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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  September 22, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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head, while responding to a call. campaign trail passes through our area again today donald trump is making a stop in aston delaware county. i've got something to tell you, i'm pregnant. >> i don't believe me ears >> a baby. we are very, very, sappointed in one bridget. >> he is like one of my favorite people ever. that is james corden auditions for bridget jones baby. luckily the role went to patrick dempsey. >> he got mcdream i and james cord on. >> um-hmm. >> did they make the right decision, katie i i will say
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yes, but i love that he invokes stereo typical english characters, known to man. >> exactly. >> but always good for a laugh. >> at least with that said here i can start your morning off on a pleasant note as well, guys. very warm day here we are ushering in the fall season but cooler more fall, crisp-like air will overtake the region. we will be at best getting in the lower 07's come later in the forecast here. so today is another warm one we will ease new to this new season. storm scan quiet here locally, you can see moisture off to the south. i will zoom it out to see is what going on. a lot of remnant moisture there what was julia still out there, it toss not however appear to have any impact on us, we will stay dry, we will stay sunny and we will warm up officially. sixty-five is the current temperature at the airport. that has been unchange since we went on the air an hour and one minute ago here on "eyewitness news" but we will see these temperatures once the sun comes up very
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efficiently rebounding. if you are sending kids out to the school bus this morning, this isn't the worst idea. by the time they are riding school bus home or heading out for after school activities it feels like july. eighty-six and sunny but regardless we will start morning off here especially in the suburbs, more so in the 50's or mid 60's at best. so do keep that in mine. now eventually as i mentioned we are going to see jet stream start to take a dive south and when that happens, you will see temperatures take a hit as a result. so there will be below average temperatures in the seven day and we will tell you just how cool it will get, a little later in the show, meisha, back over to you. all right, that would be nice to bundle up, i've got to tell you. >> yes. >> yes, absolutely, all right. good morning, everybody. happy thursday. so 422 headlights moving in the eastbound direction past oaks, looking good here. that is the theme of the morning so far, looking good, looking good. blue route, headlights, northbound, approaching route one, looking good, but, i will
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say you are starting to heat up a little bit have the blue route, also the schuylkill, eastbound past king of russia enjoy it, while you have it. even though it is thursday, we are pushing toward friday, we will start to slow down toward end of the week just a little bit but we know it will get busy in the 6:00 o'clock hour. schuylkill, like i said enjoy your nice company with your neighbors. construction here lincoln drive south wound between green street and wayne avenue one lane opened until september 30th. we are creeping up on that slowly but surely. construction 295 southbound between route 47 and two lanes are block, and they will be blocked until 6:00 a.m. we are another half an hour or so. commodore barry bridge one lane is blocked here, not causing too many slow downs yet but it will, in a bit. just make note of that. big construction project here i-95 southbound off ramp to aramingo avenue is closed through june of 017, this is one you have to use an alternate, bridge street oral gain i avenue exit, these will be your best bet, overall, your morning commute for a thursday morning i have to
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tell you, it is looking pretty darn good, you guys, overall, all of the speed we are looking at jim and brooke, all of them, still holding at 55 and i'm hoping to keep you there as long as i can, so far, so good this morning, you guys. >> thanks, meisha. charlotte north caroline ace under a state of emergency this morning. >> police were on the streets as marchers demanded answers in the fatal police shooting of keith lemont scott. police say he was armed, his family, says he was holding a book, one person was critically injured, and we will have have a live report from charlotte north carolina at 6:00 a.m. in campaign 2016, donald trump returning to the keystone state. >> he makes another stop in aston delaware county more proof that pennsylvania could be a key to winning the white house. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live on the cbs-3 sky deck, justin, good morning. >> reporter: donald trump was last in the area to roll out his child care land earlier this month and today he is
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back in aston as he and his opponent hope to swing our state, their way. now, across the state, trump supporters are going door to door to gain votes for their nominee. pennsylvania last went for republican in 1988, democrats are fighting for the state's 20 electoral votes too. hillary clinton and running mate tim kaine have been here 11 times, trump and mike pence9 times. keystone state is being called crucial especially in the philadelphia area home to a third of the the state's voters. some pol stores say if trump takes pa it could signal wins in other valuable swing states and right now voter registration is out pacing 2008 and on penn's campus politically passionate students are signing up before the october 11th registration deadline. >> it is not an election it is okay to sit down. you can -- protest votes and aren't going to do much this election. it is too risky.
