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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  September 27, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect? i can't say that either.
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♪ ♪ tonight, we're tracking down brad and angelina as angie turns to her inner circle. >> angie doesn't make any decisions withou >> why she trusts these two women with her deepest secrets, and why the custody battle is getting even bigger. what her lawyer once told "e.t"" >> there is crying and t yelling. >> then -- >> this is very sassy. >> dancing surprises, big injuries and clothes coming off. "e.t." has all the backstage gossip. >> plus on the set with the new hunk of "ncis." >> wilmer valderrama's newest take, and which of the stars is pranking him behind the scenes. >> i will find out. >> and -- >> what are you doing? >> we are in the shower with john stamos who is stripping down with the scream queen star now?
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>> not just shirtless -- nude. >> now for september 27, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight"" brad pitt break list silence about his divorce from angelina >> we have a glimpse into angie's new world. >> where are brad and angelina and it's been eight days since jolie filed for divorce and pitt was in croatia on september 2nd and angelina was in jordan. it's believed she is in seclusion in the beach-front rental in malibu. last night the actress reportedly ordered pizza for her six kids. >> he said skipping a film screening tomorrow night because, quote, i'm currently focused on my family situation and don't want to attract attention away. brad's ex jennifer aniston is not commenting on the split, but her husband justin theroux just did while "the girl on thh train." >> theroux said, quote, as a child of divorce that's terrible
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news for the children and that's all you can say. >> do you think brad and angie can get back together? >> jon voight was asked about the split today in of about early hills. >> we're all saying prayers. we want to be of help. >> we are learning more about angelina's inner circle. >> angelina's two closest friends right now are ladies arminka helic and chloe dalton and they're foreign policy experts in great britain and have been advising angelina on her work in politics and human rights issues around the world. angie doesn't make any decisions without these two. a source close to the pitt-jolie situation says the two women advising angelina have been fueling the actress' aggressive approach against brad since the beginning. >> next, angie versus brad, the legal battle. both stars are reppe hollywood heavy weights. brad hired lance spiegel who represented michael jack has rea wasser who was team depp during his ugly divorce from amber heard.
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she's worked for maria shriver, khloe kardashian and many she told "e.t." the divorce process could be emotional for her clients. >> there is crying and t screaming and there is yelling and then hopefully there is the moment where they say, you know what? i want to get this done. let's move on. >> angelina jolie came to wasser divorcing billy bob thornton. there was also custody issues. she was highly succes then and she went back again to the same power broker. >> former prosecut michael krout is familiar with both attorneys and brad's counsel will take a low-key approach. spiegel will be mu discreet and reactionary at some point and very protective of brad pitt. tomorrow, that spi and wasser have battled head to head on charlie sheen's case many years ago, and so they're familiar with each other's strategy and it's about working this case out. >> meanwhile, another surprise celebrity split hitting the
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headlines today. e.t. was the first to br news that naomi watts and liev schreiber have split. although never married, they have two children together. here is the latest. there is naomi spotted out right after the split news walking her little dog bob in new york last night. liev seen the day before in manhattan carting away some clothing and personal belongings on a bike. late yesterday they confirmed to e.t. exclusively in a joint statement. quote, the way forward for us as a family is to separate as a couple. we look forward to raising our children together. >> how much fun are you having putting on a tuxedo and coming here tonight? >> uks m, a lot. >> i spoke to liev and 9-year-old sasha nine days ago at the emmys. the dapper duo getting suited up. >> what was it like getting ready today? >> it was one of the best days of my life. >> the surprising split comes not long after they shot "the bleeder" together earlier this month. liev and naomi were out hand in hand both in venice and toronto promoting the movie where they
