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tv   Eyewitness News at 7  CBS  October 16, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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and, breaking news this morning, gunfire on the campus of the lincoln university, in chester county. and,. >> and union members, weather, to strike when walk out could begin and it could affect their commute. and for 30th straight year people put on their running shoes to raise money and awareness to fight aid. it is sunday october 16th, good morning i'm rahel
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solomon. well, lets get started with check on weather with justin drabick. cherri is outside with the aid walk. she said a couple thousand. should be a nice day. >> conditions for a walk, temperatures in the 50's, afternoon wearing the jacket this morning take it off, because we are talking about 70's. gets warmer each day. some people turn air conditioning back on, possibly. >> not me. >> talking maybe some 80's, record highs too, later in the workweek. >> i didn't put shorts away just yet. >> it is still october. >> you get these warm days, yet. cold will be hear before you know it. this morning still chill any some spots. we have 30's again but frost really not an issue. fog is an issue in some locations, right new looking good with the clear skies, center city in good shape. 51 degrees at the airport with the calm wind. that dew point at 50. when we have air temperature at dew point you squeeze out any moisture you can, there is in rain around. what you get is fog which is just clouds at the ground. we have less than half mile visibility, in philadelphia at
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the the airport. that should get better though within the next hour or so, half a mile in millville. depending where you are, watch out for areas of locally dense fog. so 41 in allentown. forty-seven in mount pocono. we're warmer in the mountains. once you get loft above colder air trap at the surface. thirty-seven in quakertown. lower 40's in pottstown. storm scan three is quiet. mostly clear skies, the exception is that fog on the ground. we will get sun this afternoon wrapped warm up. up to 73. that ace boffs average for philadelphia 60's the a the shore. mid 60's in the poconos. we have a stretch of 90's in the workweek in the seven day in just minutes, back to you. we will check back soon. now lets update you on breaking news in chester county. someone has been shot on the campus of lincoln university. pennsylvania state police responded to the shooting around 3:30 this morning on the 1500 block of baltimore pike. now it is unclear what led to the shooting or who was rushed to the hospital. we are however told one person is in stable condition, with a gunshot wound to the arm.
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lincoln university was celebrating home coming. a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle in central new jersey just after 11:00 last night. emergency crews responded to the call in hamilton township mercer county. person was hit off i295 at exit 55a and taken to the hospital. the driver stayed on the scene, the pedestrian's condition remains unknown. we should know in a couple hours whether septa union members are planning a strike. vote is today, if they vote yet, transport local union 234, say walk out will start november 1st. shutting down all city buses and trolley, market frankford line, and frontier bus routes. they are dead locked over pensions, health care and public safety. twu represents more than 5700 workers. hillary clinton and donald trump have their third and final debate wednesday night. while clinton stepped away from the campaign trail trump is responding the to the latest round of allegations. brooks silva-braga has more. >> reporter: at rallies in both new hampshire, and maine,
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on saturday, donald trump responded to a growing number of reports he improperly touched women by saying they were not only untrue but intentionally dishonest. >> the election is being rigged by corrupt media pushing false allegations and out right lies, in an effort to elect hillary clinton clinton campaign responded to the rigged comment with the statement american election system is free, fair, opened and voting should be encouraged, not dismissed or under mind because a candidate is afraid he will lose. clinton's running mate tried to use trump's word to motivate democratic voters in florida. >> we have to make sure that the margin that he loses bias so big and so clear, and so powerful, and so unmistakable, that when he stand up and says poor me and it was rigged against me nobody will believe him. >> reporter: latest round of the wikileaks e-mail include transcript of paid speeches
