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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 24, 2016 7:00am-7:34am EDT

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, october 24th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the u.n. presidential poll gives hillary clinton a double-digit lead. donald trump heads to florida, telling voters not to believe the polls. a horrifying casino bus crash kills 13 in the california desert. the bus ended up 15 feet inside of a big rig. the truck's driver reveals what happened at the moment of impact. >> thousands of soldiers received cash bonuses to reenlist in the iraq wars and afghanistan war. now the government is ordered them to give the money back. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.
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she is the embodiment of government corruption. >> a new poll shows hillary clinton up big. >> i debated him for four and a half hours. i don't even think about responding to him any more. i'm going to let the american people decide. >> in california, 13 people are dead following a massive accident involving a charter bus and a tractor-trailer. >> at least five people have been killed in plane crash in -- the night aircraft crashed shortly after takeoff on its way to libya. >> at&t shook up the media landscape this week announced it is buying timer for more than $85 billion dollars. >> a march toward mosul. >> the i.d. threats everywhere. >> in syria, fighting returned to the besieged stit of aleppo
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after a cease-fire. >> ride along with a police officer in california took a terrifying turn. >> blame an r.v. on a traffic delay in new jersey. >> bill murray is the recipient of the mark twain award. >> we are running over but who cares? >> cardinals have a tie. >> how are you going to celebrate? >> probably have a jaeger meister. >> i'm the one who has all of the heavy hitters supporting me. get this. i got the best -- steven baldwin. >> the candidates' last chance to show they can elevate the tone of this campaign. >> that's because he would rather have a puppet as president of the united states. >> no, you're the puppet. >> no, you're the puppet sounds
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like teenage pinocchio would yell slamming his bedroom door. you're the puppet! always never cold. ♪ welcome to "cbs this morning." gayle king is off on so josh elliott of our cbsn streaming network is with us wr the election is 15 days away. the national poll shows hillary clinton with 12 points ahead of donald trump 50 to 38% in a latest race. >> trump leads by three points in texas, where republicans have won every presidential race since 1980 but clinton leads by three points in there. and both of those polls are within the margin of error. major garrett is covering the trump campaign. major, good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: donald trump is trying to get back in the game
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in florida with at least five events in the state this week. now to keep supporters energized trump is also outlining early white house priorities but efforts to rule out new policy over the weekend were muddied a bit with unfounded claims of current voter fraud and trump's vowed retribution against his political enemies. >> numbers are looking phenomenal in florida. don't believe the media. >> reporter: donald trump landed his helicopter in the sunshine state sunday, telling voters to ignore reports that he is trailing. >> it's a rigged, broken, corrupt system. it's rigged! >> reporter: a recent poll found more than 80% of republicans in florida and texas agree that voter fraud is a legitimate problem and more than 8 in 10 of those feel trump would win if the system was fair. >> we are behind. she has some advantages. >> reporter: trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway was more candid about the challenges of competing against hillary clinton. >> a former president is her husband campaigning for her and
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current president and first lady more popular than she can hope to be. >> it's a contract between donald j. trump and the american voter. >> reporter: on saturday in gettysburg, trump sketched out his first 100 days emphasizing trade and limited hiring freeze and tougher stance on immigration. >> when they got to the boarder they stay out. rightly now, they have no consequence. they have no consequences. >> reporter: the speech included a lengthy detour where trump threatened to break up media companies. >> they are trying to poison the mind of the american voter. >> reporter: he also threatened to sue the women who have publicly accused him of sexual misconduct. another stepped forward sunday making the total at least 11 accusers. >> the events never happened. never. all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> he delivers his own speeches. this is his candidacy. he is the guy who is running for the white house and he has the
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privilege to say what he wants. >> reporter: trump also received his first major newspaper endorsement this weekend. it came from the las vegas review journal which said the republican nominee promises to be a source of disruption in washington, despite acknowledging he has trouble dealing with critics and would be wise to discover the power of humility. notably, the newspaper is owned and recently purchased by republican megadonor sheldon adelson who was donated to groups this campaign season. hillary clinton is trying to extend her political reach to down ballot races and looking beyond donald trump to focus on other democrats running for congress across the country. clinton and her party want to challenge republican control of both the house and senate. nancy cordes is following the evolving clinton campaign. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's a sign of increased confidence, but it's also a sign that clinton is starting to think about what comes after
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election day. if she wins her agenda will go a lot farther if her party can take back one house of congress so it's in her interest to help. >> do the right thing and elect debra ross to go to the united states senate. >> reporter: in charlotte, sunday, clinton talked up a local senate candidate. she did the same the day before in philadelphia. >> make the case to send katie mcganty to washington. >> reporter: both women are running against incumbent republicans in races that could determine the senate's balance of power. >> unlike her opponent, debra has never been afraid to stand up to donald trump. >> reporter: clinton's ever-improving poll numbers have given her the freedom to focus on other race. a recent poll shows her leading not just among women, but for the first time among men too. >> hello, everybody. >> reporter: clinton had this response this weekend when asked about trump's claims that the race is rigged.
