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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 13, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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i will say roadways are looking nice, dry but we have a lot of construction. the katie, we were seeing some fog in the camera, is that kind of overall. >> it depend where you are. more remet your suburbs, better likelihood you will see fog. it should be patchy but it is out there. if you are coming in the city from the outskirts of town, we're talking outskirts of town that is best likelihood to see it. the just expect it. this is definitely a little more of an exception rather than normal here, no dense fog advisories, but certainly enough that is worth a mention. that is where our rain chance is worth a mention. it is not worth the umbrella today for now we have a handful of cloud building in across the region. temperatures aren't all that chilly. you cane leading edge of on is rain back toward pittsburgh, alleghenies, that triggers the next shower chance for us. leading edge of the cold front. don't worry about the umbrella if you don't mind a couple rain drops. many won't see a drop of rain but in the meantime
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temperatures are warming up more so then they have, in recent mornings, take a look at lancaster. solid 10 degrees where you were this same time yesterday. no change for trenton or millville but just finding a surplus across the region this morning. it isn't as cold. even in mount pocono we are at 50 degrees. that is in the bad. fifty-three at the airport. forty-seven in atlantic city. calm wind. wind treks has turned more southeasterly. while it is what we call a cool morning if you milder then recent mornings and we will rebound to 72 degrees but north and west of the city this afternoon watch the shower, meanwhile a cool front that lives up to its name, all they great weather comes in the the wake of the cool front, there is a chill factor that comes with it, right. >> all eyes set on that weekend when thursday rolls around, good morning, everyone. happy thursday looking at the vine it was closed overnight the for midnight construction between schuylkill and broad. the west and eastbound side are now opened, schuylkill behind the vine is looking really nice and that is what we would expect just cracking
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in the 5:00 o'clock hour now. forty-two freeway northbound at creek road approaching 295, looking good, that makes me happy. that is looking good there. ben franklin bridge similar story here, you can see your neighbors out there, looking basically good anywhere we look except we have three accidents. they are minor but i will make you aware of them so you can head up if you are in these areas heading out the door. first one valley forge road at potshop road and another one in king of prussia moore road at west ninth avenue. third one is on the boulevard, take a look did you have row avenue near the boulevard i should say and right around this one which, by the way is involving injuries, we have some construction roosevelt boulevard southbound between woodward street and rhawn street two lanes are block there, jim and brooke, back over to you. gunfire in northeast philadelphia leaves one man dead and another is in stable condition this morning. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live in lawncrest. police are investigating two crime scenes. >> reporter: brooke and jim,
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that is right, detectives and crime scene unit rehain out here on this scene for hours overnight investigating and they have just wrapped up and moved out not too long ago but this scene is where they found a man in his 20's shot and killed and two blocks from here they found a man shot and injured and now they are treating both of these shootings as related. if you take a look you can get a better idea what we're talking about here east allicot street just after 11:00, last night they found a 20 year-old man shot in the groin. he was taken to einstein for treatment and is now in stable condition. the also at that scene, police found a what had of cash what appears to be marajuana. meantime two blocks way south on the 500 block of east cheltenham avenue where we are coming from live this morning police found a man in his 20's hot in the stomach. he was pronounced dead on the scene and police found spent shell casing is here and semiautomatic weapon just feet from the victim's body. now homicide detectives are working both of these scenes, they have not determined a motive just yet but they do
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believe they have some leads. >> where we found the initial victim in the 500 block of east allicot we found a what had of money, we're not the sure how much it is because we're not touching it as part of the crime scene but we also found several small containers, of a green weed-like substance that appears to be marijuana. so it is a possibility that this double shooting homicide may be narcotics related. >> reporter: police have found several surveillance cameras in this area that they will be taking a look the at. in the meantime investigators have identified the man shot and injured and now in the hospital in stable condition. they are currently working to identify the man was shot and kill. we are reporting live from lawncrest, jan carabao for cbs one "eyewitness news". brooke and jim back into you. philadelphia police are searching for two suspects that shot and killed a man execution style in the hunting park section of the city. "eyewitness news" on the 4200
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block of north franklin street where police say just before 10:00 o'clock last night a 22-year old man was shot multiple times at point blank range. well, developing right now in boston two officers are shot in the line of duty and they are now fighting for their lives. two police officers were shot just before 11:00 as they responded to calls have of a person with the gun. the officers were rushed to a nearby hospital where they are both listed in extremely critical condition. police say that the suspect was killed, and the situation is now under control. well, donald trump is pushing back after new claims that he inappropriately grabbed two women in the past. >> this new development comes an average of nationwide polls show trump trailing rival hillary clinton. brian webb is life in new york with the very latest as election is less than a month away, brian, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, brooke abe jim. donald trump not only tea nice these allegations he is threatening legal action against media outlets that are reporting this. the his attorney, called the
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stories quote reckless, and defame try. donald trump's camp is dehanding retraction and threatening legal action after new york times report claims that the republican nominee groped and kissed two women decades ago. in it rachel crooks then a 22-year old reception necessary for a company located in trump tower claims billion air kissed her the cheeks and mouth after she interest tuesdayed herself to him for the first time. yes, sir contact leads say trump touched her under her skirt as she sat next to him on a flight, 30 years ago. >> he was like an octopus like he had six arms, he was all over the place. >> reporter: reports of the forcible touching and kissing at hand of trump emerged in two other publications yesterday, including people magazine. more troubling still this 192 interest talent up tonight video in which trump could be heard making questionable comments about a young girl.
