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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  October 7, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. matthew making it way up the coast overnight the storm was downgraded to category three but it is still packing quite a punch. >> storm scan3 is tracking matthew from this angle you can see how massive the hurricane has become. nearly as large as the state of florida. and here at home, efforts have already gun to help those impacted by the hurricane. we're live with what volunteers from our area are doing. >> today is friday, october 7th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> hey there, i'm brooke thomas. we are getting your day start wad check on weather and traffic with katie and pat. meisha is out this morning. >> good morning, guys. how is everyone doing? >> doing well. >> i'm all right, okay. >> it is friday. >> sport, traffic this morning. >> you do everything. >> i'm doing it all this morning. >> i love that.
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>> jack of all trades. >> thank you. katie, how is the weather? >> the weather definitely quiet here. but of course, we continue to talk so much about matthew. as you had mentioned it, has now been downgraded to category three storm system, still churning away, very impressive storm right now. so it is still very dangerous down across the southeastern shore line, specially for florida at the moment. with heavy rain bands, very strong wind, rolling into this region. as we look at the hurricane warnings, posted right now, they extends anywhere from most of the bahamas, northern branch of the bahamas, right up the eastern seaboard through florida, the state of florida, still again basically getting into the thick of things right now, still going to be another day and a half or so, before the storm gets, a, starts to weaken more, also starts to actually pull away from the region. they are expect to go see some very, very significant devestation down that way. specially at the area beaches. storm scan locally though, you can see some of the tropical moisture brought into
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virginia. we will eventually see cold front passage come tomorrow. meantime, today, looks beautiful. probably at the moment off to cool start, you will want to have the extra layer walking out the door, at 66 degrees at the airport, 49 allentown, outlying suburbs outside of philadelphia also into the 40's like mt. holly for example, quakertown checking in at 45 degrees, as the day progresses much like what you saw yesterday, you are going to see the temperature rebounds very readily, back into the mid 70s, here today, in philadelphia. around the resort towns, though, sunshine there, as well, and very nice comfortable warmth, into the low 70s, there. so, as we look forward into the rest of the forecast, coming up, we will be talking about some rain, potential for heavy rain that affect us this weekend, have the tracking for that coming up later in the show. pat? >> every time i see a sunny friday i want to bring out my uber meisha, it is friday. it looks good this morning,. >> it does. >> i'll try to uphold the standards meisha sets for everyone. morning. let's look at the vine, closed
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between the schuylkill and broad street because it is construction this morning. always closed, opens up around 5:00 a.m. should be opening up on time as it normally does. taking a look at construction, 76 west, the ramp to the boulevard, left lane closed, this right here, left lane, that's closed right now. the ben franklin looking beautiful this morning, i step out of the way, look at that, beautiful scene, beautiful site. from camden looking good. also maps to look at. there is a restriction, 25-mile per hour restrict son on the betsy ross bridge, one lane open because of construction there. also the pa turnpike eastbound at downingtown, right lane blocked right there. there was mess on the turnpike yesterday. that got out of there around 6:00, 7:00 last night. also, doylestown, opens house road downed tree. use the alternate which is bristol road. guys, we send it back over to you. >> thanks so much, pat. this morning, 200,000 people without power in florida that's as hurricane matthew continues to make it way up the state's east coast.
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>> florida, south carolina, and georgia, are under state of emergency right now. don champion, in orlando, shows us the impact so far. >> the outer bands of the storm started pounding southern parts of florida atlantic coast with heavy winds and waves, late this afternoon. forecasters expect the storm to make landfall near cape canaveral overnight. >> the storm is a monster. i'll pray for everybody's safety. >> governor rick scott urged people to seek shelter before it is too late but some intends to ride out the storm at home. >> had so many of these and not had any serious altercations. hopefully it will be the same thing. >> officials condemned that kind of over confidence. >> they're fool. because this hurricane is unlike any other hurricane we've seen. >> matthew packing sustained winds more than 100 miles per hour, a storm surge of more than 11 feet could also flood part of the coastline. >> nine out of ten people who have died have died as a result of water.
