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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  October 22, 2016 2:07am-2:41am EDT

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right now at 11:00, the internet under attack, some of the biggest websites off line, we'll take a closer look at how it happened it's over, faculty members reached a tentative deal. the presidential candidates keeping their sights set on the swing state of pennsylvania. donald trump rallied supporters in bucks county. the focus on the commonwealth is
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very strong as we enter the final weeks of campaign 16. good evening, i'm ukee washington >> i'm natasha brown. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live in newtown bucks county with more on trump's message to the crowd. david? >> i'm inside the newtown athletic club training center. it's a field house behind the main athletic club. a lot of people. we had a packed house. donald trump message and his supporters are counting down until election day. >> it's time to drain the swamp in washington, dc. >> reporter: donald trump came out swinging friday night before a packed crowd on the grounds of the naivety athletic center. >> we will rebuild our navy and do it with american seal made right here in pennsylvania. >> reporter: he spent the first few minutes talking about the u.s. navy and his plan to increase naval spending while giving philadelphia a prominent position. he then turned to the state of
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pennsylvania. >> we are going to start making things in pennsylvania again. >> reporter: he then pivoted to wednesday's third and final debate. >> who won the debate? that one, honestly, that was not close. except for a couple of dishonest groups, they would say, i think she won. i think -- give me a break. >> reporter: trump fans waited hours outside and agreed. he won the debate and will win november 8. >> it will be very close. you got to believe the polls. i think, i think he has a chance to take pennsylvania. >> watching mr. trump's rally. once a in a lifetime event. >> november 8th get out and vote, november 8th. thank you, everybody.
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>> reporter: i mentioned we're in the field house behind the newtown athletic center. i spoke to the owner of the center earlier. he told me about 20 people so far have cancelled their memberships. they were upset about donald trump being here. they have to do what they have to do but ultimately this is a private club. donald trump will be in gettysburg pennsylvania tomorrow at 11:00 and he and mike pence will be in cleveland tomorrow night in a joint appearance. reporting live tonight in newtown david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> david, thank you so much. democrat nominee hillary clinton will also be back in our area to hold a get-out the vote rally in philadelphia tomorrow. clinton held a rally in cleveland ohio today. the buck eye state is another critical battleground area. the democratic nominee says the clinton administration would build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. she also told supporters her republican rivals comments on the results of the election are
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unprecedented. >> donald trump did something no other presidential nominee ever done. he refused to say that he would respect the results of this election. now, make no mistake, by doing that, he is threatening our democracy. >> clinton enters the final stretch. leading in national polls and key battleground states. we are now just about 17 days away from election day. stay with "eyewitness news" and for the latest in campaign 16. the union representing striking faculty members at 14 pennsylvania state universities reached a tentative contract agreement and ended its three-day walk-out. the contract provides raises for all employees but also requires them to pick up a greater share of their healthcare costs. the deal must now go to the full union membership for
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ratification. three-day strike disrupted classes for more than 100,000 students. chris christie's former document chief of staff broke her silence about the bridge gate scandal in court. bridgeton kelly is facing conspiracy charges. she testified chris christie knew about lane closures and briefed chris christie weeks beforehand: it was not meant to punish fort lee's mayor. the sanctuary cities in pennsylvania are camping out tonight, immigrants, clergy and activates are holding an all-night vigil in city hall. it grants sanctuary to undocumented immigrants. the activates are concerned about house bill 1885 that would give police and local
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governments immigration enforcement powers. the bill passed the house and could be voted on by the senate next week. a series of cyber attacks have been knocking out visa, air b and b, netflix and others: "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos talked to local cyber security experts about how this possibly happened. >> the outages began around noon friday on the east coast. some of the country's most well-known websites suddenly went off line, twitter, spotfy air b and b, netflix dark. >> it's alarming >> i think it's crazy that all these places, all these internet sources are out just because people >> >> >> i just don't know what to do. >> reporter: the attack so serious the department of homeland security is now investigating. >> i'm not aware that any public
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attribution for that malicious activity >> cyber security has become the new war front for the u.s. >> lisa gar ber a cyber security attorney says hackers targeted a company contracted by some major sites >> internet infrastructure company based out of new hampshire was hit with a deny of service attack >> what is a deny of service attack? think of it as a road black. hackers create barriers in this case fake users which flood the sites and prevent the real yours from assessing them. >> friday's attack appears to have targeted entertainment sites. any website is vulnerable. whoever is responsible could easily target other sites or system. >> are they trying to demonstrate the capabilitys? this type of tech obviously affects every area of our lives, personal, work life, everything.
