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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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store fully. >> reporter: after showing residents to james mack he says it did not make situation any clearer. >> it was good to see what went on but i feel sad for him. >> charlotte police will be out in force to head out a possible fourth night of violence. another curfew will be enforced at midnight and north carolina's governor says national guard troops will remain in char lieutenant throughout the weekend. meanwhile in oklahoma tulsa police officer charged in the death of terence croucher turned herself in early this morning. betty shelby was released on $50,000 bail. the officer's attorney says she drew her gun instead of the stun gun because she had saw croucher was armed. police say croucher to not have a gun. shelby is charge with first degree manslaughter. suspect wanted in connection with the murder of a camden girl is now behind bars in tennessee. >> eight year-old gabriel carter was fatally shot last month after getting caught in the cross fire. "eyewitness news", new jersey reporter cleve bryan is live in camden, with today's
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developments in this case, cleve. >> reporter: for the last month there has been nothing but tears, fears, frustrations after little gabby was gunned town right here, near the corner obviate and spruce street. an arrest though, bringing a small sense of peace. >> i just want to say i'm just happy, that justice came. >> reporter: it is news that makes a camden neighborhood feel a weight has been lifted suspect behind bars for death of eight year-old gabriel carter. >> i'm just so happy, as a mother, as a parent, as a family friend and neighbor, i'm just saying thank you, jesus, for real. >> reporter: wednesday authorities issued a murder warrant for 18 year-old tyhan brown of camden. friday morning u.s. marshals arrested him at a relative's home in clarksville, tennessee. at rest comes one month after little gabby was shot in the head, during what police believe was a gang related shoot-out. >> we had a pretty good idea early on of what occurred, it was just a matter of asking for assistance from the
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community to help our investigators and team we have to be able to put the proof together. >> reporter: in the days after gabby's death an outraged community offered donations and raised reward for information in the case to a record $76,000. but police say those with inside knowledge wouldn't help, in fact, brown's mother shekia land and his girlfriend in a cash gerald have been charged with hindering investigation for allegedly providing false alibis. >> what goes around, come around. you did what you did? now you have to stand up and pay price. >> reporter: authorities hope to make more arrests. they don't believe brown, it is the only person responsible for gabby's death. >> they have been hiding under a rock where they belong for quite sometime at least for the last almost month, and it is only a matter on on have time before we flip that rock over. >> reporter: camden police say they send investigators town to tennessee to begin the extradition process for brown but there is no time line when he will be back here in camden facing murder charges. they expect to have an arraignment to be able to provide more information.
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live from camden i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cleve, thank you. police in yeadon delaware county are asking for the public's help identifying this man, seen in the surveillance video. he is being called a person of interest, in the murder of three two-year old natasha gibson. investigators say they interviewed victim's former boyfriend mark epps last night and they are no longer classifying him as a person of interest. upper chichester man is sentenced to four to 40 years in prison on child porn charges. the path trick, home was searched in august of last year. authorities say they found 147 images of child porn, the majority depicted children under the age of 12. a burlington township police officer has been critically injured in a off-duty crash that killed his passenger. this happened just before 2:30 this morning on west front street and woodland avenue in florence township. authorities say 25 year-old guess continue rodriguez was eject from his personal car, 27 year-old air yana williams
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died at that scene. investigators do believe that speed was a factor in this crash, and no charges have been filed but investigators have drawn blood from rodriguez for toxicology testing. a suspicious package leads to a shelter in place order and streets blocked off in center city philadelphia. chopper three over the the area near 21st and market streets this have afternoon, that item was in front of the firehouse in the bomb squad detonated the item which was later determined to be a small pipe that fell off a construction truck. no one was injured and everything is back to normal. a cool change on the way, weather-wise, it will feel like fall. lets get a look at changes we can expect, with kate outside on the skies deck, kate. >> it will be a really great fall weekend with temperatures in the 70's, and much cooler, air and nice cool breeze on the the way but a lot of people like it like this, sunny, warm, we have got dew points that are relatively low, really a great summer-like day even though it is fall, if thinks your kind of weather get outside and enjoy it because a big cool
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down arrives as early as tonight. lets take a look at temperatures right now across the region. eighty-eight in philadelphia. eighty-seven in allentown. eighty-eight in trenton. very, very warm, we should be around 76. but notice all that green that has over taken portions of new england, right now it is 61 in albany, 60 in buffalo and that cool air will start permeating southward tonight as a cold front heads our way. you can see that front is pushing through the albany area, portions of upstate new york picking up a couple sprinkles. there is not a lot of moisture with this front coming through as it could pro tuesday stray shower later this evening, around midnight, and the front will be bit to slow to clear so we will wake up to cloudy skies and then quickly by early afternoon or even, sooner then that it will turnout sunny, and beautiful, and the temperatures will really drop as we head through weekend. quick peak of your forecast, day to look forward to is sunday. day to look out for is tuesday. coming up we will tell you why when we take a peak at extended forecast when i join you inside.