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play a married couple. >> you don't see couples, real-life couples on screen a lot and there is a reason for that. it's not easy for an audience to suspend disbelief. >> it's not always easy for couples to work together. the stakes were higher than ever on "dancing with the stars" as t couples are fighting for immunity from being sent home. olympic gymnast laurie hernandez meant some business and she is cute laurie no more. >> it's not like i've ever had a boyfriend or anything. i mean, i sleep with, like, a teddy bear at night. >> good-bye teddy, hello tango. the 16-year-old surprised the judges when she showed a different side when pro partner val and won immunity ahead of tonight's elimination. >> it was really hard, but the outfit and the makeup really helped. >> security was heightened once again inside the ballroom as it has been since protesters stormed the stage during ryan lochte's week one performance. sources confirmed to "e.t." that
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guards walked the aisles and circled the dance floor during the commercial breaks. >> what are you doing? olympic gold medalist ryan lochte went bronze and bared skin for the cha cha, but it wasn't enough to get him immunity. >> we could be kicked off the show and i don't want that to happen because i'm having so much fun right now. >> i am righ >> he took over our snap chat and waltzed her way with calvin johnson, but marcia, marcia, marcia, maureen mccormack's salsa almost idn't happen, but the 60-year-old barely made it to theballroom, but still managed to get immunity. >> i'll ta it was supposed to be close. >> well, tom bergeron gave it his all last night hosting solo and that was because erin andrews is with her pro hockey boyfriend who had a death in the family. dancing pro kym johnson will join as co-host tonight. let's talk about the drama
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over on "the voice," because blake shelton who loves to dish it out got backlash and he had a rough time with miley and the gang. >> as far as getting artists on my team and it's driving me crazy right now. ♪ ♪ >> the country crooner spent most of night three of the blind auditions hitting his button and pleading his case, but sad one seemed to want to join team blake. >> i have a better chance this year. >> and miley wasn't making the evening any easier. >> i think i can blake you out of that shyness. >> not shyness. >> definitely not. >> she's the person that will teach you you'll never have to speak again. >> finally, blake seemed to be a shoo-in choice for a texas cattle rancher. >> you're in the ranching business. do you run yearlingg? >> it's getting more country than country. i know where the guy comes from and i feel some sort of kinship and to turn around and see it love to be a coach for you. >> all of that cattle talk, i
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had no idea what you were talking about. >> that's what i'm trying to get through the cattle talk. >> we don't have to talk about cattle or anything. >> even with a push from adam to join blake's team, josh shocked everyone and picked alicia leavinggblake empty handed and full of regrets. >> i'm trying not to talk about that. >> that's the worst thing i coull have ever said. trust me when i tell you blake will be just fine. check out jennifer aniston and her husband justin theroux heading home to watch the debate. eeily blunttand john krasinski stopped by to join them. michelle turner was also in new york and spent time with emily and justin. >> they starred together on "girl on the train." i talked to them about that, but before we got into the movie they gave me insight into what makes their relationship stick. -p>> what makes you and jennife so good together? >> oh, boy. i don't know. i think we appreciate each other's sense of humor. we respect one another and w get along. i mean, it sounds simple, but it's true.
