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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 7, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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weekends. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, october 7th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." hurricane matthew slams ashore with 120-mile-per-hour winds and knocking out power and damaging homes. millions are in the path of this dangerous storm. we will go to the hardest hit areas and talk to florida's governor. >> people in south carolina and georgia and north brace for a hurricane that could bring record flooding. they haven't faced a hurricane like this in more than a hundred years. >> donald trump and hillary clinton get ready for a rematch. we will show you how they are preparing for sunday's town hall debate. we begin this morning with a
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look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> [ bleep ]. >> wow. this wind is really blowing hard. >> i'm not sure what the miles per hour are. >> i'm not going to lie. i'm scared. >> hurricane matthew pumles east coast. >> it's a monster. >> you talked to my captain. do you have body bags? are you prepared for mass casualties. >> reporter: as florida's governor has warned repeatedly, this storm will kill you. it will kill your children. it will kill your pets and everyone you know who wants to mess with it. >> hillary clinton was off the campaign trail today, prepping for sunday's debate. >> do you really think that hillary clinton is debate prepping for three or four days? hillary clinton is resting. okay? >> federal investigators now say the man behind that stabbing spree at a mall in minnesota may have been newly radicalized. >> he may have been radicalized either with the influence of others or on his own. >> investigators say the train that crashed into that transit station in hoboken, new jersey, last week was going twice the
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speed limit. >> and again it's larry fitzgerald with a touchdown catch. >> the 49ers lose their fourth in a row! >> all that. >> president obama honored the winners of the nhl stanley cup at the white house. >> for the first year you guys won the cup my hair matched the color of the puck more than the ice. >> and all that matters. >> the second presidential debate will take place this weekend and not as hillary requested. now! now! let's do it right now! >> on "cbs this morning." >> a man says his replacement galaxy note 7 phone started smoking on a flight. >> i noticed smoke just pouring out of my pocket. pulled the phone out of my pocket, threw it onto the ground where it continued to smoke. >> this story right here is the definition of white privilege. you get on a plane and you have smoke coming out of your pocket? and then you whip out a device that looks like it's going to blow up and you throw it on the ground and people, sir, are you okay? are you okay? oh, my god!
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you poor man! announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places! ♪ welcome to "cbs this morning." hurricane matthew, right now, is pounding florida's atlantic coast. this is a picture from daytona beach showing the hurricane's power as it barrels north just offshore. this powerful category three hurricane is packing sustained >> what we have learned is that more than 300,000 customers are without power in florida. more than 2 million people have been told to evacuate. look at these lines. the massive storm is more than 500 miles wide. matthew is blamed now for at least 339 reported deaths in haiti alone. the hurricane's western eyewall is just off florida's space
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coast. >> we have a team of correspondents spread all along the southeastern coast. right now, we begin with chief weather caster lonnie quinn of our new york station wcbs who is tracking the storm minute-by-minute. lonnie, how bad is it? >> the worst of the storm has to offer is in the eastern eyewall which thankfully is offshore. in fact, the entire eye has never made an actual landfall yet. still a possibility. if we flip the current conditions as of 5:00 from the national hurricane center, it's 25 miles east of cape ka and a half v-- canaveral. wind still blowing at 120 miles per hour. but take a look at it from the satellite. here is the spin. that is the eye. zoom in tighter here. you're going to find cape canaveral is in the western eyewall. this is strong about 80-mile-per-hour winds here and 120-mile-per-hour winds on the eastern side of that wall. so what are we dealing with throughout the day? daytona beach could have 65 miles per hour winds. 71 miles per hour winds in jacksonville.
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and then up to savannah tomorrow maybe 84 miles per hour winds. these are just estimates and could be a little stronger or weaker elsewhere. the storm track itself will transition into a category two we think somewhere around georgia and try to transition into a one as it pushes through the south carolina coast and it does this big loop pushing back down toward the bahamas. is it possible that the same places could get hit twice? it's possible but a much weaker system. guys, this is the latest track we have for you and we will stay on top of this and back a little bit later but back to you. >> let's go to "cbs evening news" scott pelley in west palm beach, florida. scott, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie. as the sun is beginning to rise over here at the headline of this hour is so far, so good. we had wind here in palm beach last night of only about 50 miles an hour, below hurricane force. there is virtually no damage to be seen anywhere around here. the southern part of the state, miami, ft. lauderdale, the palm
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beaches have literally dodged a bullet. the hurricane force winds have remind about ten miles offshore. hurricane matthew lit up the sky overnight in poert salerno in florida. lights were glowing and arcing in the blinding rain. matthew's wind gusts is still battering the atlantic coast. at one point the storm system's massive reach spanned from central america to just south of the nation's capital. last night, governor rick scott ordered the 1.5 million floridians in the evacuation zones to get out. >> matthew is likely to produce devastating impacts from storm surge, extreme winds, and heavy rains. if you're close, you could have the storm surge and waves over your roof of your house. >> reporter: what kills most people in a hurricane? >> 9 out of 10 people who have died have died as a result of water. half of the fatalities have been
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due to storm suggest. >> reporter: rick nabb is director of the national hurricane center. >> awful track and not one i've seen. this could not only be a expensive hurricane but deadly hurricane. it's amazing sometimes how hurricanes seek out the worst possible paths. >> reporter: this flight is bumpy and for very good reason. meteorologists and hurricane hunters on board study the storm's intensity and track by flying directly into matthew's path. these people spent the night inside one of florida's emergency shelters. you've got your brother, your sister, your mom and your dad. >> yes. >> reporter: omar marsirigos hunkered down with his family. >> we live close to the evacuate zones so we want to come to a more of a safer spot. >> reporter: the national hurricane center is telling us that the eyewall of the storm around the eye where the highest winds are is becoming
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disorganized. the storm is weakening. over the next 24 hours, it should start pulling in dry air which will cause it to weaken even further. but there is still a great deal of concern about flooding in the northern part of florida, in the southern part of georgia. the danger isn't over yet. norah? >> scott pelley there in west palm beach, thank you so much. matthew is hitting florida with powerful waves. the national hurricane center forecast a massive storm surge of 11 feet in florida. mark strassmann is in daytona beach which, right now, is feeling the storm's force. mark, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. conditions were bad an hour ago and gotten worse now. you can see the winds and rains have really picked up in the last hour. that is really not a surprise. the hurricane matthew makes its way up the east coast of florida. it is now about 60 miles south of where we are moving 13 miles an hour and getting closer by late morning, the hurricane category two hurricane, category three hurricane, excuse me