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back inside to you. >> thank you. there will be a big difference this weekend in center city, many streets will be free, of any traffic. >> 10 miles of the roads will be closed to traffic, so everyone can walk, run or bike without worrying about cars. the streets will be lined with activity promoting a a healthy lifestyle and as you would imagine there are parking restrictions and ticketing and towing starts at 3:00 tomorrow morning. the philly free streets area includes south street, which will be closed between front, and schuylkill river trail, and mlk drive will be closed to the falls brink and all roads in fairmount park near the police touch museum will also be closed. security is a prime concern for this weekend's irish festival in north wildwood following terror events in new york city and seaside park, new jersey. >> we have talk with the north wildwood chief of police about plans to keep people safe. >> we will bring in outside help, a team effort, the whole city comes together, fire department, police department but we get help from the county's prosecutor's office,
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sheriff's department is a big help and we have built in security measures overtime, being our 251st. >> reporter: irish festival is expect to draw a quarter million visitors. >> vittoria woodill is live where festivities are already underway, vittoria. >> reporter: i'm with my family, irish eyes are smiling. it is. it is irish festival in wild wood. it does not get any better than this. beautiful day in north wildwood, family, friend, irish all around and we have scared the baby. we have scared the baby. but mom and dad, you are having the best time though. >> great time. >> great time. >> well, not only do they have tons of vendors, tons of people, tons of smiles, look at the smile. like evan here look at evan, and not your first time at irish festival you are having a great time. >> i am why do you love it so much. >> they have a lot of things, and need to spend a little bit
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of my allowance. >> spending his allowance, give it up for evan, that is right. probably at establish community. evan is the best. you know who else is great? police, firemen we have here, playing police and fire pipe and drums ban. give it up for them. give it up for them. but first, watch this. all aboard the irish are out at play again. >> twenty-fifth anniversary. >> reporter: twenty-fifth annual irish fall festival in north wildwood and people are flock nothing fashion, celebrating their celtic heritage. one of the largest in the united states, irish gathering together to share a pint, meal, get a whole lot of green swag and make some memories. >> it is our eighth year and we love it. just love it here. >> i can see that. >> reporter: two departments sharing in one irish tradition every year at irish weekend is police and fireman drum and
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piper ban. >> band started in 1996. we are coming up on our 20th year anniversary and it is a big deal for us and we are down here celebrating irish weekend here in north wildwood. >> ♪ the. >> reporter: today it is about making happy memories. >> since we do so many sad events we figure throughout the year why not do happy events and thinks a happy event we like to come out and let our hair down. >> reporter: every other irish lad in thort wildwood would agree today is about happiness and having irish fun. >> man, you look pretty. >> i'm gorgeous. >> reporter: that is right, this is what it is all about, irish pride, irish music, irish people, people coming together and celebrating the irish community in america. i'm end ising it back to you guys, god bless america, from the the irish community in north wildwood. >> thanks, very much, tori. coming up on "eyewitness news" nitpicks tours tell the story a drug for something
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totally different is showing promise when it comes to hair loss. how it is actually helping people grow new hair. plus this... a new national museum will soon open its doors, showcasing black history from a unique perspective. i'm marley hall in washington with the preview coming up. they look adorable tiny baby tortoisees, however, we will tell you why a rescue group is warning people no the to buy them as pets. more news when key come
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a warning for pet owners, rescue groups are urging people to stop buying a particular type of tortoise, now, these little guys may start out the size of the tennis ball but they do not stay small forever and that is what is put some pet owners in a tough spot. this tortoise can grow 250-pound, they also can live for decade. animals county worker al hough says his rescue group has
