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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  September 30, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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drenching. good morning. again, good morning to you, i'm nicole brewer in for brooke thomas thomas. >> i'm jim donovan. weather in just a minute. first what you need to know to start your day in our morning minute. >> i thought we were going to die. i didn't think we would get out. >> this will be the first full day for ntsb investigators on scene in hoboken new jersey, 34 year old fabiola bittar de kroon, a wife and mother, was killed by debris from the crash as she stood on the platform. >> police are investigating a murder in the city's hunting park section. forty-two year old man was shot to death right outside of his home. >> word lilled heard in jerusalem today for final farewell to shimon peres. >> cool runnings remake, finally in the works. a visual definition every exact opposite. james, you look like a greek god. bolt, you look like an agreeing yokinger0 percent
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fat. >> and that of course was the late late show host james corden reading captions he got to recent photo. >> how much do you loves james cord never. >> i could sit and watch him all day. he is quick. >> and nice, seems like nice person. >> exactly. speaking about nice, quick, timing? >> lauren? >> ahh. >> how would we caption this weather what do you think? >> not nice. not quit. prolonged miserable, draining. sorry to say the rain continues to fall across portions of the area where we've seen incredible rainfall totals in the last 36 hours across parts of delaware, especially, sussex county, where there are numerous road closures, harbison picking up over a foot of rainfall in the last 36 hours. stockily over 9 inches every rain, dover over 4 inches every rain, and we do have flashflood watch in effect for much of the area including all
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of delaware, south jersey, the shore, philadelphia, and delaware counties t runs until 4:00 this afternoon. rain continuing to fall, getting lit bit of break-in southern new jersey specially across burlington county. rain consistently falling across portions every delaware, berks county, lehigh valley, seeing pockets of heavier rainfall moving through reading stretching it way up to the north and so expect to encounter very slick roadways this morning, also, gusty winds, we have coastal wind advisory in effect for the jersey shore, and delaware beaches, runs until 6:00. wind gusts possible to 45 miles per hour, and seeing wind gusts right now current winds at about 15 to even 30 miles per hour, rehoboth beach, winds, at 27 miles per hour, and seeing these higher gusts up into the 30-mile per hour range at times gusting 40-mile per hour range. so today, yes, captain shopped as miserable across the region, period every rain, elevated wind speeds, high temperatures really will struggle with clouds cover around, and continual showers, meisha, only topping in the upper 50's, in the poconos,
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today, mid 60s in philadelphia. >> yes, and lauren, because of those wet roadways, we are seeing a lot of problems out there. so let's get right to it. one their just cleared, accident schuylkill web approaching the vine, one person transported to the hospital again that's now since been cleared. but where we do have a problem still, accident schulkhill westbound before 202, the right lane is affected, it was the right and left now see the left lanes, you are able to get by. take a look how slow moving it still is around the area. plus another accident here, 422, east, past trooper. the right lane is compromised. and also, take a lock at those backups, as well. and we are just getting started. another accident pa turnpike westbound, past morgantown, all lanes are blocked right now. every single lane blocked. so i'll have an update for you coming up in a couple every minutes on. that will also another accident here, lincoln drive northbound off ramp to city avenue on the shoulder. i can tell you this right now. it is going to be a very slow commute, probably slower today, than what we saw yesterday, so whatever time
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you gave yourself yesterday, if it were me at home right now i would double that. now take a lock at this world of new jersey transit, it is suspended, no service in and out of hoboken except for path service, in and out of hoboken, has been restored. hudson, bergin light rain, will resume for the morning rush, new jersey buses, private carriers, new york waterway cross-honoring new jersey transit. and the local roads around hoboken station, those are also closed, and they're minor roads, smaller roads, but just heads up on that. and for the rest every septa check your schedules on lynam loft changes we will talk about coming up in ten minutes, jim, over to you. >> thank you, speaking of hoboken in the tsb is on the scene in hoboken new jersey with the commuter train packed with people slammed into terminal yesterday. >> right now the train's engineer facing questions about that crash. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live in hoboken with the latest on that investigation. hey, jan? >> reporter: nicole, jim, good morning. a loft work to do here today. this will be the first full day for ntsb investigators
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here on scene in hoboken, new jersey, they have been working to secure the black boxes, the event recorders, on this train, one of them, a little bit more easily, accessible than the other one. that one located in the back. locomotive in the back of the train. the rest of the train little harder to get to because of course it is still burried under debris. >> it was like a big crash. and then everything from the ceiling fell. >> there were folks hobbling around, people holding their limbs, holding their backs, and things like that. it was definitely, definitely some bad injuries. >> images of deadly commuter train crash in hoboken. still fresh in mind. as the national transportation safety board now tries to determine why the train didn't stop at the terminal. instead, smashing through concrete and steel barrier, knocking out pillars, and causing a section of roof to collapse. investigators say that area still needs to be secured for crews to recover one of the train's two event recorders. >> a contractor will be coming in to remove parts of the