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should be moving offshore here. the hope it stays offshore because that will spare this coast the brunt of the catastrophic damage that people had feared all along. precautions, of course, taken here. about 3,800 people in volusia county in shelters and curfew going on until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. bridges are closed and too dangerous to go outside so hunker down people are warned. you will see this debris up and down atlantic avenue behind me but people can take this. this is a simple cleanup. what the hope, of course, it doesn't get any worse than palm fronds or basic debris. the hope the stocatastrophe tha was feared for days will not happen. >> matthew is about to hit georgia and 500,000 people there have been ordered to leave the
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coast. severe storm and flood warnings cover much of the reason. errol barnett is in tybee island, georgia. one of the many under a state of emergency. >> reporter: folks here along the georgia coastline are waking up to rainfall and wind gusts from the outer band of hurricane matthew as it approaches this part of the country. 35,000 evacuation locations are available for those seeking shelter. and the governor has also authorized 1,000 national guardsmen, should the need arise. georgia's tybee island has not experienced a destructive hurricane in more than a century. >> it is a bare, real possibility of such a thing happening again. >> reporter: jason is tybee island's mayor. >> i'm making sure that everybody leaves the island. >> reporter: this town outside of savannah is under six coastal counties in georgia under a mandatory evacuation order by the governor. >> not to prosecute anybody for
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not leaving. i think mother nature will inflict the punishment upon them. we want them to avoid that. >> reporter: inside in savannah school buses are shuttling people in need of transportation to shelters. on the main interstate out of the city, state troops reversed 125 miles of eastbound lanes to accommodate the steady flow of evacuees and among them is this water family who boarded up their home on st. simon's island. >> we never boarded up window and left like this. the first time anyone has ever had to pack up and leave. >> reporter: there is hope but people here are bracing for up to 15 inches of rain. hurricane force winds. and, of course, rising waters. in fact, further inland, there is a fear of massive storm surges in places like south newport that is southwest of here and it could see up to nine feet of flooding. charlie? >> errol, thanks. the bahamas, cuba and haiti
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know the power of hurricane matthew. the reported death toll in haiti risen to more than 300 and could keep rising as rescue crews reach outer location areas. the bahamas reports no deaths but considerable damage in places like nassau. matthew's eyewall got within ten miles of freeport on grand bahama island. omar villafranca is there following the cleanup and relief efforts. >> reporter: these new aerial pictures captured by a drone show how fast the damage in southwestern haiti really is. for the poorest nation in the western hemisphere, the destruction is crippling. red cross shelters set up to aid the displayed and injured are in short supply of food and water and medicine. help from the u.n. and the united states is already on the ground with the assistance trickling into the hundreds of thousands of need is slow. there is no water says this man,
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head of the haitian red cross. we can't help the people. there is no food. >> a scene complete destruction here. >> reporter: in cuba, cleanup has already begun. on the eastern tip of the island, it was devastated by storm surge and 140-mile-per-hour winds. here in the bahamas, the storm plowed through the island chain and tearing off the roof 6 this home in nassau. the first major hurricane to hit the bahamian capital since the late 1920s. with matthew churning well to our north, the challenge now for these caribbean nations is rebuilding which is especially difficult for haiti, a nation still recovering from the deadly 2010 earthquake. >> thank you, omar. we will be talking to florida governor rick scott in a moment. now we change gears. the presidential candidates are responding to the threat of this hurricane matthew. hillary clinton asked her followers on twitter to, quote, follow emergency instructions and evacuate if you are told to.
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donald trump in a statement sat this. nothing is more important than the safety of your family. the hurricane will not delay sunday's town hall debate at washington university in st. louis. major garrett is in manchester, new hampshire, where trump spoke about his preparations. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the campaign trail took time off for a debate prep and understandably hurricane matthew. hillary clinton, for the most part, remained see questions testi -- sequester sequestered. trump swore this was not a tune-up town hall for sunday and for the sake of his campaign, he better be right. >> our hearts are with all of the people, and prayers, to the millions in the path of what is now known as hurricane matthew. >> reporter: donald trump opened to an appeal to floridians and the destructive path of mau. >> you have a great governor, governor scott, and you got to
7:15 am
listen, because it could be -- it could be a really, really bad one. >> reporter: trump's running mate and sitting indiana governor mike pence deployed emergency responders to assist. >> our hearts and our prayers tonight are with our neighbors in florida. >> reporter: hillary clinton sent one tweet that read, in part, stay safe, florida. her running mate tim kaine recalled a hurricane watch in virginia. >> i was a governor. you are too. we are thinking hard about the safety of our citizens. >> reporter: clinton was off the trail and preparing for monday's second face-off with trump. the gop nominee had another take. >> do you really think that hillary clinton is debate prepping for three or four days? hillary clinton is resting. okay? >> reporter: trump's town hall? >> let's have a fun question. >> what is one of your earliest memories as a child and why do you think it stands out and then she says go donald. >> reporter: the unpredictable of a new england hayride. >> this has nothing to do with sunday. this was set up a little while
7:16 am
ago. they were going to cancel it. i said why cancel it? forget the debate prep. give me a break. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie traveled here with donald trump and taking a much more prominent role in his debate prep and cutting the size of the debate prep team to more than half and trying to keep the candidate and the debate team more efficient and focused. norah? >> thank you very much, major. florida governor rick scott joins us now on the phone to talk about hurricane matthew. he told people to evacuate with a blunt warning saying, this storm will kill you and will kill your children. governor, good morning. you are certainly not mincing any words. >> it it's public safety. halfway up your coast and we are going to see hurricane force winds and storm surge up to 12 feet in jacksonville hear. people still have time to get out. we are going to see flooding and high waves.
7:17 am
my biggest concern is everybody take care of yourself. look. i can't send in first responder to save you in the middle of a storm. you have to act responsibly and take care of yourself and your family. >> are people heeding your warning to get out? >> we have 22,000 people in our storm shelters last night. we kept our evacuate routes open. last night, a lot of people moved. you don't have to move that far in florida to get away from harm's way. we have shelters. we have over 150 shelters in the state and people use it. we have special needs shelters and general population shelters. people are using them. i think -- i'm very hopeful. we have about 400,000 homes without power now and restoring power already in the southern part of the state but we still have a long way to go and we will have this all day today. >> i know you spoke with president obama yesterday who signed an emergency declaration for your state. do you have everything you need to protect the people there?
7:18 am
>> we have preposition assets, food, water, 3,500 members of national guard and high water vehicles. we have been ready. the federal government is going to provide food, water and tarps. we have asked them for generators and for pumps. i've talked to the army corps of engineer. head of southeast is down here with me, general turner. everybody is working together but my biggest concern now is take care of yourself and public safety. i don't want one life lost. i love my children and my grandchildren and i don't want anything to happen to them or anything to happen to anybody in this country. >> you say that you are urging people to have access to generators, power outages could be a big problem in terms of emergency responses? >> absolutely, charlie. the biggest -- first off we are going to have power outages, no question. one thing i want people to do, though, if you use a generator you have to keep it outside. don't use it inside your house. don't touch downed power lines.
