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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the top he was released. we show you video what he has been able to do this year. pretty good player for eagles on special teams. in fact a couple of weeks ago, he was the nfc special teams player of the week for that touchdown return, against the minnesota vikings. obviously after his legal issues that occurred on tuesday he is now no longer a member of the team, team's general manager having a press conference howie roseman hours ago and here's what he had to say. >> we spent a lot of time over the last 48 hours making sure we had the information, and that we weren't rushing to judgment and then we have a process in place for these sort of things that could lead to us what we think is the right decision. >> josh's never been a guy that got the in trouble before so, like i said, i'm not sure had went into the decision. it is not for us as players to weigh in honor have any part of but as a teammate, obviously, you know, we wish
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he was in the building. >> reporter: josh huff, very apologetic today for what happened, a couple of days ago, what occurred. he release aid statement not long ago within the last 30 minutes pretty much saying he apologized to the fans, and obviously to this organization and to his teammates. we will have that full statement later on at 6:00 p.m. for now reporting from the novacare complex i'm don belfor cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> don, see you later in the broadcast, thank you. now to the latest developments in the septa strike. riders are spending a third day without bus, sub waste and trolley services in the city. septa and leaders with the transport workers union are back at bargaining table trying to work out a new deal and "eyewitness news" reporterral sand that huff is live at sheraton in center city with how those negotiations are progressing, alex. >> reporter: late last night we brought you a statement from septa's chairperson, path the path dion, urging the union to act in good faith as
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this negotiation process, continues. dion added in that statement that septa has reached out with compromises but quote at each of those seemingly positive turns, twu local 234 has brought a halt to negotiations. well to day transit workers union fired back with a statement that said quote pat dion must have dust ted off a news release from some other contract negotiation ifs he claims septa has bargained in good faith with the union, presented fair offers and quickly and thoughtfully responded to all proposals. really. who is he kidding. this rebuttal comes midway through day three of the transit workers union strike which has halted all city bus, subway, trolley services and contributed to intermittent delays on still operational regional rail lines. despite the fiery statement there both side, talks continued this afternoon, as frustrated commuters now embark on another congested ride home.
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now, aside from traffic and other major concern, getting voters to the polls. just in case a strike were to continue on through election day. so is there a backup plan in place? we are going to explore that question, tonight at 6:00. reporting live from center city alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> a lot of people talking about that, thanks very much. stay with "eyewitness news" as we continue to follow these negotiations, when we're not on tv you can always track latest developments at the cbs two suspects are now behind bars in connection with a shooting last month in philadelphia's rittenhouse square park. now police say 18 year-old reese nasir surrendered on halloween. the suspect is accused of trying to rob a couple in the park on october 18th. a good samaritan interest vendean was shot. both suspects face several charges, including attempted murder and robbery. taking a look at weather, it felt more like the end of summer rather than beginning of the november. thighs, warm, pretty sunny day
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but weather is quickly changing. meteorologist kate bilo is live in glassboro new jersey with the temperatures now, hi kate. it feels great out here, you don't need a jacket, fall foliage, and, playing basketball on the court, they are wearing t-shirts and wearing shorts and enjoying this little summer hospital like fling in early november. but as we said, it is very quickly changing. the lets look at highs today across the area, many spots, got into the 70's today and even a couple of 80's. look at the this, delaware 84. dover, delaware 82. cape hey 81. atlantic city 81. in philadelphia more cloud cover kept us from the record 72 the high today. atlantic city there is a record for you. eighty-one. record high. ties reeve just record. also 81 setback in 2003. take a look at storm scan three. you can see change is coming, right now we have one band of showers moving through earlier, there is another band just off to the north and west right now over bucks county
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and lehigh valley, another round of showers may pass through city within the hour and behind that much cooler eras we head toward weekend. coming up we will tell you how much cooler it will be but back here live, we're in glassboro new jersey for a reason and reason thinks family. let me introduce to you this family alexis, cindy inn alice3,/5 of a family and you air peering on what show tonight. >> family feud. >> yes. >> we're here to watch party for the show. you have not told anyone when won or loss. >> no, it is a secrete will stay here and watch witt them. coming up they will behind the scenes stuff of their trip to at the plant a to film family feud. we will take you to the watch party. for now, back inside to you. well, just five days to go now until election day, and the race for president is tightening. donald trump is gaining on hillary clinton in the latest cbs news/new york times poll. clinton's lead has slipped to three points national thely amid e hail controversy.
