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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 31, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> reporter: nicole and ukee very disturbing details. we have now learned that lee kaplan is accused of grooming and sexually assaulting multiple young victims over the course of eight years. they told authorities that they referred to him as and they all believe that they were his wife's. >> mr. kaplan has represented himself to these girls as a colt-like figure as a prove if the from god but now it its time for mr. kaplan to be held accountable under the laws offhand kind. >> reporter: bucks county district attorney matthew weintraub announced you this charge's monday against lee kaplan, now accused of sexually assaulting a a total of six young victims all sisters over the course of eight years n june investigators discover 11 young children living in the basement of kaplan's feasterville home, he admitted to fathering two of them with the eldest girl now 18 so is only 12 when sexual encounter allegedly began. >> it saddens me and sickens me. >> reporter: probable cause
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affidavit outlines disturbing details of kaplan's rape and sexual assault of the victim, youngest only six years old at the time. >> well, i think he should get everything that he deserves. i mean it is a sad situation. >> reporter: sexual abuse allegedly began in the to the pots home in lancaster county where kaplan had his own bedroom and continued inside his own home in bucks county when children moved there. neighbors near the old street road home said they felt something was off but saw nothing to indicate abuse. >> i wish i could have said something but they only looked out of place. what could you say about that? >> reporter: now, all of the reported victims, are the daughters of daniel and savilla stoltzfus of lancaster county, they remain in county jail on child endangerment and other charges. they are accused of allegedly gift ago this eldest doubt the tore kaplan for helping them out of financial ruin. kaplan remains this county jail on one million-dollar bail cash.
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that is latees from bucks county, i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". right now talks continue between septa and unionized workers, who pledged to walk off the job if no agreement is reached before their contract expired, at midnight tonight. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do has been following negotiations closely and live in center city with more on how those talks are going, trang. >> reporter: nicole we have learned that septa officials plan to hold a enthusiasms conference in about a half an hour to discuss negotiations, and where they are at this point. throughout the day both side have remained pretty tight-lipped since they returning to the bargaining table this morning. some 800,000 daily septa commuters are getting more anxious by the minute, as the transit workers union local 234 midnight strike deadline inches closer. >> i take septa every day. for me to just catch septa every day and it is not there, i don't know what i will do. i'm not walking. >> reporter: septa and union officials sent several days
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negotiating a in contract for operators of the cities bus, trolley, el and subway lines. sticking points include wages, health care and pension benefits. >> talks are ongoing and both side are communicating which is a good thing because when we have communication that means they are working toward some kind of a resolution hopefully. >> reporter: hoping to avert a strike septa's car who lee says the agency is planning to add more regional rail trains come tuesday morning if local 234's 5700 members are walking off the job. >> we are asking their people to just think ahead, that is bottom line. we don't want anybody waking up, on tuesday, and finding that we have a service interruption and then discovering what they are going to do bit. >> reporter: shelley bourbon who takes septa seven days a week says she has a expensive plan b. >> i guess i will just take an uber, lyft, something else, more money out of my pocket but i have to work to make money. that is only way i got to go. >> reporter: again, we do expect to hear from septa
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officials around 5:00 with a status of these negotiations. we will very latest at 6:00. for now live from center city i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thanks for the update, trang. stay with "eyewitness news" for possible developments in the septa strike as negotiations continue on television and on our web site at cbs philly to the come. jury deliberations finished for the day in the bridge gate trial. jurors will continue deciding fate of two former allies of new jersey governor chris christie tomorrow. former aid bridget kelly and former port authority executive bill baroni are accused of deliberate liz causing grid lock, on the george washington bridge to exact political revenge. the both kelly and baroni believed that the lane closures were part of the traffic study. trick or treaters no doubt getting their costumes all ready to head outside the door. we need to know that all important trick or treat forecast with meteorologist kate bilo live on the skies deck, and kate, i know you are waiting for this, will it be a trick or a treat.