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taken many of the tortoisees when owners realize they can in longer care for them. >> they can break all of your pond furniture, ladders, break shelves in half. they eat the same thing, and when it comes out the other end it is same thing as a horse. to you want to keep a horse in your house. >> no. >> that is one way to put it. >> although tortoise may appear to be good pets at first they say owners need to be aware what they are getting themselves in too. they are large. less than 24 hours a national museum of national african-american museum of history and culture will open the doors to the public. >> president obama will head line the ceremony at national mall and we are getting an early look inside today. correspondent marley hall joins us from washington d.c. with more, on what the visitors will find, and i'm hearing nothing but amazing things, marley. >> reporter: that is right, ukee and jessica, in less than 24 hours, the wait will be over but first, and only, national museum highlighting,
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four centuries of black history, will finally be opened to the public. >> it is a dream decade in the making, a museum on the national mall, that showcases, african-american history. when the doors finally opened this weekend, some 3,000 artifacts will be on display. some so large that they had to build the museum around them, like this segregation era railcar, and a guard to youer from a notorious louisiana prison. the visitors are encouraged to start with the exhibit on slavery in the u.s. which displays shackles, slave cabin and harriet tubman's shaw. museum tour will take you chronologically through freedom, segregation, and civil rights. stories are told with the help of an interactive lunch counter, a bi plane flown by tuskegee air men can be seen overhead. >> this museum looks back, helps conceptualized where we
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are but hints at what the future can be, to maybe even help us find reconciliation and healing. >> reporter: museum built its collection of more than 47,000 artifacts, from scratch, most of them were donated. >> for me it is becoming a part of history report rorrer curator michelle marisi worked to make this museum possible for a decade to help make it happen. it is pretty, special and even humbling. >> reporter: museum's up are floors celebrate african-american achievementness sports, culture, and that is where you'll find chuck berry's cadillac convertible and muhammad ali's boxing robe. now after that dedication ceremony, tomorrow morning with president obama, there will be a opening, and it will be opened to the public, at 1:00 p.m. but only those with advanced tickets will aloud in. ukee and jessica? >> thank you so much. congressman john lewis told me
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there are exhibits in there that will make you smile and tear up. >> the whole range of emotions. >> everyone should see it. >> kate bilo joining us now, and you look like sunshine and it the is quite sunshiney out there. >> well, thank you. >> quite appropriate. >> i was wondering if it is last weary get out of the dress this season because it will start feeling like fall, and summer color but this might get put away until next spring because tomorrow, starts feeling like fall. >> it is kicking in. >> today feels months like fall. hot, sunny, beautiful day. it is not too humid. pleasant outside. we have had enough of the heat, a lot of us ready for a little chill in the air, we're ready to break out long sleeves and turtle necks and jackets and you may need some of that this weekend especially heading out to the eagles game. lets look at what is happening outside right now though, it is a beautiful evening. the little bit on the warm side you do not need jacket if you are out this evening, out walking around main street in bethlehem as we look at right now out and about, walking up and down main street grabbing
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dinner at the great little spots in the christmas city into the beautiful evening there. and a great evening in reading as well, here's a live look at whitefield elementary school. we will take to you boardwalk plaza camera to our live neighborhood network which is showing a crowded beach, telling you, this is a bonus beach day, lot of times in late september, you will not get upper 80's across the region and beach weather but this is a perfect beach day, both in delaware and in new jersey, but here comes the change maker. it doesn't look like much, it is interesting that such a weak, looking little front is going to bring such a big change. here it is right here, couple showers over portions of upstate new york and into new england, but behind it, we have got a cool canadian air that is centered up across ontario and quebec and that is sinking southward in the weekend. tomorrow is a transition day, sunday is day that it starts to feel like fall but today's high 88 degrees. that was our forecast high as well. average high is 76. the record is the same as yesterday's record interestingly enough, 97,
