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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  October 14, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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breaking news violent crash claims the lives of two young people overnight and we're live with what police aring a about this deadly collision along the boulevard. and a struggle leads to the death of the teenager in his school what up investigators are saying about the moment that led up to his death. and walking 60 miles in an effort to end breast cancer, thousands prepare for the inspirational journey known as the susan g komen three day for the cure. today is friday october 14th good morning i'm joe holden. >> i'm rahel solomon. jim and brooke are off enjoying a nice long weekend. lets start your day with weather and traffic with katie and meisha. >> we are already starting off on a great note because it is friday. already, we're two steps ahead. roads are looking good. we have construction. we have one accident earlier but that has been since
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cleared and we are looking good. >> weather department not bad either. i don't think we will have fog issues like we had yesterday. air is nice and dry. the it won't be able to pour really but we have another frost advisory that will go in effect later tonight. we will talk about the chill in the air. lets look at storm scan three, quiet as can be, you have no problems. right on coup. it brought showers that we anticipate in the early afternoon and now long gone and we are in the middle of high pressure regaining control. the here's that frost advisory, it is also still not specific to the i-95 corridor, last one was the same way where it is just outlying of the suburbs. go in the pinelands, for example, go in the farm country of pennsylvania, that is where we will see that frost advisory, it is not posted for poconos but it is just chilly up that way. the here's where we san again frost advisory tonight not right now at 39 in mount pocono. not the terribly chilly even in philadelphia we are at 51. we are going to see another
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degree or two get knock off as morning progresses, sun comes up later every passing day. at this point it the is right around 7:11 that sun will rise. we have more time to kill here present we start to see rebound on the thermometer. we will drop a few more degrees but nothing but sunshine, wall to wall across the board, lot cooler by comparison. at best mid 60's in the city and not even break out of the 50's in the mountains but we have sunshine to go with it, meisha so all is well. >> that makes all of the difference that sun behind. >> katie, thank you so much. >> we are looking outside, minutes ago, at the desk we are looking good. nice and dry out there vine was closed for that construction between schuylkill and brought. it looks like it is still closed but moving in the westbound direction toward the schuylkill. the eastbound side is still closed as well. head up on that. we are used to that. i-95 north is where we have construction, ramp to cot the man is closed, you can see crews out there look the at those roads nice and light, levels, right now, still dark out there and we will hold you
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there as long as we cannon a busy friday. construction here, we will be used to i-95 is a traffic shift. this is 8:00 p.m. until mid-morning tomorrow, lane closures between bridge and academy road, off ramp to cottman will be closed and we have more to get to including the cleared accident on the boulevard that we talk to just a couple minutes ago, that is cleared, but we have more coming up in ten minutes. joe, over to you. we are following breaking news in northeast philadelphia, violent crash on the boulevard, that claimed two young lives. >> "eyewitness news" reporter just continue finch is live near front street. what can you tell us. >> reporter: rahel and joe, good morning. police are trying to figure out whether speed was a factor. so far they know an suv was going north on front street and car was traveling in the outer west lanes of the roosevelt. they crashed at that crossing there, that car had been going over and collide nothing to that light pole there killing two teens. now looking at one of those crashed cars being towed from the scene, it is hyundai sedan
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and police say there were three people total inside all trapped and rescued by fire fighters. the 17 year-old girl and 19 year-old man died both suffering from severe head and neck trauma. the 18 year old male driver lived, now investigators say those two men are brothers, and 12:30 a.m. police tell us that hyundai was traffic in the outer west lanes of the roosevelt boulevard before colliding with a suv. fifty-four year old woman was going north on front street and it seems, police say her front end hit that hyundai passenger side, spinning tonight to a nearby light pole. we spoke to a neighbor who heard the impact. >> my message to that individual that struck this person is there is still time, turn yourself in, do the right thing, don't wait for the police to identify and come and get you, it will make things a lot worse for you. so best thing to do is to call
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911 or go to the nearest police station, turn yourself in immediately. >> reporter: our apologies here i do in the believe that was audio we had prepared, it was a neighbor who explained he heard the crash, happened outside of his door, even though he came over, saw those people inside that hyundai. they were all crush inside and he called for help. at this point the two surviving drivers that 54 year-old woman and 18 year-old male driver are at the einstein and recovering at that time from bumps and bruises. they can talk. they are being questioned. police are also not sure what happened here. there are no red lights cameras here. again, speed could be a factor. they are not the sure. they also see there were no other witnesses besides those two drivers who saw what happened here. rahel and joe, back to you. a man is in critical condition after eyewitnesses told police he jumped on the hood of the car in northeast philadelphia, but the story doesn't end there. the 18 year-old victim was found where car crash on
