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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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east coast are being warned, hurricane matthew could be devastating. >> we will be prepared for it. >> reporter: florida's governor prepared and issued mandatory evacuations for barrier island. >> if matthew directly impacts florida there will be massive destruction we have not seen in years. >> reporter: wednesday, drivers waited in line to fill up at gas stations, while supplies, flew off of store shelves. tourist are also preparing, the lefrance family is cutting their vacation short and heading back to can inadequacies. just get out, just in case it is a category four, everyone telling us, that we should, you know, start heading home. >> reporter: matthew is being called the strongest storm to threaten this region this more than a decade. someplaces could also see 10 inches of rain. in south carolina interstate 26, was packed, and, dallas storm, and, this weekend it could hit, at category two or three storm.
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>> our goal, to make sure no lives are lost but people get moved out safely and that they get moved back safely. >> reporter: ahead of the storm, federal emergency officials, supplies to respond to the emergency disaster. done ton champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". our weather team has been watching matthew very closely, and today it looks like matthew's track is continuing to shift, further away from our area, so positive news there meteorologist kate bilo tracking matthew from the cbs-3 weather center. kate, what is the latest on this storm. >> you said it right, good news for our area, continuing to shift further away. yesterday we talked about two scenarios one was matthew just off coast and one keeping it well off to the south and east. that second scenario will be the case matthew not expected to have a direct impact, on our region at this time, you can see a powerful, dangerous storm, category three right now, just poised to start moving through bohamas, there is a lot of warm water that will continue to event is even the storm, restrengthening it as we head into tonight and
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through the day tomorrow. here's the latest stats and track from the national weather center, national hurricane certainty, category three matthew pushing through bohamas tonight. it will take that thort and west trajectory bringing it very close, to the coast of florida. for some reason thinks not moving but you can see, math the you moving through bohamas, track takes it just like this expected to potentially make a land full, long the coast of florida, near cape can nav val friday morning and curving up along the the coast and possibly making a loop once it passes through carolinas. here's that track, category four restrengthening heading into tomorrow and it the will then track up the coast, entire coastline of florida especially from miami on north through jacksonville and georgia beaches as well will be impacted, by this storm. tropical alerts are in place for much of the region. you can see any readies a hurricane warning. that is for bohamas and florida coastline from miami and points north as well. right now hurricane watch, to the north of that i do expect
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that to be upgraded to a warning up toward weekend. tropical storm watch for west coast of florida but east coast will have worst of the impact, three to 6-foot storm surge is possible as well as flooding rain and extensive wind damage from a category four hurricane and that may not be last of it. hurricane matthew may get stuck along south east u.s. coast making that loop and stalling. there are few models that bring it back to florida, still as a hurricane or tropical storm as we head into next week. heavy rain, fierce wind for eastern florida and bohamas but minimal impacts north of cape hatteras. that toss than the mean we won't see wet wet they are weekend. we will have more on that coming up with the local forecast in just a bit, jessica. >> kate, thank you. crewness chester county race begins the clock to rescue a horse stuck in mud. they had to bring in heavy equipment to get that job done. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is live at the scene in thornbury township with more on how this rescue worked, joe. >> reporter: jessica, it was something to see, dozens
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offhanded trying to free this 18 year-old horse, named sirus, he got stuck in the mud so they dug, dug, eventually a crane was brought in, lifted this big guy and now 50 to 75 feet in the air he was brought to a nearby field, where he was given iv fluids and tonight the hope is that he will be owe kay. >> good, good. >> reporter: 1700-pound clydesdale near sirus is hoisted to safety, delicate rescue by hand and this giant crane here took hours. >> i was actually pretty shocked, jussie never seen anything like this. >> reporter: eighteen year-old horse glided in the air over to a field, with vets waiting. crowd of a few dozen watched silently. >> reporter: let's backup. story began this morning at thornbury farm in chester county. it was time for breakfast. >> when she feed horses this is morning and saw one of the horses had gone missing. >> reporter: sirus is new here auctioned off just eight weeks
