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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  October 7, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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tonight, the new brangelina divorce drama. brad's visits with the kids. why he's not allowed to see them unsupervised. >> supervised visits are rather serious. >> plus, did the kim k. robbers not even know who she is? the new twist tonight. then -- ozzy and sharon five months after the cheating scandal. only "e.t." was behind the scenes for his big, expensive surprise. >> i was, like -- >> plus, which prime time grammy winner says she only kissed one man her entire life? >> and a dancing favorite's near-death experience. slamming into a wall at 200 miles per hour. >> honestly, i was so lucky. >> how that dance is inspiring his next dance.
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>> get it right. >> totally different. now for october 7, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight"" angelina jolie and her children are in therapy, e.t. can confirm and brad will go as well as per the temporary custody agreement. >> but the big question tonight centers around brad's visitation rights. why does he have to be supervised with the kids? >> supervised visits are rather serious. they are called in when there is some possibility of abuse, substance abuse or alcohol, rage or anything that would be harmful for the children. >> we confirm that brad and angelina have what's called a safety plan in place and that means things could be pretty serious. >> it may also require a breathalyzer test or it might require drug testing and certainly individual therapy. >> i think of the joy that we have in our family because we are together. >> they are quite used to moving to a new location and we're together so the home is always intact. >> since the divorce filing both brad and angelina's teams have
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stressed they just want to do what is best for the children. we are told brad's visit will be supervised. after that it's tbd. >> there is a great responsibility in introducing someone to the world and showing them around. i don't feel afraid. before i thought i felt like i was going to mess them up and they'd be pissed off at me. >> if dad comes in and has a wonderful relationship with all of his kids and there's no hostility and no pulling back because a child who has been abused is certainly going to react. if there is none of that then he will be exonerated. >> was this the beginning of the end for brangelina? they had the hollywood love affair for a decade, but reportedly tensions mounted after they said "i do" and then immediately went on to film their couple in crisis film by the sea. that's allegedly when things began to unravel. >> you get married and happiest time of your life. and you go off and do this. >> a couple on the brink of disaster?
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>> how crazy was that? we came out stronger on the other end. >> if it doesn't work, it's the worst honeymoon ever, but if it works you learn something and that's how we came out of it, stronger. >> as brad, angie and the kids remain in hiding and that's where america's most public family seems to be headed. the entire kardashian clan is retreating from the spotlight after kim was bound, gagged and robbed at gunpoint in paris. kim in a white hoodie and clutching son saint arrived in l.a. from new york at 2:00 p.m. yesterday via private jet. kim, the kids and mom kris jenner made their trek to their bel air home. the more than 9,000 square foot hideaway was featured on keeping up with the kardashians and shooting on the show is on an indefinite hold. an e! spokesperson says, quote, no notice has been made as to when production will resume. >> it's not just kim. could the family be in hiding? khloe kardashian was seen jetting out of l.a.,
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this after she and sisters kendall and kylie scrapped scheduled appearances. we have canceled a book signing for now due to safety reasons. >> meanwhile, kanye is forging ahead. today he was seen leaving new york likely for chicago and thus resuming the show he abruptly shopped. >> i'm sorry. family emergency. i have to stop the show. >> they're reassessing their security as new detail emerge in the robbery investigation. reports say the concierge at kim's paris apartment gave officials this information about the five suspects disguised as police officers. all were european, between 40 and 50 years old and apparently they didn't know kim by name. upon entry, they reportedly shouted in french, where is the rapper's wife? according to the news channel the incident has been given highest priority by the paris police and up to 100 officers are involved. a source tells "e.t." kim is no longer flaunting her wealth.
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>> this pink diamond is $28 million. in kim's last interview before paris she told andy cohen about her now stolen 20-carat rock revealing what kanye said when he gave ler the distinctive marking. >> i got you something from adidas and he engraved adidas on the band inside because he's funny like that, and i was, like, do i have to bring my other ring back? he said, can you do that? no! you can't do that. i'm just kidding. a source tells us that kim is not publishing any new content to her highly popular app. she will start up again in the near future after focusing on her family this week. >> meanwhile, a big surprise for sharon osbourne on "the talk" as ozzy stopped by with a monster make-up gift. >> oh, my -- >> it's sharon's birthday sunday and her husband of 34 years celebrated with a lot of pda. >> how did sharon feel?
