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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 10, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, october 10th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump apologizes and then turns the table on hillary clinton at the second presidential debate. he lashes out on bill clinton's past and says he would put hillary clinton in jail if he is elected. she says a vulgar video shows who trump really is. >> the threat from hurricane matthew continues. north carolina faces dangerous flooding. we are there tracking the multibillion dollar impact of the deadly storm. samsung reportedly stops production of the galaxy note 7 following a series of fires. three top phone companies now refuse to give customers replacement phones.
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we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. with prior republican nominees for president, i never questioned their fitness to serve. donald trump is different. >> the candidates conveysquare a brutal presidential debate. >> we will get a special prosecutor and look into it because it's a disgrace. you ought to be ashamed. >> it's awfully good that someone like donald trump is not in charge of our country. >> because you would be in jail. >> secretary clinton? >> this was just disgraceful. >> there wasn't much presidential about some of the discussion. >> this was wrestle mania. >> the reports that 900 people were killed in haiti. >> in the u.s. 20 people killed. >> half of the victims from north carolina. >> hurricane matthew is off the map, but it's still with us. it's going to be with us for a long time. >> from florida to the carolinas, cleanup is just beginning. >> i have nothing left.
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i just want somewhere else to go. >> samsung has reportedly suspended production of its new galaxy note 7 device after new ones caught fire. >> a boat cap sizing with 30 people on board. >> all that. >> brady with time. touchdown! >> after serving a four-game suspension, tom brady was back on the field. >> get his teammates going. >> rodgers to jordy nelson for the touchdown. >> the packers gets that 3-1 record. >> all that matters. >> melania said this was okay. >> bush? >> there we go! excellent. >> let's not cross over the fact that he said how about a little hug for the bushy? >> on "cbs this morning." >> just assume you're being recorded! you fall for this every two years! you lost sports teams because of this, movie careers, and now a presidential election.
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tape recorders have done damage to old white men than tennis elbow. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places! ♪ welcome to "cbs this morning." last night's second presidential debate offered more insults than insight. donald trump told hillary clinton that as president he would try to put her in jail. she said a video showing trump talking lewdly about women represents exactly who he is. >> trump's comments recorded in 2005 and released on friday blindsided republican leaders and they have condemned trump's talk on that about aggressively pursuing women. we begin our coverage with nancy cordes at washington university in st. louis, the site of last night's debate. good morning, nancy. >> reporter: good morning.
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there was no handshake at the start of this debate and things only got more tense from there. donald trump calling hillary clinton a liar at least nine times, making all of the attacks that supporters wanted to hear in the first debate.. she argued he was simply trying to distract from the herd of elephants in the room. >> you bragged that you have sexually assaulted women. do you understand that? >> no, i didn't say that at all. i don't think you understood what was said. this was locker room talk. >> reporter: trump insisted he never did any of the lewd things he bragged about in that leaked 2005 video but he argued hillary clinton's husband, sitting in the front row, had. >> if you look at bill clinton, far worse, mine were words and his were actions. >> reporter: his opponents said it wasn't true but didn't elaborate. >> what we all heard and saw on friday was donald talking about women, what he thinks about women, what he does to women. >> reporter: trump quickly shifted the conversation to
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clinton's use of private e-mail servers as secretary of state. >> the thing that you should be apologizing for are the 33,000 e-mails that you deleted. if i win, i am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation. >> reporter: the fbi recommended against charges in july. >> it's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you'd be in jail. >> reporter: secretary clinton? >> okay, donald. i know you're into big diversion tonight. >> reporter: clinton was asked about her campaign chairman's recently hacked e-mails that included passages from some of her paid wall street speeches. >> you, secretary clinton, reportedly say you need a public and private position on certain issues. >> reporter: clinton said she was referring to scenes from the movie "lincoln" that depicted his efforts to end slavery.
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>> president lincoln was trying to convince some people. he used some arguments and convincing other people. he used other arguments. >> okay. honest abe never lied. the good thing. that is the big difference between abraham lincoln and you. >> reporter: one big difference that cropped up was between trump and mike pence. >> i want to remind you what your running mate said. he said provocations by russia need to be met with american strength. >> he and haven't spoken and i disagree. >> you disagree with your running mate? >> i think we need to knock out isis. >> reporter: the clinton campaign argued that some of trump's comments once again crossed the line. at one point he called clinton the devil and said she has hate in her heart more than once. one asked the two to name something they liked about the other at the end of the debate. she said his children and he said her tenacity but they added that they disagreed on everything. >> that was clear but that question got huge applause in
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the room last night. thank you, nancy. donald trump spent nearly 48 hours before the debate fending off critics of his comments about groping bleep. he apologized on video and held a news conference with women who say bill clinton assaulted them. major garrett is also still in st. louis. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump took the stage with the weight of his sexist comments dragging his campaign down. after parading four women who accused the clinton's of sexual misconduct before reporters, came prepared for an intensely personal fight with hillary clinton. >> no, i didn't say that at all. >> reporter: donald trump quickly offered a defense of recently revealed comments making light of assaulting women. >> it's locker room talk. and it's one of those things. this was locker room talk. >> reporter: that talk appeared on a 2005 videotaped with "access hollywood" published friday by "the washington post." >> you could do anything. >> whatever you want. >> grab them by the [ bleep ]. [ laughter ] do anything.
