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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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coming to you live from hoboken, new jersey near the scene of that terrible accident. from this morning. you know, 50,000 riders, both train and bus riders, traveled through that terminal every day. it is sitting a long hudson river right across from new york city and authorities the say it is clear that the train to not slow down, when it entered that station. it will be many days, even weeks, before investigators can figure out exactly what caused this crash, today. but let's break down what we know as of 5:00 o'clock today we know one woman was killed in this crash, governor chris christie saying that woman was hit by debris while she was standing on the platform. we also know that 108 others were injured, including that engineer, rail services, into and out of the hoboken station has been suspended, and now that train departed from spring valley, new york this morning. the that is in rockland county just north of the new jersey border, and hoboken was the
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end of the line. eyewitnesses say the commuter train slammed into a wall at full force, inside have of the rail station at hoboken, new jersey around 8:45 this morning. michael larson a transit employee was inside of the terminal about 30 feet away from the crash. >> i observed it coming at a high rate of speed. it went over the bumper block, basically through the air, traveled about another 40 feet, and came to a rest. >> reporter: people were standing on the platform waiting to commute into new york city. >> will were folks, hobbling around, people holding their limbs, holding their backs and things like that. there was definitely some bad injuries. >> blood, kind of on their faces, and people were like, you know, holding on to each other. >> reporter: officials a station's roof partially collapsed on top of the train, mike was on board the train when the accident occurred, and said it was hard to see what was going on around them. >> we were between pieces of metal or what, but the first person in front of us had
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emergency window down and pulled window out and climbed out of that. >> reporter: rescue crews climbed through train cars to reached passengers under mangled metal and dangling wires. injured passengers were taken in the parking lot to turned into a triage area. >> people were crying. it was sad. really sad. >> reporter: as federal investigators try to figure out what happened they will look at various factors including the condition of the track and the speed of the train. according to the department of transportation, the new jersey transit trains do not have that positive train control, and you'll remember this from that amtrak crash we talk about. what that positive train control does is it either slows down or stops a train that is going too fast. now earlier today, new york's governor andrew cuomo and new jersey's governor christie both addressed this accident. our greg argos is here near the scene with more on that.
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>> reporter: that is exactly right, there jessica, both new york governor andrew cuomo and new jersey governor chris christie they a arrived here to the crash scene around 1:00 . in fact right here behind me is hoboken terminal. you can still see a very large police presence in front of it, a very active crash scene investigation happening right now. both mentored the scene and came back and spoke to the media. they said if there is a silver lining the fact that only one person died in this crash is that silver lining. >> the lights went out, ceiling came down and that was it. >> it went over the bumper block, basically through the air, traveled about another 40 . >> reporter: 108 people were injured, and some like the conductor critically, one woman who was from hoboken died and despite the chaos seconds after the crash commuters became first responders. helping those wounded evacuate. >> as of the people of new
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york and new jersey have been tested and that is one of the things you saw in there this morning that regular commuters, left the safety of where they were standing to rush to the train to help first responders evacuate injured people off the train. >> reporter: thursday evening the hoboken terminal remains an active crash investigation scene. new jersey governor chris christie and insuring governor andrew cuomo say the causes still not known and they are asking for patients as the national transportation safety board investigates. >> it could be any number of things. it could be personal to the conductor, it could be equipment failure, it could be anything. we have no idea. >> reporter: now national transportation safety board says that they will hold a press conference updating us about this crash, in about 30 minutes. if and when that happens, here at the scene we will bring it to you live and bring you very latest as to what is said at that press conference coming up at cbs-3 "eyewitness news"