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setback in 1885. and, in late september, for over a hundred years ago. so here's the stats on your weekend cool down with high pressure overhead. we will tap in that cool canadian air comes directly in by north wind and tomorrow the dew points will be dropping through the day. temperatures, will be dropping as well and the sun will be making more of an appearance throughout the day. we will start the day with a few clouds. sunday sunny cool crisp high around 70 degrees. monday another nice day and watch this front from the west. dew point right now is 57 degrees. that is not bad, but as we head through overnight hours and into tomorrow we will feel those dew points drop, dew points in the 40's tomorrow afternoon and then by sunday we will have dew points in the 30's, and very dry air and very cool eras well. overnight partly cloudy with a stray sprinkle at 65. lets go to the eagles forecast because you'll like it, perfect football weather out tailgating, might need that light jacket 65 tailgate time, kick off temperature 07 degrees at end of the game
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sunny and nice at 63, your three day forecast, looks pretty great. 74 degrees with clouds breaking for sun tomorrow, cool, crisp sunny sunday, monday looks great as well but we do have some rain in the forecast next week, we will need the rain so not a bad thing i'll tell you which day that comes in coming up. >> see you you then, thanks, appreciate it. still ahead on "eyewitness news" brad pitt is fighting back. >> he is lawyering up what he wants from angelina jolie in their divorce, leslie. your team, your town, your kids on tv, it is friday football frenzy. we will preview tonightes game between phoenixville ape upper
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katiejoey, ricky, eileen,hnny, me, and colleen...immy, all 10 of us raised on a policeman's salary and a mom working as a restaurant hostess. imagine trying to do that today, with washington looking out for the favored few. i'll bring a different point of view to the u.s. senate - working class roots and the mother of three, i'll put middle class families ahead of wall street. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because it's your turn to get ahead. leslie is here and you love fridays. >> we love friday. >> a lot of activity. >> friday night, that means tonight's football frenzy. and phoenixville upper perk, let's head over to upper perk where mike adam from our sister station 96.5-amp radio has a preview of tonight's
5:24 pm
game, hi mike. >> how are you doing, yeah, it is steamy. this is like the calm before the storm, and last night we were lucky enough to have both schools at 96.5-amp radio studios with both cheer leading squads. packed house, kids were bouncing off the walls and i think our hallways will smell like locker room for probably next week or two but we want to show you how amped up these kids were and ready to battle it out on the field. take a look at some of this footage. >> it means everything. you can practice all through the week, get ready for one game a week, nothing like any other sport and putting that together in one night excitement, adrenaline, emotions, feelings, they all come together and it is an awesome deal. >> reporter: 96.5-amp radio we are looking at a great rivalry and my man bennet who does night show 7:00 to midnight will get us amped up for phoenixville at upper perk. this high school take over,
5:25 pm
with the phoenixville phantoms. i have the coach here. and captain john miller. how are you doing. >> quite different. we have a new attitude. we have a no excuse logo, saying, you know, we just want to come out, be physical, run football, have some fun and throw it around a little bit. >> reporter: what do you say tour teammates before going out on the field, laying your bitter rival here. >> i try to get in their head. we have to be physical. we have to be the team that everybody wants to come out and think we're the most competitive, most physical and we just want to be that team. >> reporter: moving to the other side of the field now we have upper perk here, coach kasich. >> it is nothing quite like friday night football. >> i'm here. >> chanting. >> we're ready. >> yes, here we go. upper perk. >> 16.5-amp radio...
