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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  October 8, 2016 2:07am-2:41am EDT

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at 11 11:00, it isn't over yet. why conditions are expected to get worse. >> another storm brewing, in campaign 2016. >> the gop nominee is facing backlash among his own party. i'm jessica dean. >> i'm nicole brewer in for ukee
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tonight. greg argos is live in the stat center with more on the tape that has trump on the defense. >> reporter: fall-out from these comments is coming in fast and furious, house speaker paul ryan in just the past 90 minutes dis inviting trump from an tomorrow. >> i did try -- she was married, >> access hollywood from, donald trump does not realize he's been recorded >> i moved on her like a -- i couldn't get there and she was married. >> trump was onset for a cameo on a soap box. being interviewed by then access hollywood host billy bush and captured discussing various women >> automatically attracted to beautiful women.
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i'm like a magnet. and when your a star they let you do it. you can do anything. whatever you want. grab them by -- you can do anything. >> after this round table discussion on border security at the trump tower, the candidate released a statement. quote, this was locker room banter a private conversation that took place many years ago, bill clinton said far worse on the golf course, not even close, i apologize if anyone was offended. >> a can clinton campaign event in center city we caught up with democrat katie mcginty >> for any parents who would imagine the prospect of your daughter walking into an office where a guy like donald trump is the boss. think about that for a second. >> reporter: the criticism coming in from those on other side of the aisle, chairman started no woman shoulder be described in these terms or talked about in this manner,
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ever. >> we're also hearing from the philadelphia republican chairman in statement he says, quote, we're not going to defend this or that recording from over a decade ago. question for voters is, is a statement from 2005 more or less offensive than hillary clinton as secretary of state shopping out other position to the highest foreign bidder to if you wanted other private political ambition. trump himself in just of the past hour says he will release a video statement about the latest controversy. . wikileaks has released excerpts of clinton's closed door speeches to walls street: suggests walls street insiders are best equipped to help reform the financial sector. the battle for pennsylvania continues, joe biden stumps for clinton in bristol today, which
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is days until the october 11th pennsylvania voter registration deadline, biden encouraged student to register and turn out for clinton. >> i know some of you and some of the people you're trying to convince aren't crazy about hillary. i know that. i think she's got an unfair deal. but don't, don't wake up on november 9 and find out we lost pennsylvania by 2000 votes. >> hillary clinton was off the campaign trail preparing for sunday's debate. i'm not weather with meteorologist kate bilo who's keeping a close watch on hurricane matthew. tonight, the category 3 storm is lashing the southeast with heavy rain, vicious winds and severe flooding. four people have died as a result. more than a million people in central florida and along its atlantic coast are without power. in saint augustine a river of flood water trapped 20 people including children inside a bed and breakfast.
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conditions in charleston south carolina are predicted to worsen as the night goes on and matthew moves up the east coast. savannah georgia police shutdown historic river street due to flooding. kate got brand new information about matthew's track and where it's headed next >> there is matthew behind us a category 2 hurricane. it has been slightly downgraded. it's no longer a major hurricane. its he track is taking it closer to the coast of georgia and south carolina. much closer than it got to the coast of florida. it did stay generally 20 to 40 miles off the coast of florida. but now it's moving almost due north and as you can see that eye is nearing right around the border of georgia and south carolina. the latest from the national hurricane center says the storm is expect to move over the coastline of georgia and south carolina through tonight and tomorrow and move off the coast of north carolina. if this storms makes a land fall
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could be some of the worst decisions. we're seeing winds at 105 miles an hour. if the wall makes it on to land you're going to go see going to go see winds over 100 miles an hour. it is moving due north about 12 miles an hour. lit weaken by tomorrow. here's its position at 8:00. still just over the coast of north carolina then swings around and could impact the bahamas again then expected to downgrade would not post too much of a threat. worsening conditions along the coast of georgia and south carolina with storm surge we'll talk about that. the strong winds and rain and some parts of our area may be indirectly impacted by the farther northern track. jessica? >> thank you. we've learned tonight nearly 300 people died in haiti from hurricane matthew. officials say it's likely that death toll will rise because communications are still sparse. the hurricane is an especially