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at 6:00. we are live here from hoboken, new jersey i'm greg argos, now jessica, back to you. >> all right greg, we will check with you later. thanks very much. now sadly our area is no stranger to deadly train accidents. we have had two recently that you probably remember very well. back on may 12th, of 2015, an amtrak northeast regional train traveling from washington d.c. to new york city derailed in port richmond. eight people were killed that night, more than 200 were hurt, and investigators later blamed the crash on the engineer's loss of situational awareness. now as a result, amtrak installed cameras in the engineer's cab and a computerized speed limiting system. then in april of this year, southbound amtrak 89 hit a backhoe on the tracks in chester, killing two track workers and tea railing that train. in this case 41 people were taken to the hospital. investigators determined that train was going slower then
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the maximum speed but preliminary ntsb report says the track should have been closed to traffic. amtrak does have positive train control technology we were talking about a little bit earlier and coming up tonight at 6:00 our nicole brewer will take a look into why it has this is been installed every where, on all of the different railways in our country, she will also have a dire warning from an expert about our railways. again, that is coming up at 6:00 o'clock. in the meantime we will continue to have the very latest, here on "eyewitness news" and anytime at cbs, and ukee, we will continue to gather facts here as greg mentioned we have a press conference that is coming up within the next half an hour, we expect to learn more details and we will bring that to you, ukee. >> we will see you then, thanks very much. now back home and developing right now an arrest has been made in the house fire, that claimed the lives of two wilmington fire fighters and injured four others. authorities say that beatrice ruiz set the fire at her family's lake view row home on saturday. she faces several charges
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including murder, arson, assault and reckless endangerment. our joe holden will bring you live report on this developing story coming up on iron witness news at 6:00. investigators say a fire that burned an auto body shop in olney was set on purpose. police say an unknown male was caught on surveillance, september 19th, break nothing to philmont auto body on west ashdale street. once inside he poured flammable liquid on several vehicles and then lit the fire. no injuries were reported, anyone with any information on this arson should call the philadelphia police. new information tonight in the disturbing act of violence, police say a father stabbed and choked, several children. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is at police headquarters right now with more details, anita. >> reporter: we now know that three two-year old christopher showl had a previous criminal record and police say he is one responsible for violent stabbing spree that injured five people including his own young son. >> i just seen blood, every
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where. >> reporter: quad dear molly says he never expected a neighbor he knew in passing, three two-year old christopher soel would go on a stabbing free. >> we just pray. >> reporter: police responded to a report of shots fired just before 7:00 wednesday night on the 6200 block of hazel avenue but when they arrived they discovered he had apparently choked his daughter and then stabbed both his eight year-old son and his son's 13 year old friend, multiple times in the chest. >> it is just a violent rampage that did not end well. >> reporter: both children remain in critical condition at the children's hospital of philadelphia. >> i just hope the kid get will, fast, man, and he doesn't have a father now. >> reporter: molly says after initial stabbing he saw him run off down the street, police later found him about a half a mile away on the 700 block of cobbs creek parkway. >> he immediately grabs a knife and actually slices, a seven year-old. >> reporter: when a 41 year-old woman at the home
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tried to intervene he punched her in the face multiple times and when officers got there. >> he has got his hand in his pocket, they tell him several times to take his hand out. he abruptly takes his hand out and they fire multiple times striking him. >> reporter: we counted more than two dozen bullet holes at the scene, the suspect later died at the hospital. police say that the suspect's 12 year-old daughter told them he may have been high on drugs at the time. authorities also found multiple knife blades, and a meat cleaver at the scene. at police headquarters anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still to come on "eyewitness news" first was exploding phones, and now more trouble for samsung, the company is recalling some washers, and issuing a warning, we will tell you why, torey? folks are waiting in a line of hundreds to see bruce, just for fun, they are here because the boss has made their life amazing isn't that ride. >> are you kidding he sang anthem of my youth.
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>> boom. >> that story coming up. >> we're dealing with the threat for flash flooding tonight, across the area as slow moving system continues to dump heavy rain on the region, i'll tell you which areas are at risk for flooding and help we can expect rain to
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in just about 39 days, the nation will head to the polls to choose the next president of the united states.
