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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 9, 2016 11:30pm-12:06am EDT

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defense looks good. >> it's funny because everybody wants to talk about carson wentz. but it's really their defense. that was the calling afterward kind of failed them a little bit. perspective. eagles defense had allowed two touchdowns total in the first three games. today, they allowed three in the first half. that was the difference in the game. the birds came in allowing the fewest in the league. matt stafford tossed three touchdown passes, the first time the season the eagles allowed a score through the air. trailed by 11 at the half. in the second, they allowed only three points. total domination. however, was it enough? the birds lose 24-23. here's doug pederson. >> the way they hung together and battled and came out in that second half and kind of took it to them, that was the impressive
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thing. to see because again, it could have been a situation where we could have just packeded it up and gone to the house, they didn't do that. and they -- they stayed together they rallied together, and gave us an opportunity in the second half. >> they did. perseverance paid, just didn't pay in this particular game. coming up on the sports zone we'll talk more about the defensive turn around and also ryan mathews may have been able to prevent the fumble. former eagles darlin walker is in the house. >> we get fired up. >> you can hear throughout the building. >> i thought i heard something. >> thank you so much. don. celebrating this the season by
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welcome back, cbs3 the "cw philly" and komen philadelphia are teaming up once again in the fight against breast cancer turning landmarks pink >> the college of art and designer in philadelphia glowing pink. october is national breast cancer awareness month and those pink lights are the reminder to sexual a mammogram. this is the 15th year for the
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lights at the cure campaign. you can find more information at
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. smashing good time was had put by all in university city. >> that was pumpkin smash 2016. this was the sixth year it was held. it recorded pumpkin smashing. money raised goes to morris
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animal shelter. oldest in the united states. a great cause and who doesn't want to smash a pumpkin every now and again. >> don bell, he's going to go out there before sports zone. >> i'd like to do it on the set >> it's going to be messy, that's going to do it. >> i'm natasha, i'm jessica dean. for lauren, don, and all of us, >> we're handing things over to don bell and cbs3 sports zone, have a good night. ♪
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turnovers will kill you. highlights and analysis of the eagles first loss of the season. coming up. and he's back. tom brady returns and demolishes the browns, we'll go around the nfl. what up? welcome to the hyundai sports zone >> my reaction to today is listen, this is not the end of the world, this team will being a good team. this team will be a good team. don't worry, the positivity is there. >> let's take you to the well, maybe we'll call them low life. at the detroit lions, go down the field first possession a
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touchdown toss. riddick. after the eagles punt, at it again, this play killed them. >> they killed us >> this is what the eagles don't realize teams will do that to us because we get the field and make play, they're going to run screen >> lions up 14-0, eagles back at i. birds down by seven. back complainant lions, stafford to marvin jones, they're not a lot of quarterback whose can make this play. >> high love the fact -- i don't love it. he made a great play. i hate it actually because i bleed green. that was a great play. >> lions go 21-7. birds trail 21-10 at the half. the touchdown toss to josh huff from one yard out. 21-17. stafford scrambling. and he fumbles so the defense coming up big.
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nigel with the recovery. >> the defensive line it was most important position >> third and ten, wentz looking for beckham. do you have to say make that play? he has to make that. he's a big physical fast receiver. he should be a difference maker in this game. >> they settled for a field goal. from 49 yards, eagles go up for the first time 23 to 21. after lions punt trying to run out the clock third and two from their 45, matthews fumbles. get the ball in the right hand. come on. he has the ball in his left hand. put it in your right hand. what is he think about here? biggest play of the game. >> cost them big time. that's darius slay. he had a monster game. lions with a third and fourth from the 39, stafford. this right here really hurt us. and this was really almost the
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nail in the coffin. >> gain of 27 yards. lions go up 24-23. now, we can have a come back. it's all up to the quarterback to this wentz with a minute and 30 seconds left. looking deep, going deep for nelson agholor but it darius slay. >> come on agholor, you got to be willing to beat the guy that make the biggest play of the game that killed it. i want to say you battle, baby, be competitive. go up and get it. don't let this guy become a receiver and take the ball from you? are you kidding? this should have never happened. >> grab that >> he got away with a little something. i still got to say, he got to be more competitive. >> the eagles lose 24-23. ladders was in detroit at ford field, here's the post game report. >> situations like that >> this is takeoff loss for the eagles. team down to two turnover, the
