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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> we're just asking if anybody saw anything, or if they recognized, a person or remember anything with someone wear a flannel shirt to please call detective james skinner of the newark police department. >> police are canvassing the neighborhood for surveillance video that may have captured the assault. rowan university is also investigating a reported sexual assault on campus. fee hail student told authority, that she had been drinking at an off campus arty late thursday night when a man from that party offered to walk her home. victim says she woke up in the man's rowan dorm and realized she had within sexually assaulted. >> police tenth the next day to report, the crime. >> so at that time, we gathered, as much information as we could and we reported it to the university community through timely warning alert. >> reporter: school officials say glassboro police were also notifiesed, about the sexual assault allegations. civil suit brought by former penn state assistant
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football coach mike mcqueary and penn state is underway in center county, pennsylvania. mcqueary says he has been unable to break back into full-time football coaching since the sandusky scandal broke. mcqueary is seeking $4 million in damages from the university. he was placed on leave, with pay, shortly after san tuesday can i's arrest and let go when his contract expired in june 2012. it is not something one delaware county neighborhood is used to deal with, fear, after two sussex break into a home and shoot the home owner in the middle of the day. the incident happened on west ward street in ridley park on sunday. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh has latest on the investigation. >> reporter: after 15 years of living in ridley park. >> it is scary. really scary. shook up a bit. >> reporter: fear is a you this feeling for neighbors here. >> it is the time we have our front doors, opened windows wide opened and if we go run to the store we don't lock up because we live in a very safe
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neighborhood. >> reporter: that is changing now after these two men allegedly broke into a home on west ward street, just after 3:30 sunday afternoon. >> they are home invations and we're like had, here on our street. >> reporter: ridley park police say once inside suspect struggled with the home owner, fired a shot at him and then got away by car. that bullet grazed home owner in the ear but he is expected to be okay. >> that is mind boggling too like they have no fear of what the repercussions were. >> reporter: is what most concerning for neighbors is is that police believe this may have been a case of mistaken identity. >> might have picked the wrong house, okay great, was that here in our house or neighbor's house. i didn't know that. that is scar toy hear that. >> reporter: we tried to speak with the home owner and delivery man tried to drop off a flower order but no one came to the door. meantime those who lived here aren't taking any chances. >> i'm picking up my kids from school not letting them walk home as they usually would and keeping everything sealed up and lock up. >> reporter: ridley park police chief tells us
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investigators are following several leads but no arrests have been made. if caught suspects caught attempted murder and robbery charges. reporting from ridley park, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a wife calls to check on her husband after hearing gunshots and when he answers he finds he is the one who was shot. that it is ways unfolded last night in lawncrest neighborhood, 28 year-old johnny cast an owe a husband and father was gunned down behind his home, and he was shot at least four times and died at the hospital. his family who did not want to be shown said he and his wife had a heart breaking final conversation. >> he called and told him to come home, and i'm on the ground. >> reporter: before he passed away police say he told them that he had returned home, from shopping, when he was approached by two men, and then robbed at gunpoint. the investigation, continues. philadelphia police are investigating a series of car fires in overbrook that they believe were intentionally
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set. cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio joins us now from the neighborhood with the story, cherri. >> reporter: good evening, ukee, residents of this busy block here near 60th and columbia are coming, home, to this, take a look, it is just one portion of the burned out aftermath of what the fire marshall is calling a series of arsons. this is as police continue to stake out this block in an effort to get more information on the man, they say, is the lo this e suspect. seven fires on five nearby box all set-morning, over the span of just a couple of hours. >> when i came out, they were shooting upright here. >> reporter: bob ballard discovered his neighbor's koran fire near 57th and jefferson. the around 4:00 a.m. this morning. he used a hose to hold back the flames until fire fighters arrived. >> it was squirting, from here, but it wasn't putting it out, it was just containing. >> reporter: police say five
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other cars, three on this quiet block near 60th and columbia, one on oxford, another on new saw and this dumpster on master, all damaged. his black buick was nearly totaled. >> just terrible. i don't understand people. >> fire was coming out of my gas tank. >> reporter: this woman's car suffered minor damage but experience of seeing fire flickering from her gas tank, left her shaken up. >> it really could have hurt somebody. me and my son could have came outside and that could have been hit. >> seems random. it seems like the individual used an accelerant and carries on fire as well as dumpster. >> reporter: police say officers are can vans the neighborhood for eyewitnesses and gathering surveillance video searching for clues. but they believe the fires are connect. >> as of right now it looks like it is one individual that is just going around doing these arsons and setting these vehicles on fire. >> reporter: as for neighbors, they work hard to keep this block safe, and they want the vandalism to stop.
