and more, on where this snake is believed to be from. i will see new an hour. live from springfield township joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> tough to say slittering snake surprise, in springfield. thanks, buddy, very much. it is officially the last day of summer and while it is steamy right the now we are about to usher in cooler conditions. meteorologist kate bilo is outside on the sky deck and i think it it was a little river band who sang time for a cool change, kate. >> i like it, i like it a lot. it is time. past time, ukee, we have had a very warm summer. warm september so far as well and standing out here i'm thinking, it might be nice to need a light jacket, i'm not saying parka but light jacket might feel nice this time of the year. that kind of weather is heading our way but not for next couple of days. it is still steamy. we have a few clouds. that is thanks to the system off to the south. you can see the cloud have broken up a little bit out there today, not quite as overcast as it it was yesterday but still some cloud cover, especially down over
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delaware as the system sits and spins mainly off the coast of north carolina and virginia. in the meantime, temperatures have warmed up today. you can see down the shore and delaware where there has been more cloud cover, temperatures in the 70's but further back to the north and west it is, pretty hot for late september, it is 84 degrees in philadelphia, right now. we should be about 77. wilmington 84. allentown and lancaster both sitting at 82. the dew points are feeling slightly better then yesterday, not feeling cool, or dry, outside but the current dew point is right at 60. that puts us right in the not so bad range, we will close to oppressive yesterday with dew points near 70. so coming up with our weather headlines we will talk about that steamy start to fall, and a cool, change is coming and also i'll break down whether there is any rain ahead in the forecast. we have a lot on monday. we still could use some more, but it noise ate whole lot in the next couple days we will take a look in the seven day coming up. back over to you. well, people outside on their lunch break in center city were in for quite the
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thrill today members of the philadelphia police highway patrol motorcycle drill team performed just a taste of what is in store for this years hero thrill show. annual event benefits families of fallen philadelphia police officers and fire fighters. it will take place october 1st at the wells fargo center. great job. coming up on "eyewitness news" a popular children's car seat is being recalled, details, next. a loss in pearl harbor is finally come home to be laid to rest, our cleve bryan spoke to his family about why it is happening all these years later. that is coming up at 5:30. shocking allegations against former congressman anthony weiner what a teenager said to a tabloid newspaper and how disgraced former law maker reportedly responded. do you know that sinking feeling at the airport waiting for your bag and waiting and waiting and it never appears? some airlines are hoping new technology can eliminate that dreaded feeling, we will show you how it w
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes.
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the company behind the epi-pen a life saving allergy treatment is tea fending its decision to sharply raise prices on that product. ceo heather brash faced lawmakers, at congressional hearings in washington today. critics have accused mylan of price gouging because it controls vast majority of the market. she says that the public overlooked her company's efforts to expand access to the product such as distributing thousands of them to schools free of charge. >> i know that there is considerable concern, and skepticism about the pricing of epi-pens and i think many people incorrectly assume we headache $600 off of each pen. it is simply not true. the recent epi-pen price increases have not yielded revenue to mylan that many assume. >> mylan says it will eventually begin selling a generic version of the epi-pen at half the cost. alert about a popular children's car seat that is
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being recalled. even flow is recalling nearly 30,000 combination booster seats because some have them can loosen the harness. recall covers certain evolve three in one seats. there have been no reports of any injuries but the company has received nearly 30 complaints from customers. samsung is reporting three additional fires involving galaxy note seven bat the wrist. the these fires happened in china. meanwhile replacement for recalled smart phones are arriving in u.s. stores. note seven users are told to pick up their free replacement from samsung, their wireless carrier or the store where they bought the phone originally. more than 2.5 million note sevens have within recalled. move over facebook google has launched its own messaging app called olo, it can send group messages, add photos and it can learn from your conversations and suggest things for to you say, now available for down load. several major airlines are betting on new technology to
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make lost luggage a thing of the past. delta will soup start using digital pag age trackers on luggage instead of the current bar code systems. radio frequency identification tag will track bags in real time, from the moment it leaves your side. alaska airlines is testing a similar program. american already offers alerts to flyers when their bags have been put honor taken off of a flight. >> every time a airline loses a suitcase and cannot get it delivered to you at the baggage claim it cost them about a hundred dollars to bring it to your home or office or a hotel. so that is a big expense that the airline would like to avoid. >> delta's new luggage system will go on line at 84 airports across the nation, over the next few months. just don't lose my golf clubs. >> that is right. >> that is right. >> not the clubs. >> all right. kate, how is it looking out there. it seems pretty nice today. >> a little warm, humid. not as humid as yesterday.