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>> reporter: greg argos cbs3 "eyewitness news." philadelphia police continue to investigate a disturbing discovery in kensington. a burned body was found behind a building on the 2100 block of east allegheny avenue just before 8:00. the remains were so badly charred they do not know if it was a man or woman. surveillance cameras had a nearby laundry mat were not working. a moorestown you bus driver is facing child pornography tonight. investigators say they executed a search warrant and found devices containing child porn in his home. >> atlantic city police officer is on the road to recovery after being shot in the line of duty. josh vadell was shot in the head while responding to an armed robbery labor day weekend. after successful brain surgery, he's been in full-time rehabilitation learning how to walk. now officers and firefighters from atlantic city and camden
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county have come together for a hockey fund raiser to help josh and his family this weekend at the to flyer's skate zone in atlantic city. >> go up to see him once a week, whatever he needs. we got his back. >> we're looking forward to playing the game and we're looking forward to making a donation to the officer's family and helping them out and make sure they get on their way. >> the puck will drop about 6:00 tomorrow. for just $10 you can be a part of that us great cause. the bucks county naacp. john dougherty received the pioneer award. the business manager is currently the subject of an fbi investigation. he was recognized for improving race relations and increasing job opportunities for minorities. vice president joe biden is honored with an award named for his son who died of brain
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cancer. they presented the bo biden award to the vice president because of his cancer moon shot task force. this is biden touring a cancer facility in california earlier this year. the task force strives how doctors detect cancer and prevent it. this week has not felt like fall. we've been enjoying nice warm temperatures >> it's been pleasant >> but kate bilo is tracking big changes >> it's all thanks to this system. you can see heavy rain starting to lift in our area. once the rain clear, a big drop in the mercury. it will feel completely different tomorrow. i'll tell you when it will feel no better than the 40's and what to expect for eagles football on sunday. >> straight ahead, a happy update to a story we've been following. a south jersey woman reunites a man with photos that he lost on the streets of new york. what he said the moment he got
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those memories back. pope francis is allowing tourists to see something they have never seen before. we're visitors will get a glimpse into hundreds of years of history. friday night that means one thing, of course, the friday football frenzy, lesley van arsdale will have high school
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. we did the story about a memory card full of photos lost in new york city but found by a south jersey woman. >> we have great update. the card has been reunited with its owner. >> no problem, thank you. >> gay lord went is from germany and performing with an orchestra in new york. tammy of cape may county found it. he says he's so happy to have the memories back.
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>> it was really hard. lots of memories. >> the memory card contained more than 2000 photos taken during witt's travels. we're getting a first hand view of the pope's private rooms of the summer residents was previously opened to public in 2014 but until now, the papal bedroom and his private chapel have been off limits. pope francis never actually spent a night in the mansion. if you're hoping to tour the national museum of african-american history and culture in our nation's capitol you'll have to wait until spring. tickets to the newest smithsonian are sold out till march 2017. you need a ticket to enter the museum. it opened september 24th. it had expected 7500
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the secretary of treasury spent the day at the home of marian anderson. the singer will be included in the treasure's redesign of the back of the $5 bill. it will feature martin luther king junior and eleanor roosevelt. currently it shows the lincoln memorial >> it's more than just a monument to abraham lincoln. it has become one of the great spots where people are committed to making this a better country >> marian anderson broke racial borders, she invited by first lady eleanor roosevelt sparking the civil rights movement. cbs3, "cw philly" and komen philadelphia, teaming up turning the philly skyline aglow >> the free library is aglow in
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pink. october is national breast cancer month. and it's a reminder to schedule a mammogram and stay vigilant. this is the 15th year for the lights for the cure campaign. you can find more at >> it has been so lovely lately. >> they're all memories now. memories we will carry with us as we head into winter. because that's a tomorrow is going to feel like. winter. >> we're going to go from summer to winter. >> wow. >> no gradual progression >> no. >> when you say it like that >> it's only for one day then we're back to fall. tomorrow, compared with what we've been feeling is going to feel like a slap in the face. a literal slap in the face because wind will be gusting to 40 miles an hour and that will slap you in the face when you step outside. that will make it feel so much colder especially in contrast with where we've been this week.
