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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 12, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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of that fire you just mentioned. we have a more serious accident in delaware that is closing down a completely big span of the interstate so we will talk about that as well. >> that is not good to hear. weather will not mess with you too much more than that. there may be a few patches of fog but generally speaking more of an exception absolutely rather than normal and to be expect more than anything sunny skies today but that unis is far off from rising over the horizon. so at this point headlights still required obviously still very dark outside but storm scan is quiet, tranquil, clear as can be generally speaking with nothing more than a couple high clouds that rolled through. we are seeing more southeasterly wind flow picking up and as a result not windy but that wind flow rather starts to move milder air in, and also some more moisture laden air. so we will likely see some fog developing especially tonight but maybe as early as this morning and see a little hint of that on my drive in too. but quiet as can be on storm scan, looking at temperatures at the moment we are generally in the mid 40's here.
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philadelphia is odd ball out for a change here 50 degrees which is where we bottom out on this particular morning of the the year but sun again is still about two hours off from rising. so we may see that temperature dropping off. it is a lot milder as we go out to the shore towns, 58 at barnegat light but regardless, everybody can bank on sunshine. it is crispy and cooler in the mountains but sunshine for everyone, to the point that we should rebound to 07 degrees, comfortable today. >> love it. katie, thank you very much. good morning. we were just talking about broad street being closed because of fire in this area. this is a live shot at hunting park broad street is closed between west pike street and west butler street. you will have to take an alternate around this, it happened around 1:30 in the morning. our jan carabao will have have more in a bit but for right now your alternate germantown avenue or old york road is your best bet. one of of your only bets, best bet and you will to have take it until broad street reopens.
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we will let you know when they to. you can see crew is still working. this is where we have an accident in delaware, route one southbound between smyrna and all lanes are block right now, all of them, you will to have use an alternate as well. route 13 southbound will be your best bet and let you know when that clears as well but sound more significant. construction here, speaking of delaware route seven southbound ramp to churchman's road is closed but should be reopening right about right now and more construction delaware 495 northbound at route 13 that left lane is block and that is blocked until end of october. we have more to talk about in a little bit but first, jim and brooke, back to you. well, update ago this breaking news, in north philadelphia, an early morning fire has forced neighbors out of their bed. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live on the scene on broad street, jan. >> reporter: brooke and jim, certainly some chaotic moment for people living on this block in north philadelphia early this morning but you can
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see everything is kind of wiping down right now, fire crews do remain on the scene but we have seen a couple of engines now wrap up and move out, those fire crews had been working on hot sots but that has been put down so it does look like things might be wrapping up here but this fire started right there on the end row home, we are told no one lives there, and in one lives in the home immediately next door. but this fire did pose a danger to the other neighbors who do live here. look at this eyewitness cell phone video you can see flames here in north philadelphia early this morning, fire started just before 1:30 at the north broad and pike streets. fire fighters went door to door and making sure everyone living here was out safely and "eyewitness news" spoke to the man who lives close toes where the the fire broke out. he lives with his grandfather and while his grandfather woke up and got out he was back to sleep and never smelled smoke and that is when first responders stepped in. >> it was no smoke or nothing in there i don't think.
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it happened so fast. so i don't know. the lady came in and income on the door and told me to come on and leave out. so i had to leave with nothing on. some of the people are out here, get something things to put on basically as far as looking out for everybody. >> some scary moments out here this morning, but everyone working together to headache sure everybody was out safely and some people live here on this block have been a lud to return home this morning. in the meantime fire marshall will have to come and determine the exact cause of this fire and as meisha has been saying, broad street in this area starting at pike street is still closed but things do seem to be wrapping upright now and we will keep you up to date. we're live from north philadelphia, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks for that update. take a look at chopper three over magee avenue and edmond street in the philadelphia's tacony section. that is where fire fighters what theled a late night garage fire.