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clinton gave investment bank goldman sachs, in one she said people who nomos about regulating wall street are wall street bankers themselves. brooks silva-braga for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and just 22 days until americans get a new president. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the campaign 2016. we are also following race for u.s. senate here in pennsylvania, incumbent pat toomey and katie mcginty hold their first debate tomorrow night, watching at 7:00 here on cbs 36789 look for full coverage and reaction on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. well, the aid fund is striving to reach zero new infections, zero stigma and zero deaths from the disease in all of their efforts. in today's aids walk is a step in that direction. cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio is gathered live at that event where thousands have gathered to support that event, cherri, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rahel, the buzz is already started, people have begun to arrive, they are getting
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registered, and the run portion of this event, begins in about 30 minutes, but an important part of the 30th annual aid walk/run is the aid quilt. take a look behind me. they are currently setting it up. in each of these panels there are about 48,000 of these panels across the country, 26 are represented here today, and each of the panels include six memorial quilt portions, that represents an actual person, who died, of hiv and aid. i want to bring in pat le bell, pat, come on in, she's in charge of this very important aspect of today because this sort of gives us a visual element of how much hiv and aid has impact people across this country. >> yes, it does, nice thing about the quilt is it shows us the individual. it takes us back to the actual person, what the person was like, in life and what he meant or she meant to the people who gave us this. >> reporter: my photographer
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will zoom in a little bit on this quilt so you can actually see. this is peoples personality, this is peoples lives. they have got pictures here, of the actual tam list and you, you did one of these quilt panels for your brother. >> one of the quilts, i didn't do it myself but one of of the quilt panels here today was my brother-in-law jeffery. >> reporter: tell us about jeffery. i mean he is representative of so many. >> jeffery was fantastic. he was a real organized person. he is the one who got me into doing aids walks. he started doing the walk in the park in d.c. which gave me the idea of coming to the very first aids walk, in the original, you know, in the early years, jeffery and jim, they came to the walk, jim died 20 years ago yesterday, jeff died 20 years ago and we have been at every walk since then. >> reporter: wow. so this is very, very it sort of gives us a visual element of how many people, impact of
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hiv and aids, which has claimed so many lives over the years. i want to give positive statistics. the number of aids cases has definitely gone down, 30 years ago people would die of the disease. now you can live pretty fruitful life as long as you take care of yourself. >> yes, that is important. what you said is really important. hiv can be a chronic disease but it can only be that if you know your status, get in treatment and stay in treatment. working on stigma helps that. stigma and education. they are so important. >> reporter: yes, thank you so much, pat. all that will be going on today. there is opportunities to learn your status, there will be free hiv testing here. you can get your stat news 20 minutes. as you can see workers are walking through here try to set up this quilt and get everything ready because the run portion of this event begins at 7:30. the walk at 9:00. all this to raise money to help those dealing with hiv
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and aid. live from eakins oval, yes, money is extremely important. >> yes, it is. >> reporter: live, i'm cherri gregg for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". cherri, thank you. hopefully they raise a lot of money. woman is facing charges accused of assaulting a department for township police officer. fifty-six year-old henson threw pine sol in the face of the officer responding to a report of the 911 hang up. henson was speaking to the officer through a closed door at deptford park apartment where she opened it and tossing liquid in his face. henson was arrested after a brief struggle. the officer was treated and released. woman is in police custody for it ising a house fire in west philadelphia fire broke out saturday morning on the 4900 block of fire regard avenue. the 26 year-old suspect has been treated for burns to her hand. no residents were hurt. and there is much more to come on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", the death toll keeps rising from hurricane matthew as many communities still struggle to recover from the
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disaster. and a storm with remnants of the typhoon, hammers the pacific southwest, or northwest, i should say, we will show you power of nature and damage that it left behind. and back here at home, the calendar may say it is october, but nature is flirting with summer, one more time, justin drabick's eyewitness weather
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more sad news, search teams recovered two more bodies following hurricane matthew. that now brings death toll to at least 43 in the u.s.