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>> i would say a treat overall, but the the weather may have a few tricks up its sleeve that being if you are heading out now or close to now and sunnies still up it feels great outside but trick will be, once the sun goes down, the temperature will drop, very, very rapidly. so if you plan on being out if your kid are go getter and you plan to be out a couple hours expect to it get very coast cold, very quickly once the sunsets. the lets look at temperatures right now. not too bad. it could be worse this time of the the year but in the mid 50's here in philadelphia, 54 in trenton 567895 in wilmington. cold for poconos, trick or treating only 39 degrees there. been a a breezy day and we still have breezy conditions, wind at five to 0 miles an hour sustained and cool northwesterly wind as well that is keeping things cooler then the thermometer indicates. you cane storm scan three not showing any problems, trick or treaters will not get wet tonight and they are not going to get snowed on. we don't have any type of storms like last night the but that is good news. just a wrapped drop in temperature as evening wears
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on but, everybody is getting ready, it is director treat night and chill in the air can't stop trick or treaters or meteorologist justin drabick live in ridley park talking to some kid in the neighborhood and plans for the rest of the night, hi there, justin. >> hey there, kate. the beautiful forecast shaping up for trick or treat night and really nice outside right now. sunnies starting to set but temperatures will start dropping off, little will bit early, the events start at 6:00 o'clock around ridley park but we have a few trick or treaters already, awesome costumes, guys. we have a witch, we have leonardo here from the ninja turtles. is what your name. >> cindy. >> what is your favorite part of trick or treating. >> the halloween part. >> do you like candy. >> yes. >> do you like hanging outside, going to everybody's house. >> yes. >> okay leonardo what is happening with you what is your favorite candy. >> whatever, whatever we have. >> you don't know, you like it all. >> we have candy right the here. we're covered who are with me,
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is there always candy around i'm a sugar freak. lets get that sugar high. dig in, guys. we have butter fingers, nestle crunch, baby ruth, how about that, get some more, take some more, one more. >> all right. i want you want to have some more. >> i love dad, franken stein, i have a 16 month-old, little bit early to take him out the but next year that will be me. we have to talk about the the forecast here tonight. lets get our graphics and some interesting fun stats, as far as halloween goes, and like i said, we're receipt i much on target as far as conditions for this time of the year but there has been extremes for this halloween. warmest we have had 1946, 82 degrees. coldest was 41 in 1925. snowy points 4 inches in 1925 and the wetest over an inch of rain happened in 1895 but perfect conditions tonight. check it out, trick or treat forecast 6:00 o'clock temperature around 53 degrees. 50 degrees at 8:00 o'clock
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tonight with clear skies, so no problems here all across delaware valley. we're running out of time. i hope you have fun tonight. i hope you enjoy treats. so good bye everybody. >> bye. >> all right. we have to end is it back to ukee and nicole in the the studio. >> if you see a kitkat bar in there, hook me up. >> stealing candy from a child. >> you're right. >> eagles nation is one tired and grumpy group today. after last night's overtime loss to the the cowboys. not the best way to start the week. >> that was scary thing last night's game. >> i'm still grumpy. >> i feel your pain. >> the bird had control of this game and they let it slip away. instead of being in first place in the division eagles now trailed dallas by two games. deject players walking off the field after last night's 29-23 overtime loss. eagles had a ten-point lead in the fourth quarter but dallas scores final 16 points of the game, eagles lost two games on the road when they had a
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fourth quarter lead. fans say there is plenty of blame to share in the loss. >> i would say our coach made some huge mistakes, bad coaching decisions and we need receivers. that is receivers that can catch the ball. >> i don't believe what they did, they could have won the game but i guess i see the fumble. i mean, like they blew it. >> next up another nfc east battle, north jersey, we have the giants, and coming up in sports, one eagle let his emotions get the best of him, and he is not happy about it. >> howie does a little something, you never know. >> i hope so, i hope so. >> okay. trick or treating at area restaurant, which ones are giving away free food when we come back. we're in the the hope stretch of campaign 2016 what the polls are saying and what donald trump is pushing
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clinton e-mail scandal hillary clinton is going back in time to reenforce her thoughts about donald trump. are you a last second merger squeezing in a closing lane? that often induces road rage, some traffic experts say, that is the waste to go. beautiful artwork, showing, detailed cityscapes and artists, doesn't buy memory. you won't believe how he prepares, we will have that story i biden: this is what i know about katie mcginty - like me, she has pennsylvania working class roots, and she's never abandoned them. hard work. family. playing it straight. that's katie. and the ads attacking her? they're a bunch of malarkey. katie's career is about looking out for families like yours. creating jobs, keeping our environment safe. she's a wife, a mom, a basketball fan, a homework supervisor. she's like you and she'll fight for you in the united states senate. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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well, back on "eyewitness news", we have newly released video that shows a machete wielding man just tearing through a security line at new orleans airport. investigators say six three-year old richard white went through tsa line back in march 2015, swings a big knife and dousing agents with wasp killing spray. a security officer shot white in the leg and he died after refusing treatment due to his religious beliefs as investigators never determined a motive for the attack but family says white had a
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history of mental illness. heroic police officer comes to the rescue of a child in danger and it is all caught on camera. take a look at this surveillance footage from a busy street in china. you can see this child weaving through traffic in his small toy car. all of a sudden a police officer comes out of to where and swoops up the child taking the little one to safety. how about that. last minute merges on the highways are often blamed for causing road rage but in a handful of states they are encouraging drivers to use these so-called, sip are merge. >> left lane drivers wait until final moment to join a single lane of traffic before construction zones. correspondent chris van cleve explains the controversial move. >> i a stay in that line as long as possible and then merge. >> reporter: can you believe diana graves? when the other cars line up in the right lane all that empty pavement on the left just sitting there unused. now some traffic engineers are saying, don't use that space.