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canopy. and that's what the goal of making the area safe for our investigation activities to continue. >> experts will look at the condition of the train track and signals as part of their investigation. they'll also review the train's outward facing cameras, and they'll examine the engineer's performance. he's identified as 48 year old thomas gallagher, had close to 20 years of experience, gallagher was injured in the crash, but already released from the hospital. officials say he's cooperating with the investigation. it was just before 9:00 a.m. thursday, in the middle of the morning rush, when eyewitnesses say the new jersey transit train sped into the terminal. some say they didn't hear or feel the brakes. thirty-four year old hoboken woman standing on the platform killed by falling debris, more than 100 others injured, passengers returned to help other passengers. >> and it is like we were family. you say americans, man, i'm not lying, everybody ran tried to help. >> most of the people who were injured were on that train back out here live out front of the hoboken terminal this
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morning, of course, the terminal will remain closed, it is unclear for how long, because of course the investigation is now underway, but again, for the clean up, they still have to secure that area so they can really get the investigation going. and of course this crash has renewed questions about whether automatic transportation and braking system would have helped in this scenario, that's called positive train control. this train did not have ptc. for now we're reporting live in hoboken new jersey, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", nicole, jim, back into you. >> so many questions, jan, thank you. >> the time now 5:37. in business news this morning, new kind of babysitter could be on the way. >> sounds good to me. and more trouble for a couple of very big banks. money watch's jill wagner joins us liver from the new york stock exchange. hey, jill. >> reporter: good morning, jim, nicole. next lehman brother, the concern from a loft investors and hedge funds, pulling their money from the banks. comes after. s rec laters fine the german bank $14 billion to settle
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allegations related to mortgage security leading up to the financial crisis. says it won't bailout the bank. some are questioning whether it can survive. concern about the bank sparked is a a sell off. dow dropped 195 points, nasdaq fell 49. it was rounds two on capitol hill for wells fargo's ceo, lawmakers questioned john stump about the company's fake bank account scandal. he apologized again, one lawmakers said she is introduce ago bill to break up the bank. others demands he step down. and another questioned why he sold $13 million worth of stock after finding out about the scandal. he's denying any insider trading. >> and would you let a child size robot watch your kids? check out i pal. it is a 3-foot tall robot that could sing, dance, play games. inventors say par kent watch and chat with their kids remotely via smart phone. so what do you guys think? >> what do you think, nick snow.
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>> who ever came up with that is a more on. seriously, you will have a robot watch your child, that's child size? bad idea, jill. >> i was a good babysitter. i'll baby sit. >> i would ask jim to babysit before a robot. >> kids love me. dow not treat them like children. i treat them like small adults. >> you talk to kids like adults? >> yes, that's that's it, exactly, thanks, jill have, is a great weekend. >> better than a rope booth. >> hopefully. >> two police in custody for shooting in the hunting park section. now, police tell us 42 year old plan was shot to death right outside every his home. this happened just after 11:00 last night at seventh and ands berry. officer say an eyewitness describes the shooter and they were able to track down a person fitting the description and a possible accomplice. >> after nearly two years, police make arrest in a deadly hit-and-run in the city's home berg section. forty-three year old christopher cook faces several charges, including homicide by vehicle. cook allegedly struck and killed 33 year old theresa
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pozzi while crossing the street of state road on december 23rd, 2014. now, theresa's mother spoke with "eyewitness news", and told us what she would say to that driver who took her daughter's life. >> i would ask why, why couldn't you just stop? if it was an accident, saying you would stop, and you know you become accountable for your own actions. but when you don't stop, you continue going, you live your life day-to-day to day, like nothing is wrong, it is not an accident. >> police say anonymous tip led them to cook. he now faces several charges, including homicide by vehicle, and involuntary manslaughter. >> if you are getting ready to leave before the morning commute on septa's regional rails, i have good news for you. septa plans to put more than 50 rail cars back in service on monday. the 50 repaired cars combined with leased cars allow septa to resume their regional regular rail service.
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>> the agency pulled 120 cars off the track, you may recall, in july, after defect were found in the suspension system. >> well, coming up: lady gaga has some super news this morning. >> yes, we will tell you the place that she says she will be performing early next year for the second time. and you'll be able to see it all. >> and, big national newspaper breaks a decade's old tradition to be weighing in on the presidential election, the tough words it has for donald trump, and the reason the editorial isn't necessarily good news for hillary clinton either. stay with us. does pat toomey speak for you? i also want to thank the nra for it's, uh, strong support for my campaign. pat toomey: he opposes an assault weapons ban and got an "a" rating from the nra.