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because they had their little makeout session there. >> the bottom line is you can't picture sharon without ozzy and ozzy without sharon. we like the sharon and ozzy together. >> the public, they love it. >> we root for them, and i can say they -- they were making out like they weren't even here. >> their reunion is so much sweeter because this past summer sharon forgave ozzy after he had an affair. >> i just can't think of my life without him even though he is a dog. he's a dirty dog. >> now they are happily and passionately back together. >> oh! >> ozzy surprised sharon with a wedding band, but it's not a wedding band. it's a band made up of diamonds all the way around. >> i don't think there was a dry eye anywhere on the lot. >> ozzy! >> is she happy now? because you've seen the peaks and valleys. what do you think? >> she's the happiest i've seen
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her, and the calmest. >> you know, she is just, like, taking it one day at a time which is the smart way to do it. >> good for sharon. can i show you another couple very quickly? that's 56-year-old sean penn kissing 24-year-old laila george in hawaii. i just want to point out two things. laila is a year younger than sean's 25-year-old daughter and laila's dad is "law and order" "criminal intent" star vincent don of ro. remember him from "full metal jacket"? enough said. >> get ready because the bellas are coming back for a third pitch perfect movie. that's who runs the world. ana kendrick will not be reprising her role. what? >> that just doesn't happen. >> they got the scoop from anna herself in new york. >> i love the crowd of people that gathered around here. >> right? >> that was not making it weird at all. >> seriously, can you be normal? or you get recognized everywhere?
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>> oh, yeah. yeah. >> i'm just a ball girl and they're, like, who is the ball girl? >> we've always loved anna's off-beat sense of humor and can't wait to see it again in pitch perfect 3. >> just because you are making me sexually confused does not mean you're intimidating. >> i still haven't seen a script later, but i am very excited to begin shooting it. >> i would really love it if we were in space. >> i personally would really love to do one of those anti-gravity scenes. >> we're totally into that, but before she suits up, ana is crunching the numbers in "the accountant" opposite ben affleck. >> when was the first time you actually met ben affleck? when was >> i met him years ago at a telethon and i had to explain to him who everybody was under 30. telethon and i had to explain to him who everybody was under 30. the jonas brothers are -- >> you are not too shabby when it comes to your male co-stars. you have timberlake, affleck. who is the coolest and down to
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earth? >> oh, that's a tough one. they're all so great. >> timberlake, what's he like on set? is he singing all of the time? >> he normally doesn't, but the other day he was singing without noticing it, and what was that note you pulled out of nowhere. oh, was i singing? >> he keeps it perfect at whatever he does. >> we hate him. he's too perfect. >> we kind of love timberlake. in fact, they have to get him to do a cameo in "pitch perfect 3"" how awesome would that be? >> amazing. up next, we're on the snl set and why "hamilton" star lin-manuel miranda is freaking out about his hosting gig this weekend. >> i'm very nervous. >> you know her from mike and molly. >> you're never going to meet a cute guy at the chub club. >> now we've got three reasons to watch katie nixon on "american housewife." >> i'm going to be the second baddest housewife in westport. >> and the dancing star on his terrifying car crash. the story you have
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>> hi. i'm lin-manuel miranda and i'm hosting snl this week. >> he's the genius behind hamilton and lin-manuel is nervous about hosting snl. >> it took me years to write hamilton and we started writing the sketches for this week on tuesday. so this is a faster pace than what i'm used to. >> potus is holding up the signs, i'm not done. >> just last week on the show his freestyle skills were -- ♪ it's the right and the wrong that keep me up at night ♪ >> it was like i was looking in a mirror. i couldn't believe it. >> and we're not surprised this pop culture junkie grew up watching "e.t." >> that's how i know everybody's birthday, mary hart, john tesh, leeza gibbons.