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ago. workers discover him in the pond of mud. how he ended up there. >> he really was chased by one of the other big horses, and scared and ran in the mud. >> reporter: so began a arduous task of painstaking dig to free sirus to keep him from falling further. oh and penny parker was there with rescuers broadcasting the ordeal live over facebook. >> he is a big, heavy horse. he was in the mud. it caused pressure on his body that can be very hard for him to stand up. >> reporter: sirus was sedated and kept calm as many hand helped to free him. owner of the farm summed it up like sometimes things just happened and horses wander off and become trapped in mud. >> it was a shock because it something that has ant happened before but a child, kid horses will get into different things. you don't always know what will happen sometimes. >> reporter: back live here is some good news just got this photo from the barn manager
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here, in thornbury, and sirus is up on his feet, eating, i'm told that he is going to be taken to the veterinary hospital, to be further check out but this is really good news, just got this within the last minute and i am also told that eventually sirus will be taken to his new owners, in virginia. live from thorn bring township joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> much better shot of sirus, joe, thanks. chopper three over the scene of the natural gas explosion in trenton, this happened around 3:15 near forty-eighth and wayne. you can see multi unit structure suffered a lot of damage there. crews are now assessing the building's structural integrity and two people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. residents in fairmount woke up to smashed car windows this morning. patrol officers spotted some broken car windows in the 1800 block of poplar street just before 5:00 this morning. they looked around and they found even more, nearby, on parish street as well as north 25th street. police say they do not have a
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suspect. also today police are investigating a home invasion in wynfield, investigators say two men, one armed, barged in the residents on the 5600 block of woodbine avenue you at 5:00 this morning. the it was off campus housing for st. joseph's university. they tied up a woman and took her car and ipad and iphone and a wallet. no arrests just yet. fire fighters tried in vein to rescue two people from an overnight house fire in bustleton. "eyewitness news" viewer captured this video of heavy smoke and flames in the 9800 block of bridal road, this fire was contained, within 35 minutes but inside fire fighters found two people, one in the foyer, other in the living room. >> walked him out, started cpr i'm sad to announce we lost both of them. >> the the causes under investigation, our fire marshals are out there i will tell us all of us are hurting right now, we're all feeling for these families. >> one fire fighter was treated for a minor injury.
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the fire department stressed the importance of smoke alarms in homes, and anyone who needs one should contact them. four more arrest have been made in the recent string of clown threats, bensalem police arrested a 12 year-old and monroe township police arrested three juveniles, this is on the the heels of, yesterday's arrest of the 12 year-old from. and, two, new jersey, teenagers from, social media. and, philadelphia police also identified a 13 year-old, and, at some city schools. police say post mimic others surface ago cross the country. new jersey lawmakers postponed a vote on the bill to raise gas tax by nearly a quarter per gallon. that vote is now rescheduled for friday. if the bill passes it will likely increase the garden state's gas tax from 14 cents to 37 cents. the money would finance roads, bridge and transit improvements and eventually reduce sales tax and eliminate
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the estate tax. if you ever dreamed of owning your own business the help you need is coming here to philadelphia the dream accounts and small business summit will take place at hyat the bellevue on november 18th as part of the global entrepreneur ship week. largest celebration of innovators and job creators and start up. it will celebrate with specials and in an mission to inspire new businesses. new service is coming to philadelphia international where you can jet off to, in our next half an hour. and new lease on life after a world of pain, marine loses all four limbs in combat but is adjusting to two new arms after a double amtrak plant. his pain, his gratitude and dream he is hoping to achieve, that is next. after an alarming experience in traffic accident fatalities, the all out effort to save lives, and make the nation's streets, a lot safer. we will be right
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the private company blue origin takes a big step towards flying people into space. >> three, two, one... >> the new shepherd rocket and capsule blasted off in west texas today, blue origin tested space capsule's emergency getaway system and officials say everything worked as expect. the new shepherd rocket and capsule landed safely. the fatalities on america's roads are on the rise after falling for years n2015 more than 35,000 people died in crashes, and that increase since 1966. and 2016 is on pace to be even worse. deaths are up an estimated, 10.4 percent in the first half of this year and several governmental agencies and safety groups announced a new coalition with the goal of ending all traffic deaths. >> one hundred fatalities a day is the equivalent of two
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regional jets crashing every day. >> reporter: coalition will meet over the coming months and device a plan to make u.s. road safer. it is a story of survival and courage. form mare reen sergeant john peck, lost all of his limbs in combat, he recently received a double arm transplant and he is now sharing his story publicly and is on his way to pursuing his dreams. >> this is sergeant john peck. >> just got listed for double arm transplant. >> reporter: that was two years ago when john learned he might not to have rely on prosthetic arms for the rest of his life. peck is a marine who lost all four limbs to an explosion in afghanistan in 2010. this summer he was wheeled in the operating rhyme at brigham women's hospital this boston for a 14 hour surgery. packed in ice chest arms from a young mandy cleared brain dead 36 hours earlier were rushed in. doctor simon tall about the led a team of 60 surgeons, nurses and technicians. >> that is when you get
