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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 4, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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commuters, good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm jan carabeo. we have katie and meisha keeping an eye on things as always this morning. >> good morning, you guys, you said it, this will be great news for a lot of friday commuters, just because the tension is usually a lot less. so far, looking good this morning. >> a lot of people have been dealing with the issues, you know what, three day weekend for me, i'm just going to, yes, who can blame you after all of these headaches? at least the weather has been relatively quiet. one very helpful thing. and it is still very quiet out there right now, obviously had cold front pass through yesterdayment didn't end up bringing too much in the way of wet weather. but what it did bring is the wind now that we're going to face for today, also the cool down coming in, cold front, at least, lives up to its name, somewhat moisture starved. see over the last several hours rain has continued to pull away from sussex county this in delaware. so we are going to be clearing out, perhaps to start the morning off when the sun at least rises with residual clouds, it will be clearing out pretty efficiently here,
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the temperature change interestingly behind this cold front, starting to usher in colder air into mount pocono, wilmington, deficit from the last 24 hours, but in a lot of spots, you're actually little warmer right now. why? because the cold front is still in transition mode. still waiting for the really chilly air to set. as a result, the winds hasn't really pick up too badly. you're in the 50's, at philadelphia international airport, right now. as the next few hours play out, though, you don't really rebound all that much from here. you may go solid three, four hours with only extra degree tacked on. so it is a much cooler day by comparison. with our hyatt best hitting 06 degrees. but it is november, what do you expect? in the quiet weather looks like it is not only going to continue this weekend, but well into our seven day. so much more on that later in the broadcast, meisha? >> kate, the great news, we will see sunshine, so looking outside, still very dark, still very dark out there, first accident of the morning, second one, norristown road, now, this is pulled all the way off to the right lane, in fact, looks like it might be clearing right now, great news
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for those every you around 309. forty-two, first look at new jersey, 42 northbound at creek road, take it to 295. this is what you are looking at. looking like nice start to this friday morning. the first accident, in jersey, involving a tractor-trailer, and some minor injuries. 295 northbound at route 656. pulled off to the shoulder. now it was blocking one lane. now off to the shoulder. that won't pose any problems or it shouldn't, to say the least. construction 295 southbound right around where the accident is, route 644, southbound side. the right lane is block until around 6:00 a.m. so i'll let you know as soon as that clears. sometimes it says six a.m. and clears little earlier. i'll let you know if it does at this time, and also northeast extension, lehigh valley to quakertown, two lanes quakertown lansdale, one lane block there, jim, jan, back to you. >> thank you so much shall meisha. with election day right around the corner, commuters are beginning to worry about how they'll be getting to the polls. >> today marks the fourth day for the septa strike. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live now from outside the sheridan in center city with an update.
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justin, good morning. >> reporter: jan, jim, good morning, as septa and local 234 enter fourth day of talks, we are told concern is growing outside about what will happen if no deal is reached by election day. now, septa says, it is identifying a deal, court order, that would bring workers off the picket line, and into work for one day only. but first of course ending this strike. we are told that the first focus is ending the shut-down and the process of course has been very bumpy. local 234 president willie brown and septa officials releasing statements, detailing tense closed door talks. septa board chair pat dion has called out local 234 which backs close to 5,000 bus, train, trolley workers, saying its reps are prolonging this strike by not taking what septa called a deal back on wednesday. the union's counteroffer was reportedly rejected. local 234 president, brown, calls dion's accounts, quote, half truths, saying he's refusing deals that leave members taking homeless in
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money or benefits. now, sticking points have been workers pensions, healthcare, wages, and working conditions, and for a fourth day thousand also once again get tide in congested commutes, regional rails, roadways, especially in the center city area. now, back live, we do know that talks went into early this morning, will resume later today, now, many of course on the outside and inside commuters and politicians and the like want to see this ended by monday, so a crisis will be averted by election day, so far, we will wait and see. jan, jim, back into you. >> thank you so much, justin. stay with us here on "eyewitness news", as we continue to follow the negotiations in the septa strikement we'll let you know if anything develops during this newscast, and don't forget, you can also finds out the latest on our website two young boys are in critical condition this morning after a house fire in philadelphia's olney section. the call came in around