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>> reporter: within hours, trump released an online apology video. >> i said it. i was wrong. and i apologize. >> reporter: and when pressed last night, said his boasts were embarrassing and empty. >> i have tremendous respect for women. >> reporter: have you ever done those things? >> women have tremendous respect for me. i will tell you, no, i have not. >> reporter: that opened the door for hillary clinton to challenge trump's character and sincerity. >> i think it's clear to anyone who heard it that it represents exactly who he is. >> reporter: seeking to deflect criticism of his coarse and vulgar language, trump launched long dormant accusations-o s ofl clinton's sexual misconduct. >> hillary clinton attacked those same women and attacked them viciously. >> reporter: less than two hours before the debate trump appeared with four women who claim to have victimized by the clinton's. >> on bill clinton raped me and hillary clinton threatened me. >> reporter: and then invited them to join his debate
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entourage. >> she talks about words that i said 11 years ago. i think it's disgraceful and i think she should be ashamed of herself. >> reporter: trump's wife melania accepted his apology but daughter and adviser ivanka has remained conspicuously silent and mike pence his running mate could not defend trump's sexual fantasies and said he will campaign for trump throughout the week. the explosive charge of rape arrives in an episode in 1978 when juanita broaddrick. they found the evidence behind the charge inconclusive. >> dozens of donald trump's supporters say his vulgar comments on video are more than they can take. more than 70 prominent republicans have denounced trump's remarks. 25 of them have endorsed their
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party's nominee say they no longer can support him. julianna goldman is in washington with more. >> reporter: worried the tape could cost them the house and the senate, rnc officials are discussing whether to shift resource away from trump and toward candidates for other down ballot races. one source tells cbs news it's likely too late to make much difference. >> i'm out. i can no longer, in good conscience, endorse this person for president. >> reporter: utah congressman jason chaffetz said his decision came after he realized he couldn't explain a way to his teenage daughter donald trump's language on the 2005 moved. >> i move in on her like a [ bleep ] and i couldn't get there and she was married. >> reporter: trump has a history of controversial comments, but bragging about sexual assault crossed the line for a slew of republican lawmakers. former republican presidential nominee senator john mccain pulled his endorsement, saying, it was impossible to continue to
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offer even conditional support. house speaker paul ryan disinvited trump from a joint appearance in his home state of wisconsin after the tape surfaced, although he stopped short of pulling his support. over the weekend, trump tweeted, so many self-righteous hypocr e hypocrites. watch their election and poll numbers go down. cbs news battleground tracker poll shows why some gop lawmakers are weary of completely disavowing their republican nominee. half say it worsens their view of the nominee. at least 90% say their view is unchanged. still, cbs news has counted more than two dozen politicians, like utah senator mike lee who are now calling for trump to bow out. >> for donald trump to step aside and for the republican party to find a candidate who can bring together all of the elements within the republican party and defeat hillary clinton in november. that's what we want to do and that is what we need to do now.
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>> reporter: house republicans have scheduled a conference call for later this morning to regroup after the release of the tape and while it's clear there are deep divisions in the party, charlie, so far, at least the majority of house republicans are still supporting their candidate for president. >> robby mook is the campaign manager for hillary clinton and joins us from the campaign headquarters in brooklyn, new york. good morning. >> good morning. >> where is this campaign going after the debate last night which dismayed many people in terms of the bitterness of it all? are you going to have to finally defend and go darker? >> well, first of all, we were all disappointed by donald trump's stunt events prior to the debate. he went into this debate intended on throwing hillary clinton off her game and trying to sling a lot of mud. hillary showed up at the debate wanting to talk to the american people about the specific plans she has to make a difference in
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people's lives. i think she had the opportunity to do that. unfortunately, she had to do quite a bit of fact checking on donald trump throughout. but we feel like we got that done. >> they are calling it the ugliliest, nastiest debate ever. did you feel that way watching it for you? >> first of all, i feel donald trump wanted to make this about mud slinging. i was disappointed about the stunt that he tried to pull just about an hour beforehand. and, unfortunately, he continued to string of inaccuracies and lies. the fact-checkers have said that. so, yeah, i was disappointed in that. but like i said, i think secretary clinton was able to make a clear case. she articulated clear plans on health care, foreign policy and many other topics. >> "the washington post" is reporting that donald trump's campaign sought to intimidate hillary clinton and embarrass
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former president bill clinton by placing and seating the women who have accused former president clinton of sexual abuse and putting them in the trump family box but at the last minute they were thwarted by the -- >> by frank farren d coucof. were i aware this was happening? >> i was not. >> would you like to comment on perhaps if they had been seat inned in the family box? >> like i said the whole situation is very disappointing. donald trump's campaign has had a string of disasters. his failed performance in the last debate, his vice presidential nominee refused to defend him at his debate. and then, obviously, we had the machado controversy, taxes and this videotape that came out last friday. donald trump is trying to change the dynamic but i'm arguing he is digging the hole deeper with these attacks and trying to drag this debate down.
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we will continue to talk about the issues. >> beyond that, he said if he was elected he would appoint a prosecutor to try to put her in jail because she deleted e-mails after she were under subpoena. >> again, it's disappointing. and i would say it's chilling that donald trump thinks that the presidency is like somebody in a republican dictatorship where you can lock up your political opponents. the career staff at the justice department have ruled on this issue. again, this is just donald trump trying to intimidate hillary, bully hillary and change the debate from anything but himself. i think he should apologize. >> thanks, robbie mook. >> thanks. >> hurricane matthew's toll is rising in the southeast. the storm is blamed for at least 19 deaths. severe flooding led to more than a thousand water rescues. the cost of property damage could hit $6 billion. mark strassmann is in fayetteville with why the rescue
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and recovery effort is so difficult. mark, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. in some parts of north carolina, getting around has been a real challenge. look at this road. completely washed away and impassible. not just for residents, but for rescue teams trying to reach people trapped in life-threatening moments. >> hold on! we are coming for you! >> reporter: in flooded fayetteville, rescue teams i couldn't do to help a mother and her daughter and the car was caught in swirl flash floodwaters. also okay this family of three marooned on top of their suv. they had tried to drive through a raging current and needed to be rescued by a team of new york firefighters. over the weekend, more than 1,000 people were rescued here. >> hurricane matthew is off the map, but it's still with us. and it's still deadly. and we are taking it very seriously. it's going to be with us for a
7:17 am
long time. >> reporter: carl lee is a member of the urban search and rescue team. from the air he showed us the challenge on the ground. >> we are looking for the areas that maybe -- they are on their roof or stranded on their vehicle. we can get the rescues out to those areas. >> reporter: matthew dumped up to 15 inches of rain on parts of north carolina. >> even 90 miles inland you can see water and water-related problems all over. stranded homes and neighborhoods and washed out road. over the weekend, rain was falling at a rate of 2 inches an hour. all that rain also overflowed the state's river several feet above normal levels, breeching dams and threatening towns. >> we are trying to to get clothes out there before they get wet. >> reporter: families are using their own boats to collect what they can from homes where the water is rising. >> the problem is we had water last week. it come in and didn't get gone
7:18 am
before this come. so nowhere for it to go. >> reporter: because of roads like this, some residents won't get home for days. contaminated drinking water is another worry. the city of fayetteville has declared a water shortage emergency. norah? >> what an incredible picture there. mark, thank you so much. the hurricane is blamed for at least a thousand reported deaths in haiti. vladimir duthiers of cbsn is at the international airport in port au prince. >> reporter: the death toll may continue to rise here in haiti, but we will never know for sure because it's very difficult to get to the more remote parts of the country. for now, though, the u.s. military is helping the haitian police. you can see some of their helicopters behind me here and they are trying to get help to those in need. days after matthew made landfall in haiti, hundreds are dead and tens of thousands are homeless and hungry. in the town of jeremy 80% of the
7:19 am
homes or businesses are damaged or destroyed. this man told us what is left of his home. every time the wind would blow you took all of the children and got on your knees and cover them? >> yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> reporter: he described the horror of living through the storm. >> at first, lift. >> reporter: the first house next door? the roof came flying? >> yeah. yeah. yeah. i called them. come in here, come in here. then they come in. >> reporter: then your roof? >> yeah, yeah. >> reporter: more than 10,000 people are staying at this shelter. a school that is one of the few structures to have survived the hurricane. they tell us they have seen little to nothing in terms of help from their government. >> they don't have anything to eat. they don't have anything to drink. and for the moment, no one is coming to help them. the most difficult part of our reporting came as we were walking through the community in jeremy. dozens of survivors surrounded me and they asked me to write their names in my reporter's notebook.