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north carolina governor pat mcrory, said they found victims after flood waters receded. more than a week after the storm many communities remain under water. 13,000 customers are still without power and matthew is blamed for more than 1,000 deaths in haiti. nature's creating misery in the pacific northwest. strong wind and heavy rain are pulling down trees and power lines, cutting off power to thousands in oregon and washington. ben tracie has the very latest from seattle. >> reporter: fierce wind are ripping through pacific northwest as most potent part of the storm system comes on shore. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: on friday ef2 tornado with 125 miles an hour wind, tore through coastal town of oregon. up outing trees, downing power lines and damaging homes and businesses. bill pano. is saw it all happen. >> it looked like the wizard of oz. that is what it looked like. it was just things moving like
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this. >> you could see trees snapping like twigs. >> reporter: in portland streets turned into rivers and several inches have rain flooded parts of the city. seattle has had more rainfall in the past two days then it gos in the previous three months, combined. this monster of the storm system is remnants of the powerful pacific typhoon that has hit washington, oregon for nearly three days now. tens of thousands of people lost power and fallen trees have caused injuries. >> it is kind of shocking. we just heard this loud thump. >> reporter: stella's car was crushed by a tree in her work parking lot, in olympic national park coastguard and rescue 40 kid and 56 adults trapped at a lake side cam that lost power. wind is expect to howell here tonight in what could be a historic wind storm, all day forecasters have been telling people to get their preparations ton while they have the time, they are expecting a lot of people to lose power and a lot of trees, to come down. ben tracie for cbs news,
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seattle. you heard ben there say they have gotten more rain in the last three days. that is really saying a lot. when you think seattle, you think rain, right. >> we get more rain then seattle does. >> no way. >> they get drizzle and mist, but we get heavier stuff but not today. today is great. sunshine, full sunshine, next several days, no big rain chances coming at us. we're cool this morning. palmyra cove nature park looking across the delaware. we will normally see sky line there, not having it. little bit of fog. 45 degrees. once we get fog, dissipating and sunshine will heat things up. so far for october, slightly above average with the temperatures. the just less than a degree. we will go well above that. this number will go up over the next several days. precipitation close to average, almost half inch below, high temperature 78 degrees. we will be higher then that by middle of the week. lowest temperature 44
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yesterday morning, pretty chilly, that was coldest temperature this season. here's the trend, warm temperatures, upper 60's. not the today. we will be in the lower 70's, feeling warmth, starting monday, tuesday, wednesday, low 80's. that can set a you this record especially on wednesday and through the end of the week. temperatures stay above average next weekend we will get close to average this time of the year. here's what is happening. as far as today's activities, we have aid walk philly going on. we will kick that off. 50 degrees. good walking conditions this morning throughout the event, upper 50's by 9:00 o'clock. a lot of sunshine. cool morning. warm afternoon. chilly spots, lower 40's in the lehigh valley. we have cold air at the surface. capitol city of delaware. at the shore breeze coming from the south and west. ocean at 64 degrees. we will get our temperatures backup in the mid to upper 60's this afternoon. cold front still to our west that is where rain is with the upper great lakes. out ahead we will be on the
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mild side. cloud will stream in especially this afternoon and tonight, this front really never makes it to the delaware valley. it stays to the north. during the day tomorrow, cloudy skies, maybe a stray sprinkle, up in the the poconos. high pressure, slowly drifts off shore but backs out of the high, we will get southwest wind flow and allowing those temperatures to warm up. there is that front hanging around, the southern tear of new york, maybe a sprinkle or two extreme northern pennsylvania tomorrow and other than that just some cloud, that gives way to more sunshine on tuesday. here's our next front that really doesn't clear, stays well to the north ape west, we will stay in the warm weather pattern for next several days. the highs today, in land spots in the lower 70's, above average, upper 60's along the shore. tonight not as cool, 60's for the thecy, 50's in the suburbs. it does not look like we will be dealing with the 40's tomorrow. look at tomorrow's high temperature close to 80 degrees right around philadelphia, wilmington, trenton, upper 70's possibly in the lehigh valley. record temperatures to beat
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tuesday's record high 85, probably not getting that but we have a good shot wednesday with the record being 80 degrees setting a new record on wednesday afternoon. for today, milder, sunshine, clouds, 73 for the high temperature, tonight near 60, not as will cool, partly cloudy. this looks like late, or mid to late september or october. lower 80's. monday, tuesday, wednesday in the sun. seventy-five, on thursday. cooler friday. seventy. we will stay cooler at 70. >> i know, incredible. >> justin, thank you. 7:18. lets check back with ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center. i know were you watching an accident. what are you seeing there. >> that accident is cleared, we're good to go 95 at girard. we had a multi vehicle accident in the southbound lanes. we are looking at tour left. i-95 is good to go the at girard which is good news. we will move traffic cam here to the ben franklin parkway, it is shut down for today's aid walk and run. shut down between spring garden street and art museum