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10:00 last night. when firefighters arrived on the 300 block of east sheldon street, they found heavy flames shooting from the second floor. they battled through smokey conditions, quickly ' merge withing six month old and 11 month old child. >> always difficult to locate people inside burning building, despite you what see on television, you can't see anything. there was a lot of smoke in there. i went end side. smoke down to the floor. you literally can see nothing. so it is always a real challenge to locate on these buildings, again, our firefighters doing incredible job out there every day. >> paramedics rush the children to the hospital where both remain in critical condition. the fire is under investigation. >> well, happening today, convicted child molester and former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky appears in a center county courtroom. sandusky claims his past attorneys were ineffective, and wants a new trial on child sex abuse charges. one of sandusky's victims is expected to testify today. meanwhile, penn state faces a
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record $2.4 million fine. that comes after a five-year federal investigation in the school's handling of sandusky case. our greg argos will be at the hearing, and we'll have live report later today on cbs-3. >> well, it is official. wide receiver josh huff is no longer a philadelphia eagle. he's now apologizing to the team and fans. on tuesday huff was arrested and charged with possess ago handgun without a permit and a small amount of marijuana. he practiced with the eagles on wednesday. couch doug pederson even saying he would plane sunday with the giants. but jeffrie already i and general manager howie roseman agreed let him go. expressed the team's need to move on. >> it is disappoint that we have to stands up here and do this, but we're trying to build something. and we're trying to build something that lasts, and some of that means that we're going have to made some hard decisions, and all we can do
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is do what we think is right for the philadelphia eagles. >> huff released this statement. first i want to apologize to mr. lurie and his family, my coaches and teammates, and all eagles fans. i'm sorry that any action by me brought negative light to this organization. i want to thank the lurie family, howie, this community and the entire eagles organization for the opportunity i've had for the past three years. most important, i want to let the fans and community as a whole know that i understanded the responsibility i have as a professional athlete, and that i will take all measures necessary to correct mistakes i have made. >> now, as we close in on election day, pennsylvania finds itself again in the political spotlight. >> donald trump campaigns today in hershey, while hillary clinton is calling on star power. stevie wonder plaza concert today in philly. with just four days until the election, hena daniels reports both candidates continue to press hard for undecided voters. >> we are standing again, the
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possibility of returning and normalizing discrimination. >> hillary clinton courted voters in the crucial state of north carolina last night. alongside former rival, bernie sanders. >> we are voting for the most powerful lead-off in the entire world. >> singer producer pharrell williams provided star power, as the race between clinton and donald trump heightened. >> this election is just so important, i couldn't sit on the side line and just be quiet. >> democratic nominee used most powerful surrogate to sway young voters in the key state of florida. >> all of the progress we've made these last eight years goes out the window if we don't win this election. >> trump got rare boost from wife melania in pennsylvania yesterday, appealing to suburban women with anti-bullying message. >> we must find better ways to honor and support the basic goodness of our children specially in social media.
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>> while trump's daughter ivanka hit the grounds in new hampshire, republican nominee held several events in north carolina. once again, bashing his opponent's e-mail practice. >> hillary thought nothing of putting classified information on her illegal server which are enemies now have hacked. >> despite the push by both candidates, cbs new york times pole finds 92% of voters have already made up their minds. hena daniels, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". well, found alive, investigators say it is a miracle. woman missing for months is finally home. >> but authorities say it is the way they found her that is terrifying. we'll have update just ahead. plus this: >> anyway an ambulance is needed this. >> i don't know if we need to go in a ambulance but we need some care for people here. >> rescuers are called to a florida nursing home for an unusual reason. we'll tell you what got inside that forced workers to call 911.
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>> and warning for thousands of residents and tourist toss stay out of the water in one spot. we'll tell you what those dangerous about it, just ahead. >> ♪ working for the weekend ♪ >> jan is practically dancing in her seat right now. >> that's right. we're all working for the weekend, i think. inside the control room, wherever one is working for the weekends. >> we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪
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judge police say they found kyla brown inside metal container in rural county, she claims her captor lock her inside the container for two month, boyfriend missing, has yet to be found. police arrested the property owner, registered sex offenders, and say, he will likely be charged with kidnapping. >> well, along the northern california coast, people are bracing for some monsterous waves this weekend. the national weather service warns some of the waves could reach up to 20 feet high. many people flocked to the board walk to see the crashing waves, the coast guard urged boaters, swimmers, surfers to stay clear of the ocean.
