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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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in the air. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now get our best offer ever, super fast 100 meg internet, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. . live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. >> much love i thank you for the love and support you guys given me. thank you guys. ryan howard exclusive message to fans, the end of an era as the big piece plays his last game. he's the last phillies player from the 2008 championship team. sports director don bell joining us to tell us about the
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emotional day at the ballpark >> there was a lot of water works at the ballpark. a lot of it well deserved when you think about all that's happened. since 2005, the big piece has been the center piece of the phillies during a four-year stretch. he averaged 50 home run as year. today, it wasn't all about the numbers. it was more about the memories. howard was honored before the game in a 15 minute ceremony. he gripped the mic and tear fully thanked the fans and reminiscing about the good times. his 15-year-old son was part of the fleflts. he was 0 for 4 is at the plate. fans cheered his every move. i spoke to him while he was carrying his baby daughter >> what was the most emotional part of the day for you? >> i believe just the video and just you know, just seeing all the fans and just my team mates and everything kind of taking it all in. just watching the video of all
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the different, you know, different times and moments was what i think got me. >> reporter: you've had a lot of great moments. i heard your son say this is the first time he's ever seen you cry. what's up with that? >> man, it's just, i was just all about the moment. and just, you know, i was like whatever happens just go with it. go with it. my emotions got me. but today was -- today was an emotional day. today was a good day to do that. he saw pops cry. >> the big fellow has feelings. nearly 37,000 fans showed up at the ballpark. joe holden was there for the emotional good-bye. >> reporter: hello from citizens bank park. ryan howard was just a few meets as he watched the last few minutes of his career.
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fighting back, tears, fans will tell you it was a classy send-off for a classy guy. >> reporter: ryan howard wore the red pin stripes, there were good times. this sunday, we get to see number 6 in our ballpark one last time. south philly stirred with memories. >> a million of them. what -- i can't give you one. >> ryan howard rocketed from the beginning, 2005 rookie of the year, mvp the following year. >> what can i tell you about the guy? i think it was one of the best we had in the last, what? 13 years? >> reporter: then there was 2008. a world series title. francesca was born the night it happened >> i'll deal with that. day one buildings so i'm really happy. >> reporter: ryan howard would battle injury. in the end, fans believe history will be kind >> as time goes by, like with
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anybody, you begin to appreciate what you had. >> reporter: in a moving fair well ceremony, howard fought back tears. his wife joined him, his son above in the stands where howard homered for the 58th time in 2006. a plaque, will memorize the achievement. mike schmidt joined in. ryan howard took the mic and talked about those good memories. >> good runs, a chapter now closes. >> kind of hard to believe. it's the end of an era. >> reporter: joe holden cbs3 "eyewitness news "eyewitness news." >> share your favorite ryan howard with us. you can go to our website ryan.
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i've known him since 2004. it's interesting because he's the same guy in 2004 that he is here in 2015. in this sport, in all sports, that's hard to do. you're making 25 million a year. it's hard to be the same guy and he is. >> he stayed humble. you brought back one of the ryan howard cut-outs. the big head -- >> yes, my desk. it was freaking you out >> he will always be close. thank you so much >> he's in the house. as we head back to work meantime, we may see something we haven't seen in quite some time. that would be the sun. meteorologist lauren casey joins us with what we can expect for the start of the work week. >> thanks natasha. we know it's there but we haven't seen it in a number of days. the fog settled back in across center city philadelphia. you can't see the skyline, 64 our current temperature, close to the due point temperature,
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three mile visibility in reading, eight mile visibility in atlantic city and dealing with spotty showers, mainly light in intensity, seeing a little cluster trying to work bucks county. up in and around mount pocono. as we head into the overnight period, chance of a few passing showers but heading out the door on a monday morning sunrise officially at 7:00 on the dot tomorrow, still fog around, limiting visibilities. clouds cool 60 for the 7:00 hour. heading to 9:00 mostly cloudy patchy fogs, but yes, the sunshine will make an appearance and the latest on hurricane matthew coming up in a couple minutes the postings have been saturating social media around the country. scary clowns threatening violent acts. now seems to be concern here in our area as well. philadelphia school district officials confirm they've now received threats as well.
