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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 29, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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katie's out today. and, now cracking in the 6:00 o'clock hour. good news, getting better but it is busy. >> rain continues to fall across the region with the soggy take yesterday, again, fog honorary pete and check out our rainfall totals over the last 24 hours, seaford delaware picking up over four inches of rainfall, laurel in delaware over 4 inches of rainfall, in the nearly done with the rain yet. inch and a quarter, and downingtown closing in on a half inch of rainfall. storm scan three packed in, light to moderate intensity, widespread across the area, seeing the heavier pockets has been the trend across portions of delaware, and for today, rainfall period of rainfall, heavier at times, windy conditions as well, not a great umbrella day, more rain slicker day as we head into tomorrow, breezy conditions, cool, showers around, as off and on as we head throughout
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the take and in the upcoming weekend and saturday still dealing with scattered showers around remaining unsettled due to a closed off area of low pressure that will hang out, and keep the clouds, and rain chances in the forecast, but i'll let you know when we might see some sunshine in your full forecast coming up in a couple minutes, meisha. >> we love the sound of that. taking a look at sunshine. all right. you can see behind me right new we have zero. again, zero sunshine out there it is too early. number two, it will be one of those days we have to put up with that rain, wind, visibility issues, that will play a part in our morning commute this morning. blue route headlights moving in the southbound direction at ridge pike you can see what you are looking at both moving in the southbound direction and north bound side. it is southbound side i'm keeping my eye on right now, it is heating up an everyone is taking it slower then what they typically would. schuylkill taillights moving in the eastbound direction this is at the boulevard, both moving in the east and westbound side a lot of brake lights. we have not really moved into
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the 6:00 o'clock hour yet and already we are slowing down, right around the boulevard. make note of this, also, you cab see camera jerking around letting us know wind will play a factor as well. boulevard taillights moving in the southbound direction wissohickon avenue still looking in the northbound side, it is looking okay, but would i just say that just now cracking in the 6:00, to have this many vehicles is is slowing down. we have an accident at route 309 at cheltenham square mall one lane is block there, jim, back over to you. well, two children remain in critical condition after a violent rampage yesterday in the cobbs creek section of philadelphia. >> police shot and killed a man allegedly responsible. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live outside children's hospital where those two children are fighting for their lives, justin. >> reporter: brooke, jim, good morning. investigation will continue this morning as those two kid are treated for multiple stab wound here at chop. what the suspect now is dead, police are looking to witnesses for answers for what caused violent rampage, to how
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their suspect got into a second home and caused even more harm. lets take you to video from the scene at cobbs creek last night. on the 6200 block of hazel avenue they found a boy and girl so badly wounded they thought they had been shot. the boy's throat was slashed and girl was stabbed several times in the chest. from the boy's sister a 15 year-old girl, 30 he lease learned her dad first chose her and then stabbed her brother and that teen girl who was a family friend. the 15 year-old, also suspect her dad may have been high on drugs, at the time. and within minutes police found him on the 700 block of cobbs creek parkway, at a family friend's house, where he reportedly assaulted two women, age 70 and 42. that is also where he was gunned down in a showdown with police, and now police have an idea of why those two women
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led him in. >> he came there for whatever reason, he was led into that home, might have been to get something to eat but for whatever reason he smacked on these two ladies as well. we do do have much more than right now. >> investigation will continue this morning. after a long search police did not find a gun on that suspect, however they did find several knives in the area, we do know that eight year-old boy, his son and that 13 year-old girl are still here at chop in critical condition, with multiple stab wound that 70 year-old woman is recovering from that puncture to her face and again, the investigation will continue. police also telling us that this will take sometime to sort out. we are live here outside chop, i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". brooke and jim, back inside to you. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live near the crime scene in cobbs creek with another developing story. >> an officer guarding the scene was injured in the crash
