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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  September 30, 2016 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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>> right now at 11. a new jersey transit train plows into a station at the hite of the morning rush. >> i thought they were going to die. i thought we would not get out. >> i am afraid to get on the train and i've been commuting to new york city 30 years. >> one dead and dozens injured tonight the search for what went wrong is just beginning. good evening i'm ukee washington.
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>> good evening, everyone, i'm jessica dean coming to you live from hoboken, new jersey at the scene of that train crash that was just a horrific moment for so many people early this morning. let's give you a better idea of where we are and how it plays into the morning commute for so many people every day. hoboken terminal is locate add cross the hudson from man hat han and roughly 50,000 people flee through every single day in and out of the city. this crash happened at the hite of rush hour. we know the return person killed was 34-year-old decroon from hoboken and an attorney and mother of young child. she was standing on a platform when flying debris hit and killed her. we also know a total of 114 people were injured, 13 of those are still in what's known as guarded condition tonight and many others released from the hospital. good news there. crews from the national
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transportation safety board are already here. they are trying to anything you're out exactly why this train kept going and their investigation has just begun it was around 8:45 thursday morning when a new jersey transit commuter train slammed into hoboken terminal collapsing part of the buildin building. >> it was like a big crash and then everything from the ceiling fell. >> this is video of the train in route prior to the crash. eyewitnesses say the train was moving at a high rate of speed when it stayed to stop, entered the station and crashed beyond the tracks. debris blasted throughout the station. metal mangled, dangling wires and people severely injured. >> there were folks hobbling around and people holding limbs and backs and things like that. there were definitely bad injuries. >> that's one of the things you saw in there this morning
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regular commuters left the saf safetive where they were standing to rush to the train to help first responders evacuate injured people off the train. >> it is like we were a family when you say americans man i'm not lying everybody, creed, color ran and held. >> they began the investigation and investigators plan to collect the event recorder thursday night which will tell them more about speed and braking. the rest of the train is dive document access because canopy of the building is on top of the control car. >> a contractor will come in to remove parts of the canopy. and that's what the goal of making the area safe for our investigation activities is to continue. >> the train's engineer has been identified as thomas gallagher. he was injured in the crash. but he is out of the hospital and is said to be cooperating with investigators. as you can imagine, as soon as this accident happened, first
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responders rushed here to help the people that needed the note and then rushed them to surrounding hospitals and medical centers. jersey city medical center nearby the cafeteria there turned into a triage for walking wounded. we spoke with several shaken victims that described that moment train 1614 barreled into the station. >> everyone was trying to figure out what happened and there was stuff falling from from the ceiling and dust and screaming and crying. >> it was strong. people got thrown around standing. the train just did not stop. >> now the good news is tonight that representatives from that medical september rear telling us they're expecting good outcomes for the patients they have there. and as we learn more about what happened and how it unfolded a lot of people are ask the question is positive train control could have made a difference here. you remember positive train control is technology that automatically stops or slows a train if it starts going too
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quickly. back in 2008 congressman dated trains have that. they extended it into 20 18. >> we made progress. it's just not a sense of urgency there should be in investing in ptc advance that congress thought would be done sooner. >> nation's rails need $2 billion get the system up and running and congressional owe indicated $269 million. you can see there's a gap there. septa regional rail is beginning to implement positive train control. for that part of the starty let's go to eyewitness news reporter natasha brown, natasha. >> jessica, we can tell you septa it regional rail lines span 12 miles and officials are continuing to implement safety measures to make sure trains and passengers are safe. >> it's it'sy.