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>> katie, you know there is going to be some knucklehead that goes out in that. >> never fails. i almost understand, because the surfers, they literally love this stuff. yes, we get that. but it is just not worth it. you have got to be smart about this and stay safe. obviously here on the east coast, we are not going to be dealing with any kind of major rip current issues, the water awfully chilly at least for my personal taste, anyway, but we do have at the moment what promises to be a very calm pattern settling in anyway. and in fact, actually we take you out to one of the area beaches. this is rehoboth. all quiet right now, not loan soul out there. but it is still very, very tranquil. although we did just have cold front cross through, that's going to help pick up the wind everywhere, as the day progress cents, you can see the clouds starting to break apart from northwest to southeast. even the rain in the last several hours still trying to completely retreat from the delmarva peninsula, doing that, high pressure taking it place. but, as low pressure retreat, high pressure builds in, you have the wind tunnel between
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areas of pressure helps the wind gusts pick up, not necessarily a really windy day, it is enough that you will notice it, however, gusts would usually peaking to the 20's for the majority of the day. high noon, out on the skydeck, see terrible hair day by that point. so you may want to tune in for that if you would like good hardy laugh at my expense, look ahead to 8:00 p.m. still seeing gusts into the teens, 20's, then into tomorrow. may still be bit after breeze, but tapering off into tomorrow. that said, you're headed out for any of the friday into the fight ballgames, i highly suggest, difficult this time of year, you bring extra blanket to layer over your lap if you are sitting in the stands, but friday football frenzy game of the week, is upper moreland taking on marple now town. 52 degrees at kick-off. so brings being, under at least clear sky, certainly, very cool night. quickly, just reminding you that it is time to fall back. make sure to set the clocks back an extra hour. get the extra hour of sweet sleep for sunday morning, we keep temperatures into the 50's, through monday, little nice spike on the thermometer
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in time for reelection day, but sunshine, meisha? >> katie, thank you so much. my producer and i, just looking at this camera shot. we just saw this, penndot just actually moved the camera this way. what happened, 309 southbound, norristown road, here, moving that off the roadway, although it will impact you, one lane right now currently blocked. just a heads up on that. so we switch cameras. schuylkill, taillights moving in the eastbound direction, what you are looking at at city avenue, push in the eastbound direction, seeing couple of brake lights go off, overall both moving in the eastbound, and westbound direction, looking okay. we are starting to heat up just a little bit. but on a friday, right now, in the 5:00 hour, specially with the septa strike day four of it, we can expect some early risers kinds of hitting roadway little earlier. not bad idea. ben franklin bridge, what you are looking at pushing in the westbound direction, looking good here, as well. beautiful shot of the ben franklin bridge as it usually; actually looking like holding some steady levels there. accident here, 295 northbound route 656. heads up on this. pulled offer to the shoulder, it was block ago lane for quite some time, now in jersey
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pushed off to the shoulder and won't slow you down. heads up: septa still advising all every us to take at mat means of transportation if at all possible, so that could include carpool, taxi, uber, lyft, i know you can expect delays if you are taking uber right now, bike or walk, a lot of people were letting me know on social media yesterday, hey, i haven't walked to work in so long or school, i actually kinds of like it, hey, some silver lining for some you, allow extra time, adjust your schedules if at all possible. jan, jim, back to you. >> now, for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> the front page of the times herald, montgomery county judge has found a lansdale man guilty of voluntary manslaughter in the fatal shooting of an unarmed man inside montgomery township church. forty-six year old mark facing maximum sentence of 11 to 22 years in prison for the april shooting of 27 year old robert e braxton, the thirds, inside keystone fellowship church. >> on the cover of the mercury, phoenixville police
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officers will see three and a half% annual raise in salary over the next three years. the borough council unanimously approved the agreement, which runs through 2019. >> and from the spirit of delaware county the ridley air little league all-star team was honored by township and county leaders recently. the team is the 2016 little league east regional champs, the first pennsylvania team to win that title in the seven year history of the tournament. congratulations. >> that's right, and that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> well, if you think cute little squirrels are harmless, think again. >> we don't think so. one of the bushy tail rodent attacked three people at senior home in florida take a listen to the frantic 911 calls. >> we had a squirrel that entered our building and it is in our activity room, and it is jumping on people and biting them and scratching them. >> attack happened about 2:00 yesterday. it got into community room and started scratching and biting people. the three people were taken to the hospital for a tetanus