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ryan matthews if you mean bem perhaps the costiest mistake. >> i can't let high team mates down, try to get better, move on. get back. >> reporter: then there was the golden set up for the rookie to win it. but instead, carson wentz his first and only interception. >> that was a if i would have located it earlier i think i would have given myself a better chance. >> it wasn't a perfect throw. obviously, i tried to give nelson a chance to make a play. i left it too far outside. the corner back made a great play. and sealed the win. >> reporter: defense returned to dominance. >> you play our style of football. settle down everything does their job one play at a time. usually we'll give us a good chance to win >> we really, you know, lock down in the second half and play a will the better. obviously, with the result in
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the game, you realize you can't spot somebody on points like that. >> at the end over the game, hey, don't take sometimes. we just -- we going to get better. >> you know what? three and one is a good place to be heading into an nfc east match-up with the redskins next sunday. reporting from ford field, lesley van arsdale eyewitness sports >> thank you. darwin, this was a game they lost in the bi- week. . >> the first half. >> again, i text you earlier and i said i thought this was a tale of two halves. they didn't look like the same team. i think it was as much coaching any playing, they didn't make the proper adjustments between the series and quarters until after the half. >> i agree with you, but for me,
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i just didn't see the edge. i didn't see them scrambling for ball and when they were scrambling for the purpose the ball, they were going in the wrong direction. plus the penalties, 14 penalties. that the really troubling. >> listen, mike tyson once said everybody is tough until you get hit in the mouth. the detroit lions hit this team in the mouth. what you have to do is adjust and you know, but you have to do it soon enough so you don't go into the second half making the same mistakes or quarter making the same in the first quarter or making the same mistake you made in the last series. they didn't make them soon enough >> this is a coaching staff that pretty much throughout the first three games, they were ahead of everybody. they just seemed like they had out schemed everybody before the game even began. >> offensively i think they were still there. offensively, pederson i thought
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called a game re great game. i'm still happy with what carson wentz did. defensively where i'm saying they didn't make the right adjustments soon enough because if you look at the second half, they put the hammer down on detroit. and what happened is you come out in the first quart of a game and a team is intense and playing real hard and you're making mistakes, it's hard to come off your heels and start back playing. the way you do that is make the adjustments and go back out and get it right >> how difficult is it as a team that starts out three and 0, then you have a week off and everybody is telling you how great you are. then you go on a road that take on a team that honestly has one win and hasn't played well with a ton of injuries, i feel like they weren't ready to play >> i'm having a hard time going there. >> i'm trying to get themming to there >> i hate to be positive paul. negative nancy, at the end of the day i'm still excited about this team and about the things
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they've done in the first three games, i'm excited about the things they did in the second half of this game. i'm not ready to just jump off the train yet. i'm ready to see these guys come back and rebound. this is the time you want to have a loss like this. not in the playoff. you want to have that us loss now and fix the mistakes you made and this is a young team and they realize, when we go away to get -- get time off, we have to come back ready to play. and i'll agree with you from that standpoint in the first quarter and pretty much the first half of this game defensively, not offensively, defensively, i don't think they were as ready to play as they should have been >> as much as i hate the way they came out. i love the way they responded in the third and fourth quarter. one thing that worried me about this team is when you have so much success, how do you deal with adverse? >> i think at the end of the
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day, they came back against the tough team, this team detroit had the backs against the wall. desperation. in this league i'd much rather play against a team undefeat order maybe lost one game than i would a team that's got the backs against the wall because it's look a cat. you back him in a corner he come out fighting. i hated playing teams that was one and three, one and four, struggling and try to go make it happen. you know you're going to get everything they got. that's a big deal. >> they had a different level of desperation, the detroit lions. when we come back, we talked about the psyche, now we're going to talk about the actual ex-s and os. how were they able to out scheme on the defensive side of the ball? don bell coming back with darwin walker after this.