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>> hopefully they can catch that guy. >> now police have released very limited information, on the suspect, they described him simply as a man, wearing a hoodie. police tell me they plan to release surveillance video with more details, as soon as possible and ask anyone with information contact the police. live from overbrook, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cherri, thank you. disturbing news from camden county right now authorities in winslow township are investigating a series of reported mountain lion sightings they have released a photograph taken with hunter's game camera as it looks like a large cat if you look closely. there is some moving video of the possible mountain lion. wild life officers say it was seen near hammington border, officials say that if you see the big cat, notify the authorities. weather-wise, just a beautiful day, once the fog cleared and get ready we could experience record warmth this week. the lets get a first look the a the temperatures with meteorologist kate bilo on the sky deck and kate, what a day.
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>> ukee, it feels amazing out here on the skies deck. sunnies shining. the nice and warm. you can tell those coats just to hang on a couple taste we will be back to the coats eventually but won't need them tonight, you won't need them tomorrow, we certainly won't need them on wednesday as record will be challenged temperatures in the 80's this week. lets take a look at outside, we have got nothing but sunshine right now and that is the case on storm scan three. is there a system off to the north, north of new york state really over portions of eastern can inadequacies bringing in some rain that is staying away us from and will stay to the north as part of the system to draw this warm air in from the south and west. look at how warm it is, up at 5:00 o'clock still 81 in philadelphia 81 in dover. 76 degrees in millville w that jet stream lifting even further to the north this week we're looking at temperatures, 15 to 20 degrees above average. so coming up with our full forecast we will talk bay rocket launch you may want to watch out for, which days we can break records and when showers return to the forecast, we have a lot to cover so stay tune, now back
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inside to you. >> kate, thank you. hoboken terminal is back to operating at full services today with all new jersey transit trains, running again. terminal was heavily damaged last month when a new jersey commuter train crashed killing one woman and injuring more than 100 others. the damage disrupted trains for hundreds of thousands of commuters, while the transit agency gradual liz resumed services. six more tracks opened up this morning as well as ticket office but the cause of the accident is still under investigation. couple weeks ago eagles fans have had high hopes after the three-zero start but now reality is setting in a bit and expectations have been lowered since the bird have lost two straight. >> sports director don bell, he joins with us more on yesterday's loss. it wasn't easy to much was. >> it was not easy to watch. there air lot of things to harp on as you go back and lot at game film and talked to doug pederson today bit. sometimes you don't appreciate what you have until it is gone. we have heard that before but right tackle lane johnson missing in action because of a ten game suspension. his replacement not quite
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ready for prime time. now it is obvious in the eagles loss to washington. rookie halapoulivaati vaitai made his professional debut yesterday but he had problems from start to finish. washington defensive end ryan kerrigan finished with two and a half sacks and made for a brutal game for carson wentz but head coach doug pederson says their seven-point loss was about more than just big v. >> i felt like he had a slow start but really settled in nicely throughout the game. listen, there will -- was it perfect, pretty, no? were there assignment errors, yes. i'm not going to stand here and point the finger at big v because that is not what happened. there is enough mistakes all around in this football game that cost thus game. >> pederson also said that big v will start gannon sunday, who are they playing? sam bradford and the undefeated minnesota vikingses.
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>> he it comes full circle. >> vikings defense noise joke. >> they better get it fixed real quick, they have a week to figure it out. >> appreciate it. locations behind the game of football long standing rule has been if washington wins, its final home game, before a presidential election, the incumbent party stays in the white house. if they lose another party takes over it appears eagles loss goodies news for hillary clinton. rule has held 17 out of 19 times. the issues, and candidates positions, we are not talking about the presidential race? the most expensive and one of the most influential congressional races is taking place in our area candidates go head to head for the first time, in a debate tonight, here on cbs-3. what you can expect coming up. one in three teens, experiencing abuse in their romantic relationship, in addition to verbal, emotional and physical abuse, is there a new kind of abuse we need to be on the look out for. so much for boxed wine,
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new trendies becoming so popular and why wine and others say it is an advantage over bottled wine, we will explain in our next half an
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pat toomey and donald trump: they're just wrong for the women of pennsylvania. "new fallout for donald trump." "should a woman be punshied for having an abortion?" "there has to be some form of punishment." "for the woman?" "yeah, there has to be some form." "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them."