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shot. the pesky squirrel managed to get away without being captured. >> yikes. all new doctors episodes continue this month. >> on today's show the doctors address dangerous medicine mixes. >> foods to avoid when taking certain medications and we'll reveal a few more. >> yes, so if you have an urinary tract infection, an anti by the i can that is inhibited with absorption if you consume milk, i -- dairy, like calcium fortified orange juice. you can't chug it with these drinks, but you can include them as part of larger meal. and it won't be affect the solt be careful, don't just swallow it with milk and go on your way. >> we spoke with host doctors about what people should do to avoid making these mistakes. >> well, you know, the biggest thing is talk with your doctor and your pharmacist. the reality is that there can be so many untoward side effect from taking
5:20 am
medications, so that's why always also tell people know why you are taking the medicine. and if you know why you are taking it, what its purpose; you can usually do a better job of avoiding those -- >> yes, those pharmacists are therefore a reason. pick their brains. they'll be glad to share that information. i know it is a little tedious, but take the time to read the inserts on the medications, looking for, you know, when you should take it, how you should take it, and if you're mixing things, how it may affect you. >> you can catch the doctors this morning at 9:00 right here on cbs-3. i always check with our medical reporter stephanie stahl. tough question like. that will well, up next: it is the ends of an era in philadelphia sport. >> and a little bit later, a pennsylvania school bus driver saves the day. we'll tell you what she did inbetween shift, that made a little girl's day. stay with us. this is an individual who mocked a disabled reporter... i don't know what i said, ahh... who attributed a reporter's questions to her menstrual cycle. trump: blood coming out of her...wherever.
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>> the flyers on a road again last night, the second of back-to-back games. now, on wednesday they won in over time. now, can they do it again? in dramatic fashion, they take on the islanders in brooklyn. second periods we go. great play on the board. finds travis, the 19 year old, hello, lights the lamp. >> one-nothing flyers. late in the third now. fly guys, down two to one. put the puck on net. sometimes good things happen. matt read taking the garage out front, two-two, so we have over time. now after the o-t, we have a shoot-out. claude giroux, absolutely filthy. light the lamp right there. and the flyers win it three-two, back-to-back wins in ot for the orange and black. that's all for sports, i'm don bell, have a great day. and, it is official, ryan howard no long area member of the phillies. the last member of the 2008
5:25 am
worlds series champions is a free agent. after the phillies declined a $23 million option on its contract. howard is 37 years old, and has spent his entire major league career with the phils. he is second only to mike schmidt on the phillies all time homerun list. >> and despite the distractions over the josh huff matter, the eagles do play a key nfc east game this sunday in north jersey. the eagles and new york giants are both four and three and both teams have rookie head coaches who have had to deal with plenty of off the field issues. the birds have lost three of their last four, the giant are looking for their third. >> in prime time football last night, chester county native and penn charter grad matt ryan led his atlanta falcones over the buccaneers, 344 yards, and four touchdowns, and the falcons beat the bucks 43 to 28. falcons now six and three, and in a tough spot in the f -- top spot. >> cubs fans getting ready for world series championship
5:26 am
parade more than a century in the making. the windy city beloved cubs leave wrigley field at ten central, huge party in grand park to honor the first cubs team to win a worlds series since 1908. streets are look being blocked off right now, the cubs beat the cleveland indians in world series game seven wednesday night. >> well, coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", are you looking forwards to that extra hour of sleep this weekend? we all are. >> we certainly are. but we will tell you why zombies cents are not. justin? >> and, jan, day four of the septa transit strike, and no deal has been reached yet. in fact, not much movement at all. i'm justin finch, coming up next, what could happen if a deal is reached sooner than later. jan. >> we have update to strange story we told you about earlier this week, find out what has happened now to the man whose candy bar was stolen from his car. it is a delicious prank. we will be right back.
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judge it's been a week every weather highs and weather lows. but we're finally averaging out today. katie says it already sunny and seasonable, plus a look at you're election day forecast. good morning, i'm jan carabeo. >> i'm jim donovan. first, what you need to know to start your day in our
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morning minute. >> the back and forth between septa and local 234 is only ramming up, on what's now day four. both sides accusing the other of tying up talks. >> a fast moving house fire in philadelphia's olney section, sends two children to the hospital in critical condition. >> the eagles have officially dropped receiver josh huff. >> this comes days after he was arrested on gun and drug charges. >> we're all -- >> the only news that matters the cubs won the world series. >> what really pushed the cubbies over the top this year? well it, might have been their lucky stephen colbert, because the cubs were kind enough to come here on my show and invite my friends, donnie francs, to go to wrigley field for the day. i'm just saying, to hang out with


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