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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  September 23, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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tonight, brad, angelina and the mid-flight fight that may have ended it all. audio from the cockpit "e.t." just uncovered. >> long flight. >> exactly. >> how brad is now battling back against the bad dad allegations. >> why oldest son maddox is caught in the middle. >> maddox is the first baby i ever held. >> and does jen aniston have anything to say about all of this? >> any comment on brad and angie's divorce? >> was jim carrey's girlfriend suicidal because the actor gave her stds? the lawsuits get extremely personal. >> a dancing exclusive with eye an lochte. >> we are going to cha cha. >> is he already having regrets about signing on for the show? >> we're celebrating "home improvement's" 25th anniversary with tim allen. ♪
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♪ ♪ now for september 23, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight"" we have all-new details about the argument that led to a child abuse investigation against brad pitt. new evidence has surfaced and there is insight that could sway this case. >> the fbi tells "e.t." it is continuing to gather facts about the reported child abuse allegations against brad pitt. here's the question at the center of the dispute. was the alleged incident abuse or just a typical father/son spat? here's what we know now. the investigation news broke after angelina filed for divorce late monday asking for full custody of the couple's six children. it seems the filing was prompted in part by an incident that happened on a family flight from europe last wednesday. here are the details, pitt and jolie were flying from france to southern california. their jet believed to be a
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bombadeer global express like this one stopped to refuel in international falls, minnesota. a source familiar with the situation tells "e.t." brad had an argument with their 15-year-old son maddox. that source is defending brad saying there was no inappropriate physical contact emphasizing this was totally a child-parent disagreement. sources tell "e.t." there are images being shopped around of brad on the tarmac. allegedly pitt can be seen on video looking drunk and yelling. "e.t." has reached out to confirm the authenticity of this alleged video. brad and averagy's jet flew to burbank, california. upon landing, the pilot had a quick chat with air traffic control. >> where did you come from? >> originally france. >> nice. >> not so much. >> long flight? >> yeah. we originated in nice, and we stopped in international falls. >> brad is gearing up for what is an ugly divorce battle. he's hired lance spiegel, a
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high-powered hollywood divorce attorney. spiegel repped charlie sheen during his custody battle with denise richards and eva longoria during her split from tony parker. we are told brad isn't ready to give up custody of his kids and is frustrated by what he calls a, quote, smear campaign being lodged against him. meanwhile, jennifer aniston was snapped out in manhattan for the first time since the divorce news broke. >> can you comment on brad and angie's divorce. >> jen ignored the paparazzi. she and brad were married for five years. >> let's dig deeper into the battle over the children. claiming verbal abuse brad lunging and striking and being out of control, what are investigators looking for? >> one of the hardest things for an investigator to determine is what is abuse? when has that person crossed the line? is a quick slap on the tush somebody abuse? is screaming and yelling abuse? over time courts have widely expanded the concept of abuse. it can be multiple e-mails and
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it could be yelling and screaming and it could be throwing things. it could be mere threats or it could be the way you look at somebody. >> we can't confirm that brad has seen maddox, pax, zahara, shiloh and vivienne. all six could be key witnesses in this case. the investigators will want ask the children was your father drunk? is this the first time your father's yelled at you. investigators will ask more generic questions because they don't want to implant bad memories into the children's minds. >> it's maddox who is in the middle of it all and we know the 15-year-old is extremely protective of angelina. the mother and son have shared a strong bond from the beginning. >> maddox is the first baby i've ever held and he's made me a woman and everything that that is and it's a warmth and i find that side of me that's nurturing and open. brad adopted maddox in 2013 and he had a cameo in "world war z" as a zombie.