7:19 am
a lot of trees down and downed power lines and don't touch them or drive or walk into the water. sun coming up and people want to get outside. you have to be careful. if you're still in the middle of the storm, don't get outside. there is a lot of debris going around. we still have hurricane force winds in cape canaveral going north. >> governor scott of florida, thank you so much for joining us. good luck to you as you battle this storm today. is donald trump or hillary clinton best positioned to seize the advantage in sunday's town hall style debate? ahead, two political advisers show us what can happen when candidates lose the power of the podium. first, it's time to check
7:20 am
the eye of hurricane matthew is getting closer to land. >> ahead, the latest from florida on the dangerous storm expected to ride up the atlantic coast for 500 miles. the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning."
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ahead, hurricane matthew's effect on travel.
7:26 am
the big storm leaves planes and >> live in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, i'm brooke thomas. while florida and other southern states deal with hurricane matthew, some emergency squads from here, are headed south, to help out. the new jersey search and rescue team rolled out last night. the team includes highly trained police, fire, and medical personnel, part of the team is staying behind in case anyone needs help in our area. let's get check on the eyewitness forecast now with meteorologist, katie fehlinger. >> good morning, brooke, you know, we expect to go see some very, very indirect impact, from that storm system, and namely, in the form of some tropical moisture that comes north, from matthew, but no direct impact whatsoever, so, we're really going to get sheltered by the overall pattern in the atmosphere, but temperatures as they stand courtesy of nice clear sky off to cool start in many
7:27 am
locations here in the 40's, from trenton, allentown up to mount pocono, as women, we look forward through the rest of the day we moderate nicely to 76 greets in the sunshine, later tonight clouds rebuild, and tomorrow in the p.m. hours, especially, rain moves through, some of it heavy but in the clear already by sunday. pat? >> good morning, accident to tell but over in new jersey. route 55, in blackwood, there is an overturned car, right before route 47. the right lane block. so very slow go in that area. also, the route 11 trolley, 30 minute delay, right here, accident at 69th and woodland avenue, and it is foggy, out in oaks on 422, brooke? >> thanks, pat. next update is at 7:55, up next on cbs this morning, how the ibm super compute is her
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♪ this is a look at daytona beach showing the power of matthew. the hurricane is hammering central florida right now with dangerous winds and torrential rain. this extreme weather is expected to last all day long before moving on to georgia and south carolina. tomorrow, parts of florida could get a storm surge up to 11 feet. greg angel of our affiliate wpec felt the storm's power in vero beach. >> well, good morning. we can tell you that we are still getting the heavy gusts of wind, expecting tropical storm force wind at least until 9:00 this morning and rain off and on. but we are also seeing here, in addition to the dark cloud, is day starting to break and that is going to be crucial because that is going to give first responds to be start to head out and to assess exactly how
7:31 am
widespread some of the damage is from this powerful hurricane matthew as it continues to make its way up florida's coast now. the big concern here remains the surge. this right here, if you look at the piling there, that is the end of the sea wall and in just the past couple of hours, the water has continued to be pushed by the heavy winds that you see now. but flooding and surge had been the biggest concern here and while we are getting reports of flooding in certain parts, we are certainly avoiding the widespread catastrophic kind of damage that we had potentially been looking forward to, especially if we had had a direct hit from a category four storm. we can tell you statewide right now, there are about 350,000 people still without power. people are being warned to stay off the streets as these high winds all across south and central florida are expected to persist at least through noon time and early afternoon today,
7:32 am
so, again, it looks like a major miss. things are looking much better than what they could have been but we are still not fully out of the woods just yet. in vero beach, florida, greg angel, cbs news. >> thank you, greg. the storm disrupted travel in the southeast and beyond. airlines scrapped thousands of flights and train services suspended. cruise ships diverted out of the storm's path. kris van cleave is in washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. nearly 4,000 flights through sunday have been cancelled so far. the airlines cancelled early so people wouldn't be stranded at airports in the storm's path and so they could get planes and crews out before it hit. miami international was a virtual ghost town as the last few flights took off thursday afternoon. ft. lauderdale airport workers rushed to prepare for the looming storm. and in west palm beach, kiosks were wrapped in plastic to keep water out. similar scenes are playing out at airports in orlando.
7:33 am
daytona beach and jacksonville, right now. they may not see flights until saturday. in georgia and south carolina, coastal airports could essentially be shut down through sunday. amtrak halted service in the southeast through saturday. and disney world will be closed at least through today. just the fourth shutdown in the park's history. airlines do hope to slowly resume service as early as this afternoon as the storm passes, but that will depend on how much damage matthew brings. >> important information. thank you, kris. we will have continuing coverage of hurricane matthew throughout the morning. we want to take a look at other headlines from around the globe. the tennesseean reports that six soldiers are among eight people accused of stealing and selling army gear worth more than $1 million. a u.s. attorney says weapon parts and body armor were among the items sold overseas on ebay. such equipment is usually destroyed. there are fears it could have handed in the hands of america's
7:34 am
enemies. they are stationed at ft. campbell, kentucky. the deputy defense minister reportedly revealed a plan today to russia's parliament. russia had a navy facility on vietnam's southeast coast and used an intelligence base near havana. they were closed in the early 2000's after the soviet union collapsed. 102 commutations were announced yesterday by and raises the president's total to 774 more than the 11 previous presidents combined. virtually all of the offenses were nonviolent drug crimes. britain's "guardian" reports on the prize winner of the nobel peace prize. columbia's president juan manuel and cited his efforts to end columbia's 50 year long civil war. he won the war even though
7:35 am
colombian voters rejected a peace deal. >> the president hall nominees are taking different approaches this morning to prepare for sunday's town hall debate. hillary clinton largely focused on preparations. donald trump held a town hall event last night in new hampshire but he denies that this was practice. the debate format will have the candidates fielding questions from a crowd and they will not have a podium to support them. chip reid met with a pair of political advisers from their view on historical perspectives on town hall debate. >> reporter: this is the traditional town hall debate. you're both standing behind a podium. >> it's the way politicians most commonly speak behind a podium. it's very comfortable for them and it's security and provides a little bit of separation from the audience which i think a lot of candidates like.
