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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 25, 2016 11:30pm-12:06am EDT

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you'll find $5 million in there. when you shot her, the first round was a blank. she insisted we make her disappear after the transaction. it was non-negotiable. and me? she wanted you unhurt, but hey... she understood it might get messy, if necessary. you got enough? (computer trilling) every phoneme in the english language. (tape stretches) what did you do? (growls) check the last call on that. it's going to be nikki. (riley scoffs) eliza pittsinger. i would have chose beyoncé as an alias, but hey... call her. (phone dialing) (line ringing) nikki: we shouldn't be talking right now. (typing rapidly) kendrick's voice: i took care of your friends. (helicopter blades whirring)
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they're not going to be bothering us anymore. nikki: don't call me again. i'll see you in new york. (phone beeps) (computer beeping) sorry. call was voice over ip, routed using tor. no way to trace it. there were planes in the background. she's at an airport. all right, i'll look for cell towers at san francisco international. no, no, she's not at sfo. those engines were too small to be commercial. i heard a bell ranger. i think we're looking for a private airport, one that services planes and choppers. (computer beeping) got something. it's in san carlos, ten minutes from here. call thornton, tell her to ground all airplanes in the area. we can't let that virus leave the city. (tires screeching) (horns honking) hang on. (tires screeching) mac! yeah, i see it. where's mr. wizard going?
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i think he's going to stop that thing. (panting) how's he gonna stop an airplane? macgyver: yeah, i know what you're thinking. this is insane. and guess what? i'm afraid of heights. but, this is one of those man-up moments in my line of work, that sometimes can't be avoided. (knife clicks) co-pilot: all right, we got a problem. landing gear retraction has failed. manual is not responsive either. pilot: san carlos airport control, this is x-ray-7 requesting emergency landing.
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hey! riley: congratulations. your friend just beat you in the mad dog crazy department. i'm glad you're talking to me again. don't get cocky. you're the only other one here. good point. come on, come on. (grunts) (door opens) drop the gun, nikki. now! or i swear to god, i will put one in you for real this time. you want to shoot him, you're gonna have to go through me. go ahead. you already had me killed once. where's the virus?
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where is it? (sighs) tear this place apart. you got it. was everything a lie? not us. macgyver: then why? i thought you died trying to do something good. you were always the hero, mac. not me. it's not here, is it? guys, stop looking. (exhales) she already sold it. this samsung activewash with touch controls from lowe's has a built-in sink. look at that,
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so, nikki's alive. benjamin chen is in the wind and we don't know when or where he's gonna unleash that virus. i know it looks bad... bad?! jack, bad is when you accidentally run over your neighbor's dog. this is a damn catastrophe of biblical proportions.
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eliza pittsinger. i would've chose beyoncé as an alias, but hey. it's here. the target's san francisco. chen's planning on releasing the virus here, isn't he? you're wrong. it's tokyo. oh, you're lying. eliza a. pittsinger. i saw it on kendrick's phone, but i didn't realize it until now. pittsinger wrote a poem in 1907 on the anniversary of the san francisco earthquake. over 3,000 people died in the fires. sometimes a purge is necessary to fix what's broken. don't pretend this was about ideology. you did this for a payday. mac, did you ever ask yourself why our government wants that weapon? what are they planning on doing with it? we're running out of time here, mac. even if you find it, the people i work for will stop at nothing to get it back. we'll see about that, won't we? no more games. where's chen? you should leave. well, that's not gonna happen. i'm not going anywhere and neither are you. so, chen will release the virus here, then we'll both die.