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blaze broke out around is 11:00 last night, and in one was hurt. fire marshall's office tells "eyewitness news" they are investigating the cause. police are investigating a home invasion in the city a's oxford circle section. it happened just before 8:00 p.m. last night in the 1300 block of hellerman street. police tell thaws two men came into the house through an open front door. one pointed a gun and demanded cash. the suspects got away with more than $200 cash and a handgun. they were last seen heading southbound on loretta avenue in the black jeep wrangler. temple university is officially under new leadership this morning. trustees voted tuesday evening to appoint richard englearth as president. he has been acting president since july when trust teeth ousted neil theobald from the the position. he has an outstanding reputation over the course of his 40 year career at temple. one of the big issues he inherit ises controversial proposal to build a stadium on
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campus. in other news fcc fines comcast millions of dollars for wrongfully charging customers. more than a thousand customers complained they were charge for services they never agreed to and trying to get a refund took hours, or even weeks to get answers. some even reached out to the fcc for help. >> my services went from $80 a month to about $200 a month. >> we have a bill five more dollars expensive. i get the same issue. >> you have heard complaint in the three on your side consumer unit. fcc spokesmen said comcast refunded, so 2.3 million-dollar fine money is going to the u.s. treasury. comcast will to have submit a 90 day report and then annual reports to the fcc over the next five years. donald trump continues his campaign in florida, while hillary clinton plans rally with is in colorado and nevada. but as bryant webb report, trump made a noticeable
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mistake while seeking support. >> make sure you get the out and support november 28th. moment after urging vote tours vote on the wrong date, donald trump unleashed a new line of attack begins hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton is a vessel, a global global establishment that is raiding our country. >> reporter: earlier trump took to twit era announcing his shackles were off, before calling paul ryan a a weak, ineffective leader. house speaker was among dozens of republicans who distanced himself from trump in the wake of the access hollywood tape. >> your vote really, really, really counts, a lot. >> reporter: hillary clinton campaign alongside al gore in miami mid release of more e-mails allegedly obtained from the accounts of the clinton campaign chair, john podesta, one published by wikileaks yesterday purports to show now interim dnc chair donna brazil a cnn contributor
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at the time giving clinton's campaign advanced notice on cnn's town hall questions, another suggest clinton's press secretary alerted aid that the just advertise department was about to release a court filing, regarding her e-mails. clinton aid say that information was publicly available. brian webb, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a source inside pennsylvania republican party tells "eyewitness news" that the g.o.p. is very much in turmoil nationally and locally. over the weekend house speaker paul ryan announced he will no longer campaign for trump after the release of a vulgar 2005 video. trump responded with tweets attacking ryan and other republicans, the rutgers political science professor say trump's attack on ryan is a mistake. >> you want to try to attract new voters which in this case for him will be the base of the party that has been quite skeptical of him and even more so after his comments, instead he is spending time on twit era tacking the head of the party who is a actually quite
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popular. >> poll out sunday shows trump behind hillary clinton 12 points in pennsylvania. trump is promising to campaign again in the philadelphia area before the election. it is a a sure sign that fall has arrived,. >> happening today october fest starts at dilworth plaza. this is video of the festival, five day fall party will have plenty of food, beer garden and autumn inspired cocktails. there are plenty of old school board games to play and looking to watch football games this weekend, october fest has that too, watch on large flat screens, festival starts today and end on sunday, the 16th. well, federal investigators are trying to figure out why a small plane crash this is busy connecticut street. pilot survived and investigators say he told them something surprising, about the whole thing. find out what he said, and how bad it is influencing the investigation.
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and a stubborn bridge just won't go, we will show you this video yesterday a afternoon, well, crews managed to get that bridge down, how you they were able to do it coming up. here's a live look outside, it looks good, you're watching "eyewitness news" this morning.
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oak's achieve medical examiner said up armed man killed by a tulsa police officer had pcp in his system when he died. videos show terence croucher with his arms in the air moments before police opened fire on september 16th. officers at the scene say croucher was acting erratically and was not following commands. officer betty shelby, who is charged with felony manslaughter has pled in the guilty. the fbi and other officials are investigating a fatal plane crash in hartford, connecticut. two people were aboard this small plane when it crashed into the city streets on tuesday. one person was killed, and the pilot, survived and has allegedly told investigators the crash was not an accident. two other people sitting in the car near crash were hurt.