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>> are you going up the escalate or is this i will be dating her in ten years. >> many republican lawmakers and trump's running mate mike pence are sticking by the republican nominee. >> now is the time to stay the course. >> reporter: hillary clinton's campaign seized on the new york times reports. >> you know this latest incident about you know how he treats women, he doubled down, he doubled down on his excuse it is just locker room talk. >> reporter: yesterday wikileaks posted more e-mails that came from the hacked account of clinton campaign chairman john podesta, clinton maintains russia instigated the hack to benefit trump. hillary clinton's next campaign stop is in california, donald trump visits swing states of florida, and ohio. brooke and jim. >> thanks, brian. well, in other news ivanka trump is stumping for her fat inner pennsylvania. she will be in malvern, drexel hill and bucks county.
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ivanka trump has been promoting the republican nominee child care pain trail. today rahami is expect to be arraigned in court a man accused offsetting off bombs in new jersey and new york hurting more than 30 people. he appeared before the court via video from his hospital bed in elizabeth, new jersey. he faces charges that he tried to kill police officers were they captured him. it is unclear when rahami will make a court appearance on the federal terrorism bombings. a fire in hockessin delaware destroys a family's home. chopper three has a look as fire departments from as far as chester county, pennsylvania help to put it out wednesday night. the fire cost an estimated 350 you this dollars worth of damage according to state fire marshall. causes under investigation. no people were hurt but sadly the family's dog was killed. well, people hit the streets in philadelphia to protest the dakota access pipeline. that is proposed oil pipeline
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in north dakota that the local native american tribes said will pollute their drinking water. groups rallied at independent mall on market street, also addressing issues like living wages, deportation, and the building of a new football stadium on temple's north philadelphia campus. the rally was held on indigenous peoples day. matthew left damage behind in the caribbean, u.s. and new canada. >> incredible amount of rain that the storm dropped and damage people are now having to clean up. it is a grim sight for people in pittsburgh just in time for halloween but this is not looking to scare people. >> i don't see how not. >> we will tell you the important message he has for the living, stay with
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it has been one year since a little boy was found dead in the haddon township woods and now his mother is speaking exclusively to "eyewitness news". three-year old brandon creato was discovered on the morning of october 13th, 2015, about a mile from his dad's house. there were no obvious signs of foul play, and an autopsy and toxicology reports didn't reveal cause of the death. his father dj creato is charged with murder. creato's mother samantha
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didnoto remembers her son. >> he was a big crazy ball of joy. he would clearly run all over the house, back and forth, toys every where, even no one really knew who he was, they still knew he was a great kid. >> dj creato remains behind bars, authorities say that creato became involved with a new girlfriend who ultimately convinced him to kill brendan. creato's attorney denies this and says the truth will come out during trial. good news for temple students, crews finally have finished repairing a water main break that made life miserable on campus yesterday. it started just before noon at 13th and norris street. 12-inch break made what the's una railable for two dorm buildings. officials brought in a trailer with toilet and sinds. crews completely patched up the break by midnight but traffic is still being key toward in the area as road crews repair the street. seven people are in the hospital this morning after a tractor trailer, and bus collided in texas.