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>> reporter: the deadly crash in hoboken has rattled septa commuters in philadelphia. >> they have to do the investigation and see the root cause of that and that's scary. >> while investigation into derailment thursday morning continues step officials are continuing to implement safety measures to keep thousands of passengers relying on its transportation system every day safe. >> our entire industry is focused on safety. >> beginning april septa began installing positive train control or ptc a software-based system meant to prevent derailment and problems along the regional rail lines. >> the train knows where it's at and allowed speed in that territory and it will enforce that speed. there's an on board computer on the train and so if you're going too fast it will put you in a emergency brake condition. >> if a train is traveling too fast headed to station or end of line. >> it would limit the speed of
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train going to the end and usually at 5 or 10 miles an hour. >> septa general manager says to date, half a dozen regional rail lines have ptc implemented and bit end of year, all will be equipped with the added safety measure. >> i felt pretty safe. >> rail strption still a very, very, very safe way of traveling. statistics show it's something like 10-1 over driving. >> well, congress federally mandated private railroads have ptc system in place by year 2 2018 for septa it's $328 million endeavor. live at septa headquarters, natasha brown, cbs3, eyewitness news. >> all right. natasha, thanks so much. the investigation will continue and days and weeks ahead. they'll try to get to the bottom of what happened here. in the meantime officials say they don't know what the terminal will on back up. this is over 100-year terminal
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and it's been here a long time. they will try to get it back in working order as soon as possible. as you can imagine thousands and thousands of people still have to commute to and from new york city yain they're making justments for all of that, uke ukee, and as we said the investigation will continue in the days to come, back to you. >> a safe trip home. we'll see you tomorrow. thank you. in other news tonight authorities make arrest in house fire that claimed life of two wilmington firefighters and injured four others. beatrice is charged of starting the fire on saturday. she was drunk and on anxiety medication when she started the fire in the basement. two firefighters were killed during the fire when a floor collapsed. two injured firefighters are recovering at crozer burn center. many came out for first of two public viewings for firefighter fickes. they paid final respects tonight and a second viewing
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will take place tomorrow afternoon 2 to 4 and private funeral will follow. >> lieutenant christopher lease will be remembered in wilmington 10 to noon followed by funeral mass and there will be joint memorial service for firefighters at the chase certainly wilmington riverfront starting 1:00 on saturday. >> police make arrest in deadly hit and run two years aft incident. christopher cook was taken into custody wednesday facing several charges including homicide by vehicle. cook struck and killed 3 33-year-old theresa ponzi as she was cotioning the street state road, holmesburg december 23, 2014 tonight her mother spoke with eyewitness news and told us what she would say to the driver that took her daughter's life. >> i would ask why? why? why shouldn't you stop? if it was an accident then wow stop and you know you become accountable for your own actions. when you don't stop and
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continue going and live your life day-to-day to day, like nothing is wrong, then it's not an accident. >> police say anonymous tip led them to cook and he faces several changes including homicide by vehicle and involuntary manslaughter. 39 days until election day and candidates are focusing on battle ground states including pennsylvania. donald trump running mate pence visited new york today and meanwhile trump campaigned in new hampshire. republican nominee again slammed rival hillary clinton. trump accused clinton of only fighting for herself and donor donors. >> everything you need to know about hillary clinton sometimes referred to as crooked hillary, can be understood with simple,
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but very important phrase, follow the money. clinton campaigned in iowa for the first day of early i in-person voting. there the democratic nominee discussed her plans to make childcare and college more affordable. clinton accused trump tonight of not being transparent with americans. >> a totally disconnected difference between what we're doing in our campaign, talking about a positive agenda. how we're stronger together and laying out our plans and the continuing efforts by my opponent to conceal and hide and file disclose. also, the vice presidential candidates debate tuesday and next presidential debate is sunday october 9. >> washing machine warning still ahead at 11 safety concerns surrounding popular brand and also time to start planning for the weekend. vittoria woodill has a suggestion and will take you to a popular pub and grill where