5:26 pm
>> i got to tell you last night, it was even craze year. off camera i think i saw one of the phoenixville football players trying to talk to one of the upper perk cheerleaders and i was like cut it out you are adding to the rivalry there kid were great. if you want to get your school involve in the friday football frenzy, you can go to cbs i'm mike adams live from upper perk high school, leslie, i'm throwing it back to you. >> thanks very much. >> the drama. >> wow. >> really getting ready. >> showdown. >> who would be magnificent 11, it is fun. >> thanks, appreciate it. coming up a home owner fights back. surveillance video shows three men breaking in the woman's home. wait until you see what happens when she realizes is what happening. and the drastic measures one suspect took to get away. and dramatic video out of syria, rescue workers scramble when they discovered a little girl alive in the ruble of the
5:27 pm
air strikes. the rescue, next. updating a bald eagle rescued after being shot in south jersey. we will have the latest coming
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hillary clinton and donald trump prepare for their first presidential debate a new poll shows a major shift in the race for president. "eyewitness news" continues now at 5:30. good evening i'm ukee washington. aim jessica dean. some political analyst believe this first presidential debate here on cbs-3 monday night could be one of the most watched events of all time. but both hillary clinton and donald trump are getting ready. donald trump called for more law and order after another night of protest in charlotte, north carolina. >> the rioting in our streets is a threat to all peaceful citizens, and it must be ended, and ended right now. >> reporter: growing tension between law enforcement and african-american community
5:31 pm
following deadly police shootings could be a topic in the upcoming presidential debate. >> i have seen people do so much when they get out there they cannot speak. >> reporter: trump sent this questionnaire to his support tours get feedback ahead of his debate preps. he asked whether he should refer to clinton as crooked hillary on stage and if he should bring up her e-mail scandal. clinton has spent a few days off the campaign trail to prep for her face off against trump, her campaign says this debate is the single most important event, leading up to election day. former white house communications director anita dunn coached president obama for debates in 2008. >> i always think that one debate should be the most tough, nasty thaw can possibly be. >> reporter: national poll shows trump is closing the gap in the head to head match up, trump is ahead by six points in georgia, iowa. candidates are tied in 47 percent in colorado, but clinton ace head by seven points in virginia. clinton and trump will face each other monday night
5:32 pm
at hofstra, university and it starts at 9:00 and you can watch it right here on cbs-3. i will be in new york for that debate. look for my live report on "eyewitness news" monday at 5:00 o'clock. it appears clinton's are creating a family compound in chap contract, new york. documents showed they purchased the home next door to their current house last month, and the price tag just over 1.1 million-dollar. once deal is finalized clinton own all properties at the even of the road. there are new developments in the bridge gate scandal former port authority of new jersey and new york officials david wildstein took the stand today in the trial of the bridget kelly and bill baroni. both are former allies of governor christie. he has pleaded guilty testified that he considered himself the quote, bad cop, who push the governor's agenda at port authority. kelly and baroni are charged closing rains on the george washington bridge, to punish the mayor of fort least, for not endorsing chris christie. we have a look at dramatic
5:33 pm
video of the rescue of the young girl in syria. she was pull from the ruble of air strike and only one in her immediate family who survived. here's cbs correspondent terry okita. >> rescuers used their bear hand and a shovel to dig five-year old little girl from the ruble. she was burr aid live after, air strikes in the aleppo neighborhood that she lived in. her parents, and three sisters, did the not survive the the attack. and the rescue is unknown. this civil defense worker says that at least two dozen air strikes hit the area in a matter of hours and other civilians are still trapped. it is more evidence that the week long cease-fire is over after diplomatic talks to salvage the deal fell apart. this latest round of bombings is unprecedented with dozens of people reportedly killed. civil defense teams are trying to move around the city to help residents but they are
5:34 pm
also targets. syria military official says that air strikes and shelling in aleppo could go on longer and may include a ground offensive in the coming days. terry o kita for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". at least tornadoes, touched down in utah causing a path of destruction that culled take weeks to clean up. severe weather uprooted trees and damaged several homes in the salt like city and southwest utah yesterday. no serious injuries were reported though, and that same system was also blamed for extensive flooding and hail across the state. taking a look at the startling home surveillance from georgia where three armed suspects are kicking down the front door of the home, but seconds after they get inside they scrambled back out to avoid a barrage of bullets. female residents opened fire on those men not stopping and until they are gun was empty. one of the suspect even ran through a glass door to escape. >> not wearing anything on their faces so we highly
5:35 pm
anticipate that someone watching the evening newscast will recognize these people. >> two of the three suspects got away, third was found dead in the home's driveway with a gunshot wound to his torso. none of the residents inside the home were hurt. brad pitt ace parentally fighting back in his divorce battle with angelina jolie. >> this is as headlines getting youlier. insider checks in from los angeles with the very latest developments, louie. >> reporter: now that brad has lawyered up, he is fighting back. there are new developments in the divorce between angelina jolie rain brad pitt. >> reporter: yes. >> they are saying that him being painted asiana abusive dad, they are just lies. >> reporter: up until now it has been one side of the brangelina split but we are hearing a different pictures of the pitt domestic drama on board their private plane. peoples deputy editor reports that their source say brad was intoxicated during a heated argument with his 15 year-old
5:36 pm
son maddux. >> that was a child, parent altercation that escalated on the plane. but he was so upset that things did not the get physical. it is just an attempt to get custody of the children. >> reporter: brad continues to paint his wife angie as a great whom and is still hoping for an amicable resolution in the interests of the kid. but our legal insider family divorce attorney stephanie bloom who doesn't represent either party says because brad has been losing in the court of public opinion he must do three things to flip the current script, hash it out. >> most important thing that brad need to to is get in the room with angelina and maybe lawyers and work out some agreements. >> reporter: we will have more on this story tonight the on the insider, ukee and jessica back to you in the studio. >> things are heating up. >> still to come, on "eyewitness news" help for certain people suffering from hair loss a new drug regrows hair to some, who it is for and how it works.