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...and he tried to eliminate protections put in place to stop wall street's risky practices. pat toomey: looking out for wall street and himself, not pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. . i'm don bell, the eagles all season long has been defense, they've given up two touchdowns coming into this game, then three touchdowns in the first half. they had issues with what you pointed out and called crack back blocks. why don't you break it down >> they had big issues. this play hurt them all day long, tight end was lining up out wide. that is an alert. the defensive back should have said alert, crack, and he ends up ear olding brand done graham. here goes golden tate free big
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play. here it happens again, same thing, an kwon bolden comes in and cracks back on conner barwin, boom. tries to spin out but falls again there's nobody here to set the edge. another big play with riddick. who had a big day. >> all it takes is a second. >> that's all it takes. this time you see it played accurately. brandon graham seizes the guy. he sets the edge. he doesn't get caught up. what this allows the linebackers time to get back into the play and make the play and here goes brandon grahaming making a great play and sending the edge. >> that's the thing they started to adjust in the second half. in the first when they were trying to deal with the crack backs, it doesn't work. the lions started this game off with a lot of misdirections and a lot of screen, took advantage of aggressiveness. we're going to go see that as
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well zchl >> that's what happens when you play against a team like this. those are the types of plays you're going to get. those are the kind of things that's gets defenses like this off guard. >> stafford starting off in a shotgun. big play, what i would love to see, fletcher cox and the defensive line man do is read the offensive line man, if the guy lets you go, that means something fishy going on. you makes the play, the next time the next one we're going to go see is really bad. fletcher cox runs up the field and pretty much ignores the fact the fevers line man just let him go. that's not -- that just doesn't happen in this league. people will not let you go. here he is, behind the play. there's no help, no support, another big play. >> they often say, in football, if it's too easy, it is. it's too good to be true. >> it is >> right there, fletcher cox, we know you're great, but you're
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not that great. nobody is going to block you at all. they took advantage with the screen. defensively i think jim schwartz had his issues, able to recover in the second. offensively there were a couple of plays we talked about, highlights ryan matthews holding the ball on the inside should have been on the outside. what about the toss that nelson agholor? i personally thought, maybe the ball wasn't in an accurate spot but they also chose to go deep there with a two-minutes warning >> you said the toss i thought you meant >> i mean the toss >> i thought agholor should have battled for that ball. you have to protect your quarterback. when you see the ball is in the air, you got to go get it. it's got to be like a magnet to you. i don't think he really gave the effort he should have given to go get that football. now, the get away with one by pulling his arm down. >> looks good all game long. >> that was a huge play. >> what about the idea of first
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play back, it's a two-minute drill and you're going deem. normally they say we want to move the change. they went deep for the juggler on the first play. >> they saw something they had not gone deep all day and probably thought detroit would be expecting them to try to do exactly what you just said. they took a shot. and what i don't like about it is agholor didn't battle for his quarterback. battle for your quarterback. you got to make that play. make it happen at all costs. at the end of the day, this to game comes down to to who wants to be that guy to make the play that's going to make the difference in the game? when i playing the game i wanted to be the guy that was going to find a way at any cost to make the biggest play to make the difference in the game. i didn't see that today. i didn't see him thinking, i want to be the guy to make the difference in the game. >> like with the sideline who can make a play? i can. who can make a play? i can.
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always have to say that to yourself. at the end of the day they lose 24-23. we started off the show with you saying i still feel pretty good about my boys. if you lose this game, you're doug pederson, what's the speech >> this is what separates the great coach from the accident ok coaches. how do you respond after big loss? today is a big loss for young team, and they got a bounce back but they got the talent and they got a quarterback, hear me, they have a quarterback that's special. he's special. when you have that, that's half the battle already. that's why i'm so excited about this team. i hate to be positive paul like i said. i think it's good they had this loss at this point in the season, and not at the end of the season, this is the time that you want to learn from a loss of this magnitude. not at the end of the day. >> how does this refocus them? now they got washington. they've won three in a row. coaches often say, the best time
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to coach your team is after a loss. now you got the attention. what do you expect this week >> i expect them to come in, have a good physical week of practice, and this, you know, reset and realize, hey, guys, this is, you know, it's a loss, but it's not the end of the day. it's not the end of the world. we got to come back out and show why we're going to be a special team this year. >> that's the next game. at washington and of course, this guy will join me next week to break it down as well. my man, appreciate you. darwin walker breaking it down for us on the honda sports zone. coming up three teams went into the weekend undefeated now only one remains,
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. institute injury report. flyers will be without michael delgado for four to six weeks, the lower body injury, they will
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start friday with a few players banged up or suspended. sixers could start without jared bay list, he had an mri wednesday and dealing with a soar wrist. ben simmons had surgery on his foot. it's not known how long he'll be out. could be the season. that's what the rumor says. it was a sunday full of football. what else is new? take a look around the league and we start with the eagles next opponent the washington redskinses, take on the baltimore ravens. kirk cousins. getting hot and the, and they're on top. ravens final drive and no, joe flacco incomplete to mike wallace, washington winning their third straight 16-10 your final score. there's only one undefeated team left, and that's sam bradford's minnesota vikings. taking on the text ans.
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the big play, marcus cheryls. you give him an inch and he'll take 79 yards. the vikings win 31-13. we'll see them here in philly in two weeks, they're now five and 0 on the season. this is bad news for the league. this dude is ready to play, tom brady four-game suspension over. 28 to 40, 406 yards, three touchdowns for brady. all three of td. the patriots rocking the browns, of course, you probably expect that 33-13. down in dallas, the cowboys just beating up on the bengals and the rookie runningback, zika elliot 134 yards, two touchdowns including busting a 60 yarder in the third quarter, cowboys win big, just admire that.
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28-intervene, the final fourth straight win for dallas, now lead the nfc east. switching gear, nascar bank of america, 500 was scheduled for today, due to hurricane matthew and it was worth the way the for jimmy johnson, snapping a career long 24 race win less, he hadn't won since march 20thly. now advances to the third round on the playoffs in the chase for the cup. final time-out when we return, it's the top three plays


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