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overnight so jan, what can you tell us happened there. >> reporter: brooke and jim an update from the scene right now cobbs creek parkway which had been shut down between christian and catherine street all night long is now reopened to traffic. tow truck or two came out here and pulled those wrecked vehicles away. right now what is happening is a police officer is recovering after sustaining injuries during what police called a drunk driving accident. take a look at the video from just a couple hours ago this accident happened around 2:00 this morning at intersection of cobbs creek parkway and christian street, investigators say driver of the pickup truck smashed in the passenger side of that police cruiser. as we know the officer was on traffic tooth i at the time and cruiser was blocking street as police investigate that had crime scene a short distance away. that is what justin was report ago this officer involve shooting on the 700 block of cobbs creek parkway last night. what you can see here is pretty strong, the cruiser
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tire popped off. after the crash officer complained of head, neck, back pain and had to be taken to the hospital but he is expect to be okay. driver was taken to the hospital for evaluation and that driver his in custody this morning and is expect to be charged with driving under the influence. back out here live on the scene that driver has in the yet been identified but again, the good news this morning that the police officer is speak second to make a full recovery and cobbs creek parkway is now fully reopened. reporting live from cobbs creek this morning jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". back inside to you. authorities are trying to figure out had led a teenager to opened fire inside an elementary school in south carolina police have gunman in custody as he first shot and killed his own father and then went to the school where police say he shot a teacher and two, six years old, one of the children is in critical condition, the school is closed for rest of the week and counselors are on hand. the two fire fighters, two fire fighters are on the road to recovery.
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they were badly hurt in a fire that killed two of their collogues. this is a new photo of fire fighter brad speakman at crozer burn center. he is walking around the hospital. fire fighter artis hope is also recovering at crozer. saturday's fire tore through a wilmington row home. christopher leach and jerry fickes were killed after a floor collapse. public viewing will be held for senior fire fighter fickes tomorrow and friday in hockessin. a private service will follow at grace lutheran church. services for lieutenant christopher leach are tomorrow. happening today the philadelphia parking authority is expect to meet in and appoint a you this executive director. former executive director vince fenerty resigned yesterday and he was expect to be fired today. fenerty had been under fire since two sexual harassment claims surfaced, one from 2015, the other is in 2006. was suspended tuesday after the parking authority board learned of the 2006
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complaints. new legislation means families of 9/11 victims can new sue saudi arabia. congress handed president owe bam at first veto override of his presidency. democrats and republicans voted overwhelmingly to allow families of 9/11 victims to sue saudi arabia for its alleged backing for the attackers. judy reese says new law is good news for her, her son josh, died in the world trade center. >> it is not going to bring josh back. it took me a long time to get to that point that it is not going to bring him back but it gives him justice. he does deserve justice. >> president obama says override sets a dangerous precedent and could damage a relationship with saudi arabia. campaign trail leads to pennsylvania once again coming up which candidate is coming to the keystone state. plus a terrifying abduction was caught on camera, a woman was dragged out of a store and into a car, while people just looked on.
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find out how she finally got away. what do you if awe deer tried on get inside the car. we will tell what you happened before this crazy confrontation was caught on camera. >> ♪ rain, rain and more rain, that is what is in the future forecast, stay with us.
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now to some really crazy video deer is hit by a car in north jersey and then tries to get in the vehicle just seconds later. >> take a look, all recorded on police dash cam, video in howell township, monmouth county. the driver kick the deer out of her car as it tried to get in and animal staggers away. officer nicholas austin responded to the call and said he never has seen anything like this. >> i could not have time to process it. by the time i put car in park and she had already kicked the deer out herself and deer was on the ground. >> driver was not hurt and now she has quite a story to tell. >> that is hard to watch. >> yes. >> yeah. >> how do you follow that. >> that is right.