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margin of error is three-point making the race a dead heat. two weeks ago clinton had a nine-point lead amid allegations of sexual misconduct by trump. both candidate are bat tolling win pennsylvania, one of the big prize on election night. donald trump's wife melania is campaigning for republican nominee in chester county. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is in berwyn with her message to voter, anita. >> reporter: melania trump did campaign for i large crowd in supporters in berwyn. first time she has spoken publicly since she was accused of copying her speech at july in the republican national convention. donald trump supporters cheered as melania trump took stage at main line sports center this berwyn, pennsylvania. >> make america great again is not just some slogan. it is what has been in his heart since the day i met him. >> reporter: mrs. trump spoke about her childhood in slow convenient use, immigration to
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america and anti bullying platform that she focused on as first lady. >> it is never okay when a 12 year-old girl or boy, is mocked, bullied or attacked. >> reporter: despite the speech virginia whistling says she's undecided. >> she's talking about children being bullied on the internet, it spoke to me. i wanted to say can you tell that to your husband too. >> reporter: we spoke to a few in the crowd who said they identified as democrats, but not anymore. >> i cast my vote for president obama, but seeing he didn't do anything. he didn't do anything for african-american community. he didn't do anything for anybody. >> reporter: outside venue some protested trump had come than fire for lewd comments he made more than a decade ago in a secret thely recorded video but some recorders say that isn't enough to sway their vote. >> who cares it was 12 years ago. a conversation on the bus and really who cares about bill clinton's past problems. the direction we choose will
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out live these candidates and whatever scandals that surround them. i'm voting for america. >> reporter: since making a big push for pennsylvania, donald trump is expect to return to the state at a rally on friday in hershey. clinton's with president barack obama and first lady michelle obama are scheduled for a rally monday night in philadelphia a, election eve. that is very latest, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". donald trump's running mate mike pence will be campaigning in pittsburgh tonight. right now he is getting out vote with former presidential candidate ted cruz in iowa and michigan. these are the texas senators first official stop on behalf of the trump campaign. cruz says he voted for trump his former bitter rival on monday, and he said it is proof that the republican party is united. meanwhile donald trump is campaigning in the battle ground state of north carolina at this hour. earlier republican nominee was in florida, another must win
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state. trump spent nearly the entire speech calling democratic nominee crook, a criminal and slamming her over the e-mail controversy. trump vowed to repeal and replace obama care. anita mentioned we have learned clinton will hold an election eve rally in philadelphia with her entire family as well as the president and first lady. clinton is campaigning to take this is the battle ground state of north carolina polls there show a tight, tight race and clinton held an holding voting rally with think town of winterville. >> question is what kind of change are we going to have. are we go to go work together to build a stronger, fairer, better america or are we go to go fear the the future and fear each other and hunker down. >> she has another rally scheduled later in raleigh-durham, north carolina. president obama campaigned for her in florida, today, he says that trump is unfit to be president and he praised clinton's qualifications. >> she may be a better
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president. she understands policy, she understands how the world works. she understands that this stuff we knew, challenges we face, actually mean something to real people. >> the president will campaign for clinton tomorrow in north carolina. as we continue tonight, it is a problem that often plaques the jersey shore, coming up next, plans that will protect two neighborhood from flooding. it is good news for residents and those with summer homes along the coast. uber upgrade ride service wants to make it easier to go where you wanting to and meet up with friend. this is not a joke, it is an experiment. we think it will work. brand new technology on the first ever television broadcast of an election, we will show you some of the boo-boos and tell you how philadelphia played a big part. we will be right
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when government bureaucrats refused to approve
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a cancer vaccine equally for both girls and boys, i stepped in to change that rule. when my own party held up recovery funds after sandy hit us, i took them on and won. and when veterans were forced to travel out of state for health care, i brought in new local clinics and expanded services. but there's much more to do. my mission is to protect south jersey's way of life. i'm frank lobiondo and i approve this message.
