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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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strike, continues. day two of the septa strike this both side say they are seeing some traction in the negotiations. septa officials and leaders with the transport workers union local 234 got back to the the bargaining table early wednesday morning, with septa presenting a revised proposal to the union. at issue pension caps, health care and driver schedules as it relates to breaks throughout the day. pensions remain the sticking point primarily, as hundreds of em lease, continue to walk the picket lines, and hundreds of thousands of passengers are left without buses, trolleys and trains. >> right now, you know, conversations are moving forward. >> reporter: philadelphia it i council hand kenyatta johnson stopped by center city hotel where they are meeting. he is concerned that a row long strike would negatively impact voter turnout touring presidential election next tuesday. >> on the labor side we know our workers have concern, they want to have addressed so we want their issues to be addressed but ultimately at the end of the day we want to
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make sure that next tuesday on november 8th we have a transportation system that is up and running so we can move the city of philadelphia forward on election day. >> reporter: we have also learned that state representative dwight evans has been a key figure during negotiations process and state mediator is rolfe in the negotiations as well. we also understand, that in just a couple hours or so throughout the evening negotiations are set to start up again here at sheraton hotel in center city. that is very latest for now reporting live, natasha brown, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now to our joe holden inside suburban station where commuters are dealing with another, rough day, trying to get home, joe. >> reporter: ukee some developing information on that front, we were in suburban station, to bring you those pictures but septa asked to us live citing security issues with the media. however i can show you pictures and tell you pictures but i can't show you them. people in long lines being led
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down on the platforms to the tracks below just a few at a time. i counted at least 100 in the lines running to the western suburbs but it is busy down there, it is even busier out here. philadelphia is a walking city. let's show you. traffic at 16th and jfk is a busy intersection to begin with but philadelphia police are deployed at key intersection as cross center city, making sure that people are not blocking the box. that pedestrians can cross safely. of course, they have traffic that can move just as quickly as possible. you can see it is at a stand still, right now. we have talked to people many of them walk to work, some from south philadelphia, others took the bike. we spoke to mayor jim kenney and what his thoughts were on some of the disruptions from last night, have a listen. >> we saw some pictures on social media race night, some peoples commute home what was your take away. >> i thought the shut down, regional rail was pretty ridiculous and that ended quite quickly. that probably won't happen
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again, as far as i can see. >> crowd of people i had to walk all the way around suburban to figure out where to get on my train line because they weren't letting people down in the platform. then i walked back around to where i originally came in which in turn turned into a two and a half hour commute just to get home. >> reporter: at first off people are saying even though given these headaches there appears to be less frustration, this evening, maybe some are taking this as, really a snow event, which is what a lot of people say they have prepared for, again, many people taking to the bike, just walking, but center city streets are flooded right now there are no septa buses, of course, inside coming up at 6:00 some more interesting method people took to get to and from home from work but sure is going to be a long rush hour on this day two of the septa strike. live from center city, joe holden for cbs-3 eye witt the necessary news. >> joe, thank you. we have received word that regional rail service is
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suspended on media elwyn regional rail line due to a police investigation in the person struck at the angora station. we will continue to monitor the situation there. of course stay with "eyewitness news" as we continue to monitor septa strike. our coverage continues at 6:00 e at cbs police are looking for two gunman who broke in the chester county home and demanded money from the resident there. home invasion happened on byron rhode island in township this morning. the resident told police that the two gunman tied them up in one room of the house and demanded money. one of the resident was hit with the gun when he hesitated. once they were given cash the two men left the scene in an unknown vehicle. a day after eagles wide receiver josh hoff was arrested on gun and marijuana charges. >> he breaks his silence speaking to the media in the locker room about the incident. cbs sport director don bell joins with us what hoff had to say. >> interesting situation, interesting comments today as well. a day after he was arrested on the walt whitman bridge today,
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hoff reported to practice, at a press conference earlier, head coach doug pederson, said the eagles will wait for legal process, before making to. and, hoff faced the media and was pretty candid with his response. >> it is a mistake yesterday. i cannot get into details about anything. i'm already apologized to my teammates and to mr. lurie and entire organization. i'm a professional athlete. what professional athlete don't have a gun. i have a wife at home and gun. my job toys protect them at all cost and to protect myself as well even though i have security here, but, i mean, i have to protect myself as well. >> now coming up at 6:00 we will hear from doug pederson and a few of his teammates on what they have to say about the incident. >> so, meantime josh hoff will continue to play and it looks like he will be on the field, sunday when he they take on