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>> it is our job to talk about why they feel that way and hopefully change that into positive energy. >> reporter: so far democrats have registered roughly 418,000 new voters, to republican 321,000 voters, and coming up at 6:00 a closer look at why pennsylvania is called the way to the white house, we will have what both parties are doing now to win in november. back inside to you. >> thanks so much, justina appreciate that report. candidates square off in their first presidential debate this monday night at hofstra university. you can see it live at 9:00 o'clock right here on cbs-3. "eyewitness news" anchor jessica dean is heading to new york to cover debate, look for her live report monday starting on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 o'clock. time is 5:36n business news a revolution in the world of sneakers. >> and t mobile is trying to figure out its outage problem. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, jill. >> reporter: good morning, brooke and jim. t mobile is working to get
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services backup and running this morning. wireless carrier tweeted it is aware of outages. all right. on wall street markets opened today at or near record highs, dow jones rose 163 points, yesterday, nasdaq jumped 53 points closing at a new record. it followed fed's september meeting, as expect, the fed did not raise interest rates, that signalled a rate hike could come at the end of the year. blue bell creameries is recalling chocolate chip cookie town and cookie two step ice cream because of listeria contamination. no illness has been reported. last year brew bell recalled all of the products because of the listeria. future is almost here, nike self lacing back to the the future sneakers, hit store shelves, november 28th. the hyper adapt 1.0 sneaker has a button on the tongue, automatically just adjust layses, no word on the cost. brooke and jim. >> robotic sneakers now. >> $1,500 is my guess.
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>> what? thanks, jill. >> well, in more serious news, former congressman anthony weiner is facing a new claim of sexting, this time from a 15 year-old girl. she told british tabloid daily mail that she exchanged sexually explicit messages and video session was weiner, he did admit to being in communication on line with her but he also says he was a victim of the hoax. new york governor andrew cuomo took questions from the reporters about the disgraced former congressman. >> if the reports are true it is possibly criminal and it is sick and frankly i have heard enough about anthony weiner and i think that goes for all new yorkers.
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>> beiber's wife, huma aberdeen filed for divorce last month. woman is lucky to have no more than minor injuries after being hit the by a duck boat in boston this was caught on camera. take a look video shows woman getting hit yesterday afternoon in the back bay neighborhood month. man who ended up to go right in front of the duck boat. in april a woman on a mopped was hit and killed by a boston duck boat. still ahead, just when you thought you heard it all there is an update on a rumor in the brad and angelina split. we will tell you where to get a free gift for the start of fall, patrick? >> reporter: good morning, everyone. it is first day of fall we are here at linvilla orchards getting ready for fall, we have pumpkins, we have apples, we will tell you everything that there is to know about this beautiful fruit, we are having bushels of fun when we
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weekend's any album cover is out and his fans are freaking out on line because, look. did he cut his hair? it looks like the famous dreads are gone. the singer also tweeted this picture giving you, a better
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look, we have another picture at what could be his new hair style. new album is called star boy, and it is weekend's third studio album, do you see this other picture, third studio album and men for his mix tapes as well. it comes out november 25th, but you can preorder now and get first single featuring punk. music world in is morning after atlanta icon shawty low was million-dollar car crash. his real name was carlos walker and he was driving on the interstate, in atlanta, yesterday morning. they say he lost control, of his car and went off the road, and hit a tree, before it caught fire. little rapper was thrown from the car and pronounced dead at the scene. shawty low was part of the d4l some hit singles includes lots of taffy and, his debut studio, album, is personal. so that was tagged separately.