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>> it is okay to cut. >> it is okay to take turns. >> reporter: kansas is one of eight states to try as a zipper merge system. the state department of traffic, put up signs asking drivers to use both lanes, to take turns near a bridge construction project outside kansas city. >> they are finding what they do is bring stability to the commute. they know it takes five to six months to get through work zone even in peak traffic. and from the air you can see the cars keep moving, and they come together, like the piece of a zipper, hence, the zipper merge. several studies point to the benefits of the zipper merging including up to 50 percent shorter lines, a reduction in speeds around construction workers and drivers reporting less anxiety and frustration. transportation officials, in other states aren't entirely convinced. and his state continues to encourage drivers to hedger early. >> we don't want those people to cut in at the very last
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second. not only can it lead to road rage incident but can lead to sudden braking which can cause a direct collision. >> reporter: to you see a day where zipper merge is normal. >> yes, we will have to sign, and peak forever, just one of those things that will come as our cities grow. >> reporter: chris van cleve for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the old zipper merge. >> i didn't know that is what it was called. >> now we knew. >> really a lot of foot traffic in the neighborhoods tonight. >> yes, busy sidewalks tonight, all of the kids, holding their pillowcases but they have specialty bags and pumpkins now. >> last time i went out, i had a rock, charlie brown. >> rock in your bag. >> i got treats. >> the weather has been a general treat today, whether you get rocks or candy. hopefully you get candy and not rocks tonight. it will be a decent night. it could be worse. it is chilly as we goat
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spoiled this weekend. anyone who trick or treated saturday and sunday knows how warm it was but we have a nasty storm last night as well. give or take. it is quiet outside. no problems, everything is looking a-okay. let take a peak at the our live neighborhood network which is showing a beautiful sunset just getting started. 55 degrees right now in palmyra at palmyra cove nature park in new jersey. you can barely see sky line there but it is looking pretty tonight. you can see quick look at temperatures outside the region, yardley, william penn pen middle school 55 degrees. the princeton high school at 52. plymouth eating is the at five . in berwyn at te middle school, 52 degrees there as well. it is cool but again could be a whole lot colder and certainly could be wetter. we have had to deal with rain on halloween before storm scan three is clear. few patchy cloud outside, that is going to be the case next few days. we are looking at a warm front draped across the region and as that moves to the north, we will get to tap into all of
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this warm air sitting off to the south, over portions of the deep south right now but over the next couple days that warmth will be sent north and east ward once again. we have a repeat performance of the weekend, on the way for middle of this week. quick look at temperatures right now once again 56 degrees at the airport. pair of five's in wilmington, millville in atlantic city, 55 in wildwood, up and down temperatures we will hit near 90 yes, sir, high of 79. close to the record. record was 81. today though just 58 degrees, a big drop but then we will start to climb staircase again and back in the 70's wednesday and thursday, possibly mid 70's on thursday, that is also the day of, showers and thunderstorms may come through. high pressure overhead tonight, starts to slide further east, tomorrow, tomorrow slightly warmer then today but high keeps us protected. there is a warm front and the associated cold front what we are watching for wednesday into thursday really is the fronting to be off to the west. we will get a warm flow from the southwest and out ahead of it the but by thursday
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afternoon that front comes through and another round of showers and storms expected along with the cool down by end of the week. so tonight mainly clear, chilly, sun goes down, we will drop quickly to 40 degrees overnight. tomorrow mix of sun and cloud with the seasonal day at 62 and now we will start talking about this on sunday, set those clocks back and that means sunday night the sunset, 4:52 p.m., so if you look outside this time on sunday it will be dark, all ready, that is different, eyewitness weather three day forecast look at that warm up 62 for tomorrow. seventy-two on wednesday, and 74 by thursday with those afternoon showers, and it will not last until the weekend. we will show what you happens behind that front on thursday and make your weekend plans we will have that in the weekend watch coming up. >> cool, thanks, kate, appreciate it. a historic agreement is reached. >> universities from different nations collaborating together in the name of research. today rutgers university and university of havana in cuba resigned a memorandum of