7:36 am
>> sure. it's a predictable center of gravity, right? in the moderator is, where the camera is. so you're delivering your lines in a very fixed way. so in that sense, it's very secure. >> reporter: okay, we are going to move the feed yumspodiums as. we asked the two to demonstrate what happens when the candidates lose the power of the podium. >> how do you feel now? >> exposed. naked. >> yeah, naked. >> you're not. >> no, i know, i know. no. but it's -- you -- sitting on a stool where you have to kind of look casual? no one looks on a stool looking presidential. >> you're told in prep to relax. there is nothing relaxing about this format. >> we are making history now and it's pretty exciting. >> reporter: the challenge is unique to this form of debate were evident when the first town hall was held in 1992. >> president bush answered a
7:37 am
question about the economy. >> how has national debt personally affected each of your lives? >> he gave an answer that was somewhat removed and. >> it has a lot to do with interest rates. >> she is saying you personal. >> how it affected you on a personal basis. >> how has it affected you personally? >> i'm sure it has. i love my grandchildren. >> how? >> i want to thinking they are able to afford an education. >> governor clinton took the same question. >> you know people who lost their jobs and their homes? >> uh-huh, yeah. >> walked directly out to, i believe it was a woman who asked the question. >> i'll tell you how it's affected me. >> reporter: 24 years later and marisa hall summers still remembers the impact of her question and has some advice for the current candidates. >> be honest. don't be evasive because we can see right through that. and speak from the heart. >> reporter: let's talk about the geometry, kind of the physicality of this. do you need to get up. >> i think you do need to get up
7:38 am
but you got to get -- you have to pick your moments. it looks weird to be walking around the entire time and it looks equally weird to be sitting down the entire time. >> first of all, your future is bright. >> reporter: space matters too. don't be afraid to get close to the audience. >> am i incorrect in that regard? >> reporter: just don't get too close to the other candidate. >> i remember with romney and obama in 2012. >> they got really in each other's face. >> i'm happy to have a longer conversation about -- >> absolutely. >> i remember being uncomfortable watching in the green room. >> you can't go to the transcripts. >> who do you think has the advantage in this format? >> hillary clinton does because she is a serious student when it comes to the debate prep. and donald trump is not. unless you're able to put in the hours and dedicate real time to these town hall there is no for that. >> reporter: no matter how rehearsed the candidates are on sunday, expect surprises. >> here is a prediction. there will be something that will happen during that 90
7:39 am
minutes that we will be talking about all day monday, all day tuesday, all day wednesday and none of us can predict what that is. >> reporter: is that more likely to involve hillary or donald? >> anybody's guess. >> it's pretty safe it's something that trump said. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning: saturday," chip reid, new york. >> that was a great way to set up sunday. think about that physicality of them standing perhaps that close to one another. >> i think mike makes a good point. nothing relaxing standing in front of a big crowd. >> that is why it's important to prepare. >> cbs coverage between the town hall debate will begin at 9:00 eastern/8:00 central on cbs. we will be there with bob schieffer and john dickerson and nancy cordes and major garrett. that is all sunday on cbs. >> ibm intelligence watson can process the equivalent of a million books for a second.
7:40 am
ahead, charlie shows us how researchers on putting a.i. to use in cancer centers across the country. take us with you when you leave the house. we invite you to subscribe to our new "cbs this morning" podcast. >> it's really good. >> i hear it's very good. i hear the people are great on that show. >> what are their names? >> it was nice. >> why should you pay attention to this? you'll get the news of the day and extended interviews and pod casts originals. he we like originals. find them on itunes and apple's podcast app. we will be right back. you're watching "cbs this morning." is that they contour to your body. it keeps us comfortable and asleep at night. change your sleep, change your life... change to tempur-pedic. to sleep happy guaranteed, and zero percent apr financing, visit mattress firm.
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now we come to watson. we are looking for bram stoker and we find? who is bram stoker? and the wager? hello! $17,973! >> ibm's artificial intelligence technology called watson amazed the world when it won "jeopardy" five years ago. it is going through medical school and they are trying to teach watson through artificial
7:45 am
intelligence and watson is discovering new insights for cancer a patients. i spoke with dr. ned sharpless who runs a cancer center at the university of north carolina at the time chapel hill. what did you know about artificial intelligence and watson before ibm suggested it might make a contribution in medical care? >> not much, actually. i had watched it play "jeopardy" i knew about that and i was very skeptical. i was like, oh, this is what we need, "jeopardy" playing computer and that will solve everything. >> reporter: what got your skepticism? >> there a lot of false profits and false promises. i'm skeptical of almost any new idea in cancer. i just didn't reallynd what it would do. >> reporter: with watson's a.i. technology could do is essentially what dr. sharpless and his team of experts do every
7:46 am
week at this molecular tumor board meeting. they come up with possible treatment options for cancer patients who already fail standard therapies. they try to do that by sorting through all of the latest medical journals and trial data but it is nearly impossible to keep up. >> i don't think there is a trial open yet. >> to be on top of everything that is out there? all of the trials are taking place around the world, it seems like an incredible task for any one university and any one facility to do. >> it's essentially undoable. understand. we have 8,000 new research papers produced every day and no one has time to read 8,000 papers a day. we found we were deciding on therapy based on information that was always, in some cases, 12, 24 months out of date. >> reporter: however, it is a task that is elementary for watson. >> you know, they taught watson to read medical literature essentially in about a week. it was not very hard. and then watson read 24 million papers in about another week. and then it also scanned the web
7:47 am
before clinical trials opened in other centers. all of a sudden, we had this complete list that was sort of everything one needed to know. >> reporter: did this blow your mind? >> it totally blew my mind. >> wow! >> amazing. artificial intelligence. >> so glad they are studying this and two parts on "60 minutes." >> it's the most extraordinary thing that is happening in technology today in terms of how companies, not only in silicon valley, but around the world are using artificial intelligence in everything. it will be impacting -- >> and leapfrog i imagine our ability to solve diseases. >> absolutely. and in every area of our life. >> watson was impressive on "jeopardy" so i can't wait to see what he does in medical school. >> sunday on "60 minutes" hee how artificial intelligence is being used in ways never thought possible. plus, the new question that it raises. the full report airs sunday here
7:48 am
on cbs. >> must see tv. ahead the latest on hurricane matthew. we will be talking with a storm chaser and finding out where matthew is announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by cosen tyx. join the conversation with #seemetoknow. . see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious.