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officials from the faa and ntsb are expected to join in on the investigation. third time was a charm when it came to imploding a bridge in arkansas. finally. the broadway bridge connecting little will rock with north little rook, finally fell in the arkansas river with the help of a barge. >> crazy. >> earlier explosives didn't work. nine three-year old bridge is being replaced with a new one. now contractor has until this morning to get the metal from the old bridge out of the river. try, try again. >> yes. >> if at first you don't succeed, indeed. >> you have succeeded with a wonderful forecast. >> it looks really, really thighs in the next couple of days, yes, and there is a few hiccups on the way which wye can discuss but we can definitely live through them. if you have outdoor plans despite potential for wet weather i think you'll be able
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to get in these outdoor plans, along the way here. lets take a look what is happening first at the nice wide zoom here at storm can which does have cloud cover cover over new england area but here at home it is clear, collect. you might see a hint of fog in a couple spots out there early this morning but generally speaking nice weather unfolding here with more sunshine as day progresses. nice wide zoom shows you beginning of the next system that will cross through and bring with it our next shot for wet weather. we will get to that in a second here. also notice what is happening right here, just above the cbs-3 eye here. a eye of its own, hurricane nicole, backup to hurricane status, now. as a result of this moving north from bermuda, it is in the current hurricane warning. tiny island of bermuda looks like only location that will i have direct impact from this but in the days ahead, and tomorrow this storm may cross through as a category two storm system for the tiny island of ber mute a with a expansive looking storm system
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by comparison. at this moment it has max sustain wind of 100 miles an hour moving north/northwest, at 7 miles an hour but it is still expect to make a curvature, and then that does not bode well for bermuda it does appear that thomas we see early in the morning it will make a close path or hit the island abe then pass out to sea to the north east. thankfully north america not going to have to deal with any impacts from it the but we rather will end up with nice weather in the days ahead, generally speaking. we should warm it up to a mild 70-degree high, a few degrees above average but very much just typical overall. partly cloudy skies and then patchy fog redeveloping later on tonight as atmosphere starts to moisten up more, and that comes in advance of the cold front. tomorrow, warmest day of the pack here at 72 degrees with morning fog and sun but later on in the day especially north west of the city you might see a shower, that is worst when it comes to that. cohen three day for cure kicks off on friday and weather looks phenomenal.
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back in the sunshine friday and saturday and temperatures will make a slow rebound through course of what looks like a beautiful upcoming weekend. meisha, over to you. >> seventy today and sun, again, it is so nice to wake up to. looking outside what we're looking at 95 south is moving in the southbound direction right here, i-95 south past betsy ross bridge. you can see, already, just moving toward 5:30 and already it is heating up. good indication you want to give yourself some extra time on interstate i-95 moving in the southbound direction. then boulevard southbound, what we are looking at right now, yesterday was very busy, in the southbound direction, it will be a similar story today but right new we're looking okay, a few pushes southbound toward the schuylkill. i want to call your attention to this an accident in delaware route one southbound before smyrna all lanes are block right now, so use this alternate route 13, two tractor trailers, one overturn, and then it sound
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like still spilled a load of chickens all over the road. not good there. use that alternate. route 13 southbound. fire in the park broad street was closed between west pike street and west butler street, ahead using an alternate. it sound like we have reports that broad street has just now reopened, a lot going on this morning but we are still looking okay, brooke, over to you. it is time for look at newspaper headlines across our region. >> from the cover of the delaware county daily times upper darby police say a teen charged with possession of the shotgun is being eyed in connection with the several carjackings in the the township. the 13 year-old philadelphia boy was found walking around the town ship after curfew with an unloaded modified 22 caliber rifle concealed in his pants leg. from the front page of the reading eagle, in berks county claims of sexual and physical abuse of children are soaring. authorities believe that changes in state laws after the sandusky scandal are the