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>> you want to see your boy grow up and take on responsibility. >> mad and i are filming about cambodia and his country and his history. we love working together. it's so much nicer for me to not have to divide my time at home with my time at work. >> a source told me that the jolie-pitts are a normal family with family issues from time to time. it's sad people are exaggerating things that hurt everyone. the question is what will it take for brad to win and get joint custody instead of have saidation. >> if angelina really goes to town and says that brad is an unfit parent and should have supervised visitation brad will come back with she's trying to keep me from the children. overall, brad will have to show he's a good, loving, caring father who actively participates in raising his children. >> of course, we will be tracking this story all weekend long and we'll bring you more on monday. there is another big legal battle brewing this week. a wrongful death lawsuit was filed against jim carrey accusing him of triggering the suicide of his girlfriend cathriona white and the
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accusations against jim got extremely personal. >> the estranged husband of cathriona white amended his wrongful death lawsuit against jim carrey. mark burton says cathriona took her own life because, as he claims, carrey gave her three sexually transmitted diseases and then lied about it and when confronted he dumped her. >> the death investigation. >> the irish actress was found dead last september at this home after consuming multiple prescription drugs including oxycodooe and oxymorphone. >> she overdosed on drugs that were supplied to mr. carrey under a bogus name arthur king. this week through his lawyer her estranged husband filed suit attacking him of covering it up. >> mr. carrey sent a text message to ms. white who was deceased for three days trying to claim his drugs were missing. >> in response jim issued a statement to "e.t." quote, i will not tolerate this heartless attempt to exploit me or the woman i love.
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back in 2013 in a series of alleged texts attributed to be between cathriona and jim, she reveals she discovered, quote, a couple of bumps and wanted to get it checked. carrey texted back, it could be from someone before me followed by a break-up text. i've come to the end. >> in response to the std allegations, the lawyer for jim says the claim is, quote, desperate and bogus while carrey himself added, quote, the real disease here is greed. shameful greed. >> there is more news to get to, this a little bit lighter because we're talking about dancing and cameron matheson is here, and i have to say nobody has ever had a rougher start on "dancing with the stars" than olympic swimmer ryan lochte. >> no doubt about that. he was ambushed by protesters and once of the last to be saved this week and what is ryan's plan to keep his head above water? >> so to speak. >> i found out when i was first to join him in rehearsal. >> the first couple to leave us this season is jake and jessa. >> i was, like, shaking. i was standing behind here and
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my legs were -- and my hands started sweating. i was just, like -- >> yeah. i was sweating from my dance i was doing and then i felt your clammy hands. >> oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh. >> you were physically shaking. >> when i joined ryan in rehearsal this morning he was focused on doing anything to keep him out of the bottom two. >> i don't want to go through this ever again. it stinks. >> what is the main thing you are working on with ryan to keep him in the game? >> this right here. >> your posture. >> he's got that -- >> the monday night cha cha will come with an extra twist. the 12 remaining contestants will be pitted against each other to fight for immunity. ryan will be going head to head with indy car driver james hinchcliffe who has been at the top of the leaderboard. >> i haven't gotten a break and haven't gotten a chance to breathe yet. >> both couples will dance the same style with a different song
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and the couple with the highest score will be safe from elimination. >> we have to walk out and just -- no, no, you have to save that. hopefully we can save that until later, you know? >> ryan, don't wait! take that shirt off while you have the shot, man. all right. >> tonight, geena davis will bring the exorcist back and everyone who saw the terrifying movie years ago will absolutely never forget it and that includes geena. >> just hearing "the exorcist," was a big selling point for me. i had a big relation to the movie. i was 13 and terrified. >> in the new fox tv series there are a few easter eggs that give a head-spinning nod to the original 1973 film. >> this series takes place in a world where that actually happened. there is a shot of the staircase that he falls down. >> there is something inside my house. >> a demon. >> a teamon. it's trying to take my daughter. >> geena plays a mom trying to protect her family from some
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sinister forces with the help of two catholic priests. >> alfonso and ben researched exorcisms and stuff online and they had nightmares. they couldn't sleep. i'm glad i didn't do any research. >> but be warned. the series isn't a remake and evil spirits possess more than just one little girl. >> when i signed on to do it i said i'm not just screaming the whole time, right? i'm not just going ahh! i want other things to do. >> those other things include geena needing an exorcism herself. >> i want to be possessed in an attractive way. sometimes in a movie they make possessions look very unattractive. >> i don't know how you do that. possessed in a glamorous way. >> the original film was so terrifying and gave me nightmares, and we asked her how graphic the tv show will get, and it's up to the censors, but they are going to push it as far as they can go.