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tough blow for haiti still struggling to recover from the devastating earthquake in january, 2010. we spoke with the co founder of the joseph foundation put based in west oak lane which serves the hessian community >> it's very painful to know that many families have been devastated by this hurricane. >> haiti government estimated at least 350,000 people need some kind of assistance. >> stay with "eyewitness news" as we continue to follow the path of hurricane matthew and the damage it leaves. you can stay updated any time on atlantic city taj mahal hotel and casino will be closing its doors after this weekend. union employees failed to come to an agreement which led to a temporary shut down earlier this summer. he claims to have losted more than $100 million to keep it
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afloat. union member haves continued to protest on the boardwalk. 3,000 workers will lose their job when it closes on monday. the new jersey gas tax will rise 23 cents per gallon by november 1st. i they passed the tax hike to pay for repairs to road and bridges. this increase makes new jersey's gas tax the nation's 6th highest but lower than new york and pennsylvania. one-on-one with eagles headcoach doug pederson don bell was given that interview and tonight the exclusive conversation continues. from the success of rookie carson wentz to the sorrow of losing his father right before the season's started. it's doug pederson like he's never seen him before. >> i'd like to welcome back doug pederson and introduce him as the next headcoach of the philadelphia eagles. doug >> two weeks before his 48th birthday, doug pederson was introduced to the city of
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philadelphia. >> it was great home coming for your me. i played here in 1999 and coached here for four years under coach reid >> pederson had landed a dream job. only ten days before the season opener, a nightmare beginning, doug lost his dad, gordon >> it's in the quiet time when you're studying and thinking about the moments you had as a child growing up and you think about the life lessons, you got in trouble and he'll get you when he gets home from work. some of the things he taught us was over overprepared put yourself in every situation, never go into game not having this handled or that on your talked about that situation >> doug clearly taken his dad's teaching to heart. so far he's handled every situation with grace from the
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lane johnson and malcomb jenkins and players protesting during the national anthem. >> this country is not perfect. i agree with the things that are, that you're protesting. i agree with, you know, the fact that it's not a perfect world. but at the same time, i feel like there's a time and place for everything. that's not necessarily the time or place. i feel like out of respect for on you country and military be the flag and everything we can do things differently. >> reporter: pederson appears to have complete control of the locker room >> they have to understand i'm still the headcoach and i re at the same time i want them to know i got their back and we're going to do this thing together >> how is that relationship working >> great right now: the
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quarterback and headcoach are attached. he's always wanting to know what i'm thinking for the next series. he's constantly processing the game, constantly playing the game. he can do that. >> doug pederson not so bad himself. fancy, pretty pleased. >> we'll see what happens this weekend. another fan favorite was in town and she knows a thing another about the eagles. >> upper darby's tina fey. back in the headline, it's paying out millions to the federal governme
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. epi pen maker will pay $460 million overbuild medicare for allergy injections. epi pen is a branded drug and they should have been paying the government a higher rebate. they said the proposed state government claims. uber x and lyft will round now operating in philadelphia thanks to a suspended order from robert simpson judge. they gave them temporary authorization to operate during the democratic national convention but that inspired last week. current order means the philadelphia parking authority can no longer punish the drivers or the companies. tina fey, best known for her work on saturday night live. hosted by temple school of media and communication, they talked
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about her career and love of our region >> i like it that philadelphians are people who are in the easily led or blindly loyal. we boo, our own sports team. >> she talked with students in a question and answer session. and it was a lot of fun to get to hear her talk. her, you know, jokes were so sharp >> the. take a look at atlantic city, harrah's, caesar's and tropicana. october is breast cancer awareness month and the pink lights are reminder to stay vigil lent. you can find more information at kate bilo joining us and we were adjusting the new information at the top of this broadcast >> not a lot changed.