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>> deer was trying to get a relief from the rainfall because we have been dealing with copious amounts of rainfall in milton, delaware, over 7 inches of rainfall and six and a half inches fell since midnight last night. georgetown picking up well over three and a half inches, dover two and a half inches have of rain, wilmington half inch of rain. we are seeing this pocket of heavy rainfall even over the three hour loop. here's milton delaware back into lewis, rain sitting on top just dumping down on this area, contributing to the high rainfall rates, and still a flash flood watch for entire state until 6:00 tomorrow morning and flash flood warnings in effect for sussex, kent counties through this morning. storm scan three is showing us trend of the rain continuing to fall, we will get some lulls in the activity, we can see south and west much more moisture working its way eastbound so more rain in the
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forecast and with the rain continuing to fall dealing with cool conditions. sixty-two in philadelphia. fifty's in the lehigh valley, and 49 degrees, and, add to these conditions we have the wind on top of this, wind speeds right now, 15 in some cases, 22 miles an hour in millville with gusty conditions on top of that and that will be your day to day. period of rape wind which a high of only 68 degrees, overnight tonight, wind still elevated, showers around, temperatures falling back to 62 degrees. all this wet weather due to cut off area low pressure in the upper levels of the atmosphere cut off from the jet stream meaning there is nothing to push it along. very slow moving. keep cloud and showers around in the forecast as we head into tomorrow as well. even into saturday. some lingering showers around but eventually we will start to warm up quite a bit, backup in the 70's as we head into sat the day and then finally start to go really dry things out by sunday, meisha. >> all right, lauren, that sound great. that would be a welcomed break. looking outside right now,
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this is what we're looking at 95 south at girard looking very, very wet, and it is also looking very slow out there. give ourselves some extra time. we have construction out there, race street eastbound between third and thumb bus boulevard, that road is closed because of that construction. the just a heads up on that. 422 headlights moving in the eastbound direction past oaks slow moving there. plus you can see that wet shine on the roadway. when we have slow we have brake lights. it will slow you down. plus we have an accident in cheltenham route 309 at cheltenham square mall, within lane is block there and it doesn't look like it is causing too many slow downs right thousand but it certainly will as we progress through the morning. the plus we have some speed restrictionness place, especially in delaware. 495, down to 55, that is usually around 55. so, down about ten which is a smart idea, even anywhere, given that it is wet out there. plus construction this delaware as well, 495 southbound at route 13 dew point high way left lane block
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until 4:00 p.m. friday. we have more coming up in a little bit but we will take a quick break stay right where you,
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terrifying moment on cam why in california. >> a man walk into a convenient store outside l.a., then grabbed the clerk and starts to drag her outside the store. take a look you can see her
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trying to free, herself as a mail carrier walks outside. he pulled her in the car as he carried the hammer and then drives off. woman eventually escapes and man was cornered and then caught. >> new time for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> front page of the intelligencer a quakertown father has been charged with involuntary manslaughter and even dangering welfare of the child in connection with his son's death. twenty-six year-old nicholas aaron wyllie of quakertown appeared in district court. wyllie's two-year old son benjamin austin smith shot himself this month with the loaded 45 caliber handgun that the toddler found unsecured in the bedroom. from the front page of the burlington county times, joint base maguire dixon lakehurst is on the military short list to be the home for the next generation of refueling jets. it is one of five military