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>> all right, i have to tell you there is year's superbowl goes gaga. lady gaga is confirmed as half time performer. she shared the news yesterday on her twitter and stain gram pages. it will be gaga's second straight year performing at the super boehm. she sang the national anthem at the last game, superbowl 51 will be in houston on february 5th, 2017. >> well, mark wahlberg stars in new movie based on true story. kevin frazier from entertainment tonight has preview of deep water horizon. >> this week, mark walt berg, kurt russell, kate hudson, lead all-star cast in the re-telling of the real life story of one of the worse oil spills in history. and, the men and women who survived in deep water horizon. >> everything okay?
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(movie clip). >> in deep water horizon, mike wahlberg stars as mike williams, one of the many crew members, when their oil rig explodes in one of the worse in history. learned as much about his experiences including his death defying leap from the oil rig in its final moment, which was recreated in the movie. >> can't help but be inspiring, you know? you can't imagine what you would do in a situation like that. i like to think that i would run toward the trouble as opposed to away from it, but, you know, you really don't know until you're in that situation. >> the cast also includes kate hudson and her pa kurt russell, able to find intensity because it happens to be the first time the two have ever worked on a film together. >> this movie being on a set with him again consecutive days reminded me so much of being a kid, falling in love with being onset, falling in love with what it is to make a
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movie. >> i really love making movies. and so it was a nice sort of reminder where it all started. >> may day, may day. >> this is deep water horizon. >> for entertainment tonight, i'm kevin frazier. >> intense, all right, get all of the latest news from hill wood. week nights at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. i think it lab good movie weekend. >> absolutely, good movie day today, you know, just skip work. hang anywhere but outside. >> anywhere but outside. >> well, we have a special guest in with thus morning, he came in, braved the rain, just to hang out with us and help us out here in the cbs-3 weather center. that's phil in from cardington. yes, volunteered to come in today and work with us, so thanks so much, bill, for helping us out. we will talk more to him later. but yes, did he brave the rain this morning, roadways, are slick, we've been dealing with this rainfall, slick looking
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scene right now, as we take a peak at the ben franklin parkway. live shot there at center city philadelphia. and again we're going to contends with slow commute. breezy conditions and very soggy and damp as well. you need the jacket this morning, as well, it is cool with persistent cloud cover. and the rain that continues to fall at this hour. very soggy looking scene. but, our weather watchers are up with us this morning. giving us some of their current conditions, and those current conditions are reflecting the cool nature of our day today. breezy, and wet, so we check in right now, 59 degrees, as reported by weather watcher john carol in mullica hill, new jersey, he's reporting rain coming down right now as are many of the weather watchers. we head north of the city, 55 degrees right now at megan's house in richboro, pennsylvania, and check out what's going on right there. oh, that's a nice looking photo. oh, looks beautiful there. winds, rain showers this morning, bit chilly but gave us nice picture of a flower
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there, to help improve our spirits. yes, the rain continues to fall on storm scan3. light to moderate an in intense i at this, pretty widespread in nature, pockets every brakes, but otherwise the trend is for wet weather continuing at this hour. and across portions of delaware, we've been dealing with rain fairly steady over about the last 24 to 36 hours now. we've also been dealing with the windy conditions, peak wind gusts throughout this event, sick more, 66 miles per hour, tuckerton, gust to go near 50 miles per hour, lewes, delaware, up to 46 miles per hour. so, we have the wet weather, then we have the strong winds, on top of that. making our umbrellas essentially useless. winds gust right now, upenders 20 to 25 miles per hour. gusting to 36 miles per hour in ac. and because of this strong, east it northeasterly winds flow, we do have concerns, for some coastal flooding, with that on shore flow, that has been persistent. coastal flood advisory in effect from 7:00 this morning, until noon for the jersey shore and all of delaware, and
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the beaches because we could see some minor to potentially moderate coastal flooding specially around high tide time this morning around 7:00, 8:00, 9:00. for today cool, windy, period every rain, high temperature only at 65 degrees. tonight more showers in the forecast. so if you are headed out on the town, need the rain slicker. cloudy conditions falling back to 62 degrees. and then, we see some small improvement as we head into the upcoming weekend. still scattered showers tomorrow. spotty showers as we head into sunday. temperatures do start to rebound, as we'll see, maybe little bit of sunshine headed into sunday. 76 degrees, monday, tuesday, looking dry at this point. and then maybe a sunny day, meisha, by next wednesday. >> lauren, wouldn't that be nice to see the sun? you think it is about time? i sure do. you can feel it when that sun's not shining, when the rain is coming down day after day. start to feel it little bit. that's what we're feeling this morning, unfortunately, waking up this morning, guys a lot of problems out there. my morning commuters, come hitter. listen up. accident here, schuylkill westbound, before 202.