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a way for them to say, look, we are surviving and we are here. don't forget about us. nrvel reporti incredible reporting. vladimir, thank you. how u.s. cell phone companies are r
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>> good morning, i'm brooke thomas, little more than an hour ago atlantic city trump taj mahal closed it doors, demonstrators were there this morning about 3,000 people will lose their jobs as a result of the closing. the casino couldn't reach a deal with union workers on healthcare and pension plans. let's get a check on the eyewitness forecast with meteorologist, katie fehlinger. >> cool start to the morning, at least by comparison to what we've recently been dealt, coolest conditions we've seen this past may, so quite a while since we've seen temperatures in philadelphia in the 40's, currently at 37 degrees, solid 10 degrees cooler than that up in the higher terrain of mount pocono, pair of four's in allentown, you get the idea, cooler start, breezier to make it that much cooler. i suggest dressing in heavier
7:27 am
lane today but we keep the sun through the rest of the weekend. >> that's the bonus. katie, thank you so much. you guys, take a look at this, live choppier three over an accident in marlton, new jersey there is one is involving a pedestrian, route 70 westbound between route 73 and cropwell. all lanes are closed right now, you will have to use alternate, old marlton pike, probably, going to be your best bet. also we've got some video of another crash, i'll show that you in just a moment, but we have an accident also as well as this one, 95 north at girard, left lane blocked, talcony palmyra bridge opening at 7:35, and we'll have more coming up in about 20 minutes, brooke, over to you. >> thanks, meisha. next update is at 7:55, up next on cbs this morning,
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i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. get him out of here! get him out of here! get the hell out of here! priorities usa action is responsible
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♪ it takes seven years to write a show so i don't know when i'm going to be back here. so i am not throwing away my job. i am not throwing away my job. my name is lin manuel. i am hosting "snl" and i am not throwing away my shop. ♪ past the baton and give me the ball tonight i got emmy and grammy but what i want to is name the person cameo. i do a bunch of sketches and sometimes i play the lead and give you what you need. if the cue calls me for to read. you'll see me tonight and walk into the audience and because i am not throwing my job. i am not throwing my job. >> i could watch fa for another five minutes. >> i know. >> genius lin-manuel miranda.
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hey, guys. i wonder if he wrote that. "saturday night live" was on fire this weekend. if you haven't seen that open on "saturday night live" about the debate, it is must-see tv. >> more than that, they incorporated the latest developments over the weekend. >> absolutely. >> they did it really good. welcome back to "cbs this morning." this half hour, the leaked video of donald trump's lewd comments about women could seriously erode his support among female voters. we will take a look at the history of statements of many women including a former executive who find offensive. galaxy note's 7 smartphone some u.s. companies are stopping distribution of their replacements over these safety concerns. the new fallout over phones that may overheat. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. the desert sun of palm springs says the suspect in the deaths of two police officers had body armor and a large amount of ammunition. he was captured yesterday after a 12-hour standoff.
7:32 am
the officers were shot saturday responding to a disturbance call. the suspect is a felon with street gang connections. "the new york times" reports that two missiles were fired last night toward a u.s. navy destroyer near he yemen. the ship in the red sea in international waters. the missiles fell well short of the ship and the pentagon say they were launched from coastal areas controlled by rebels. the rebels are backed by iran. britain's "telegraph" reports on a suspect on a alleged bomb plot in germany. the man was arrested today after a two-day hunt. the suspect is a 22-year-old who had been granted a asylum. they found explosives in his apartment. he was arrested after police got a tip from fellow syrians who had held the man. new attention to donald trump's history of questionable statements. the republican nominee apologized for the language he used in the 2005 tape. but jan crawford is in washington and shows us how the latest incident threatens to
7:33 am
erode his support among female voters. jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. so, you know, over the course of his campaign, i mean, insulted rosie o'donnell and many more. his statements go back decades and something many women voters find repulsive. >> i did try and [ bleep ] she was married. >> reporter: the leaked nbc video was not the only thing this weekend that put donald trump's campaign on the defensive. >> by the way, your daughter. >> she's beautiful. >> can i say this? a piece of [ bleep ]. >> reporter: cnn uncovered interviews he did in 2005 and 2006 with howard short-term where he talked about ivanka's appearance and sleeping with beauty pageant contestants. >> you could also say is the owner of the pageant that it's your obligation to do that? >> donald, she has a name.
7:34 am
>> reporter: after the first debate, trump spent days attacking 1996 miss universe alicia machado who accused him of making derogatory comments and humiliating her because she gained weight. >> she was the worst we ever had. the absolute worst. she was impossible. ♪ >> reporter: and last week, the associated president suggested trump subjected contestance on "the apprentice." >> you drop to your knees? >> yes. >> must be a pretty picture you dropping to your knees. >> he wanted everybody to think that his office was decorated with beautiful women. >> reporter: clinton supporter barbara rest worked with trump nearly two decades. a former executive vice president of his company, she says trump often made inappropriate comments to his staff. >> created a -- a what we call a hostile environment. all of the talking about "playboy" and stuff like that. >> reporter: ivanka defended her father against accusations and misogyny.