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installations, vying for the new jets. from the reading eagle they now have right to vote and they were urged to use it. berks county judge issued the oath of allegiance to 20 naturalized citizens at the berks county courthouse. >> that is some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. coming up in today's brotherly love story a food drive inspired by a very famous person. find out how you can help right now. but first campaign 2016 libertarian candidate gary johnson has era republican owe moment during an interview, see what happens coming up
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time 6:23 on our thursday morning, of course, looking ahead to the upcoming weekend and it will be a soggy one, especially to start, showers around, in the poconos, city, and down the shore as well. we could see a few lingering showers as we head into sunday when we will start to dry out. temperatures pretty coolest specially in the poconos. 62 degrees as we look toward saturday, in the city we will have lower 07's. down the shore consistent for upcoming weekend temperatures in the low to mid 70's but not a ton of sunshine around as we head in the upcoming weekend guys but we do need that rainfall so it is coming. >> thanks, lauren. well, 39 days until the election day and polls show they are dead lock in pennsylvania. >> that is why trump campaign is focusing hard on the keystone state. his running mate mike pence will be in central
6:24 am
pennsylvania rallying supporters at recycling plant in york. trump will hold a round table in new york city, and then attend a rally in new hampshire. early voting begins in iowa, hillary clinton has an appearance, and then a fundraiser in chicago. while her running mate tim kaine is preparing for next week's vice-president debate. as we have been telling you cbs is carrying that debate on october 14th you can see right hear live on cbs-3 at 9:00 o'clock. libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson is making headlines again. >> he made an appearance blunder again last night during an ms nbc town hall. lets take a look. >> who is your favorite foreign leader? anywhere in the country, any continent, name one foreign leader that you respect and look up to, anybody. >> sim shimon peres. >> i'm talking about living, okay. you have to do this anywhere, continent, can inadequacies, mexico, europe, asia, south
6:25 am
america, africa. >> i guess i'm having an aleppo home. the former president of the mexico. >> anybody in the world that you like, anybody, pick any leader. >> the former president of mexico. >> which one. >> i'm having a brain moment. >> padilla. >> name a foreign leader. >> any foreign leader. >> merkel. >> that is uncomfortable. >> that was johnson's running mate governor bill wells names angela merkel. johnson has pick up an endorsement from the traditionally republican newspaper the detroit news, and this is first time in the paper's 14 three-year history that they have endorsed a non-republican date. well, coming up in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news" pale for college we will tell but a change for families applying for financial aid. plus we have an important warning about name brand washing machines allegedly exploding, justin?
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good morning, brooke and jim. we are live here outside of chop where two children were stabbed in the violent crime spree, late last night, police now wondering if drugs may have fueled this violent rampage we are live with what authorities know this morning back inside to you. all right, justin looking outside it is dark, rain, slow out there we have an accident in cheltenham speed restrictionness play and whole lot more we will have all of the updates but first we will take a quick break.
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this morning a flash flood watch is in effect for part of our area. >> allow extra time for a commute this morning, and this afternoon, wet one for a while, lauren will let us know when. >> good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm brooke thomas, almost
6:30 am
6:30. here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. >> car slams in the police cruiser injuring an officer. >> this accident happened at the intersection of cobbs creek parkway and christian street. that officer was taken to the hospital. he is expect to be okay. >> this morning's accident happened just a block north of where police shot and killed a man yesterday, following a violent rampage. >> those two victims, just children, eight and 13 years old, philadelphia police are telling us an eight year-old boy was attacked by his own father. >> donald trump's running mate is in pennsylvania today. indiana governor mike pence will rally supporters at penn waste recycling facility in york. >> big news from outer space, yesterdaye lon musk laid out his plan to send people to mars. tickets will be pricey, $10 billion per person. the question is why would it be, $10 billion. how much does donald trump say he has.