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understanding to formalized research and often to exchange opportunities for students and faculty. the partnership has resulted in collaborative research project, student fellowships and internships. the two universities will continue working together to explore the most pressing community development issues, facing both cuba and u.s. restaurants are offering free treats for halloween, we will tell you where you can get free food when we come right back. >> we like food. >> well, cheap dental care but we're talking at home dental care probably not the best idea. dentist weighs in on new do it yourself videos popping up on line and why they can mean big trouble for your mouth, leslie. a golfer hits a hole in one, thinks he won a car but he didn't check the fine print. emotions get the best of nelsonnal who will or and doug emotions get the best of nelsonnal who will or and doug pederson is not happy, how5pmz
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5pkz zi0z y25pky yi0y its halloween.
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time to get in the spooky spirit of things. >> one university's marching band took the celebration to a whole new level. lets take a look at this. ohio state marching band, wowed the crowd with a shall we say spectacular half time show over the weekend. the band had several formations including pumpkins, and ghosts, they even paid tribute to many horror film favorites. >> wow. >> that is cool. >> very, very, cool. >> how about that. >> how much work. >> the band, bandies just amazing. >> yes. >> big time. >> playing instruments and sounding beautiful at the same time. >> that was a little spooky but truly scary, the eagles. >> yes, the lack of receivers that we have too. the nfl trade deadline is tomorrow, so will howie roseman pull the trigger on a deal to bring in another wide receiver. eagles have only one play, of 30-yard or more on offense in the last four games. well, it would help carson wentz if the receivers catch the ball, they had four drops. nelson agholor had one on the first drive of the game on
5:25 pm
third down. birds had to settle for field goal. after the game, nelson went on a rant about those drops. today doug pederson says everybody has to hold themselves accountable. >> i'm disappointed in, you know, the type of comments. i think each individual has to be responsible for their own job. everybody is mad and disappointed and angry after a tough loss like we just came through and, you know, cooler head prevail and we just have to, you know, bite our lip sometimes and just suck it up and get to work. >> the flyers are on a well deserved daze off have after playing eight games in 13 days. they are back in action wednesday night against red wings. yesterday the orange and black snapped their two game losing streak and beat hurricanes four-three. to the matt karcher on par 317, the shot is perfect. it lands, 4 feet the from the
5:26 pm
cup, rolls in for a hole in one. he thought, okay, won cadillac but he didn't read the rules. it has to be from 200-yard or more so on saturday they moved it up 7-yard. so, no car for matt. >> 7 yards. >> come on. >> all right. >> that is just not right. >> but then, investigation, the hole could have been back 7-yard. get that car. great shot. thanks, leslie. coming up next, battle ground pennsylvania. >> the candidates or their representatives are focusing on our area, with what is planned over next few days as a poll of recent polls shows who seems to be leading the race for president, tori. >> guess what day it is, it is halloween. and we are live in maple shade, where it seems like the kid have a lot of candy and they got their costumes on, i don't know who let her out of jail but she's here too looking great. kid, we're coming back with
5:27 pm
the costume contest and some parade footage, it is all coming up. 234 just a few hours new jersey will lose that cheap gas reputation, i'm joe holden, drivers not happy bit what do they want to say to
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like me, she has pennsylvania working class roots, biden: this is what i know about katie mcginty - and she's never abandoned them. hard work. family. playing it straight. that's katie. and the ads attacking her? they're a bunch of malarkey. katie's career is about looking out for families like yours. creating jobs, keeping our environment safe. she's a wife, a mom, a basketball fan, a homework supervisor. she's like you and she'll fight for you in the united states senate. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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and in campaign 2016 is kick nothing over drive with just over a week until election day, the presidential candidates and their surrogates are focused on battle ground states that could go either way. that includes several appearanceness our area, between now and election day. the news continues at 5:30, good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm nicole brewer. guess case off tonight. new national polls show presidential race is tightening. new cnn poll of polls show hillary clinton with
