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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  October 21, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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are brad and angelina getting back together? what we just learned about the new reconciliation rumor. why brad still hasn't rrsponded to angie's divorce papers. plus, the new photos of janet jackson prrgnant at 50. then dancing star invites "e.t." in her private rehearsal. how she plans to top the sexiest tango of all time. plus, suzznne somers turns 70. her birthday weekend flashback. >> i've beee the subject of a lot of negative press. and -- ♪ that could have ended his career. >> i might just go get another
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surgery. could make me find even more like adele, oh, god, help me. now for october 21st, 2016, this is entertainment tooight. o brad missed the deadline in which to respond to angelina's divorce filing. >> why haven't we heard from brad et in the fight for the pids? >> to be clear, a source tells and legal custody.joint physical but there's a reason he hasn't filed a response yet to angelina's divvrce petition. we're told he wants to avoid a he wants to, quote, settle this privately, like he has from the beginning. >> no one wants their dirry laundry aired in public, especially elebrities. brad may also realize that it's not good for his kids to have intimate details of the family's private life exposee to everyone. >> angelina maintains her
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concern is always about the health, safety, and healing of her children. so what's next for brad and angelina? there's an online report out asking if they could reconcile. angelina will not be getting back together and the divorce is definitely still oo. we're also told angelina still wants her hildren to have brad in their lives, and they'll both be busy with work. brad's about to begin promotion on "ally." angelina as her own sequel in the works. -p>> oh, dear. >> meanwhile, angelina's high powered divorce attorney enjoyed a night out. >> the best thing you can do. >> and let's just say she had her own temporary custody issue. she was with a friend and the
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ladies got into the wrong suv. they quickly figured it out and laughed it off. >> you have a good night. >> they were having a good time there. now, we also have the latest news on janet jackson's pregnancy at 50 years old. there she is with her husband out in london. it's the first time they've been spotted together since the baby announcement. the couple grabbed a bite at a health food restaurant. janet has been ordered on bedrest. maybe she's hhping to get things moving. >> meanwhile, kim kardashian celebrrted er 36th birthday today. now, everything has changed for kim since the assault in paris. in a surprising twist, she admitted there is a downside to sharing her every move with the world. >> you're famous worldwide. would that famous kim kardashian exist without social media? >> not in this way. i totally attribute my career to
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social media. there are pitfalls. lack of privacy, loss of privacy. that's not ffr everyone. >> that's a pitfall? >> yeah. for me, i can handle it. >> just two months after kim did this 60 minutes interview, the robbery went down. now she's gonn silent on social media. kim hasn't beeenseen in public for moreethan a week. >> i have read that you have figured out how toomonetize just the act of living. >> i guess so, yeah. [ laughter ] >> while kim takes a break, her we've obtained the lltter kim's legal team sent to a huffington post writer who claimed the robbery was a publicity stunt gone horribly wrong. the etter is clear to state kim was a, quote, victim held at gunpoint and thhught she would be killed at any moment.
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the alllged assailant put her jewels in a backpack and fled. kim lawyers demand an apology will sue. her family and friends have been posted flashback photos online and on kim's app, includingg pictures of her sweet 16. and the brand-new white beamer she got as a gift.& today, kimmwill no doubt lay low and spend time with her kids. anything for my birthday. and i never thought i would say that, because i love birttdays. but just a day with my daughhtr and my husband, that's all i oo really need. >> amen, i hear you. christian slater was back guest hosting the "today" show's 9:00 a.m. hour today. christian told us he is totally game to be a permanent part of morning tv. >> james franco is going to be our guest. i'm excited to interview him.
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>> is slater about to slly morning tv? >> hello. >> for the second time this week, christian took over the slot vacated by billy bush. this just 13 days after making a plea on ellen to be michhel strahan's replacement on live with kelly. >> yeah, let's do it! >> here are kelly ripa and -pchristian slater! >> i get a total kick out of it. >> while there's no official word yet on kelly's new co-host, what will it take for morninggtv fans' dreams to come true?& >> i'd love to do it. >> he is busy. he's got a new movie out called "king cobra." slater seems pretty thirsty for another gig and maybe some espresso. >> i like a man who knows what
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he wants and goes after it. i was hanging out with the starr for the big premiere of -p"dr..strange." and there was fierce fashion all the way around. >> this is ser versace. >> can't go wrong. >> fine fit they do. >> rachel mcadams stunned in this champagne gown. check out the lining and that sexy slit. nothing strange about how effortlessly she slayed that carpet. >> he's my favorite super hero. talking about robert downey jr. even dr. strange was feeling the >> i do, i feel absolutely supported. and that's great. it means a lot. >> the big news of the night, benedict and his gorgeous wife are adding to the clan.