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>> you have to keep watching! >> liam hemsworth -- >> i was standing in my underwear. >> liam hemsworth sits down and we are with him and kate winslet. >> i quite liked shooting that scene, yeah. >> breaking news from idina menzel and how she's letting go of her frozen smash hit. tim allen reveals which of lean cuisine is, with 7 options made with organic ingredients. like vermont mac & cheese with organic pasta.
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and organic sweet corn and poblano peppers in our cheese & bean enchilada. lean cuisine. feed your phenomenal. jack, i want you to draw me like one of your french girls. >> oh, yeah. kate winslet definitely knows what it's like to disrobe in front of the camera and every "titanic" fan knows that, and she's the one watching liam hemsworth shed his clothes. >> you could be snapped up by an
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eligible spinster or hag. >> while i was standing in my underwear, so many times standing in your underwear in front of a lot of people you don't know that well. it was awkward. >> it was awkward for liam for him having to stand there in just his underpants and liam hemsworth, barely clothed and that's not difficult. i think we quite like shooting that scene. >> i think her and judy had a much better time than i did. >> judy and i found it very hard keeping a straight face and we turned and looked at half-naked liam. sorry. it's not you, it's us. we're going to do that again. >> liam stripped down to his skivvies in "the dressmaker," a film about a fashionista who transforms her community with her couture creations. >> who is that? >> stunning. >> miley's guy confessed he was stressed about getting up close and personal with kate who he saw on "titanic" at the age of 7.
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>> before any film i do i get very nervous about it and start questioning everything. >> i think we should run away together. >> kate and i have quite intimate scenes in this film and after the first day of shooting with her i felt at ease. >> one treat after another and one surprise after another and one laugh after another. >> still ahead, our flashback with tim allen as "home improvement" turns 25. >> this is all uncomfortable. -p>> and before the "ncis l.a." premiere qwest "we are behind the scenes with ll cool j and are his co-stars on the lip sync battle? >> i always ask him for one of his gold chains. >> idina mendel moving on after "let it go" after she drops a new album. highly anticipated by everyone except her 7-year-old son. >> he doesn't like it when mommy sings. it's very embarrassing. >> closed captioning provided by --
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as pand we saw a guy who has out pat our backs.ecord...
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toomey crossed party lines to support background checks.... that keep guns out of the hands of criminals and terrorists. true independence, and real guts. that's how pat toomey is helping us, keep you safe. senator pat toomey, the best choice to protect pennsylvania. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. season 8 of "ncis los angeles" premieres this sunday and for the stars of the show it's like a family reunion. >> the cast can sometimes feel like your siblings and there are days you love each other and days that you hate each other. >> he won't mess with his co-star ll cool j. aka, todd smith. >> he is one of the strongest dudes you will ever run into. todd is a force to be reckoned with. >> yeah! p'm in the game. >> ll is also busy hosting lip sync battle and he'd love to see his fellow special agents on stage.