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pat toomey and donald trump: they're not for you. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. one in three teenagers report experiencing, some kind of a abuse in their romantic relationships that includes
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verbal,e oceanal and physical abuse, and now, there is word of another type of dangerous mistreatment. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with more on the new numbers. >> new numbers just out, it is called technological abuse and experts say, that the numbers are shockingly high. but many parents, don't know about it, to warn their teenagers. >> they started tait nothing high school at 14, she was excited to be in what she calls a real relationship. >> he was an upper class hand, he played sports. >> reporter: but didn't take long for butterflies to fade. >> we were arguing a lot. he would raise his voice at me. >> reporter: help she tried to break up he posted nude pictures of her own social media. >> i could not believe it. i cried. i had to go to therapy because i started to go through the deregulars and anxiety. >> reporter: growing type of relationship abuse, monk teens. known as, technological abuse. steph niece necessityvillea of
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teen violence prevention organization day one says that half of the people, ages 14 to 24, have experienced it. >> young people are now subject to stalking behaviors, sexual harassment, and invasions of privacy, disclosures of private pictures, constant texting, where are you? are you with? had are you doing. >> reporter: her hotter didn't know what was going on for more than a year, she finally helped her daughter end the relationship and pursue legal action. >> have open relationships. talk to your children. if you feel like something is going on keep questioning it. >> i'm excited to meet new people report report now 18 india is older, wiser, off to college and she's sharing her story with younger teens to try to keep them out of harms way. >> i still have anxiety but other than that, all that is done. we are moving on to bigger and better things. >> reporter: there you go bigger and better things. studies show as many as 60 percent of young people in an abusive relationship don't
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tell anyone about that abuse. and, as few as 3 percent, reported it to authorities. that mom in the story says it is so important to have an open relationship with your children so they feel like they can at least come to the parents. >> talk to your kid. >> yes. >> yes. >> horrifying numbers. >> yes. >> thanks, stephanie. for informational summit to trust impact of unhealthy teenage behavior was held this morning this drexel hill as part of the pennsylvania youth survey. delaware county district attorney jack whalen talked about problematic drink use, e cigarettes as well as issues associated with teen depression. >> if the depression will lead to risky behavior, depression will lead to individuals utilizing alcohol, and our drugs or both and we know sometimes that depression unfortunately leads to harmful behavior and even death.
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>> fortunately use of the tobacco among teens is still down dramatically. kate joins us with our forecast. mid-october, it feels like midsummer. wow. >> hot. >> it is beautiful out there. >> it hasn't been all that cold but still today felt like first warm days of the syringe when you can go outside without a coat and enjoy it. >> true, try. >> yes, feels great, enjoy it now because unlike first few days of spring and summer it will just get warmer and then colder. it will not last too long. enjoy it while you you can. today was perfect day to enjoy weather in the city but all across the region. here's bucks county "eyewitness news" at peddler's village for scare crow festival, creative difficulties lays weren't only things getting a lot of attention. always fun time at peddler's village. the visitors lined up to show their support for breast cancer awareness and they had their pictures taken with the pink toyota. you may see it driving around town, it has been all over the place. if you see it, share a selfie on line with the #pink toyota
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and toyota will donate one dollar to susan g cohen philadelphia, a great cause, and fun thing to be part of taking a selfie with the pink toy yet a scare crow festival in peddler's village one of high favorite places in the region.ler's village one of lets look live at our neighborhood network to the poconos first and foremost where it is looking gorgeous with the fall foliage, almost in full bloom. moderate in the poconos right now about to hit the high mark and you can see we still have green but the colors are just stunning this weekend it would be a great time to take a trip up to carbon, monroe counties, take a drive you this and see foliage for yourself. next few weeks is when things will start to blossom all across our area. in the city we are looking foggy this evening, you can see beautiful evening outside, very warm, 79 degrees. just a little hazy. we will see fog next couple of mornings much like this morning thanks to the warm, moist air that is being pulled in along with the warmth. storm scan three is clear, we have a few clouds drifting through but as we zoom out you can see where our storm is. the system over portions of