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butterflies and know this armies back on and back alive again. >> when peck woke up the next day he had someone elses arms, before he could use them, a nurse had to grow down to his new fingertips and slow, agonizing process. >> as those nerves grow back sometimes they can give unusual sensations, like electric shocks, sensations like burning there was one night in the icu i was crying, in a lot of pain, even as all of the medicines, i couldn't templated and saying i cannot hand this will pain you have to take these arms off me. >> reporter: he withstood the pain and now in his second month of rehabilitation. his medical team is checking for any sign that his body might be rejecting his new arm. >> head of the bed. >> reporter: every day tasks we take for granted are now within his reach. >> i'm just grateful that i'm going to have this opportunity to be able to hold somebody's hand again. >> reporter: peck showed off his new arms this morning at a news conference in boston.
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he of his deepest condolences to the donor's family. >> i will tell you this your loved ones death will not be for nothing. every day i look down at my new arms, i will drive on through the pain and i will never give up. >> so moving. >> the chair besides john was empty, you may have noticed during that news conference as a symbol used as part of the military etiquette when remembering those who have fallen. john asked to honor his donor. >> beautiful. >> what a story. >> that is incredible all the way around. kate bilo is joining us now, and i know we're looking at, matthew but also where we are, just a beautiful kay today. >> really is. >> i woke up this morning and i said we have been talking about matthew i may not have have emphasized enough how beautiful, a fall day this will be, this is stunning today. rest of the week looks good too. that is some good news. even more good news on the the matthew front does not look like we will feel any direct impact there matthew this
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weekend. the storm looks to be staying south of us, that is great news. we could possibly feel an indirect impact from matthew we will talk about that in just a moment. let's start with admiring what a beautiful day it is outside, barely even a cloud in the sky, just a couple little puffs of cotton candy looking clouds out there today, and perfect temperatures, it was a cool start to the morning and now we're in the upper 60's to near 70 this afternoon it doesn't get much better then this. this is kind of october weather we think about when we think about october and what a beautiful month it is. it looks like tomorrow will be just as nice, just a little bit warmer. here's the palmyra cove nature camera showing sun off the water here at 66 degrees. wind are very light out of the south/south east. storm scan three showing nothing across the northeast, very quiet with high pressure overhead, big, cool, autumn high which is keeping us row tech from cloud, wet weather and even as we widen out, not much to see here. we have got cloud off to the south and then this front, this is starting to move
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through great lakes and this front will pass through this weekend, eventually it will bring us a cool down and bring a threat for some rain but we have to watch how it interacts with matthew's moisture. temperature in the meantime is 70 in philadelphia. 66 degrees in trenton. sixty-nine in reading. seventy-one in allentown the the just feeling fantastic all across the map here. as we head to the week end that front approaches, watch what it does, this is one of the more northern mod wells matthew. i'm unsure if the rain will get this far north but moisture could start to train into this front. while it is not much it may be more robust as far as rainfall is concern then we would normally see from a frontal passage this time of the year. this is mainly saturday afternoon and night. can't rule out a shower or two saturday morning. saturday is not looking like the best day but we will take it if it means matthew will stay off to the south which it the looks like it will this front clears out late saturday and sunday we have a cool air that is centered off to the north and west. over canada we have a tracker to work i will show you,
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matthew category three hurricane pushing in the bohamas, sustained wind at 120 s started to speed up, moving northwest at 12, with a central pressure of 963 millibars. water vice warm here. this is expected to to restrengthen to a category four hurricane, possibly making land fall sometime during the day friday, right along the space coast area of florida and could make land fall as a category four, and then weakening and that loopy loop beginning as it curves off the carolina coast. the chance it is closer but coneys now well off to our south and it looks to stay that way. forecast rape amounts across the south east exceeding four or 5 inches. some spots could see 10 inches of rain before this storm is done. it will just sit and spin off the coast for days. coastal flooding will be a concern as well, from the carolinas through georgia and florida. for our region much better news. mostly clear, cool. fifty-three tonight. tomorrow looks great. mostly sunny, little warmer then today. today we barely hit 70.