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authorities in iowa say, they found the gun used in the deadly shootings of two police officers. investigators say scott michael green ambush urbandale officer justin martin and anthony been mow earlier in their patrol car. green surrendered hours later and taken to the hospital after saying he felt sick. >> this is a cowardly act, and calculated murder and unfortunately we all, as a community, and police departments, as families, we're all left to deal with the aftermath. >> green is expect to be released from the hospital sometime today to face criminal charges. a motive for these killings is still unclear. first class action lawsuit begins samsung has been filed in california over claims their cell phones and other devices can catch fire. lawsuit alleged various models of samsung phones are unsafe for use. due to design defects and software issues. it also sites non-disclosure of risk to consumers, false
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advertising and violations of california's consumer legal remedies act. >> i feel uneasy, i feel anxious, samsung provided no warning or disclosures to consumers that this was even a possibility and consumers should in the have to live in fear that they are walking around to take time in their pocket. >> samsung responded to the lawsuit by pointing out issues with the galaxy note seven are isolated, only to that model. uber is getting an upgrade, ride sharing app hopes to make process of requesting a ride and getting pick up even faster. riders will be able to link up their phones calendar to the app which allows uber to map out destination as head of time. you will be able to request a ride directly to a friend's location by sinking uber with you are in cast. they will be available in the coming weeks. well, it looks like a warm take will turn into a down right chilly night. we could see some rain. >> meteorologist kate bilo is live in glassboro where rain
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isn't going to stop one family's big celebration, kate. going to stop one >> well, we have rain heading our way but right the now we're seeing blue skies, sunshine and beautiful conditions here in glassboro, new jersey. we have foliage, null effect, it is perfect november weather. we are in glassboro for a very special reason n i'm here with the scaf id i, born and raised. >> yes. >> tonight is your big night. you film family feud with steve harvey. tonight, tell us how much fun did you have. >> so much fun. it was a blast. won towel to meet stars, steve harvey and work with the people on the show. >> is steve as awesome and hilarious in person. >> so funny, hysterical. >> i cannot wait to see you on the show. you have also your propertier and your son and now where is he tonight. >> he is a graduate of the united states merchant marines so he is on a ship in the mediterranean so he won't be with us tonight for the viewing but he will be here in
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spirit. >> thank him for his service and hopefully you will win tonight so we can cheer for you. we will stay here until we find out if this family wins tonight. they are tight-lipped. they are not telling us anything. coming up we will take you inside to the watch party. we will talk about the weather. i surveyed a hundred people, and, what is the number one best kind of weather in november. >> i'm pretty sure it is weather you can wear shorts in november, that is the one i want. >> fantastic. lets look at what is going on outside. we mentioned showers moving in. you can see storm scan three that is exactly what we have. we have one band have showers moving through earlier. we have another one moving through, in north and western suburbs right now. behind it north and west, much cooler air is starting to move from canada. take a look at temperatures you can see the line, dividing cool air moving to the north where it is down to 63 in allentown. seventy-three atlantic city. seventy-two in millville. seventy-two here in glassboro as well. as we widen outlook at how
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cool in buffalo, 54 right now. fifty-seven in cleveland. those are kind of temperatures moving in tonight, and into tomorrow, back to reality for us. what to expect as we move ahead toward your weekend tonight stray shower maybe a thunderstorm early. it toss clear out, overnight. temperatures drops, turns breezy and tomorrow is much cooler with gusty wind, definitely feeling more like novice supposed to feel like as that front slips on through and you can see cooler air coming in from can inadequacies, northwesterly wind, really just means we are back to average but compared with today, yesterday, it will be a jarring transition, make sure you have those coats ready. overnight gradual clearing, turning blustery. we will drop down to 50 for low. wind are out of the northwest. for your friday mostly sunny, breezy, cooler but keep in mind right around 60 where we are supposed to be in early november. 60 degrees is your daytime high. eyewitness weather three day forecast, friday 60 degrees. weekend is will cool, sunny, great november weather. we have got temperatures in
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the upper 50's. chilly morning on saturday and lots of sun turn those clocks back an hour before you go to bed saturday night into sunday morning and sunday is sees in a will with some sun as well. nothing better than being outside here on a beautiful evening in november and like you said wearing shorts and you have good cool matching shoes, did you have wear them on the show. >> we went with the american flag theme since my brother is in the you had merchant marines. >> we will see that tonight. tune in tonight we will be watching here in glassboro we will go inside to the watch party at 7:30 tonight, on family feud, see if these lovely ladies and their dad and brother win bigot feud. we will send it back to you in the studio. >> let's play the feud. >> all right, see you all later. hottest toy is already sold out in a lot of places. >> we will tell you what it is and where you can get it the if you are willing to pay, don. >> we are copping live from the novacare complex where eagles released wide receive are josh huff, coming up next in sports, former bird weighs
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are josh huff, coming up next in sports, former bird weighs in on the hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one.
