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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  October 27, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EDT

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at 11:00, anthem controversy. says she was not allowed because of what she was wearing. it did open with the national anthem but as you know why a sixers dancer, i'm ukee washington >> i'm jessica dean. the singer whose name is sevyn streeter tweeted, was supposed to sing the anthem at sixers and
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ok thunder game but minutes before sixers said i couldn't because i was wearing a we matter jersey. here's a picture of the jersey streeter was wearing. we've reached out to her but we've not heard from her. we have heard from the sixers, they released a statement reading the 76er's. we use our game to bring people together to build trust and strengthen our communities. as we move from symbolic gestures to action, we will continue to leverage our platform to positively impact our community. stay with "eyewitness news" as this story continues to develop. tonight, hidden camera crime. a villanova university student is under arrest accused of taking pictures of young women in the school's bathrooms. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is live at villanova university and alex investigators believe there are more victims out there. >> reporter: jessica, there
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certainly could be, anyone who feels they may have been victimizeded to come forward. this began were when a female student noticed a cell phone recording video in a bathroom. that was traced back to 19-year-old vincent kane. who was arrested today and is out on bail but denied access to the internet and to the university. a single stall union sex rest room inside of villanova university's most historic building has become the top concern on campus >> the first floor, i guess a lot of people go in and out >> i kind of read, just got really weirded out >> students received an e-mail informing them of an arrest of a part-time commuter student be 19-year-old vincent kane. according to the district attorney's office, kane had been partaking in what they call up skirting. including the one inside of tolentine hall. villanova officials said, the university is appalled by the behavior of this individual.
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he has been band from campus shortly after the investigation began. that was launched in september. he has also been charged with child pornography and additional recording stretched back two years including when he was a student at cardinal o' hara high school and while he worked at the defense pharmacy near campus. an employee there said they had not seen kane in weeks. we received no answer at kane's home in broomall and a woman who entered later denied comment >> i was concerned when i got the e-mail >> freshman emily attends lecture in villanova's hall four days a week. >> fortunately, i don't have classes at the time that he was recording that was a big relief. >> anyone who frequent that day building between april and september is asked to check with the dates and times that these recordings with taking place, we have a full littles of those on our website reporting from villanova university, i'm alexandria hoff
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cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you new surveillance video is released of the brazen break in at boyd's department store in center city. the suspects using an suv to break the front window at 18th and chester yesterday. group inside the red suv and a mersdz ransacked the store. they got away with $50,000 worth of clothes and accessories. this shows a suspect vandalizing the staircase at the union league in philadelphia around 3:00 a.m. monday. police say 50-year-old reginald phillips ripped a six foot seconds of brass railing from the staircase and ran off with it. damaging the concrete in the process. >> that piece of metal was sold at one of those scrap yards, from that, they were able to develop a little bit more information that led them to the individual. >> union league estimates the damage at about $100,000. police are searching for phillips. septa is urging commuters to prepare with contingency plan at contract talks continue with the
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transport workers union. members of the twu are set to walk off the job at 12:01 tuesday, a move that would halt septa except for regional rails. the union represents almost 5,000 bus, trolley and subway workers. the two sides remain far apart on several issues, including healthcare and pensions, septa put out a service interruption guide on its website. campaign 2016, the heated race for the white house now crisscrossing the battleground states. donald trump rallied supporters in north carolina and charlotte, the republican nominee met with faith leaders and promised a quote, new deal for black america. later, during a rally in kinsten, he told supporters his policy would benefit the inner cities. he criticized her foreign policy record >> she gave us isis. her and obama. now she's telling you, i am going to get rid of isis. what the hell did you let them do this in thes first place for?
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she's been there for 30 years. it's all talk with her. nothing ever happens. libia, syria, new york state is a disaster. she said she was going to bring back jobs. turned out to be the opposite. >> clinton celebrated her 69th birthday in florida. in tampa, she urged supporters to take advantage of early voting in florida. clinton accused trump of tearing the nation apart. >> i don't think most americans want the dark and divisive change that donald is offering. mass deportations to rip apart families, a are a peel of gun-free school zones. going back to the days when insurance companies could discriminate against everything, not just people on the affordable care act exchanges but everyone of us. >> her running mate tim kaine campaigned in newton and allentown today >> 13 days and counting many cannot wait until the election is over.
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we're hearing from a group of voters who can offer you a fresh perspective on the upcoming vote. david spunt is at independent mall with more details. >> i've been talking to people for over a year now, when i mention the e word, they seem to cringe, want to get it overwith. i spoke to first time voters who were born in other countries who are excited and proud to vote. they tell me they want to talk about the future of this country founded here at independence hall. less than two weeks until the he can see, and dozens of immigrants inside this city hall room listened to a little music and talked about what lies ahead when the next president is inaugust rated on january 20th. >> i'm just so incredibly honored that i have a choice now. >> reporter: he's from mexico and proud so vote >> very excited i'm finally able to make decisions and choices of my own will.