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circle with kelly drive to the right, and fairmount avenue ape art museum circle and martin luther king drive to the left between parkway and falls bridge. all for the aid walk and run today. we will move traffic cam to the ben franklin bridge mid span, and you look to the left you can see buildings and they look golden. that is the sunrise on the making, the they look golden and so beautiful. ben franklin bridge is in great shape with in delays. that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, rahel, back to you. when some philadelphia student return to class tomorrow morning, some things may look a little different. csx employees spruced up cook wissohickon elementary school. they planted trees, painted the hallways and cafeteria it was chosen as one of five across the country for this years csx service day. st. mary's is a parochial school hosted tenth annual hodown on locust. it included square dancing, hey ride and spooky boutique salon. for the first time there was a petting zoo, including goats,
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bunnies, and even a cow. there very cool. here's more what you will see on "eyewitness news" this morning, getting tougher on tobacco how philadelphia plans to change rules to discourage people from ligate up and where they plan to change them. and new mural strikes a cord with philly's music history when "eyewitness news"
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tv-commercial tv-commercial
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pat toomey and donald trump: they're just wrong for the women of pennsylvania. "new fallout for donald trump." "should a woman be punshied for having an abortion?" "there has to be some form of punishment." "for the woman?" "yeah, there has to be some form." "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey and donald trump: they're not for you. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. city was all decked out in pick for second largest fundraiser for komen philadelphia silent auction, one item up forbid, one of the
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kind chair made for pope francis visit to philadelphia kate bilo, katie fehlinger, natasha brown and stephanie stahl all served as mistress of ceremonies. they looked very nice there. philadelphia is in the pink for breast cancer awareness month, cbs-3 studios were glowing, act is national the breast cancer awareness in. pink lights are meant to be reminder to schedule a mammogram and stay vigilant in the fight against breast cancer. this is 15th year for lights for the cure campaign. find out more on our web site at cbs well, philadelphia health department is declaring war on smoking and want to regulate stores that sell tobacco products in low income neighborhood which is difficulties proportionately affecting smoking. "eyewitness news" reporter stephanie stahl, spoke to the cities health commissioner to talk about the rules and their impact. >> this is number one killer in philadelphia today. >> reporter: philadelphia health commissioner in kensington one of the many neighborhood hurt by high smoking rates. >> philadelphia has the highest smoking rate of any
7:24 am
big city in the the country, and we have about twice as many stores, that sell tobacco products as other big cities, and those stores are concentrated in low income neighborhoods like this. >> reporter: in an effort to curb smoking philadelphia health department want to limit number of stores selling tobacco products in poor neighborhood, and the 500 feet away, from schools. >> new ad on the door right at eye level for child, right here within a couple hundred feet of the school. >> reporter: doctor farly showed us variety of neighborhood stores around second and ontario with colorful tobacco advertising, close to several schools. >> the problem is, as young people get addicted when they are teenagers and they are addicted for life. so we want to prevent these kid from getting addicted. >> i think it is something we can rally around. >> reporter: reverend adan says new regulations are needed because he says low income people are more susceptible to smoking and tobacco advertising. >> to me it is a social justice issue, it is an attack on low income people in poor
7:25 am
neighborhoods that is intentional by the tobacco industry. >> reporter: cbs-3 reached out to the national association of tobacco outlets which is against the new regulations,ing a they will hurt law abiding retailers and stifle new economic development in more than 3/4's of the city, health department will hold hearing on the proposed new rules and hope they will take effect by the first of the year. i'm stephanie stahl for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and in south philadelphia new mural is paying tribute to the cities most famous new you situations, artwork on broad and tasker street highlights band stand era musicians from our area. frankie avalon, chubby checker and bobby rydel and jerry blav on the are a few faces on the mural. the laser advertise eric otto has been creating art since 1998. decision day for septa union workers. will they go on strike. find out the potential impact on your commute if they vote yes. horse once endangered gets
7:26 am
a new lease on life. how they said good bye. justin? good morning, it will be eye mild finish to the weekend, lots of sunshine and then talking about potential record warmth we will let you know when that arrives and how long it stays around coming up in eyewitness weather.
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good morning. it is sunday october 16th i'm rahel solomon. lets get out to meteorologist justin drabick on the sky deck with eyewitness weather. it looks beautiful behind you but it is kind of chilly. >> yes, for sure coats and sweat shirts weather for sure this morning. next couple days we have seeing temperatures of mid-september with highs in the 80's, maybe some new record. we are seeing clear skies in center city but i can see fog in the distance. you might run into fog, earlier this morning. big change in temperatures compared to this time yesterday. even though it is cold we are six to 18 degrees warmer across the region through most locations. there is the fog problem right around philadelphia, airport less than a half mile visibility getting better in parts of the interior south the jersey. it depend where you you are we will run into areas of patchy fog along delaware river and bay. all right. current temperatures, 40's once you get outside city, 51 the at the airport. widespread mid 40's in wilmington delaware.