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. hurricane matthew bears down on florida, volunteers from our area, are going to be helping out on the front line. "eyewitness news", at the eastern pennsylvania headquarters of the red cross, on chestnut street in center city, volunteers and red cross officials loading up trucks and supplies before headed out. let's head over to katie for a look at the forecast. >> forecast overall, very tame by comparison, jim. going to start things off by looking at the very latest traffic that's coming in the national hurricane center on matthew. it is still on pace to hug the southeast coastline, currently strong category three storm and it is still also expected to make that circular path, a very oddball kind of a path, that said, from what you would typically see and possibly by next tuesday, it is already
7:57 am
potentially bringing renewed impact to the bahamas. so we will be keeping an eye on, that meantime here, we tap into some of matthew's moisture tomorrow, cold front passage, will bring in pretty steady rain specially through the p.m. hours. back in the clear though with sunshine by sunday. pat, over to you. >> beautiful friday katie. except right here in oaks, that's thick fog, along the 422 corridor. so, sunny pretty much everywhere else except right here. so, not many delays going on at this point. but there is some fog out there, just to let you know. also, new jersey, 55, blackwood, overturned car, an accident causing major slow downs, at route 47. jim, over to you. >> thanks, pat. next update is at 8: 25. coming up on cbs this morning, bob schieffer has preview of this sunday's presidential debate. i'm jim don
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it is friday, october 7th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead, including the fury of hurricane matthew, a category three storm that is lashing florida's east coast. find out where matthew is headed next. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. the southern part of the state literally dodged a bullet. the hurricane force wind have remained offshore. >> the winds and rained have picked up the last hour as hurricane matthew makes its way up the coast of florida. >> this is strong. about 80-mile-per-hour wind here. 120-mile-per-hour winds on the eastern side of that wall. >> along the georgia coast line, people are waking up to rainfall and wind gusts from the outer
8:01 am
bands of matthew. the big concern here remains the surge. this right here, if you look at the piling there, that is the end of the sea wall. >> nearly 4,000 flights through sunday have been cancelled. the airlines canceled so people would not be strand at the airports and crews could get the arps out before it hit. >> donald trump took a slew of softball questions from supporters. >> after this week's vice presidential debate both mike pence and tim kaine were criticized for repeatedly making false statements. that is my boy, said trump and hillary at the exact same time! announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by liberty mutual insurance. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. hurricane matthew is battering florida right now with torrential rains wind and storm surge. here is a look at daytona beach showing the storm's power. matthew is packing sustained
8:02 am
wind near 120 miles an hour. about 430,000 florida customers are without power. president obama declared a state of emergency in florida, georgia, and south carolina. >> this video shows a meteorologist and a hurricane hunter flying directly into matthew's path to study the storm's track. the storm right now is just off florida's space coast. tornado-like damage is expected in cape canaveral. more than 2 million people across the southeast coast were urged to leave ahead of this storm. mark strassmann is here with an update. what can you tell us, mark. >> reporter: good morning. the store in daytona beach with matthew so far is the wind. the rains come and go but the wind behind me are really pushing. the rains sort of feel like a typically -- not maybe a typically, but not an extraordinary florida storm but the winds are extraordinary. the wind keep picking up as matthew churns its way up the east coast of florida. winds have been clocked at 60
8:03 am
miles an hour about an hour and a half ago but they feel stronger now and not a surprise because matthew keeps getting closer. people have been told to stay put wherever they are, whether they are in shelters or even if they ave decided to hunker down at home. it's too dangerous now to go out and a curfew in effect that began at midnight last night and goes on until 7:00 a.m. this morning. the drag that runs along the coast in daytona beach if you walk out, it's a wind tunnel. you get pelted by debris and not a safe place to be. the best thing people can do here now is stay put and watch matthew from a distance, they hope, move its way up the east coast and with any luck, spare this coast of the catastrophe that everybody is afraid of. bus on the phone is jeff petrofski. he is an emmy award winning
8:04 am
storm chaser. jeff what is going on there? >> i'm out in the field and surveying damage right now. around 4:00 a.m. as the eye was approaching us the western eyewall got within four miles. winds 120 to 130 miles an hour and stopped about four miles east of the cape here in the outer barrier island. we had winds measuring i believe 107 is an official measurement here. we do have light to moderate and trees uprooted and power lines down. i do have some structure failures out here. the port out here on the north side received damage as well from the high winds. there is aungs rnd awnings rippd port authority area has damage on the north side of the water inlet and into the town of cape canaveral and scattered damage and billboards signs flying through the air an hour and a
8:05 am
half ago and billboard signs were coming down and some glass buildings, glass walls were imploded from debris flying in the air. >> matthew? matthew? >> go ahead. >> matthew. >> jeff. >> jeff. >> jeff, jeff. it's gayle king in the studio. listen, the pictures we are looking at are very, very frightening. i'm curious why you do this and what are you looking for? >> i've been doing this 40 years and cover tornadoes and hurricanes and we are on the ground and research and you can actually film what happens during these disasters in real-time and social media being so, you know, overwhelming, you can instantly tweet pictures out, facebook, live stream and i've been live streaming 24 hours and people and buildings out here can see the live stream instantly as things happen and better way to communicate with the public and let people know how bad it is and what to do to get out of harm's way. >> jeff, thank you so much. >> thank you.
8:06 am
>> officials along the coast have been warning people for days about the danger of the storm and last night, it arrived. >> take a look at the trees. they are blowing like crazy. it is raining really, really hard. >> the storm will kill you. time is running out. >> i've been through earthquakes and i've been through tornadoes, but i'm not going to lie. i'm scared. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> you could be here in complete darkness, no cell phone, no internet and flooding in your house and tornadic activity in the area and we can't get to you. >> i am begging you at this point to understand the seriousness of the storm. >> things are picking up significantly. probably the last time we will be able to show you this view because of how dangerous things are getting. >> that's scary stuff. chief weather caster lonnie quinn of our new york station wcbs is here.
8:07 am
good morning. people have to take this stuff very seriously. >> any time you have a cat three, cat four, cat five, you have a major hurricane. we got a major player right now. granted it's a cat three. you went to bad a cat four now a cat three. take a peek the new information we have from the national hurricane center it's 35 miles to the east/southeast of cape canaveral. it is past the cape. winds maxed 120 miles an hour and blowing that strong on the eastern side of the eyewall but zoom in tight here. all right? there is your storm. this is the cape. the western side of the wall went right over the cape just missing a landfall and we actually had a recorded wind. you heard it earlier official wind gust 107 miles an hour at 6:20 this morning. that wind is circulating counterclockwise around that low. so it's pushing that water on shore. it's possible to see 7 to 11 feet of storm surge way from that florida coast into portions of georgia and 4 to 6 for georgia and into south carolina. here is how storm surge works. if you are north of the eye, all right? still pushing that water
8:08 am
onshore, the surge continues for you. even if you're up into, say, portions of georgia right now. but if you're south of the eye, well, now you're catching the flow coming offshore and surge is receding. hurricane warnings to the cut in half. southern portion of south carolina is a hurricane warning and northern portion going to north carolina you have a tropical storm warning. we think somewhere around that south carolina/north carolina border push out to sea and dive back down toward the bahamas but a much weaker system. we will stay on top top of this. now back to you. >> matthew as a category three compares to other on levels of hurricanes. category one winds up to 95 miles an hour can cause power outages. category two wind speeds range from 96 to 110 miles an hour. and they could damage roofs and siding. category three storms have winds up to 129 miles an hour and capable of toppling trees and
8:09 am
damaging homes. category four storms can severely damage houses with winds between 130 and 156 miles an hour. category five hurricanes have winds over 157 miles an hour and are likely to flatten homes. >> danger always with the surge. >> they are talking about with the water. >> that was helpful to put it in perspective to know exactly what you're dealing with. hurricane matthew may have an impact on this presidential race. ahead, how the storm could affect voter registration in a key battleground state. bob schieffer shares his thoughts on that
8:10 am
announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by liberty mutual insurance. see car insurance in a whole new light. hurricane matthew could still make landfall in florida. ahead the latest advisory from the dangerous storm from the national hurricane center as it barrels up the coast. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:11 am
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8:14 am
hurricane matthew is controversy on the campaign trail. both hillary clinton and donald trump tweeted their concerns telling people in florida to be
8:15 am
safe and be careful. clinton wants voter deadline registration to be extended because of the storm but florida's governor refused to extend the tuesday deadline saying everybody has had a lot of time to register. trump appeared at a town hall last night in new hampshire. he denied he needed practice for sunday's town hall debate. >> this was set up a little while ago. they were going to cancelling it. why are you cancellinging? they said you want to debate prep. forget that. do you really think hillary clinton is debate prepping for three or four days? hillary clinton is resting. >> cbs news contributor bob schieffer is with us. our former washington correspondent and host of "face the nation." good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> look ahead to this sunday's debate and tell us how you see it. >> yes, my record of predicting what is going to happen in these debates is not really good. before the vice presidential debate, i said the safest bet was to bet that it would be more
8:16 am
substantive than the one with hillary clinton and donald trump had. we know what happened at that. i mean, it was this debate was "interrupt us" and talk fast. >> look at the dynamics because it's a different style of setting here. >> yes it is. i'm not sure who that favors. climbing up and down off the high stools that they are going to be sitting on presents a certain challenge, i suppose. i've never liked this format, to be honest, about it. al gore remember getting up in george bush's face and kind of -- it just goes off in all directions. heaven knows what is going to happen this time around. >> you know, we were talking about this, bob, that senate debate that hillary clinton had, remember rick lazio was walking towards her and many people thought just him walking toward her was -- >> in her face. >> was aggressive in some regard, that the gender may play a role here. >> well, it could.