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the wind can be damaging and deadly, too, all hazards are in play and extremely dangerous situations. >> buildings across south florida boarded up, grocery store shelves are empty, florida's major airports look like ghost towns. amusement parks are shuttered. as the storm took aim at more than 2 million people from florida to the carolina told to move inland. matthew reportedly killed more than 300 people in haiti and the death toll could continue to rise as authority reach remote areas of the island. don champion, cbs news, orlando. >> while the storm is still not over, relief efforts are underway. >> that includes efforts by volunteers right here in the delaware valley. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch live in the cbs-3 sat center tells bus what some of the volunteers are doing, justin? >> good morning, that's right. right now local first respond remembers in route to the storm storm areas, many bringing with them experienced respond being to some of the nation's worse natural disasters in recent years, including super storm sandy,
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and hurricane katrina. looking now at a video here the red cross eastern pennsylvania chapter began prep yesterday, volunteers will join red cross officials hurricane matthew response trip, stops in south carolina and florida. also, pennsylvania tax force one. "eyewitness news" cameras on hand after convoy began loading and members briefed. pa task force is one of several fema trained teams mauled to respond. specialties range from search and rescue to emergency response preparation. new jersey is also sending its 80 member task force one as well. matthew is now a category three storm expected to carry wind of more than 100 miles per hour and pounding rain. the philadelphia fire department hosed task force and commissioner adam teal says the force is among the best of the best. >> they do such a great job. really just awesome. but yes, this time, they are really going into unknown conditions, 15, 20 hours away,
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deployment area may change, taking a lot of different kits and things with them, so they have different capability. >> so a lot of experience heading down to the storm areas here. pennsylvania task one has been deployed to major hurricanes over recent years date being back to hurricane floyd back in 1999. they also responded to the world trade center attack back in 2001. jim, brooke, back into you. >> thanks so much, justin. >> make sure to stay with cbs-3 for continuing coverage of hurricane matthew. we will have more at the top of the hour, and our coverage is also on line at and the cbs local app. >> clown threats and sitings have arrived in cinnaminson, new jersey, police say a 14 year old boy dressed in a clown costume and ran around outside a middle school scaring a busload of children wednesday evening. police arrested the teenager saying he terrorized the student. they also sent a letter to parents telling them about the prank. officers say these clown sitings will be taken seriously. >> turning now to to the campaign trail, hillary clinton and donald trump are
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gearing up for their second presidential debate. the republican nominee held hour-long town hall event in new hampshire yesterday. but, insists he wasn't practicing. trump and clinton will tackle the issues this sunday in st. louis in a town hall style face-off. >> our coverage of hurricane matthew continues. >> overnight the monster storm is already making impact in florida. category four hurricane. stay with us for continuing coverage. >> and up next, katie has our weekend forecast.
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this morning hurricane matthew continues to linger off the florida coast. this is a look at storm scan3 over the past couple of hours. the storm has gradually been making its way north, from the west palm beach area overnight. florida, south carolina and georgia are under state of emergency. so far at least 200,000 people are without power in florida. >> well, the time now 4:40.
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>> katie is here with another check on your forecast, katie, i know even here, you've been bus. >> i absolutely, yes. you have major storm system like this, i think everybody is just interested in what's actually going to happen, whether it has direct impact on us or not. we do actually end up with at least some indirect impact from this storm system. but take a look, it is a very well defined category three storm system, still, churning away right now, very close to the florida coastline, expected to make its landfall in cape canaveral here over the course every today. here is the next frontal boundary, what's actually going to help steer the storm away from us, and that was what the lynch pin was through the course of the week. as it pertained to us, was this front either going to move in quickly, or move in little bit later in that would help here hurricane matthew essentially, and thankfully it is coming in soon enough it, will help keep the storm suppressed to the south. good for us. definitely not good, though, for the southeast, because it just means the storm will be lingering. now the storm itself actually gathered some forward momentum, moving northwest,
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14 miles per hour, but again, very potent category three storm system. that as a result could lead to some very substantial storm surge. now, storm surge is simply a wall of water. it is a rise in abnormal rise in the water levels that you see from the coastline, and it is basically just shoved on shore. so think about that. if you are talking about anywhere from six to maybe even 11 feet potentially, 11 feet high, a wall of water coming at you, that's deadly potentially. that's why they're evacuating people. understand bridge so. look at this. that could extends all the way from, say, out toward east central florida coastline, up to jacksonville, past the entire georgia coastline, and good portion of south carolina. that's a huge expands of real estate, so that's going to be potentially some of the worse storm surge that we've seen in a really long time for this area. now, obviously very widespread. on top of that you are adding inches and very likely some spots feet worth of rainout of