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the giants, in the meadow land. >> okay, thanks, don. check your calendar it is feeling much more like september, outside today then november. we are in the middle of the big warm up. meteorologist kate bilo is outside on the skies deck to tell you more about the duration of these warm conditions, kate. >> ukee, at this time next week it will be dark outside, and it will be a whole lot colder, then this, so enjoy it while we have it. nice warm up. even a approaching record as we get in the day tomorrow. but it is not going to last, as we have some showers and storms, to track as well. lets start with the good stuff. here's current temperatures look at how warm it is, just slightly warmer north and west of philadelphia then in the city, mount pocono at 69. allentown, reading, lancaster at 70. sixty-eight at the airport. seventy-one in dover. look at the jump from this time yesterday, 24 hour temperature change, 23 degrees warmer in mount pocono. 10 degrees warmer in philadelphia, then it was at this time yesterday. storm scan three shows you mainly clear skies but here's
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our weather maker a front extend ago cross the great lakes that will swing through tomorrow. i'll time out when to expect showers and then are storms, when we can make a run for that record and also what to expect for the weekend, here's a hint you will need the jacket. now back inside to you. >> thanks very much. bill cosby returns to court for day two of his pretrial hearing on sexual assault charges in montgomery county. comedian argued he cannot receive a fair trial, and "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is monitoring development in norristown and live with more on why cosby wants those charges dismissed. greg. >> reporter: jessica, good afternoon. bill cosby's attorneys claim his due process his right to a speedy trial is being violated, as it took the prosecution more than 11 years to file these criminal charges. >> from the beginning, mr. cosby's rights have been violated in any number of ways, and these hearings which were conduct by the court today were done in the way that we believe was fair,
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just, and to the point. >> reporter: brian mcmonday california bill cosby's attorney says his client has been presume guilty before his sexual assault trial started. wednesday afternoon he passionately asked the judge to dismiss prior bad act motion which could allow 13 women to testify as witness's begins cosby. >> district attorney kevin steel says women prove a pattern of assault by cosby. >> that motion is one that we believe that we will prevail on. >> reporter: mcmonigal argues their allegations are inaccurate, decade old and simply untrue. wednesday morning the 79 year-old comedian arrived at montgomery county courthouse, kaine in hand assisted by his staff. cosby's defense team began the day trying to get all sexual assault charge's against him dropped claiming his due process, constitutional rights have been violated, since the state delayed charges the comedian for more than a
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decade. former temple basketball coach, andrea constand claims cosby sexually assaulted her at his cheltenham mansion in 2004. defense attorney angela, says that cosby's eye sight has worsened since at alleged assault and he is legally blind and cannot identify witness hose may testify against him. prosecutors disagree, questioning the accuracy of the eye exam reports that been admitted in evidence. also submitted in evidence district attorney kevin steel's campaign ad which he says he would be quote tougher on sexual predators, and how his opponent then d.a. bruce castor failed to prosecute bill cosby. the defense says thinks evidence, steel reopened the case for political reasons. the prosecution, says that they obtained new evidence, in 2015, which led to a new investigation, and now, criminal charges. now the next hearing is set for december 13th and 14th. a judge this afternoon saying if that hearing wraps up on time he could push forward the actual trial date, right now,
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set for june 5th, 2017. we are live at montgomery county courthouse i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". jurors finished a third day of deliberations in the bridge gate trial without reaching a verdict. jurors will be back to deliberate, tomorrow. bridget kelly, governor christie's former deputy chief of staff and port authority executive bill baroni are facing numerous charges including conspiracy and wire fraud. they are accused of blocking lanes on the george washington bridge to retaliate against the democratic mayor, of for the lee, new jersey. coming up on "eyewitness news". >> guns, drugs, and money all off the streets of the one philadelphia neighborhood. while police are happen bye that their goalies much bigger, we have a live report at 5:30. archaeologist make an amazing find what some might call holy grail of discovery. it has christians and scholars, stun. plus this. it is a right we have in the you had, we're lucky to have that right and really should encourage one another
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to vote. >> how local woman are joining a moment to get people to the poles and there is an app involved, stay with when government bureaucrats refused to approve a cancer vaccine equally for both girls and boys, i stepped in to change that rule.