7:35 am
>> he is not a groper. not who he is. i have known my father, obviously, my whole life and he has total respect for women. >> this was locker room talk. i'm not proud of it. >> have you ever done those things? >> women have respect for me and i will tell you -- no, i have not. >> reporter: but trump had a strained relationship with female voters before the latest revelation says "usa today" washington bureau chief susan page. >> donald trump has been leading among men in national polls but trailed among women and had the biggest gender gap in our modern political history. >> reporter: trump is also pointed to his record of promoting women to key positions in his company but a new cbs news poll found that 53% of female voters in the battleground state of pennsylvania said the leaked footage worsened their view of trump. gayle? >> thank you very much, jan. "face the nation" moderator and political news director john dickerson joins us at the table. before this debate trump's campaign appeared to be on life
7:36 am
support and many gop members heading to the hill? reince priebus thought he won the debate saying that today. >> he has to say that or going with the people who were fleeing the trump campaign last week. . the things that caused him to flee still exists and what exists is not just the audio but in republicans i've talk to the latest of an example of his volatility that it's unpredictable and that he is going to hook other republicans up to that unpredictability in this campaign and also as president. >> will be there more defections today? >> well, we are going to have to see. there were planning to be. others who were thinking of jumping and didn't want to the it before the debate but that nervousness he created still exists regardless of what happened in the 90 minutes and even some people who saw the stupt before the debate where he brought up the clinton accusers, the bill clinton accusers saw that as a way to leave, give another reason to leave because donald trump has shown he will
7:37 am
win at all costs. for those who want to win that is great news. for republicans who are worried about the costs, it scares them. >> one thing it has accomplished there is not been the appropriate amount of conversation about her leaked speech. can that become a big issue? >> well, it -- well, it -- if donald trump and the republican party conversation breakup that is going on, that is topic a. a major party in the united states is having a crisis at the moment. >> a civil war. >> it was not one of her finer moments last night, her response to the question about these hacked e-mails, the speeches to wall street where she was chamming acham i channeling abe lincoln. speak speaks in private one way -- >> that is what she had? >> that is what she said. in the movie "lincoln" this is what lincoln did but she was making a broader point about -- >> a lot of people heard that explanation and went huh?
7:38 am
>> yes. they didn't find it a compelling explanation why you can't say in public what you would say in private. although, you know, again, the public/private company kathleen frankovic is going right now about donald trump. >> we talked a little bit about this last night. the treatment of women has now become a central focal point of this campaign. donald trump's treatment of women. he tried to make it about bill clinton's treatment of women and we learned from "the washington post" overnight that not only this facebook live stunt, but that apparently donald trump and his son-in-law and campaign manager tried to have these clinton accusers sit in the family vip box so they would be staring hillary clinton in the face. >> and maybe have to shake hands with bill clinton. >> right exactly. people before this debate some of them like pence the running mate said he wanted to see donald trump show his heart. rudy giuliani said trump is like st. augustine and turned his heart and contrite. this was not a contrite donald
7:39 am
trump. 100% donald trump and behaved in way gotten him to the dance and counterpunching and interrupting and what his base loves about him. the political challenge for him he had to expand that base with women voters and with these college educated voters and nothing in that debate last night that those voters are going to find specifically new and attract. >> bob schieffer described it as wrestle mania and my friend said they are giving wrestle man ia bad name. >> one more debate to go. >> that's right. >> john, how are you feeling this morning? >> i'm feeling like i could go every day with only 45 minutes of sleep. >> you wear it well. >> welcome to the club. thank you. samsung faces a new crisis over its flagship phone. >> it wasn't plugged in or it wasn't anything. just sitting there. >> scary. why many customers won't be able to get replacement galaxy note
7:40 am
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♪ samsung is reportedly suspended production of its flagship smartphone amid new safety concerns. the embattled company recalled around 2.5 million galaxy note 7's last month. their batteries could overheat and they sometimes caught fire each when they are turned off. now there are reports that the replacement phones also overheat. kris van cleave is outside of an at&t store in washington. one of the sellers that no longer offers the replacements. >> reporter: good morning. it was not a good weekend for samsung. first, at&t and several other
7:45 am
carriers said they were pulling the devices and halting the replacement program. then this news from korea emerged samsung may be suspending production of the galaxy note 7 altogether. which raises the question is this the end of the galaxy device? >> it got hot in my pocket. >> reporter: at least three u.s. owners of the replacement galaxy note 7 say their new phones have dangerously overheated, the same problem reported with the original device. those phones were recalled last month after more than two dozen reports of burn injuries due to overheating lithium ion batteries. cnet's dan ackerman says he is not surprised about the reported production halt. >> a enough cases with these replacement phones they didn't have a choice if they can't identify the problem immediately. >> reporter: now three major carriers, at&t, t-mobile, and verizon say they will stop exchanging the original phones
7:46 am
with samsung's new replacements, urging customers to power down their devices and return them. >> we are so fortunate she wasn't injured or severely burned. >> reporter: andrew of minnesota says his daughter's replacement galaxy note 7 overheated while she was holding it last week. michael clairing says his new note 7 filled his bedroom with smoke. >> it wasn't plugged in. it wasn't anything. it was just sitting there. >> reporter: a southwest plane was evacuated when a passenger says his replacement phone started making sizzling sounds. >> and looked around to see what that was and there was smoke just billowing, pouring out of my pocket. >> reporter: analysts say samsung faces now an uphill battle, regaining the public's trust. >> samsung needs to convince people it's taking the proper time and care and not rushing out replacement phones too qirl before they figure out what the problem or problems are with these phones. >> reporter: samsung has not responded to our on request for comment about the reports they are suspended production, but
7:47 am
earlier in the weekend, samsung told "cbs this morning" that if a safety issue is found, it will take appropriate action. >> kris, thank you. >> what does that mean, appropriate action? it scares me it's turned off and still catches fire and now make an announcement on the planes which is scary because you have to rely on people to police themselves. >> you don't want something on fire in your pants. old time rock 'n' rollers are uniting generations of music fans. that is ahead. first, it's time to check your local weather.
7:48 am
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7:52 am
at the desert music trip festival over the weekend in southern california. the six-day event has been dubbed old, which chela. paul mccartney joined others along with bob dylan. >> showing the kids how it's done! when we come back, campaign manager kellyanne conway joins us at the table. we started doing animation. with the surface book, you can do all this stuff. you can actually draw on the screen. so crisp. i love it. it's almost like this super powerful computer and a tablet had the perfect baby. it's a typewriter for writing scripts... it's a sketchbook for sketches...'s a canvas for painting... you can't do that on a mac.