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we it is not also cloudy. things are improving. to you are anything like me it is still just too warm, september. >> i'm waiting for that fall, crispness. >> that little chill in the air, fall breeze. we have that heading our way. it will feel more like fall weather this weekend for sure as cooler air starts to move in but for the rest of the workweek you definitely don't need to dig out jackets, boots, flannels just yet. keep them for the weekend. and especially out wednesday morning or monday morning, some spots will be in the 40's. lets take a look outside right now, we will start off on the live neighborhood network, live camera at middletown ship high school in cape may courthouse. remember yesterday just how overcast it was, throughout the entire shore community, and through delaware beach, thanks to the system off to the south. good news us can see few breaks in the cloud cover. the not a sunny beautiful day but more sunshine, and, live look at the boardwalk plaza camera in rehoboth beach. and again, not as bad today as
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it has been just a few clouds thanks to the system off to the south. can't rule out a stray shower in sussex county delaware as we go through this evening. but for most of us, we are see skies clearing, breaks of sun, and very warm, and it is very humid as well. temperatures in the 80's. 84 degrees in philadelphia. eighty-four wilmington. eighty in millville. seventy-nine in atlantic city. ocean water temperature comfortable at 74 degrees. not bad down the shore heading down for weekend tomorrow will be the warmest day, friday as well and then over weekend it the will cool down. dew points are still high, look at dover, dew point in the 70's, very, very steamy. wildwood dew .67. philadelphia our dew point is 60. dew points in the 50's off to the north and west. that shows improvement over yesterday's dew point in the 60's and 70's but you can see with this system off the coast of the virginia and north carolina that is still pulling all that humid air into the region. dry air is just waiting in the wings and wants to push in but it is just not getting here
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just yet. we will see big changes. jet stream will plunge to the south, cool air will enter from portions of the the eastern canada and we're talking about below average temperatures, especially sunday into monday. future weather shows not a lot of wet weather coming in as that front moves through the area tomorrow is a dry day. still some cloud cover, across south jersey and delaware, friday, notice dry through most of the day, here comes that front, right about here, not a whole lot witt. maybe a stray sprinkle to the north and west but for the most part cool air will arrive, generally unnoticed no real showers to talk about with that. overnight partly cloudy, warm. 65 degrees. your thursday, mostly sunny, very warm start to fall we are in the upper 70's but we will top out in the mid 80's. the here's you're witness weather one day forecast warm start to fall tomorrow, friday, same story at 86 degrees but it is friday evening that the cold front comes through, and then again, pretty much unnoticed as it will kick up a gusty breeze. the saturday a big difference, 77 and just about average for this time of the year and then
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sunday and monday even cooler as we will have that full outlook in just a few minutes but definitely feeling nice they are weekend. >> thanks, kate. the ceremony was held in northeast philadelphia today in honor of the fallen philadelphia police officer. >> officer's hero plaque was up veil at police department's gun range, the 117th hero plaque and first for 2016. officer dewitt died last june after complications from surgery needed after an on duty injury. it was graduation day for philadelphia's cadet class of correctional officers. the group celebrated the completion of its studies and starting their careers. ceremony was held at lincoln high school and honored 44 graduates for their 13 weeks of training, those new officers will be dispatched throughout the philadelphia department of prisons. still ahead on "eyewitness news", it is not your average rv. >> yes, kate will be back in a little bit to show you the state of the art classroom as the gadgets and they make you
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feel like they are in the space station, leslie. well, guys, i'm not in pittsburgh, although it looks like it right now i'm at a place that embraces steelers fans and eagles fans but it will be an interesting test come sunday when steelers roll into town we will have more on the big game after the
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does pat toomey speak for you? i also want to thank the nra for it's, uh, strong support for my campaign. pat toomey: he opposes an assault weapons ban and got an "a" rating from the nra. "i have had a perfect record with the nra." and on women's health? "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion, and i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey: does he really speak for you? senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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it is wednesday. we are looking for a home game on sunday. >> yeah. >> steelers. >> against those steelers. >> i want to snatch those terrible towels right out of their hand. that is it. >> those towels are terrible, okay, so terrible. >> vegas loves steelers, patriots are favorite to win super bowl but pittsburgh is second at seven to one odds. birds will have their handful with one of the best in the business. leslie van arsdal is, joining us now with more on this interstate rivalry. the she's in queen village. leslie, what do you have.