7:30 am
still some 30's showing up. 37 degrees, chill i in quakertown. storm scan three is quiet, exception, fog around, this morning. so some cloud may build in this afternoon but overall enough sunshine to warm us up above average. it is cool this morning. temperatures in the 40's and 50's, this afternoon, a mix of sun and cloud, warmer. sixty's and 70's for afternoon high. on our waste up to 73 for philadelphia. sixty-eight at the shore. sixty-five in the mountains. we're talking about 80's returning for workweek setting new records, we will talk about when in a few more minutes, rahel, back to you. thank you, justin. septa union members are holding a strike vote. if they vote yes, transport workers local union 234 says strike will begin november 1st. if it happened all city, bus, trolley routes would stop running, so would market frankford and broad street lines. regional rails will continue and that is because workers belong to a different union there main sticking points are pensions, health care, public safety. in a statement septa says it
7:31 am
hopes to work out an agreement in the best interest of the employees, riders and the public. walkers and runners of all age are stepping up in the fight against hiv and aid as they participate in philly's 30th annual aid walk, it raises money in the fight against deadly disease. cherri gregg from kyw news radio is live where registration has just opened up, cherri, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rahel, yes, registration for walk is now opened, but the run, it is about to start. we have a few hundred folks gathered here now, thousands participate in the walk portion which begins at 9:00 o'clock. thorough all lined up here off the side of the eakins oval and they are about to run down, mlk drive which is being closed off. of course, these folks, they are bringing in the chill here but it is all for a good cause to raise money for hiv and aids. this is 30th annual walk, run event, but let me give you
7:32 am
some details. like 30 years ago, if you got the diagnosis for hiv and aid it was a death sentence and most people died a horrible death within about five years and now, thanks to a research, thanks to medications, thanks to awareness and testing, you have most people with their diagnosis, and they get the medications, they are able to live a pretty normal lifestyle with the exception of the medication. but, the goal, of course, of today's event is to raise money because they want to get to zero, zero infections, zero he stigma, for this and zero death when it comes to hiv and aids. today there will be a run, walk, also the the aid memorial quilt so people can truly understand the impact of this disease has haddon families, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people, have lost their lives, because of hiv and aids but because of the hard work over the past 30 years, plenty of
7:33 am
those deaths are down have. now 30,000 people within the philadelphia region are living with hiv and aids, and of course, this walk and this run, which is just beginning, as we speak right now, it is too raise money to help them and because of the aid fund they are able to get grants to give them the life saving treatment that keeps them living a wonderful life. so all of this as you can see is happening right now. they are just about to extort running and moving towards the starting line and at 9:00 o'clock we will have thousands lined up to do the 5k walk. live from eakins oval, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and susan g komen three day to fight breast cancer is wrapping up today. overnight 1,000 walkers were resting inside the pennsylvania convention center. they have had a hot shower, meal and relaxing before they embark on their final leg of the 60-mile journey. yesterday they completed 20 miles of their walk.
7:34 am
many participating, survivors are not only raising money for cancer research but raising awareness so others can fight the disease and survive. today they will walk to the philadelphia navy yard. it is a happy ending for a horse in trouble not so long ago. earlier this month, we brought you the story of cyrus clydesdale had to be crane lifted after getting stuck neck deep in mud. well, thankfully he is okay and on his way to a new home but in the before a bitter sweet send off. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch updates the story. >> reporter: on a writes being saturday warm reunion and hug. >> it is a great feeling. >> reporter: that is steve amway and rescuee, cyrus, the clydesdale saved last week in thornbury township thanks to amway and several members of the chester county rescue task force. >> the first thing we did was try to get down and get the a sling around him to support him. >> reporter: at 18 cyrus is more than 1,000-pound, so saving him was not simple, the task force had to dig through high mud, and then use their
7:35 am
tools, tenacity to pull cyrus free. it took hours. then, after round of evaluation, and antibiotics, he was back, and thornbury farms stable but in the for long. >> we will take him down to virginia today to his family, and will live rest of his life happy. >> reporter: soon cyrus and his adopted family will be joined by another horse, said to be inseparable from cyrus, they became best buddies at thorn bring which rescues at risk animals. justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". farm thinks cyrus may have been chased before getting stuck in the mud and handlers say he is feeling less stronger, so he will go to his new home, happy, healthy. well, a local world war two veteran celebrates a milestone
7:36 am
i'm 96 years old. i didn't do bad. >> not at all. happy birth the day. >> wilson passed down his love of public service, and he is proud grandfather of a philadelphia police officer. we have more to cover on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" a new fight for a boxer and how he is fighting hunger without the gloves. and with time running out temple makes a split second move, outcome next in "eyewitness sports". and, few people look forward to monday, but you may not mind once you find out about the rest of the week, justin drabick has the eyewitness forecast in just
7:37 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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a philadelphia boxer rallies a community to help fight hunger. shepard rec center rest philadelphia pro boxer damon allen junior and other local celebrities rolled up their sleeves to survey the hot meal to the hungry. allen spoke to "eyewitness news" about why he gives back. >> everything to give back especially to this community and recreational center, i have been praying, at recreation center, and i have been camp here all types of event here so giving back to this is, because it gave back to me. >> the group partnered with philabundance a non-profit food bank serving the delaware valley and our own ukee washington was in the house lending his support for the food drive. very good cause there.