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>> what makes john perfect for you. >> oh, please. i knew you were going there! he is my perfect man. he's funny and warm and bright pnd confident and he's a very emboldening person to be around. >> this foursome has been friends for five years which makes it pretty easy for justi and emily to be co-stars on the girl on the train, based on the massive worldwide bestsell >> i'm afraid of myself. >> let me tell you, emily plays crazy obsessed so good in thii and toward the end offfilming, she actually had to hide her pregnancy, but she couldn't keep it a secret from her buddy justin. >> he's my friend and he guessed and i was being wussy with some of the stunts and he asked are you pregnant? >> i said yes. >> get up off the floor and run just, like, five or ten feet and she was, like, no. i don't want to twist my hip or something and if i get an injury and i'll have a stunt person do
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it. you were throwing tom cruise across the room later on edge of tomorrow and later that night we went back to my place and she wasn't having a cocktail, and i was, like, are you pregnant? >> you're a good secret keeper >> i'm a vault. >> must be telling the truth, because none of us knew. good on you, justin. >> emily and john welcomed their second child in june, her name is violet. we're still waiting on the first photo. >> if they wann to keep it a secret, i'm good with that. >> sit tight. we'll get to you later. coming up next -- >> all of these beautiful size >> one of tv's top new shows, "this is us" not afraid to go there. we are with the break-out st and how she's inspiring women now. >> oh, my god, that's what every woman wants to hea >> and later, goldie hawn reveals the real reason she never married kurt russell. we are on the set of "scream
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in tax breaks for oil companies. and they've given toomey seven hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions. pat toomey: he's not for us. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. hello. i knew your your whole life nbc's new drama "this is us" is off to a hot start. it was rated as one of the high of the shows so we named chrissy metz one of the break-out stars of the season. >> i think it ii so important foo women to see themselves on television and they're not all these beautiful size 0s. >> chrissy had us from the moment she was brave enough to go topless and step on the scale and let's not forget the whole how do not eat the cake in the
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fridge moment. chrissy and her new love interest get serious about losing weight. >> when he confesses he's willing to lose weight to date kate, you're, like, oh, my god that's what every woman and every person wants to hear that you're willing to sacrifice anything you want. >> and her famous twinnplayed by justin hartland. >> you're coming to the party tonight with me, right? >> the holiday party? >> no, i'm not. >> yeah. >> kevin, i don't have anything to wear. >> sterling k. brown is their adopted brother and tonight's episode flashes back to their childhood. mandy moore and milo play thei parents and are adorably real. >> do you need me to show >> i know where it is. >> oh, good. >> mark rossi and it's just real life and relatable and just super special. >> chrissy first caught our attention wearing a fat suit in american horror story frea and it's not just about the size size of her heart.
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>> we named you one of the break-out stars of the season. >> oh, y god! thank you! >> oh, my gosh! >> that was super special. >> still ahead, unmarried and very happy about it. gollie hawn reveals why never saying "i do" is keeping her 33-year romance to kurt russell going strong. plus, which "ncis" star is already being a prank war against newbie wilmer >> shh thinks she's very slick. >> and why john stamos can't seem to keep his clothes on. >> i haven't done a lot of that. >> really, john? wait until you see what we uncovered. >> oh, it exists. closed captioning provided by -
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>> no clothes?& no problem for john he sent out this picture right here heading out to work on "scream queens," while some are uncomfortable showing their nationed naked bodies, he says more, please. >> what are you doing? >> showering. >> why don't we try to show some butt in this show? it has not done on tv while. yeah, we don't want to see yourr butt. >> some agree to disagree onn that one. john's first-ever nude s sent hearts a fluter and, brace
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yourself,,he's doing it again only this time he's in a locker room with powell. handsome and rich, and guess what? i check those two. >> i haven't done a lot of that. >> they didn't have that on fuller? >> no. no. no, no. >> okay, we're calling you out on that john, and we've seen plenty of shirtless pics and not everyone is complaining and that thing about his back side, remember this? >> i'm dr. brock holt, i went to harvard. member, john joins the horror comedy in the second season set in a hospital played by jamie -p curtis' dr. munch. there is a new killer and he's a hot, but creepy surgeon with a secret. >> which hand is the possessed one? >> not that one. it's this one. >> i'm the recipient of th very first han donor.
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a full hand donor and his hand starts g a little crazy on date night, and he has a date night and -- sorry. i'm sorry. >> they find out that it is indeed the hand of a serial killer. so i could be a >> grandfather and -- now. now i've got this. >> near as we can tell from the social media post, what he's got is the most fun on the set we've ever seen. >> who is the one guy you would sleep with? john stamos. >> what? i've never got to do some of the things i've doing with this character and you just sort of do them, and i just punched a cadaver. is that okay? yeaa. >> john's old show "grandfathered" used to shoot in this building and i've got to tell you it is almost alarming how good this man looks at 53 and michelle is back, you can back me up on that, can't you? >> i can. here's another guy that can turn a few heads.