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>> reporter: well, listen don if you are a steelers fan and living in the city of brotherly love, listen, i have found the perfect place for you. thinks o'neill's and this entire top floor is dedicated to steelers fans. all steelers all the time, down below, we have all eagles all the time, and they say that they do coexist, peacefully. i'm sure there will be a lot of banter between these two, come sunday. as for the game itself it will be toughest test yet for the birds. it is battle for pennsylvania when pittsburgh steelers visit eagles on sunday, two, two-zero teams, established star quarterback ben roethlisberger verse rookie carson wentz. >> he is so smart. it is fun to watch him and how he manages that offense and how he kind of commands that team and, everybody rallies around him. >> watching big ben is always fun. i have found it intriguing the way that guy plays differently and he is fun to watch. that guy can make some really big plays and it is
5:24 pm
impressive. >> reporter: wentz has been compared to big ben. >> to be compared to a guy like that it is impressive. i have a long way to go, that is first and foremost but i have admired the way he plays. i love how he can extend plays and improvise and he is not afraid to shut the ball deep and make plays. i admire his game. >> reporter: at o'neill's in south philadelphia steelers fans can watch their teams upstairs while eagles fans take over the first floor but this sunday will be different when the two worlds collide. >> if i'm the eagles playing a separate team and steelers laying another team, it is not going to be four teams but it is only steelers verse eagles. >> reporter: can you all get along. >> of course, why not the? we're all pennsylvania answer. >> reporter: i will tell you, you are welcome here, all steelers fans, with opened arms, until the game begins and then, welshing all bets are off. i'll send it back to you in the studio. >> all right, thanks. can they coexist, guys?
5:25 pm
that is awfully optimistic. steelers fans upstairs, eagles fans downstairs. >> that is fun. >> both worlds collide you? know they will. >> somebody though has got to go. >> that is right. >> thanks, buddy, appreciate it. there is a lot more still ahead in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news". just in time for seventh fifth anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor a sailor will finally be laid to rest, i'm cleve bryan, coming up how a camden county family finally was able to identify the remains of the loved ones. new and shocking allegations against former congressman anthony weiner what a teenager sent to a tabloid newspaper and how disgraced former law maker reportedly responded. then new at 6:00 a victim of friday's shooting rampage in philadelphia, speaks to "eyewitness news" what is saying tonight about his recovery and man who shot
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did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! a sailor killed in pearl harbor will finally be laid to
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rest, with a proper burial nearly 75 years after the attack that took his life. killed a poured u.s.s. oklahoma his remains were identified through dna testing. the remains will be reburied by his nephew who is from runnemede, new jersey. news continues at 5:30. i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan talked to the sailor's family about closure all these years later. >> it is just to honor him sometimes. >> reporter: from the hat he wears to the navy bear, edward hopkins had a connection to the uncle he never met. edward the elder was born in new hampshire in 1922. he died at 19 aboard the u.s.s. oklahoma during the attack on pearl harbor. the his remains never made it home. >> at the time i imagine there was a lot of chaos, just entering the war a lot of people that weren't identified were placed in graves, and they were placed together. there was 14 of them in there. >> reporter: for years hopkins family has been working to
5:30 pm
uncover remains from hawaii. hope was that dna testing would determine which bones were hit in the group grave. the government exhumed grave and sure enough there was a dna match. last month navy representative came to runnemede to finalize results of the hopkins hoist eldest living relative. >> i was kind of overwhelmed at the time because i didn't expect it to happen this fast. >> reporter: unlike some military families that will never have an opportunity to give the loved won a proper burial hopkins now have a date. october 15th edward hopkins will be laid to rest in key, new hampshire next to his parents work full military honor. >> it is an emotional thing, i'll be teary eyed but it is good, it is closure, you know, it is finally that he is coming home to where he should have been. >> reporter: home coming 75 years in the making. in runnemede, cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". in campaign 2016 hillary clinton and donald trump are speaking out on the deadly
5:31 pm