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pat toomey and donald trump: they're just wrong for the women of pennsylvania. "new fallout for donald trump." "should a woman be punished for having an abortion?" "there has to be some form of punishment." "for the woman?" "yeah, there has to be some form." "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would, i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey and donald trump: they're not for you. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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at a neighborhoods a restaurafavorite - a place for a good, family meal. she juggled customers, cooks, waitresses - and never complained. my dad was a police officer walking his beat. i learned from both what it means to be honest, to work hard, and love family. big banks, wall street, special interests - that's who pat toomey's with. in the senate, i'll work for you and your family. i'm katie mcginty,
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and i approve this message. the university is ordered to pay out in connection with the jerry san cuss can i sex abuse scandal. the federal findings, the alleged record fine. that is at 6:00. but josh huff let go by eagles sports director don bellies at the novacare complex right now with more reaction, don. >> yes, team calling an audible, so 24 hours ago josh huff was, in this building, and practicing with the teammates. today they decided to release him. earlier you heard from the general manager howie roseman and also from one of his former teammates in malcolm jenkins. now lets hear from the former eagle john richie, who is a host at 94 wip. >> he has to be personally accountable here. i think eagles are doing the right thing. holding him to a high standard, that he did not
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meet. you know, he violated nfl rules on many counts, just possession of a substance and an illegal substance, a substance that they test for in the nfl. the laws and stipulations, firearm laws, he broke a lot of laws, long those lines and i believe that doug pederson, as a new head coach, is drawing a line in the sand they have had some instances, recently with guys get the nothing trouble off the field, probably talk to the team and said guys, we can't have this. moving forward, we believe in holding ourselves to a higher standard. there is personal accountability. we will hold you to that and i think that this is the right decision for the team. >> all right. switching gears for the first time in 108 years the chicago
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cubs are world series champions. they beat cleveland indians last night in cleveland in game number seven, final score eight-seven. the game itself was four hours and 45 minutes, had nearly a 20 minute rain delay at one point, it ended at 12:47 a.m., some are calling this the greatest game seven in world series history. a lot of celebrities are celebrating this win today, including president obama, amy schumer and coming up later in the show, you will see exactly how they are celebrating, that world series win their first, since 1908, hello it has been a minute. that is story from the novacare complex. i'm don belfor cbs-3 "eyewitness sports". don, thanks. appreciate it, buddy. also coming up, calls for a mistrial in the bridge gate scandal, the status of the case is up next, cleve. >> reporter: you are supposed to see a drainage people here but instead it is under 10 feet of sand. coming up how millions will be
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expected to fix flooding in the wildwoods. bad microphones, misbehaving, giant computers, the first tv broadcast of an election was full of bloopers. we will take you back in time and tell you how philadelphia played a role in less than ten
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wildwood, and north wildwood are no strangers to flooding, it is scenes like this all too common. now federal honey is on the way to help town's better protect themselves when storms roll in. the funding between both towns will total about 22 million-dollar, the news continues at 5:30, hello, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan has more from down the shore on how this honey will be used. >> on the delivery trucks coming by and they make a
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link. >> reporter: business owners will tell you it doesn't take much for a flood here. >> anytime it rains it could be 2:00 in the morning in february abe rains hard enough, you have to go outside and, board up the front of your store. >> reporter: winter storm, was a extreme example of street flooding issues in wildwood and north wildwood. problem is rainwater does not flow properly through storm drains. >> they are supposed to be exposed. you could not spokes that with dynamite. >> reporter: wildwood mayor shows us how overtime beaches cover the drainpipes, so they are now below sea level. >> we have public works down here almost every day, digging these out. so, that if we do have a rain event like we were supposed to have later today that water doesn't get trapped. >> reporter: but it doesn't really work. >> no. >> reporter: rebuilding the whole system will cost millions but today the check arrived. >> wildwood city is receiving 12.3 million-dollar forstrom water improvements. >> reporter: state, federal