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>> live in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, i'm jim donovan, day after the latest presidential debate, donald trump bridges his campaign to pennsylvania, the republican candidate will visit near pittsburgh, will come to wilkes-barre, democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is in ohio and michigan today. her campaign comes to new jersey next week. let's go over to katie for a look at the wetter. >> really is very pleasant forecast overall, jim. although we've got our first frost advisory tonight for the region of the season so we look at the frost advisory, notice the i95 corridor, flanked communities, not included here, more outlying suburbs, central and southern interior sections, and northwest suburbs outside every philly. we drop do 45 degrees, coldest
7:57 am
so far we've seen since may, meantime temperatures are going to rebounds nicely next few days every sunday shine. >> still chilly. i was just out there. guys, take a look at this, video after accident, marlton new jersey involving a pedestrian, route 70 westbound, between route 73 and cropwell, all lanes block here, you will have to use alternate, best bet, old march-ton pike your best bet. another video after car hit a pedestrian northbound grant avenue. two outer lanes are block right now, more coming up in about 20 minute, jim, over to you. >> next update is at 8:25, coming up this morning, donald trump's campaign manager kelly conway, i'm jim donovan, make it a great day.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
♪ good morning. it is monday, october 10th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead, including what you might call the rough and tumble presidential debate. bob schieffer called it wrestle mania. donald trump's campaign manager talks to us about last night's matchup and trump's crude talk about women. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> trump calling hillary clinton a liar at least nine times. she argued he was trying to distract from the elephants in the room. >> trump came prepared for an intense lit personal fight. >> worried his comments could cost them the house and the senate. >> ed if he was elected he would
8:01 am
appoint a prosecutor to try to put her in jail. >> his history of coarse statements go back decades many women voters find repulsive. >> tried to make it about bill clinton treatment of women. >> this is 100% donald trump and he behaved in a way that has gotten him to the dance. >> look at this road. completely washed away and impassible. not just for residents, but for rescue teams. >> the death toll may rise here in haiti but we will never know for sure because it's difficult to get to the more remote parts of the country. >> martin on the ground. andrews makes the play. out there. throw to first. what a play! but here comes the runner! the ball game is over! he is safe! the blue jays are moving on to the alcs! >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. donald trump and hillary
8:02 am
clinton traded sharp personal attacks in last night's second debate. the candidate met two days after a 2005 video came out. it shows trump making aggressive sexual comments about women. prominent republicans denounced those remarks. at least 25 republicans pulled their endorsements of trump because of the video. trump held a news conference before the debate with women who accused former president bill clinton of sexual misconduct. >> donald trump was asked in the debate about that 2005 video. he said no one has more respect for women than he does. >> you called what you said locker room banter. you describe kissing women without consent and grabbing their genitals. that is sexual assault. you bragged that you have sexually assaulted women. do you understand that? >> no, i didn't say that at all. i don't think you understood what was said. this was locker room talk.
8:03 am
i'm not proud of it. >> so for the record you're saying you never did that? >> frankly, you hear these things. i was embarrassed by it, but i have tremendous respect for women. >> have you ever done those things? >> women have respect for me and i will tell you -- no, i have not. >> i want to send a message. we all should to every boy and girl and, indeed, to the entire world, that america already is great, but we are great because we are good and we will respect one another and we will work with one another, and we will celebrate our diversity. >> if you look at bill clinton, far worse. mine were words and his were action. >> anyone can draw their own conclusions at this point about whether or not the man in the video or the man on the stage respects women. but he never apologizes for anything to anyone. >> in a cbs news battleground poll, 54% of likely voters in
8:04 am
ohio and 51% in pennsylvania said the tape did not change their view of donald trump. donald trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway joins us from trump tower in new york. good morning. >> good morning. >> "the washington post" is reporting that the trump campaign wanted to seat the women who have accused bill clinton of indiscretion in the vip box. were you upset that the president on the debate thwarted that? >> i was surprised they thwarted that only it did not say family box, it said vip box. in the clinton box they invited senator claire mccaskill of missouri and she is not a family member, but they threatened to have security remove the women. i thought that was unfortunate because mark cuban got to sit where he wanted to sit. i think the broader issue, i was surprised at the clip you played of hillary clinton was her first response last night and when she says this manever apologizes to anybody for anything and then he
8:05 am
went on to apologize again and said he was embarrassed for the remarks he had made and that there is a difference between words and actions. that succeeded his earlier post on friday night in light of the videotape revelations that he had said some foolish things and he was sorry for them. >> what was the point, kellyanne of having the women there in that facebook live chat? it wasn't a press conference because there were reporters weren't allowed to ask them questions, but what was the point of bringing them forward? do you think that plays well with women voters? >> it wasn't a facebook live chat. they women want to be heard. and i'm sure they would be available to come on your show any time. they deserve to be heard. we agree with hillary clinton, norah. she famously said about a year ago that she believes always sexual assault victims deserve to be heard and believed and i'm sorry that there are exclusions to her list based on -- based the way she has treated them. the whole point of those four women last night, juanita,
8:06 am
kathleen and kathleen and paula is thousand they were treated by bill clinton. "the new york times" shortly after endorsing her to president went through the litany of hillary clinton modus operandi with them. them being private investigators and really try to ruin their lives and they want to be heard. in the case of kathy shelton she was a 12-year-old rape victim and hillary clinton successful represented her accuser. >> she was select by a judge to defend the man. >> she did so. a year later she laughed about getting him to have the plea deal. she deserves to be heard. >> kellyanne, do you expect there to be more videos and more people coming forward to talk about donald trump in the way this video spoke about donald trump? >> there is no way for me to know that, charlie. i am just very happy that donald trump said he was embarrassed and apologized and then said that this is not who he is. and that over the last year and
8:07 am
a half, as he has been running for president, he has met millions of americans who have inspired him to soldier on to fight for the issues that they care about, that he is trying to articulate and show a real contrast with hillary clinton. there was a lot discussed in a 90-minute debate. tons of issues and he held hillary clinton to account for lying about her e-mails and not knowing the -- confidential on documents even though she has been secretary of state and first lady. >> he went point-by-point. can you tell us the relationship about mike pence and donald trump today? he seemed to throw mr. pence under the bus last night. >> no that is not true. mike pence is on other networks right now talking about what a fabulous job his running mate the top of the ticket did in the debate last night. >> over the weekend he was nowhere to be seen. i know he is out there today but he was nowhere to be seen over the weekend. >> no, that is actually not true. friday he was active. saturday, he decided not to go to wisconsin. and if donald trump wasn't welcome there then he wasn't welcomed there. on saturday night, it may not be public but he flew to rhode
8:08 am
island to keep a commitment at a fund-raiser done for the committee between the rnc and the campaign. yesterday, he had sunday off after his debate. >> do you examine speaker ryan to keep his endorsement of donald trump or will he defect as well? >> i don't know. i hoe he keeps his word of donald trump. speaker ryan, of course, took to the stage in wisconsin in his event and faced some boos from the crowd because those who were expected to see donald trump. we are happy the speaker of the house has endorsed the nominee donald trump and hope that he -- >> what is that doing to the campaign? these are people who had endorsed donald trump and hopeful he would be a difference kind of candidate and now they are disendorsing him. what does that do to the campaign? >> well, it tells us that many of them don't want to support him and we are going to take the case directly to the voters. i can tell you as a campaign manager, we certainly welcome them back and hope they saw on display last night somebody who is willing to a take the case to hillary clinton. if those members can live giving the next three or four supreme court justices over to hillary
8:09 am
clinton, they should think about that. >> there is a story making the rounds on social media about what melania trump wore. a gucci pussy bow crepe de chin blouse. do you know anything why she wore that? >> i don't know. she looked beautiful as she always do. >> don't miss the point that i'm making. don't miss the point that i'm making. yes, she looked beautiful and lovely. that wasn't the question. i think under the circumstances that seemed an unusual choice but we thank you. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. >> last night's town hall debate format created awkward moments you you could say. two long political strategists weigh on how the candidates performed after the podium. first, it's time to check your local weather.