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let's get into it. we'll start off with we'll take you up to bethlehem. you can see the roads. the roads are wet. there is rain moving through. everything is starting to get a little wet around the edges. the system finally moves through. here it comes. as we take a quick look at the live neighborhood network. you can see at the palmyra cove nature park. thicker clouds moving in rain moving in and definitely gloomy outside. here's stormscan 3. showing showers mainly to scattered across the area. off to the south, you can see over portions of eastern maryland to delaware, steadier rain is starting to move in. lifting south to north. these steadier downpours will move through the city overnight. this doesn't end there. we got more showers back over western pennsylvania. those will eventually rotate through tomorrow before we clear it out. the wind picks up and the temperatures begin to drop. in fact, we may hit our daytime
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high for tomorrow at midnight tonight. that's, midnight to midnight. we're looking to be in the upper 50's. we're not going to get to the upper 50's tomorrow, temperatures will drop and stay down overnight into tomorrow. it's 60 right now, 66 in atlantic city cooler air starting to move in the north and west it's in the 40's in state college. steadier rain i showed you it's moving in 1:002:00 a.m., scattered showers. not a lot of rain, just showers in the morning. eventually clearing as we head into the afternoon. i wouldn't be shocked to see fullers in the poconos. the winds will be strong, 30 miles an hour but tomorrow, gusts to 40 miles an hour. securing things if you have trash cans, a lot of leaves will come down. feeling like the 40's, maybe low 50's at times but feeling like the 40's again tomorrow night sunday we will see a little bit of improvement.
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overnight that's when the change arrives. showers, maybe a rumble of thunder. wind pick up 52 degrees. gusting winds, morning showers we hold in the 50's but with the winds gusting to 40 it will feel like the 40's all day and in the poconos spots like that it may feel as cold as the 20's and 30's. 62 with sunshine, one day with the cold and wind sunday and monday are more seasonal. tuesday and wednesday not as windy but chilly. highs in the 50's. say good-bye to the 80's. we had five days with it. can't complain. >> we seem so depressed think about it. >> thanks, kate >> lesley got sports highlights >> the linc is the place to be this weekend. the eagles on sunday, temples football with a big test. we have high school football at its finest, the frida
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eagles putting their final touches on the game plan against the vikings. bennie logan will test out the injuries before the game. sunday marks the return of sam bradford. as you know he was trade to do eight days before the start of the season. carson wentz took over for the starting quarterback and carson played well in the first five games winning the nfl offensive rookie of the month and sam says he's not surprised. >> i could tell early on he wanted to be great. he was committed to coming in
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every day. working really hard. i think the progress that he made from ota's to training camp was phenomenonal. i'm not surprised at all this year. college football we have temple taking on south florida looking for revenge. hand off and he is off to the race. that is a 76-year-old touchdown run. he ran for 210 yards and two scores as temple beat the division leading bowls 46-30. ♪ football lesley van arsdale. take it away, lesley. >> thank you, ladies. another beautiful fall day for football. as playoff races starting to heat up in pennsylvania and new jersey. let's start with the public
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league. we have prep charter versus west philly. the speed boys looking fast kenneth jones rushes one in here. west philly wins 38-12. northeast visiting frankford, maybe the play of the day, lopez looking over the middle. breaks a few look at thes and scores northeast with 28-12 victory. boys visiting lincoln, austin, great catch by josh torso for the touchdown. not to be out done, no problem, johnson weaving his way in. boys latin 20-14. palumbo versus kensington. passes to kenneth. bennett headed into the end zone. he scores and he's not done. celebration dance here. palumbo, the big winner 20-6.
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wildwood, gar win looking for a catch in the touchdown. pitman with a senior night win 39-18, woodstown deptford receiving a punt. sideline right there going for the score, great return. back comes woodstown. right after that look at suby, battling his way into the end zone, woodstown comes up with a 38-32 victory. washington township cherokee. looking deep. finds roundtree for the touchdown, cherokee will go on to win 42-21. bishop shanahan in coatesville. shanahan going into the end zone. coatesville winner 41-14. we have west chester east at downingtown east.