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officials were at boardwalk thursday to announce 22 million-dollar in grants for wildwoods. it means new pump stations and new drainpipes. money to fix drainage problems in the wildwoods comes from left over super storm sandy resources. long term approach to headache the sure stronger. >> i still can remember the criticism from collogues, saying you are asking for way more than actual sandy damage was. the answer was yes, we are. because we're thinking to the future. >> reporter: by the time projects are complete in a year and a half billions of dollars of homes and businesses will be better protect from flooding. >> fabulous opportunity that we have been working on for a long time. >> reporter: in wildwood, i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> defense attorneys in the bridge gate lane closing trial has filed for a mistrial, move comes in the middle of jury deliberations but judge has yet to rule on that request but she did deny a request to give new instructions to the jury on the top conspiracy count in the indictment. prosecutors say that bridget
5:32 pm
kelly and bill baroni used september 201 traffic jam to punish a democratic mayor who did not support christie's reelection. a major drug ring operate nothing camden and north philadelphia has been taken down in new jersey. dubbed operation inferno, five members of the drug ring were charged, including a allege leader fernando diaz riveria, the group, which authorities say, has ties to cartelness mexico allegedly distributed a combined total of 20 to 30 kilos of heroin and cocaine per month in camden and north philadelphia. >> his ring allegedly supplied a majority, a majority of the drug dealers and drug sets in camden. that drug trade as you know directly fools the violence that goes along with street level drug dealing, and perpetual turf wars that often turn deadly. by dismantling this network we will starve many of those dealers of a reliable source of high quality narcotics.
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>> diaz riveria charged with leading a narcotics trafficking network of a first degree crime that carries a sentence of 25 years without parole to life in prison. mt. airy, u.s.a. is one of the five philadelphia non-profit chosen to receive a hundred thousand dollars grant for community revitalization efforts. mayor jim kenney was on hand for the big announcement along vernon road business corridor. >> these corridors are an essential part of the fabric of philadelphia's neighborhoods. the business own hours operate along our commercial corridors including those here in, mt. airy, reflect the commitment of local entrepreneurs to our city. they reflect diversity of philadelphia and must take necessary steps to invest in them. >> the donation was made possible through the wells fargo neighborhood lift program. it will go toward small business, economic development work force development and jobs programs and neighborhood beautification. the pentagon says two u.s. service members were killed in afghanistan today. the truth died during
5:34 pm
operation in the province and we are told that incident happened during a mission to clear taliban strong hold. some 30 afghan civilians were also killed in that fighting along with at least 26 taliban insurgents. names of the fallen troops are with hole until their families have been notified. hundreds of civilians are escaping mosul, the iraqi defense ministry says its troops entered the city and facing intense fighting with isis. trucks from the iraqi army are picking up civilians and they say isis is planning roadside bombs and placing snippers on rooftops in an effort to prevent civilians from leaving. well, tomorrow would have been the 100 birth date of legendary cbs news man walter kronkite. looking back at highlights of his career we noticed one that is rather timely. coverage of the 1952 presidential election broke new ground this broadcast journalism but it was a bit of a bumpy ride. >> the big election night. >> it was the first national
5:35 pm
broadcast of a presidential election, the 1952 race between dwight identify even hour and addly stevenson no states decided just yet, and it is generalize even hour leading that the particular moment. >> reporter: first time network used a computer to predict an outcome of an election. >> this is not a joke or a trick, it is an experiment. we think it will work. >> reporter: charles collinswood struggled to explain an enormous computer, housed miles away in philadelphia. >> on the right of the univac is there something that looks like a typewriter. that is the way it talks. >> reporter: but not always, on coup. >> they say something univac, have you got anything to say to the television audience. >> very implied machine? you have to a prediction for us uni vac? >> the team also struggled with the early version of the hand tree microphone. >> i will put on this gadget is that all right.