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when my own party held up recovery funds after sandy hit us, i took them on and won. and when veterans were forced to travel out of state for health care, i brought in new local clinics and expanded services. but there's much more to do. my mission is to protect south jersey's way of life. i'm frank lobiondo and i approve this message.
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the manhunt is over, and iowa man is now in police custody, wanted for questioning, in the overnight shooting death, of two police officers. police say that scott green flagged down an employee of the state department of natural resources and then turn himself in. he suspected of killing, sergeant anthony, and urban dale officer justin martin in two separate ambush style attacks. >> definitely was an opportunity for these police officers to defend or respond to these attacks. both officers were seated in their car and shot while sitting. >> martin was single, the other was married with children. green, was no strange tore law enforcement. police say he was issued a warning for trespassing at a football game at his daughter's high school where he waved a confederate flag during the national anthem.
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>> i want high dad to come home to me. >> and the community mourns loss of those officers an emotional scene played out in one of the nearby neighborhood, earlier today. you see that woman hugging a police officer. she gave him water and offered to pray for him. both were in tears. this is just one of the many acts of the kindness playing out in the area, a memorial service is land tonight, in des moines. archaeologist in jerusalem believed that they have uncovered burial slab where body of jesus is said to have have been placed after his death. national geographic experts, made the discovery while doing a documentary about the restoration project of the historic shrine. footage shows archaeologist sorting through layers of the hash he will, plaster and debris. it has excited both believers and scholars alike. >> what is amazing to see, across, right on the spot, where we were looking. >> i feel like we are as close as possible to saying that
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this is exactly the spot, that constantine says here's the burial of jesus christ. >> after being opened for nearly 60 hours, the tomb was then sealed, potentially, for good. and meteorologist kate bilo joins us now and kate, i brought up like a light jacket but i didn't need it. >> no. >> it is pretty warm out there. >> it is, even overnight tonight, we will stay 60 degrees which is interesting because average high for today is about 61 degrees. >> average high. >> that will show you how skewed these temperatures are. feels great outside. it feels amazing.eratures are. temperatures right now in the upper 60's, lower 70's today. tomorrow will be warmer. this is reminiscent of what we had this past weekend, warm saturday or warmer sunday close to a record and then front coming through, putting it all to bed. we will see temperatures drop through end of the week not to be a spoiled sport but it will change. enjoy it while we have it. lets look outside, what a
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beautiful evening, go for a walk, run, no excuse not to get outside tonight and this is up in bethlehem in the northampton county where sunnies shining, foliage in fully affect, peak foliage in our north and western suburbs and looking great to be out and about. on foot in the city as well, a lot of folks are with the septa striking on at least the weather is cooperating and nyce to be out and about. pleasant valley looking good as well, beautiful afternoon with just a few cloud, and the beautiful, november trees. storm scan three does show our next front heading toward us from the west, you can see over the great lakes and it is moving our way, it will come through tomorrow afternoon. good news this front is weakening, doesn't look like it will have a lot with it by the time it comes through so i don't expect heavy soaking rain and severe weather but scattered showers and thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon. in the meantime nice and warm, 70 degrees in philadelphia, that was the high, these are our highs, 71 mount pocono. seventy-one in reading. look at atlantic city they got
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to 73 degrees today. even warmer, to the west, charleston and 81 degrees, and, and record high 81 very close. tomorrow much closer. record is 8o we are forecasting high of 78 degrees. we are close to that record of 1990. future weather does show that front coming through and tomorrow, fog, that will be the sun peeking out but it is tomorrow afternoon between about two and 5:00 p.m., scattered showers moving through. it doesn't look like much, that is the good news. it is not severe weather we haddon sunday but you can expect a tenth to a quarter inch of rain, possible thunderstorm and between two and 6:00 p.m. first part of that timetable is when showers will be most likely. overnight partly cloudy, very mild, 60 degrees, even overnight, don't need jacket tomorrow morning and heading out tomorrow, 78 degrees, scattered showers in the afternoon and then the bottom
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falls out and we're back to 60 on friday, feeling more like novice supposed to feel, but weekend starts off on a nice note, you'll need a jacket, 58 f sunshine on saturday, i'll tell if you that sticks around with the seven day next half an hour. >> okay, thanks very much. we have holidays, here. so when should you book you flight for thanksgiving we will have money saving information in our next half an hour. and they are all anxious grains becoming more and more popular, and we will tell you why they are dietition's dream and how to incorporate them, that is also coming up at 5:45. don. we know aboutville 'nova basketball team but they are not only collegiate stars in town. how st. joes field hockey team is making a name for itself, one green win at a time, sport coming up
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donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
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this is an individual who mocked a disabled reporter... i don't know what i said, ahh... who attributed a reporter's questions to her menstrual cycle. trump: blood coming out of her...wherever. he is not a person who is equipped in temperament, judgment or character to lead our troops. donald trump has created a toxic atmosphere pitting one group against another. he's a mexican. claiming a person can't do the job because of their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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5pkz zi0z rities usa action is responsible y25pky yi0y
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amusing here. >> for years charlie wasn't in on the action. >> he was a little bit. >> all right.