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eyewitnesses say the bus driver was trying to pass an 18 wheeler on the highway when the driver lost control and ran into the back of the truck. the damage on the front of the bus shows force of the impact and take a look there bus was heading to mexico to houston. worst part appears to be a few broken bones. well, remnants of the matthew brought up a brutal blow to parts of the canada and this morning newfoundland are still under a state of emergency. flood waters wiped out crucial roads leaving 17 communities cut off from the rest of the roof instant. the as crews worked to clear roads thousands of people are still without power, more rain fell in one day then the storm then over the entire summer. island of bermuda is bracing for impact as hurricane nicole nears the island and 60,000 residents. forecasters are anticipating the storms path near or over today as it continues to strengthen. now rains, were already falling in bermuda yesterday as authorities ordered schools, governmental offices, to close. u.s. national hurricane center
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is calling nicole extremely dangerous, urging islanders to rush their preparations. that will be like a direct hit i believe, katie the way it is going right now. >> looking are close. we have sent our nicole brewer out in storm in bermuda stay tuned for her reports. i wonder what it is like to have a storm of that intensity as your own name sake. this will be a very significant storm, for that island, thankfully no direct threat to north america but regardless this is an over achiever of the worst kind. it was only anticipated to strengthen at worse to a category two hurricane, it is a potent category or four. it is rise on the crust seven of category four status. but it is so well defined on the tropical satellite and essentially headache ago this beeline for bermuda scary stuff for what is a very tiny island to begin with. when you have a storm of this
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intensity and this large it will really cause problems. it is starting to gather forward speed. it is just bearcally a category four at 130 miles an hour max sustained wind speeds but even at a max of a very strong category three storm system this is still going to be a very substantial storm for that island and expect throughout the take, as you mentioned a moment ago to cross make its closest path to that island no direct threat to any other land areas. as it loses its steam heading further north in latitude it will continue to lower in category as it moves way but we have a cold front that comes through, swiftly enough we don't to have worry about in impact from nicole. this cold front does bring in our next potential for some rain. we have seen there is quite a bit of moisture back through northwestern pennsylvania, upstate new york but the brunt of the moisture will bypass us to the north and we will see that, as we time this out. we will get to the morning drive without any major hitch. patchy fog but that is it. in lunchtime many are still
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seeing sunshine but by that point through northwestern suburbs specifically you can see a shower in the the mid to late afternoon at the latest those showers will fire up in southeastern pennsylvania and bulk of the moisture just off to the north and see that over our area. but cool front that lives up to his name as high pressure regains control, build back in with sunshine, it is cooler but very nice, crisp, clear, sunny, at the moment this is a typical if you go shots we have and live neighborhood network this isn't looking all that bad outside pleasant valley middle and high school but we will keep an eye on. that patchy fog possible in the most remote locations. watch for isolated showers north and west but if you dent want to take umbrella i don't think you have to. next couple days beautiful just in time to kick off komen three day for the cure, meisha, over to you. looking great, in the world of weather and in the world of travel, not looking too bad. we have a few accidents. little will will bit on the minor side but we will talk about those in a second. ninety-five southbound at
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betsy ross bridge what you are looking at right here we are starting to heat up for a thursday, starting to heat up, certainly being it is still in the earlier part of the 5:00 o'clock hour. blue route southbound at mid county you can see pushing this is southbound direction what we're looking at and it is looking good, basically anywhere i look right now. okay. so we have an accident in trooper park avenue at amy drive, motorcycle hit a deer in this a area. head up on that. another accident on the boulevard southbound, at harbison avenue, head up on this, a lot going on the boulevard this morning, this is the second area that we have seen and another one here kind of in the same vicinity, devereaux near roosevelt boulevard another accident here. when we have accidents happening on the boulevard we necessity that will slow you down, also another accident here involving injury, this is the valley forge road at potshop road for those in this neck of the the woods. they are more on the minor side but give yourself some extra time regardless, brooke, over to you. thanks, meisha. time for a look the at