police involved shootings of black men in tulsa and charlotte. trump met with pastors in cleveland, ohio as he tried to broaden his appeal with minority voters. he called for unity during that meeting. the republican nominee says he is very troubled by latest police involve shootings. >> that man was hands up, that man went to the car, and hand up, put his hand on the car and too me it looks like he did everything you are supposed to do. >> the latest bloomberg politics poll shows trum april head of hillary clinton by five points. meantime democratic nominee also discussed those shootings today, clinton was in orlando to outline her vision for the economy and he made curbing gun violence and police brutality a central part of the candidacy. she has campaigned alongside mothers of the black victims of high profile killings. >> we have two more names to add to a list of african americans killed by police
5:32 pm
officers in these encounters. it is unbearable. >> cbs news battle ground tracker shows clinton hold a two-point lead over trum in florida. we are coming down to the wire just 47 days away from election day, stay with us for continuing coverage. disgraced former new york congressman anthony weiner is facing disturbing new allegations, this time, he is accused of sending sexually charged messages to a 15 year-old girl. teen provided screen grabs of inappropriate conversations she allegedly had with him to british tabloid the daily mail. when reached for comment weiner reportedly did not deny talking with the girl but said he is likely the subject of a hoax. air strike has killed four medicine knicks northern syria. relief group said victims were hit while responding to an earlier bombing raid. nine members of the al qaeda linked group were also killed in the air strike. it is not clear who ordered the strike. it comes just two days after a
5:33 pm
attack on a aid convoy that killed 20 people and allegedly destroyed a week long cease-fire. back here at home philadelphia's mural arts program is well known for its efforts in beautifying places all over the city. as our vittoria woodill tells us tonight it is gearing up for a very big october. >> welcome everyone here today. >> wow. >> reporter: exciting day from mural arts in south philadelphia. everybody gathered to celebrate the brand new brush strokes over snider plaza soon to be swann conn walk marking this territory as a mural zone. >> we're on a mission to create meaningful, collaborative, public art. >> by looking at our surroundings and seeing canvas, on what many people call a concrete jungle, we saw an opportunity to transform a successful community shopping center, into a deeper sense of place. >> reporter: these murals mark where mural arts month kick off party will be on september t of fun where for 31 days in october, 30 events around the city will make art the focus.
5:34 pm
>> it is a shining of the light on artists constituents, partners, everyone who makes our work possible. >> some inspiration for this as you can see, 95 is right there and this is the whole scene is based underneath i-95. >> reporter: this is what you plan on doing on these walls. >> that is right. >> reporter: chance to highlight local, internationally known artists like joe, whose pens port neighborhood will give these whitewalls their life. >> having spent time living down here that i can grasp the spirit. >> kind of been an organic culture that sprouted up down here. >> reporter: grab your friend, phones and fuel the arts in philadelphia. >> it is an interpretation that brings the viewer into this, into this piece. >> reporter: spoken like a true artist. >> it is up to you. >> reporter: vittoria woodill cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> love all of the arts in philadelphia. >> still to come one doctor calls it a game changer, have
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have medical procedures, feel month pain, remember nothing and get up and walk out afterward with no side effects. health reporter stephanie stahl will tell you how it can happen coming up. find out why this guy and his puppy friend are heating up internet and how their photo shoot is helping other dogs, find a home, kate? ♪ >> a beautiful fall weekend is on the way, your weekend watch, is make some outdoor plans and make them quickly. up in the poconos crispness to the air. temperatures in the 60's both days in the city, with partly sunny skies on saturday and then really feel that fall chill on sunday with a high right around 70 and down the shore feeling nice as well, breezy on saturday, sunday, the high in the upper 60's. the get outside and enjoy. we
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katiejoey, ricky, eileen,hnny, me, and colleen...immy, all 10 of us raised on a policeman's salary and a mom working as a restaurant hostess. imagine trying to do that today, with washington looking out for the favored few. i'll bring a different point of view to the u.s. senate - working class roots and the mother of three, i'll put middle class families ahead of wall street. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because it's your turn to get ahead.