5:36 pm
>> reporter: for reporter doug edward it led to an on air mishap. >> excuse me. >> reporter: when a few hiccups the newscast was considered a triumph for cbs news, as well as for univac. >> he can remember 15 million digits oral fat bet california characters. >> reporter: as election swept eisenhower to victory kronkite steered the nation into the start of the computer age. and that is the way it was. back in the day. walter kronkite was face of "cbs evening news" for nearly two decade and a fixture in american homes, including mine. >> just shows how far we have come, and not really long that of a time when you think bit, progress that has been made and microphone and uni vac. >> can you say something univac. >> new we carry them in our hand, amazing. giving a voice to those who are losing their. >> i...
5:37 pm
>> unaudible incredible technology that is helping save the word that matter most. also, an officer pulled over a car for seeding and it is best thing that could have happened the two driver and his wife. find out why it ended up being a life safer when we come back. our weather team is working hard on your forecast. >> meteorologist lauren casey is here with a sneak peak of the weekend. >> after another unseasonably warm day to day, fall temperatures return as we head in the upcoming weekend, seasonal with a lot of sunshine so not all too bad. good conditions to get out and check out that fall foliage in the poconos, 50 degrees and sunshine for saturday, few more cloud and 40's by sunday and cities beautiful conditions with high temperatures in the 50's to near 60 degrees but watch out for saturday morning, temperatures will be down in the 30's so chilly start to the weekend and down the shore conditions looking cool but very nice as well with high temperatures in the upper 50's. we will be right
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5pkz zi0z y25pky yi0y
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5pmz zi0z y25pmy yi0y
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britain's exit has met resistance from the highest court. known as brexit, the ruling on thursday noted the government does not have power to trigger exit talks without a vote in parliament. international trade secretary, leon fox says british government is disappointed by the ruling and will appeal the matter to britain's supreme court. well, it seems like every year there is a new holiday craze, this year noise difference, so lets get with it, they are called hatchables, interactive toys that hatch from inside a lasting egg, retailing for around $50, the toys are sold, out, on line, at wall heart, toys-r-us, amazon and most target stores but don't worry they are selling on e bay for a thousand dollars. >> what is this. >> yes, so you know, buy a
5:42 pm
few. >> say what? hatchables. >> a thousand dollars. >> new tickle me elmo. >> yeah, right. >> for a grand, i don't know. we have a preview of the new cbs comedy great indoors, hear
5:43 pm
when government bureaucrats refused to approve a cancer vaccine equally for both girls and boys, i stepped in to change that rule. when my own party held up recovery funds after sandy hit us, i took them on and won. and when veterans were forced to travel out of state for health care, i brought in new local clinics and expanded services. but there's much more to do. my mission is to protect south jersey's way of life. i'm frank lobiondo
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and i approve this message.
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new hope for people who lose their ability to speak like patient was als. a growing number are getting help from a special kind of machine. >> stephanie stahl is here to show us how this works. >> this is unusual for sure. on average, every day, 15 people in the united states are diagnosed with als, lou gehrig's disease. patients become paralyzed and lose their ability to speak even though their mind remain sharp. well, now there is a bank that is collecting, and saving word. >> that is a cute picture. >> years of happy memories for dennis and his wife, including memories of his voice, she says dennis always knew the right word to say. >> he just talked about everything. >> reporter: not think shore dennis has als. >> that is the person that you love, and you don't want to change anything.