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>> i hope to get some of the " see his fellow special agents on stage. >> i hope to get some of the guys on this show over there and it would be a lot of fun, but would they perform any of ll's old school songs? i've always asked him for one of his gold chains. i know you have a burn at home. can i just have one? >> come on, nobody touches ll's jewelry. >> tim allen is on "last man standing," the sitcom that made him a star "home improvement" debuted 25 years ago this week and michelle turner took tim back to his tool time days. >> we were with you on "home improvement" back in '91. >> you get your money like a drug dealers in a rubber band. here you go. don't tell the government. i'm kidding. >> how about that guy? >> back then, that guy was a stand-up comedian who just scored his big break and managed to grunt his way to the top of the tv sitcom heap. >> are you still close with the
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cast from that show? >> still see them all of the time. >> jonathan taylor thomas has been on the show a lot of times. >> mike baxter. >> you look familiar. >> is he going to come back? >> jonathan wants to direct. >> we'd like him to be on the show. >> he's a real timid guy. >> it scares him to act and he's great at it, too. >> jonathan was 10 years old when we first met him in 1991. his tv brother zachary ty brian and noah smith were just 9 and 7. the boys all took a break from acting after the show. today teran is pursuing a career in art while jonathan and zachary are working together again producing a tv pilot. >> the original tool girl, please. >> here you are, tim. >> the show introduced us to pamela anderson. tim's tv wife patricia richardson who guested on "last man standing" opposite his tv wife. >> i have a dynamic with pat that's so natural and i have to apologize and my wife in the
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back saying this is all uncomfortable. >> is there one thing that people say to you most when they come up to you on the street about home improvement? >> try to remember my name. >> tool -- tool belt! tool boy! tool guy! >> are there any bears in the woods? >> tim's tv family these days, well, he's got a lot of his old home improvement crew working on the stage show and he's still the gadget-loving guy and this time around he's dad to three girls. >> i didn't need the gig. i love so much about "home improvement" because i love the dynamics between all men and i said let's reboot that and do it all women. >> sorry to burst your bubble. >> you're surrounded by women on television and that's kind of like your home life. >> my home life is like that, my production company is all women i have women bosses. i grew up with all boys -- not all boys. my sister will kill me for that. >> boys are out there burning stuff. what did you light on fire? it was always -- we lit stuff on
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fire. my daughters it's always about -- this doesn't go with anything! >> by the way, tim is a big car buff, and he showed michelle one of his prized possessions, that is a 1940 ford he completely restored with a little tool time muscle thrown in. >> this is like a sweet sunday stroll. >> well, not the way i make them. >> no doubt, he is still the tool man. meanwhile, idina menzel is the most famous as the singer who gave us this blockbuster song from "frozen" and she told us how she's letting go from "let it go" with new music. >> let it go was on the radio and it was played by a station that i never imagined would pick up the song and it helped me to inspire my audience. >> how are you doing tonight? >> her album and the first since her divorce from actor taye diggs is deeply reflective. >> it's a very personal album. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> the last couple of years i had the dichotomy of having an amazing professional life and
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"frozen" started and my personal life i was breaking up with my ex-husband and i used music to try to explore all of that and write down what i've gone through. idina and taye share 7-year-old walker. >> he is very talented, but he doesn't like to bring attention to himself. he doesn't like it when mommy sings. it's very embarrassing. >> next up for the award-winning artist, reprising bette midler's role in the tv remake of "beaches." and it is a role she almost didn't take. i don't particularly like to choose parts where i have to walk in an icon's footsteps. i found, though, after i said no a bunch of times because i was terrified that there is a whole younger audience that's never heard of "beaches." >> a surprise performance for
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her loyal fans. ♪ ♪ >> she just announced this afternoon that she is engaged to her boyfriend actor aaron lord. we'll be right back.
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she'll always protect social security. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. it's all at we have another big weekend
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ahead of us and that's the i heart music festival and all of the big names in music will be there. >> of course, we'll be there too, and we'll be all over it. >> bye, everybody. britney, drake, sting. we are backstage breaking news with music's biggest stars. >> plus you've seen james hinchcliffe and sharna burn up the dance floor, and she's with the star burning rubber on the racetrack. speeding at over 160 miles per hour monday on "e.t."
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the "insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> there are new developments in the divorce between angelina jolie and brad pitt. >> number one, brad lawyers up to fight for his kids. >> it was a child/parent altercation that escalated on the plane. >> how pitt can steer the story
7:30 pm
away from the bad dad narrative. >> most important thing that brad needs to do is get in a room with angelina. then are gwen and blake planning a walk down the aisle? >> tell me when you're getting married because i need to know. >> i'll let you know. >> no, now. >> we separate the facts from the fiction. and number three, i throw myself to the sharks to find out their secrets to success. >> what's the best advice you've ever gotten? >> inside their biggest wins and losses. >> probably $300 million. plus, your "insider" bonus. bill o'reilly sounds off on the fox news shake up. >> people are professionals here. we look out for each other. and o could a mirror ball trophy be in his future? "dancing with the stars," would you get on the dance floor? >> i could do the travolta thing with the finger in the air. now, the "insider" tracking hollywood from the inside out.


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