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tomorrow we are up to 76. but nobody is complaining abot six. friday looking good as well, and then saturday, cloud, scattered showers and possibly even some bursts of heavier rain tall we will see if any of that moisture from matthew gets pulled in the front, it depend how far north center of the storm is but that is indirect impact and other than rough surf for shore most of the impact stays away from frustrates. >> that is good news? thank you. well, selfies for a cause, meteorologist kate i fehlinger was at liberty place in center city with the pink toyota. you see the pink car, around town, snap a selfie and share it using #pink toy yet a car maker will donate one dollar to susan g komen philadelphia for every photo shared and that is all part of the national breast cancer awareness month. teachers are some of the most important people in our kid lives. >> today one area teacher was awarded for her dedication how she plans on paying it for, dawn. carson wentz spent time
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off hunting and now he is back to work and three and zero eagles are hunted, hear what the rookie is saying as they
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don bell joining us now eagles have the biz week and now they are back at it. >> refresh, ready to go. >> practice. >> yes, talking about practice. we do hope so. eagles begin their regular workweek today, as they get set to take on lions in detroit. at this point everything is a first for the rookie carson wentz. he just experienced his first bye week, wentz went home to north dakota and talked about all of the attention he got because of his first three games. >> everyone back home is real excited about the success of myself, the eagles, the bye week, and everybody is just fired up back there. it was a lot of really well received, i mean people back there support me, support the heck out of, like i said, the year and the bye but it was
5:25 pm
all really good. i'm very cautious about taking too much praise. we have three games and we have a long way to go. >> casual carson. we have nfl week started right here on cbs-3. we will see cardinals without carson palmer taking on chip kelly and san francisco 49ers. they have one win, talking about chip. kick off tomorrow night at 8:25, p.m. baseball playoffs underway last night, in the al wild card game ended with a bang. edwin incarnation walk off in toronto three run shot, blue jays over the orioles. they advance to face texas rangers. former philly cole hamels, former world series mvp, cole hamels, starts game one for rangers against the j's tomorrow afternoon in arlington. this playoff baseball is so exciting, lets get back to that shall we. >> let's try. >> yes, sometime soon. >> it is day after debate for mike pence and tim kaine so is what the buzz about the vp face off? we will have both side from
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the campaign trail after the break. new research is making a strong connection between the zika virus and a frightening often paralyzing disorder, health reporter stephanie stahl has new information for you coming right ii'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers.age. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect? i can't say that either.