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and candidates are focusing on battle ground states, including pennsylvania. donald trump's running mate mike pence visited york, today. republican vice-presidential nominee rallied supporters a the a waste plant and paid tribute to emergency crews who responded to the hoboken train crash. >> more than 100 injured, one loss of life, thus far. we remember the people, their families in our prayers but we are never failed to be inspired by our first responders. they have rushed in when others russia way. >> the first and only vice-presidential debate between pence and democrat tim kaine is scheduled for tuesday night. meanwhile donald trump rallied supporters in new hampshire this afternoon. trump made several visits to the granite state since locking up his party's nomination. republican nominee slammed rival hillary clinton. trump accused clinton of fighting for herself and her donors. >> everything that you need to know about hillary clinton, sometimes referred to as
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crooked hillary, can be understood with a simple but very important phrase: follow the money. >> today trump sent a 30 page questionnaire to supporters seeking advice on which issues he should focus on nerd to win the next debate. hillary clinton is in iowa for first day of early in person, voting, there. the democratic nominee rallied supporters in des moines. clinton discussed her plans to make child care and college more affordable. she accused trump of not delivering a hopeful message and urged democrats to take action. >> we have 40 days, to win an election that is going to affect the next 40 years of our country, and you, everyone of you can make the difference in this election. >> the next presidential debate is scheduled for sunday, october the ninth. wells fargo ceo john stumpf was in front of the members of the congress to answer questions about the company's illegal sales practices, and use of customer
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information to open up fake bank accounts. lawmakers questioned stumpf when senior management knew of the practices and what they did about it. stumpf attempted to take responsibility but not everyone was receptive. >> i am deeply sorry that we have failed to fulfill our responsibility to our customers, to our team members, and to the american public. >> your problem is coming, it is not today. you think today's tough, it is coming. when prosecutors get a hold of you, you will have a lot of fun. >> federal regulators have not indicated whether the case will be referred to the justice department, tonight. kate joins us now with our forecast. you are looking at rain, some possible flooding, and even matthew way down there. >> we are looking at matthew you as well, a lot to talk about in the weather department today. this hurricane we need to keep an eye on but what we need to talk about is what is happening right now because we have flooding rain that has been occurring all day.
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wide gradient of rainfall totals all across the region, parts north and west of philadelphia have barely seen a drop today, to the south some spots checking in with almost 10 inches of rain, so it all depend where you are. lets get into it and take you outside right now and start off down the shore where it is raining steadily right now. in ocean city, you cab see camera shaking, wind very strong in ocean city, and again, pockets of heavy rain rotating through the shore points, all day long but the worst of it today has been delaware, sussex county. here's our camera in rehoboth beach at boardwalk plaza. look at those waves, crashing into the shore, very, very rough surf. coastal flood warning in effect, high winds, and pouring rain, in fact i was just seeing someone out the on the beach. that might be the same guy trying to walk but hitting the win. very very difficult to walk or be on the beach with the wind as strong as they are this evening and tonight. you can see the area packed all day long. southern delaware, that is where rain has been just streaming in, you can see
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yellow, orange shading where heavier rain has been falling and it has not moved much all day long. this section interior eastern portions of sussex county, the town of harbison has been reporting over nine and a half inches of rain so far. anyplace you see orange and yellow here are some of those spots looking at rainfall totals over 6 inches. it is not just done yet. look at this moisture to the the south all streaming south to north, it has now started to invade philadelphia, south jersey and even philadelphia suburbs. we have seen not much today but we will tonight as that rain continues to move in. this is what i had mentioned a couple days ago and yesterday. i was concerned about. it looks like this was going to be over d.c. area, eastern maryland but as i said with these upper lows you cannot pinpoint where the heaviest rain will occur and it has shifted east into our region, south jersey and delaware, especially. flash flood watch goes now until friday afternoon, and it does now include the city of philadelphia, it includes delaware county, all of south jersey, and all of delaware. that means conditions are
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favorable, for flash flooding to occur with rain, heavy as it the is, wind very strong as well, gusts to 22 miles an hour. these are sustained. 22 miles an hour in philadelphia sustained to 26 in dover. twenty in atlantic city with gusts over 40 miles an hour down the shore, and over 30 miles an hour possible, around the city. here's what to expect future weather shows that moisture just continuing to stream in overnight, and philadelphia, points south, picking up the heaviest rainfall there is 8:00 o'clock. 10:00 o'clock it is still coming. we could see two to 4 inches on have rain for these areas before all is said and done. tomorrow pockets of rain, scattered downpours, through the day, it looks like it will die down slightly in intensity but rain is possible, at anytime through your friday and then again, on saturday with some localized downpours there. so, what to expect tonight? periods of heavy rain, heaviest rain will be in the city and points south, slow travel, ponding on the roadways and poor drainage flooding, urban areas, basically in the area prone to flooding expect flooding as we go through tonight the and then again, heaviest rain now is shifting from portions of