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>> i don't even think about responding to him any more. >> reporter: in las vegas, president obama did respond, arguing both parties are there to make sure the vote is fair. >> if this is rigged, boy, it would be a really big conspiracy. >> reporter: clinton was asked this weekend about hacked e-mails published by wikileaks that reveal she pushed to attend a charity meeting in morocco after king muhammad iv committed $12 million toward the clinton foundation and endowment and campaign leaders were worried about the oppitics but huma aben said the following. >> no, i have nothing to say about wiki leaks. i think we should be concerned what the russians are trying to do to our lexion. >> reporter: clinton was no longer serving as secretary of state at the time of the meeting and ultimately decided not to attend it because it was set to
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take place in may of 2015, just one month after she announced she was running for president. >> nancy, thank you. both sides of the presidential campaign are skeptical about the huge planned merger between at&t and time warner. donald trump said he would block the deal if he wins the election. hillary clinton's spokesperson said the democratic nominee thinks they should scrutiny nobel prize is carefully. a merger was announced on saturday. it would give at&t control of time warner's media portfolio and includes hbo, cnn, tnt and warner brothers studio. cbs financial contributor mellody hobson is in san francisco. >> good morning. >> will this deal survive regulatory scrutiny? >> i think it will survive. i talked to one phone executive and they said there will be intense regulatory scrutiny and no question and take so long to close and estimated to be the
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end of next year, largely because of regulatory review. at the end of the day at&t is buying a company that sells premium content and that is not regulated versus broadcast tv which is regulated. this is not broadcast tv. >> what does this mean in terms of the larger media landscape that at&t believes the future of mobile depends on media? >> it is changing so fast at warped speed how these businesses and these worlds are converging, so we have ma bell going hollywood! when you really about, that would have ever thought this would happen and they would buy than content creator. at the same time, they are recognizing they can go head-to-head against the big cable companies with video streaming. and you have the cable companies going into the phone business. so you have comcast and charter communications saying, they are going into the cellular phone business. all of these worlds are converging, largely, because of
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mobile and tablet and how our viewership of video is changing. >> we mentioned the bipartisan skepticism. what does it mean for consumers? >> that is the big question and what everybody is pointing so is the comcast, nbc, universal deal that happened in 11 and was megadeal and much smaller at this at 34 billion dollars. if you look at prices since then they have not meaningfully changed. it's unclear if the consolidation of these companies coming together will ultimately lead to higher prices. at the same time, at&t wants you to buy more video, consumer video and that means more data and more broadband usage. >> is $85 billion a good price? >> it is a rich price! time warner is going out on top! no question about it. 36% premium. they have scored for their shareholders! >> and what about verizon and yahoo!? >> i'm hearing from multiple sources the deal is going to go
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through. but as a lower price. verizon is committed to buying yahoo! but they are renegotiating the price up to, perhaps $1 billion on a $4 billion deal because of that data breach, i'm hearing senior people inside of verizon knew how big the breach was, which is giving verizon all of the leverage. >> all the way through the top? >> all the way to the top. i'm hearing from that multiple source. >> understandable. mellody hobson, thank you. federal investigators are now working to to determine the cause of a devastating southern california bus crash. thirteen people were killed yesterday on the bus when it plowed into the back of a big rig truck and 30 others were hurt it happened on interstate 10 near palm springs. the bus was returning to los angeles from a casino. mireya villarreal has details now of this investigation in palm springs. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
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the driver of the bus was one of the people killed. it is still unknown if driver fatigue or another medical condition may have played a role in the crash. as of early this morning, there are still four people here in critical condition, one also in serious condition. at this point we know that the bus was riding home was a third of the way to los angeles when the accident happened. emergency responders dug through the mangled wreckage left behind sunday. the impact was so violent the bus that was carrying 44 people jammed 15 feet into the trailer. >> i don't know what the speeds are. what i will tell you is that the bus was traveling significantly faster than the tractor-trailer that it struck from behind. >> reporter: most of those killed were seated at the front of the bus. this man says he went to the coroner's office to confirm his sister rosa was among those who died when he couldn't find her at local hospitals. >> she was a happy person. she enjoy doing what she was doing. went to the casinos. she love it. >> seemed as though most of the