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>> i love that lin-manuel watched us. i want him to freestyle the theme song. how cool would that be? >> we can't get enough of katie nixon and she's america's housewife and why this show is totally going to hit home with viewers. >> next on a full stomach after midnight. >> you know i love the way you look. it's my spanx, but if you do it right it turns gut into boob. >> american housewife is about katie auto and she marches to the beat of her own drum. she wants to be brave, but she has insecurities and you see her walk through the insecurities and come out on the other side. >> three reasons to watch american housewife. one, katie mixon basically says everything we wish we could when it comes to fat shaming. >> i used to be a big girl. i can totally help you. we can go walk jogging together. you walk and then you run and then you walk and then you run. >> not one part of that is going to happen. >> two, the tuesday night sitcom
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filled a void left when mike and molly ended. in fact, katie landed her new gig after saying good-bye to her role as melissa mccarthy's sister. >> i'm going to my meetings. >> mol, you're never going to meet a cute guy at the chub club. >> three, this cast is all about empowerment and loving yourself on and off the set. and who doesn't love that? >> i've never let it predict my identity. whether i'm a size 2 or size 14. we've all got our insecurities and just get real with it and walk through it. >> still ahead tonight, celine dion is kissing and telling. we have our shocking new secret. >> it was kind of a relief for me. a dancing favorite talks about the terrifying car crash that nearly took his life. >> how did you walk away from that? >> plus -- >> come on down. >> why your favorite daytime stars are becoming "price is right" models and we are on set for the crazy crossover. it's kind of fun for the fans. closed captioning provided by --
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celine dion says she only kissed one man her entire life, her late husband rene. >> the only man that i kissed. the only man that i loved, yeah. >> the only man you kissed? >> i never kissed another man in my life. ♪ ♪ >> when i sing on stage i still think of him.
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>> her new single "recovering" is about moving on after his death. this weekend on "cbs this morning" celine will open up about her life after losing rene. >> when he stopped suffering i said to myself he's okay. he gave me so much tools to keep going. >> and boy, did he. because on monday we're actually going to be celebrating celine's 1,000th show in vegas with her. let's talk a little dancing right now and next the contestants will be reliving their most memorable year. >> for indy car driver james hinchcliffe, this is an easy choice for him because he nearly lost his life in a terrifying crash just 16 months ago. >> i was appreciative of the position i was in before, but man, it really drives the point home when you almost lose it. >> i suffered a pretty big concussion, and i have no memory of the accident itself. >> the indy car driver lost control during a qualifying race and hit a wall at more than 200
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miles per hour. >> anybody who has seen the video of that crash, james, is saying how did you walk away from that? >> it didn't tickle, that's for sure. honestly, i was so lucky. for those things that went wrong there had to be a thousand things that went right for me to survive that, to be able to race again and have no lasting side effects. >> how long did it take you after the accident to get into a car? >> four months. just over four months. they said it was six or seven, but i was motivated. >> now the race car driver is motivated to take home the coveted mirror ball trophy. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> you're this guy, over here this race car driver kind of guy and all of a sudden you put this glitter on and you transform. >> rhinestones. it's not glitter. it's rhinestones. >> get it right. >> totally different and way more acceptable. >> what do you really think your shot is? >> i really think that we have the ability to make that final.
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james dances beautifully every monday because of the hard work that he puts in. not because it's a natural talent. he practices every minute when he's with me and when he's not -pwith me he's thinking about i. >> a paso at the airport is not a good move. a lot of this and everyone is kind of, like, what's going on? >> he's funny. the tsa is like this. >> sharna thinks they have a really got shot at making the finals. winning is a another story because they know there is a stumbling block wrapped up in an itty, bitty package with laurie and val. >> i think pretty much everyone thinks that, as well. >> which network has been number one in daytime for 30 years? cbs. that's pretty impressive and what better way to celebrate that than on america's favorite game show? >> come on down! >> come on down, julie and sharon you are the price is right models for the day! >> a brand new car! >> we had all of the right moves. >> oh, yeah.