5:37 pm
and it is not your average back to school story why this nine year-old is turning heads, in his new school, next, kate. on the weekend, it is upon us and it is going to be a perfect first weekend of fall, let's break it down region by region for your outdoor weekend plans in the poconos it will feel like fall has come full force, really. temperatures only in the 60's both saturday and sunday in the city we have temperatures in the 70's, cloud giving way to sunshine on saturday, sunday is gorgeous, full day of sun great weather for eagles game and doubt shore looking good clouds breaking some on saturday, sunday full cloud, high of 69. we will have much mor
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does pat toomey speak for you? i also want to thank the nra for it's, uh, strong support for my campaign. pat toomey: he opposes an assault weapons ban and got an "a" rating from the nra. "i have had a perfect record with the nra." and on women's health? "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion,
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and i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey: does he really speak for you? senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. find yours with a medicare plan ffrom independence blue cross. and get the support to find the answers to every fearless question. independence blue cross live fearless. when pat toomey went to wasworking for wall street...
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toomey's plan would risk social security on the stock market, lining bankers' pockets with fees from our benefits that... could total billions, even if the market crashes, and seniors lose everything. katie mcginty is working for us. a mother of three, and ninth of ten kids, mcginty knows what matters. she'll fight for equal pay, affordable college, and... she'll always protect social security. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. well, this is not your average college kid, in fact
5:41 pm
he is only nine years old. >> he is nine. >> graduated from high school and taking a full set of classes at college right now. the nine year-old can be found rolling the campus of the community college in pittsburgh. >> i am usually in the front of the class. out of sight, out of mine. >> he is able to keep up, and he has new course is that he is taking here at community college. he is more than excelling in those classes. >> well, his dad says his son has always been good with numbers, adding at a year and a half, multiplying by age of two and by five he was count nothing chinese. he want to be an astros physics major when he grows up and he has been accepted in carnegie melon university next november. >> nine. >> it took he nine years to get out of college. >> go get it, will. >> very well done. >> i'm telling you. a drug that is showing promise for some people who suffer from hair loss, health news is
5:42 pm
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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now on the healthwatch dramatic results for people who suffer with a condition that causes hair loss, and, it is thanks to a medication that treats, something else. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with more on this new research and a lot of people are like wait, what? >> reporter: let me explain everything. first of all, this is a drug that is used for blood disorder and researchers say it could also help 7 million americans, with a disease that causes patchy baldness. it is called appear a a auto immune disease where bod a tacks hair follicles causing to it fall out in clumps and patches. >> it is up to adults and
5:46 pm
male/female often there is damage. >> reporter: existing treatments have not been very effective but now researchers have work out key factors that lead to hair loss, it is a type of height blood cell called a t cell that attacks a hair follow column but they do not die which means they height be able to be restored. researchers found a drug used for bone marrow and blood disorder actually stops the attack on hair follicles. >> unexpectedly suddenly do they act but they have a beneficial effect on the hair. >> reporter: study on 12 volunteers in the journal of the clinical investigation showed stunning results. 75 percent of the patient had essentially full harry growth by end of the treatment, average harry growth was 92 percent. >> this just shows if you can damp that immune response even patient was years, decades of disease can have a clinical response and regrow their hair. >> reporter: it is a once a day pill that can lead to low blood counts but in the study there were no serious adverse
5:47 pm
effects. but the new hair starts to go away when drug is stopped, and get this, mexican cost up to $10,000 a month. so, still scientists are continuing with this research and hepp to expand it, to male pattern baldness. this isn't for every take kind of hairness this ace serious condition. >> yes. stephanie, thanks very much. big announcement from children's hospital of philadelphia, the hospital says that it received 25 million-dollar from the roberts family founders of the come race. money will be used to create roberts collaborative for genetics and individualized head, the clan racial will allow the hospital to expand testing to search a patient's dna code for variation toss health and various therapist. it is creating a gene nome i can data repository and support and counseling certainty and a program to train medical students and residents in personalized pediatric care. kate joins us now with our forecast, and we are about to fall into fall.