5:46 pm
>> reporter: but everything has changed. als is a progressive neuro degenerative disease that attacks nerve cells. patients become paralyzed while their behind stay sharp, first dennis lost strength, then the ability to walk, and then talk which is why dennis is going to the bank. >> we got a little bit program. >> reporter: at this bank what is deposited are voices. >> okay. >> reporter: year ago while his voice was still strong dennis recorded 1600 traces and deposited them in the voice bank. >> you have done some ramming already. >> a little bit. >> reporter: now he is headaching a withdraw putting his voice on a i pad using a program called the model talker every day life. >> let's stop any. >> that is great. >> it has your personality in your voice so that is receipt i awesome. >> reporter: even though als will continually to slowly take his wife. the voice bank will keep dennis voice, alive. >> i want to tell her i love her i can tell her and it will
5:47 pm
be me talking. >> i love you report. >> when you hear it, it is like the disease is not even there. >> phenomenal is right. model talker ram works with the p.c. lap top or tablet that has audio capability, and a microphone. there is also a webb page recording tool and not just for people with als, any kind of patient with the speaking difficulty or disability can access that program. but, keeping the voice alive. >> so special. >> means so much to so many. >> for more information, cbs i will also put it on facebook and twitter feed. oklahoma police officer pulls over a speeding truck and it is a good thing. >> that officer was able to help safe a life with some help. >> this happened in oklahoma
5:48 pm
where jordan jones pulled over the truck and the driver told him his wife was having a heart attack. he and the officer pulled would the man out and officer jones started to perform cpr until emergency crews got there. >> it was just, it was just, reactionary, just to get into that mode, and keep going. >> doctors say they expect the victim to make a complete recovery. well, it is time for, family feud. local family is getting ready to watch themselves compete on the very popular, funny game show. >> meteorologist kate bilo is live, in glassboro with the family and look at our forecast, kate. >> hi jessica and ukee. we are live this is vfw hall here in glassboro and we are getting ready for a large watch party. food is out, tv's on, family is here, steve harvey is here. well, maybe not. he is here in spirit. we will talk to the ladies about their experience on the show. i want to get to the weather first and foremost and come back and get a little behind the scenes glimpse into what it is like to be a contestant
5:49 pm
on family feud. lets talk about what to expect weather-wise here it this. we have got changes heading our way, beautiful day, some folks even got in the 80's and a record was broken in atlantic city. you you can see in broad headville we have cloud moving in, colder air starting to move in the poconos region and it is turning much colder just off to the north and west. storm scan three showing showers, possibly a rumble of thunder, along that cold front that is moving through this evening. we had one batch of showers earlier, second batch is now, fizzling a little bit moving through central and lower bucks county down toward philadelphia area just a few scattered showers. future weather shows nothing more than scattered showers here this evening around 8:00 o'clock. the as we set it into motion not a whole lot expect as far as rain but if you are traveling around tonight don't be surprised if you have to flip windshield wipers once or twice. for friday morning, skies clear, much colder breeze picks up from the north and west, as i always say if it is
5:50 pm
trash day expect to be chasing it down the street because it will definitely be a blustery day for us. as we head in the weekend much cooler air but pretty comfortable with temperatures right about where they should be for early november. normal high are in the lower 60's. it is on the cool side. temperatures in the upper 50's. wind does die down for weekend but remember daylight savings time comes to an even, we have to set those clocks back saturday night into sunday morning. let's jump to election day tuesday. no weather related excuse not to get out and vote. it will be beautiful out there, 50 at 9:00 a.m. fifty-seven at noon and 63 degrees by 5:00 o'clock. even standing in line at least heather will cooperate. the here's what to expect moving forward? no more days in the 70's, we have exhausted that today but it is a beautiful, sunny stretch, look at that sunshine we have got for you starting tomorrow, continuing right through next thursday, weekend is a little bit on the cool side, neck week a little bit on the warmer side. we are close to average. pretty perfect november weather here over the next
5:51 pm
seven days. the lets come back here live we are in glassboro, new jersey where we are getting ready for a watch party 7:30 tonight on the cw. i have the family at least 3/5 of the scafid i family. these ladies as you can tell are absolutely beautiful. but they are very smart. we have two pharmacists, an accountant, they have their own you tube channel, they are entrepreneurs. it doesn't matter how short you are on family feud, explain that. >> what the producers of the show are looking for are people with personality, that means energy, positive atmosphere, excitement, being loud, we can do all of that right. >> yes. >> everything matters except for having the right answer basically. when you are at try outs, to go anything involved with the show they just want to see you having a good time. if you get the right answer that is a plus. it is not necessarily a requirement to be on the show. >> you have been on the show sometimes you don't want to over think thinks, go with your first gut instinct. >> you just have to say it and
5:52 pm
go with it. you cannot stop, think just go with it. >> you think you over think. >> and then you end up going with the wrong answer and having right and in your mind and just wishing you had said that. >> we will stick with you for a really long time. >> we are normaleople. just average answer. >> first thing that comes to your mine. >> first thing. >> coming up at 6:00 we will take you back here live, talk to the dad of the family, but for now we will send it back to you. >> my dad doesn't miss the show whether it is on the cw or cbs. very popular. new comedy the great indoors is back tonight here on cbs-3. younger tech savvy teens steps into help when their co-worker jack decides to try on line dating. , profile. >> must have matched you. >> that doesn't make any sense. >> yes, why would she try to steel your money, you do not have any. >> there has got to be another explanation. we have to find sarah and figure out truth. >> sound like you are hatching
5:53 pm
a sting. >> sting, sting. >> stop it, it is cancelled. >> john mchail and steven fine set up tonight's episode for us. >> well, my character has not, has never on line dated anyone, and he believes he knows how. he is wrong. everyone from steven's generation to the millennials try to help me but as you will see my identity is stolen. >> well, tune into find out what happens tonight at 8:30 on the great indoors right here on cbs-3. been a long time coming and fans are showing their chicago cubs pride. >> we will show you how some celebrities are getting in on the world series, celebration, an inside look, katie: my mom was a restaurant hostess at a neighborhood favorite - a place for a good, family meal. she juggled customers, cooks, waitresses - and never complained. my dad was a police officer walking his beat.