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maryland and virginia right into our area with two to 4 inches of rain possible for south jersey and delaware, tonight into tomorrow morning. so, 62 degrees with rain heavy at times overnight, period of rain for tomorrow, very windy as well, heaviest rain in the morning and then scattered showers throughout the afternoon, high only 65, and then saturday, clouds, and a couple of showers, i'm still hopeful we may start to see some sun try to peak back out sunday afternoon but i wouldn't hold your breath the or pin the whole farm on it the here on a sunday with you still the chance to have a shower, the worst of it will be tonight and tomorrow morning. >> good news, thanks, kate. the philadelphia art museum after being closed for two years. the exhibit went through a major renovation and reinstallation of the exhibit's masterpiece works. ten galleries have been redesigned and reconfigured to present work spanning over 2,000 years, from places such as percent a, india, tribbett
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and nepal. people line up to meet, bruce springsteen in philadelphia we will hear from the fans and find out why our own tori woodill is forever connect to the music legend, don. to the victor goes the spoils an oil cliche playing out in south philadelphia pair of eagles snagging some nfl award including carson wentz,
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ultimate team goalies lombardi trophy but until then, individual honors keep rolling in. >> so like yesterday he won offensive rookie of the month or year of the word. of the week award. >> i will get it right. >> yes. >> now he gets another one. >> now last week cbs analyst bart scott called carson wentz quote unquote fool's gold. scott said he was all wrong and man enough to admit it. maybe that is because wentz was great against steelers and for second day in a row he earned another award and this
5:24 pm
time i will promise to get it right. wentz was named nfl rookie of the month, there you go, first player in franchise history to win at ward. eagles are ranked second in offense, and they are the only team in the nfl, without a turn over. so hard to do. meanwhile, for the other side of the ball, fletcher cox was named nfc's defensive player of the month. he has 14 tackles and three sacks. cox is first eag toll win that award since connor barwin in november 2014. eagles have the weekend off, as they play lions on october 9th in detroit. a practice round for the 2016, and, one fan was heckling golfers so europe's henrik stenson said you are so good, do you think you can do this. you give it a shot. justin rose put a hundred dollars bill next to the ball and that is the fan, taking his shot, and bang. he is like not only willie
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talk smack but i will nail it. >> back it up. >> that is incredible. >> all those people with the cameras rolling. >> on that stage, are you kidding me. >> i will miss that putt. >> appreciate it. we have more coming up next half an hour of "eyewitness news" jessica dean will join us live from hoboken where we are learning more information about that deadly train crash there. well, also talk about seat belts and whether they would have helped protect passengers. dramatic body camera video shows scene of the deadly shooting when a little boy with autism was accidentally shot and killed. hear one officer's chilling account and why he says he can not open fire. and then new at 6:00 a break in the case two years in the making, way police track down a suspect in the deadly holiday hit and run. we will be right
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commuter chaos, the investigation continues tonight into what caused a new jersey transit train, to crash, through a barrier at the busy hoboken station. it happened during the height of the morning rush hour. the news continues now, i'm ukee washington. and good afternoon everyone i'm jessica dean coming to you live from hoboken, new jersey near the scene have of that crash this morning that happened as ukee mentioned right at the height of the rush hour. you know, tens of thousands of people pass through that terminal every single day. this particular train was coming in from spring valley, new york, that is in rockland county just north of the new jersey border, hoboken was supposed to be its last stop, but it simply did not stop as it came into this station and instead barreled into the station. we know one woman on that platform was killed, when she was hit by flying debris, also
5:30 pm
more than 100 people were hurt including that train's engineer. one eyewitness says he heard a big explosion and then he ran toward that chaotic scene. >> actually like a bomb went off, like it was really loud, train flew in, it never stopped, and then we went out, we held, we tried to help out but there was electric and live wires and stuff so we could not do too much. me and another guy, i don't know hot guy is, we pulled a couple people out and then cops got there and that was it. cops evacuated us and got us out of there. >> so many people doing what they could. governor christie says there is no indication that this crash was anything more than a tragic accident but he also noted it is too earl toy come to any final conclusions, that investigation will go on for many days to come. as this accident happened, of course, first responders rush to the scene, to help those who were injured. the over 100 people who were injured, and then many of them were taken to local hospitals.