5:31 pm
47 percent of support, 42 percent support donald trump. number comes from an average of five newly released national poles, some of which were taken avenues of clinton's new e-mail inquiry by fbi. >> donald trump hit stage in blue color grand rap its michigan where he slammed his democratic rival hillary clinton. >> how can hillary manage this country when she cannot even manage her e-mails. >> reporter: fbi the is scouring through thousands of new e-mails found on a lap top clinton's top aid huma aberdeen shared with her estrange husband former new york congressman anthony weiner. bureau is working to determine relevance to ongoing investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail server. advertise coverry prompted fbi to send a vague three paragraph letter to congress last friday, something that trump says validates his claims about clinton. >> hillary clinton's corruption is a threat to democracy. >> reporter: huma aberdeen has not been seen with clinton as
5:32 pm
she left new york monday to hit campaign trail. trump is pressing e-mail issue in michigan hoping to push blue state toward the g.o.p. column. clinton rallied in battle ground ohio calling for republican rival reckless. >> imagine him plunging us into a war because somebody got under his very thin skin. a man who can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons. >> this is me in 1964. the fear of nuclear war we had, as children i never thought our children would ever deal with that again. >> reporter: clinton campaign updated ad from 1964 campaign about dangers of nuclear weapons to reenforce theme that trump is dangerous. now justice tenth says that it will dedicate all needed resources to quickly review e-mails in the the clinton case. meantime vice-president joe biden and house minority leader nancy pelosi are both in south philadelphia tonight for fund raising dinner. they are head lining democratic city committee at
5:33 pm
philadelphia's jefferson jackson event. biden and pelosi are keynote speakers. democratic city committee is philadelphia is hosting event at sheet metal workers hall on columbus boulevard. donald trump and his running mate mike pence will be in our area tomorrow morning. republicans will attend a private event in the double tree hotel in king have of prussia they are both slated to deliver remarks around 11:00 a.m. melania trump will be in suburban philadelphia later this week. two campaigns on behalf of her husband. campaign manager kelly ann conway tweeted mrs. trump will be in the area on thursday but there is no word on where or what time. stay with "eyewitness news" for very lateness campaign 2015, we are now, only eight days, from election day. another earthquake has rocked central italy and struck in a a zone already devastate by a quake in august. lets look at aerial video of the village near epicenter of sunday's quake which measured 6.6. that is strongest earthquake to hit italy in 36 years.
5:34 pm
it caused no deaths or serious injuries. we are told many left the region following august's earthquake. iraqi military says its troop have taken control of the last village to the east of the islamic state city of mosul. expects forces are positioned about 5 miles from the city's center. for two weeks iraqi forces anal is sunni trains man and shiite militia have been converging on most he will from multiple directions to drive out isis. jury deluxe is underway in the trial of the former police office's accused of murdering an unarmed black man in south carolina makal swayinger ace cues of killing walter scott a bystander recorded the deadly even count are on a cell phone in april of last year. he was a north charleston police office shore pulled scott over for a broken taillight. the cell phone video shows the officer firing eight times as scott ran away with his back to the officer. slager's attorney says other parts in the video show a fight between the two men and
5:35 pm
struggle over the officer's safety. a ground breaking ceremony was held today for transformation of the former elevated reading railroad via duct into a public park. governor wolf and mayor kenney took part in the ground breaking at 13th and noble streets here in philadelphia governor wolf announced 3.5 million-dollar state grant for the first phase of the project. ten million-dollar project will be complete, in early 208. well, ghosts a and goblins will be docking in an out of neighborhood this evening. >> one new jersey turn they gathered all together to march their way down main street. it should be quite the scene. our vittoria woodill is live at maple shade annual halloween parade and i have no doubt you are having a a great time. >> reporter: who is having the best time today? >> me, me. >> yes. >> that is right, it is halloween. who is having the best time today? >> there we go. >> happy halloween, everyone we are live in maple shade, new jersey where a parade was underway, and also a costume