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eastern canada as that lifts to the north and we will see this really big push from the south and west and that is where heat and humidity will come from over the next couple days. temperatures, surging. right thousand ten full degrees warmer then this time yesterday and yesterday was no slouch either. 0-degree jump in 24 hours as well and 9 degrees warmer then this time yesterday, in allentown. i want to tell but the cool sky tonight. rocket launch from wallups island is heading out to sea but a minute and a half, 90 seconds after the launch about 74:10 looking to the horizon you may be able to see this rocket but you have to have a clear view of the horizon. it will be 10 degrees above the horizon and our region make sure you look toward the south and the east and you may see a glimpse of that rocket heading out to space. warm week ahead, temperatures by wednesday, almost 20 degrees above average. mid 80's, normal highs in the mid 60's. record are on notice here, the record for tomorrow is 85. we will get close to that but
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wednesday's record is just 80. that is our best chance, for breaking the record this week. for tonight, partly cloudy, patchy fog developing by day break. tomorrow mostly sunny within 1 degree of record. we will make a good run at it. wouldn't be surprised if we tied that record of 85. wednesday a record breaker at 83 and then showers return on thursday, and we will have a few more rain chances in the extended forecast. coming up we will tell you when you need your umbrella and when you need to bring that back out. >> real quickly, yes. >> not far away, thanks. more and more students are graduating from high school what the president says is behind a jump. will they or won't they, macy's makes a decision on thanksgiving and whether they will be opened for business. hi there, don. speaking of business, sam bradford is handling his in minnesota and now he comes back to philadelphia to lay the birds, plus, marriage proposal you have to see to believe, this football player puts a new spin on taking a knee, that is next in
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and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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but pat toomey actually owned a bank. most people owe the bank. and when he went to washington, he voted to change the laws... to benefit wall street and banks like his. voting to gut consumer protections that crack down... on predatory lending and fraud. to take money from you and... line the pockets of wall street millionaires like... himself. pat toomey: out for himself, all in for wall street. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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vo: donald trump and pat toomey anhave plenty in common --. they're both putting pennsylvania women at risk. even after trump bragged about sexually assaulting women, toomey stood by him. on women's health - both trump and toomey would defund planned parenthood. on abortion: trump: "there has to be some form of punishment" toomey: "i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey and donald trump: too dangerous for pennsylvania women.
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my husband was so excited, only for it to be a very ugly game. >> and, you know. go outside and let some steam off. >> they need to come to play. >> they weren't ready, it was apparent. nine days ago eagles were three and zero and now they have lost two and on sunday they welcome a former friend, sam bradford and undefeated vikings invade the link. less than two weeks before the season started eagles traded bradford to the vikings, and cleared way for carson went to play but also gave sam a fresh start. he has taken full advantage. bradford has been very good, and leading vikings to a five and zero record. >> everything i have seen, and and the execution, he had throughout training camp. >> you are seeing the same
5:25 pm
concept offensively with them, and as we did here, and just a sharp kid and short kid, and, very accurate thrower. i'm not advised at all. >> all right. stanford college, the university, beat virginia military institute by 34 points over the weekend. total team effort. after the game linebacker dion pierre used his teammate to help him headache one more play. look at him. they were serenading his girlfriend and then he drops down on one knee, pops the question. at that point is she going to say no, i wonder? is she going to say nah, i'm good. >> that is a conversation for later. >> yes. >> yes. >> that is sweet. >> that is great to see. >> congratulations. >> thanks, buddy. coming up next, it is most expensive congressional race in the country and it is right here in pennsylvania. republican pat tomb i and democratic challenger kate i
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mcginty goes face-to-face for first time in a debate tonight, what you can expect when we come right back. it is called an act of political terrorism, a firebomb and nasty graffiti leaves a dangerous message at political parties headquarters. new at 6:00 caught on dash cam an amazing life saving bees, we will show what you turned strangers into super heroes, syringe nothing to action, to save a life, we
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pennsylvania senator patrick toomey and his democratic challenger katie mcginty square off in the first of two debates. hotly contested race could decide balance of power in the u.s. senate. now polls show race is up
5:30 pm