6:31 am
>> $10 billion. >> wonder if he would buy a ticket. >> i wonder. >> you never know. >> i doubt it. >> lauren, would you buy a ticket to mars. >> oh, sure, why not, i would go hang with martials. >> would you buy jim donovan a ticket to mars. >> let's go together, fun field trip. >> a road trip with the scientists. >> yeah. >> i'll lead the way, guys, don't worry. leading the way with the forecast is a lot of rainfall, rain has been coming down for a good portion of the last 24 hours, and also we're dealing with the potential for some coastal flooding, national weather service has issued a coastal flood advisory in effect for new jersey shore and delaware beaches, which runs from 11:00 o'clock tonight because of the strong on shore flow. you can see wind speed around 16, 19 miles an hour, wind out of the east and north east will contribute to that potential for flooding. keep that in mind heading
6:32 am
throughout the day and night, storm scan three is also showing us wet weather, continuing, not letting up at this time socked in long i-95 corridor in the lehigh valley, jersey shore and delaware where we have seen most rainfall for four to 8 inches of rain has fallen across portions of central and southern delaware, we have a flash flood watch in effect for entire state until 6:00 o'clock tomorrow morning and a flash flood warning in effect for parts of the kent, sussex county as far as 11:15 this morning. so on the roads this morning steady rain, some heavy at times, watch out for ponding and road spray, poor drainage, meisha, roads are not looking so great heading in our morning commute and afternoon commute will it be impacted as well. >> all right, lauren they are in the looking good. it is slowing everybody down. it doesn't matter where you are, it started this morning. if you are leaving your home earlier, guess what you you are in good company. a lot of people thinking the same thing. we have had an accident i-95 south before girard with that center lane blocked that has
6:33 am
been since clear. what we are left with is residual or we're just starting to heat up, so that accident maybe slowed you down but it will continue to do so. look at how wet it looks. we will have pooling, ponding, especially side street, bridges, overpasses, all that will collect a lot of water and slowing you down not to mention driver in front will kick it up, to slow you down again and we have some problems. we have seen some problems on the roadway good news is those crews have been getting them out of the way fairly quickly. headlights moving in the westbound direction before belmont avenue a overview how it is. headlights moving this is northbound direction before media swarthmore north and southbound looking pretty slow, brake lights and an accident in cheltenham 309 at cheltenham square hyle one lane block, jim and brooke back over to you. two children are fighting for their lives after a violent rampage in the cobbs creek section of philadelphia. >> police eventually shot and killed the suspect who was father of one of those
6:34 am
victims. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch live outside children's hospital where they remain in critical condition, justin. >> reporter: brooke and jim, good morning. philadelphia police say for whatever reason this father snapped first stabbing his eight year-old son and then turning the knife on the 13 year-old girl and then going to a second house where he was later cornered and killed by police. the let's take to you video from cobbs creek where this all happened. this began close to 7:00 o'clock last night on the 6200 block of the hazel avenue. that is where police found what they thought was an eight year-old boy and 13 year-old girl shot, but close-up they saw that they were stabbed. the boy had his throat slashed and several stab wound, the girl was stabbed several times in her chest. that boy's 15 year-old sister told police her dad did it and he may have been on drugs at the time. causing him to choke her, and then attack her brother and their 13 year-old family friend. in minutes police tracked that
6:35 am
father, a man in his 30's to another friend's house on the 700 block of cobbs creek parkway. they say he may have told his two victim he was hungry and needed food but once inside's left a 07 year-old woman with the cut to her face and assaulted a 42 year-old woman. police say as many as six to nine officers were on the scene and as he came outside with his hands in his pocket, officers thinking he could have pulled a trigger, fired. >> for whatever reason he pulled his hand out and he has something in his hand whether it is the gun or something else. i don't even want to speculate about that. i can only tell you what the officers believed had happened and that is where we are right now. >> we do know that no gun was found, however, several knives were found, and that eight year-old, 13 year-old are in critical condition at chop, that 70 year-old is in stable condition, with that puncture to her face and police have yet to identify that suspect who did die of his wound.
6:36 am
we are live, outside chop, i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". back inside to you. an officer guard ago this crime scene overnight was injured when a pickup truck slammed into his police cruiser. the crash happened at cons creek parkway in christian street. that intersection is now opened to traffic. the officer suffered aches and pains but he will be okay. the driver of the pickup truck is expected to be charged with dui. president obama will sign a short term spending bill averting a governmental shut down. it includes funding to fight zika virus out break. measure was passed by both the house and senate yesterday, one point wound billion dollars of aid is direct toward fighting sick a it keeps the government running through early december. the critical financial aid form, the free application for federal student aid will be a railable this saturday october . >> that is three months earlier then in previous years. here to discuss what you need to know is cbs news business
6:37 am
analyst jill schlesinger live from new york, jill, good morning. >> why is this form this fafsa form so important and why was release date moved up. >> reporter: it is used to determine how much money students and their families will get for college, now this includes grants, scholarships, as well as loans. the release date was moved up to make sure that tax information was readily available. if you look for next years deadline for federal aid it is not until june 30th of 2018 but and this is critical your state and your school probably have earlier deadlines to receive aid. think about this for some states they don't even site a date they just say please file your form as soon as possible after october 1st, that means that the states have limited pool of fund that they could run out. if you want to maximize your potential aid you will be busy this weekend, all right.