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victims were unrestrained and, therefore, were flown through the air. >> reporter: most of the injuries were from the neck up. >> i hate all of the seats. i got my jaw out of place. >> reporter: the driver of the big rig survived with minor injuries. this cell phone interview was shot by a taxi driver who says he picked him up from the hospital. >> the impact this, you know, hit me, hit me from behind and i just blacked out. >> reporter: government documents show the bus is owned by usa holiday, a los angeles-based tour company. according to those records it has no previous accidents and its most recent inspection in april turned up no mechanical issues. >> we may not be able to exactly figure out how the accident occurred because the driver is killed but we will get as close to it as we. >> reporter: the ntsb is leading the investigation this morning. authorities are still trying to
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identify many of the victims many of whom are hispanic. a lot of the i.d. found on the scene were not valid i.d.s. we do know that some of the newer buses have black box recorder boxes on board but this bus was manufactured in 1996 so no word whether they have that kind of reorganizcording device hand. >> what an awful accident. the american-backed iraqi offense, the united states has unprecedented wave of air strike has targeted isis near mosul. defense secretary ash carter traveled to iraq yesterday to get an update on the progress. holly williams just visited one of the liberated towns and in erbil this morning. >> reporter: iraqi and kurdish forces ten miles within mosul but meeting fierce resistance from isis. humded vicious, a used to be a
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christian town of 50,000 people but after two years under isis it's shattered and deserted and it's cruise a fix defaced. a day after iraqi forces entered the town, we returned with a mayor of hamdani who fled in 2014 with the other residents. it used to be beautiful here, he told us. now look at it. the streets still ring out with gunfire. in some place, isis has used tunnel networks to launch surprising attacks. even after iraqi forces think they are in control. these troops now shoot at anything that moves. lieutenant general talfi is in charge of iraq's ground forces and insisted that humdani had been liberated with only pockets of resistance.
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that sounds like quite a lot of resistance, i have to tell you. no, he said, this is the military way. they are just clearing the area. local christian militia men have arrived to help secure the town. one of them is hussein salam who used to be a security guard and told us he kissed the ground when he returned the night before. thank god, we are back, he told us. even if i die here now, it doesn't matter. iraqi forces are edging closer to the city of mosul where it's thought that isis has around 5,000 fighters. but a senior u.s. official here told us the battle will be a multi-month endeavor. >> holly williams in iraq, thank you. heavy fighting resumed in the syrian city of aleppo after the end of a cease-fire.
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russian syrian air strikes pounded rebel-held areas yesterday. fighting between rebels and pro-government forces. no aid was delivered to aleppo during the three-day pause in fighting and rebels are now preparing to launch a major count counteroffense. police arrested 126 people this weekend at the pipeline construction site in north dakota. an officer shot down a drone that flew near a helicopter monitoring protests. the nearly 4 billion dollar project crosses four states. opponents are concerned about the environmental impact. patom hayden who married ja fonda died yesterday. hayden was involved in most of the major civil rights and anti--vietnam war protests of the 19 six. he was one of the chicago seven put on trial after the riots at the 1968 democratic convention. hayden moved into democratic politics during his marriage to
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jane fonda which ended in 1990. he served in california's legislature for 18 years. tom hayden was 76. a manhunt is under way for a suspect accused of shooting two oklahoma police officers. lincoln county police say 38-year-old michael vance was hit at least twice when he traded fire with officers. investigators say he shot the officers with an ak-47 assault rifle. then stole a patrol car and, later, car-jacked another driver. two of his family members were found dead. both police officers are expected to be okay. gunfire turns a police ride-along into a terrifying ahead. the video is ahead. first, it's time to check your local weather.