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okay. all right. don, back any this is a story. >> switching gears a little bit. >> good stuff here. >> while we pay most of our attention to more visible college sports like basketball and football we have pretty good teams in smaller sports, an example, st. joes field hockey game, which had some impressive players from our area, and around the world. and, they are taking a team, to new heights. >> seeking foreign language. >> the hawk will never die. >> the hawk will never die. >> hawk hill st. joes field hockey team is flying high. the hawks, finished regular season undefeated in their conference for the first time since 1995 and major reese on for success is anna willlocks. she's enjoying her time in the u.s. >> for a time, i was coming from a little hometown, and then when i got the opportunity about coming to america and getting the experience, and meeting a lot of new people, even from
5:25 pm
around the world, and yeah, it was something i could not turn darn. >> reporter: she lead an array of international as well as local talent. hawks also represent germany, netherland and argentina and they love philadelphia. >> my favorite parties philadelphia new you seem of art and especially the rocky steps. >> unaudible. >> yes. >> i love the college. >> it is so cool, so a hazing. it is a huge city. i don't come from a huge city. but everything is so nice. hockey environment is great. >> reporter: hockey environment push st. joes to the possible birth in the ncaa tournament. >> it adds to a family atmosphere and we take care of each other on and off the field, and that trust, and the knowledge that they had each others back. >> reporter: willlock and her 23 goals by far lead the atlantic ten conference but she says it is all about the group. >> it has been awesome to me
5:26 pm
and the whole team, it is just such a great team behind me who helps me i guess get the ball out on the field and finish it up. we have been pretty successful in our attack. it is just awesome to win. >> reporter: pat gallen, for "eyewitness news". >> and anna has two black eyes after getting whack in the face with a stick last week. so, not only are these players tough but they are ready to ball. after winning a-10 regular season title, the team is rang 20th in the nation and will head in the a-10 tournament on friday, in richmond, virginia. >> nice. >> very nice. >> how good is that. >> thanks, pat gallen, appreciate you, buddy. >> a rebater it, buddy. coming up next, anxious foods becoming more popular. we will tell you what they are, and how they benefit your health in about 15 minutes. a three day philadelphia police operation netted all of this i'm trang do and i'll tell you which community is feeling safer these days. and more proof pennsylvania is an important battle found state, some high
5:27 pm
profile visits to our area today, hollywood a lister and candidate's daughter work to get out the votes and more big visits are planned. we have campaign coverage
5:30 pm
guns, drugs, and cash, authorities show off their find, from a three day anti violence, in west philadelphia. it ended with dozens of arrests. in all, 64 people were a less ted. the news continues at 5:30. hello everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live at philadelphia police headquarters with a look at all of the details, trangood. >> reporter: jessica and ukee this operation last happened october 26th to the 28th to curb issues on mischief night and make halloween safer for
5:31 pm
kid in west philadelphia and police say it was a success. >> you go out there. >> a rare inside look at three day operation, aimed at combating drugs and violence in west philadelphia, 16th police district. >> where are you from. >> reporter: at the end officers arrested 64 people, mostly for drug sales, but a dozen on outstanding warrants and some for violent crimes. >> it send a message to the bad guys out in the neighborhood that they are not going to deal drugs with impunity or hide in their house. we will come out there and get them. >> reporter: officers confiscated $6,000 in cash, 15 guns, mar juan, crack cocaine abe pills, collectively valued at more than $28,000. >> in west philadelphia, but there are guys that are really destroying the community with small amounts of drugs, and in those neighborhoods. if you are living there and it lead to a lot of violence, guys fighting over turf, fighting over territory out there, so little bit of the
5:32 pm