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marion cotillard and rumors of romantic involvement with brad pitt are not true and harmful. she stars with pit in the upcoming world war two thriller, alley. she said she's this love and in a relationship with actor and the couple are parents to a five-year old son and they have another baby on the way now and she hopes angelina jolie and brad pitt can find peace as they go through their divorce. all right. it happens. >> yes. >> find rumors on line. >> yes. >> always get the shortened of all this. >> they are innocent by standers in this whole thing. >> someone was pointing out, hollywood news, we talk bit, when you release a statement people will talk bit but divorce has to be painful, i have never been through one so for everyone to be talking about it all day, every day. >> i want to release a formal statement that i'm glad fall
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is here. >> yes, we will transition. >> yes. >> cooler temperatures. >> fall is a mere matter of hours away from actually beginning. the it happens, when we are dealing with the autumnal equinox with the sun most direct ray toss make it easier to understand, they are hitting the tropic of cancer. the season is changing at 10:21 on the knows today. that is when we will see that, autumnal equinox take effect and it is official, pumpkin spices are now in fashion, and we can start eating apple cider doughnuts with no problem. i know mr. pat gallen and i wouldn't be upset if he brought back apple cider doughnuts. lets take a look a the eyewitness weather watchers are saying. out we will go, to the map, we are seeing cool air in place, and, we will go down the middle, and, north and, and,
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start to the day. and, and, milder, and, johnnies in philly, and more of that, effect to keep it a bit milder. it is a clear day for him as well and saying, that the stars are shining, as bright liz out, all courtesy of high pressure this morning. across the river, 57 degrees, coming in from john, he has a couple of clouds, we are closer to moisture, and, actually remnant moisture associated with what was julia in this area. so you may find a couple of cloud. i don't think you have to worry about wet weather. lets look at is what going on this system remnant moisture of what was the system. still responsible for flooding, downpours, across the virginia, portions of north caroline, don't worry about that getting here, it does appear high pressure will win the battle, even though it is weakening and diminishing as it moves away. cold front will move through. very quickly we will check on the tropical satellite there is activity to track and nothing that looks like it
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will have an impact on us. tropical depression, karl south east of ber mood, tropical storm lease, lisa does not appear as though it will have an impact on land, and certainly not the u.s., however, karl may end up posing a treat to bermuda that is something we will keep a close watch on, by this weekend specifically. speaking of the weekend as it pertains to us, that is a decent pattern change and still feels like summer to day and tomorrow and then we will see a cold front crossing through friday night, likely with very limited moisture and we are back in the 07's where we should be through the course of the weekend, meisha, back over to you. >> good reese ton take our lattes extra hot, katie, thank you for. that. today we're in the 80's. on the roadways we're looking nice. we have a disabled vehicle, however, that disabled vehicle on the schuylkill westbound near grays ferry, it is causing pretty significant backups. it is blocking right lane autopsy head. just a heads up to give yourself a couple extra minutes because of the disabled. again, just a disable vehicle but we are seeing backups there also i-95 south at
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cottman what we are looking at around that s curve, looking really nice, people are moving toward the 6:00 o'clock hour. schuylkill ahead in the eastbound direction at said boulevard looking at east and westbound side you can see it is still looking really nice. so until 5:00 o'clock hour. so overall your morning commute is looking pretty good. we are looking in delaware county i-95 north at 452, this is what you are looking at, looking good, really nice, most areas we're looking at the in our camera. construction westbound one lane is blocked there, and that will slow you down right now but it will later. also construction, lincoln drive southbound between green street and wayne avenue, one lane opened until september 30th, brooke and jim, over to you. thanks, meisha. temperatures may feel like summer but today is first day of fall. >> we think of fall we think of linvilla objectingard that is where the april he will of his mother's eye. >> it could be apple of our eyes. >> okay. >> apple of eyes, pat. >> i was trying to give a
5:49 am
shout out to mrs. gallon at home and you rudely interrupt me. the path trick. >> am i not the apple of your eye, jim, come on. >> again i was trying to give a shout out. >> that is exactly what he is saying, pat, um-hmm. >> let's move forward with the using meant. >> we are. >> we are at linvilla orchard a great place to come where there is a crisp cool feeling. the katie says this weekend the temperatures are going to be a little bit more fall-like. this is a perfect place to be, it is not all about pumpkins here. linvilla has everything including apples. look at these apples right here. so we will take you through a little crash course on apples, and to help douse that it is norman schultz from linvilla orchard. good morning. >> good morning, glad you are here. >> so tell us about apples. we are here with the honey crisps and you just told me something interesting about them that i didn't realize.