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the storm. because it is such a slow moving system. we could end up with easily again up to foot or more worth of accumulating rainout of this. that goes for even portions of north carolina. so the vast majority of the southeastern coastline is impacted in a very big way from this. now, we showed you that frontal boundary a moment ago. dow want to walk you through future weather as it pertains to tomorrow. a lot more cloud cover overhead. start it off milder tomorrow. looks like the worse of any rain would at least hole off through the better part of the morning, even as early as late morning, you're far north and west suburbs could see rain moving in notice it could be heavy. it is a little heavier actually tapping into some tropical moisture associated with matthew. again, storm says far to the south, regardless, midday, late afternoon, toward evening, could end up with heavier rain around, as this frontal boundery moves through. but then left with just lingering showers through the overnight. we should actually see any clouds begin to break for some sunshine on sunday. in the meantime, back here for today, the sun is shining
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anyway. looks like another basically carbon copy of yesterday. beautiful weather, high of 76 degrees, off to cool start, like it was yesterday. today, dressing in layers, good idea. then as those clouds start to build tonight at worse talking 59 for low. really not all that bad. pretty comfortable actually if you want to leave the windows open. tomorrow the rain comes. we clear it out for sunday and crumb dust day, actually tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, are all looking pretty good right now. so saturday sort of a mar on the forecast if you are looking forward to the bright sky. pat? >> i absolutely a.m. looking formed to that. thank you, appreciate t let's look at some of the delays, concellations, the mess that hurricane matthew is causing up and down the coast, and of course down in florida. this is a look at the mass transit checklist it, includes amtrak and the southeast region which has been suspended. the silver star between new york city and miami, that's canceled through saturday. same holds true for the silver meteor which goes to miami. the awe owe train, taking your car virginia down to florida has also been suspended, and
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palmetto, normally between new york city and savannah, georgia, only going to washington dc now. so, a lot of suspensions, go to the amtrak website, make sure you check before you do any of that. also, the airports a mess as well down in florida. orlando, resuming operations today as will fort lauderdale. had been some closures, fort lauderdale closed, orlando saying they weren't closed, sounded like they certainly were, but concellations up and down the board, check miami, check orlando, fort lauderdale. complete mess because of hurricane matthew. looking at the betsy ross bridge here, our town one lane open in each direction. there is 25-mile per hour restriction, because of construction back and forth as you're going on the betsy ross bridge this friday morning. so far no delays in this area right now. but as the morning rush hour picks up, you can expect a little bit after back up. also, the vine street expressway is closed between broad street and 76. although it does lock like one side is moving at this point. that's going to open up
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completely around 5:00 a.m. also, 76, the westbound ramp, there is construction, if you are headed toward the boulevard. it is block blocking the left lane, one line getting by, the right lane will open up before the morning rush hour. guys, just busy busy morning whether it comes to the flight delays. when it comes to amtrak, here in our area, as well. >> thanks so much, pat. well, several thousand philadelphians are getting a raise. we'll tell you who they are coming up. >> of course another look at florida where hurricane matthew is battering the coast. we'll continue to update you with live pictures, and the latest on the storm's track. stay with us. katie v/o: she works hard. she stays late. but she gets paid 21% less than her male coworkers. pat toomey has voted time after time against equal pay for women, against pay that helps hard working families get ahead. katie o/c: for my daughters and yours, i'll fight for equal pay for women. families need it; you've earned it.
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katie v/o: i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message because it's your turn to get ahead. i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him
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in the face, i'll tell you. i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. get him out of here! get him out of here! get the hell out of here! priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> first time in recent memory, columbus day will not be a school holiday inn philadelphia. a new exhibit that showcases robots takes over the franklin
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institute. and what the city getting rid of to help bicyclists get around a little bit easier. check in two, three, four times a day, 1060 on your a.m. dial. >> 2,000 workers who earned their living in the city of philadelphia are getting a raise. city council has vote today update the wage ordinance that employees at hospital, stadiums, ports, that receive public money. now, companies that receive public money with tax breaks must pay the going rate in the market or pay a specific standard that's been set. the ordinance says workers must make which ever is higher. >> well, time now 4:49. time for check as always on business news. >> mine watch's jill wagner joins us live this morning, from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill. markets are a bit flat ahead of the big jobs report today. >> that's right. invest remembers waiting for the september jobs report, strong numbers, make it more likely, that the fed will raise interest rates by the ends of the year, analysts
