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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday  CBS  October 2, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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he had to say. >> been out there and seeing the people and seeing the different videos and just everything just kind of all came in and hit me all at once good and you know t. was great. it was great today. yeah i mean it's still i'm still trying to register is and but, it's -- it was crazy. these types of things come to an end and it's like those guys in the club house now can start their own legacy and don't have to be under that umbrella of everybody talking about 2008 now they can pave their own path. >> well, eyewitness news
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reporter joe holden was at today's game. witnessed howard's very emotional good-bye. >> hello from citizens bank park it was a sendoff to remember. ryan howard was just a few feet from us as he watched the special moments of his career flicker by on the giant video board. fighting back tears fans will tell you it was a classy sendoff for a classy guy. >> in the nears ryan howard wore red pin stripes there were good times. this sunday and early october we get to see number 6 and our ballpark one last time. south philly stirred with memories. >> a million of them. i can't give you one. >> ryan howard rocketed from the beginning 2005 rookie of the year, mvp following year. >> what could i tell you about the guy? i think it was one of the best we had in the last what, 13 years? >> and then there was 2008 a
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world series title. >> francesca from morris town was born the night that happened they won so i'm really happy. >> ryan howard would battle injury and in the end fans believed history will be kind. >> time goes by like with anybody you begin to appreciate what you had. >> in moving farewell ceremony howard fought back tears and his wife joined him on the field and their son way above in the stands where howard hom homered for 58 time in 2006 and a plaque will memorialize at chiefment. >> even mike schmidt joined in the fanfare and ryan howard took the mic and talked about the good memories. >> some good runs a chapter now closes. >> kind of hard to believe it's the end avenue era.
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>> i want to -- in south phill philly, joe holden, cbs3, eyewitness news. >> certainly leaves behind a lasting leg sixt you can share your favorite ryan howard moment with us by using #thanks ryan on facebook and instagram and twitter an you can also go to our web site cbs ryan. coming up in sports. our don bell has a one-on-one interview with the big guy. >> we may see something we have not seen. the sun. a damp and dreary weekend. meteorologist laurenen casey joins us what what we can expect. >> natasha, we'll finally see sunshine adds we head into the day tomorrow. we're already seeing some very slow improvement. you can seat sci scrapers right now in center city philadelphia and some of that fog starting to erode now. there's a little sky. 64 and current temperature right now dew point up to 60.
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so feeling pretty muggy and damp. visibility, though, we have improved especially over the last 24 hours and visibility is looking good now in mount pocono. still reduced in philadelphia up in allentown you'll be locked in with the fall right now. continuing into the day tomorrow fog continues to clear out and even on storm scan three the most dense cloud cover off to the east moving offshore as area of low pressure stagnated over the midwest and it's slowly moving its way east and northbound it will start to clear on out. before it does it will bring with it a couple showers so we could see a shower across the area overnight tonight and light in intensity as we head into tuesday a backdoor cold front moving through that could bring cloud cover back and of course, i'll have the latest on hurricane matthew still a category four hurricane and all that coming up in the full forecast in just a few natasha. >> lauren, thank you so much. so some alarming media postings online. scary clowns threatening
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violent act. the posts are local with philadelphia school district confirming they received threats as well. eyewitness news reporter trang do is live with families are on edge. >> one of the posts treat entered violence at maria gareti school monday. local police and home and security are looking into the threats. but it's little solace to worried parents. >> it's scary. so scary. is it halloween thing or really real. >> that's the question on mind of countless parents, students and administrators across the city this after several instagram posts popped up over the weekend threatening violence at philadelphia public and parochial schools this week and accounts all include the word clown and continue picture of clowns. >> ain't clowning around coming to philly performing arts charter schools be aware ki kiddies, october 4 and october 7.
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>> wow and what do you think about that. >> i think it's messed up. >> christopher lamaci younger signaturesers attend string theory one of the schools mentioned in the threats. >> i'm nervous for my little sister. and i don't think i'll send them to school that day. because like i don't know if it's true. >> in a joint estimate with the school district of philadelphia the philadelphia employment said it is actively investigating this social media post and pursuing those responsible for them. still, students cbs3 spoke to they said it's a joke. >> they have a whole page set up and people's profiles and stuff on there. i'm like you know the police can like find you right? >> in the archdioceses they will have police officers stayinged at those schools mentioned in threats including neumann garretty and roman and hall ahan and the school district of philadelphia does not return back to classes until wednesday after rosh ashauna. for now live in south philadelphia, trang do. eyewitness news.