for grabs at this point. enthusiasms continues at 5:30, good afternoon i'm nicole brewer. >> i'm ukee washington. you can see don't right here on cbs-3. it was taped this afternoon at studios of our sister station in pittsburgh. talked with john dellato, kdka political editor about the race and what we can expect from tonight's debate. >> this is a contentious debate, there is to question about that, ukee. from the beginning these candidates are directed at each other, and they know a lot is at stake. there are only two debates statewide across pennsylvania and this one is an absolutely key one, first one, it is one by which they can really identify themselves to voters. >> what would you say personal liz will be the hottest issue, tonight to give people leaning toward their television saying wow, i have to hear this. >> i think it was the moderator repeatedly asking senator toomey, will you declare that you are voting for donald trump. politically, he really needs
5:31 pm
the trump supporters along with a lot of clinton supporters in order to win, reelection. questions about katie mcginty, her ethics, where did she make her millions of dollars. did she play on the fact that she worked in state government? there is lots of good topics, ten question in all for these candidates tonight. >> wiz like your feeling on debate and polling. do they go hand and hand? >> well, traditionally debates do not the play a whole lot of role, particularly in statewide elections in pennsylvania. in this particular debate it was feisty, they were at each other, they both had accusations for each other. i think it will be both an entertaining debate and a informative one for voters of pennsylvania. >> see senator toomey and katie mcginty face off not long for now at 7:00 o'clock and then look for a full amount of coverage, and reaction, tonight on "eyewitness news" coming autopsy at 11:00.
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donald trump and hillary clinton are two days from their final presidential debate and about three weeks from election day. trump says he expected to emerge victoriously next who but if it doesn't happen, the republican says it won't be his fault. >> hillary is running for president, in what looks like to many people, a totally rigged election. >> reporter: donald trump has spent past couple days slamming america's electoral process, hon he tweeted large scale voter fraud happening, on and before election day. republican leaders deny it was going on, so naive. >> can an election be rig. >> no, an election cannot be rigged. the it is designed against rigging. >> reporter: chris asby is a republican election lawyer and he says trump's claims are dangerous because they under behind trust in the system. >> people will realize this was a tree, fair, open, honest election notwithstanding what donald trump might say and it the will give people great faith and confidence in the
5:33 pm
outcome. >> reporter: new poll show half of trump supporters don't believe their vote will be counted. those numbers dropped for democrats. >> it is a guy who is whining because he is a big bully and getting beaten. >> reporter: hillary clinton has her own trust issues with vote hours question use of the private e hail server while secretary of state. republican congressional leaders say that tbi documents show a state department under secretary, patrick kennedy, contacted an fbi official in 2015, to dispute the classification of a clinton e-mail about benghazi which was reclassified to secret. the bureau official then asked kennedy about a request for shore fbi slots overseas, at u.s. missions. the fbi says that the classification was not changed, and denied republican claims that this was evidence of quid pro quo. and republican campaign offices around the battle ground state of north caroline air being asked to step up security. this is after someone apparently firebombed a g.o.p.
5:34 pm
headquarters in hillsboro over the weekend. just steps from the damaged build something one spray paint aid swastika on the wall with nazi republicans, leave town, or else. north carolina g.o.p. officials have have called vandalism an act of political terrorism. >> we will not be intimidated and we will not be scared. we are not going anywhere. >> no one was hurt. donald trump blame the incident on supporters of hillary clinton. clinton meantime called the attack horrific and unacceptable. fbi and atf are investigating. now from iraq battle to push terrorist group isis out of the city of mosul is underway. thousands of troops led by iraqi security forces are moving into the city, which is the largest under isis control. u.s. military officials believe that there are up to 5,000 isis fighters in mosul, an estimated coalition of 100,000 fighters are expected to take part in the operation including, limited u.s. special forces. a video has emerged
5:35 pm
showing rescue workers in aleppo, syria as they attempt to rescue a by stuck in the debris of the building destroyed by an air strike. syrian forces pounded rebel held districts in the city, there which resulted in a devastating strike on a residential building. at least 25 people were killed in the attack. death toll on sunday from similar attacks is up to 49. new federal tait a shows that the nation's high school graduation rate has reached a record high, 83.2 percent. data show improvement across all racial, ethnic groups, in washington today president obama welcomed higher graduation rate calling it good news. he said changes made to dehand more of teachers and students are paying off. president obama urged high school students in washington d.c. to reach even higher. >> a high school education these days is not enough. by 2020, two out of every three job openings require some form of higher education.