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baby number two is on its way. what does 16-month-old think? >> it will be interesting to who knows what he'll make of it. for me right now, it's a wonderful moment. >> and you know what else can be a wonderful moment? two former co-stars froo way back when finally reunite on screen. that is when anthony edwards rejoined marishka. now they are on the set of svu. >> obviously we worked together on e.r. years for this to happen.of >> for me, it's been like a dream. i've actually been wanting tony to come on the show for probably 12 years. >> this e.r. reunion has actually been nearly two decades in the making. back then, the two hhd clooney as a co-star. anthony was 35.
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they played coworkers aad lovers, but this was their most memorable scene for obvious reasons. >> we're doing shots and stuff carrying on. we had a drunk sccne. >> it was risque for the '90s. >> it was. i remember you were holddng up the covers. >> we believe in our ssn. >> we were on set to watch anthony. a case causes the two to be at odds.& behind the scenes, it's all good. >> everything i love about being on the show, what they're doing here -- >> it's because of me. >> no. >> that's what happens wwen people who respect each other and respect the writing work together. whether that happens, that's when good television happens. when you have a person at the top who's not a jerk, really helps. not a jerk, i'll tell you that
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much. >> it all trickles down. that episode of law and order airs wednesday on nbc. still to come, inside suzanne somers $100 million empire. how the three's company sex symbol is still goinn strong on her 70th birthday. then, singer michael buble gets down and dirty. >> i smell like pee and puke most of my days. that's sexy. >> proud papa. he
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pat toomey: he was a founder of this pennsylvania bank and owned stock worth as much as a million dollars. under toomey's leadership, the bank used a controversial foreclosure practice called "confession of judgement" to take away homes from people across pennsylvania. the practice is banned in 35 states because it's considered predatory, but pat toomey didn't care. pat toomey the banker: he's really not for you. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. on the balcony at new york's the bbtter end last night.
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giving an encore performance to fans who couldn't get it. call it throwback thursday. gaga told gma it's where she first performed in new york when she was just 15 years old. >> it was so amazzng. such a throwback experience. >> the gig was part of her tour promoting the release of her fourth solo album. >> joanne being her late aunt. alleady number one on the itunes chart. something else, michael buble. it's been quite a year of major moments for him. just a few months ago, he underwent career threatening vocal chord surgery. >> people probably think about me in the way they see mm, like now in a tie, makeup on, my hair looks good. but they don't think about the fact that i smell like pee and puke most of my days. there is a portion of the audience thinking, hat's sexy. ♪
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>> nobody but michael could hav& delivered this greatest dad ever moment for his boys noah and eli. >> now i'm talking to you obt n obtainmeobtain entertainment tonight. none of it meant half as muuh as this meant to me. >> we have spider mann captain america. >> now you're officially a cool dad. ♪ >> michael's new album drrps oo today. pretty amazing considering michael had vocal chord surgery in june. >> does it is sound like it sounds bad? >> sounds perfect. >> oh, god. i'm having anxiety right now. i might just go get another surgery. make me sound even more like adele. cut it up, doctor. sound like sam smith and adele together. could you imagine that mix? still aheadd suzanne somers'
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70th birthday flashback. candid about plastic surgery, her breast cancer battle, and what she thinks about the new three's company remake. then how do you top dancing's sexiest performance of all time? pe hear the story behind the steamy shower dance. >> ccming up on "e.t." closed captioning provided by --
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republican party bosses looked to find brian fitzpatrick. nearly three thousand miles - that's how far away
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they "hand-picked" him to run for his brother's seat. but all mike and brian fitzpatrick share is a name. brian fitzpatrick supports a radical republican agenda, including defunding planned parenthood, just like donald trump. a hundred and sixty miles down the road in dc, brian fitzpatrick will put his party first, not pennsylvania families. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. ♪ that had to e the sexiest dance in the history of "dancing with the stars." no wonder it shot janet cramer right to the top of the leader board with perfect tens. we found oot that tango almost didn't happen. ♪ >> when he told me -- he's like okay, you're starting in a bed. i'm like, what. and you're ending in a shower. i was like, wait, what?
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>> we actually did it only twice in the morning with water and it didn't work. we sllpped. >> he literally picked me up and i was like -- water was -- i couldn't breathe. ♪ >> jana and gleb pulled it together. >> i saw the standing ovation the coolest feeling. >> see, it's all because of me. got the perfect partner. >> that's true. >> now as they prepare for next week's show, these two are more determined than ever to win it all. >> that was my goal going into this, having a perfect score. now i'm like -- give me more. i got the taste of it. >> and when it comes to her biggest competition -- >> my head is my competition. if i get out of my head, there's no stopping us. end of the day, i have to -- it'ssalways better.