6:38 am
submit that fafsa and getting. >> let's say what prevents families from getting aid. >> this is a mind blowing statistics, nerd wallet found as much as $2.7 billion in free federal grant money went unclaimed last year, why? because incomplete or people just not submitting their fafsa forms. a lot of folks don't complete them because they think they earn too much. department of education notes aid is not based on a simple income line in the sand it depend on your circumstances like the kid year in school, number of students in school at the same time, your family income, and the cost of attendance. you know some people who didn't receive any aid last year they erroneously believed it is pointless to fill out form again but if you're circumstances change your aid award could be different. even if you didn't get a pull grant you can still be eligible for work study and
6:39 am
low interest loans. so for more on how you can score college money go to jill on >> very important information. >> worth aggravation filling out that form people look at it and put it off but you need to take care of that. >> thanks, jill. >> yep. >> speaking of college a new report says putting a child in day carries more expensive then college tuition. >> the average cost of full-time take care for kids up to age four is a little will less than $9,600 a year. let's put that this perspective. average cost of instate college tuition is $9,400. >> still ahead on eye witt knees, samsung product is exploding, a new warning about washing machines. >> you are out of control. >> i'm just telling you, water them and that is it. >> plants and a stuffed dog. the dog's disappointment that is going viral find out credit this little guy was so
6:40 am
upset and temper tantrum on camera. good morning, guys. i don't know if our viewers know this but we are obsessed with coffee at cbs-3 especially those the overnight shift. so it is that the coffee day we are here at hub bob on 17th and arch thinks sean to tell us all we need to know about coffee coming up next. smells beautiful here smells great. it will be worth it because beyonce is in town. >> oh, my. >> yes. >> she's taking stage at the link. we will be right back.
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another black eye for samsung brand u.s. regulators
6:44 am
are warning about the company's top loading washing machines. some of these machines made between march 2011 and april of this year have reportedly exploded, or blown apart. a texas woman says her washer exploded, with such velocity it broke a hole through her wall. she's part of the class action lawsuit that claims that the company moved aggressively to collect and destroy all evidence of the defective machines after they exploded. >> as a consumer myself, reading these reports would i think twice before getting a samsung top loading washer right now and if i had one i would be concerned and want to look up and see if my washer was one of the ones affected. >> the consume are products safety commission is suggest ago this people only use the delicate cycle, when washing bulky items, that is to lessen risk of impact injuries or property damage. meanwhile we're learning more about issues with samsung's cell phones. an ohio woman says that she left her home to meet a friend but forgot her galaxy s7 at
6:45 am
home. when she came back, fire fighters were there and there was smoke coming out of the home. a fire had started in her bedroom and crews say they have a good idea how it began. >> it was charging at the time, we believe that is probable cause. >> people sleep with their phones under their pillows, their phones right next to them while they sleep. >> that could have been my face or my head. >> woman says phone had been overheating since july. samsung told a cleveland tv station it is working with her and looking into the case. interesting note the phone was not the samsung mod that he will was recalled because of offer heating issues. brooklyn dog owner has one stubborn pooch. >> wait until you see his tantrum over a closed pet store. check this out. >> when samo realizes he and his owner won't go in his favorite shop, samo refuse toss budge. even when his owner tries to pull him away, he won't go and until he gets to go inside but it is closed.