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verree road but car and its driver were gone, this happened about 9:20 last night near rhawn street at fox chase and it is not clear if the victim knew the driver of that car. and police are investigating a hit and run in delaware count that i left a pedestrian seriously hurt. it happened just before 9:00 on west baltimore pike in middletown township. police say tell us they are looking for a silver or gray mercury mountaineer or ford explorer. northbound lanes were closed between valley road and route 452 while police investigated. another accident, to tell you about, state police are investigating pedestrian was struck and killed in chester county. the it happened around 7:30, take a look, chopper three over the accident at baltimore pike and farly road in east marlboro township. no details on the victim's name or if the driver stopped at the scene. philadelphia police are investigating the death of the
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teenager at the a school for student with special needs. police tell cbs-3 that the 15 year-old boy was involved in the struggle, with a staff member at wordsworth academy in wynfield heights. they say the teenager fell, hit his head. up investigators say the teenager has mental and medical issues. police say their investigation is not over and expect to release more details, later this morning. switching gears in campaign 2016, donald trump continues to deny a series of sexual assault allegations calling the female accusers this week horrible liars. >> in the meantime trump's running mate mike pence spoke to the northampton county g.o.p. in bethlehem last night. the republican vice-presidential nominee had visited pennsylvania several times, on the trail, at the event, he talked jobs, encouraged the crowd to get the out the vote and attack opponent hillary clinton. >> i'm old enough to remember when a president's raised 18 and a half minutes of audio tape and we ran him out of washington d.c. hillary clinton and her team used high technology to erase
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nearly 18,000 e-mails. >> donald trump campaigned in north carolina today after an event in ohio, yesterday, the republican nominee is threatening to sue the new york times, after the paper published a string of sexual assault accusations. trump fired back, during a rally in florida. >> these claims are all fabricated. they are pure fiction and they are out right lies. these events never, ever happened. >> ivanka trump hit the campaign trail in our area. she stumped for her fat the inner malvern, drexel hill and bucks county. in the meantime democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton is off the campaign trail today and attend a fund raise inner seattle. on thursday clinton will rallied supporters if san francisco, as wikileaks released more campaign e-mails that show the campaign tried to move the illinois presidential primary to a later date to stop potential republican momentum.
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clinton focused on the issues when she addressed the audience. >> it is not just who wins this election, it is actually bigger than that. we need to demonstrate that we have a hopeful, positive, unified vision. >> meanwhile first lady michelle obama delivered an impassioned criticism have of donald trump without ever using his name. she spoke in a rally in new hampshire. >> strong men, men who are truly role models don't need to put down women to make themselves feel powerful. people who are truly strong lift others up. people who are truly powerful bring others together and that is what we need in our next president. >> the third and final presidential debate is wednesday night, you can see that by the way right here on cbs-3. a judge in north jersey rules that a misconduct complaint should go forward, meaning governor chris
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christie will be investigated again, in connection with the bridge gate scandal. now that complaint was filed by teaneck fire fighter william brennan. it alleged that the governor knew of the closures while they were happening on the george washington bridge and that he should have stopped them. christie has been investigated before but no charges were ever filed. berger county's active are your will now decide if christie should be indicted. governor christie's office issued this statement in part reading quote this is a dishonorable complaint by a known serial complaintant and political activist with a history of abusing the judicial system. happening today, the susan komen three day walk begins and many women will walk an average of 20 miles a day to help end breast cancer. this is file video from a previous year.
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each person raised $2,300 to participate in the walk and over the next few days we will see a sea of pink around philadelphia area since 2005 philadelphia three day walk has raised more than 66 million-dollar in the fight to end breast cancer. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao will be live at the opening ceremony at willow grove park mall in the the next hour. fortunate thely, it the looks like they will have a nice day for the start of the the three day walk. indeed, katie is back to tell us what to expect from the forecast this weekend and that is next. it is end of the era, one thing you won't see anymore, at the famous cheese stake shop, when "eyewitness news" katie v/she stays late.rd. but she gets paid 21% less than her male coworkers. pat toomey has voted time after time against equal pay for women, against pay that helps hard working families get ahead. katie o/c: for my daughters and yours, i'll fight for equal pay for women.