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rv's are used for vacation and camping trips but a college in burlington county is using one to take science on the road. >> meteorologist kate bilo is in the einstein science center with more on the state of the art classroom, while on wheels. >> reporter: virtual reality on wheels. a cool new vehicle was unveiled at rowan college in burlington county, it gives students, teachers, amateur scientists a unique way to experience science, technology, engineering and hat. this is not your average recreational vehicle. >> there it is. >> oh, high god. i'm aboard a spaceship. >> reporter: thinks a science lab on wheels and it was just unveiled at rowan college's burlington county campus in new jersey. the 30-foot long vehicle has been transform in the state of the art mobile science classroom equipped with the planetarium and three science
5:40 pm
laboratories including a virtual reality lab. >> participants in a virtual space station orbiting earth and they are able to look at the inert real time, they are able to interact with a small model earth in front of them with these satellite data centers that can actually down load, interact, make observations, compare infrared cloud, see certain temperatures looking at different weather patterns. >> kids love it. >> they want to grab, reach things, touch avatars and touch the globe. >> totally amazing. it was just so interesting, fascinating, i could see, that our youth would just love to have this experience because it the puts you right there. it puts you right inside the spaceship. >> reporter: mobile lab will visit schools, community events all across the country to help expose more students to science, technology, engineering and math. >> hopefully it gets them excited about the sciences and opens up their eyes to future
5:41 pm
careers. >> reporter: to learn more about stem education head to cbs philly to the come/science center. from the einstein health care science center i'm meteorologist kate bilo. >> i love that. >> i'll stand in line for that. >> exactly. >> for sure. a pennsylvania couple with a unique approach to their wedding photos we will tell what you they substitute that had made their photos down right adorable. we will be right back.
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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atlantic city will be featured thanks to the deal. and they agreed. and, the new arrangement, called for a boardwalk hall concert featuring a major artist. authorities officials say agency had money for concert because it cancelled beach
5:45 pm
concerts head of hurricane. stay tuned for more concert information. a lancaster county couple decided to do their wedding photos differently. >> they decided to for go the usual pictures with bridesmaids carrying bouquets, instead they carried, these. check out mart, april gale, dolly earrings list bet and louisea. they are not bride made but they are names of the rescue dogs in the bridesmaids arms. bride works for a pair of rescue organizations and she wanted the pups in her wedding pictures. >> the entire bridal party was able to focus on just loving the puppies and interacting with them instead of being concerned about how did i pose, where do i stand, do i look okay. >> check out grooms men? they have their own dogs. all publicity could be good news for rescue organizations, which, of course, have plenty of rescue dogs to place with happy, loving families. >> look at that face. >> yeah, i love it. >> how do you say into that. >> i'm telling you, nicely done. >> and, kate joins with us a forecast, and, coming to the
5:46 pm
air, and, coming,. >> yes. >> and, you know, touch football, let's go. >> it will feel great this weekend. great weather for eagles fans, tailgating, really feel like fall. put a pot of chile on the stove watching game at home. it will be a fantastic weekend. we have to get through warm stuff at end of the week. not weekend just yet but it is close. it is wednesday winding down heading through end of the week. temperatures still above average. we are in the 80's this time of the year. get ready for a big cool change heading our way this weekend. lets look outside right now we will take you down the shore, where slightly brighter then it has been so far this week but still some cloud, hanging on in and out of the cloud all day. and in atlantic county, and, as well, thanks to a system, just a moment, and, the rain, just off to our south, across the beaches of the virginia, and north carolina especially but good day a lot of folks doing an afternoon jog on the
5:47 pm