6:46 am
what do you think maybe better luck tomorrow? i mean hope say. >> what is this sad video of the day this is depressing, poor samo get him in the store. >> it is not shut down. >> look at the poor thing. >> buy the dog a hardness not only can't he go to the pet store but my goodness. >> wow. >> not a fan, not a fan. >> i'm a fan of the weather because i like cooler weather and we need rain. it has been too dry. >> absolutely we do needs the rainfall. we are running four and a half inches in deficit in philadelphia for the year. that is significant but we are picking up significant rainfall totals across the area especially offer last 24 to 36 hours. we will check with our weather watchers, right now, the highest totals across portions of delaware, at this house in dover, he is picking up close to 2 inches have rainfall for this event so far. newark delaware an inch and a quarter at delores's house. .8 at walter in newark
6:47 am
delaware. mullica, new jersey well over a half inch of rainfall, right now. cbs-3 weather watcher's house john carroll. philadelphia picking up half inch of rainfall and mostly fallen just since last night. cherry hill, lower totals due to the light intensity of the rainfall but it has been consistent. picking up a quarter inch in both cherry hill and in mount laurel, new jersey. we will see those rain tallies continue to creep up because storm scan three is showing us rain continuing to fall, again light to moderate in intensity but we are seeing heavier pockets of rainfall south of the city and portions of delaware and down the shore we have quite the lightening show right now. we have a cluster of thunderstorm activity off del marva peninsula right now. we could see embedded thunderstorms today but you definitely need that rain slicker heading off to the bus stop. it will be slick temperatures today, cool, and topping in the up are 60's and for our ride home still periods of rainfall, some heavier at
6:48 am
times. tracking matthew right now positioned over lesser antilles, strong tropical storm movement west at 16 miles an hour lakely to be a hurricane as we head in the day tomorrow. it will make a dramatic turn off to the north and potentially impact cuba as a hurricane and eventually in the long range into next week we are going to have to watch out for matthew for potential impact along the u.s. coastline but in the meantime just watch for that rain coming down, meisha, we do start to dry out especially heading in the upcoming weekend, it looks like sunday will be maybely dry day. >> it looks that way, all right, lauren, thanks very much. looking outside on the roadways it is looking slow. just heads up in the world of air travel anyone going to the airport it sound like there is an hour delay at the airport. check your flights status on line. looking outside schuylkill westbound this is what we're looking at, parking lot for you, on a thursday morning, folks, 6:48 to be exact in the morning. you can see what it looks like out there it will only get busier pushing through that
6:49 am
7:00 o'clock hour. we are approaching 295, looking slow out there, but looking better then what we did the on the schuylkill, city avenue, delaware county i-95 north at 452 leading up to that airport, we are looking very slow, in delaware county, as well, not certain part of the delaware county speed restrictions like here 65 to 55 in some areas. head up again leaving for that airport check your flight status on line. we have high tides going on, towns end inlet bridge is close because of those high tides. make note of that in and around that area accident cleared in cheltenham. great news in that area jim, over to you. 6:49. there is a lot coming up on cws this morning. >> charlie rose joins us live from new york with the preview, good morning, charlie. >> reporter: good morning brooke and jim. we're in south carolina with the latest on the elementary school shooting plus donald trump's new attacks on clinton's foundation and her health and former miss universe. amazon is expand nothing to
6:50 am
the shipping industry and what it means for the company and for customers. and gayle king talks to sean combs about his drive for success, politics and whether this will be his last tour. all of that, and more, news is back in the morning, see new ten minutes. thanks, charlie we will be watching. well, september is hung are action month, white and red food donation boxes are popping up in montgomery county to spread some brotherly love. >> as ukee washington shows us, it is organized by the county's tourism board for a special reason. >> reporter: food drive was inspired by a famous visitor known for charity. last year, for one special night pope francis stayed at saint charles borromeo seminary. >> world figure coming to philadelphia but coming to stay in montgomery county. we were knocked back about it. >> reporter: dan of the valley forge tourism and convention board says county officials wanted to give visiting pontiff a tangible thank you
6:51 am