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it's very empowering. >> reporter: the events featuring mayor jim kenney was spoornlsed by the committee of 70 and welcoming center. people met to discuss important issues from immigration to education. >> this is my, i think my chance to vote in a historical vote and election >> it's very emotional. i think when you're a resident from somewhere and you can't vote you feel like you're a passenger on the bus. now i feel like i'm in the driving seat. >> reporter: many told tear personal stories of immigranting to the united states and the important responsibility they will face on election day. the presidential election dominated most of the conversation. >> maybe more important to vote right now than it was in past election. because the candidates are really different from each other. >> reporter: i was told tonight that families overseas have been
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watching presidential elections for decades. seem to be glued, ukee and jessica a little bit more to this year, probably no surprise but terroristic threating perspective tonight. reporting in front of independence hall, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> very interesting. thank you. a new study out today has a lot of people talking. it really got our attention in the newsroom >> researchers find the alcohol gender gap is now closer than ever before. women today are drinking nearly as much as men >> nicole brewer joins us with more >> a lot of people we spoke to were surprised to hear that things were evening out in this way, but there were one or two who said they think past studies may have been impacted by social norm suggest that is women may have been drinking as much as men for quite some time, but didn't want to admit it. a guy and a girl walk into a bar. it's not the start of a joke but the beginning of a serious question. who drinks more? >> on a i think men >> men. >> reporter: according to new
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study that would be true, historically speaking >> we drink because it's what men do. boys will be boys >> it found early in the 20th century men were more than twice as likely to drink than women and twice as many more prone to alcoholic problems. timeses are changing. the same report which analyzed 4 million people born between 1891 and 2001 found women are now drinking almost as much as men. and experiencing alcohol-related problems that nearly the same rate as their male counter parts >> the girls can be phenomenonal tipsy >> some point to the popularity of wine among women. >> >> rosa. we love that. >> reporter: researchers suggest it could be the change in traditional gender roles >> women are working jobs and careers and families, society is so much more equal now makes sense.
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>> the bottom line of this report takes a much more serious tone. the researchers concluding we can no longer view alcohol use and disorders as a male phenomenonal when you consider women now make up half the equation, they're talking about target women for treatment options. women are drinking more they may be susceptible. >> basketball is back in south philly. the sixers open the season at home. >> sports director don bell got to hang out with one of the teams rising stars. >> either, sleep and breathe basketball the life of jeremy grant. up next, we spend the entire day with the 30-year pro from his house to the wells fargo center. see how he got ready for tonight's season opener. an exclusive behind the scenes look coming your way. the secret surrounding michael phelps, the reports coming to the surface about the olympic swimmer's personal life. . fast food chain debuting its wild new sandwich and why
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pennsylvania is only one of six state you'll be able to buy it >> it was a chilly but sunny day but that's all about to change. rain is on the way and even some ice and snow for the poconos. we'll time that out. i'll tell you which commute will be impacted by the rain and which day this weekend
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. the atmospherics atmospheres. before the game sports director don bell went behind the scenes with one of the team's rising stars, more on the day in the life of jeremy grant >> some days you think these guys roll out of bed and play ball? jeremy grant knows basketball. his dad played 11 seasons his uncle won four nba titles. but the 22-year-old is looking to form his own identity with the sixers. today, got a behind the scenes look as he got ready for the season opener. >> it's game day.
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right >> ten and a half hours before game time and jeremy is ready to start his day. from his house to the sixers new home, a brand new multiple million dollar facility on the camden waterfront. >> the upgrade is incredible. i mean, kind of goes with moving forward as a team and an organization. >> reporter: while he's is the practice facility, gets treatment on his body, film review. he works on his jump shots and there's good eating. thanks to their executive chef. >> this you haven't had before? >> let me know when you think of it. i'll hook you guys up. i change my diet, i've been eating -- i try not to eat any acidic food but i do eat chicken and salmon for protein. i go to the house or to the apartment to see my mom, my dog
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and go ahead and take a nap. ♪ this is my view though. relaxation is amazing >> do you ever reflect on that? when you sit down and talk to mom, do you talk about like -- all the time, talk about the, the struggles we went through. everything. everything we've been through to get to this point. we just thank god every day for the blessings he gave our family. kale salad and take a nap and i'll catch you on the way to the arena. head over to the game and get everything ready. game day. time to get ready.