5:31 pm
our cleve bryan, is live from jersey city medical center, he spoke with some of the injured this afternoon, cleve. >> reporter: jersey city medical center received 66 of the injured people from the train crash, this is the regional trauma center, and less than 3 miles away from the crash site. now, 53 of the 66 brought here of been able to go home, and we spoke with some of them today about their experiences. >> emergency window opened and then. >> reporter: with the black eye and cut cheeks, he was among dozens of walking wounded from thursday morning's train crash which he describe as scary, and confusing. >> i see a huge jolt, like a hard, hard jolt, and then again, it was just like everybody is trying to figure out what happened, there was stuff falling from the ceiling, lot of dust, screaming, crying. >> reporter: in all officials say 66 people from the crash came to the jersey city
5:32 pm
medical center. doctors described three victims arriving in very serious to critical condition. david who was in the first car surprised more people were not badly hurt by the impact. >> it was pretty strong. people running around, standing, train just didn't stop. >> reporter: officials say they were as prepared as they could be, they do mass casualty drills every three to four months and once they heard of the crash they brought in every staff. they have converted cafeteria to triage area. >> for that coordinated effort for police, fire, e ms service and all of the other first responders in the area, we're very fortunate these stations got here quickly and we were able to treat them and we expect good outcomes for each of those patients. >> reporter: but scars won't be just physical. >> i think god saved me today. >> reporter: amy, said she will never forget the site of the wreckage and after 30 years of commuting that she will ever take the train again. >> tomorrow i'm not. monies a holiday, so i'm not. i will worry about tuesday when tuesday comes.
5:33 pm
>> reporter: she was very shaken up. the last update from officials here, at the jersey city medical center, was that there was still 13 people here, they are in guarded condition, which is in other word means they are not telling us their condition but we know from previous conversations earlier in the day, that three people in very serious condition at one point. although officials did not believe any of them had what believed to be fatal injuries. we're live from the jersey city medical center, back to you, jessica. cleve, thanks very much. of course, so scary for something so many people are used to doing every day just commuting in or out of work. now coming up this about ten minutes we will talk about safety, on board those trains, you probably noticed trains don't have have seat belts so we talk to an expert about why they don't have seat belts and if that would have been helpful in a crash if that could be helpful thing for passengers. you'll hear from one expert and why they say no, that is coming up in about ten minutes. in the meantime we invite to you stay with us for our continuing coverage of the train accident here in
5:34 pm
hoboken, new jersey. of course we will be here on the air on "eyewitness news" and anytime at cbs, and ukee, we are awaiting word from transportation officials, they are scheduled to hold a press conference very soon to update everyone on the latest, into this investigation. they are still trying to piece together exactly what caused this train to keep going full speed throughout that terminal this morning. we will bring that to you live as soon as it happens, ukee. >> we will get back to you, thank you. in other news disturbing body cam video shows the deadly end to a police chase in louisiana. a six year-old boy was killed. we want to warn you video is graphic and raising questions. cbs news correspondent david begnot has that story. >> reporter: body camera video starts in silence and shows city marshals in marksville, louisiana chasing an suv in november of last year, they claimed after the chase ended that the driver posed a threat when he backed his vehicle toward them. even though it appears that the driver showed both hand to
5:35 pm