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so what's it gonna be? ♪ there it is-- the truck nikki said chen was driving! yeah, i got him. ♪ ♪ some folks are born made to wave the flag ♪ ♪ ooh, they're red, white and blue ♪ ♪ and when the band plays "hail to the chief" ♪ ♪ ooh, they point the canon at you, lord ♪ ♪ it ain't me, it ain't me ♪ ♪ i ain't no senator's son, son ♪ ♪ it ain't me, it ain't me ♪ ♪ i ain't no fortunate one, no ♪ some folks are born silver spoon in hand ♪ (grunts) (speaks mandarin) ♪ lord, don't they help themselves, oh ♪ ♪ but when the tax man comes ♪
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♪ to the door ♪ lord, the house looks like a rummage sale, yeah ♪ macgyver: uh, jack, we got a problem. what kind of problem? the kind you don't want to be anywhere near. chen's using an i.e.d. to send the virus airborne. it'll kill millions. well, can you stop it? i don't know. you should probably get out of here, though. jack: ah, you know i'm not gonna do that. if you go kaboom, i go kaboom. this is what the army trained you for. you can do this in your sleep. yeah, okay, i can do without the pep talk right now. okay, that's cool. just trying to do my part, you know. ♪ great. that doesn't sound very encouraging. yeah, well, you know how you always have to pick between cutting the blue wire and the red wire? yeah? well, i've got about 12 wires down here and they're all green. well, you better pick one quick. someone's coming down the chimney and it ain't santa claus. (beeping)
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(grunting) hey, mac! i'm a little busy right now. catch! (gagging) (beeping continues) that's not exactly what i had in mind. thanks. yeah, save it for happy hour. you still have work to do. (beeping continues) mac, talk to me. stopping the bomb is out of the question. then get the virus and get out of there. (rapid beeping) mac? i got it. good. now jump! i can't risk shattering the container and releasing the virus.
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although the alternative isn't any better. 30 seconds on the clock. d.i.y. or die. take one canvas top, add some tie-downs, little wind resistance, and you got yourself a parachute. (car horn honking) (rapid beeping) (explosion) (distant sirens wailing) (explosion) (sirens wailing) mac! you all right? yeah. you okay?
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oh. (laughing) my man, saving the world in style! good job, brother. ♪ jack: mac? yeah. are you busy, kemosabe? riley: i told him to knock. we're family. family don't knock. am i right, bozer? jackie boy, what's happening, man? i haven't seen my bestie in awhile. jack: ah, we're gonna change that. bozer: you look good, son. uh, not as good as her, though. excu-excuse me. now, who is this little ingénue? yeah, riley meet bozer. bozer meet off-limits. macgyver: riley just joined our, um, i.t. department a week ago.
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cutie. you do any acting? i'd love to put you in my movie. baller, you better get to work. those fries won't cook themselves. (laughs): oh, yeah. this is gonna be fun. all right, i'll catch you all think tank geeks later. and you, jack. (chuckles) so, check it out. boss lady says we can keep this little rascal right here. can you not refer to me like i was a pet? hey, remember, you're still on probation, little lady. yeah, thank you for reminding me for the sixth time in the last half hour. you're welcome. you, uh, you doing all right there, pal? (chuckles softly) i will be. okay. first of all, i just, i wanted to thank you. you're welcome. no, seriously, you... you said if i did the right thing, i'd be thanking you later. and this is later. so... thanks.