8:10 am
supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg reflects on more than two decade on the nation's highest court. >> no thought of retiring?
8:11 am
>> i've said i will hold this office as long as i can do the job full steam. >> and you're doing it full steam. >> they call her a notorious rbg for a reason. ahead her time on the court and her vision for the future. you're watching "cbs this morning." to maintain healthy digestion and help with the occasional gx from nature's bounty unwanted gas and bloating. so wherever i get stuck today, my "future self" will thank me. thank you. thank you. thank you. hang on, go go go back. thank you. do i get stuck in an air duct? it's a funny story really... (laughing) nearly 50 years of experience has taught us: no matter what the future holds, you're always better off healthy. nature's bounty
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8:15 am
where are last night we got the inside look at the preparations with veterans political strategists and their names are dan senor and michael feldman. including the opening behind the opening handshake but we know that handshake did not happen and that set the stage for a tense feisty confrontation between hillary clinton and donald trump. dan and michael are here with rea reaction. we were sitting there. >> what had happened if he had reached out? >> i think she would have taken it back. i don't think there was anything in it for her to shake his hand after the country was seeing them for the first time after this video, this vulgar predatory video had been out. >> neither one of them made a move toward each other but
8:16 am
shaked hands at the end. does that mean anything to you? >> no. i think him responding saying nice to her as not a quitter. it was quick. >> rentedly prehe repeatedly des locker room behavior. how do you think that played? >> well, it's interesting. i don't know how well it played with the very small number of people right now who are sitting on the fence between the republican establishment fleeing donald trump and staying with him. that potentially is the most important audience. he clearly made a decision he was going to move past this. and the best defense is a good offense and stay on the attack last night and not use any of that air time on the defensive. and she came prepared to make a connection between the tape and a larger pattern of behavior or what she sees are poor traits in him but then not dwell on it and i think both executed on that strategy. >> how about the way they moved on the stage? a couple times going around saying he was lurking over her,
8:17 am
he was sort of hovering behind her. does that say anything to you at all? ammunition? >> i thought it was weird. i thought her positioning on the stage was perfect. i thought his hovering was weird. i thought his shaking back and forth as she was speaking from the split screen was weird. at the end of the day i'm not sure it will matter that much. >> this is fairly depict where the republican party is? this from "the new york times." the republican party was at the brink of civil war on sun as donald trump signaled he would retaliate against lawmakers from his campaign and others fear losing control of both house and congress. >> very few republican leaders i know believe that trump should be president or trump will be president. i don't think that has changed. i think the standard has really dropped now. the standard used to be can trump win. now the standard is -- or the standard heading into debate was can he do well enough in the debate he wents be forced off the ticket? >> did he do that?
8:18 am
>> yes. i think he prolonged life as the nominee. >> how does the speaker of the house paul ryan continue to stand by the nominee who stood by the comments that he says you can do anything, you can grab them by the p word. how does a republican then, if they want a future in politics stand by that? >> norah, after he used the word, he was sickened by donald trump's behavior. sickened. >> is there a real test? >> the same speaker that wanted the party to outreach to win the african-american -- >> the same question for every republican leader and the same question for mike pence. you can go down the list. all of these leaders have to think about what it says for the party and their own futures. in the near term, what they are hearing from many of their rank and file from the members of congress, i spoke to a few members of congress over the weekend who are first, second-term congressmen saying, look. i'm going to win my race and my re-election. the only concern a majority of the republican voters in my district are still sticking by
8:19 am
trump. if i keep my head down, i'll win re-election. if i take on trump i'm playing with fire and they could turn on me l me like that and i could lose my election. >> paul ryan, does he stand to lose more by disendorsing or remaining quiet? >> my counsel to every republican is to best distance yourself from donald trump. now, honestly what speaker ryan has a series of equities he has to balance within his own conference and what the party does in the future, then i can't speak to but generally speaking as far as the future of the party is concerned, i think the more distance with trump, the better. >> mike, he is not doing anything to expand his base. rudy giuliani made all of the rounds yesterday saying he is ashamed and embarrassed and be contrite but he was quite the opposite when he came out yesterday. >> look. i agree with that and i don't think he did anything to reach out to new voters. he may have stopped the bleeding among the establishment. kept his core, energized his core and made the decision for
8:20 am
speaker ryan very complicated today. it's not just a down ballot conversation. speaker ryan has to worry about the caucus he is going to be governing in next congress and there divergent views how this should be handled so a difficult position for him. look. we are not talking about who is going to win the election and whether the debate will move that now. we are talking about what is the impact going to be down ballot and what is the makeup of both houses of congress. a vastly different conversation. >> everybody is concerned the election is over? >> it's never over. >> believe me. >> consider this. we are less than four weeks out. 1 in 4 republicans today, 1 in 4 republicans believe that donald trump should not be the nominee. just unprecedented you have this pr proximity to a general election and believe the party got the wrong guy. >> we will see. , and, only 50 calories a serving...
8:21 am
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8:24 am
bald eagle rescued from the grill of a car is drawing comparison to the state of the country this election season. the eagle looked confused after it got stuck in florida following hurricane matthew. oh! it was saved by county sheriff and rescue workers. some wonder if the eagle's flight is an omen. said we are sad and confused eagle tonight. >> they got him out. that is good. hard to see that. >> best selling author
8:25 am
this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, i'm brooke thomas. former assistant good paul coach mike motorcycle cleary filed lawsuit against the university, he said he witnessed abuse by coach jerry sandusky, seeking in wrongful termination, let go after sandusky convicted of abusing ten boys. now we check eyewitness weather here's meteorologist, katie fehlinger. >> morning, brooke, we started the morning off on cool note. coolest weather we've experienced in philadelphia since mid may. out to the numbers, we officially hit 47 early this morning. the average low is 50. not too far off from that. but we have been semi spoiled as of late with some of the mild air we've enjoyed. but the sun is shining
8:26 am
brightly now, doing its part to help moderate things up. but only so far. so even despite virtually no cloud cover today, the breeze will blow to make it feel cooler than already cooler than average 64 degrees hi, then we do continue to rebound here low 70s expected for wednesday, thursday. thursday, though, our next cold front comes along thanks likely comes through very moisture starved, so not expecting much more than some clouds out of it, temperatures are going to take a hit here, by the time we hit friday, saturday, mid 60s is where we return. so, again, little cool out there meisha, but we can expect the sunshine, that's good news. >> at least it will be going up little bit to the 60s, katie, thank you so much. take a look outside, you guys, we have an accident, video of accident marlton new jersey involving a pedestrian. route 70 westbound, between route 73 and cropwell, all lanes are still block here, you will have to use alternate, old marlton pike will be your best bet there. and when we go outside just a heads up guys. burlington bristol bridge is scheduled to open at 8:25 a.m. so that should be opening right about now. if not already.