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i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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vice-presidential nominees duke it out on the debate stage, but did it the sway voters with 33 days until the election day. "eyewitness news" continues now at 5:30 and i'm nicole brewer in for ukee tonight. i'm jessica dean. running mates have had their time in the spotlight following the one and only vice-presidential debate, and now the attention shifts back to the top of the ticket. mike pence rallied with voters in virginia, wednesday
5:30 pm
afternoon. he is being praised for his performance in the vice-presidential debate on tuesday, but he is deflecting that praise on to his boss. >> some people think i won but i can tell you from where i sat, donald trump won the debate. >> reporter: donald trump is on a campaign swing through nevada. he visited a private school in las vegas. >> everybody loves school? >> reporter: before holding a rally in nearby henderson. >> in 34 days we will win this state, and we're going to win back the white house. >> reporter: hillary clinton is at her home in washington d.c. today raising money and preparing for her next debate, trump and clinton will square off this sunday in st. louis, it will be a town hall style format featuring questions from voters. >> it is a natural for hat the for her, she likes engaging with people. >> reporter: clinton also called her running mate tim
5:31 pm
kaine to praise him for his performance in tuesday night's vice-presidential debate. well, pence is in virginia, tim kaine is here in philadelphia, getting ready to rally democrats, this is a live picture from the sheet metal workers union hall in south philadelphia where tim kaine is set to appear within the hour. campaign, says that kaine will discuss hillary clinton's economic plan. trump and clinton will take part in their second presidential debate this weekend, it is this sunday at washington university, in st. louis. coverage begins at 9:00 p.m. right here on cbs-3. funeral services were held today for a six year-old would who died in a shooting at a south carolina elementary school. funeral for jacob hall had a super hero theme and many dressed in costume. hall who was this kindergarten was shot september 28th by a allegedly 14 year-old who opened fire on the school's playground during recess. hall was hospitalized and then put on life support. he died october 1st.
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another train accident affecting new york, this time in the bronx. the at least eight train cars derailed this morning pushing one koran to its side, and all the way across the amtrak line. services were suspend between new york city and new roshell. csx says no one was injured and in hazardous materials were involved, an investigation is underway. on the cbs-3 healthwatch, after an alarming spike in neurological cases linked to the zika virus, scientists say a new study provides strongest evidence to date that they may be connected. health reporter stephanie stahl is in the einstein health care science center to explain that connection. >> reporter: science on the zika virus has been evolving and now researchers have confirmed it can cause a syndrome where the immune system attacks the nerve and that can cause temporary but often severe paralysis. >> reporter: zika virus is
5:33 pm
being linked to giambray syndrome an auto immune disorder where the bod a tack itself in the aftermath of an infection and can leave patient was muscle weakness, pain and sometimes paralysis. >> we want to stop the spread. >> reporter: report researchers in baltimore looked at 70 patient from his columbia where mosquito born virus is spreading rapidly. they found patients can develop the symptoms very quickly after being infect with sick, weeks faster than usual. they found many patient his who develop the neurological disorder, previously had other mosquito born viruses like denye fever. >> those patients were most susceptible patients for developing the syndrome. >> reporter: study is believed to be the largest of its kind so far to document the world of zika infections increasing rates of giambray but it is unclear how or why that happens. scientists say giambray syndrome is more likely to
5:34 pm
strike men and as people age. i'm stephanie stahl, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". get an inside look at life of the latent taner prince, paisley park studios will open up for tours tomorrow but we are getting an inside look today. the don't miss this. isn't it a great feeling when you get a great deal, right? bargain hunters out there when eye those bed, bath and beyond coupons. now they are thinking of doing away with them and replacing them with another deal, we will have details katie v/she stays late.rd. but she gets paid 21% less than her male coworkers. pat toomey has voted time after time against equal pay for women, against pay that helps hard working families get ahead. katie o/c: for my daughters and yours, i'll fight for equal pay for women.
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families need it; you've earned it. katie v/o: i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message because it's your turn to get ahead.
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all right. if iceland is on your list of places to visit, it turns out now is the time to go. a new air service iceland air was announced this morning at philadelphia international airport. according to its web site iceland air uses its base location between america and europe as a hub for flights.