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i'm josh shapiro, and as attorney general, i'll crack down on the drug dealers and stop the overprescribing of opioid painkillers. i'm proud to be endorsed by law enforcement organizations representing 14,000 police officers. this is a fight we can't afford to lose. today he called it the best thing since sliced bread, president obama tweeted it happens, cubs win world series. the that has changed even the
5:57 pm
south side, if you you can believe it. south side usually go with the white socks. when it comes to the white house before i leave? the president is a white socks plan but today all chicago residents are cubs fans a lot of celebrities, too. insider louie agear joins us from los angeles with more on that, louie. >> what a game, ukee and jessica. tonight we will take you inside the cubs dramatic victory by the numbers as hollywood flies the w. amy zoom are celebrates in cleveland, the stars partied like it was 1908, last time cubs won the world series. the watch from home. >> yes, oh, my god. >> one big cubs super tan bill murray took over the fox broadcast. >> is there think one listening. >> yeah, you. >> 4 million is number of views for eddie vetter's cubs
5:58 pm
tribute video. after a historic eight-seven win in ten innings, eddie partied with the team. >> wait a minute, cubs win world series against miami. >> reporter: of course, back to the future part two predicted they would win back 26 years ago, almost the cubs win happened a year later then in the movie, michael j. fox tweeted only off by a year, not bad. congratulations cubs, this is so heavy. >> we have so much shore tonight on the insider, ukee and jessica, back to you in the studio. good stuff, get your hollywood news tonight and every week night watch insider right here on cbs-3. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 still no deal, we are tracking negotiations in the septa strike. >> and out of the job amid criminal charges eagles let go of wide receiver josh huff the 25 year-old's response to the
5:59 pm
decision. plus penn state punished, record fine school was slapped with for its handling of the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal and reason federal officials say the school has to pay. and, dozen car stole men just two weeks i'm greg argos here in the third district with the surprisingly easy way thieves are targeting these vehicles. and we are live in glassboro, me and my friend steve harvey for a watch party local family appearing on family feud tonight. we will meet family and have your forecast, big changes on the way as we head in the weekend. the it is all right now at 6:00. live, from the cbs-3 broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 6:00. no contract, no work. no contract, no work. >> and, here's is what happening, still striking the septa walk off is now you in day number three, as the two sidebar gain, riders are dealing with the fall out. another day, another messy evening rush hour for commute
6:00 pm
tours tiehl with. if evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporterral sand that hoff has been tracking these negotiations live from center city with more on where things stand right now, alex? >> reporter: well, as you know these talks continued until around 2:00 a.m., and they started up around 11:30 this afternoon. i have been told both parties paused briefly for a dinner break but still no deal has been reached. a major point of concern during day three of the transit workers union strike is potential for this, to continue on through election day. in a statement septa's chair hand pat dion says that the union should assure the public that if an agreement has not been reached it will suspend the strike on election day but as part of the fiery sons back today local 234 head willie brown stated quote not helpful is asking us to suspend the strike for election day, rather then talking about next week, septa and its board


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