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the owner has not forgotten his hometown roots, kate. >> we remain under a flash flood watch tonight as rain continues to impact the area and winds strong as well. you know it won't come to an end any time soon. i'll time out the rain hour by hour and take a look at your weekend and latest own hurricane matthews coming up in weather. >> waiting out the rain. hundreds lined up outside philadelphia's free library, when
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>> democrat and republicans in congress agree on one issue, wells fargo messed up big time. they surrounded stump as he testified on the bank floor. the bank is under fire for illegal sales practices opening more than 2 million fake deposit and credit card accounts without customers knowledge and apology from stump did not go far with lawmakers. >> and i'm deeply sorry that we
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failed to fulfill our responsibility to our customers to our team members teen american public. >> you think study tough it's coming. when the prosecutors get ahold of you you will have a lot of fun. >> u.s. and california regulators hit wells fargo with fines totaling $185 million and the bank fired about 5300 employees since 2011 due to questionable practices. >> samsung is in the hot seat for second faulty product this fall. customers claim in federal class action lawsuit that some of their washing machines sxloted during use. court filings say they vibrate so ferociously under heavy loads that the tub comes unfastened causing heavy damag damage. machines were made march 2011 to april of 2016 and this follows the recall of 2.5 million samsung galaxy note 7 smart phones after reports of
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battery fires. bruce springstein made a stop in philadelphia today to promote his new book memoir aptly titled born to run chronicles life free childhood in new jersey to rise to rock and roll super stardom. dozens of fans lined the street waiting for their chance to meet the music legend. >> die hard bruce fans. >> loved him since 14 years ol old. >> been waiting over 40 years for this. >> very excited. >> and every fan whop met springstein today said he was the friendliest, warmest person and that is why they will continue to be fans for life. >> well, time now for taste with torey she went to hot spot with all star menu this eat any ming county got name from a combination of kids and its spirit from local teens. tori explains. >> time to cheer on your home
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team at a home-town hot spot in horsham. let's lunch with local pride at mc girk cheers for the all star local who started all john dollway. >> i started high school and went to west chester. >> it's so important that you filter all of that pride that local pride into your restaurant. >> that's right. that's what it's about. i cannot imagine not rooting for the home team. >> this beautiful bar gets name from john's home team literally. >> i have three daughters so i took initials of their names and i speed limit mc gerks with it. >> scrabble carly anne, amelia and carly grace you get mcgerks and their nachos are going quick. . >> do you love about that he. >> everythinging. >> every chip covered with cheese and steak.
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after you crush nachos try the crushed cocktails too. >> this i'm not sharing like i did with nachos. >> can i get a plate play-by-play. >> wow. >> wow. >> what do they think i'm a linebacker. here's the call, it's all good. >> look burgers and fries and pickle in my mouth and don't judge me and so it baked crab dip pretzel. >> creamy, crabby, cuey. >> how about the pot with clam clams, corn, terizo and of course the craft. >> don't you love when you get the one huge piece of crab mea meat. >> like teammates on the field you can counts on them to feed you and have your back.
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>> game on. game on. high fives all around. coach, coach, thanks for having me. >> look at her. >> boy, casey and the sunshine band♪ about your food that's the way to say ah-ha. >> comfort food is key on a day like today and tomorrow. >> going to need it. >> do you want the soup, nacho nachos, hardy sandwiches, it's dreary, cold, windy outside and unfortunately it doesn't brighten up at least until part two of the weekend. let's go outside and take you down the shore where the camera is shaking and winds are strong and winds gusting as high as 50 miles an hour tonight at the coast a wind advisory in effect and you can see rain impacting ocean city. here's what it looks likes storm scan 3 again we have steady downpours moving through headed to the shore area. heavy rain, wind and we saw that today earlier in rehoboth beach. here's an earlier look at our live neighborhood network.