drugs they are selling out there can lead to a lot more violence. >> we just want to have a show of force and let the community no, we care. >> reporter: on the third day of the effort, 50 officers on bicycles canvassed neighborhood affected by the sweep. >> people were, waving at us, and they were happy to see us, we got people coming up, telling us, they appreciate the hard work that we did and it helps the community see the police, and let the community know that we are part of them also. >> reporter: the philadelphia's sheriff's office and u.s. marshals helped out. they are working to determine if any of the people arrested are part of the larger drug gang but for now we are live from police headquarters i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police make an arrest in the crash that killed a little girl over the summer. three-year oldest ter palmer was in the car with her family when it was hit near second and york in kensington on august 8th. her grandmother was injured. police say car then hit them, was racing another car, both
5:33 pm
drivers were arrested. one of the suspects is 17, other is 23 years old hector fores, junior. both face numerous charges including involuntary manslaughter. right now we're just six days until election day and time is running out for candidates to get out the vote. in these final days hillary clinton and donald trump are devoting resource toes pennsylvania. >> it is a battle ground state. today tiffany trump, daughter of the donald trump, stumped on behalf of her father. "eyewitness news" at philadelphia republican party headquarters in northeast philadelphia. trump is proud to campaign for her dad. >> my dad doesn't believe in just making empty promises, he actually acts and delivers on them. that is what he has instilled in all of the siblings and i growing up. i know if elect he will make things happen and headache things change. >> tiffany trump made stops at g.o.p. headquarters in delaware, chester and montgomery counties. ann hathaway campaigned for democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton today.
5:34 pm
"eyewitness news" at temple university in north philadelphia where hathaway talk to students. she explained why it is important for clinton support tours vote on tuesday. >> whoever is our president is going to choose a supreme court justice at least one, possibly up to three, maybe even four i been and the decisions that those justices, they will not choose but nominate them but decisions those justices make will be felt for the next 30 or 40 years. >> hathaway also campaigned for clinton at bryn mawr college today. polls are tightening as election day approaches. the clinton and trump are stepping out their outreach to black and latino voters. >> i see all of these signs cubans for trump, cubans. >> reporter: donald trump did his best to single will out minority supporters during one of his three stops in florida today. >> thanks, fellows, that is so good. blacks for trump. that is so nice. >> reporter: increase add tension comes as trump and his allies are doing their best to pull in black and latino vote
5:35 pm
hours traditionally vote democratic. message is being reenforced by rnc releasing a new ad targeting african-american. >> this is our opportunity. we are asking for your vote. vote republican. >> reporter: hillary clinton will focus on hispanic voters when she makes campaign stops in nevada and arizona today n florida tuesday said trump started campaign insulting mexicans. >> he goes on to insult all latinos. >> reporter: arizona and florida are two of the final four states cbs news still considers a toss up, and hispanics could be deciding factor in both states. >> we believe the largest turnout of latino voters in u.s. history, roughly, 13 million hispanic voters will vote in this election. >> reporter: clinton campaign released new ads giving latino voters out to the polls. cbs news has learned that the clinton campaign is nearly doubling its tv ad buy in arizona for final week of the
5:36 pm
campaign spending more than a million-dollar this week alone but arizona has not voted for a democratic president since 1996. well, holidays will be here before you know it, so question is to book or not to book. if you are traveling for thanksgiving, should you book your flight now or wait. we will have the answer, to save you money. also this. they are not just proud of what is going on but you they are thankful. >> these students are giving a warm thanks with a dance, see the gift, that got them moving. kate? well, it is time for our weekend watch, we are creeping ever closer to the weekend and the warm temperatures are not going to last and that being said it is a pretty nice november weekend, temperatures in the 50's all across the board, 58 degrees on saturday in the city, sunday near 60 degrees, poconos in the lower 50's but it does look like a dry weekend with sunshine both days, we will