5:48 pm
>> um-hmm, temperatures are falling. >> yes, they are. >> so to speak. it will feel different outside. this time tomorrow then it does right now. right now we are in the upper 80's. this time tomorrow we will be in the low to hid 70's, and a big change on the way. hard to imagine because it has been warm for so long and it is so warm out there today, hard to imagine tomorrow, might needing a jacket or sweater. tomorrow night's lows will drop in the 40's and low 50's, even in the city, and chilly fall air is on the way. if you like it hot get outside this evening, while you still can. lets look outside and start off down the shore where it has been a beautiful beach day. we are looking hazy there in ocean city but boardwalk is pack, beach pack as well and bonus september beach day. the week didn't start off so great down the shore but now it looks amazing. folks trying to extend their shore time as long as possible, because of the cool down heading their way tomorrow. it is not only for city but it is for all of us.
5:49 pm
we will feel temperatures sharply drop as we get in the weekend. checking with our eyewitness weather watchers, most of them, liking this weather news. take a look at temperatures that we are seeing on the weather stations here 91 degrees. as we check with jenny janssen in cherry hill, she has got sunshine, dew point is 62. that is starting to creep up there, steamy. we have another 90. ninety-one here that is jenny again. lets see 93, we have got to 39 today. alan in delran 93 degrees there. full sunshine. he said summer like day in for some fall like wet they are weekend. i'm in for it as well. 87 degrees moving north and west, to blue bell we will check with jerry at 87 degrees. cherry says no comment, as always, in comment, but he left a comment. that is something i like. gary sent this in. you can see that deep blue sky nothing but sun, blue skies, what a beautiful summer-like fall day it was. but if you are ready to break out the sweaters, get ready for a cool down this weekend. here's a look outside, we are
5:50 pm
bidding farewell to this summer-like day as the sun begins to set right now, it is so interest ago this we are starting to see sunset colors in the the sky, already, the days just feel shorter and shorter and shorter, and you can see city sky line, by that orangehugh to the sky right now with 87 degrees, at the palmyra cove nature park. eighty-eight is what we reached at the airport. very warm day. normal high is 76. you can tell how far skewed above normal we are. storm scan three shows front that will bring changes, it is right here, doesn't look i am rest i have. it is not coming through with explosive thunderstorms or anything like that but it will slide through overnight and bringing showers and thunderstorm especially to our north and to our east. watch out how this front really acts as it moves through new england right around boston area possibly down to new york city. better chance to pick up some rain and then there are tonight but you for us, not going to see too much. possibly poconos and sprinkle in the city overnight, maybe a bit slow to clear tomorrow and we will see cloud giving was
5:51 pm
toy sunshine. the cloud off to the south at 11:00 a.m. already full sun to the north. by tomorrow afternoon it is full sun for everyone and it is feeling cooler that debris from the the north will pick up, temperatures only in the 70's, and then tomorrow night we will drop down to the 40's and 50's and then sunday looks like a full day of sunshine, and then that crisp fall air in place. what we have to watch for some increasing cloud here on monday as this front approaches. it won't come through until early tuesday but that is our next chance to pick up some showers and storms. so future temperatures we will go from the mid to upper 80's this evening, dropping down to the 60's overnight. tomorrow we will only reach low to hid 70's and tomorrow night, take a look at sunday morning we will wake up in the 40's and low 50's, very chilly sunday morning and then cool but pleasant, eagles game underway at this 5:00 p.m. sunday around 07 degrees in philadelphia not seeing much in the way of foliage, we peak at the end of august. they are seeing low color across portions of new york state but we will update you on that report as we move further inner to fall.