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we're talking about wilmer valderra we all fell in love with him on "that '70s show" he's gone all tough guy on ncis. >> you said getting this show was like parachuting on to a oo moving train. >> i felt like daniel craig and i landed and i didn't fall off the train and i was, okay, keep going forw >> sure, wilmer can be all 007 with his action scenes. >> we're on the same sid >> but does he have what it takes to fill michael weatherly's shoes? you bet he does and he's definitely a ladies' man and he also brings a little comic relief. >> what did i miss? >> jacket. >> as for agent gibbs, torres doesn't seem intimidated. >> i'm not much of a varsity letter guy. >> wilmer plays a ncis field agent from a deep cover assignment. >> do you know anything about him yet? >> hello from the set of ncis and i'm here with my amazing cast. >> hi! >> hey!
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>> behind the scenes wilmer brings the fun to this cast and the fact that he looks like this shirtless makes us happy welcome aboard, agent flores. >> everyone has been really nice, but what if i told you that there may be a prank plot against you that is brewing? >> i would feel really bad for i think i know where this is going. it has to be emily. >> maybe i'll be in valderrama's trailer. >> she thinks she's very slick, and i seecoming. no, but for real, though -- >> you're a deep cover agent. you will find >> emily, i'm sorry! i swear i didn't give up the goods. i wear i didn't give up the goods. >> i would be a terrible suspect. right, kevin? >> yeah, you are. i ccn't hold a secret. >> that is one of the best sets in the business. thanks, mmchelle. earlier we told you about naomi watts and liev schreiber separating after 11 years and some people might wonder, what if they'd gotten married? would they still be together
7:23 pm
goldie hawn is one of those peop been married? >> we would have been long divorced. >> the 70-year-old told the tv talk show, the key to their love alive is sometimes live apart. >> i would say it's great to be together about 58% of the time. >> goldie was twice divorced when she met kurt and her second was bill hudson who fathered oliver and kate. the mother of his son boston. together, kurt and goldie have son wyatt. oliver and kate call kurt their pa. >> i consider myself married. >> the only time we think about it is when people ask us and unfortunately we don't have a great answer other than we don't seem to care much about it. that ring has inspired oprah who has been with stedman for 30 years without tying the knot. >> anybody someone asks me when
7:24 pm
am i getting married i tell them to call goldie and ask them when she's getting married. >> i did it, and it didn't work. >> this is interesting. kurt and goldie once asked their kids if they should get married? guess what? >> they said no way. if it ain't broke don't fix it >> there you go. we'll be right back.
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does pat toomey speak for you? i also want to thank the nra for it's, uh, strong support for my campaign. pat toomey: he opposes an assault weapons ban and got an "a" rating from the nra. "i have had a perfect record with the nra." and on women's health? "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion, and i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey: does he really speak for you? senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. why she enjoyed being stranded the ocean while filming "shallows." >> everyone left me and went back to shore and i'm sitting there in the ocean. >> wwtch it all on the
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the season debut is tomorrow on cbs. >> it is a great show with a great new reason to watch. tomorrow, we'll take you to the set. >> bye, everybody. >> action! >> it's rob lowe to the rescue. we are with tv's sexiest new doctor. >> this is my first day, first scene, first rescue. >> and only "e.t." is behind the scenes as adam lambert rocks out on the set of "the rocky horror picture show" remake.
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death for hollywood couples? >> it really can create a lot of tension and chaos emotionally. >> then "dancing's" biggest face-offs happen backstage. >> would you want to dance off against beyonce or j. lo. >> hell no, man. >> the celebrity slowdown. >> diddy's empire gets even bigger. >> this is a dream come true. >> his record-breaking honor that's all about the benjamins. >> plus your "insider" bonus and jennifer esposito's secret health battle. >> since i was a child. >> we're in new york where the star reveals her highs and los. >> did people ever say to you you're crazy? >> oh, my god. they locked me in a psych ward at one point. >> the "insider" tracking hollywood from the inside out. >> another day, another hollywood couple calls it quits. first brad and angelina and om


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