7:40 am
let's turn to justin drabick and see what the weather watchers are saying, hi there justin. >> cool temperatures this morning, waking up in the 40's and 50's but we are seeing clear skies, sunshine on tap today. we will warm it up in the 70's and then making a run at lower 80's for upcoming workweek setting new record. lets check with the backwards, we have cool pictures coming in from last night's super moon. we will get to that first but let's check temperatures. willow grove still chilly barbara lane at 44, mid 40's in mullica at john carroll's house, lynn springer at 46. you get the idea. everybody is in the low to mid 40's. look at levittown hanging out the at 41 degrees at this hour. same deal down in newark, delaware, lower 40's, couple milder spots along the coast, james in ocean city is checking in at 51, also fran in nottingham, chester county in the the lower 50's. look at these pictures. this was super man last night and this morning, made its closest approach to the earth,
7:41 am
224,000 miles away, so it appears, bigger, brighter. so a lot of moon shine out there this morning, not the drink, we are talking about the moon itself. cool shot there from bill chapline getting perspective there with the moon behind the trees as it starts to rise and it is another close-up shot there from jenny janssen in cherry hill. cool stuff there, thanks for sending in those photos. lets go up to the poconos, this morning, fog out there but we will see decent sunshine, even up in the mountains we're talking about temperatures reaching the 70's this week. we are seeing a lot of if change there and fall color, good conditions, to check out, some of that foliage for the next week or so. moving into classic, indian sum iser conditions, so you hear that term, probably thrown around the next few days, this occurs this time of the year after you get first frost which we have and in the suburbs, we will get above average temperatures which we will be dealing with next several days, get the clear skies, a lot of sunshine, that term is thought to be named because of the native
7:42 am
americans used these conditions, to go back out, and, hunt are to the, gather more food for upcoming winter. that makes sense. classic, indian summer pattern, just jet stream to the north, big ridge of high pressure. our temperature ten to 15 degrees above average. we're talking about lower 80's returning to the forecast. nice and quiet on storm scan three, clouds showers, upper great lakes, that front never clears us, so that is why we stay warm. we will get cloud around. here's another cool thing potentially happening tonight, rocket launch from wallups island project launch at 8:03. you can see this above the horizon. so after the launch at 8:03, if this is on schedule, here in the delaware valley you should see it 60 seconds from dover delaware. 902nd from launch philadelphia and surrounding suburbs and south jersey and 120 seconds up in the lehigh valley and poconos. look to the south, hopefully we will see clearing conditions, if they can launch this rocket. a lot have of times they did
7:43 am
this a few years ago the thing blew up. good thing it is not manned. it is going up to the international the space station to send up supplies. here's our pattern high pressure off shore, next 24 hours, front stays to the north, just some cloud tomorrow, maybe a stray sprinkle in the poconos and then kind of the same deal on tuesday, another front, well to the north and west, we're on the warm side. check out these temperatures, even though we're in the 40's, this morning, huge rebound this afternoon. the lower 70's in the lehigh valley tonight not as cold. low of around 60 for the city, 50's in the suburbs tomorrow. tomorrow close to 80 degrees for afternoon temperatures and then gets warmer for middle of the week. today noticeably milder, sun, clouds, 73. tonight partly cloudy, 60 for center city, southwest wind continues at five to ten and transport, even warmer air to the middle of the week. look the at this this resembles september, not october, 80 on monday, some sunshine, maybe a sprinkle, 82, tuesday, 82 on wednesday. that will set a new record. record high is 80 degrees and
7:44 am
state warm, rahel, back over to you. right now it is 7:43. lets check back with ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center and see how these roads are looking. >> look the at how beautiful the shot is on the ben franklin parkway. it is busy, closed to traffic, both directions between spring gander street for the aid walk and run taking place there. also kelly drive, to your right, i am bound shut down through fairmount avenue and art museum circle. looking left martin luther king drive shut down between ben franklin parkway and falls bridge all for the run today. we will move the traffic cam to the mid county tolls to the pennsylvania turnpike, heading to the poconos, today, justin shows you a picture of the poconos is having that beautiful, leaf change and fall colors, there is no delays on the ben franklin parkway. the i mean is there no delays on the pennsylvania turnpike or northeast extension and mid county tolls, look fine as you can see. moving the traffic cam one more time, to the ben franklin bridge, there you go, you are heading to the shore another beautiful daze for it, no