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california's national guard tells troops to give back millions in bonus money. >> ahead, why the soldiers say they shouldn't be punished for a
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of ohio voters bombarded by live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, i'm rahel solomon. it is sentencing day for former pennsylvania attorney general, kathleen kane. the state's one time top prosecutor convicted last summer of leaking grand jury documents, lying under oath. she could be sentenced up to 24 years in prison. kane asking for probation or house arrest. now, we check on the forecast, with meteorologist, katie fehlinger. >> good morning, everyone, the sun is now up. it is going to really help do its part to moderate the temperatures. currently flirting with 60 at middle township high school in cape may courthouse, beautiful sunrise, look at that, we do, however, have pretty modest west northwest breeze at 11 miles per hour, notes recall theme throughout the day everywhere. the breeze, even despite what's technically pretty typical day, and the sunshine, it is still going to be noticeably cool. we actually are looking at
7:27 am
below average conditions for the next couple of days. despite more sunshine, meisha. >> at least we have the sunshine, all right, katie, thank you so much. looking outside we just had accident cleared out of trooper road, right lane compromised again all been cleared, looking good there. we do have accident jersey 42 northbound before route 168, pulled off to the shoulder, still going to slow down little bit. you will have gaper delays, as you pass by, also, mass transit, delay 20 minutes, patco speed line ten to 15 minute, plus start new weekday schedule that started is a saturday. >> next update is at 7:55, up next on cbs this morning, dina reynolds inside wrigley fields with a look at the excitement over the chicago cubs. i'm rahel solomon.
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i've always taken on the status quo. in harrisburg, they didn't like it when i stopped their perks and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county, i cut out wall street middlemen to protect pensions. now, as chairman of the pennsylvania commission on crime, i'm leading the fight to stop the epidemic of heroin and opioid abuse. as attorney general, i'll prosecute anyone who scams our seniors. and i'll hold the oil and gas companies accountable to keep our drinking water safe. i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you.
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♪ hillary has no idea how to fix anything. if she did, she would have done it already. i mean, what has she been doing? >> donald, donald, don't set her up! >> i'd be happy to talk about the last 30 years. >> oh, no, not again! >> back in the 1970s, i worked for the children's defense fund. >> yes, we know. >> then i was a senator in new york on 9/11. >> we get it. >> then i was secretary of state and i don't know if you've heard this before. >> we have! >> but i was instrumental in taking down a man by the name of -- >> osama bin >> "saturday night live" is killing it. tom hanks did a great job as chris wallace. >> the rhythm and pacing was
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right on. >> absolutely perfect. welcome back to "cbs this morning." comurp coming up national guard soldiers are asked to pay back thousands of dollars. they were given benefit united states to reenlist in the iraq and military wars and the government wants them to give the money back. >> the chicago cubs could win their first world series in 108 years. they will face cleveland for the title and having dispatched the dodgers. >> the dodgers will be back. >> one longtime fan explains the pain he has experienced over seven plus decade without a world series appearance. >> this is so great. >> the cubs number one fan is, obviously, bill murray who got a big reward and reminded the audience. >> happy for him. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "usa today" reports the secret service is trying to boost its ranks among unrelenting demands.
7:32 am
the agency wants to make more than a thousand myers within the year but many candidates are dropped because they have taken a adderol. >> the american academy of pediatrics say baby should sleep in their parents' bedroom but not in the same bed. babies should be kept in the parents' bedroom the first six months and optimally until they are 1 year old. "wall street journal" says samsung mishandled the recall of its galaxy note 7 smartphone because it was based on incomplete evidence. after x-ray and cat scans showed a bulge of batteries in phones that caught fire. but the bulge was not the cause. so the company killed the note 7. samsung still does not have a conclusive answer. britain's "guardian" says
7:33 am
hawaii airlines is allowed to keep weighing some passengers before seating them on flights from american issomalia. the eyelids have the world's highest adult obesity rate. the airline says balancing its planes is a safety issue. california's national guard is telling members to return bonuses and other money they received for reenlisting during the wars in iraq and afghanistan. the repayments could totals $15,000 or more plus interest. the soldiers say the program was mismanaged and they are the ones paying the price. jan crawford is outside of the national guard in arlington, virginia. >> reporter: good morning. so after 9/11, the national guard was just under tremendous pressure to send troops to fight overseas and it used bonuses to help fill the ranks, but there were widespread problems, which came to light in california years later. the wars in afghanistan and iraq
7:34 am
claimed the lives of 32 california national guardsmen. now, thousands of soldiers who served with them are being told to return their reenlistment bonuses. >> i feel betrayed. >> reporter: robert deandrew is on the hook for $20,000 and he had already served in iraq when his term came up but was enticed to stay by the extra money. >> they are giving bonuses away in droves and gave us a briefing on it and poiwer point presentation and sign the contract in the back of the room if you're ready for it. >> reporter: the "los angeles times" says it was meant for soldiers who belonged to units about to deploy but the california national guard tells "cbs this morning" about a thousand soldiers were overpaid, on ag


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