you. >> is it a physical gift, a bowl, engraved plaque, something that we present to him that is physical or is it something else? >> load them up. >> reporter: this is what they chose, food, not for the pope but for the poor. >> results you can see, results are pouring in. >> reporter: for second year in a row they are collecting non-perishable food county wide. the timing is right, september is hunger action month. >> the thanksgiving style food drives, kicked in. >> reporter: it is called freedom in hunger, 12 donation boxes at hotels and valley forge attractions says president and ceo michael bowens. >> we will get 1776-pound of food. >> 1776-pound can replace over 3,000 meals for those in need. >> reporter: food will be distributed to philabundance. >> in montgomery county specifically there are 80,000 people in need today. in the food drive we are extremely grateful for especially these bringing in high items and pro teen including peanut butter,
6:52 am
canned soup and tune. more boxes that are not empty happier we are. >> we have a list of donation site at cbs see you tonight. i'm ukee washington. cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, ukee. here's a reason to get out of bed this morning, it is national coffee take. >> there are deals on cups of coffee all around town. was ways offering free coffee, today and that is for any size, dunkin' donuts is offering a medium sized cup of coffee for six cents six cents because chain has been around for 66 years. crispy cream is giving away a 12-ounce cup of coffee and a free doughnut, we will have have more deals offered on our web site at cbs and on the cbs local app. path the path galleys celebrating national coffee day at a cool coffee shop in center city, it is called hub bob, hey, pat. >> reporter: of course, we are celebrating it is national coffee day. as i mentioned, we have a small obsession with coffee at
6:53 am
cbs-3. meisha johnson has her own #, coffee date. at hub bob 17th and arch. come down on national coffee day. we will learn about it with sean, good morning. >> good morning good let's learn about what you do because you are director of quality control which i pacecally look at it like a wine taster. >> yes, essentially. as we are making our own coffee you this we have a need to stay on top of everything we're doing and, excuse me. >> so being a taster are you you just put a little bit in your mouth and spit it in your cup. >> yes, the process is not a very elegant process you are slurping back a spoon full of coffee at a time, to try to went your pal tote get as much of the nuance of the coffee as you possibly can. >> spend a lot of days drinking coffee, and -- you
6:54 am
you are up at all times. >> yes. >> i have been up for three days. >> what are we doing. >> i don't really know how this works. i used a french press what makes this so great to brew coffee. >> thinks one variant on, there is a lot of versions of this system, and it is arguablably the original system been around since 40's actually. one special thing about this process is it uses, and kind of tried and true design with the hour glass. >> do you think it is best way. >> i think so. it has a super bonded filter here that filters out things that with make its way in the cup and so that stuff in the bottom. what you are lefties a very clean, bright crisp cup which is best way to truly enjoy what the coffee has to offer. >> this is it, your beautiful
6:55 am
cup of coffee guys, national coffee day, come out to hub bob and get yourself some coffee. cheers, sir. >> thank you we will drink up. >> back to you guys. >> it is national coffee day, thanks, pat. >> we will be right back stay with us.
6:56 am
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last check of weather and traffic. >> soggy today rain continues to fall, we will get lulls in the rainfall but latest look at radar still showing widespread in nature so prepare for a wet one. >> um-hmm, and schuylkill westbound at city avenue looking very slow you guys, also a disabled vehicle on i-95 south before girard. well, let's tune in tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. for another dream drive episode, i'll give you behind the scenes look at world of cheese headaching because why not and guess what it is a tour you can take too. we will be taking you there at 6:00 a.m. right here on dream drives on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> sound good. looking forward to it. cbs this morning is next. >> don't forget today is national coffee day, here is a live look from mobile three inside a dunkin' donuts at 15th and spring garden. eagles, whendell smallwood will be serving coffee until 9:00 a.m. stop by in the area. have a great day. >> cheerleaders.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, september 29th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." new information about the killing in south carolina. it wasn't the first time the teenager accused opening a fire had brought a gun to school. >> newly released body cam video shows the disturbing end to a deadly police chase. how deputy marshals reacted after they realized they killed a 6-year-old boy. >> donald trump doubles down on hillary clinton and his controversial comments about a former miss universe and a libertarian nominee has anothe " "alep "aleppo" moment


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