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i think the nerves get shook off in the preparation for the game. always great to be in this building. i know the fans will be out here screaming tonight. today was a good day. thanks for tuning in. i'll catch you all at the game. >> special thanks to jeremy for letting us tag along. also, big shot out to cbs3 for tommy gardner. sixers highlights coming your way. that is a fun kick. >> down to earth >> sam and kale salad >> and take a nap >> got to get the nap in. >> for tmz sports is reporting that olympian michael phelps who
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won 23 gold metals in swimming secretly married earlier this year, nicole johnson in june in arizona where they had just moved. that was before the rio olympics when many were reporting that they were just engaged. the two have a son together named boomer who is now five months old. cbs3, the "cw philly" and komen are teaming up in the fight against breast cancer turning the skyline pink. october is national breast cancer awareness months and the pink lights are a reminder to schedule a mammogram. >> the pink lights aren't only shining outside, macy's has pink lights illuminating the court, of. this is the 15th year. you can find more information at kate bilo with a look at the forecast. i get sensitive when it comes to the temperature >> tonight not as bad, you still
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might want the serious coat but last night was really cold. it was a frosty start to the morning with temps in the 20's, not as cold tonight good news, we have a little rain moving in and something that doesn't mix well temperatures below freezing and rain, there's one part of our area, poconos the may have that nasty combination overnight into tomorrow and that's an area that could pick up freezing rain. i want to take you back to sunrise. take a peak at the neighborhood network time laps in kutztown, watch as the sun comes up and take a look at the grass, how frosty it is. that is the sun gets higher and we start to see the frost melt and grass turns green again. but it is chilly right now. 41 not quite as cold as it was. you can see morning los in the 20's in many locations, the freeze warning was well warranted 25 in quake town, 26 in pottstown, sub freezing in wilmington and atlantic city as well. cloud are in tonight, that means it's no the quite as cloudy.
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clouds generally keep us warmer. but you can see see the first little batch of precipitation started to move into the area. light snow around the poconos and northern new jersey, light rain showers further to the north, not all reaching the ground. this is along the warm front that's draped across the area. the actual cold front is over the great lakes and that is what will bring us some rain tomorrow. timing it out. start a 5:00 a.m., the pink is an indication of freezing rain or sleet, a little bit of snow in the highest elevation of the poconos, again, stays mainly off to our north through the first half of the day. most of the day tomorrow is dry here in philadelphia. but it's late afternoon around 3:00, 4:00, the first wave of rain starts to come in and once it does, we got scattered rain showers. freezing rain advisory kicks in at 2:00 a.m. until 11:00 ma'am for carbon and upon row counties. we can see about a 10th of an
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inch of ice. that's enough to 'cause hazardous conditions on bridges and overpasses. the city, periods of rain mainly afternoon and evening, quarter to half inch of rain. not flooding but could certainly slow down your afternoon commute. overnight increasing clouds, 40 degrees. tomorrow cloudy and cool with rain late in the day and that will continue into tomorrow. we clear it out friday. breezy, still cool at 58. take a look at saturday. that's your day to get outside. 70 with sunshine. sunday a few more clouds maybe. halloween 60 and sunny not too shall be with for the trick treaters. >> thank you, kate. still ahead, new game for a fast food >> the chain cooking up this new (narrator) attention medicare beneficiaries. i like to get my hands dirty. i like to know how things work. trust me, these old engines aren't complicated.
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ready for a home opener. now you're going to talk about the game itself >> words can't express how exciting. it was absolutely >> i think people like what they saw. >> no question. they've been telling us to trust the process. that moment is here. sixers taking on oklahoma city. all eyes on joel embiid to the nerves quarter, sixers up by six. fade away, good. first nba bucket. next play, embiid, showing he could play defense as well. rejecting russell west brooke. huge block by joel. sixers up by five, embiid, three point shot got that two. 20 points in 22 minutes, fourth quarter, '6ers up by two, jeremy grant. ten points in four boards good game for him. thunder taking the lead now.
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the lane. and there's your bucket right there. the sixers trail by four at that point and go on to lose 103-97. eagles back at practice. this week different from last. people hate the cowboys. and the passion for beating them cannot be measured. the boys are currently five and one and in first place, the eagles can snatch at the top spot. carson wentz grew up in north dakota as you know but he says he fully understands how important that eagles cowboys rivalry is to fans. >> yeah, i mean, i know how much this means to the city and these fans. a lot of excitement going on with eagles football but definitely this week, i recognize that. but at the same time, i don't let that kind of bother me or distract me from the main goal and that's preparing every day because i know if i got sidetracked it's going to mess up the preparation and it will affect the game sunday. >> stay focused. the union in canada tonight
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taking on toronto, looking for the first victory. toronto scores two unanswered goals. union down 2-1, later in the 85th minutes, joe z finding the back of the net and the union eliminat eliminated 3-1 final score. friday football frenzy, big rivalry game in bucks county. council rock south at council rock north. thanks everyone for logging on to cb
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supervisor. she's like you and she'll fight for you in the united states senate. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message. . deer hunting season around the corner. a popular fast food chain is taking a walk on the wild side >> arby's is rolling out a venison sandwich. six states including pennsylvania includes a venison
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steak, crisp onions and a berry cause on a toasted roll. >> thanks guys, after chilly weather this week, we got warmer air on the way part of the weekend. you could see saturday nice and warm. 60 even in the poconos, but 70 in the city and near 70 at the shore. cooler and more cloudy on sunday. te
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. morning team back from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. >> the late show with stephen colbert is headed your way next >> the late show with stephen colbert is headed your way next >> hav >> announcer: if you're looking to make more money and take control of your personal and financial future, then get ready, because than merrill, the star of a&e's hit tv show "flip this house," one of the most successful real-estate investors in the country and america's number-one real-estate-investing expert has one heck of an opportunity for you. than is hosting a one-of-a-kind free two-hour real-estate wealth-building workshop where you will learn his three-step system for getting started flipping hom and buying and
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