7:45 am
delays on the ben franklin or walt a whitman, further up 42, 55, they look okay, no problems yet on the atlantic city expressway or garden state parkway. that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center. now here's "eyewitness sports" with path the -- pat gallen. >> this is first time eagles will face a divisional opponent this year when they battle washington on the road. their star tightened, jordan reid, who is sixth in the nfl in catches, has been rule out with a concussion. huge loss for kirk cousins, who has lost his favorite target. big loss for eagles is lane johnson's suspension, to win his place, steps big v, halapoulivaati vies take, will start at, right tackle his first career start, and rookie, fifth round pick out of tcu has big shoes to fill and talks about what he needs to do to succeed on sunday. >> calm down, just focus before each play, and that is what jason peters tells me each day.
7:46 am
he said trust your technique, your confident and you will be fine. >> as you get in the football game if you sees maybe a guy is needing some help we can obviously help him with backs, tightened like most teams will do, but if everything is great, and going as planned then no, we will just roll. >> we will get you ready for birds in d.c., toyota sunday kick off, fun getting at 11:30 , leslie van arsdal and myself breaking it the down as the eagles look to go four-one. sixers have been taking it the slow with joel embiid but in limited minutes this preseason, the 7-foot two big man has been extremely impressive. as they battled pistons in south philadelphia, embiid got a bum in his playing time on the court playing 20 minutes last night. the big man ready to rumble, he had another nice performance, first quarter, just look at the feet on the low block. he blows past andre drummond for the reverse lay up, and he looks so smooth. >> off the miss by dario saric, embiid goes up high for
7:47 am
the rebound, has an easy put back there. he is so big and so skilled. such a joy to watch. third quarter first time he played in the second half, he shows those silky moves in the paint and add one right there, and show them off, big guy, flex, right there, he had 15 points, five boards, did have seven turnovers as the sixers lose 97-76. heading in to last night's game at three-three, temple owls have have been unable to get on the roll this season. coming off a loss to memphis last weekend they looked to push back above 500 against central florida. fight, fight, fight here's philip walker with the screen pass to jihad thomas. thomas would rumble 28-yard to the house, temple down eight-seven. thomas also had a rushing touchdown, second quarter, mckenzie milton, find adrian for six. milton keeping the ball on the zone read, faking out
7:48 am
everyone, he has gone 63 yards for pay dirt. owls down 25-seven. game over, or is it? final drive, owls down five, you got to spike it, spike it. no, way, don't spike it. walker to keep kirkwood for game winning touchdown with one second left, no way. the owls escaped, with a 26-25 victory. we're all going to celebrate. more college football villanova at richmond andy tally probably not happy after this one. no score in the first, until right here, richmond's kyle a ileto hits brian brown, 56 yards on the score and that is pretty much all they would need. nova had just 222-yard on the day and they fall 23 to nothing. to baseball game two of the alcs between blue jays and indians. cleveland up one to nothing in the series, second inning, that is carlos santana going yard, our old friend j.a. happ, that laser beam to left making it one to nothing. game tied in the third,
7:49 am
francisco lindor singling up middle, davis will trot home, indians takes a two to nothing series lead beating toronto two-one. that is your sports, i'm, pat gallen, have a great the day. in hockey a heart breaker in overtime for the flyers. arizona's oliver larson scored at 1:48 in overtime as kay yet is beat the flyers four-three. their road trip continues in chicago, where they take on black hawks tuesday night. and chicago cubs have won, their first game in the national league champion ship series, miggalmonter owe had a third pinch hit grant slam in post season history. cubs win eight-four. game two is at wrigley field tonight. all dressed up for halloween with you that may not be good for your pets. cbs-3 pet project with carroll erickson is coming up in two and a half minutes, we will be right back.