5:52 pm
overnight partly cloudy, stray sprinkle, tomorrow cloud giving way to sun, breezy and cooler at 74. your eagles forecast much of the game in the 60's, and it is beautiful out there at eagles take on the steelers and your seven day forecast shows pretty great stretch of weather, warmest day 75, that day is advertise when showers and storms role through but we are back to sunshine late next week. ukee and jessica back over to you. premiere week is wrapping up strong here on cbs-3. >> hit drama blue bloods is back for its seventh season tonight. i got a rare chance to go behind the scenes with the cast and crew, and since season one show has built a loyal following and actor tom selleck says it is what keeps the show for going strong. >> for any regular watcher and thank goodness we have a lot of them. it is in the seventh year for a show to still be growing it is rare so we are grateful. >> catch my full behind the scenes report on blue bloods tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. premiere tonight a reroute of the fan favorite mcguyver,
5:53 pm
it will feature modern twist on the original show and to avoid possible problems. we spoke with actor ruben still and george eaves about the challenges of reworking a classic tv series. >> i thought it was a great time to reimagine a great idea in today's day and age. >> there is a lot of action, and a lot of mcguyvering, if you like the original you'll like this. >> here's full line up, hawaii 5o at nine and it is all followed by "eyewitness news" at 11:00. still ahead the boss is celebrating a birthday. >> he is to go it right here on cbs-3 tonight, where you can see a rare bruce springsteen interview when we come right
5:54 pm
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5:57 pm
well, it looks like adam le vine has a new title. singer, song writer and vocal coach is now a buddy. >> front main and vittoria secret model, hot i has welcomed a baby girl, and those pair started date nothing 2012. they married in 2014. and now they have been celebrating the birth of their first child dusty rose le vine. end of the era as cbs charles osgood is set to host his final addition of sun take morning this weekend. after 22 years as anchor the eight three-year old says it is time, cbs will donate bow tie he wears sunday to the smithsonian national museum of american history. he is second hose show has ever had since its start in
5:58 pm
1979. congratulations, wish him well. new jersey native bruce springsteen is celebrating his 67th birthday today. >> he is headaching an appearance on the late show with stephen colbert. 's arrived at the taping of the show, yesterday springsteen will talk about his book born to run, that is being released, and it is also a companion album to the autobiography, today. you can watch springsteen and colbert's conversation on the late show, it is airing it this, here on cbs-3 after "eyewitness news" at 11:00. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 an arrest is made in the killing of the eight year-old camden girl, what police are saying about the suspect who is facing murder charges tonight. also, this new type of parking enforcement is turning heads in our area, how this light weight wait piece of plastic forms an unbreakable steel on drivers windshield. but can it be removed without using any tools, kate? it is a beautiful albeit warm day in philadelphia, but
5:59 pm
we have got big changes on the the way, cool air sweeps in tonight and you won't believe difference that this time tomorrow, we will tell you how chilly it will get and how warm cool air sticks around coming up. and a local accordion shop says its instruments are flying off the shelves, see what is behind this business boom. here's is what happening, the hunt for a suspect, wanted in connection with the shooting death of an eight year-old camden girl end nearly one month later, with an arrest. police found the suspect hundreds of miles away in tennessee, and good afternoon everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. u.s. marshals arrested 18 year-old tyhan brown at a relative's house. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan joins us live from camden where police say their investigation is far from over , cleve? >> reporter: jessica, little almost a month ago, little
6:00 pm
eight year-old gabriel carter was shot right here by her home on eighth street. police say since that time it is no exaggeration they have had somebody working on this case around the clock and now they say they have at least one of the people, responsible, in their custody. they say that 18 year-old tyhan brown from camden is now in jail, after he was hiding out with a relative in tennessee. august 24th, little eight year-old gabriel was shot in the head during what police believe was a gang related incident. police say early on they had a hint brown was involved but a record $76,000 reward didn't help them much, to get any information about his whereabouts. they say that brown's mother and girlfriend were arrested this past week for allegedly hindering investigation by providing false alibis. tyhan brown was arrested in clarksville, tennessee this morning by the u.s. marshals fugitive task force. police and community hope this is first of several arrest toss hold people responsible for little gabby's death. >> i'm just so happy, so


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