the officers. two marshals opened fire. they shot 18 rounds, six year-old jeremy martin diagnosed with autism was kill in the passenger seat. hit five times in the head and chest. his father was driving, christopher, who was shot twice but survived. marshals derrick stafford and norris greenhouse junior are charged with second degree murder, stafford is heard on tape saying he didn't know the boy was there. >> unaudible. >> it is unclear when officers first checked on young jeremy you don't see a officer go to the passenger side until seven minutes until shots were fired
5:36 pm
paramedics arrived about nine minutes after the shooting to take him away in the ambulance. >> juvenile decidessed. >> defense attorneys claim christopher few was driving recklessly and led them on a 2-h noting there was another officer at the scene of that shooting. it was his body camera that recorded video you just saw and that officer told state police investigators the reason he did not fire his weapon was because he didn't feel his life was in any danger. david begnot, cbs news, marksville, louisiana. >> now back to our top story, ntsb is holding a news conference at the site of the deadly train crash, let's listen in right now. >> new jersey transit to assess the safety of the scene. the canopy of the building is object top of the controlling car and water has been leaking all day so there may be some structural damage and
5:37 pm
weakness. additionally because of the age of the building, there is the possibility of asbestos so there are concerns about that as well. a contractor will be coming into remove parts of the canopy and that is what the goal of making the area safe for our investigation activities to continue. once that is done then we will be able to access the cars and we will continue our investigation and process in that aspect. we can currently access the locomotive which is at the end of this train and we will be pulling the event recorder this evening. from the event recorder we hope to get information such as speed and breaking. we know that there were three passenger cars and a locomotive in a push/pull configuration. the engineer was operating the train from the cab car also
5:38 pm
called the controlling car. we also know that the train had outward facing video recorders on both end of the train and we also will be recovering both of those. the ntsb will analyze the facts, determine the probable cause of the accident and issue a report of those determinations. the investigators in charge is mr. jim southworth, he has 19 years of experience with ntsb and over 35 years have of experience with railway operation. he is leading a multi disciplinary group of experts and they will be examining the following areas: operations, mechanical issues, human performance, signals, survival factor and track issues. in addition to our investigators we also have our specialist from our office of transportation disaster
5:39 pm
assistance to assist those who have been affect by this accident. tomorrow morning we will hold an organizational meeting, and we will be establishing the parties to our investigation. the parties will provide the technical expertise we need for this investigation. tomorrow we will also be our first full day on the scene. we arrive today. ... >> you have been listening to a live news conference from the ntsb, one dead, 108 injured in the train crash in hoboken, the investigation continues. still to come tonight on "eyewitness news" more headaches for samsung this time a warning about samsung washing machines, and, one thing gets the best birthday gift, a picture with bruce, bruce springsteen made fans smile at his book signing today. we sent tori woodill who met exciting fans and she will tell us about her springsteen connection, kate?
5:40 pm
well, i can tell you as we head toward weekend the forecast cost not get any better, in fact it gets ominous every day with better chance of showers now on sunday as well all across the area. saturday mostly cloudy, scattered showers at the anytime. sunday i'm hopeful we will see sun in the afternoon but cannot rule out a couple showers especially in the morning. temperatures in the poconos this weekend in the 60's, make sure you have the jacket with the rain gear and in the 70's and starting to warm up in the city and down the shore but again you may still need umbrella for your weekend plans, we will be
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well, first it was smart phones, exploding and now it is samsung washing machines. samsung has issued a recall for some of its top loading washers made between march of 2011 and april of this year. owners have been warn of safety issues.