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families need it; you've earned it. katie v/o: i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message because it's your turn to get ahead. i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war.
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the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. back on "eyewitness news" parts of the pacific northwest are bracing for torrential rain and hurricane force wind, broadened by remnant of the typhoon. northwest washington to be hit with wind of 07 miles an hour and areas get pounded up to 18 s expect for higher elevations. thankfully we are not dealing with anything like that. snow already. how did we get that four letter into the forecast. >> hey, hey, hey, katie is here, fortunately nothing like
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that, but, we do see snow. funny story. i'm walking in with my big winter coat because at 2:00 in the morning, just because. >> you need a coat on. >> our producer looks at me, doesn't even say hello she just bursts into laughter. >> yes. >> it is mid-october. >> you know what it will get chillier, even chillier then this morning, i feel you on this, rahel because we are seeing these temperatures bottom out in the 40's. some spots in the 30's. so far this month. so it is a transition, some people and i feel like this is a thing. people like me, you are colder then anybody else in the room. we need extra layers, right, but regardless nice and clear. we do not worry about that dreaded s word anytime soon but there will be a frost advisory that eventually does go into effect. in the meantime we were talking yesterday about hurricane nicole, it is still out there as a hurricane
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category one well passed bermuda so they can begin the clean up, regardless of a devastating storm system for that tiny island with such a expansive storm system crossing over. we will check out what is going on with nicole. bermuda still in the clear at this point, nicole is off to the northeast and continuing its track that way. the it will continue to do so and weaken with time as days progress. back here stateside though today is looking absolutely, one of those autumn perfection type days where we have sunny, crisp, cool conditions, no wind, 65 at best. you do feel the need, winter coat is not the worst idea. sixty-five for a high. cooler then average, we will drop down to a chilly 43 tonight as a frost advisory does go in effect not here in philadelphia but outlining suburbs to the the northwest and interior southern new jersey. expect you might need some that you go out to take place before you hitted road in the morning but still looking great this weekend. back from the sunshine and milder with every passing day. check this out 78 by
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wednesday, break out the shorts, right? >> i just boxed them all up. >> can't do it. >> thank you. good morning everybody. not that i'm complaining about bringing out the shorts, right? 78 degrees in october. i feel like i just hit the jackpot. here's the vine, it was closed overnight. westbound side just opened up. schuylkill looking good, great. the eastbound side we are still waiting. usually follows quickly afterward. we will see. this is probably opening maybe just about right now, also we have construction out here take a look to see crews flashing lights i-95 north ramps cottman is still closed. i'll let you know when that clears but overall owe far, so good. we do have have some construction on this area right here, we have been dealing with for quite sometime. ninety-five is a traffic shift and that will start 8:00 p.m. tonight. lane closures between bridge and academy road off ramp to cot hand is closed, i will tweet that out as well. the accident cleared boulevard southbound at front street all outer lanes were closed and
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now they have reopened and construction in new jersey 42 north bound ramp to 295 is closed until around 5:00 a.m. rahel and joe, back to you. well, you may notice something missing next time you head to geno's steaks in south philadelphia. >> remember that controversial speak english when ordering sign? well, it is gone. geno's quietly took it down right before the dnc in july. late owner joey convenient toe put up that sign in 2007. vento died in 2011. his son runs the shop now. cbs-3 with reaction from customers. >> i think it is important for to us embrace anybody's language and culture, and i appreciate the fact that he has taken the sign down. >> we're here to enjoy some cheese steaks but all money is green and all people bleed red and no matter our language. >> legendary cheese stake spot at sat at ninth and passyunk avenue for 50 years just across from rival pat's
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steaks. still ahead, carnivores on the west coast may be asking where is the beef. how a new burger is tricking meat eaters and generating buzz, w
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if you are heading out the door stay updated with katie's forecast on our sister station kyw news radio 1060. police in the suburbs are warning of a rash of luxury car thefts, with a common thread that makes these robberies easily avoidable. city officials are holding an economic empowerment conference today at community college of philadelphia, the goal, to teach city resident how to start a business and kyw movie review bill wine will have his thoughts on the movie denial, check in, two, three, four times a day on kyw news radio 1060 on your am dial. it is 4:50. time for a check on business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us life from the new