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"eyewitness news" reporter trang do has reaction from the community. >> nervous for my little sister. i don't think i'm going to send them to school that day. i don't know if it's true. >> communities are on edge over disturbing instagram posts threatening violence against philadelphia public and private schools this week. >> be aware. october 4th and october 7th. >> what do you think about that? >> i think that's messed up. >> the mosts come from accounts with the word clown in their names. they feature photos of menacing looking clowns. >> it's scary. so scary. what's wrong with people? is it a halloween thing? is it really real? >> i'm definitely not sending my nephew to school tomorrow. specifically the threat was against goretti. my daughter goes to a different school. i'm not so sure. she wants to stay home. >> brendan lee is executive director for school safety of the school district of philadelphia. he says philadelphia police are thoroughly investigating the
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posts and those behind him. >> we handle a lot of these types of threats and a lot of these instances on a daily basis. somewhere, somehow in our schools. so you know, unfortunately this is something affecting all of our schools now. we'll just be ready for it. >> some students say they're not particularly concerned. >> you've seen the threats on social media. >> i've seen the threats. >> and you don't think they're a big deal? >> no, they're trying to scare people. >> the public schools will be closed through wednesday for rosh hashana but the catholic schools will be open monday, those schools will be named will have police officers on hand, knew man goretti, hallahan and roman catholic. from school district headquarters i'm trang do cbs3 "eyewitness news." these clown threats are spooking residents all across the country. in long island new york, threats have forced some school administrators to keep students inside during recess and in
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houston texas are on edge after instagram posts threatened to kidnap or kill teachers. police have arrested 12 people in connection to these threats. we're learning more about last week's deadly train crash in hoboken new jersey. investigators is have focused on the engineer and the today that may have been recorded from inside the train. national transportation investigators were able to get limited from the website, the recorder wasn't functioning, nstb vice chair >> the locomotive was built in the mid 1990s. it's likely that it's a newer event data recorder in the lead, in the lead passenger car, the controlling car. we're hopeful that that will have information that will be functioning >> should it have been in working order >> when they're not working,
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they're usually replaced >> thompson gallagher told investigators he does not remember the crash. he said he looked at his watch and noticed his train was about six minutes late arriving at hoboken. he said that when he checked the speed meter, he was operating at ten miles per hour when entering the station track. >> federal regulators launched a deep audit of the railroad in june turning up dozens of safety violations, new jersey transit trains have been involve in 164 accidents reported to federal regulators since 2011 resulting in nearly $6 million in damage to tracks and equipment. during that time, the transit authority settled 183 safety violations including employee drug and alcohol use. operating procedures and safety standards. >> clean-up and repair work will continue around the clock. investigators don't know exactly when they will be able to access the other data recorder. meantime, the philadelphia orchestra plans to resume on
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thursday after reaching an agreement to end the strike. the orchestra voted unanimously to recommend the new contract to the full board and it will be put to a vote on a special meeting tuesday. the musicians met separately to rather fi at the contract. the orchestra had been on strike since friday. residents on southern california high alert for earthquakes coming up next why experts say a major earthquake could strike this week. plus, it's one of the strongest atlantic hurricanes in history. we're actressing matthew as it bears down on islands in the caribbean. lauren? >> i'll have the latest on matthew and also after our cool and cloudy weekend, changes in a positive direction as we kick off the work week, sunshine and warmer temperatures and i'll have your forecast coming up next.
