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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  October 7, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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federal aid. >> clown sitings have arrived in cinnaminson, new jersey. >> police say 14 year old boy dressed in a clown costume and ran around outside a middle school scaring a busload of children. >> hillary clinton and donald trump are gearing up for second presidential debate, trump and clinton will tackle the issues this sunday in st. louis. >> stick around, we've got a great show. >> stick around, we've got a great show. >> stick around. >> we've got a great show. >> stick around, we've got a great show. >> stick around. we've got a great show. >> stick around, we've got a great show. >> stick around. we've got a great show. >> that was after emily blunt giving stephen colbert some acting lesson on the late show. really good, stick around, we've got a great show. >> really. and i know somebody who does
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need acting lessons because she is a scientist. >> i like that. >> and that is katie. >> you don't want to see my acting skills. >> actually, i do. >> no, i have seen it, she looks like a crazy person in a cornfield. >> see? >> i i want to see that. >> why do i have to be in a cornfield? >> i don't know, just through that in, part of the picture. >> okay. so, as we turn our focus here to the weather in all seriousness, of course, we continue to talk about hurricane matthew it is very, very shear size, part of the reason, that we're seeing so many people affected by it, but of corpse, just shear strength, it is the reason that so many people have also been now evacuated. meantime here at home, it is very, very tranquil. but let's turn our focus to the south eats, where the storm system continues to churn again as very strong category three, hurricane depending upon it landfall regardless whether it actually strikes land or not, still bringing devastating impact to the florida shore line as well as up the coast through georgia, as well as south
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carolina, where hurricane warnings are now posted and they continue as well for portions of the bahamas, so, just millions of people impacted by this, whether from storm surge, the devastating amount of wind damage that we're likely to see out of this and also the very heavy rainfall. looking at storm scan little closer to home, you'll actually notice, that there is even bit of moisture beginning to funnel in, across portions of the appalachians, and that is as a result of matthew's moisture. some of which we will tap into with the next frontal passage. for now we look outside, pleasant valley middle and high school, bit of fog that settled in. it looks like that will stick around through the valley regions here as we move into the early morning. once the sun comes up, it scares that away. regardless we are off to nice clear start here in the city. we will see once the sun comes up clear skies, helping to warm things up little bit more efficiently. so 76 degrees, is our anticipated high in that sunshine t looks like nice end to the work week, but, we are going to tap into matthew's moisture tomorrow, as a cold front crosses, that means,
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some rain on the way, i'll tell when you to expect the steadiest rain coming up a bit later in the show. pat, we send it into you. >> boo on the rain, katie. we want sunny weekends, looks like pretty decent weekend overall. philadelphia region, taking a look at the vine street expressway, going in and out of philadelphia, no delays, opens back up around 5:00 a.m. due to the construction so far so good right here. also, so far so good on cottman, excuse me, 95 at cottman, going through the s curve. you can see the brake lights, starting to heat up little bit in this area. here 95 at cottman, 42 freeway headed into the city maybe people taking off friday? hopefully that's the keys, ease it up little bit. right here head toward 295 on 42, that is looking good, as well. we go down to the southeast, the airport status, in florida, fort lauderdale opening at 11:00 today. orlando is resuming on saturday, around 6:00 a.m., which is a good thing, miami,
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they'll be resuming today over 600 flights were canceled at miami, on or the side of the state tampa, that remains open, pretty much un affected by hurricane matthew. mass transit schedule down there, amtrak, southeast region, suspended tampa through saturday. silver star, silver meteor, the all owe train, as well, check the amtrak website, guys, over to you. >> thanks, pat. this morning, at least 200,000 people are without power in florida. >> that's as hurricane matthew makes slow crawl up the state east coast. this is a look at the storm's impact in daytona beach. 2 million people have been told to head inland. now, the storm is expected to move into georgia tonight before eventually moving into the carolinas, then out to sea this weekend. >> right now, volunteers from the delaware valley are headed south, to help with relief efforts after the storm passes. this was the scene at the red cross eastern pennsylvania headquarters on chestnut street in center city yesterday. volunteers and officials hold the the trucks with supplies, before headed out before
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relief efforts can begin, the storm has to move out. >> and it is taking it time in doing so. marlie hall live in orlando this morning, good morning, marlie watch have you seen in orlando so far? >> it has been raining the last couple of hours, rain light, but steady, and we do have some wind gusts however we know that hurricane matthew will come ashore or very close to shore later today. and that means, conditions certainly will intensify. and the florida coast is bracing for a long day of punishing wind, rain, and storm surge and storm surge specially big concern it, could top 9 feet, and be potentially deadly. >> i know it has had a big impact, marlie, and i and i know there have been many flight concellations so far. >> huge impact on travel, 3700 flights canceled through tomorrow and florida and
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airport from miami through orlando have been closed. so there has been huge impact on travel, also, the theme parks here in orlando are closed today. that's kind of unprecedented. disney has only closed four times, so disney is closed, universal studios as well as sea world. so definitely a lot of people and businesses taking this storm quite seriously. >> marlie, this is the biggest hurricane to affect the region in years, with direct hit. what was the last one? >> last 12005, hurricane wilma, hit southwest florida, it killed five people, and damages were estimated to be $21 billion. >> thank you marlie hall in orlando, stay safe, we'll check in with you later today. >> as we've reported disney world is closed for just the fourth time in it history.