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the right side is blocked right now. causing, i would say, some pretty significant slow downs. as you can see, evidence by that shot, both ways, was very busy, westbound and eastbound. also we have an accident here, 422 eastbound, past trooper. that right lane is compromised here. similar story, take a look at these backups here, just a sea, sea of tail light, yikes. my heart is going out for you today. look at this. another accident. pa turnpike westbound, past morgantown, it 298. all lanes are blocked right now. your best alternate, 322 will be your best bet. again, pa turnpike westbound, not where we want to see all lanes block, but they are. another accident here, lincoln drive northbound off ramp to city avenue pulled off to the shoulder. going start to slow you down little bit if it hasn't already. also in the world of septa regular weekday service reassumes monday. follow the schedules that were put out june 19th. except for the media elwin line, that will be new schedule. that will will come out monday. we will be talking about hoboken coming up in a little bit. jim, over to you. >> thanks so much, meisha. well, for decades, usa today
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has avoided endorsing presidential candidates. but it is breaking that tradition to call gop nominee, donald trump, unfit for the president i the editorial board said that was an unanimous feeling, and called trump a quote dangerous domogog. instead the newspaper encouraged voters to vote for heard, thirds party candidate, over write someone in. >> new jersey governor chris christie says he's not been asked to prepare donald trump for his next debate. but source tells cnn christie could be taking a lead role in the preparation for the next debate, which is sunday, october 9th. authority in south carolina say they've found the human remains after young girl who went missing five years ago. police say erica pars on went missing from north carolina in 2011. investigators say she was reported missing by her adopted brother who told police their parent abused the little girl mentally and physically. investigators have not said how her remains were found or
5:52 am
indicated how she had died. >> well, today tulsa police officer betty shelby is appearing before a j she will be arraigned on first degree manslaughter charges in the shooting death of terrence crutcher. her lawyers tried to move her court appearance up a day out of safety concerns but judge said no. she is reportedly received death threats since the september 16th shooting which spark demonstrations in tulsa. >> coming up: big honor for a little hero. >> we'll introduce to you a young boy who was honored in front of everybody at school for saving his father's life. it is an incredible story. we'll tell you how he did it next.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ we have a live look at the ben franklin parkway. see the rain falling in the distance there. the flags blowing. it is one of those days. but it is friday, that's the good part of things. >> right, have to look on the bright side. certainly not getting it outside. >> indeed, indeed. >> well, not many nine year old could holds it together after their dad desperately needed medical help. >> one young man is being honored for his heroism during a very scary situation. fourth grader cameron was
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celebrated at his wisconsin grade school yesterday and both cameron's mom and dade are hearing-impaired. he was able to call 911 and calmly explain that his dad was having a medical emergency. cameron admit he now likes the attention. >> i think the best part was that everyone appreciating me for what i did. >> his dad being unresponsive, knowing that his parent have the hearing impairment, to stay as calm as did he, act the way he did, he actually did it perfectly. >> well, go, cameron. cameron was able to tell the responding paramedics his father's symptoms. they say he saved his dad's life. cameron says he wants to be a sign language interpreter when he grows up. >> i like he put it out there. i like the attention. this is pretty cool. >> he knows what he wants. in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", worlds cup champion carli lloyd stops by our studios to talk about her new book, when nobody was watching. hear about what she says about
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becoming a soccer superstar. >> looking forward to. that will and meisha's dream drive. she took a tour of cheese making? oh, sounds good. it is a tour you can take, as women. we'll have details coming up. when pat toomey went to wasworking for wall street... toomey's plan would risk social security on the stock market, lining bankers' pockets with fees from our benefits that... could total billions, even if the market crashes, and seniors lose everything. katie mcginty is working for us.
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>> i got back on the train and i've been commuting to new york city for 30 years. >> fear, after horrific train crash in hoboken. live with what's next in that investigation, and a look at how commuters are impacted this morning. >> and flashflood watch remains in effect for most of our area. we're in for another day of wet and windy conditions. well, today is friday, september 30th, good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm nicole brewer in for brooke thomas. lauren and meisha joining thus morning, not the prettiest morning. you have your work cut out for you. >> okay. yes. we're all coming offer like detox now, because of the coffee yesterday, right? i can tell you right now that you will absolutely not only pacca extra large coffee, but pack your patience. you are going to need it. we've got accidents littered


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