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still looks like matthew moving to the north, still a category 2 and may make a land fall along the coast of georgia and south carolina. what we need to watch is whether the moisture gets pulled in and how much of it will impact us tomorrow. how rainy it's actually going to be. the latest information come in and doesn't look quite as wet for tomorrow. that will be good news, i know will the of people got things planned. i've gotten questions all week about weddings and parties and things like that, hopefully most of the day tomorrow is not a wash-out but we have to at least plan for all steady rain and parts of area tomorrow afternoon and evening. here's a look at what's happening. we'll take you out to the palmyra cove nature park. you can see the lights of city skyline in the backdrop. 59 right now. but got a lot going on. lots to talk about here. i want to point your tension to a cold front extended through the great lakes. the skinny line of clouds. notice, this front doesn't have a lot with it. if this were a normal friday and that front was approaching we
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nitpick up a shower saturday then it's cooler breezy sunday. what i want you to know notice here, this plume of moisture, as fronts approach they like to kick up a wind from the southwest drawing in moisture and warmth from the south. matthew was producing a lot of tropical moisture, as this rain lifts up and the front moves, it's a bit of a squeeze play and we start to tap into some of that tropical moisture here especially along the coast. here is matthew. the eye of the storm looking disorganized side loaded with the heavy rain impacting all of south carolina. and georgia. this is going to be lifting to the north through overnight and likely to make a land fall. very close to doing so along the coast of the carolinas. we can see some spots six to nine foot storm surge around clashls stop as this storm makes land fall. keep in mind the worst part of the storm is in the intern quadrant where you get the hurricane force winds. if that i comes on shore you're
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going to get those winds along the coast where a lot of these structures are -- anything in that red circle winds over 74 miles per hour are possible. it then moves off the coast of north carolina by sunday morning and starts its seedy sent as as it loops back around. rain, four plus inches into north carolina as the front starts to move in and intensifies things and heavy rain across portions of southern virginia and maryland and just barely impacting our area, you can see that moisture getting drawn northward. there's that squeeze play. the heaviest stays off to our southerly across virginia and north carolina, scattered showers and steadier down pores are possible. you wake up to clouds, scattered rain through afternoon and evening and heavier stuff possible down the shore, that would be late tomorrow into sunday morning. it may be slow to clear. clouds increasing as the fronts approaches, we see rain at times through the day saturday. not sure if it's a total
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wash-out. it may be more scattered showers depending on where you are. plan for rain really at any time through the day tomorrow. you'll be dodging rain drops, sunday starts with clouds by afternoon, the sun comes out. it's breezy, cooler and monday for columbus day if you're lucky enough to have a three-day weekend. it's cool and crisp, yom kippur begins sunday and we're back to the 70's wednesday and thursday. >> pretty nice. thanks, kate. lesley, we got the pros and the press. >> got everything going on. the eagles looking to remain undefeateded. defensive jim schwartz preparing to face his former team.
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eagles helped them deal with the crowd noise, defensive benny logan did it's not practice because of a left calf injury. he's listed as questionable. the eagles bring one of the stingiest. this game means a lot to jim. he was the headcoach of the lions five seasons and led to the one playoff appearance and speaks highly of his former team. >> i think you guys would be surprised how much i route for the lions as long as it's not in
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direct complicanflict with the . i got too much blood and sweat in that building, there's a lot of guys that mean an awful lot to me. i want those guys to succeed. i'm going to do my best to try to beat them. >> welcome to the fry night football frenzy. lesley van arsdale. take it away, lesley. >> thank you for the intro there. friday beautiful night for football. let's get the frenzy started with games in the public league. we start with bartram at lincoln. photographers were brave and demonstrated on this play, sam from lincoln running into your living room and into our photographer. more lincoln. watch the fantastic run by michael guiding get in for the touchdown there.
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way down. from bartram on offense. putting one up and look at that one handed grab right there. that is a touchdown. bartram the winner 48-22. a big hit by lumbar alexander. the winner 28-0. kensington. jahlil kennedy will play. finds manir, kennedy. 50-20. to new jersey we have collingswood taking on audubon. place the half. 79 yards to the house in collingswood with a shut-out 21-0. overbrook. damian matthews and this one is going in for a long score, 78 yards, haddonfield overbrook 14-6. eastern shore visiting the perk
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yo men. he goes 67 yards for the score. perk yo men 54-22 victory. next, we have perk yo men valley visiting frankford. coming on in with, perk valley steve sturm able to find austin rally. they win 28-16. it was home coming. congratulations to the king and queen. radnor's pat mcdermott able to find tucker. archbishop ryan visiting carol. you have the game you've been waiting for truman at pence grove.
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it's time for our game of the week, truman visiting pens berry we head inside the locker room. >> we have to smart fast and tough football. we talked about violence. we touch last week. i believe we played smarter, faster and tougher and now the tons of violence, let's go. guy
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guys. >> fans pumped up. fired up for football. pens berry goes up in the air, to problem, david berk is there save the day. two place later we have tyron hoges. this time we have robbie tressler. the opening kickoff of the second half. nick bosch. pens berry. the week, 17-6. hi, kate.
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we got wet weather to talk about especially on saturday. showers in the poconos, poconos clear out nicely sunday in the city showers especially in the afternoon, steadier rain in the evening, clearing outlet. clouds break for sun on sunday, at the shore, that's where we could have a bit of a wet weekend sunday and
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morning team is back from 5:00 to 6:00. for kate, lesley and everyone i'm jessica dean. >> i'm nicole brewer.
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