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>> thank you so much. and tonight the investigation is continuing to what caused a debately train crash in hoboke hoboken, new jersey, they upit dad the public on their find sog far. ntsb confirmed today they have interviewed the engineer of the traib. they say the veteran driver has been fully cooperative at this point with the investigation. >> the interview he stated the train operated normally throughout the trip approaching the accident site. he said that when he checked the speedometer he was operating at 10 miles an hour. when entering the station track the nbling near says he has no memory of the accident. and he remembers waking up on the floor of the cab. >> the ntsb says the event recorder they recovered was not functioning at the time of the crash. one woman was killed and more than 100 others injured during last week's accident. >> now to campaign 2016 the clock is ticking. the 36 days now until election day.
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a little more than a month until voters make khoyps for the next president of the united states. and republican nominee don bell is not on the trail today but he is responding to "new york times" report claiming he may not have paid any federal taxes over the last 18 years. and trump tweeted "i know our tax laws better than anyone who ever ran for president and am the only one who can fix them. >> hillary clinton visited a church in charlotte, north carolina this morning repeating calls for criminal justice reform. she offered prayers to the family of keith lamont scott and killed by police nearly 2 weeks ago in charlotte. and notice violence also touched the families in lines of police officers as well. >> and preparations are underway in virginia for the upcoming vice presidential debate and republican advise precedential nominee mike peps faces off against dem caikt nominee tim kaine at long wood under arrest farmville. you can see the debate here on cbs3 on tuesday at 9 .
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>> and southern california residents very much on edge tonight coming up next earthquake alert has been issued we'll tell what you promed officials to sound the alarm. >> and preparing for the worst hoping for the best. residents in caribbean prepare for a monster hurricane. lauren. >> we are dealing with days upon days of dreary conditions across the del valley and some improvement on store for the workweek. we'll have sunshine and latest
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>> welcome back, everyone, jewish khun take roun the world is is observing rosh hashahan they're underway and it ends tuesday evening it's time for family garageerring this year and personal reflection and starts a 10 day period of retention that end with yom kippur day of atonement. >> and on alert for possibility of major earth cake and emergency services issued a warning after a series of small quakes near the san andrees fault. they occurred every 300 years and alirt will last through tuesday. >> and hurricane warnings meantime posted for jamaica, haiti and parts of cuba tonight as hurricane matthew continues to approach the foyer full storm is expected to be near jamaica and those in the area are boarding up shops while residents stock up on storm
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surprise and haiti emergency shelt ers are on and matthew is one of the most powerful atlantic hurricanes in recent history. he's keep youing a close" on that and that will impact our weather, too. >> scary situation for folks in the caribbean the next several days with that powerful system. for us, quiet. but we're cloudy. >> gloomy. >> gloomy. >> and at least we don't have drizzle coming down constantly throughout the day. but the sunshine i still say sad face emoji. >> it is a sad face it isn't crying face but sad face with cloud cover now and as we get a live look in reading clouds there seeing breaks couple in the cloud deck if you look hard enough hang ago around today foky companies as well and high temperatures in the city and points north ward. 63 the high temperature in allentown and 65 the high in reading only 50s in the poconos and did get a bit warmer south jersey and millville topped at
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73 today and dover and temperatures right now afeeling cool especially when you consider the current conditions and feeling it gives you 65 in reading and still sitting at the high temperature 65 ac and 66 degrees bit cooler in dover. storm scan 3 showing us improvement. most dense cloud cover moved off to the east and we're starting to see this area of low pressure that had been stagnant over the midwest and finally start to shift eastbound so the conditions will continue to slowly break for us but we could first see a few showers and we have a couple moving through portions of central pennsylvania. that could work into parts of delaware valley as we head into tonight. but this has been the culprit this uner level low has kept us sokd in with the cloud cover. you can see it's slow sli moving its way ooen and it will loosen grip on us especially as we head into the day tomorrow. for overnight tonight, clouds still around. areas of fog a few passing showers possible down to 60. and then fog to start on our monday. 75 degrees and high temperatur
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temperature. the warmer with mix of sun and clouds as we head into the afternoon. look at that blue sky in background model imagery and future mod ep confirms that throughout the overnight and spotty showers especially north and west of city and could seen see a sprinkle early tomorrow morning with clouds and fog around and then improving conditions into the afternoon. and maybe a stray shower in this particular model down the shore. but i think most of us stay dry throughout monday and seeing a bit more sunshine and then as we head into tuesday, another weather system arrives in the form of backdoor cold front and will usher in cloud cover showers move east to west throughout the day and on tuesday and light in intensity and umbrella in hand. tracking hurricane matthews still a category four hurricane incredibly powerful and winds 145 miles per hour and slow movement off northwest five miles an hour an you can see the forecast cone of insurgency as we head to the next couple days crossing over eastern cuba as major cur hain and eventually shifting up along