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york stock age, jill, good morning. hard to believe but even more fall out for samsung today. >> costs are mounting for samsung. the it officialed a recall for galaxy seven replacement the phones. they estimate total cost will climb to more than $5 billion, and the company showed concern that the phones potentially could catch fire that it will give a hundred dollars in credit for customers as an incentive for them to turn off their phones. jill, we were just talking about quacamole, interesting enough in the news room, so bad news for fans of quack molly. >> who than the is, avocado prices have soared to the highest level in three decade. two to three dollars per avocado, supply is down that is because there is a labor dispute in mexico and it was also a slim crop this year in california but i don't know don't mess with my quacamole. >> expecting quacamole fights to break out. >> that is best part of the
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chipotle. >> indeed it is. >> jill wagner, thanks very much. there is a new vegetarian burger on the menu. >> we're told it looks like a burger, smells like a burger and even quote bleed like one but it is in the beef. plant based beef looking patty, stick with me is making the round in a san francisco restaurant. like all things high tech this product comes from a company in silicone valley call impossible foods. wonder where they got that. it took five years and 190 million-dollar to get this right. it has a blood-like compound that mimics meat. leave you to that to think about and we will be right back. >> who is hungry
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yesterday, right on schedule these light showers ended up rolling through and it brought dampness to the area and anybody out and about for lunchtime had to put
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windshield wipers once or twice but we didn't end up with too much, just enough to get the grass wet and provide a little bit of the drink for the flowers out there, but thinks how much we ended up with couple hundreds of an inch in a couple locations. the right the now it is crystal clear in the wake of the front that brought that rain. we are at 48 degrees with the the clear view of center city. remember we could not tell where we were on that shot yesterday. storm scan is quiet as you might imagine with high pressure in place we will keep sun out today, tomorrow, sunday, perfect weather for komen three day for the cure i might add and anything else you have got going on. pumpkin picking, apple pigging, anything like thaw are looking good. >> gorgeous. >> all right, katie. we are loving this weather and what else we love this morning commute because of the weather, it is looking great, you guys, so far we have enjoyed nice dry roadways all week long. been busy. it has been busy minus monday people off for holiday and maybe, maybe, hopefully mine to us day too because friday will be lighter. we will see what happens. schuylkill headlights moving
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in the eastbound direction before girard. we have construction on i-95 north around cottman is closed. we have a lot more to talk about in zero minutes. joe and rahel. back to you. former pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kaine is waiting to be sentenced. >> but her lawyers are detailing what they plan to ask for at that hearing? punishment they will seek and their argument. plane from pits skids off a runway, in rhode island what investigators are looking for as a cause we are back at the top of the hour.
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>> people in northeast philadelphia, the ties between the two victims, what police know so far, and this is unfolding investigation. >> a man recovers after a crash in northeast philadelphia, but it is what happened during the crash that has investigators puzzlement "eyewitness news" says the victim right before. >> new attack from donald trump there is time against the media. the choice words he has in the media outlet, melania trump threatening to sue. today is friday, october 14th, good morning, i'm joe hold never for jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon in for brooke thomas. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things this morning, guys, happy friday. >> yes, happy friday. or ffriyay.
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roads are looking really good. if you had an accident this morning on the boulevard, that's now cleared. do have update from septa. >> all quiet on my side of the table. all right, i'm done. >> you know, it will be little chillier later tonight. little cooler already this morning, but man, very quiet. we have great end to the week here, forecast looks awesome, guys. so cooler, crisp than yesterday was certainly, no rain in this forecast, but, it is still going to be pretty much just what i like to call at up perfection, you have the cool air, need to layer up certainly walking out the door, still really comfortable, that said, with very light winds, very dry air in place, so just looking nice. storm scan, continues to work over time, continuing to show absolutely nothing of note out there. even any cloud cover that may have been out there, pretty much fizzled away. really just nice quiet beginning to not just the weekend but the day ahead here. temperatures in the meantime are cooler than they were through the overnight yesterday. dropping down to 39 right now, 44 in allentown,


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