5:36 pm
contest where you had to, maybe beat this guy, what are you. >> what did you say. >> reporter: yeah, what is your costume. >> i'm a ninja a. >> reporter: careful, he tend to hurt. what were you. >> luigi. >> what are you. >> some by prisoner. >> what are you. >> and what were you. >> super girl. >> and what were you. >> i won. >> boom, there you go. >> and check it out, earlier today we were all in one of the local elementary school parking lot being judged on the creativity in costumes. they were divided in a few different categories like elementary, middle school, preschool, also they had mini floats, large floats, and even two marching band from clayton and maple shade high school. despite the event. it is one of those times when the entire community comes out just to have a great time. where even moms, dads have dressed up as well. i have seen a few witches around, maybe a banana
5:37 pm
scattered here and there and we will get banana into a second. but it is definitely something that this area has been celebrating for decades. i was talking earlier with one of the organizers and they have been doing this for a years and years and years and it is something that everybody looks forward to but here's what i want to know, what kind of candy are we looking forward to tonight. >> twix. >> oh, yeah. >> york pepper mint patty. >> hershey chocolate. >> hershey check late. >> hershey. >> oh, yeah. >> chocolate chips. >> great one my favorite. >> no sugar candy. >> in sugar candy, doing the healthy thing. >> bubble gum. >> i have another question, everyone that has candy, bring it up front, okay, be sure to share with me, okay. >> yes. >> come on, you guys. hey guys, can you tell them to share with me. >> only if you bring a little bit back. >> through go.
5:38 pm
>> there you go. >> why did he put it in my pocket. >> yes. >> i asked for a kitkat bar. >> yes, here we go. >> bunch of kid have their candy. >> great costumes. >> great costumes indeed. >> it is an alarming new trend that can ruin your child's feet in, less than ten minutes what dentists are saying about do it yourself videos and blogs popping up on line to fix your teeth, cheaper. these on cityscapes by memory see the a hazing creations coming up next, kate. well, one week even just ended but is there another in just about five days and it is first weekend of november and it will be feeling just like novice supposed to feel. we will have warmth, mid week, but back to more seasonal temperatures this weekend, that is a lot of sunshine that is expected and as of right now it will be a great weekend to get outside, with temperatures near 60 degrees and some sunshine both days. we will be
5:39 pm
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put smeta appetite control. you and temptation with clinically proven to help reduce hunger between meals. new, from metamucil, the #1 doctor recommended brand.
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well, several fast food chains are scarring up some nice keels, for customers this halloween. >> chip pot thely is giving three dollars burrito, bowls, salad and tacos if you come in costume. crypy cream is giving trick or treaters free doughnuts and kid can get a free scary face pancake. at iop. british artist with a gift of another one of of a kind drawing to his portfolio. take a look, steven will shire has ability to draw cityscapes by his memory, alone. he recently completed a drawing of mexico city. will shire says short helicopter rides and famous cities can miss details, to memory, and sketches out a panoramic image on pipe. he says his gift was discovered after being diagnosed with autism, while he was a child.
5:43 pm
>> that is amazing. >> you take helicopter ride, and then it is beautiful. this might sound crazy, but it is happening, teens making their own braces, we will see what dentists are saying about this alarming trend when we come i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
5:44 pm
i've always taken on the status quo. in harrisburg, they didn't like it when i stopped their perks and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county, i cut out wall street middlemen to protect pensions. now, as chairman of the pennsylvania commission on crime, i'm leading the fight to stop the epidemic of heroin and opioid abuse. as attorney general, i'll prosecute anyone who scams our seniors. and i'll hold the oil and gas companies accountable to keep our drinking water safe. i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you.