8:17 am
this business of kind of getting in other people's faces and other people's spaces, i don't see how that helps to have a serious discussion. the last two that i moderated in 2012 and 2008 they sat down at the table and first time they had ever done that and i think that is the best way to do it. but you had to the two vice presidential candidates sitting at a table and it didn't seem to change much. they just kept kind of hollering over one another. >> donald trump seems not to be willing to prepare. >> what i was going to say, yeah. >> what is that all about? i mean what is that all about? it's like in college and i'm -- i'm so smart, i don't have to cram for the exam or study for it? >> but he has brought in chris christie now to help with the preparations. what is your prediction on how that is going or what that will look like on sunday? >> you know, gayle, i have no
8:18 am
idea what donald trump and chris christie talk about when they are alone. who talks the most? i would guess it's probably donald trump. but i have no evidence of that. >> donald trump certainly has the high stakes, does he -- does he not? >> i think so. you mentioned this, charlie. i think the main impact -- i mean, it's pretty hard to get people to focus on politics when the roof is just blown off their house. but they are both playing on the same golf course. it kind of shuts down both campaigns for a little bit. but i think the one thing that might be affected by all of this is the voter registration. trump's people that registered, i think, only 60,000 people so far, you know, voter registration forms that they brought in. hillary clinton's people, so far, have brought in 488,000 voter registration forms. so you can see why a republican
8:19 am
governor might say, well, we have had plenty of time, we are not going to extend that deadline they have extend the defendant in south carolina, but apparently rick scott is not going to do that. >> in fact, bob, florida, 2.72 million florida voters have requested vote by mail ballots. 1.86 million in 2012. that is a 47% increase. robbie mook, hillary's campaign manager had a conference call yesterday. they tick tock the data points and say massive voter registration going on in all of these battleground states. they think there is going to be higher turnout than 2012, 2008. who does that benefit? >> well, the bigger the turnout, i think probably the better it is for hillary clinton. democrats than they are republicans. but, again, this is such an unusual election and such an unusual campaign that we are seeing. you have to be even weary about
8:20 am
that. i mean, all of the old mile posts and signs that we have seen in the past, sometimes it turns out to be just the opposite. but i think the bigger the turnout, i think probably the better it is for hillary clinton. >> it raises a question about enthusiasm for the respective candidates? >> exactly. >> yeah. >> thanks, bob. >> looking forward to sunday. >> bob and norah among john dickerson's guests on sunday on "face the nation" and broadcast from the debate site at washington university in st. louis. john will also interview rnc chairman reince priebus and cbs news starts the live coverage debate sunday at 9:00 eastern right here on cbs. a tv legend is the new host of "cbs sunday morning." jane pauley is in our green room with a preview of what we can expect this weekend! jane has been telling me how she prepares and what time she has been up since this morning. we will be right back. >> memories.
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8:24 am
look at how one family in south florida kept their car out of harm's way during the storm. they sent these photos on twitter showing the car in their living room! they used a couple of storm shutters and drove it through an open window. >> seems they could just drive the car away to go to safety but they must love the car! i hope everybody is okay. one way to do it. ahead we are tracking hurricane matthew as the draining storm barrels up
8:25 am
florida's coast. you are watching "cbs this hey there, good morning, i'm brooke thomas. as hurricane matthew hammers florida, georgia, south carolina, some people from our area are glad to be home. "eyewitness news" was there, as the last flight from orlando made it to philadelphia international airport last night. airlines canceled more than 3,000 flights, moist of them in and out of florida. now, for the eyewitness weather forecast, here's meteorologist, katie frail. >> thankfully a lot of people have taken the heed, heeded warnings rather to evacuate sing so many people needed to get away from the shore line, wide zoom, storm scan3, churning away is the potent category three storm system in matthew, off to the west, see the next cold front, that's eventually going to be tapping into some of the moisture associated with matthew, and bring us some steadier rain come tomorrow.