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the southeastern coastline we'll still have to keep a close eye on system and potential impact to the carolina coast as we head knee next weekend and start of next weekend and something that will have to take a look at adds we head into the latter portion of next week. but, for tomorrow, just improvements and more sunshine being featured and temperatures a bit more mild 63 for high in poconos topping at 63 down the shore and high temperatures tomorrow generally make it to 70s across much of the area and mid 70s along the i 95 corridor and quiet looking for cast as we head into the next several days that chance of isolated showers on tuesday. and cooler by wednesday on the backside of that backdoor cold front and 68 degrees. back up to 70s thursday and friday keeping an eye especially as we head to saturday potentially even into the end of next week. and the start of next weekend on matthew. >> thank you so much appreciate that lauren. it's such emotional day for phillys. >> very emotional day at the ballpark today phillies season came to end down at the bank
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taken was last time ryan howard would wear phillies pin stripes as for game 7th inning tied for hernandez at the play singles for right field and phillies went ahead 3-2. of course man of the hour ryan howard fans gave him standing ovation every time he came to the plate. in the 8th ryan popped out an that would be his final bat with the club. he then came out and gave the fans a final curtain call class act tribute. and ninth inning tommy joseph came to replace ryan in 37,000 fans cheered him on and phillies won the game 5-2 after the game sports director don bell got exclusive one-on-one with the big h. >> what was the most emotional part of the day for you. >> just the video and you know seeing all the fans and just my teammates and everything kind of taking it all in. so, just watching the video of all the different times and
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different moments was what i think got me. >> you had a lot of great moments, moments that would force to you cry i heard your son darren say this is the first time he ever seen you cry what's up with that. >> man, it's all about the moment. and just you know i was like whatever happens, just go with it. go with it. and my emotions got me. but, today was an emotional day. today was a big day to do that. >> you saw pops cry let's him know i'm sensitive. >> eagles are enjoying final day of bye and they'll report back tomorrow novacare complex to prepare for lions next sunday in detroit. today the lions were in chicago facing winless bears and first quarter no score bears in the red zone. dropping back and scrambles right and touchdown. chicago will take the lead. and third quarter, to a wide on zach miller for the score.
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two touchdowns and their defense interest sementd matthew stafford twice to beat the lions 17-14. >> and well the sixer went back to work today. they will start preseason play tuesday night against celtics and talk of practice about ben simmons the number one pick broke his foot. he'll miss three months the team will not rush him back and ben johns a long list of recent drop picks that have been hurt and something that head coach brett brown is used to. >> there's nobody sadly that's had more experience dealing with injured draft picks than we have. and over the course of time, you learn how to just deal with it. >> i know how badly he wanted to enjoy the city of philadelphia and how bad he wanted to perform so it was unfortunate. >> and coming up in sports zone we'll look back at ryan howard era with the phillies and talk
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about great eagles start to the season with ricky ricardo joining don bell and me tonight after the late news on cbs3. >> all right. busy show lots to talk about. thank you so much, lesley, appreciate. it taking steps to find a cure coming up next local lung cancer patients take to the streets to raise awareness and money. streets to raise awareness and money. stay with us
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>> well hundreds of runners and walkers came out today for a very good cause. eyewitness news at memorial nal fairmont park for sixth an uling lung cancer walk the event was sponsored by the daerio lung cancer foundation. more than 100 people showed up. the lead ebb cancer killer in
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the u.s. >> and runners and walkers also took off at the navy yard in south philadelphia today. the 11th annual race for hope took place in the 5k race sponsz order by the brain tumor society all the money here raised today will go towards brain tumor research. stay with us we'll be
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place to end their strike. the orchestra voted unanimously today to recommend the new contract to the full board. that will be voted on at a special meeting on tuesday music is met separately to ratify at agreement. performances will resume on thursday with assignment rattle concert. that's great new news. lauren bring us great news to end the show. >> sunshine comes out tomorrow that's fun in the morning 75 we could see a shower overnight as we head to tuesday backdoor cold front moves through and brings us clouds midweek and back up into the 70s by end of weekend of course, keeping an eye on matthew. each model runs i'll have the latest at 11. >> thank you so much appreciate that and thank you for join us us i'm natasha brown and we're always on cbs and we'll be back here at 11. have a great night
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> stahl: for five weeks, this no-man's land of ice was home to an expeditionary team of sailors, scientists and engineers, who's mission was to understand how to survive in maybe the most hostile conditions on earth. how cold does it get up here? >> it's about 25 below zero with the wind chill. >> stahl: the stakes are high-- trillions of dollars of natural gas and oil long-buried under the sea floor. which is one reason we came upon a u.s. attack submarine in a most unlikely way. >> rebel! >> cooper: nate parker's new movie is about a slave rebellion in virginia in 1831.


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