8:27 am
another accident we will talk about coming up in about 15 minutes, brooke, over you. >> next update is at 8: 55, ahead on cbs this morning philadelphia's own jennifer weiner talks about her new member or. i'
8:28 am
8:29 am
i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would suggest we have penalties for doctors who perform them. would you put people in jail for performing abortions? at some point doctors performing abortions i think would be subject to that sort of penalty. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:30 am
♪ a close call for veteran wing suit jumper whose suit got caught on the exit step of the plane he was trying to jump from! he dangled in the air upside down until his crew was able to free him! he landed safely and so did the plane. >> nothing like getting into trouble right away. how terrifying that must be. thank you, crew. >> lesson get caught. welcome back to "cbs this morning." this half hour, charlie's wide ranging conversation with supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg. how the bench has changed when she was appointed 20 years ago and her friendship with justice
8:31 am
antonin scalia. >> and ahead what jennifer weiner wants to teach other women, including her daughters. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. the independent in london says some top athletes wants donald trump to stop calling his vulgar statements locker room talk. the pro athletes took to twitter after trump used the phrase in last night's debate to explain away his 2005 comments. baseball, football and basketball players all said demeaning comments about women never come up in their locker rooms. >> the athletes say don't put us in that category. >> john dickerson said that last night. not in any locker room i've been in. >> a locker room, when you're 59 years old at the time that he made those comments. business insider reports on the debate questioner who has become an internet sensation. he always has a bright sweater and attracted instant attention on twitter. they noted his snazzy dress. one person thought he looked like a character from the board
8:32 am
game "guess who." another said bone the therapist this country needs. >> his question got the biggest applause of the night. his question was can you same something about each other that you like. >> leading health groups are being challenged for taking money from soda makers. researchers say pepsi or coca-cola sponsor 99 health groups ending in 2015. among them is the american diabetes and american heart associations. the researchers suggests it is a conflict of interest. the companies didn't answer requests for comment. the guardian of britain reports on a pongs legal case about the suspected mistreatment of migrant workers in ka tar. they are seeking damages in a swiss court from the world cup organizers fifa. 1.7 million migrants are there to build.
8:33 am
>> ruth bader ginsburg argued cases that transformed the supreme court's view of gender equality. in 1993 she became the second woman appointed to the nation's highest court and known for her candor and unlikely friendship with antonin scalia who died in february. we sat down for a conversation about justice beginbuginsburg's past and her future. >> whoever becomes president, when they arrive in the white house, they have the opportunity to appoint a new supreme court justice. >> that is one possibility. at the election the senate will act. >> reporter: what would you like to see the senate do? >> i would like to see the court have a full house by the time this term ends. >> reporter: you'd like to see the court have a full house? >> have nine members, yes. >> reporter: before this term ends? >> yes. >> reporter: no thought of retiring? >> i have said that i will hold
8:34 am
this office as long as i can do the job full steam. >> reporter: you are doing it full steam? >> so i know that this year, i'm okay. at my age, i'm 83. you have to take it year-by-year. >> reporter: many people, you know, have been fascinated by the fact that ginsburg and antonin scalia were friend. we all know that you both loved opera. you have told me when we talked about your chambers that he is a better singer than you are. >> he was a much better singer. justice scalia had a very good tenor voice. i am a monatone. >> we agree on a whole lot of stuff. we do. ruth is bad only on the knee-jerk stuff. >> reporter: do you miss him on the court? >> of course, i do. >> reporter: because?
8:35 am
>> it's -- place without him. he had an uncanny ability to make even the most somber judge smile. >> reporter: when you came to the court, sandra day o'connor was your good friend. when she left, you said that was a turning moment? >> when sandra left, it was a very lonely place for me to be. that is, the perception of the court, we come and sit on the bench and there is the audience of spectators, and they saw eight rather well-fed men there. little woman. it was the wrong perception. >> reporter: yeah, exactly. >> i've been there over 23 years so i sit by seniority close to the middle. justice sotomayor is on my left
8:36 am
and keegan on the left side and my new colleagues take a very active heart in the colloquy that goes on in oral argument. >> this is the first book you have written since being a justice of the supreme court. >> yes. not the first book ever. the first book was the best seller called "civil procedure in sweden." >> reporter: i missed that one. but you've always been interested in procedure. >> yes. i taught procedure for 17 years. >> reporter: when did this love affair with the law, how did it begin? >> my interest in becoming a lawyer was spocked in the 1950s when i was a student, an undergraduate student at cornell. it was a hey day of junior joe mccarthy. it was not a good time for our country. my professor of constitutional law brought to my attention the
8:37 am
lawyers that were appearing before the people called before the committees. lawyers who were reminded congress, we have a first amendment and we have a fifth amendment. >> reporter: you saw the law as a protector of individual liberty? >> yes, yes. i thought it could be a way to make a living, plus to do something that would make conditions in your society a little better. >> reporter: there was another student at cornell. >> yes. >> reporter: who decided to become a lawyer too. >> yeah. my dear husband. >> reporter: your husband? >> yeah. in fact, we had decided that whatever we do, we do it together. marty started out as a chemistry major but his true major was golf. >> reporter: yes. >> and labs were in the afternoon and interfered with golf practice. so then it was either business school or law school. >> reporter: you were at harvard? >> yes. >> reporter: and you transferred to columbia. >> yes. >> reporter: both great law
8:38 am
schools but why transfer? >> marty was one year ahead of me. he had had his first year at harvard and then was called into service. my daughter was 3 years old and i didn't want to be a single mom, so i left harvard. >> reporter: and harvard didn't give you a degree. and then marty comes to you and says, don't go back and accept anything from harvard unless they are willing to give you an honorary degree? >> which i received in 2011. >> there is a picture in your chambers of you and domingo. >> yes. >> reporter: he is singing to you? ♪ >> reporter: in the harvard graduation robes? >> yes. ♪ ♪ to the supreme court >> reporter: and your title to that picture is what? >> woman in ecstasy.