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>> the closure means some are stuck, including a delaware county family supposed to fly back home today. >> now, joining us live on the phone right now cathy for lan owe, good morning, can you hear me? >> yes, i can, good morning. >> what's it like there right now? >> right now it is just really windy. >> raining? heavy rain? >> no, no, no rain, not right now. >> how did you find out the park was closing? >> actually from the news. nobody contacted us here at disney. >> wow. >> people making their way to the exit. >> exactly, so what's the resort? which resort are you staying at right now? >> core nato springs. >> what are they doing as far as food and water, is everything business as usual at this point? >> no, they gave us couple of phonecalls to come down to the main lobby where we could pick up like a grab and go meal. and we wait in the line for a long time, because the convention center, convention
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here as well, so there are a lot of people. so we wait in the line for over an hour, you could pick up as many meals as you needed but we were informed that everything was going to be closed today. no food or drinks. >> that's stressful. when are you coming home? >> we're scheduled to come home saturday evening, rescheduled to come home. >> flying out? >> flying out saturday evening. >> okay. >> and so far we're can he'd to saturday morning. >> you don't have any delays, our fingers crossed, and sorry your vacation ended in this way. take care the rest of the day there, we will continue to check in with you later today. >> thank you very much. >> well, stay with cbs-3 "eyewitness news" as we continue to trac mat ooh as it moves up the coastment you can find update any time on >> and, in about ten minute, katie is going to speak live with scientists from nasa, they'll take us inside this monster storm. >> that's going to be fascinating. plus the big change kim kardashian is making after she
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was robbed at gunpoint. also this. >> i'm kevin frazier coming up emily blunt embraces her dark side, the woman who becomes entangled in a deadly mystery
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>> i have to tell you kim kardashian taking a break from it all after being robbed at gunpoint in paris, this is video of kim and kanye, and their children, leaving new york yesterday. kardashian has been silent on
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social media since armed robbers broke into her hotel, tide her up, stole millions of dollars in jewelry. we also hear she won't be displaying her wealth as much. the reality star has cancelled the film of her show keeping up with the cards ash yan's indefinately and canceled all appearances for the next several weeks. >> local funny girl is being honored at temple university today. tina fay in town to except the excellent in the media award. the upper darby native is best known for her emmy award winning work on saturday night live and 30 rock, although did go to temple, her brother and late father are graduate of the school of media and communication. >> got to tell you, emily blunt is taking on a new and dark role in a mystery thriller out this weekend. kevin frazier from entertainment tonight tells us about the girl on the train. >> this week, emily blunt stars the woman who becomes involved in trying to solve
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mysterious disappearance while battling her own personal demons, in the girl on the train. >> i saw her. i saw her from the train. >> emily blunt plays rachael, woman who insert herself in a history after young woman she becomes obsessed with watching from her train ride goes missing, blunt went anti-glam, to play character struggling with divorce and alcohol addiction, and playing up her ugly side for the role. >> we had a really amazing -- i had things like contact lentz that covered my whole eye, so the bloodshot covered the white of my eyes, fun tricks. >> also pregnant at the end every filming which she kept hidden in the early stages, but crow guessed the secret before anyone news. >> why are you here? >> he pulled me aside, are you pregnant? i was like yes. >> get up off the floor and run, just like, five, 10 feet, and she was like no, i twist my hip or something. late their day we went back to
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my place, and she was not having a cocktail. and i was like are you pregnant? she was like why are you here? >> because i'm afraid of myself. >> for entertainment tonight, i'm kevin frazier, now, back to you in the student yes. >> thank, kevin for all of the latest news from hollywood. be sure to watch entertainment tonight week nights at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. so i red a lot about the book that this movie is based on. and i think it is going to be like gone girl, like not exactly, just how shocking that was. >> very suspense full. >> good like that. >> i've not red the book, but sounds like it could be a good one, we'll see. so of course we want to turn our focus to the weather talk about matthew, i do also i believe we will take a shot. because, there he is, chris dambrose yo is in, our weather watcher of the day, came in from saint david's this morning, looking very dapper, i might add. yep, he will be hanging out with us throughout the morning helping us produce the show, see little more from him and