5:44 pm
samsung says in rare cases the units hey screens abnormal vibrations when washing bedding and other bulky items. still ahead how you can take a chance at having a pizza part which matt damon, ben affleck and nfl star tom
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now back to the top story train crash that injured so many people. many are wondering would seat belts on the train have prevented those injuries? could they help protect pass eveningers in a crash. health reporter stephanie stahl joins us now, to hear to tell us what experts are saying. >> reporter: exactly. you see these catastrophic things and you wonder could seat belts have saved these people? a lot of people thinking bit. you would think, that seat belt would keep passengers safe, you have to wear them when you are driving a car and when you are traveling by plane but not on trains, and surprisingly, they might not help. passengers on the plane, that crashed in hoboken describe chaos and a lot of flying debris. >> these people got head injuries from stuff falling from the ceiling. >> they got kind of, dark, and they were flying around. >> reporter: seat belts on trains wouldn't guard against debris in crashes, but passengers were also knocked
5:48 pm
around, something that caused many injuries, in the amtrak trash in port richmond last year. >> people were hurled, violently. >> reporter: but most experts feel because train crashes are so rare it is not the worth installing seat belts. >> the risk on the high way is many times higher then a railroad and likelihood of accidents, like this one is extremely low. >> reporter: 2007 british study found seat belts on trains could do more harm then good when sem many lap belts like those used in planes were tested the crash dummies were whipped forward and rotated with enough force to break their necks. when three-point belts were tested like those in cars they did better but seats on trains would have to be more rigid in order to anchor them increasing risk of injury to unrestrain passengers. >> i think people don't think of, crashing in the train or bus the same as a car. >> odds of anything happening are so small that it is not worth the effort.
5:49 pm
>> reporter: now another survey concluded a seat belt on trains don't seem to be practical in part because, a lot of passengers are unlikely to use them, and there is the issue of cost. it would be very expensive, and as you heard there is no clear cut evidence that it would protect passengers but something i have got a lot of people continue to talk about. >> sure. >> you have to wonder. >> especially after today. stephanie, thanks very much. kate bilo joins us with our forecast. we have flood watches, flash flood watches, we have got coastal alerts as well. this system is in the letting up anytime soon. it has been a rough day for areas south of philadelphia, southern delaware, portions of south jersey where many spots have seen three or four or as much as six plus inches of rain. it is still raining. lets start you off down the shore, take you out to the live neighborhood network beach patrol in margate where waves are. the sea is angry my trend. not looking so great out there we have coastal impacts which i'll go over here in a bit,
5:50 pm
and in addition, to the rain that we're seeing, from south to north across the region this evening. so here's storm scan three right now, it is just not letting up, it has been really focused over southern delaware all day, finally the yellow, orange shading starting to taper a bit but more where that came from and take a look at our doppler estimated rainfall totals, big rain across the region, less than an inch in philadelphia and points north, portions of south jersey seeing one to 2 inches of rain but take a look at that black shading over 8 inches of rain that has fallen in sussex county, delaware near harbison we had a report of 9.69 inches with more rain to come. they may end up with a foot of rain before this system is even out of there. so very heavy rain, dangerous flooding outside, what to expect for the rest of the week. we will start with tonight, wind which heavy rain, possible heavy rain south to north all night long, morning rain for your friday tapering from more scattered showers in the afternoon, could be a rough commute on both end though with ponding, road
5:51 pm
spray, your saturday remaining unsettled, mostly cloud which a few showers. talking about the coast rest of today and tonight moderate coastal flooding high tides between seven and 9:00 p.m. back bays will be about three hours later, close to midnight and roadway impact as well, coastal flood warning goes until will 1:00 a.m. and extend from ocean county all the way down through the delaware and maryland beaches. in addition we have a wind advisory until 6:00 o'clock tomorrow morning for coastal areas as well wind could gust as high as 45 or 50 miles an hour tonight and into early tomorrow morning. you can see with the future wind gusts pick up overnight saturday and sunday wind die down and rain should die down as well. the here's the latest on matthew a category one hurricane expected to take this sharp turn over the weekend and head over cuba and into the bohamas as a category two hurricane. still guidance tries to take it further west, others take it further east. what we need to watch next week as this head toward the east coast does it veer out to
5:52 pm
sea, carolinas or hug the coast all the way up, lots of scenarios with this, nothing set in stone. i will keep you posted and we will watch it throughout the weekend and tell us what we need to know. tomorrow period of rain, 65 degrees. the saturday, cloud, showers, sunday a stray shower possibly some afternoon clearing and as we head into next week we're in the 70's with some sunshine but coming up we will take a closer look at the weekend at 6:00 o'clock and we will have more on the forecast possible tracks, of matthew, that is coming up at 6:00, ukee, back over to you. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a dream come true for some super springsteen fans, some are able to get close like this lady, really close, to the musician our vittoria woodill was there as bruce springsteen had a book signing in our area and get this find out how tori herself will be forever link to the music
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
bruce springsteen was back in philadelphia today at the free library signing copies of his new book born to run. now adoring fans lined up outside in the wind, rain, for a chance to meet the man known as the boss. cbs-3's own vittoria woodill was on hand for the appearance. >> reporter: he is the man. >> i have loved him since i was 14. >> reporter: rather he is the boss, musical legend bruce springsteen made a stop to the philadelphia free library toy promote born to run memoirs. while i took a quick try inside for a wave, tell me you saw me, give me a nod, he did, he did. >> reporter: anxious fans were lined up and down the streets of philadelphia, waiting for this day to make their list, of. >> yes, my take. >> we're going to finally meet the boss. >> reporter: for one fan her ticket in line came in a brilliant disguise. >> i was collecting for south jersey food bank and i'm counting on a miracle to get into meet bruce and somebody handed me.