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second, what's this? jack: i think you've asked enough questions for now, right? this we got in cairo. you were in cairo? no. yeah. can't wait to hear that story. thorton: guys, cairo can wait. oh, director thornton. what are you doing here? as of 24:00 hours, we're shutting down dxs. what nikki did compromised our covert operation, so we're folding up the tent and moving on all think tank personnel, tactical support and your team to a new location. same job, new name. and you get to pick it. i like the three amigos. that means three guys. uh, you should brush up on your spanish. my second choice... ...thunder stallions. mm. phoenix. jack: come on, bro. we don't want to name our new super crew after a bird. not just any bird. in ancient mythology, the phoenix rose from the ashes
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stronger than it ever was. that's us. i like it. me, too. to the phoenix. foundation. (laughter) (indistinct chatter) ♪ (door closes) captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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live from the cbs3 wherebying broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. >> it's a touchdown. jordan matthews with carson wentz. welcome to wentzylvania. they crushed the steelers the third straight win. i'm natasha brown thanks for staying up late. eagles ended as the under dogs but dominated pittsburgh from start to finish. let's bring in don bell still riding high. this is amazing. >> wentzylvania. >> carson city, wentzylvania >> seemed so natural. >> and this kid is natural. he's 23 and he took on the steelers pittsburgh with super bowl aspirations, they're the second best odds to win the
11:53 pm
super bowl after the new england patriots. let's get to the highlights. let's show you carson wentz there's the kid getting the troops fired up. over to jordan matthews for touchdown 10-0. eagles. and it were done, wentz again from the shotgun standing delivering, on the move, hooking up with darin sproeshlgs 33 but you can't tell it because 43 can -- 73 yards to the house. his logic touchdown reception in seven years. eagles on top. 20 to three. they go on to win it. 34 to three. carson wentz, two touchdowns >> i'm having a lot of fun out there. you know, like i said it starts with the big guys. loots, everyone got a lot of confidence in themselves and everyone goes out and has high expectations for themselveses and for the guys around us.
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we're playing inspired football >> those are the types of things we know he can do. just -- just he just keeps gaining confidence every single week. >> a fun fact for you. with the loss. steelers are 0 and nine playing in philadelphia since 1965. expectations. now, sky high for the eagles and their fans, eyewitness reporter joe holden spent the night checking the pulse of eagles nation ythere was so much to love about this game. a lot to talk about. it was a fun contest. but remember, going into this, the eagles were projected to lose. >> eagles. >> reporter: right around the time the eagles train was overrunning, the pittsburgh steelers predictions were being made for what's to come. >> going to the playoffs. when a rookie quarterback for the first time ever. >> reporter: not to be overly dramatic but fans describe
11:55 pm
something magical about this sunday afternoon show down, the birds were could you do as loser, we were told chances were slim, the odds stacked against us >> everybody predicted the eagles would lose this game big. >> reporter: everything about this eagles win was big. just take a look at the reaction here. the guys so happy, he couldn't find the words. or the men with the most shocked look on his face. we feel you. and this feeling fans say was a long time coming. >> be on our way, something good. it's a shocker. i've been an eagles fan since five years old. man, this is one of the greatest plays i ever seen. >> reporter: yes, it's late september and the season is young. but to think about this most important of tests. >> all i thought was as long as they can keep up with the steelers, i'd be happy. instead, we beat the hell out of them. >> reporter: a loan steelers fan put feeling the burn.
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>> i mean, this is the year. >> is it really. >> i think it is. >> how about those 76ers. >> reporter: south philly joe holden cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. by the way, eagles they have a with week coming up and then in two weeks, they visit detroit to take on the lions. sad news to report, golf legend and pennsylvania nave, arnold palmer died at the age of 87. >> and a heart, felt thank you. to our four-time master champion, mr. arnold palmer. >> golfing trailblazer arnold palmer was known simply as the king. he learned the game from the father who was a greens keeper at a golf course. his first tour win was a canadian open in 1955. palmer is credited with making the game popular in the 60's and built a fan base known as arnie's army. over the course of his distinguished career, palmer
11:57 pm
would go on to win 62 pg, titles and seven major championships, including the masters four times. he was the first man to reach $1 million in earnings on the pga tour. he was also a savvy businessman, he has a drink named after him and the recipient of the presidential medal of freedom and congressional gold male. >> i like to think that golfers promote some sort of human values that symbolize so many americans. >> following the news of his death, jack nicholas said in a statement, arnold palmer transcended the game. golf. he was more than a golfer or great golfer. he was an icon. tiger wood said his that you want to are part of his alleged >> arnold palmer gone at the age of 87. one of the all time greats. >> thank you so much. . another sport that is suffering from a loss.