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look he is gone. a little escort. takes it 65 yards, downingtown east will win 28-7. time for a quick time-out. when we come back, it is the game you've been waiting for. cb
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game of the week, we head up to bucks county for the
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battle in doylestown cb east versus cb west. they can be one of the biggest rivalries in our area, fired up. stands packed on both sides. cb west knocking at the do, hand it off, plunges it in for a six-yard touchdown. to the second half, this is a reminder of how tough the revs have it. there's a fumble. question here, who's going to come out of this with the ball? the ref's going to have to dig a little more on this one. guess what? that is is cb east touchdown. easy wasn't the play, the toss and throw into the end zone conn conner lar kin where he's
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supposed to be. cb east will win. the weekend is now upon us and feeling a lot different than the week has been feeling so far. a big drop in temperatures. the poconos in the 40's on saturday. the city and the shore in the 50's. that's half the story here. got to factor in the wind which will make it feel like the 20's and 30's in the poconos, 40's in the cities and down the shore. sunday looks
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. friday laugh on coming up he
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said the late show with stephen colbert followed by the late late show with james cordon. morning team is back from 5:00 to 7:00 a.m. everyone here, i'm ukee washington >> i'm natasha brown. we're always on >> sleep well, family. >> announcer: the following paid presentation for cooper chef is brought to you by tristar products incorporated. are your kitchen drawers starting to look like a bad garage sale -- steamers, rice cookers, roasters, slow cookers. and just how many pots and pans does one kitchen really need? and every time you cook, cleanup's a disaster. scraping, scrubbing -- what a chore. what if you could replace all this with one single, nonstick pan? and what if this pan was innovative in design and made of the highest-quality craftsmanship? and what if you could cook with it on the stove and in the oven? introducing copper chef, the nonstick, all-round square pan with ceramitech.
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>> how much do you think i paid for it? >> i'd say 100 bucks, at least. >> 100 bucks would be a lot of money, right? >> sure. >> over 500 bucks. now, take a look at that. >> ooh! that is...copper? >> feel how heavy that is? >> that's really heavy. >> right. so copper's really heavy. but it's the perfect metal for heat conduction, okay? it means your pans get really hot really fast. >> right. >> but it's so expensive and so hard to clean. >> yeah. >> i'm telling you, it's a nightmare. >> mm. >> it's that hard. so let me get -- aah! >> thank you. >> let me get rid of this. so, what we did is we figured out how to infuse it to the exterior of the pan, on top of our proprietary core, and then our ceramitech coating on the inside is gonna give you a lightweight, manageable pan that doesn't have all the hassle of the copper, but yet we get lots of the benefits of all of those expensive pans. i'm gonna show you how we make steaks in the fancy steak houses, all right? >> okay. >> what i'm gonna do is i want a really great sear. >> whoa! >> hear that? >> i can hear it, yeah. >> now, because our nonstick can go up to 850 degrees, i don't have to worry at all. i'm gonna get a crazy sear on that. >> okay. >> then, i'm gonna flip them,
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and then i'm gonna show you a secret. stay with me right over here. >> all right. >> 'cause what i did was i already seared off some beautiful pork chops. >> wow. yeah, they're gorgeous. >> look at the beautiful color that i was able to get on these. and remember, my square shape is working for me here, denise. >> yes, it is. >> because, look, i can get all of these pork chops in because i have four corners. >> right, right. >> when you have a round pan, you just can't do that. >> right. it's not as big. i get it. >> all right, denise, i think my steaks are ready. >> okay. >> and let's check out our sear. >> oh! >> look at that. >> nice, nice, nice. >> see? that's what you want. you want to sear in the flavor... >> gorgeous. >> ...and all of the juices. >> right. okay. >> and that's why we want to cook them really fast. >> nice. >> now what we're gonna do is i'm gonna take it to the oven. >> okay. >> and we're gonna cook it 500 degrees in the oven. i have those steel handles riveted on. >> right. >> so now i can cook just like they do at the best steak houses. >> fantastic. >> and, trust me, they cook hot. so, my steaks are cooking. guess what we're gonna do? >> we're gonna do something with cheese. >> how about inside-out grilled-cheese sandwiches. >> oh, my gosh! it's like a double-decker


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