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pwhen i come home and dinner'sry not ready i go through the roof. grab 'em by the p*á*á". when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. more accusers coming forward to say they were sexually assaulted by donald trump. i'll go backstage before a show... yes.. and everyone's getting dressed. donald trump walked into the dressing room while contestants, some as young as 15 were changing. standing there with no clothes. you see these incredible looking women. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat-chested is very hard to be a 10. do you treat women with respect? uh... i can't say that either. alright, good. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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have you booked your flight? well, if you haven't, every day you delay will cost you more money. airfare prediction app, expects prices to scrum seven about four dollars per day in the early part of this month, and then about six dollars a day in the ten days before thanksgiving. the good news, rises are currently down from this time last year. apple is making some changes or some changes, to its mow gi characters might be appropriate here. new batch released includes one honoring late music artist david bowie. his emoji includes a male, female version, also, among newe hoe gis, female judges, t-shirt, fire fighters, astronaut and plumbers. it follows a push by google to promote gender equality through emojis. >> i see what you did there, very nice. >> yes. >> i know. >> well, you may have noticed
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some new options on restaurant menus but grains are growing in popularity have been around for thousands of years. >> why they are so good for you and how to incorporate >> why they are so good for you and how to incorporate them in your diet, after this is an individual who mocked a disabled reporter... i don't know what i said, ahh... who attributed a reporter's questions to her menstrual cycle. trump: blood coming out of her...wherever. he is not a person who is equipped in temperament, judgment or character to lead our troops. donald trump has created a toxic atmosphere pitting one group against another. he's a mexican. claiming a person can't do the job because of their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever...
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you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!" at a neighborhoods a restaurafavorite - a place for a good, family meal. she juggled customers, cooks, waitresses - and never complained. my dad was a police officer walking his beat. i learned from both what it means to be honest, to work hard, and love family. big banks, wall street, special interests -
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that's who pat toomey's with. in the senate, i'll work for you and your family. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message. pat toomey and donald trump: they're just wrong for the women of pennsylvania. "new fallout for donald trump." "should a woman be punished for having an abortion?" "there has to be some form of punishment." "for the woman?" "yeah, there has to be some form." "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would, i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey and donald trump: they're not for you. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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on healthwatch tonight the hot new nutrition craze, that is all about anxious, grains, and what exactly are they. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with the answers for us. >> how about some quinoa for dinner. anxious grains are making a come back one of the fastest growing food trend. doctors say these grains are loaded with protein and nutrients. aaron flannery keith is like millions, she never heard of faro. >> one cup of faro to two cups of water. >> reporter: now she cooks with it two times a week. it is an anxious grain that has not been modified in several hundred years and super nutritious. >> they are higher in protein then wheats, they also have a lot of different vitamins, minerals, certain ones are a
5:45 pm
good source of iron, and vitamin b, calcium, magnesium. >> reporter: quinoa is started with the craze but alycia rumcy says others like farro, tif, and others are popping up on restaurant and store shelves. many of them are glue you ton free and easier to digest. >> incorporate grains, the same way, for pasta, and you can also bulk up stew or soup recipes with the grains as well. some of them, really do well in salad too. and, after being diagnosed with melanoma a year and a half ago. >> i have noticed higher energy levels. i feel satisfied, i feel like i fed my body healthy and whole. >> reporter: she hopes reaching back to agricultural past will protect her future health. >> reporter: studies have shown, that whole grains may ab associated with certain health benefits including weight loss, and lower risk of
5:46 pm