5:36 pm
so in order for you to succeed in the market place you've got to be able to think creatively, you have to be able to work with a team. >> gain in high school graduation rate was accompanied by data that showed decreasing scores on national math and reading tests. the archdiocese of philadelphia held its first sophomore youth rally and retreat. they call it metanoah. >> ate loud archdiocese students to gather as a catholic community in order to participate in, discussions and liturgy to inspire change in their mind, hearts, mind. guest speakers included musicians, actors, motivational speakers as well as america's top model contestant lea dell. he was described as a neighborhood has cot, some say pedals the bear who walked on 2 feet was dangerous. the others say he was wrongly killed. now law headachers are weighing in as anger from fans starts to build. grab a six pack of wine that is a new trend in wine
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and why a can might make the wine taste better, kate. it may only be hon but who is not already thinking about the next weekend and whether this beautiful summer weather will last, unfortunately head line one the case of summer will come to an end by week even. it will be a nice weekend, it looks that way but not as warm as it is today and will be for next couple of days, we will see sunshine return after cloudy finish to the workweek and it will be cool, brisk feeling more like late october is supposed to feel, we will pat toomey and donald trump: they're just wrong for the women of pennsylvania. "new fallout for donald trump." "should a woman be punshied for having an abortion?"
5:38 pm
"there has to be some form of punishment." "for the woman?" "yeah, there has to be some form." "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey and donald trump: they're not for you. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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macy's ising ago begins a trend this holiday season and will remain opened on thanksgiving. >> stores are expected to open up at 5:00 p.m. thanksgiving
5:41 pm
day and an hour earlier then they did last year. several major retailers and shopping malls said they would close for the holiday so employees could celebrate with their families. it is likely you have heard of bottled wine and even other wine but now it is canned wine. >> correspondent daniel nottingham has a trend that is taking pretentiousness out of your wine. >> reporter: wine is rolling out a new you look. and andrew jones, of field recordings in central california, is one of the first wine makers to do it. >> it sound like you are opening a beer. >> reporter: jones started to put wine in cans in 203. back then it made up 5 percent of his business. today canned wine accounts for 40 percent. why wine in the can? >> real simple, it is simplicity, you know, wine doesn't have to be so ceremonial. >> reporter: canned wine currently makes up less than 1 h has been explosive. sales more than doubled over
5:42 pm
the last year from 6.4 million-dollar, to 14.5 million. whitney adams say wine in the can is portable, affordable, single serving and a hit with millennials. >> i think that is definitely the way things are headed. i think more and more every month or 2a new wine comes out this a can. >> reporter: single cans retail for as low as five dollars and at field recording it is about eight dollars. four packs and six packs are also available. >> it is not like you have to buy that it day and drink it that night. can ages better than bottles because there is no light so it keeps it super fresh. >> reporter: when want wine or something bubbly, there is a variety, in a can, to quench the thirst of every wine lover. danielle nottingham for cbs one "eyewitness news". i think that it is practical, but isn't there something so nice about pouring a bottle of wine in the glass. >> yes, in a can, i have no problem with it.