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philly flights begin may of 2017, so soon, it is time to go. >> there you you go. >> american retailer bed, bath and beyond may discontinue its popular 20 percent off coupons to compete in the on line shopping market, stories testing out new loyalty program, they call it beyond plus. beyond plus has an annual 29-dollar membership fee so you have to pay for it the but members do receive free shipping and 20 percent off every purchase. philadelphia police gave a torresdale grade school a big thank you today. >> they visited nazareth academy on grant avenue, students there raised $915 for a bullet-proof vest to honor officer edward miller. he was wounded in the line of duty september 16th during a shooting rampage in west philadelphia the officer miller's daughter maggie was there for the ceremony. so nice. peak inside prince paisley park studios before it is even opened to the public. >>
5:39 pm
i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament.
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estate of the late singer prince is opening up his home in minnesota to the public but only for a limited run. >> entertainment tonight got a early look inside paisley park and kevin frazier joins us there los angeles with more, kevin. >> reporter: nicole and jessica city grant a temporary permit, for tour toss start tomorrow but after this weekend no one will be let inside. paisley park, prince 55-foot square foot music creativity outside minneapolis. metropolis he told oprah he would never leave. >> do you will always live here, why? >> it is so cold it keeps the bad people out. >> i remember that area so well. remind me of him. >> reporter: that is prince dancing from the piano. now, lovers of prince and his hughes i can can feel his vibe, first hand with the paisley park experience, a guided tour of the creative place that prince once called
5:43 pm
home. >> we have a drum kit set up, ready to start laying and even the peach drum kit will be on display. >> reporter: one he shared with sheila. >> yes. >> even handwritten lyrics, yes. >> reporter: my tour guide was archive director angie marcase. >> we have would one of the lights from the film. >> and the white cloud gi tar. >> ♪ purple rain >> that is the oscar. >> that is oscar. >> reporter: there are thousands of unreleased songs the in the vault at paisley park, prince's sister told me they plan to remix and release it all for devoted fans out there, nicole and jessica back to you. more from paisley park, and all of your entertainment news on entertain it tonight at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. >> speaking of entertainment former beverly hills 90210 actress torey spelling is expecting yet again. she will give birth to her fifth child with husband dean mcdermott.
5:44 pm
spelling told people magazine it was a total supplies because they always wanted a big family. they went through a public rough patch last year but they say their relationship is amaze. five kid. >> that is a lot. >> meteorologist kate bilo is joining us now with a look at forecast, and right now, it is very menacing or great. >> things are great, you know, beautiful day to day. the rest of the week looks good. matthew looks like it will stay away from frustrates. we could be doing a whole lot worse. >> yes, exactly. >> i'm smiling now, matthew is still, a very dangerous hurricane for south east, i cannot over state that but for our area improvement as we head in the weekend. that is good news f we could get more days like to daze we would be sitting pretty what a beautiful fall day. nothing but sunshine. cool, comfortable temperatures. we have got more sun on the way for the end of the week but not as cool as today as been. lets look outside right now. it looks good down the shore, down the shore one area we could see some possibly in
5:45 pm
direct impacts from matthew depeping how far north that storm goes. very large storm that will churn up the atlantic. rough surf, rip currents, luckily definitely not high season down the shore but anybody out fishing or boating will to have watch out for rough surf through the weekend. other than that impacts north of north carolina from that storm will be minimal and that is certainly something to celebrate, for our neck of the woods. lets check with our eyewitness weather watchers, they are loving news about matthew moving away. they are seeing temperatures in the upper 60's right now feeling comfortable outside, 68 in cherry hill as we check in with weather watchers. seventy-three with ed connor in chesterfield and saying what a great day. cool in the morning. low humidity in the afternoon. perfect act weather. ed sent us this photo of the sun setting in chesterfield. heading down this delaware we are seeing mid 60's right now as we check with john, in glasgow, 66, and he has full sunshine and, dipping north and west, 65 degrees as we
5:46 pm
check with steve johnson in west chester, pennsylvania. that is more due west. he says in the clear here, great day to get out, hopefully matthew hangs right. it looks like it will as of right new. here's one of our live neighborhood network cameras. this is down the shore, beach patrol headquarters in hard gate which is looking pretty darn nice this afternoon. waves rolling in, and little bit of sunshine there and middletown ship high school and cape may courthouse as camera clears you can see sunshine. just a few patchy clouds and comfortable temperatures right around 60 degrees. wind north east still a cool breeze off the water but that will be changing into the day tomorrow. high pressure still overhead but we will start to see more of the southeasterly wind as this front approaches and that will hoe temperatures pick upward, just a bit through the end of the week. this front is also going to pass through the area saturday and bringing us the threat for some set weather, and then also bringing cool, fall-like temperatures back on sunday and monday. here's highs today across the region, pretty comfortable day. we got to 71 for the city.