8:26 am
meantime the initial issue is a little bit of fog. some of it lying in quite thick. typically would you see the hills off in the distance here outside whitfield elementary school, however with the fog in place, seeing visibilities at or even under half mile in a couple of spots. primarily northwest suburbs, but philadelphia not include in the that whatsoever. today really is nice day, as soon as the fog lift for everyone, all in the sunshine, moderate up nicely to 76, rain comes tomorrow, mainly p.m. hours, and then smooth sailing from that point on. pat, over to you. >> quiet morning on the roads, not so much right now. ninety-five southbound cottman, an accident, blocking the middle lane, which is causing some major delays, in this area. also, 95, excuse me, northbound blue route, the ramp to the westbound schuylkill, an accident, which is off to the side now. that's causing a little bit after delay in this area. also, out in jersey route 73 northbound the onramp from haddonfield road closed until 4:00 today. use the alternative park avenue to fork landing road,
8:27 am
to route 73 northbound. brooke, back over to you. >> thanks, pat. next up update 855:67:89 jane pauley on her new role as host of cbs sunday morning next. i'm brooke thomas, have a great morning.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ >> hurricane matthew is lashing central florida's coast right now. here is a look at jacksonville showing the power of the storm. the western edge of the eyewall brushed cape canaveral. the hurricane is 40 miles from daytona beach. a storm surge up to 11 feet is what they are worried about is that water. the category three hurricane is packing sustained winds near 120 miles an hour. and about 430,000 customers are without power in florida. the president declared a state of emergency in florida, georgia, and south carolina. >> the governor is very clear. get out and evacuate. evacuate. there is always somebody who says i can tough it out. don't do that this time. welcome back to "cbs this morning." this half hour the new face of
8:31 am
"cbs sunday morning." there she is! a tv legend. what your name is? >> her name is jane! >> as in pauley. >> she is in studio 57 and taking over as host of the number one, let's say that again, number one morning news program on sundays. we will preview her conversation with supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg ahead. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. desert sun of palm springs reports a discovery of another earthquake fault line in southern california. it runs east of the salt and sea parallel to the an andreas fault. they cannot tell if it's related to a fault that has fears about a big one. it eluded protection because it appears to be under water. >> "wall street journal" reports that mcdonald's knows it's losing the burger war to pricier and trendier chains. the company says it is refocussing on taste. it's testing new craft burgers
8:32 am
so diners can add options like guacamole. mcdonald's is also considering, listen to this, using fresh beef instead of frozen -- don't we all like fresh beef? we like fresh meat! >> i was reading this piece. i think millennials you are missing out if you've never tried a big mac. >> two all meat patties lettuce pickles and cheese on a sesame bun. scalpers are getting burned. seats on the secondary market are listed at less than half of their face value. the concert at the are being called old chella. >> "usa today" reports prince paisley park compound has opened to tourists. that is prince's compound. thousands of people dressed in purple turned up yesterday to get inside. the home and recording studio
8:33 am
now houses the late singer's ashes but fans better be quick. the zoning issue is forcing the compound to close after three days of tourism. jane pauley officially begins her new role at cbs this weekend after being named the new host of "cbs sunday is morning." woo who. she succeeds charles osgood who retired from tv last month. her first broadcast of the show is this sunday and more than four decade of reporting she joined cbs in 2014 and conducted high profile interviews ranging from hillary clinton to david letterman. jane pauley is at the table. you're chastarting a new chapte. >> this is astonishing. 42 years less two days from my debut replacing barbara walters which was absurd!
8:34 am
>> now succeeding charles osgood which is? >> so i'm changing my name. >> to? >> jane "charles" ozpauley. this is history. i'm the first noncharles to host sunday morning. >> did you think you would be starting a new chapter now? what i think is so cool about this. don't you, charlie? >> absolutely. >> so cool. >> i wrote the book "your life calling" which was all about the idea of there is more, but did i anticipate a lot more? no, no. this is, you know, a surprise, you know, even for me, but charles osgood started at host 22 years ago when he was in his early 60s and i don't think it was noticed at all. that is the advantage is that our generations have given a headup there can be more than and don't have to be a whiz bang
8:35 am
more but -- >> this is a whiz bang more. >> this certainly is. this certainly, certainly is. >> the great charles kuralt first and then charles osgood. >> yes. since 1979 i'm only the third host. >> when you subbed in 2014 you had a different look when you went on the air, jane pauley. >> i laugh. i laugh at this. because i was the first woman to host the show with an asterisk. basically the first woman. i was very self-conscious about it. because viewers on sunday morning, you know? so i went out and bought a pant suit so that, you know, that silhouette, there would be someone in pants saying! >> you don't want to shock the viewers? >> yes. the second time i was invited to sub for charlie, i believe i braved heels and a dress. but i literally -- >> what are you wearing this
8:36 am
sunday? >> i don't know what i'm wearing. i don't know! first day of school and i don't even know! >> are you a little nervous or excited? how are you feeling? >> i can't wait for it to become my new routine. i've been very busy this week. and love it. i have loved being just busy. >> and having purpose? >> and having purpose. and consciously aware of that. i didn't know i was less happy a week or two ago, but this has been a revelation to me. >> you've got this great interview with justice ruth bader ginsburg? >> yes. we were privileged to have two opportunities with her, one in chambers. >> right. >> and one in her home. and my favorite moment there in that conversation was when she took us on a tour. it's lovely, but small apartment. but we are in her kitchen and she is a cook, kind of like i'm a cook, but she -- >> what do you mean by that? are you not really a cook?
8:37 am
>> not so much. i mean, i provide. but i wouldn't invite you to my house. but she opens the freezer and we see the little -- i think gourmet meals that her daughter jane, who is a law professor in columbia, prepares for her to use and she pointed to, the appliance in her kitchen that she uses. >> a microwave. her late husband was a fantastic chef and she tried to do the weekday meals and finally the family said, just let dad do it. the daughters were worried about her so she started taking care of her. >> she eats well. at some point her daughter jane said that mom does the thinking and daddy does the cooking. but he was a brilliant tax expert in his own right, mark ginsburg. >> that makes for a good relationship, just speaking from experience. >> indeed, indeed.
8:38 am
>> either cook or a restaurant. one or the other. >> i'm a grandmother now. i do wish -- i need to perfect one, two, or three things at least that grandchildren can say, grandma can cook. >> can i go back to your "today" show anniversary? i remember that. wow. when you look back on that, what do you think about what that has meant to you, to women, and here you are starting a new thing? >> do you know, i wish she, that 25-year-old me, knew that this could happen. and i'm looking at that picture. am i not kind of accidentally wearing an outfit that echoes that? >> you are! >> i didn't do that on purpose! >> but no. over the years, women particularly, have said they remember and that that was empowering. even younger women who were then teenagers and young girls noticed. i've interviewed meg ryan recently and sarah jessica parker for a future segment on
8:39 am
the show and both of them recalled specifically, you know, taking note of that. it was empowering to see this young person. i think something is empowering seeing, you know, mature person, such as myself, starting something, you know, new too. >> yes. >> don't you? >> very much so. that's why i think it's so ironic. >> a great contribute to the idea you can constantly repossessed your life. >> and every episode of my career has required me to learn new things. >> exactly. >> and so i hope there is going to be a little growth curve. >> do you? you want a curve? >> i got to figure out something to say at the end. i can't say see you on the radio. that was great. >> you can't wear a bow tie. >> why not? >> exactly. >> i don't want you in a bow tie. >> they are made but will there be some musical numbers? >> i've been known to burst into song during an interview but because they are not live and
8:40 am
i'm in an edit room it's stupid i can cut itinevitably, the producer says, no, that is just cute. >> jane, you don't know nothing about stupid. but, really, congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> so exciting. >> thank you, guys. >> we will be tuning in. you can see her interview and we didn't see it this time but you can see the interview with judge ruth bader ginsburg. you can see her this morning on where, jane? >> sunday morning. >> cbs? >> cbs. i'm sorry. i was thinking about ruth bader ginsburg! >> we will be watching. a colorado dad is putting his do it yourself skills to good use. if you haven't seen this, watch how he built an obstacle course to help his 5-year-old train to be a
8:41 am
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♪ first up is the newly redesigned quintuple steps. a new obstacle for her this year but she is making short work of it. on to the fourth one. through to the fifth one. and look at that. no hands! all right. >> that is 5-year-old lila mccall with her dad adding the commentary. her dream of becoming a true
8:45 am
ninja warrior is almost close to reality. this is in their backyard in denver so she could train. she has even got her stuffed animals you see at some point cheering her on. >> i love his commentary. there is her fans and it's all of her stuffed animals. he is setting a high bar. >> he is. my kids are like why can't we have an obstacle course like that in the back? it's fun and great. >> tell mr. tracy to start building. go, lila! >> oprah shares her latest collection in her book club pick. you're watching "cbs this mornin
8:46 am
i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would suggest we have penalties for doctors who perform them. would you put people in jail for performing abortions?