5:57 pm
>> the tickets and a few momentoes they could not wait to show the boss, like this fan's ticket from 1976. >> i have had my first bruce show which is 1976. >> for this fan photo of bruce and her on stage that she hopes to make it on his refrigerator. >> are you going to write a note on the back. >> i should president but i did. >> you can use my back. >> he will love this, i have a feeling. >> reporter: let's just say once these fans met their idol their hungry hearts were satisfied. >> just to be able to see them up close was wonderful. >> it is in the rain those are tears in there. >> it has been like 40 years of just, following him and his music. >> reporter: i didn't know that my fifth the grade teacher was a huge bruce springsteen fan. >> i had a c-section planned around getting to his, concert. i did get there but i had to sit the whole concert but i got there. >> so nothing will stop you from seeing the boss. >> nothing. >> reporter: to you remember ticket lady. >> it has been a long, long
5:58 pm
time of bruce love and nice to let him know about it in person. >> reporter: get a kiss out of it. >> yes, and get a kiss. >> reporter: wow, fifth grade teacher. >> shout out to looks black from saint cecelia, fifth day grade teacher, every fan who met him said he was most friendly, the warmest person, and that is why they will continue to be fans of the boss for life. >> i know he to wave at you because i understand you have a history with bruce. >> we did. well, he have been waving at someone behind me but it could have been me. it could have been me, ukee. check this out i was one of his video vixens using the word loosely her. for girls in the sum are clothes video i was 20 years old. they auditioned people right here in philadelphia it was shot in asbury park, new jersey. i only had to stair in the corn other have the room and then slowly break into a smile. that was me but i'm coming up, wait. >> i'm in there, i.
5:59 pm
>> it is good. >> i guess they could not resist the. >> you know how many bruce fans you have in the building so you have a connection when he comes back in town you have to hook him up with tickets. >> that is in problem. i'll just call him. >> thanks, torey, that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 still searching for answers in north jersey. here's jessica. >> i'm live in hoboken new jersey near scene of the fatal train accident we are hearing the latest from transportation officials about this investigation, and also, eyewitness accounts of those terrifying moments. >> amtrak has technology that would help control the speed of the trains, it is called positive train control. our nicole brewer looks at why widespread implementation of this technology has been delayed. murder charges filed in connection with the fire that killed two wilmington fire
6:00 pm
fighters. person officials say sparked that deadly blaze, kate? and we have got heavy rain, impacting portions of the area this evening and moving from south to north through the overnight, hours, we will stay soggy right in the weekend we will time out heaviest rain and look at when the sun could come back out. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. a commuter train rams through a barrier, at full speed, crashing inside of a hoboken rail station. >> we felt the train, slamming or sliding into the station. >> it was sort of the shock. >> reporter: those who weren't injured work to save passengers trapped under mangled metal. >> regular commuters left the safety of where they were standing to rush to the train to help. >> we were a family. when you say americans man i'm in the lying. >> everybody creed and color ran and helped. >> reporter: not everyone survived and tonight federal


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