5:47 pm
seventy-two is the high in allentown. sixty-five in millville. cool day down the shore, southern delaware and into delaware itself. 67 degrees in dover the high and 07 in wilmington. here's our tropical set up, as we have a lot of players on the field here. likely track of matthew now that loopy loop, we first saw that loopy loop being mentioned yesterday in the european run in the afternoon. at the time it was one of the only models except uk mod that he will had that looping feature to matthew. now today everything has caught up to that train. what it looks like, the jet stream is flat. as that front just works its way in the north east it will not dig down south enough to pick up matthew and kick it way out to see sees and certainly not strong enough trough to pull matthew up the coast. it will just miss that connection all together. big blocking high to the north. front comes through but matthew just stalls and loops around and that loop could mean disastrous impacts heading in the weekend.
5:48 pm
for us it means good news. we have that front sweeping through, temperatures below average and that will take us right through early part of next week, we tap in the cool canadian air and it will feel fantastic here, sunday and monday, although gusty breeze in place, certainly has gotten better each day. this forecast, started out this week with the chance for heavy rain for matthew, gusty winds. now we're talking about showers on saturday and return to cooler weather by sunday and monday. overnight mainly clear, it is a cool night down to 53 for the low. we have northeast wind at five to 10 miles an hour but tomorrow we will start to see the wind, switch a little bit in the afternoon. the our thursday high is 76. today we will got to 71. 5 degrees warmer for your thursday. still a beautiful fall daze and you're witness weather seven day forecast keeps it nice. the saturday is daze to watch. this is not directly related to matthew but some moisture from matthew could come along that front meaning anyone of the showers we see could be locally heavy a dad still not best day to be outside. not a total wash out but
5:49 pm
you'll dodge drops all day. sunday, look at that improvement, 68 degrees, sunny, breezy, beautiful, it will feel cooler then that with the breeze. columbus day machine if you are lucky enough to that day off what a great one to get outside 66 and sunny. next week tuesday and wednesday looking like more great fall weather. if only we could improve that one weekend day but we cannot complain about the forecast this weekend we dodged quite the bullet, nicole and jessica back to you. thanks, kate. south philadelphia teacher got the surprise of her life at a school assembly today. >> the students were surprised as well, vittoria woodill shows us in who was in on that secret and what the teacher won. may have the envelope. >> auditorium of andrew jackson school was packed like the doll bye theater in hollywood but instead of star lets and film makers, students and faculty took to their seats unaware that they were attending what is considered the oscars for teaching. >> good reason you don't know why i'm here. >> reporter: all the waste from california, lowell
5:50 pm
milkin, was on hand to announce prestigious milkin educator award when recognizes exceptional work of one educator and model for the state and nation. and a person who displays leader ship and excellence. along with the little recognition the winner also received 25 you this doll ars. are you ready? the winning teacher is, jada puglease, in her ninth year of teaching at andrew jackson and after catching her breath gave a speech with a little homework for all of us. >> i just want you to know i was just like you, both of my parents did not graduate from high school, i was actually the person my family to graduate from high school. you can change your life and you can change everything that your family may or may not provide for you. take your education seriously,
5:51 pm
in matter what your profession is, no matter what you decide to do to your life just do it to the best of your ability. >> reporter: let's just say she got rave reviews. >> she's a special teacher because she helps us and loves us just like her children. i just want to say it is a priefs to have her as our teacher. >> how well spoken was she. wow, so well deserving was that educator as well. how will she spend that 25 grand? she will put it back in her own education. >> due to financial reasons she had taken time off from classes pursuing a doctorate in education from holy family university. now she can invest that money in to herself and continuing her dream of becoming a principal or superintendent. >> what a inspiration. >> such a big deal. >> this award is a big, big deal. >> wonderful. >> reporter: huge deal ape that was a person who truly appreciated not just money but the fact that, this made her feel valued as an educator. >> all of those kid see that now, and can follow her