5:43 pm
>> mad dog. >> you have to explain this one. >> i will. >> our producer just said, come on, it is middle of october but it will soon feel like the middle of summer, the forecast on the other
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5:46 pm
a new jersey lawmakers want to ban black bear hunting for next five years and if favor of finding more humane ways to control the population. this is in the wake of the growing outrage over apparent killing of the pedals a black bear often seen walking on two legs in north jersey. correspondent jamie youkiss has shore. >> looks like he is wrestling. >> reporter: for years pedals the bear became a celebrity in northern new jersey. >> that is pedals there. >> reporter: pedals got his name from walking on 2 feet, apparently because of injuries
5:47 pm
to both front paws. he frequently would be seen roaming the new jersey suburbs. but over the weekend, fans were disturbed to hear about the bear's reported death, on a facebook page devoted to the animal. >> to the immediate area, he was like a mascot, you know, they loved him. >> reporter: lisa just broke the news on social media. >> how were you able to confirm it. >> we have made a lot of friends, a couple of hunting buddies of ours, you know, they were friend, hunters and one was in line with this bear. he told us that he saw him, so it was enough for us. we believe him. >> reporter: wild life officials have not confirmed pedals death but the announcement on the fan page which was taken down after the comment section became combative, was enough to draw national attention. much like the controversial shootings of hard ram bye the gorilla and cecil the lion. pedals apparent killing has
5:48 pm
been met without rage. >> every time i think about it it makes me sick to my stomach. horrible. >> reporter: why? >> it is an innocent bear, minding his own business searching for food. >> reporter: more than 500 bears were killed during new jersey's recent black bear hunt. a tool that the department of environmental row text says is necessary, in controlling the state the's bear populations. estimated at 3,000 bears. >> it just takes one person that doesn't care and alive or dead or thinks that it would be fun toy kill an icon but it is just not. >> reporter: jamie youkiss for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". environmental officials a they plan to release photos early this week after an injured bear that was killed but you with no dna samples to match with it, it might be impossible to know if that bear is indeed pedals. >> pedals fans raised $20,000 to build a enclosure at a wild life center for that bear. >> lets take a look at our forecast with katie, she joins us. i drove by a couple golf course is on the way to work
5:49 pm
and folks were out big time. >> people making that sick phone call trying to get out on the golf course. >> can't make it. >> exactly. >> what a beautiful day to be outside. >> absolutely. >> you could leave windows opened, leave the coat, we have needed the coat past few days. not today, not tomorrow. we could be breaking record by middle of this week. it will feel great because a lot of people are looking forward to or even eyeing that crisp fall weather but just a hint of summer for couple days. it will not stick around or unbearably hot but nice way to give heat a break. give your electric bill a break and enjoy some sunshine and warm temperatures before we head right back to more october-like weather by week even. lets look outside and you can see what a gorgeous day down the shore. look at that sunset colors starting to make their way in the skies as we look toward the horizon. this is a great viewing spot for that rocket launch i mentioned earlier. if you can see horizon look close, look to the south and to the east just after 7:40 p.m. tonight and skies are clear enough that
5:50 pm
hopefully some have of you will be able to see it. make sure you let me necessity on twitter at kate bilo. love to hear bit. i will be out there myself trying to take a peak. checking with our eyewitness weather watchers they are loving this day. they sent me a ton of pictures. we will start off with temperatures right now across the network. kenneth martin in willingboro at 79 with some sun. what can you say about to daze. it is middle of october. it doesn't feel like it. 80 degrees still at home of kyle his minutes hatboro horsham area he said it feels great. enjoy it while it last. voice of region coming from kyle. as we head further south, i want to take you down into south jersey where we are at 77 degrees. checking in with charles weinstein, in the beach. he says middle of october, question mark? kind of wand fairing we time traveled back to september. look at this photo charles send from reid beach. middle of october, we will take it. what a gorgeous shot of the water there and that deep blue sky. just a few more photos from our weather watchers. showing what a beautiful day it has been.
5:51 pm
barbara lane sent this shot with, let's see, fall color in the background. few hazy cloud out there. ed connor with the fall color in new jersey, and another one showing the mist and fog, this morning, and we will see that, again, tomorrow morning. so watch out for a couple of slow downs with the lose visibility for your tuesday start. lets take a look what is going on in the live neighborhood network. we will take you up to the pocono area at the bernville senior/junior school. we are not quite in full foliage mode in the background but they are getting there it is 74 degrees. we have a few clouds. not much to show you on storm scan three. we will zoom in close, just a few cloud drifting through this evening, and we have got dry conditions, expected at least until late wednesday, and that is when a cold front will come through and preliminarily knock back temperatures but it is thursday into friday that yet another stronger system will bring the threat for showers, and then reductions in temperature. right now temperatures near 80 e pattern with the jet stream well to the north, all that warmth coming from the southwest, we are at 15 to
5:52 pm
20 degrees above average. record to beat for tomorrow 85 is the record to beat for philadelphia 83 atlantic city. allentown will need to get to 18 to tie that record. dry conditions, as we head through your tuesday, here comes that front, on wednesday, coming up at 6:00 we will show you when showers could impact the area and we will time it out through the end of the week but overnight it is dry, patchy fog and eyewitness weather seven day forecast heat is on for next two days and it does get cooler by week end into next week. highs possibly only in the 50's. ukee and nicole back to you. heaven can wait with a philly twist. >> sneak peak of tonight's new episode of kevin can wait. find out kevin's idea of perfect anniversary date and it has a philadelphia theme.