8:47 am
at some point doctors performing abortions i think would be subject to that sort of penalty. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. do you own a plane? do you own a bank? pat toomey owned both.
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but it's the fact that toomey owns a seat in the u.s. senate that should really concern us. while on the senate banking committee, pat toomey voted to rewrite rules to help bankers like him ...and he tried to eliminate protections put in place to stop wall street's risky practices. pat toomey: looking out for wall street and himself, not pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. oprah winfrey revealed her latest book club selection last month on "cbs this morning." she 76th book club pick was "love warrior." and oprah shared why she
8:49 am
connected with the memoir. >> i saw this woman who is willing to bear it all, show is all, express it all in the name of her own truth in such a way that i know and felt her being this truthful makes me want to be more in touch with my own truth and watching someone being themselves so fully so openly, so rawly encourages you to be more of yourself. >> i love the way you said that, oprah. check out more of our conversation with oprah about her latest book club selection "love warrior" at >> this is matthew! >> beaches are empty. homes are boarded up. >> i'm not going to lie. i'm scared. >> continue to make its way up florida's coast now. >> the goal is to make sure you basically get 100 miles away from the coast. >> the winds are extraordinary. the winds keep picking up as matthew churns its way up the
8:50 am
east coast. >> you must leave before it's too late. >> sometimes facts were among the first casualties. >> more nations should get nuclear weapons. >> he never said that. >> republicans were quick to declare that pence had one -- >> that was beneath you and hillary clinton. that is pretty low. >> like two cats in a bag. i felt for elaine quijano. >> i'm worried they are going to interrupt me now as i speak, there were so many interruptions! >> the times published trump's tax returns. >> it looks like three pages of donald trump's tax returns. >> hillary clinton said what kind of a genius loses a billion dollars? >> that from a woman who has never signed a paycheck. >> you think that your name would be in the same sentence with kim kardashian? >> you want to give an example that the class is going to remember. >> she's is the one with the bad temperament. she is always screaming.
8:51 am
she is constantly lying and her hair is crazy. >> secretary clinton, what do you think about that? >> i think i'm going to be president. ♪ >> tell me your reaction to this decision that came from switzerland. >> i was in my bedroom and i just screamed down to the first floor to my mother a that i'm coming back. >> diane lane, what do you think when you look at this girl? >> well, of course, i see -- so beautiful and she's a model. i'm very tickled pink to be a mom. >> i get it. >> you remain a whiz kid. >> most of us were sleeping, trump was wide awake launching a twitter tirade. >> my new favorite thing is hearing scott pelley say "twitter tirade." >> i'm going to buy one and they
8:52 am
can do the laundry. >> i'll come over and do the laundry? >> where? >> when have you ever done laundry? >> researchers found the female squirrels did much more work as they prepared for hibernation! >> all right, all right, all right! >> they got the supplies and care for the children and the males, they just spent a lot of time loaf around in the sun! >> oh, boy. man, sometimes it's love to be a squirrel. >> all that. >> my name is jay and i'm awkwa awkward. >> the show focuses a lot on the love life. what who is your number one crush? >> my number one crush is -- >> drake? >> oh, drake! did you know? >> are you texting drake right now? >> no, no, i'm not. okay. >> on "cbs this morning." >> were you texting drake at that moment? >> i was!
8:53 am
8:54 am
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>> good morning, i'm brooke thomas. people in our area are leaving the safety of their home, to help out at the scene of florida's hurricane. the eastern pennsylvania chapter of the red cross is sending volunteers, and officials, they loaded trucks full of supplies, at their center city headquarters on chestnut street yesterday. they're bringing clothing, food, and supplies, to the areas hardest hit by hurricane matthew. now, for the eyewitness weather forecast, here's meteorologist, katie fehlinger. >> good morning, brooke. of course, still all eyes on hurricane matthew. as it pertains to our area, no direct impact still expected here, we do however have indirect impact that come along this weekend, for now look at the storm, just impressive looking. and very, very menacing at the
8:56 am
same time. it hasn't technically made landfall. the center of the actual circulation for that to actually take place, but regardless, very, very close to a lan fall, whether it does or not, it is still bringing some very intense impact to the florida shore line and eventually south carolina and north carolina involved in that, not to mention georgia, as well. as the day progress cents here at home our part of the eastern seaboard expect nothing but sunshine, started the morning off with pretty dense fog to the north and west, that will continue to spin now that the sun's been up. by tomorrow though, some of matthew's moisture gets drawn into cold front passage. that will bring in some steadier rain, mainly in the p.m. time frame, then in the clear beyond that point, pat? >> not such a bad weekend, katie, thank you so much. a look at 95, you're looking at 95 northbound at girard, where it is audio's able vehicle has just been moved out of the way. good news, there will be some residual delays in the air. beautiful site looking to philadelphia from camden. unless you're on the ben franklin bridge, big time delays, as you are head from the camden to philadelphia.
8:57 am
there, and the airport status in florida, jacksonville has all flights canceled, fort lauderdale will be resuming at 11:00 a.m. today. orlando resuming on saturday. so check your carriers, brooke? >> thanks, pat. that's "eyewitness news" for now. join us for "eyewitness news" at noon. i'm brooke thomas, good morning.
8:58 am
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>> announcer: today on the doctors friday news feed. new details on the kim k robbery, and staying safe, cleaning up after hurricane matthew. and was there a cover-up? then overwhelmed by cancer. she went against the typical treatment! now, could a breakthrough test change the way we treat cancer? then our celebrity insiders, dishing dirt. and can you fix your face -- >> dr. travis: by drinking collagen? >> that's today! [ applause ] ♪ >> dr. travis: hello, everyone, welcome, it's friday, and that means it's time for the friday news feed. everyone along the eastern seaboard here in the u.s. is following the path of hurricane matthew throughout this week. first and foremost, we send our thoughts and prayers to all being effected, who's been efed


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