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newspaper headlines across our region. >> from the cover of the delaware county daily times, 07 darby bureau police officers and supporters gathered yesterday alleged ago this a district judge's employee leaked field information to a drug dealer before a raid. that raid, dubbed operation spring cleaning was the result of the six month under cover investigation. bucks county courier times nearly one in four calls to pennsylvania's child abuse hot line went unanswered last year. that is more than 41,000 calls. pennsylvania's auditor general found inadequate hot line staffing and severe lack of monitoring of calls by supervisor which put potentially abused children at risk. burlington county times, burlington city police officers and fire fighters hosted a open house yesterday, for children with disabilities. now goal, to prepare the children for what they may see during an emergency. that is because kids with special needs often become frightened during emergencies
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and hide from first responders. >> that is a look from newspaper headlines from around the delaware val. well, grim reaper is walking streets of pittsburgh trying to save lives. >> several pittsburgh city and allegheny county groups are running the unusual program. the grim reap's approaches walkers as they cross streets while looking at their cell phones. they want to remind people that is dangerous. it is city wide effort to get people to pay attention to traffic. >> i like it. >> there is also a grim reaper walking down, what this is, telling people, teaching people to stop being distract while advertise tracking drivers. >> i'll give you that but i still like the idea. >> yes. >> scared of everything, definitely that. eagles defensive lineman lane johnson serves a ten game suspension a rookie is taking his place. >> don bell introduces to us big v, as he is known, coming up in this morning's
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welcome back. welcome back. another eagles rookie is in the spotlight. >> sports director don bell has this morning's sports. >> fifth round draft choice known as big v, that who will protect right side of the carson wentz. get to know him his real name is halapoulivaati vaitai, he was drafted out of tcu, they call him big v for two reason one he is 6-foot six, second 336 pounds, bv steps in bay lane johnson is serving a ten game sus pension. >> you know, i got the call to
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start. other guys put me under their wings trying to help me prepare for this game. >> he does a lot of good things. he is a young guy. the coach is making sure he gets all of the looks. the blitzes, where they are coming from. he is an athletic guy. next guy up mentality. >> as you get in the football game if you see maybe a guy is needing some help we can obviously help him with backs and tightened as most teams will do but if everything is great and going as planned then in, we just roll. >> eagles at washington on sunday. that is all for sports i'm don bell have a great the day. thanks, don. happening today city council will honor late ed snider and the philadelphia flyers as team gets ready to kick off their 50th anniversary season. the ceremony will take place at 10:00 inside city hall chambers. ed snider's family and flyers staff will be there. nhl action started yesterday, flyers kick off their season tomorrow night against los
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angeles kings. coming up this morning philadelphia police want your help finding people responsible for a home invasion. whole thing was caught on cameras take a look, they barged in and we will show you where it happened and tell you what the woman says she's doing right now. we're continuing to follow a developing story out of massachusetts two boston police officers shot overnight we will update you you on their conditions and tell what you led to that gunfire, katie. jim, we are ever closer to that all important weekend and forecast which is still looking pretty phenomenal we are expecting temperatures to stay on the cool side, granted but seasonably so. great october weather. more sun then anything on saturday. milder on sunday but few more clouds as well but overall if you have outdoor plans keep them or make some, it is looking nice, we will have more details on the full forecast after the break. stick katie v/o: she works hard. she stays late. but she gets paid 21% less than her male coworkers.
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pat toomey has voted time after time against equal pay for women, against pay that helps hard working families get ahead. katie o/c: for my daughters and yours, i'll fight for equal pay for women. families need it; you've earned it. katie v/o: i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message because it's your turn to get ahead.
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good morning, happy thursday, here's a live look in center city, it is getting warmer outside, katie will tell us about the the milder days ahead in her forecast. thanks for joining us i'm brooke thomas. i'm jim donovan. here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. gunfire in northeast philadelphia, leaves one man dead and another man is in
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stable condition. man was shot to death overnight in lawncrest, two blocks away police found another man shot. developing news out of boston two officers are fighting for their lives after getting shot in the line of duty. today ivanka trump will be in the philadelphia region to campaign for her father. >> he was like an octopus. >> new controversy facing the republican nominee, two more women told new york times that trump sexually assaulted him. >> he double down on his excuse that it is just locker room talk. >> hillary clinton's campaign has its own problems, new e-mails mocked politically conservative catholics. >> people texting, they are walking right here and i thought they are just good for business. >> i'm sorry, are you texting. it makes my job so much easier. if you text you are next. >> just in


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