5:53 pm
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dear fellow citizen, time spent with my son really makes me appreciate "the now". but i also have to plan for my family's future. and that means taking on debt. in a smart way. like my mortgage - it's working for me. and if he needs a college loan down the road, that'll be worth it too. it's all about having a strategy, that fits your life. so, if you have a question about how to make debt work for you, ask me. sincerely, brandon heaven fellow dad and fellow citizen. city is getting love on tonight's new episode of the hilarious cbs comedy kevin can
5:56 pm
wait. >> take a look. >> we ate heat steaks and watched rocky two. >> at least my name had a theme too it, mean streets of philadelphia, todd, congo music she's all but a map. >> kevin james is given philly a shout out in tonight's episode. he and his wife donna were chatting with friend about what they plan to do for their anniversary. catch kevin can wait tonight at 8:30 right here on rbs3. kevin came on our talk philly news. >> nice guy. >> good guy. presidential election is providing tons of material for comedians in saturday night live. >> republican tait donald trump wants the show cancelled though while democratic candidate hillary clinton she seems to enjoy her portrayal. insider's michael yo joins us from los angeles with more on that, hi, michael. >> donald is accusing long running parity show of doing a hit job on him. as we quo inside trump's war with snl.
5:57 pm
>> constantly poking fun. >> no, no, no, they treat he very well, and we will have a lot of fun. >> my, how opinions can change, in just over a year. after hosting snl last november, now trump is calling for show's cancellation after being taken on again by alex baldwin. >> to you feel your modeling a rope eighth positive behavior for today's youth. >> no, next. >> reporter: at 4:14 sunday morning trum april accused have show of media, adding watched saturday night live, hit job on me. time to retire the boring, unfunny show. alex baldwin portrayal stinks. that post by the way was retweeted by alex as a badge of honor. >> i would like to begin tonight by attempting a cast you'll lean. >> we will the polls open sketch mock hillary portraying her as, calculated and robotic. >> let me start walking over to you just as a practice. >> all right. >> left, right, left, right. >> trump's second debate
5:58 pm
behavior was definitely the focus of the skit. >> serious health problems. number three. >> reporter: but when it comes to calling for him for the show to be cancelled, former staffer comic and serious xm host dean says this snl feud is no laughing hatter. >> i say it is a tradition in america of political comedy. freedom of obsession. >> we will have have so much more tonight on the insider. ukee and nicole back to you in the studio. >> as we mentioned, hillary clinton is a fan of the woman portrays her on snl. >> last year clinton tweeted a vote for hillary is a vote for, four shore years obfuscate mcken on's i am regulars. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 caught on dash cam an amazing life saving beat, we will show what you turned passers buy into super heroes against all odd. donald trump and other republican leaders call out philadelphia as a home of possible voter fraud, from
5:59 pm
election day, i'm anita oh, next up harsh word city and state leaders have in response. also a local campus divider gets ready for the philadelphia marathon while he may in the look like a runner, see how he has been preparing to take on the upcoming 26-mile dash, kate. we are heading toward late october but it feels more like late summer with temperatures in the 80's today, tomorrow and wednesday, but we have also got a few chances of rain in the forecast and a return to shore october-like weather, we will tell you when that happens when "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. and look, you you know, in the window, could not find anybody. started looking in the woods. went around my car and there she was. >> what happened next is what you are seeing, a life being saved, captured on a police
6:00 pm
officer's dash cam. the strangers found woman trapped under a car on the new jersey road as they snapped into action. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm nicole brewer. jessica dean is off tonight. cleve bryan is live in hamilton township with the story of good samaritan determined, to save a life. cleve? >> we're at police station where authorities tell us woman whose car flipped over on top is in critical condition with several broken bones, but she is expect to live. this afternoon the show's video of those caring drivers, pulling over and helping lift the car off would the hand. i track down those good samaritan today and they told he how it all happened. a car upside down and would hand trapped underneath, this dash cam from the cash sunday afternoon in hamilton township atlantic county shows officers rushing to her aid but already on the job was a team of helping hand. >> we all just went into action, just trying to get it off of her. >> reporter: marie gallagher and her husband were first of seven goodar


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