5:50 am
they are incredibly popular. >> these are the number one apple now, probably 50 percent of our sales for the fall. they were developed by the university of minnesota and it taste like apple cider wrapped in the skin and more juicy then any other variety you are selling out of these things. >> these are other own today, we have pick your own, we sold half of the crop in three or four days for pick your own and we save other half for the market and we will sellout of our own this weekend but we just brought in half tractor trailer load, to get through the fall season on incredible. >> honey crisp sellout but you have different. >> we grow 30 different varieties, right the now this weekend we will have nine different varieties available for pick your own and pick up here in the market. >> what are some of the go to apples if we bake a pie or apple cider, take us through that. >> for pie you want the makuhn, you want one that is firm so it does not melt down in the pie. for apple sauce you want to
5:51 am
use, golden delicious or... >> bad audio. >> they are all good for eating fresh out of the hand, gala, you want something really sweet, m aco u.n. and for short and crisp taking apple cider that is honey crisp mixed between tart and sweet. >> is what your go to. >> i like the macoun and courtland, it is white as snow inside and first apple that i grew 30 years ago when i was in delaware valley university and it has always been my favorite. >> i hope you learn everything there is to know about apples from norman here. when we come back at 6:00 we will shoot some apples with the apple sling, doesn't that sound like fun. you can do that at linvilla. >> that does sound good, i have never heard of that macoun, you learn everything new on the morning show, thank you, patrick.
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another fall flavor pumpkin spices, to celebrate first daze of fall, and visit philly and saxbys teamed up, to get cold blue at any of the 14 area locations today. we will be right
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was able to pick up thousands of pound of food and deliver it to the local food bank. >> gentle giant moving company, loading off a truck with food and drink. they picked up 11,500-pound of rock and roll half marathon this weekend and then took it to philabundance. it is all a volunteer effort. you know kindness to strangers is providing elderly man and his wife a chance at real golden years. >> ♪ eighty-nine year when his daughter died, sanchez was forced to work longer hours to make ends meet viral photo the owe sparked neighborhood go fund me campaign and organizers, were overwhelmed. >> i have never dealt with
5:56 am
anybody from germany, israel, india, i mean from chile, argentina, and it just shows that every where in the world, it is nice, that we're all the same. >> now the campaign, get this raised more than $370,000 for the sanchez family, so he says he and his wife may buy a home for very first time, for taking their first ever vacation. >> that is amazing great for them. >> the original go fund me effort was for like under $5,000. >> good things for that family. >> wow. >> coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", katie has forecast for first day of fall. >> traveling can be difficult. we will look at the top pet peeves and let you know what you can do to save, stress, stay with
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state of emergency declared in charlotte north carolina have a second night of violent protests, we are live on the streets there where the national guard has taken over. more breaking news in our area, police say body was found outside a gated home. find out why they are following a trail of blood all the way into philadelphia. and with the first presidential debate just days away one of the candidates
6:00 am
returned to pennsylvania, good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm brooke thomas. we will look at weather and traffic in just a mine but first unrest, in charlotte. north carolina's governor has declared a state of emergency. >> don champion is in charlotte and joins us live, good morning, don. >> reporter: good morning. as you drive around uptown charlotte here which is essentially downtown, you begin to see the scars from that second night of violence. take a look behind me at this store. it was just ransacked. windows out front were shattered last night. and even at this hour, we are seeing heavily armed officers, standing guard in this area trying to maintain order. the chaos that charlotte stretched well into the overnight hours as protesters faced off with heavily armed officers. tear gas filled the air and at least one flash bang exploded.


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