boardwalk in ocean city. eyewitness heather watchers they are reporting comfortable temperatures outside. comfortable if it were early september, or late august 84 degrees as we check with barbara lane in willow grove. eighty-four above average. dew point is 58, that is not too bad, dew points in the 60's. we have cut humidity down a bit. that helps but still feeling more like summer, then fall. gary is in sewell, new jersey he has sunshine 80 degrees. sun returns today, and higher temperatures, and gary sent us this photo, a friend he found hanging out on his porch, a young praying mantus beautiful, interesting looking creature. beautiful is in the quite right terminology. would i love our weather watcher sharing things like that on their front porch. jerry is at 85 with sun peeking through the clouds. again, photos from today showing more sunshine then we have seen in the past few days. phil showing thus beautiful cloud structure this afternoon in the sky, and another friend, wayne, he found an
5:48 pm
coopers hawk on his deck. can you imagine walking outside and finding that, hanging outside on your deck railing. he looks pretty, regal sitting there but thanks to wayne for. that lets check out weather-wise, on our live neighborhood network we will start with palmyra cove nature park camera looking live toward the city. you can see clouds this afternoon, the sunnies shining through the clouds, it is not a cloudy day per se but we just can't get a full day of sunshine all thanks to the stubborn system from that front that came through on monday that brought us that rain, that front stalls just off to our south and area have low pressure has developed along that boundary. you can see it is strung out from the ocean over into portions of southern virginia, north carolina. this will stay south and eventually front will come through friday will take it out to sea but until then we will not be able to break cloud cover especially over south jersey and delaware. that storm is still lurking tomorrow, most of us have a sunny warm day expect a few more cloud, close to the coast and through the delaware beaches. friday that is when this front
5:49 pm
approaches. out ahead friday is still a very warm day with highs in the mid 80's but friday afternoon front starts to move through and big change here saturday, much cooler air from the north and west, highs only in the 70's, and that really settles in as we head into sunday. quick look at tropics. we have tropical depression karl that is expected to restrengthen in the tropical storm and hurricane. right in bermuda through weekend but should stay out to sea. tropical storm lisa expect to weaken and stay pretty far out to sea. neatest of these on our radar as far as storms for our area just yet. overnight partly cloudy, warm night at 65 for a low. your thursday mostly sunny very warm start to fall 85 is the take time high. the let's jump ahead to sunday, eagles verse steelers, 4:25, what a beautiful day, 70 t kick off and very light north wind. you're witness weather seven day forecast still warm thursday and friday but change on saturday. partly sunny, breezy.
5:50 pm
sunday 70. monday looks beautiful at 72. we will keep it in the mid 70's next tuesday and wednesday as well. the is there that fall weather you guys have been waiting for. >> well, cbs-3 healthwatch, tonight laughing gas isn't just for dental procedures anymore. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here to explain why. >> reporter: this is a new twist, guys. we have a variety of melrose where, mild sedation is needed, trucks are used and following lead of dentist other doctors are using nitrous oxide as an alternative. gary was dreading the procedure he needed for an enlarged prostate that involved needles and iv sedation. he was relieved help his urologist offered an alternative nitrous oxide. >> it is absolutely remarkable, you know, how they can get through these procedures without any pain. >> reporter: notice laughing gas dentists use nitrous oxide for mild sedation during procedures and now m.d.'s like doctor baum are using it for
5:51 pm
minor office procedures, including vasectomies. >> it reduces anxiety, it reduces pain and discomfort and it provides light sedation. the beauty is that once the gas is turned off, 30 seconds later the patient sits up, and stand up, and walks out of office. >> reporter: gary says he remembers nothing about his procedure. >> when he turn it on, i just didn't feel a thing after that. >> reporter: doctor baum says it is safe and in 150 patients he had had no side effects. patients can respond to commands and still getting same amount of oxygen as normal breathing. >> this is a game changer. >> reporter: doctors say nitrous oxide is only used for more minor procedures, and the sedation can be increased or turned down and sometimes the patients fall asleep don't remember what happened. but as doctor says there is no lasting effect once it is out of your system quickly. >> interesting.