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>> yes. >> we're turning the crank back here. >> are you coming to the studio? it is so bright and fun and what a great place to work every day. to come in here every day. >> the daytime shows on cbs will be having crossover moments like these stars modeling for "the price is right." >> you see your favorite celebs and they pop up where you don't expect to see them. >> the bold and the beautiful as a shirtless model is a nice surprise and julie thinks her co-host would be the perfect contestant. >> cheryl, oh, she'd clean up here. >> clean house. >> i'm on her team. >> come on down! >> the iconic game show debuted 42 years ago and, can you believe it's been almost a
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decade that drew carrey succeeded bob barker as host? >> i'm only in my tenth year. it's a great point because bob barker hosted the show for nearly 35 years. let's jump from the small screen to the big. look at that face and remember the name hayley bennett and "the girl on the train" opens today and before you ask, here's everything you need to know about hayley. >> this is exciting because i know my parents watch "entertainment tonight." >> can i just say hi? hi, family. i love you. you can cut hayley some slack for giving a shout out to her family in ohio. after ten years of struggling to make it, this 28-year-old has arrived and in a big way. it's a dream come true. >> would you pinch me, please. thank you. >> she's in, count them, five big movies, including "the magnificent seven qwest qwest with denzel and chris pratt. >> who is she? we work for her. >> it's hayley's twisted performance in "the girl on the train" that i
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miss right now. >> many in hollywood are complaining her to the reigning box office queen. >> hayley, i've got to ask how many times a day do you get jennifer lawrence? you really do resemble her. i think that she's had an incredible career. at first you think j. la was saying a sort of sultry stare. he plays hayley's therapist and was jennifer's ex-husband in joy. >> i'm not going to get into details. that's funny. hayley has also said if this acting thing doesn't work out, she would like to be a professional chef and she's an avid hunter and knows how to dress a deer. >> that's something i don't want to know how to do. we'll be right back.
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i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would
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primal consideration provided by -- there was a great night of fashion and fund raising and kev, you were in the middle of it all. >> i had the privilege of co-hosting the lovely in blue fashion gala benefiting autism speaks of southern california. molly simms was my co-host, and i don't know how many of you
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know this, my wife is a public defender and hates being on tv and she was so excited when i grabbed her and put her on the red carpet. >> go, yaz, go, yaz! >> we really want to be out here tonight. my wife came all fashionable tonight. look at you! look at her! >> that was just wrong. that was for you, yaz. >> i would have to say the highlight of the evening when the kids on the autism spectrum walked the runway modeling fashion. >> no doubt about th
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how do we measure greatness in how america? you? the height of our skyscrapers? the size of our bank accounts? no. it's measured by what we do for our children. the values we pass on. i've spent my life fighting for kids and families and it will be my mission to build a country where our children can rise as high as their dreams and hard work take them. that means good schools for every child in every zip code. college that leads to opportunities... not debt. and an economy where every young american can find a job that lets them start a family of their own. we face big challenges, but we can solve them the same way families do. working together. respecting one another. and never giving up. i want our success to be measured by theirs.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. "the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one, inside the kardashian' media blackout. is it costing them a fortune. >> kim kardashian needs to think about what's next. >> how this could affect their celeb-nomics in the future as we go into our vault to revisit
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kim's early days. >> do you ever fear for your life? >> not yet. then sarah jessica parker's celeb house confession. >> what was it like to passionately kiss jfk jr. and number three, the controversial birth of a nation comes to theaters. but the director's past ape rape accusation is dominating the headlines. >> i went to court and sat in trial. >> will the bad press keep audiences away. >> it's about justice for all people. plus your insider bonus. >> it turns out that you are in the first zombie musical. >> what? >> olivia newton john gives us her take on the viral "grease" fan theory that sandy was dead. >> i don't know. i never thought about it until now. now, the insider, tracking hollywood from the inside out. >> hello, everybody. welcome to the insider. we are tracking the biggest stories in hollywood today.


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