7:50 am
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welcome back. time for cbs-3 pet project, car will ol erickson animal advocate and friend of the pennsylvania spca, joins us every time at this time. hi there, carroll. >> is there calamity, she's a little puppy and we will tell you how you she's available for adoption and if you are as smart as she is, she would be the perfect dog for you but she's an absolute angel. we also have some adoptable animals but our topic today, it is not that cat, at this
7:53 am
point, i was going to show you that but i will get to that. here we go. don't show video just yet. this, okay. this will scare any animal, that, this is how i look before make up too. but, we are going to talk about costumes and mask and how that can terrify your pets. now, let's show that cute cat that we're starting to role just a second ago. this is a beautiful cat. this cat is named voodoo and voodoo is black and white. >> voodoo you? >> yes, and voodoo, calling for voodoo, does anyone see this cat? >> are you there, voodoo? we will work on that. >> anyhow, there is a cat at the shelter black and white beautiful, that that you will be interested in adopting. we also have a black cat that was adopted as well. >> okay. >> this one. >> and, sammy is just an absolutely a beautiful cat. adoptable. absolutely terrific. and especially you want to be
7:54 am
very, very careful, and adopting animals this time of the year because halloween is the single worst day for animal cruelty, of an malls which is a frightening statistics. i want to show you delco a five month-old. >> delco. >> brown, tan male mix and what more can you say. this puppy is curious and just an absolute angel. >> is dill co from delco. >> delco can go every where. i'm not sure where he is from but where he is going to be going to. so that is, what we want everybody to remember, they want to go to good homes. >> lets come back on to the set, if we can and i still have calamity here. she has a pink rug here. but what i really want to talk to you about is customs during halloween. it is time of the year everybody loves their costumes but this can be a terrifying time for animals. they runaway often, terrifying
7:55 am
when they see people with these masks on and that sort of thing. they train for this. i want to show you video here. this isn't necessarily for halloween but someone may want to attempt this at home, they may want to get their pet accustomed as they do the at pennsylvania spca this behavior classes to people that look out of the normal. and that is what can really get a dog very excited and upset as well. they will practice with that but you cannot possibly practice for every single costume a dog might encounter. that is why to not take your dogs trick or treating with you. it is much safer, smarter to leave them at home because they can runaway, become aggressive. when you do have your pet at home, you can come right back here in to the set right now if you want, when you do have your pet at home it should be in the safe room. >> okay. >> because insistens door bell ringing is when the dog will be getting very upset. >> away from the fuss.
7:56 am
>> yes, can run out the door, create a real, real problem. >> um-hmm. >> if you can do that you're on your way to keeping your pets safe for halloween. >> also, yes. >> now carroll can you dress up your pets is that a concern too. >> it can be a concern because perceived how another dog might perceive your dog, okay, dressed up in some whacky costume, is your dog going to be attacked by another dog. >> that is interesting. >> is your dog happy in that is most important thing. if your dog isn't happy in the costume, don't be in it. we can talk more about that. it is under scoring the whole thing even the family's children in a costume can look different to the dog. you do not want to get them agitated and that sort of thing. here's calamity. let's talk about calamity. >> there is no calamity at all. >> look at how good she is. i will move out of the way. she's a blue healer, a mixed plea healer, that is part cattle dog this dog will need an active lifestyle where he can be outside, two months
7:57 am
old. she's just precious. love this little dog. little puppy. >> hopefully we can get calamity a new home. if you want to visit pspca erie avenue headquarters their hearst from noon to 6:00 and then 1:00 to 8:00 during the week. >> next week, we will talk more, halloween, you know, has been in the stores for months now. >> yes. >> we will talk about this again because there are a lot shore warnings, that you need to though. >> again, calamity and other pets a veilable pennsylvania spca. >> carroll, thank you and calamity we will see you next week. >> yes. >> aren't we all. >> that is it for "eyewitness news" at 7:00. here's had we have at 8:00. local football player is beating odds and reaching his golan inspirational story we have to see straight ahead. these people may look weird but yes, they are actually talking on their fence to their fingers, latest in cell technology up next. jackets this morning but not by even of the day justin back to tell us about a warm up when we come back.
7:58 am
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