diabetes, cancer and heart disease. the lots of good stuff there. what is one you had. >> i think it is ku themat, it is like puffed rice. >> yes, i had quinoa in my salad every day. >> delicious. >> thanks, steph. wild panda trapped on the river was successfully saved after a three hour rescue. workers in the station in southwestern china found that trapped bear on surveillance video and despite series of rescue efforts by police, panda became anxious, unpredictable and that forced rescuers to use a tranquilizer gun. panda was a instantly released, in the nature, after it woke up. probably confused. >> just a bit. >> yes. >> just a bit. >> katie joins us with the forecast, some folks might be sweating tomorrow. >> and, it was hot, out in the sun, at a play ground, everybody was completely complaining. it ways too the hot for this time of the year and tomorrow will be feeling warm as well
5:47 pm
near 80 degrees, near a record for third day of november, but it is not going to last if you are ready for cool, crisp november air we have got that coming back our way by friday. so enjoy it while here because it is going to get cooler and bundle will up out there at playgrounds. lets look outside right now we will go to a beautiful shot from a traffic camera on the camden side of the river looking of course toward ben franklin bridge and a beautiful, sunset underway over the city of philadelphia look at the that sky, shade of pink, yellow, orange outside, it is beautiful. what a great evening. temperatures in the 60's. the nice evening to go for a walk, jog or just sit outside in one of the little cafes in the area and enjoy it being in the 60's in of this. this is not going to last for much longer. checking with our weather watchers here they have got nice temperatures, still seeing 70's on the board here 70 degrees with ed in chesterfield, new jersey. sunshine, beautiful day to be outside, worked on deck steps,
5:48 pm
cut the grass, bag leaves, he had row ducktive day. what a beautiful shot there. we see foliage across the most of the delaware valley. as we move west to the city and check with jim in, media just a few patchy cloud out the side but very comfortable 69 degrees right the now. it is also 69 in delaware. jason checking in from middletown and he has sunshine in his house as well. he says perfect weather. i could not agree more. lets check with one more weather watcher to the thort where it was warmer in our northern and western suburbs then it was in the city. gilbertsville eileen murray checking in at 73 degrees in our weather station feeling fantastic. the great photos. take a look from jenny janssen what a beautiful, top and great shot our eyewitness weather watchers many also doubled as a plus photographers as well. thanks to jenny for that. that is a majestic looking raptor. lets look outside, one more time, storm scan three which is just showing a few patchy cloud this evening. the most have of us seeing a
5:49 pm
good deal of sun, cloud cover to make for that beautiful sunset and reflection in the atmosphere as that sun goes down. storm scan three shows where our next front is this line of showers doesn't look all that i am rest i have, back from toronto down to chicago, scattered showers possibly a thunderstorm behind it, cold era waits and we will feel that move in by end of the week. but in the meantime, to the north we will await arrival of that front and out ahead of the frontal passage temperatures will be 15 to 20 degrees above average for tomorrow and that is going to feel fantastic. right now feeling good as well. we are at 68 in philadelphia, and 70 in reading. allentown and lancaster. seventy-one in dover and atlantic city and just been a great day and nice week as well, temperatures up and down, sunday 79 degrees, monday 57, we got to 60, tuesday. 70 degrees today and each of the upper 70's tomorrow. we will go down the slope and now climbing backup. if i can show you this
5:50 pm
extended bar graph for weekend and into next week we will go back down again to temperatures, in this range, and that is how averages are made. future weather shows that front out ahead of it tomorrow we will see sun, probably fog in the morning, and thanks to that warm air pushing from the south, and front comes through mid afternoon, likely between two and 5:00 p.m., scattered showers, notice front doesn't have a lot with it. not a major weather maker just scattered showers possibly a thunderstorm. thursday night it cools down and we will start to feel that cool breeze from the the north coming in from the north on friday with high pressure from the north and tapping in the cold canadian air. friday is a beautiful looking day and will feel different but high pressure anchors itself overhead this is weekend and that means nice weather continues with sunshine, expect, friday, saturday, and sunday, and even into next week, an extended stretch of sunny try conditions. overnight 60's are low, by week end we will not even hit 60 for highs. that is difference. thursday very warm with afternoon showers or thunderstorm. 79 degrees.