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reason. as of july, 1300 complaints were forwarded to county detectives by state's child abuse hot line. from the intelligencer, a new sensory trail believed to be first of the kind in the state is set to open up at doylestown township central park today. 385-foot the boardwalk was created with nine stations or sensory pods, where families, and children with physical or emotional disabilities can interact with nature. >> that is a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> pat gallen has a preview of sports. >> always a lot to talk about including joel embiid and sixers taking on the grizzlies and eagles they are reacting after losing their top lineman what they are saying about lane johnson ten game suspension, sports is up
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when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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pat gallen is here with sports. >> good morning, sir. >> good morning, guys. this is a huge loss for the philadelphia eagles, it has a lot to to with carson wentz and how he might do. sure, it was a possibility but how eagles respond without one of their key players will tell us a lot about the team. they will be without right tackle lane johnson after his second offense of the nfl's performance enhancing drug policy. arbitrator declined to change ruling on the field, johnson cannot come back until december 19th when birds will have just two games left in the regular season. eagles made no official announcement on who will take his place, but they released a statement on johnson and it is pretty clear they are not backing him. here's the statement: we're very disappoint that had lane johnson has been suspended ten games his actions affect the entire organization moving forward. he had no choice but to hold
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himself accountable to justry laurie, coach pederson ace staff, teammates and to the entire organization and our fans, jordan matthews said that the team has been bracing for it. >> we knew that this was coming for a while, it is in the like a huge surprise, so guys, who are waiting in the wings should have been getting ready and know if this does potentially get through it is in the how we wanted it, we have to be ready to go. last night innings isers met up with the grizzlies in more preseason hoops, players were mia, nerlens noel, nick stauskus, jared bayless and dario saric sat this one out. joel embiid was on minutes restrictions again but he lit it up, he went three for seven, with 13 points, including this slam right here. he also grabbed five board, all in just 13 minutes of action. meanwhile, the grizzlies led by mike connolly junior, sixers get run over 121-91.
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regular season begins october 26th. is this finally the year in chicago cubs is on 108 years since winning a world series and after last night's game the team certainly has that feeling. they reached the nlcs, with a wild rally they scored four runs off five giants pitchers in the the ninth to beat giants six-five in the biggest, ninth inning come back in the clinching game in, baseball history. the cubs, are the nlcs for second season this a row, four more wins, they make world series for the first time since 1945. so, the dodgers, guys, the dodgers also won last night because of chase utley, they beat nationals, they get to game five because of chase you the thely and joe blanton former philly. >> what? >> still doing it. >> do you love this time of the year where you get all four sports. >> it is everything. >> yes. >> papers every where. >> thanks, so much. >> appreciate it. well, philadelphia's tough anti smoking rules may soon
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get tougher. >> that is if the city health department has its way. we will break down two possible rule changes and show you who is backing them. and more trouble at philadelphia's mail distribution center, what investigators say workers, and supervisors were caught on camera doing, that is costing you the taxpayer. stay with but pat toomey actu. most people owe the bank. and when he went to washington, he voted to change the laws...
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good morning, happy wednesday, here's a live look outside, it is probably going to be a crisp morning and that is part of the trend, katie will tell you exactly what you can expect throughout the weekend. thanks for joining us i'm brooke thomas. >> i'm jim donovan. here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> breaking news in north philadelphia, an early morning fire wakes up neighbors and forces them out of their home. >> you can see behind me live on the scene fire crews do remain out here in north philadelphia this morning, this fire is around control. >> you guys don't vote for me, i will be very angry at you. >> donald trump continues his campaign in florida. >> earlier trump blasted house speaker paul ryan for refusing to come back to his campaign. >> i'm running a begins a guy.
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>> today clinton will hold rallies in colorado and nevada. >> my services went from $80 a month to $200 a month. >> comcast is slapped with the 2.3 million-dollar fine for wrongfully charging customers. ♪ and that song, staying alive, by the bee gees proved to be a life safer. >> yes. >> i do. >> yes. >> good samaritan performed cpr, to the beat of that song, to help save a woman's life in new york. did i hear you say you have performed cpr have have you saved a life. >> i kept people alive until paramedics came. >> look at you. >> i am a person with multi talents.


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