5:52 pm
example. >> you can tell by the hugs. >> we were so happy. >> vittoria, thanks very much. a stranger helps a family with medical bills after a painful loss. >> and grateful dad talks to cbs-3. >> that is what jackson would have wanted to do. >> honoring a little boy who loves super heroes a race for kate in this weeks story of brotherly love when w
5:54 pm
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a bucks county family who lost a child, this spring is facing thousands of dollars in medical bills. >> and as ukee washington shows news this weeks story of brotherly love a stranger stepped up, creating a 5k race, this little boy would have loved. >> he loved super heroes so organizers came up with an idea to make all of the runners and walkers super heroes as well. >> six year-old mckenna is a bundle of energy. >> mountains. >> reporter: so was her three-year old brother jackson, he loved super heroes as his mom andrea cole. >> dressing up and always had to be a cape even if it didn't match there was always a cape. >> reporter: may 28th mckenna, jackson, andrea were at a
5:57 pm
neighbor's home in warrington. >> he had a drowning accident. >> reporter: jackson's dad warminster township police officer jeremy cole heard call for help over his police radio. >> it wasn't our residence so i didn't know for sure that it was my son but, i ended up getting phone call and finding out that way. >> reporter: jackson was flown to chop. >> we had hope for the entire week but on june 4th he was pronounced brain dead. >> reporter: support poured in from other first responders, eager to help officer cole's family with medical bills including 911 dispatcher mary broda of souderton. >> we did not nose each other. >> reporter: mary thought of the 5k she had never organize one before. >> there it was. >> of course, i said yes, let's go with it. >> one thing i asked mary can we all dress up in costumes, jackson would have wanted. yes, of course, i love the
5:58 pm
idea. >> reporter: families came together to design a cape for walkers and runners in the jackson's hero 5k and family fun walk october 16th. jackson's dad designed the super j and mom and friend worked on the layout and colors a family trendies printing the cape. more than 400 people have signed up. >> really beautiful to see all of these children, adults, super heroes and fantastic costumes with all of the same cape just running around. >> reporter: it is what jackson would have wanted. jackson's hero's 5k will be held sunday act 16th. sign up as soon as possible before the capes run out. registration end friday october 14th. we have a lincoln cbs i'm ukee washington for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> no word for that. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 uber x and lyft continue to spar with the
5:59 pm
philadelphia parking authority. what would upset the way you hitch the ride. dramatic rescue as horse is pulled from the sticky situation what crewness chester county needed to do to set him tree, kate? and a latest track on hurricane matthew expected to be disastrous for portions of the south east but could the news be getting better for us? i will tell you about potential impact we will feel, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. now at 6:00, still sparring, the philadelphia a parking authority and ride sharing services uber x and lyft are once again at odds and now ppa is cracking down on those drivers. those ride sharing services are not technically operating illegally within philadelphia good evening, i'm jessica dean. aim nicole brewer in for ukee tonight. will squabble affect the way you hitch a ride. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is in spring
6:00 pm
garden to break down the latest crackdown, alexandria? >> reporter: well, this is at least tell rare i win for cab companies, because two things are happening at the same time. number one, ppa will be loosening their regulation on taxi drivers, and number two they will be reenforcing a ban on ride sharing apps. once again uber x and lyft drivers are operating illegally in philadelphia as a tell rare i permit issued before the dnc had expired. >> allow uber x to operate inside city without any regulations, and while we were handcuffed to 96 pages. >> reporter: ronald blount is head of the taxi work's lines of pennsylvania as part of the civil suit they filed philadelphia parking authority is opted to loosen some of the most strict regulation over taxi drivers. blount now hopes that with state representative, return to session this month, they will add balance, bypassing some requirements for uber and lyft as well. >> if that can happe


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