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i don't have that four it's not pulling up for me. it's a messy day in rehoboth. wind gusts of 50 miles an hour there and that will continue through the overnight houvrmentz you see the line of heavy rain impacting much of cape may county avalon, stone harbor to wild wood and cape may and more rain where it came from and heavy waves moving in really from southeast to northwest outside tonight and that will continue overnight into tomorrow and heaviest rain today a tight gradient not a lot of rain north of philadelphia and as we zoom south take a look at rainfall totals over 3" for portions of southern cape may county where you see the gray there. up to a foot of rain. 12" reported in one spot in sussex country, delaware. winds strong as well. sustained winds 15 to 20 miles an hour right now and gusts as high as 30 miles an hour inland and 45 or 50 mile an hour wind gusts still possible overnight down the shore. that wind advisory goes until early tomorrow morning. flash flood watch goes until
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tomorrow afternoon including philadelphia and delaware counties and south jersey and all of delaware and risk for flash flooding and flooding is ongoing in sussex country, delaware where a flood warning is in effect until 5:30 in the morning. waves of heavy rain we're dealing with now and we'll continue to move through overnight. tomorrow rain. the afternoon looks a little better than the overnight. and just scattered showers but still cloudy, damp and saturda saturday, same store yes, i rain, showers, clouds and still breezy conditions although the winds die down over the weeken weekend. here's the latest on matthew category one hurricane drifting west to the end of week and turn north category two over bahamas and how fast is it does it hug the coast or head to sea. we have to see if it makes crucial connection. i'll have my eye closely on matthew as we head to next week. windy, 65 anteweekend warmer, scattered showers saturday and sunday looks better and the sun my peak out and early next week
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we have dry weather monday, tuesday, wednesday and tomorrow looks like a rough commute on both ends and if matthew impacked the area it would not be until late next week. we'll keep you posted on that. >> count down of the phillies season. >> we're talking about the fighting phills they are four more to go and carson wentz wins one more. more to go and carson wentz wins one more. sports coming up next.
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♪ i was on my way to work, the next thing you know, i was on the ground. ♪ the trash truck ran over both my legs. ♪ i had sixteen surgeries. ♪ i don't sleep through the night unless i have my medicine. ♪ my medical bills was piling up. my employer stopped paying me. pond lehocky has put me back together. ♪
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>> now this is a quote the fact he's been given the opportunity and plays well doesn't surprise me i was impressed with him from day one. guess who said that about carson wentz. answer sam bradford former bird talked about carson today as vikings get set to take on giants monday night football this week. classy comments by sammy. meanwhile went named rookie of the month first player in franchise history to win the award. they're ranged second in offense and only team in the
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nfl you can believe this the only one without a turnover. meanwhile on the other side of the ball defensive tackle cox named defensive player of the month. cox is first eagle to win the award since connor barwin in november of 2014. we caught up with rodney mc claude and asked about the awards for his teammates. >> i think both of them are deserving of the award and carson is playing phenomenal for three games as rookie he's looked like fifth year vet and handling everything well that comes his way. he's been a great leader. nreper cox the guy out front one of the guys that makes everything go up front and made a lot of players for us especially steelers game and guys getting a good push and he helps us in the back end tremendously. i'm excited and happy for the guys.
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>> moving to baseball player's only meeting ron howard said finish strong. pete mccann an said it's nice to see that somebody cares in the season and phillys are loo looking to show life as they approach the finish line. series finale in atlanta final game for phillies at turner field before they on a new ballpark. game tied at 1 in the 8 pl we need to give him a break he's been struggling four weeks now ruvred up in the game. three hits, four runs, two walks, gets only one out in the phills get roughed up they lose 5-2. >> on another note you can share us with your favorite ryan howard moments by using #thanksryan on facebook, instagram and twitter and go to web site cbs our way of showing apreciation for the big p. >> practice round for 2016 rider company.
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a fan heckling the golfers. he said you talk so much smack you come out and do it. >> this is a david johnson for the put, a fan, wow, wow, right out of the stands, bro. >> he's doing the tiring raise the roof. >> right out of the gallery and drain owe. >> that was pretty good. >> thank you appreciate.
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>> it was a fashion show to benefit kids with cancer. eyewitness news vittoria woodill co-host add long side rodney mcleod and run by joy juice that gives makeovers to kids battling cancer. and proceeds benefit kisses for kyle foundation. here's kate. >> thanks, ukee the weekend not looking perfect. showers possible through the
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day saturday. poconos, city and shore depending where are you could be warmer down in the city and shore. sunday i have high hopes of sun in the afternoon. that said it's not nicest day we've ever seen scattered showers through the weekend. both days. but again more numerous saturday. looks like we'll try to clear things out early next week. we'll be right
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