11:58 pm
baseball is mourning the death of miami marlin pitcher jose fernandez, the 24-year-old and two of his friends were killed earlier when their boat smashed into a jetty off miami beach. investigators point to seating as the cause of the crash. this past week, jose posted this picture of his pregnant girlfriend with the caption, quote, i'm so glad you came into my life. i'm ready for where this journey is going to take us together. >> the marlin held an emotional press conference expressing their grief. >> jose left us far too soon. his memory will endure in all of us >> you watch kids play little league or something like that. that's at the joy that jose played with >> i don't know if there's words to express you know how i feel. it's a tremendous loss. >> the marlins cancelled today's game against the braves monday's game against the mets will be played as scheduled.
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now, in charlotte, north carolina, protesters march for the sixth day following the deadly police-involved shooting of keith scott. at cbs correspond don champion reports, the protesters gathered outside of the panthers game. >> reporter: protesters used sunday's carolina panthers nfl game as a backdrop. dozens angered by the police killing of keith lamont scott marched outside bank of america's stadium and needle during the national anthem. inside, in an apparent show of solidarity wore a shirt. >> at some point, we have to hold people accountable. >> reporter: the protests came day after charlotte police released video of shooting death, police maintained he would not drop the gun before he was shot. >> in every encounter people can make a decision to follow lawful
12:00 am
loud verbal commands. >> reporter: leaders still on edge overnightly protests again used extra officers and national guards men to keep order sunday. montcos in charlotte's uptown area will try to get back to business. >> i hope america wakes up. >> reporter: toussaint has been hailed a peace-maker during tension filled protesters he feels after scott's case drops from the headlines calls or policing reform will get drowned out >> it will take for the people to stand up and say enough is enough. not just the people out here. everyone. >> reporter: investigators are still looking into scott's death. don champion cbs3 "eyewitness news" >> tomorrow will be another solemn day in wilmington. the bodies of firefighters killed in the line of duty saturday morning will be taken two to their respective funeral
12:01 am
home, 41-year-old leakage and 51-year-old jerry fickes were killed as they were fighting a fire in a row home. a woman and six children got out safely. four other firefighters injured, one of them remains critical tonight. authorities also searching a home linked to suspect of the deadly mall shootings in washington state. police say they are now focusing on a house in oak harbor washington as well as a car that may be connected to 20-year-old arcan cetin. police say they're also speaking with relatives. cetin is suspected of shooting and killing five people friday night at the cascade mall. returning now to campaign 16, over 42 days in the the election as we count down, the race in pennsylvania, it is tightening. a new morning call muleberg
12:02 am
college poll shows hillary clinton hold, a narrow lead. three points, 44 to 41%. she's down six points from a week ago when she maintained a nine-point lead over trump in the keystone state. polls across the country show a tight race heading into tomorrow's big debate. it's expected to be one of the most widely watched presidential debates since card versus reagan in 1980 >> donald trump met with ben netanyahu in trump tower. he said in addition to museum global concerns, the pair discussed israel's security. hillary clinton had her own sit-down with the prime minister later sunday, clinton and trump are pushing trfrp's button on the eve of the debate. he's putting mark cuban in the
12:03 am
front row and jennifer flowers who had affair with bill clinton. >> we want hillary to have an opportunity >> i coach students >> two quantities will identify the winner, >> a, they able to be clear about their policy, b, they're likeable and approachable. >> reporter: the loser will be the one who loses their cool first. >> you can watch tomorrow night's debate here on cbs3. starts at 9:00. cbs3 anchor jessica dean is in new york for the debate. look for her live reports tomorrow starting at 5:00 on "eyewitness news." civil rights icon jesse jackson campaigned for hillary clinton in philadelphia. he spoke about the importance of voting. >> the crowds have the right to vote. those who saw to deny the right
12:04 am
to vote. wish they to not vote is to surrender. >> just a reminder, pennsylvania official voter registration deadline is october 11th. a royal visit for our neighbors to the north. still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight. we're going to go to take you along as prince william and the duchess of cambridge tour canada. a local community joins for a special 7-year-old. see why thousands of people are praying for phila
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