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closer and closer to election day. just 36 days now until voters make the choice for the next president of the united states. donald trump meantime is defending a new report about his tax returns as hillary clinton hits the campaign trail. cbs correspondent brook silva braga brings us up to date. >> reporter: donald trump's campaign pushed back on a report from the "new york times" saying trump claimed a nearly $916 million loss on his 1995 tax return allowing him to avoid paying income tax on a nearly a billion dollars of future earnings >> it's a perfectly legal application of tax code and he would have been a fool not at a take advantage of it >> the times received the fronts page of his state tax returns in the mail. it was postmarked from new york city and the return address claimed it was sent from here, trump tower in manhattan. the trump campaign says the
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businessman has a fiduciary responsibility to his business, his family and his employees to pay no more tax than legally required. at a be charlotte church she made no mention of it. >> like every grandmother, i worry about the safety and security of my grandchildren. but my worries are not the same as black grandmothers. >> her running mate, tim kaine attended church in virginia where he's been prepping for the vice presidential debate >> you got to be myself >> kaine faces mike pence tuesday night. brook silva brag ago cbs3 "eyewitness news". residents in southern california are on alert for the increased possibility of a major earthquake. the governor's office issued the warning after a series of small
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quakes near the san andreas fault. earthquakes ker every 300 years. the alert will last through tuesday. hurricane warnings posted for jamaica haiti and part of cuba as hurricane matthew continues to approach. the powerful storm is expected to be near jamaica tomorrow. business owners in that area are very business boarding up shop while residents stock up on storm supplies. in haite emergency shelters are open. devastating floods are expected. take a look at matthew as it passes close to jamaica. matthew is one of the most powerful atlantic. it's a storm we all need to be watching. lauren casey has been tracking its move. eventually it may have impact on us as well. >> it's too early to call but too close to call at this point. for jamaica, haiti and cuba, the next to days are going to be significantly impactful, for us,
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being impacted by clouds. clouds, fog, rain and more clouds. we're going to start to change things up. we head into the week ahead with sun tomorrow. sunshine is going to make its way to the surface. i know we all need a put boost spirit-wise being stuck under this cloud cover for a period of days. since mid week last week, we will bring back the cloud cover a bit as back door cold front moves into the delaware valley as we head into tuesday and part wednesday i'll have the latest on matthew coming up in a minute. above average in philadelphia. topped at 67 about five above average. poconos topping in the 50's. we made it into the 70's parts of delaware and parts of southern new jersey. temperatures still generally in the 60's. 63 in millville. haven't budged much in philadelphia. 64 degrees. currently 60 in allentown and overnight tonight temperatures will be held pretty stable by that persistent cloud cover. winds will be calm and for our
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day, we'll start to change things up, fog to start but then sunshine breaking through as we head into the afternoon hours calling it a mix of sun clouds, still a chance of a stray shower but warmer up to 75 degrees above average for us. stormscan 3 showing us, yes, more shower activity working in batches pretty late in intensity with more moderate rainfall trying to make it's its way into the lehigh valley impacting parts of carbon and monroe counties, mount pocono seeing shower activity and as we head into overnight. could see a couple of passing showers across portions of the delaware valley especially north and west of the city. future weather showing us breaks in the mcleod deck tomorrow afternoon, still a chance at a stray shower i think especially east of the city. then as we head into tuesday, here comes the back door cold front we call it that because it moves in from east to west. which is atypical of what is common, we'll see a few showers coming in with the frontal boundary moving east to west kind of throughout the day tuesday, with clouds maybe a few peaks of sunshine, tracking
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matthew till still a category 4, monster hurricane, winds 145 miles per hour. movement off to the north, very slow at five miles per hour. it will impact jamaica as we were talking about his pan yo la eastern cuba tomorrow and tuesday as a major hurricane, could see up to 40 inches rainfall 12 feast storm surge and devastating wind speeds. as when he did into the end of next week, approaching the u.s. coastline still a very strong hurricane, something everyone on the eastern sea board is going to have keep close watch on the hurricane hunters are keeping close watch on matthew as we speak right now. you can see the air force plane tracking into the center of matthew finding maximize flight level winds at 124 miles per hour. our regional forecast for tomorrow at the shore, not too bad, mix of sun and clouds after starting off with fog, chance of stray shower, poconos, partly sunny high temperature of 63. general the in the 70s for high temperatures tomorrow, top in the low to mid 70's along the