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also learn more about him a bit later in the broadcast, let's zero in, and check in with the weather watchers, we have temperatures currently upper 40's, low mid 50's many spots, and so of the cooler spots, as well, like 44 degrees, 44 degrees this morning from eileen, out in gilbertsville, nice clear sky, virtually no wind. we've soon fog developing in some of the most outlying suburbs, so don't be shock if you see that. here is another 44 degrees temperature reading coming in from mark, under nice clear skies. going into another one into new jersey, at 47 degrees, this hour, from allen, nothing more than patchy cloud here and there in delran, new jersey, now, let's go ahead, again, go back with matthew, very latest on the track of the storm, has gone back and forth between cat four, cat three, now up to cat four yesterday, back to cat three. 120-mile per hour sustained winds speeds, moving a little more quickly than it was yesterday, a little more quickly, now to the in the-northwest 13 miles per hour, this will continue to
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just hug the coastline that is still up in the air whether it makes landfall. still will actually be bringing very substantial impact, landfall or not, to the entire southeast shore line here, all the way to up north carolina, then makes this very wacky circular path, just because of the jet stream suppressing it to the south forting it back to the south, so it may end up recur of back into the bahamas come next week. again, be something that we keep close monitor or. meantime at home all quiet and clear. courtesy of high pressure still in place, it is a much larger dome than this, but just for reference sake here is matthew, very obviously turning away to the south. and the next frontal boundary moving in, now, what happens here, is that front charges north, or rather east, and as matthew's moisture gets tapped into it moves north. eventually going to end up with steadier rain because of that, so, come tomorrow, you will probably need the umbrella throughout the second half of the day. and in the meantime, starting to see at least little bit of change on the colors, i hadn't
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seen too much of it in my own personal neighborhood but give it another couple of weeks, should start to see more vibrancy in the fall foliage across the region as pa whole. today still looks loverly, much like it did yesterday. we do see, however, temperatures getting hell back to the low 70s tomorrow because of clouds, and through the p.m. hours, especially the afternoon, early evening, that's when the rain will move in. back in the clear on sunday, obviously cooler by comparison, do have cold front that will live up to its name, very happy to say that in the ooh will not have any kind of direct impact to us looking to tuesday, wednesday, see the temperatures rebounds little bit here it looks good. only just one day of the forecast will bring the threat for rain and that's tomorrow. pat, over to you. >> katie, pretty decent seven day. >> not bad. >> not bad at all. what's not so good in the airport stat just florida, if you have loved ones, trying to come back home, or if you're headed down there, you have got to check on your carrier, because there are some closures, delays, for the lauderdale re-opening at
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11:00 today. that's good thing, orlando going to resume tomorrow, at 6:00 a.m., miami, they're resuming today after 600 plus flights were canceled yesterday. tampa, that's looking good over there. the mass transit schedule also a mess, amtrak down to the southeast region, suspensions, all over the board, silver star, silver meteor, the auto train as well headed in and out of florida, palmetto, normally savannah georgia just going to washington dc as of right now. check amtrak. com. accident cheltenham avenue, the lanes blocked, right there, so keep eye in that area. you want to probably take stenton avenue if you're around that anybody hood. accident pottstown route 724 unionville road, at 724, you take unionville road as an alternative or take route 100 as well. and in jersey, 42 the freeway, picking up some volume. not so bad headed toward i-295. no delays will pick up as you hit the 6:00 hour. and the schuylkill at spring garden, looking good as you head in toward the city of
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philadelphia. not whole lot to see around the city which is a good thing on friday morning. jim, brooke? >> very good news, thank you, pat. on the hell watch more people around the worlds are living longer. the new study shows life expectancy has increased, over the last quarter century, from 62 years, to nearly, 72 years of age. researchers credit the increase to improvement in sanitation, nutrition, and i am aoun is agents. but, expert say, future progress is being threatened by the health problems posed bio bees at this, diabetes, alcohol, and drug abuse. >> well, cbs-3 the "cw philly" and komen philadelphia teaming up wednesday again in the fight against breast cancer. turning the skyline pink. this is the national constitution center, in old city, a glow in pink. as you know, october is national breast cancer awareness month. and the pink lights are a reminder to schedule a mammogram, and stay vigilant in the fight against breast cancer. >> this is the 15th year for the light for the cure campaign. you can find out more information on
5:50 am >> well, our coverage of hurricane matthew will continue. >> up next: katie is talking to a nasa scientist with more on how they track the storm. it is live. stay with us.