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well, a warning tonight for parents, and teens, leave dental care tour pros or dentist or orthodontist. >> is there a frightening trend of do it yourself braces. they are apparently countless videos on you tube and blogs on line promised to go fix your teeth in just a few weeks. one video has racked up more than a million views and orthodontists say do it yourself braces won't fix your teeth and could cause more damage. >> i feel like after looking at this, i need to go do, public service, announcements, and warnings, if you don't know how to hoot teeth you could lose teeth. >> in addition to your teeth falling out, diy braces could
5:47 pm
cause infections and disfigure. number of young children, and teens hospitalized for overdoses on opioid painkillers has spiked 200 percent in recent years according to a new study released to day. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has a new report in our healthwatch tonight. >> reporter: alarming new numbers. among children under age of ten, most of the painkiller poisoning were accidental with children, eating them like candy, according to this new study. it says for teens, most were accidental overdosees, although some were suicide attempts. retail sales of prescription opioids quadrupled from 1999 to 2010 as more adults become addicted, new report says a growing number of children and teenagers are also at higher risk for opioid poisoning and misuse. >> the opioid epidemic has grown. >> reporter: in the new study researchers identified more than 13,000 children and teens hospitalized for opioid poisonings, numbers that
5:48 pm
doubled in 16 years. >> we found that the rates of hospitalization, for opioid poisoning, doubled, during 1997 through 2012. we also found that the highest number of hospitalizations were among teenagers, age 15 through 19. the highest rates of increase this hospitalizations were among our youngest populations, which was one through four year-old children. >> reporter: they looked at 15 to 19 year-old hospitalized for heroin poisonings. >> heroin poisoning increased by 150 percent during this time point and very importantly poisoning for methadone increased by approximately 950 percent. so, almost ten fold in less than two decade. >> reporter: researchers recommending changes in how drugs are prescribed, disposed of and packaged to keep children and teens safe. now prescription drug poisoning is now the number one cause of injury-related death in the united states and emergency department visits related to narcotics are now
5:49 pm
similar to those linked to illegal drug use. the numbers released to day are just astounding, a real big problem. >> thank you, stephanie. get ready for some cuteness. babies at an arkansas neonatal intensive care unit are all dressed up in their hand made halloween costumes. last month volunteers got together to make more than 100 outfits for babies staying in the n icu. there was a mermaid costume, a caterpillar right there and even an adorable captain america baby. >> how sweet that. >> i love it. >> very sweet. >> kate joins with us your halloween forecast. >> beautiful evening out there, it could be a little warmer. it could be a little bit more like yesterday but we don't have any storms. we don't have any rain. it is not that cold. all things considered i would count this as an a the plus. >> two thumbs up. >> yes, because it is a treat of the halloween today. we have a lot of sun all day long, temperatures slightly below average for last day of october but we're climbing backup this week. expect to be back in the 70's,
5:50 pm
the first few days of november. here's a look outside right now we will go outside to a live shot in ridley park, delaware county where justin dray i can is stationed this evening handing out canned toy trick or treaters. he will give us a live update as neighborhood is coming up at 6:00 o'clock but it is very festive there in ridley park. we have decorations, streets are ready to go, sidewalks are empty for right the now but they will be pack with trick or treaters once it gets a little bit darker, and dusk begins to set in and kid head out to go hose to hoist to collect some candy. we have pretty comfortable temperatures outside. 53 degrees moving toward medicine authored, new jersey and andrew there. your daughter are so cute. they have great costumes. 57 degrees with phil in chestnut hill in the city. he sent us some photos of great halloween decorations, and, inflatable pumpkins, got goats and, of course, we have got that pumpkin headed guy, i love that guy, see him in my
5:51 pm
neighborhood. my kid are begging me for one. large inflatable spider which died today of all days. could not wait until tomorrow to deflate. sanor in newark, delaware 52 degrees. what a change from yesterday. sun and some clouds, chilly, happy halloween. sandor send thus photo of a beautiful tree. foliage in full bloom. it is more on one side then the other. it looks like the tree ace flame. great shots from our eyewitness weather watchers. they send us beautiful pictures. i love this one as well from ed, showing that foliage in the background, all of those beautiful colors, and that deep, blue sky. that we have seen all day to day. i did want to show you one more look at our poconos peak camera that we showed you at the top of the block. this this is quiessential sunset shock in woodlock and look at the sky in the lake. it is beautiful. it is a great finish, to the month of october and a great finish to this halloween day. halloween night just getting started. looking at some sunset from
5:52 pm
the opposite direction we have headed to cape may courthouse where we are at 51 degrees and a few clouds outside. overall picture on storm san three shows it right about here. cold front is extended back into portions of upper midwest and northern plains. as we await arrival of that system, temperatures are going to be on their way up again for the next few days. what a difference, from time yesterday. we got to 79 degrees yesterday. today, more than 20 degrees, colder, a big, big drop, and those strong thunderstorms that came through last night and yesterday evening. here comes that front, it will stay to our north on wednesday, it will cross area thursday. out ahead we have two days in the 70's, wednesday, and thursday this week. and then you know, the climate tradition center issued temperature outlook for november and on the whole it will be a warm month. expected to be above average, for the majority of the month of november. certainly looks like first half will be warm but little more volatile, as we head in the second half but we will keep you posted on. that overnight mainly clear, it is chilly. 40 degrees.