5:52 pm
>> it is, no doubt about it. >> thanks, stephanie. >> september is childhood cancer awareness month and today there was a special ceremony at philadelphia city hall, councilman david oh recognized patient caregivers, survivors and those children whom we have lost to the disease. according to the national cancer institute about 16,000 children and adolescence are diagnosed with cancer each year and you see alex lemonade stand, of course, we are very closely affiliated with them and we always wish them the best and work with them and work hard with them. still ahead a man who says become homeless helped him find his calling. >> he is now out, and we could not ask for better here. >> i'll tell you why cooking became his passion. wait until you find out who he met while staying in the shelter, it is today's story of brotherly love
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
in today's story of brotherly love meet a maple shade man spend ago lot of his retirement in the kitchen. >> he volunteers to teach cooking and he is really paying back the people, who have helped him. >> good job if you need help find he i've got the big mouth. >> reporter: paul carton is culinary coach of the free cooking class. the menu, pizza, healthy, home hade. >> i really am trying to get healthier. >> reporter: class is all adults except maybe for paul. >> he is the man child. >> paul is a joker but he has been through a lot, in 2012, he lost his wife to cancer. a month later he lost his
5:57 pm
welding job. not long after that broke his hip. >> so i was actually homeless for a short period of time. >> reporter: paul ended up in a camden shelter that offered free cooking classes taught by food bank of south jersey. >> i have always enjoyed cooking high mother, taught us all to cook when we were kid. >> reporter: it gave them purpose, he met a volunteer who became his wife. once paul was back on his feet he offered his teaching skills to the food bank's healthy living coordinator trish yo. >> he is one of our other volunteers, and he was now out and helping us and we could not have asked for a better volunteer. >> reporter: paul teaches preschool to senior citizens. >> it was wonderful, the best class, i have ever taken. >> reporter: fellow volunteer and teacher linda shoeman's-ky said paul had something special. >> kids love him. he just brings joy to the classroom. >> if it weren't for my breaking my hippy wouldn't have gotten involve with the food bank.
5:58 pm
i don't get paid for it. i only work for smiles. >> reporter: which makes him a very rich man. >> cheers to paul. >> and to all of you you. >> all right. cheers and five's paul. tell us your story of brotherly love. send to it cbs that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 61:00 of the victim's of friday night's shooting rampage in west philadelphia speaks to "eyewitness news". how he tribe the horrifying moments help a gunman opened fire in the bar where he was working. also, a poisonous snake gets lose in delaware county. find out how it got there and who caught the reptile before anyone got hurt, kate? and it is warm, still a bit steamy out there for late september, but we will be cooling things things down this weekend. i will tell you when it will start feeling like fall and when some spots may see temperatures in the 40's, all coming up at 6:00. and a power of music, as therapy, how a local musician is using her talents to help
5:59 pm
heel pain from her childhood and also inspire others who are struggling here's is what happening. speaking out, one of the victim's of friday shooting rampage in west philadelphia talks with "eyewitness news" about that horrifying night. good evening, everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. she was one of six victims including two police officers shot during that attack on sansom street. tonight he is out of the hospital, and spoke first with "eyewitness news". >> alexandria hoff joins us now from west philadelphia with that story, alex? well, ukee, jessica, washington tells us that he is feeling, good, but that feeling is bitter sweet, knowing that another victim from that night will not be making it home. >> well, people like that, you know, out in the street to harm people like us. >> reporter: marty washington was helping out working at his favorite west philadelphia
6:00 pm
lounge on friday evening, when gunfire erupted down the block. at the time he had no idea that suspected gunman nicholas glenn shot 18 times into philadelphia police sergeant sylvia young's police cruiser or that he and a collogue would be next. >> it was fast. i got hit. then i was in the hospital. >> reporter: he wases shot twice in the leg and thigh and co-worker was struck in the ankle. five days later both are out of the hospital. washington credits the muscle in his legs for his swift recovery. >> i'm this is doing as bad as others think i should be doing. >> reporter: his real pain now comes from thinking of where the suspect began firing shots after he left the lounge. >> and then that young lady didn't think that, you know, sitting secure inside a car that she was, unsafe. >> reporter: twenty-five year-old sarah was sitting in a car with a male friend forty-ninth and sansom both were shot, she passed away later that evening. irony that is washington typically feared for his wife when it comes


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