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expect that the economy added about 175,000 jobs, after a slow-down in august. they're also in the unemployment rate holding steady at about 4.9%. those numbers come out before the opening bell. so certainly, we will move the markets, brooke, jim? >> jill, the entire country watching hurricane matthew at this point. there is big concern it could take toll on the economy. >> reporter: yes, hurricane matthew could cost the us economy more than $25 billion. some analysts think it could be a lot more than that. thousands of flights have been canceled, restaurants and stores in florida and the carolinas are closed, rare move, walt disney world orlando and sea world are closing today, actually, walt disney world, only the four time ever that they've closed. >> wow. >> big news. >> happiest place on earth. >> not right now. >> not at all. >> quiet he is place on earth. we'll check in with you in the next hour. coming up a check on weather and traffic. >> storm scan3 showing matthew making it way up the east
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good morning, hammy friday, pretty quiet overall, and at least for half of the upcoming weekends, however, hurricane matthew still churning away off to the south. it is a potent category three, making its close approach to cape canaveral, maximum winds speeds, 120 miles per hour, downgraded from yesterday, now, moving to the north-northwest at about 13 miles per hour. and it will continue to churn if not right on to the shore line, very close to it. so, some very substantial storm surge expected anywhere real fry jacksonville up to the charleston area. that's a vast expands of real estate where we will see at least the worse of the storm surge. but that storm surge will happen from this storm, anywhere from south florida, all the way up to possibly even north carolina, as that storm makes its closest path sunday very likely category
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one storm, then this very odd path it is taking in a circular fashion, that's going to basically because it is being shouldn't dollars off to the south, storm that's going to take that path once more. back down to the south, then recur of again, although it will be losing its strength at that point. but it is a multi day event. keeping the seas very strong and rough down across the southeast in the days ahead. what you notice this zoom of storm scan is that we've got some moisture being sent north, even already into virginia. this is tropical moisture. we are not going to bear any direct impact from matthew, but some of this moisture getting tapped into, as the front that you see now moving into the midwest, starts to make its approach. so sort of like that tunnel effect, that it is with the moisture being drawn in, we eventually end up with some steadier rain because of that as the front itself makes its passage. now, tomorrow, rather temperatures, right now, currently into the four's, at 47 in allentown, 48 trenton, and you're right around 60 in wildwood. quite the variety pack here.
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but the general story is mid or up ear's across most of the board, under clear sky, likely see the temperatures drop off little more readily as the morning progresses, but the sun will come up. it will do it part to keep things up, above average day 76, in the sunshine, tomorrow with rain primarily in the p.m. hours, as the cold front crosses, then it does its job to cool things down. we're back in the sunshine although little cooler sunday. i almost called you meisha, pat, over to you. >> don't do it, i don't look anything like her. much prettier than meisha. just kidding, giles. the storm dissipating somewhat. but still major problems, especially down in florida at the airport, here, some of the status cents to look at, fort lauderdale opening at 11:00 today. orlando opening 6:00 a.m. miami flights will gradually resume today as they've been canceled over 600 every them canceled yesterday, tampa, that remains open, and un affected as of right now. mass transit schedule also affected, you can take a look adam track, southeast region
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suspended canceled through saturday, silver star, silver meteor, the auto train, which is going from virginia to florida, all suspended as of right now. palmetto normally goes to savage a a -- salve rana, georgia, from new york city to dc. it would normally go to georgia but problems with the mass transit and the airports. make sure to check amtrak. make sure to check the airport schedules as well. here at home, betsy ross bridge, had been construction, that's since cleared. also the turnpike has been cleared before downingtown, that's good news after that mess yesterday. back over to you guys. >> thanks so much, pat. coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", live in florida as hurricane matthew makes landfall. >> plus, we are learning more about the deadly train crash in hoboken, new jersey. we will tell you what investigators say they just removed and how fast the train was going. >> and a little later best selling book now a movie, go behind the scenes of the girl on
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> a dark and stormy night for south florida. hurricane matthew is moving up the coast, and while it has been downgrade today a category three storm, it is still pack ago punch. >> as we get report of damage left behind, volunteers from across the region are already en route to florida. we'll tell you how they hope to help. >> the storm so big, even president obama is tweet being it, the commander in chief sent out this message saying hurricane matthew is as serious as it gets. listen to local officials prepare, take care of each other, he included a ring to >> good morning, it is friday, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas, thanks for joining us. katie and pat are keeping an eye on things for us today.
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meisha is off today. >> the airports are a mess in florida. amtrak a mess, we'll keep an eye on, that but around here, it is okay. >> if you are trying to travel out of the region it seems is where the problem comes up. when the sun comes up, sun glare will be an issue, but so let's turn the focus right away what's going on in the tropics. yes, you have not only got matthew, you have also got now hurricane nicole. thankfully not expected to be any kind of direct threat to even bermuda although just off the south of that, however, this tells you that the atmosphere is ripe for tropical development. two hurricanes out there right now, matthew obviously the one though that we turn our focus to when it comes to major impact, and storm surge out of this, not to mention heavy rainfall amounts, damaging winds speeds. this is a very big deal, the storm system, and a lot of times because we've gone about a decade without any kind of major hit like this in the southeast, specifically to


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