8:39 am
that is me. >> reporter: thank you for this time. i enjoyed it very much. >> i did, too. >> i like that. a woman ecstasy. >> what a sweet way to end too. >> you talked about, too, many people don't realize, too, her legacy in terms of being a great legal mind. >> exactly. and really she has been called the third good marshal of the women's right movement. before she was a judge, she was writing briefs about gender discrimination and has continued that plight all her life. >> i love she is 83 and going full steam. i often her described as frail. >> she was alive and funny. >> very much so. >> we loved it. >> her voice is monotone. i like that. >> in a couple of weeks i get an opportunity to do her and justice sonia sotomayor together. >> that's what you like, smart girls on either side of you! that is very nice. you can see the full interview with justice ginsburg tonight on charl's pbs program.
8:40 am
you know he has got one. author jennifer weiner is getting personal in our green room. she talks about her decision to write her very first nonfiction book and guess what. it's about her own life and find out why she says this one is difficult and she is writing about
8:41 am
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you like that choice of music, miss weiner. best selling author jennifer weiner's books have been on the best sellers list more than five years and 15 fiction books penned over the years and in 36 countries. she is a big, big seller. for the first time she is telling her own life story, the must memoir is called "hungry heart." adventures in life love and writing. the book is published by atria, a division of simon and shuster which is a division of cbs. >> you're numbering off those like hillary, bang, bang, bang. >> this is the first team you tackled nonfiction. you went there miscarriages and weight and?
8:45 am
>> parents, divorce, parents death. >> why? >> because i think that women, a lot of times will put the happy face on and will say it's fine, everything was great, you know? it's all good. and sometimes it's not all good and sometimes there's, like you said, catharsis in talking about like this is how my father died or i had a pregnancy that ended. there is you know? and then when you start telling those stories, you start hearing from people saying that is my story too. >> i understand. you talk about the first time your daughter used the "f" word. >> fat. not the other "f" one. i think she's said that a couple times already. >> that really cut you, jennifer? it hurt you? >> it did. i'm thinking, you know, i've been so careful. i've been so good, you know? i don't say that word about mice. i don't talk about bad foods or mommy was naughty last night, she had dessert. like the most woke mom about body and stuff and my girl is
8:46 am
like i don't like that girl, she is fat. i'm like, what? we had to turn it into a teachable moment. >> what did you say to her? >> i said a lot of reasons not to like somebody but what they look like should not be one of them. in this house, we don't say that. >> because your dad was so hard on you about your weight. >> so hard. saying no one will ever want you and boys won't look at you. yeah. that stays with you. now that the books are out in the world, i'm hearing from many women who heard similar stuff. >> did you have a lot of friends when you were growing up? >> what do you think? i'll give you a million guesses but only the first one counts. no! i had no friend! i was the weirdest kid in the world! i was always in a book. i had this, like, giant vocabulary. nobody knew what i was talking about! i mean, like, they would have stuffed me into locker rooms if i had hit. >> social media is a great discovery for you? >> yes. part of me wishes it had been there when i was a kid. >> careful. >> i might have played mind craft and maybe made some, like,
8:47 am
you know, some friends? >> yeah. >> but i also tell my daughter, lucy, who is 1 and watching right now, hi, lucy. you know, that every person on on the internet, no matter who they say they are, is a 64-year-old man living in a basement. like, every single one of them. even if you think you're talking to another kid, a 64-year-old man in a basement. >> but you've gotten yourself in trouble on social media. >> well, i wouldn't say trouble. i'd say opportunities for growth! >> that is definitely one way. i just have to google your name and you were critical for oprah for not picking you to be a part of her book club. >> i was disappointed. i was sad. i mean, everybody wants that fairy dust sprinkled on their book and it was a little difficult when you write a frank, funny about marriage and love and oprah picks somebody's other book about the same
8:48 am
topics. >> it didn't have something to do with you rather than the content of your novel? >> what i said was that it's hard to watch the pretty girls get things. hard for me personally. it brings up old stuff. and that is a story. i mean, what i heard from my friends onbook is that, you know, that resonated with them a lot, that you carry those disappointments with you and, you know, am i sorry i said it? absolutely. did i apologize? absolutely. but you know what? like i'm human. i screw up. i fall down. i crawl my way back to the top. >> i'm going to assume you had a bad day after any negative comments. >> as we should we all. >> let me ask you this. your husband bill, because you talk about your divorce. you have one of the best divorces. >> indeed, i do. >> and you've got a new husband in the green room. hello, bill, in the green room. >> 2.0! >> the key to having a good divorce is what? >> i think it's giving your kids -- it's putting them first. doing the things that everyone says they are going to do and
8:49 am
people really struggle with. it's just saying their emotions take priority and their needs take priority and if they want to be hurt, they want to be angry, you don't paper that over and say mommy and daddy still love you. of course, they still love them but they have two houses now. >> you have to love your children more than you dislike your spouse? >> exactly. a good point. >> thank you, jennifer. >> congratulations on book number 14! >> 14. >> "hungry heart" goes on sale tomorrow. >> awesome.
8:52 am
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan at 6:00 this morning, atlantic city trump taj mahal closed its doors about 3,000 people are out of work as a result of the closing, and demonstrators were there first thing this morning. the casino couldn't reach a deal with union workers on healthcare and pension plans. the taj mahal is the fifth atlantic city casino to go out of business since 2014. costing some 11,000 workers their jobs, now we head over to katie for a look at your forecast. >> very tame one, jim. starting things off on bit of cool note, coolers air in philadelphia since may, so we bottom out at 47 degrees this morning, definately chill in the air, you probably noticed that, as the day progresses despite the sunshine really only going to rebound so far. mid 60s the expectation, high pressure in place, so we
8:56 am
expect that these temperatures are eventually going to rebound for our area. meanwhile, as we look forward in our forecast, we expect that, again, we will see the sunshine throughout the course of the day here, and as we continue to trend forward, temperatures will bottom out to the 40's later tonight, that's going to allow for the first frost advisory of the season as well, we keep the sun in the forecast for many days yet to come. meisha, over to you. >> katie, thank you so much. still looking at this video. take a look at this guys, video of accident in marlton involving a pedestrian. route 70 between route 73 and cropwell, all lanes still closed right now. you will have to use alternate. old marlton pike will be your best bet. i want to show you a map also we do have some delays on the paoli thorndale line right now up to 30 minutes, because of equipment problems. i want to show you the wide as well, you can see what's going on in your neck of the woods, here we go, seven on the schuylkill, seven as you push more toward down trying to head toward center city anyway, 52 on 95, and as you push toward the vine it will get little slower than that,
8:57 am
also take a look at this, 32 on the blue route head in the northbound direction toward route one, but overall, i would say, just this is actually looking pretty good. fifty-five on the vine, not bad. jim, over to you. >> it's been quiet. that's "eyewitness news" for now. join us for "eyewitness news" at noon. i'm jim donovan, make it a
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