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>> we're a team. >> let me just say, sheewas a great dancer from week one. now she's fantastic. also busy with her music career with a new single out that is dedicated to her dauuhter. >> well, somebody else who was on "dancing with the stars," suzanne somers. ttis is so hard to believe, but she actually just turned 70. of course she's going to forever be remembered as chrrssy from three's company. but she's so uch more than just an iconic tv star and we have kept up with her every step of the way. >> the world is made up of two kinds of people. see? >> the dizzying logic, blondd & bombshell looks, and that snore. >> where'd you dig her up? >> it made suzanne somers a household name in the late '70s, catapulting her into sex symbol status. o cf1 o >> i'm so glad i did that show. it made me, gave me everything.
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it was the chance everyone hopes to get. >> in 1980, suzanne was asking to be paid the same as her cc-star, the late john ritter. she claims she was eventually fired. >> i've been the subjecttof lot of negative press over the past couple of years. and people who i don't even know say things. ♪ >> the girl who actually made her hollywood debut in 1973 also went onto star in two other sitcoms. she's the sheriff and step by sttp. she's even had her own talk show. >> i've been hot and not hot. way? it matter to ou either it's better when you're hot. [ laughter ] >> i used to do aerobics until i dropped. then i found thighmaster. >> she sold over 10 million units and rebranded heeself as a
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h health and fitness expert and built a $100 million empire. in 2001, she got some devastating news. a diaggosis of breast cancer. >> i eat right, i exercise, i've done all the right things. i've always taken care of myself. and i never, ever, ever thought i'd hear those words you have breast cancer applied to me. >> she conquered the disease with her husband by her side. later, she answered critics on cosmetic surgery claims, though she did fess up to a little bit of filler. >> i'll dd just a little of this and a little of that. i don't want to look different. i look in the mirror and i'm happy. >> in her late 60s, she competed on "dancing with the stars." when other people thought of retiring, suzanne was stepping on the gas. i never thought i would feel this good and i like the way i look and i'm really liking -- i'm in my woman phase. >> today, there's a three's
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company reboot in the works and suzanne has this advice. >> you can't play it stupid. she was literal. and if you play it stupid, she'll be unlikable. i hope they get a really great actor. >> i hope there's a suzanne cameo in the future. how did she celebrate her 70th? take a look. at a dinner with her hollywood pals hosted at her house. if you're looking for a special getaway to paradise, cameron is here to help. >> all this week, i'm showing you how i vacation likk a star. and i got to tell you, the view definitely improved my golf game. ♪ look at this..o cf1 o you got 18 holes of greg norman designed golf right outside the resort. my golf game was on point. kind of. but who could complain on an
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almost 7,000-yard course with a view like this? if you're a golf fan, you do not want to miss this golf course. it is spectacular. and thank you secrets for an amazing getaway. >> tonight's "e.t." birthdays which "star wars" star is the only one to host "saturday night live"? mark hamel, carrie fisher or harrison ford? >> the answer's coming up next.
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it's a lending practice sou out, outrageous most states... banned it. but at the bank owned by pat toomey it was business as usual. forcing 21 small business owners out of their homes. now, toomey's using his power in the senate to help himself. voting to gut rules that protect us and crackdown on big banks. pat toomey, out for himself, not us. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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steph curry wife. see more on "e.t." online. -p travel consideration provided by -- welcome back, everybody. tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which "star wars" star is the only one to host "saturday night live." that is carrie fisher. >> you got it right.
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>> i did get it right. that is it for us today. big show on monday. take a peek. >> bye, everybody. >> our night out with three big stars. >> julia robert, kate udson and justin timberlake. >> my son is everything. >> then -- ♪ >> phil collins' comeback, what you never knew about the music legend. from his beef with paul mccartney to his battle with alcoholism. that i
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pat toomey: he was a founder of this pennsylvania bank and owned stock worth as much as a million dollars. under toomey's leadership, the bank used a controversial foreclosure practice called "confession of judgement" to take away homes from people across pennsylvania. the practice is banned in 35 states because it's considered predatory, but pat toomey didn't care. pat toomey the banker: he's really not for you. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> narrator the insider, tracking the biggest stories, making news today. >> number one, brad and angie's divorce gets uglier. >> brad pitt is between a rock and a hard spot. >> nancy grace sounds off in the
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drama. does she believe angie leaked the story. does she have a dog on the side? >> she does. >> tom cruises reach reaches thr his new movie. >> and which one is the movie and which one is glam rocker? >> plus, our insider's bonus. >> you're not getting rick rolled. '80s pop sing eric back. >> and cher is not going anywhere. >> the music legend goes off on aging oscars and a new love? >> how are you going tfo


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