5:53 pm
in the the 40's for most of the trick or treaters out there for your tuesday, first day of november, it is good, 62 degrees and we will see sun. here is your warm up, 72 wednesday, lot like weekend, thursday a lot like yesterday, starts with sun, then showers, and then even a thunderstorm in the afternoon and knock those temperatures back friday and saturday. and knocking those clocks back before we go to bed saturday night. even of the delight savings time is cool but sunny weekend. ukee and nicole back to you. are you looking for something fun to watch while you give out candy tonight. >> cbs shows that halloween theme tonight including kevin can wait. we will go on the set to find out what kevin james real life children are doing for halloween, coming up
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
like me, she has pennsylvania working class roots, biden: this is what i know about katie mcginty - and she's never abandoned them. hard work. family. playing it straight. that's katie. and the ads attacking her? they're a bunch of malarkey. katie's career is about looking out for families like yours. creating jobs, keeping our environment safe. she's a wife, a mom, a basketball fan, a homework supervisor. she's like you and she'll fight for you in the united states senate. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
5:57 pm
so, halloween special. tell me about this. >> me and the wife we're over it. >> i'm an astronaut. >> no you are timmy sister from down the block. >> in real life, with your four kid are you into halloween. >> i dress up every day so this day is not special. that is thursday. >> you growing up, worse and best halloween costumes. >> i was never guy to do that. to put the effort into really dressing up. >> last year i pulled together in like, two hours, to be the old man from up. i was pretty proud of that. >> very nice. >> yes. >> they might know we're here. >> people come to your house and get candy on halloween. >> well, they have to climb a gate, there is a mote we have, with, alligator in it. >> they get alligators and they can get you. >> they do make it. you get full size we don't get fun sized treats. >> you have to risk your life
5:58 pm
but if you make it, it is worth it. >> we will have so much more on this story tonight on the insider. the ukee and nicole, back to you in the studio. >> louie, thank you. great for halloween. >> what is up with that guy. >> yes. >> two trick or treaters tonight, check out our line up, kevin can wait is coming up at 8:00, man with the plan at 8:30, two broke girls at 9:00 and odd couple at 9:30. scorpion follows at ten and all followed "eyewitness news" at 11:00. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00. >> just hours until strike deadline septa and largest transit union are still working out a deal. i'm trang do with the latest on the negotiations. clock is also ticking down to the end of cheap gas in new jersey, what motorist have to say about the tax increase and what they hope lawmakers will do about rising rises at the pump. the justin? happy halloween, everyone, trick or treating kicking off here in ridley park, we have
5:59 pm
people starting to come out, we will hand out candy and talk about what is happening in that neighborhood coming up next. on this halloween chances are you will get a good fright tonight and that is actually a good thing. why being scared, can actually be healthy, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. here's is what happening we have six hours to a possible septa strike and counting. commuters are heading home on subway, buses and trolleys tonight but come tomorrow morning it could be an entirely different story. both side remaining right now but so far there is still, no deal. good evening, everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm nicole brewer. the guess case off tonight. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do has been following negotiations all day long and she joins us now in center city with the very latest developments, trang.
6:00 pm
>> nicole and ukee septa officials say negotiations are ongoing. they are hopeful that workers will remain on the job, even if a deal is not reached by midnight tonight. the threat of the septa strike which would bring cities buses, trolleys and el and subway lines to the halt tuesday morning have riders already changing their plans. >> i put out, buying a transpass and i don't want to purchase it, this evening, and then, tomorrow is useless. >> i already go to my son to bring me. change everything. >> reporter: septa in the middle of contract negotiation was transit workers union local 234 also making plans in the event of a strike. septa spokeswoman carla lee says trains will be added to regional rails to deal with the influx of passengers on those lines. >> it will take a little bit to get there. if people are patient with one another, patient with septa and understanding that septa wants to work with


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