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i95 corridor as we head into the week, cooler on the back side of that back door cold front, high temperature at 68 on wednesday, we pop back up into the 70's thursday with nice sunshine, a pleasant day thursday, probably the best day of the next seven. then as we head into the end of next week and the start of next weekend keeping a close eye on any impacts, hopefully not from hurricane matthew. >> thank you so much. appreciate that. end of an era >> it was an emotional day. last member of the 2008 world series champion phillies played his last game in red pin stripes, they gave him a gre
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lots of emotion at the phillies game. >> it was a nice if it to go tribute. 37,000 fans came down to the bank to see the final game for ryan howard in a phillies uniform. last member of the 2008 championship team. team will buy him out next
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month. the crowd cheered for ryan all four times that he came to the plate. who says the phillies sports fans can't show love? . the big fellow popped out and that will be the final at bat. he went 0 for four. gave fans final curtain call. in the 9th tommy joseph came in to replace him. here's manager pete mackanin. >> it's kind of a bitter sweet day. all in all, i'm glad he got to feel the affection from the fans >> i said congratulations he said thank you and the crowd's time to shine with the applause. you know, well deserved. heck of a phillies career. i hope i'm here when he gets into the wall of fame >> a few minutes ago. ryan sent out words cannot us. >>th express how i appreciated today, thank you phillies, fans,
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team mates, former and current for the love and support >> we're going to look back to the ryan howard era with the phillies, we're going to talk about great season when ricky ricardo joins me in a few minutes >> a special day to remember very special people. we'll take you on the i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood...
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♪ welcome back, the jewish community around the world is overing rosh hashana. the new year began earlier this evening. it ends tuesday night. it's a time for family gatherings, prayer and personal reflection. it starts a ten-day period of repen tense that ends with i don't meanky pour. the. the children hoop of philadelphia celebrated the those living with down syndrome. more than 2000 people showed up at villanova stadium. the event raises money to support the hospital's program that assists patients and families affected by down syndrome >> what our goal is in the program is getting everybody to see kids with down syndrome, adults as people. yes, they have challenge but my gosh, they have storage contribute.
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over last 14 years, the chop buddy walked raised more than $2.5 million. looks like they had a great time. lauren is back with last check on the
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. cbs3 "cw philly" and coleman are teaming up to fight against breast cancer. this is the avenue of the after the accident, october is breast cancer months and the pink lights are a reminder to schedule a mammogram.
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this is the 15th year for the lights for the you're campaign. you can find more information at lauren is back with a last check on the forecast >> waking up again to foggy conditions. but we'll actually see sunshine, still a chance of a stray shower, warmer at 75. as we head to tuesday, little bit of a east wind develops, ushers in cooler air and a few items lated showers into tuesday, thursday looks like a nice day and keeping an eye on matthew towards week's end. >> for now sunshine, thank you so much. that's will do it for us, thank you for joining us, we're always on for you we're heading things over to the cbs3 sports zone. lesley van arsdale. ryan? who knew you were going to show up on the set? so nice of you. >> love ryan. ♪
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this is the honda sports zone on cbs3. ryan howard with his final game in phillies uniform. sixers with bad news, ben simmons has a broken foot. we're going to hear from the team officials coming up. we say hello and welcome to the hyundai sports zone, i'm don bell. >> i'm lesley van arsdale, we have a big show ahead but we're going to start of course with the big piece, for 12 seasons,
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ryan howard has been at the heart of the phillies lineup, man in the middle, rookie of the year, mvp world champion. he was one of the most important run of phillies baseball >> they honored howard with a send-off fitting for a man meant so much to philadelphia baseball. it started with a pregame ceremony. >> the city as a whole, man, i just, i want to thank you, i've grown with all of you. [cheers and applause] my film has grown with all of you. >> to the game. howard


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