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>> welcome back, we continue to track hurricane matthew churning away as very potent category three storm system. this is still posing some very significant threats to the entire southeastern shore line. and, it is definately been a system, that we've all been watching very closely, even here, at home, where we haven't expected to see too much impact from it, but, along with our eyes watching this, that will conclude of course the nasa scientists, and nasa giving us a look inside this powerful storm system. and doctor scott joins us liver right now from the goddard flight center in green belt, maryland, will talk to us more about how expert are using satellite images to better understanded the science behind hurricanes. doctor, good morning. >> good morning, hurricane matthew is the strongest hurricane we've seen develop in almost a decade. how are scientists using the satelite imagery to look inside the hurricane? >> nasa has it global precipitation gpm, which can provide both two and three
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dimensional views of hurricanes, in a particular example you're seeing here, this is from october 2nd, where we get to see inside the storm in terms of heavy rainfall near the center as well from the outer band of the storm. satellite has radar which gives us three dimensional view, looking at the structure of the storm. >> that 3d imagery really fast nature to go look at. but it tells you so much about what the storm is actually doing. so, how can these images actually give you clues as to when a storm is about to actually intensify? >> well, matthew intensifies from category one to category five in about a day. and the satelite information gives us depiction of the rainfall field, from that we can get clues whether or not the storm is likely to end tens few by the patterns of rainfall, because the rainfall structure really responds to whether on the environment is
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favorable or unfavorable. >> with the torrential rain we're seeing from the caribbean, bahamas, coastal states, it is fast nature to go me seeing how this rainfall is accumulating from space. how do you see images that tell that? >> well, the nasa gpm satellite is really the lynch pin of a constellation of precipitation measuring satellite. we're able to combine all every those estimates to get half hourly precipitation that contract as the storm goes by. so in this animation you see as the storm is passing by haiti, we are basically able to get estimate of about 20 inches or so of rain in that area. which of course, has heavy rain like that, in mountain us terrain, get significant flooding and even landslides. >> certainly helps to just figure out how the forecast will turn, doctor, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> sure. >> jim, brooke, we send it back to you. >> katie, that was interesting. usually with science, i glaze over, but i actually
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understood all of that. >> all of this hurricane coverage has been so fascinating, hoping that everyone is able to stay safe. >> exactly. >> but it is crazy to watch. >> we'll have more on hurricane matthew coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> plus: drake and drake? topping the music charts. soy why did only one person notice the rapper on campus? we'll have the story. >> and our own pat gallen in later ready for october fest, showing us what the best places to celebrate in philly. oh, what is he going to do? that's coming up next.
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flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. with flonase, more complete relief means enjoyment of every beautiful moment. flonase, six is greater than one, changes everything. ♪ >> all eyes are on hurricane matthew, has weakens slightly overnight, still powerful life threatening storm, could be catostrophic for florida. strong wind, and driving rain, are lashing the coast. right now more than 240,000 people are without power in florida. the situation will get much worse as the hours pass, but already feeling matthew's wrath. >> i think we're getting one of those gusts right nowment you can see, you can see the rain hitting me, and the wind blowing. >> indeed, tough assignment for reporter covering the
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storm down in florida today is friday, october 7th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. katie and pat keeping an eye on things this morning. >> quiet on the roads? >> so far so good on the road. >> i'm sad to say this does excite me. >> need to get a life. >> oh, my gosh. i have to figure out how to pop out of somewhere hiding. >> that's the picture. >> can't stop it. >> i'll see what i can do. >> excellent. we look forward to that for sure. and certainly still tracking matthew, you know, remind me of other storms that i have actually covered in the field. that rain is stinging when you're out in those kind of winds speeds. and definitely, yes, you feel for the field presenter out there trying to bring us the imagery, very wide zoom storm scan3, with matthew, turning up potent category three, off shore the florida coastline, it will be a problem for the next several days. frontal boundary back over the midwes c


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