5:51 pm
record is 8o that was setback this 1990. here's you're witness weather seven day forecast, there is cool down, what a great stretch on friday even though it is cooler, it is seasonal, near 60 degrees. we will fall back saturday night and sunday morning and election day tuesday looks pretty great, milder, 62 degrees with some sunshine, no weather related excuse not the to get out and vote. ukee and jessica, back to you. across our area people who bought a car in september made a difference and might not even know it. >> we got to see where that generous drive, ended, it is this weeks story of brotherly love. the chester high school gymnasium is rocking with energy, a little pep assembly. organizer claudia says it is great to see. >> what our children face today, it is pure joy, joy and their ride, and you know there is something they say, i can tell you have child in here today has serious ride because
5:52 pm
they are not just proud of what is going on but they are thankful. >> reporter: thankful for this coat give away. project is called driving way the cold, program by auto dealers caring for kid foundation. >> a warm child, it puts a smile on everyone's face. >> reporter: david pensky says participating dealers donated a coat for every coat for every card sold in september. >> we will give away 40,000 new coats. >> reporter: robert was picking a coat for his three-year old granddaughter. >> you know, it is nice colors. >> reporter: jaylen is in the second grade. she pick purple. her mother says one coat can make a big difference. >> i am one of those families where it is hard to deciding whether you put food on your table or whether your kid will get a coat. >> reporter: over last nine years the auto dealers caring for kid foundation has given away 265,000 coats, around the five county area. and they are all brand new. >> and proud to be able to say this is behind, no one else
5:53 pm
has ever worn this coat but me. >> reporter: if you have a story of brotherly love to share, reach us at cbs i'm counting 102 smiles. i may have missed a smile. >> there were a lot of seats. >> if you cannot get out and vote there is an app to help you. >> how an app and grass roots who are aiming to help everyone get to the polls on tuesday, that story after a short
5:55 pm
when government bureaucrats refused to approve a cancer vaccine equally for both girls and boys, i stepped in to change that rule. when my own party held up recovery funds after sandy hit us, i took them on and won. and when veterans were forced to travel out of state for health care, i brought in new local clinics and expanded services. but there's much more to do. my mission is to protect south jersey's way of life. i'm frank lobiondo and i approve this message.
5:56 pm
septa strike is inspiring volunteers to sign up for a first of its kind, ride sharing app. >> as cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio
5:57 pm
shows us, the new technology is designed to get voters a free round trip right at the polls on election day. >> i think it is critically important that especially women get out and exercise their right to to vote. >> reporter: sherry coal runs career wardrobe a none in profit that helps women transition back to work but on election day she will be a volunteer driver shuttling voters to and from the polls, thanks to car pool to vote. >> it is a non-partisan effort out to get as many people to the poles as possible. >> reporter: nicole wild is co creator of the app which allows users to sign up to be a driver or a rider, drivers, choose their location, and time, they are available. riders sign up choosing drivers in their area, and they both use a bar code to verify identity. >> so you will just pick people up. >> just pick people up. >> and drop them off at the polls. >> yes. >> reporter: i took a ride with sherry, who is getting ra in for next tuesday. with the recent strike at
5:58 pm
septa and heavy traffic downtown, she's convinced others to sign up to car pool too. >> she's are high crew. >> reporter: zoe will be driving voters at temple university, heat inner upper darby and christine in new jersey. >> the app for he was a way for me to kind of empower other people. >> reporter: with six days to go it is perfect time to think about hitting the road. >> create a land, and be ready to vote using the app, have everything sign off, you know, and prepare ahead. >> reporter: while at it, why not help your neighbor get to the polls too. in center city, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> making a difference. that is "eyewitness news" at the 5:00. now at 6:00 still derailed. day two on the septa strike and another messy evening commute on the rails and road. how far are the two side from striking a deal? >> i mean i'm a professional athlete. what professional athlete don't have a gun. >> reporter: more of josh hoff's response to his arrest
5:59 pm
and what his coach is saying tonight as team prepares to face the new york giants. you may feel like you are in an arcade but you you are in a casino. i'm cleve bryan. we will show you first video skill based casino game right here in atlantic city. it was a nice warm day to day getting warmer thomas we chase a record, but it is not going to last, when rain returns to the area and when temperatures plumet, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. for a while, i'm saying all right, i will to have fork over money, pay for uber driver if i can even get it. >> reporter: riders, riled up and em lease standing their ground. day two of the septa strike as they tried to reach a resolution. live look from chopper three, fewer trains on the rails means more cars on the road and traffic is snarled once again all across the area, due to the septa strike.
6:00 pm
certainly not, just septa riders feeling effects of this strike. good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. side are still working to hash out a deal. we have team three coverage tonight and we will start with "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden at jefferson station, where commuters are dealing with delays once again, joe. >> reporter: well, jessica it is not a pretty site out there by road, regional rail and in jefferson station right now, where it is some what organized chaos, people tell me it is no where near as pad as it was yesterday but it is still difficult, some folks in the line behind he tell me they have been waiting in this line for 20 to 30 minutes but again, they are telling me, much more organized here at jefferson then it was yesterday. however, it is a different story at suburban station, where some people hoff been tweeting with me tell me it continues to be a mad house, lines at suburban station


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